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    author's note: This chapter is horribly short, as well as the chapters before it. I'm sorry, but there's a reason for that, though. For a while, I've typed up these chapters in textpad. I have complete confidence in my grammatical abilities to not need a spellchecker, but as it turned out, Microsoft Word had one other feature that I did need, and that feature is a word count. Way back when I posted the 2nd chapter over at Pokecommunity, I ran into their limit of 20,000 characters. Considering I'm editting a single post for every new chapter, I can't have my chapters extending into more than one post, so I tried to keep the size of my chapters as small as possible, which is tricky when you don't have word count. However, it wasn't until this chapter that I realized that I went from making them too long to seeming too short. Starting next chapter, I began using Microsoft Word to type up any future chapters, so hopefully, the length problem has been elliminated now.

    -Wakaba Town=Newbark Town
    -Yoshino City=Cherrygrove City


    [The sun is setting. In front of an unloading airship at the airport, Hiro and the Eievui he's holding are standing before Utsugi.]

    Utsugi: "Kimono Hiro, I would like for you to come with me to my research facility."

    Hiro: [Backs away a bit with a confused look on face.] "Eh? Why?"

    Utsugi: [Push up his glasses.] "I... have my reasons."

    Hiro: [Looks down at his Eievui.] "It's something concerning Eievui, isn't it?"

    Utsugi: [Nods head.] "Yes."

    Hiro: [Tightly clutches Eievui. Clenches teeth in anger.] "What do you want with it?"

    Utsugi: [Closes eyes and holds up hand, palm facing Hiro.] "Please, don't act hesitant. You can trust me."

    Hiro: [Calms down and returns to a normal stance.] "Well, you did help me earlier."

    Utsugi: [Smiles and holds up index finger.] "And I could probably help find a way to get you back home later."

    Eievui: "Bui."

    Hiro: "Huh?" [Looks down towards his Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Closes eyes and smiles gleefully.] "Buiiiiii...."

    Hiro: "Eievui..." [Looks back towards Utsugi.] "Eievui seems okay with it, so I'll trust you."

    Utsugi: "Alright. Let's go." [Turns around and walks away.]

    Hiro: [Runs up to Utsugi and begins to walk alongside him.] "Um.... where are we?"

    Utsugi: "Yoshino City. It's located very close to Wakaba Town, where my lab is located."

    Hiro: "I see."

    [The scene changes to the outside of the airport. Here, we see a lab truck driving away. Inside, Hiro and Eievui are sitting in the front left seat, while Utsugi drives in the front right seat.]

    Hiro: "So... what are you going to do with Eievui? Are you still gonna keep that a secret?"

    Utsugi: "Well... if you must know..." [Taps chin with right index finger, still steering with left hand.] "Ummm...." [Stops tapping chin after a moment.] "Alright, I'll tell you."

    [Hiro and Eievui turn towards Utsugi, there attention entirely on him.]

    Utsugi: "The thing is... I've studied several Pokemon, but not an Eievui. They're a pretty rare species."

    Hiro: "In Enju City, they're actually very common. For that matter, each of my sisters have their own evolution of it."

    Utsugi: "That so?"

    Hiro: [Nods.] "You were leaving from Enju City's airport?"

    Utsugi: "Yes. I was conducting some research there."

    Hiro: "Why didn't you just catch a specimen while you were there?"

    Utsugi: [Sweatdrop slides down head.] "Um.... I didn't happen to come across any wild Eievui there."

    Hiro: [Half-closes eyes.] "You have horrible luck, don't you?"

    Utsugi: [Two more sweatdrops appear.] "Perhaps..." [Sweatdrops disappear.] "Hey, about you and your Eievui...?"

    Hiro: "Huh? What?"

    Utsugi: "You're very close to it, aren't you?"

    Hiro: "A little."

    Utsugi: "A little? You seemed to have reacted pretty strongly towards it during the encounter with that Kimori earlier."

    Hiro: "I only met this Eievui a few days ago."

    Utsugi: "Eh?" [Turns head towards Hiro for a moment. Without his eyes on the road, the truck starts to swerve a bit, but his attention turns back to it when another car beeps its horn.] "Only a few days?"

    Hiro: [Nods.] "Yeah."

    Utsugi: "And you already developed such a close bond with it?"

    [Hiro looks down at Eievui with a puzzled face.]

    Eievui: [Looks up at Hiro confusedly.] "Bui?"

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("When I think about it... I'm a bit surprised myself.")

    [The scene changes. It's night now, and the truck, with its headlights on, is entering a rather small and peaceful-looking town, full of small houses. Each house being pretty well-spaced apart from eachother and two stories on average, nearly all of which have their indoor lights on. Hiro and Eievui look out the window to gaze at the town's scenery. After a moment, the car parks in a lot next to a large building, about 3 stories high and several decameters in width on each side. There was also a large row of fencing behind the building.]

    Hiro: [Gets out of the car and looks up at the building.] "Su-weet... so this is your lab?"

    Utsugi: [Nods.] "Let's go."

    Eievui: "Bui." [Jumps out of Hiro's arms and follows Utsugi.]

    Hiro: [Nods.] "Yeah." [Follows Utsugi as well.]

    [The three come up to a double door which Utsugi pushes open. Inside is a large, carpeted room filled with furniture such as couches and a coffee table, as well as a refrigerator, with a water cooler and several dishes next to it. There's also a maid, who was dusting the room until she noticed that they entered.]

    Maid: "Ah..." [Bows towards Utsugi.] "Utsugi-sama, welcome back."

    Utsugi: "Tomoko-san, good evening." [Waves at her. Looks down at Hiro.] "This is Hiro-kun. He's going to be waiting in here while I examine his Eievui."

    Tomoko (maid): "Huh? Eievui.... but you already...."

    Utsugi: "Tomoko-san..." [Closes eyes as sweatdrop slides down head.] "I just remembered that I needed you to do a special task today. Come with me."

    Tomoko: "Yes." [Goes to a door across from the entrance and holds it open, head bowed down.]

    Utsugi: [Walks over to door with Eievui walking next to him. Turns to Hiro.] "I should be finished soon. In the mean time, you can call your family with our video phones over there." [Points finger in a certain direction.] "The toilets are there...." [Points in another direction.]

    [Hiro's stomach growls. Both Hiro and Utsugi sweatdrop.]

    Utsugi: "You hadn't eaten for a while, eh? You're allowed to use that fridge there." [Points to the fridge.]

    Hiro: "Thank you. See ya, Eievui." [Waves to Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Turns towards Hiro.] "Buiii."

    [Utsugi and Eievui enter the doorway, with Tomoko following, closing the door behind her. After they left, Hiro opens the fridge door and looks through the selection of food.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("I only met Eievui a few days ago.") [Grabs one of the plates stacked next to the fridge and puts a cucumber and a couple riceballs onto it.]
    ("When I first met it, I didn't even like it.") [Grabs a glass and pours water from the water cooler.]
    ("And I only took it in as my pet because it wouldn't stop annoying me.") [Places the food and water he gathered onto the coffee table, then lays down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling.]
    ("Yet... afterwards, I refused to get rid of it...") [Thinks back to when Tamao was kneeling before him in apology.]
    ("I risked my life to save it...") [Thinks back to when Chris's Airmudo grabbed the leg of his pants after he jumped forward to save Eievui from plummeting. In the present, Hiro looks at his torn pant leg.]
    ("And now, I did everything I could to prevent it from getting stolen.") [Thinks back to when he was holding down the Kimori, Kiryuu, with as much effort as he could. After thinking about that, he grabs the cucumber off the plate with his right hand, removes the clear plastic wrapping, and crumples the wrapping in his left hand.]
    ("How did I develop a close bond with that Pokemon so quickly?") [While still staring at the ceiling, takes a big crunch out of the cucumber. After chewing and swallowing, he sighs and speaks out loud.]
    "I need to remember to call home. How is everyone doing right now?"

    [The scene changes to show Chris on his knees, his hands tied behind his back and his head locked in place as it lays against a block of wood. Standing over Chris is a rather slim figure with glowing eyes, wearing a midieval executionar's mask and holding up an axe.]

    Chris: "PLEASE STOP IT!!!"


    -Japanese cars have the driver seat on the right, passenger seat on the left.

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    -Water Stone=Mizu no Ishi


    [The waiting room for Utsugi’s laboratory is shown, with nobody in it apparently. The sound of a toilet is then heard flushing, followed by the sound of a sink dispensing water. After the noise stops, Hiro is seen at a lit doorway. He turns off the light, walks into the waiting room, and closes the door behind him. Hiro looks toward the video phones stationed at the wall across. He nods and walks forward. The scene changes to show Utsugi holding Eievui as he walks across a dimly lit hall, with Tomoko walking next to him. Along the way, Eievui gazes at the stuff along the walls, which includes things such as various Pokemon skeletons, stuffed Pokemon, and body parts contained in jars of alcohol.]

    Eievui: [Shudders.] “…bu….iiiiii……”

    [Eievui looks up at Utsugi, whose glasses are reflecting light and blocking his eyes at the moment. Tomoko opens the door to a dark room, and upon turning on the light, Eievui gasps and widens its eyes upon seeing what the room contains. In the center is an examination table, and along the walls are posters which display pictures of various Pokemon’s muscular structures, as well as dead Pokemon on their backs, their abdomens cut open and the skin folds pinned outwards to reveal the organs inside, organs with identifiable text next to them on the posters. Among these Pokemon in the posters is an Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Closes eyes and shrieks.] “BUIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!”

    [The scene changes to show a terrified Chris, who is down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back, and head locked in place as it lays against a slab of wood. Standing over him is a slim figure wearing a midieval executioner’s mask and holding up a giant axe.]

    Executioner: [Looks down at Chris.] “You are… ready to see Hell?”

    [A little away from Chris and the executioner, Chris’s Airmudo is shrieking in pain while flames surround it.]

    Airmudo: “GYAAAAAASU!!!!!”

    Chris: [Closes eyes and shouts.] “Stop! I said ‘sorry’, and don’t you think this is a bit extreme? Stop, please!”

    Executioner: [Lowers eyebrows.] “Simple apologies are never enough to repent for the actions you’ve commited.” [Holds up axe.] “Die!”

    Chris: “NOOOO!!!”

    [Hiro’s grandfather suddenly walks into the scene.]

    Grandpa: “Hey, Koume-chan. Hiro’s on the phone right now.”

    Executioner: [Keeps holding axe in the air, stares towards Hiro’s grandfather, and blinks a couple times.] “Eh?”

    Grandpa: “He’s safe, so stop torturing that boy and come talk to him.” [Turns and walks away.]

    Executioner: “Y…..yes!” [Puts axe upright on the ground and pulls off mask, revealing the face of Koume, Hiro’s sister.]

    [In the distance, Koume’s Booster is shown to be the one spewing fire at Airmudo, whose eyes are widened into overexaggerated cartooney ovals, large and yellow with a little dot in the middle.]

    Airmudo: “Gyaaaaaasu!”

    Koume: [Lets go of axe and lets it fall down toward Chris.] “That’s good, Booster.”

    Booster: [Stops breathing fire and nods toward Koume.] “Buusu…”

    Chris: [Eyes widen as he looks up toward the falling axe.] “Uwaaaaa!!” [Clenches teeth and eyes shut as he puts head down before the axe hits. The axe ends up bouncing off his neck and landing on the ground. Chris opens his eyes, which now appear beady, with a couple of blinks. He looks toward the axe on the ground.] “This is….. hollow plastic….?”

    Airmudo: [Still has eyes overexaggerately open and body appears red and steaming. Eyes return to normal and slowly close as it starts to fall forward.] “….gyaaaasu…” [Hits the ground, slightly bouncing off a couple times before laying still.] “…gya….”

    [Gathered around a video phone is Hiro’s five sisters, their Pokemon standing behind them, and his grandfather. Sakura’s talking into the receiver. On the monitor is Hiro, who’s also holding a phone receiver up to his head.]

    Sakura: “Hiro, are you alright? Where are you?”

    Hiro: “I’m fine. Right now, I’m at Utsugi-hakase’s lab.”

    Tamao: [Gasps and snatches the receiver from Sakura. Sakura’s eyes turn beady.] “Eh? Utsugi-hakase? ‘That’ Utsugi-hakase?” [Hiro nods.] “No way! Why are you there?”

    Hiro: [Scratches back of head.] “Utsugi says he’s going to find a way to return me home. I’ll explain when I get back.”

    Tamao: [Puts on an evil smirk. Looks back at her Blacky, who eyes her suspiciously, then turns back to the receiver and whispers into it.] “Before you leave, please search for any secrets concerning him. Guys like him should have a lot of money.”

    Hiro: [Closes eyes.] “No.”

    Tamao: [Leans toward the monitor.] “Please.”

    Hiro: “No.”

    Tamao: [Closes eyes, holds receiver to her head with her shoulder and claps hands together in a begging stance.] “Please do it.”

    Hiro: [Opens eyes and snarls.] “I said ‘no’!!!”

    [Tamao falls backwards after Hiro’s shout. A sweatdrop slides down the head of everyone in the room except Tamao. Tamao’s mouth is gaped open and her closed eyes stream tears. Blacky looks down at her, closes its eyes, sighs, and shakes its head.]

    Satsuki: [Bends down and grabs the receiver from Tamao’s hand.] “Is Eievui with you?”

    Hiro: [Shakes head.] “Nope…” [Stops shaking head.] “Utsugi wanted to examine it. He’s doing that right now.”

    Satsuki: “But wouldn’t a researcher like him already know a lot about it?”

    Hiro: [Shrugs.] “He says he hadn’t.”

    [The scene changes to show Hiro on the other side of the phone, viewing his family on the monitor. Chris suddenly pops up from the bottom of the screen, with a wooden block hanging down from his neck.]

    Hiro: [Eyes widen, sweatdrop slides down head.] “Eh?”

    [Chris appears to be shouting on the monitor, but only a faint, muffled voice is head. Satsuki turns to him and closes her eyes.]

    Satsuki: “You need to talk into the receiver.” [Holds receiver up to Chris’s head.]

    Chris: “Help me, Hiro! Koume is…..” [Closes eyes, tears streaming down them.] “Koume’s been torturing me since I told your family what happened. I’ll never start my trainer’s journey if I remain being treated like a prisoner.”

    [Koume, whom has an angry expression on her face, kicks Chris in the back of the head a couple times and then pushes her foot against his back. She appears to be shouting, but again, they’re only muffled sounds.]

    Hiro: “Koume Sister…..”

    [Koume loses her angry expression and looks toward the screen questionedly.]

    Hiro: [Closes eyes.] “Even if it was Chris’s fault, I’m alright now. So could you please release him?”

    [Koume closes her eyes, rubs the back of her head, then appears to laugh. She kneels down, unstraps the wooden block off Chris, and unties his hands.]

    Chris: [Speaks into the receiver.] “Thank you!” [Immediately dashes off afterwards.]

    [The scene changes to Eievui on the examination table, shuddering in fright as Utsugi holds its left ear, which Utsugi peers into. Tomoko stands at a distance looking onward.]

    Tomoko: “Don’t be afraid. All those Pokemon were already dead when their bodies were used for scientific research. Utsugi-sama isn’t going to harm you.”

    Eievui: [Stops shuddering.] “Bui?”

    Utsugi: “Hm…. a Kimori’s eyes are much sharper than a human’s, so maybe…..” [Turns to Tomoko.] “Tomoko-san, you know where the magnifying glasses are?”

    Tomoko: “Yes. I’ve washed items in this room before.” [Walks over to a drawer and opens it, revealing its contents of various magnifying lenses.] “Um…..”

    Utsugi: “Any type will do.”

    Tomoko: [Grabs a magnifying glass, closes the drawer, and walks over to Utsugi.] “So why are you examining this Eievui? And why did you lie to that boy?”

    Utsugi: [Grabs magnifying glass.] “I have suspicions.” [Holds magnifying glass in front of eye and continues examining Eievui’s ear with it.]

    Tomoko: “Over this Eievui?”

    [Utsugi continues searching sections of the ear through the glass. Suddenly his eyes widen, he gasps, and then backs away.]

    Tomoko: [Stares toward Utsugi.] “What’s wrong?”

    [Utsugi walks over to the drawers, opens several of them, and takes out rubber gloves, which he puts on, as well as tweezers, a q-tip like stick, a couple plastic bags, a tiny syringe, a small bottle, a cotton ball, and a gauze strap.]

    Eievui: [Lifts head up and looks toward Utsugi.] “Bui?”

    Utsugi: [Walks over to Eievui, holding the items.] “I’m going to the D.N.A.-research room.” [Holds Eievui as he plucks off a few of its hairs.]

    Eievui: [Winches.] “….bui!”

    [Utsugi puts the hairs into one of the plastic bags.]

    Tomoko: “D.N.A.-research?”

    Utsugi: [Opens Eievui’s mouth, rubs the stick against the roof of its mouth, and puts the stick in the bag.] “I’ll be there for a while.” [Grabs Eievui’s left foreleg, feels for a vein, spreads the fur from a very narrow bald spot and sticks the syringe into it.]

    Eievui: [Closes eyes and screams in pain.] “BUIIIIII!!”

    Utsugi: [Pulls out the syringe, now filled with a small amount of blood, and ejects that blood into a small bottle, which he closes afterwards.] “Return Eievui to Hiro. Don’t tell him anything about this.” [Puts cotton ball on Eievui’s foreleg and wraps it in gauze.]

    Tomoko: “But….” [Gets handed Eievui, which she holds.]

    Utsugi: “Tell him I’m currently trying to book his travel reservations. To let him think that I was fully examining his Eievui, tell him…” [Looks back at Eievui and examines it for a moment.] “Tell him it’s a male, less than a year of age.” [Grabs the plastic bags and bottle, then dashes out of the room.]

    Tomoko: [Steps toward Utsugi.] “Please wait…!”

    [Utsugi continues to run down the hallway. Tomoko looks down at the Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Looks up at Tomoko.] “Bui?”

    Tomoko: [Closes eyes and sighs.] “What the hell is happening?”

    [Inside of a large laboratory, a short, dark blue-haired man, sporting a lab coat and holding a coffee mug, sits in front of a computer screen. He takes a sip of his mug before placing it on the desk next to the keyboard, then he droops his head forward. On the computer screen, there’re several open windows. In one window, there’s a movie of a Nyorozo touching a Water Stone and evolving into a Nyorobon. In another, there’s a 3D model of a D.N.A. molecule that flashes, then lightly changes in correspondence to the movie of the evolution. In another window, green text is typed out in Roman lettering “ISI_NO_SINKA.DAT” before a long column of text appears below and automatically scrolls downwards.]

    Utsugi’s voice: “Manabu-kun!”

    [The man suddenly chokes, widens his eyes.]

    Man (Manabu): “Se… Sensei….” [Stands up straight and turns around, facing Utsugi, who was behind him.] “I wasn’t getting bored, please trust me. I’ve just been awake since 4 o’clock….”

    Utsugi: [Holds up hand.] “It’s alright, it’s alright.”

    Manabu: [Sighs and sits back down in his chair.] “So how was your trip to Enju City?”

    Utsugi: “Not now….” [Holds up plastic bags and bottle.] “Here.”

    Manabu: “Eh?” [Grabs the bag with hairs inside and identifies it.] “These are Massuguma hairs, correct?”

    Utsugi: “Your identification skills need improvement.” [Hands the saliva bag and blood bottle to Manabu.] “From an Eievui.”

    Manabu: [Holds items in one arm while he snaps his fingers with his other.] “Damn….” [Grabs bottle with his free hand.] “So you want this all identified?”

    Utsugi: [Nods.] “Try to find anything unusual about it from average Eievui D.N.A.”

    Manabu: “Understood.” [Picks up his coffee mug, looks down at it.] “But I might have to stay up all night for this.” [Sighs, then takes another sip of his mug.]

    [Scene changes to the waiting room, where Hiro lays on the couch and holds Eievui over his head.]

    Hiro: [Looks up at Eievu’s foreleg, which has a cotton ball wrapped around it, then shudders.] “I dislike blood samplings…. So you’re a male, eh Eievui?”

    Eievui: “Bui.”

    Hiro: “Strange… I always pictured you to be feminine.”

    Eievui: [Clenches teeth, eyes turn pupilless, vein throbs on head, and he begins struggling out of Hiro’s hands.] “Buiiiii…!!!”

    Hiro: “I’m kidding.”

    Eievui: [Calms down and closes eyes.] “Bui bui…”

    Hiro: “Why…?”

    Eievui: [Opens eyes and looks down at Eievui questionedly.] “Bui?”

    Hiro: [Places Eievui on the couch next to him.] “Why did you suddenly come to my house… why did you suddenly get attached to me…?”

    Eievui: [Walks onto Hiro’s chest and stares down into his eyes.] “Iibui, buiiii… bui bui buiiii….” [Closes eyes and smiles.] “Ii… bu… i…”

    Hiro: “Whatever.”

    [Eievui jumps away from Hiro’s chest as Hiro rolls around to lay on his side.]

    Hiro: [Closes eyes.] “I wonder when Utsugi can return me home.”

    Eievui: [Lays down on the couch in a curled position. Sighs.] “…bui…” [Closes eyes as well.]

    [The scene changes to distant view of the outside of Utsugi’s lab. Over the horizon, the sun is beginning to rise. As it slowly does so, a Yorunozuku flaps into a hole in a tree and closes its eyes. Afterwards, a whole swarm of Ledyba and Ledian fly out of some bushes in the distance, flying across the skies as the sun behind them lights up the ground beneath them. Inside Utsugi’s waiting room, sunlight shines through the window and onto the couch, where a sleeping Hiro and Eievui lay. The text "4099年4月19日 ( 日 )" (Sunday, April 19, 4099) is displayed briefly. The sound of a door opening is heard in the distance, and the pair fidget before opening their eyes, yawning, and then getting up and stretching their limbs.]

    Hiro: [Rubs eyes.] “Utsugi?” [Turns around to see it was Utsugi that opened the door just now.] “I’m going home soon, right?”

    Utsugi: “Um… well, we have a problem.”

    Hiro: [Lowers eyelids.] “You said ‘problem’?”

    Utsugi: [Nods.] “But don’t worry, we have a solution to it.”

    Hiro: [Crosses arms.] “So I see. What is this solution?”

    Utsugi: [Pushes glasses upwards.] “Kimono Hiro… you should travel, and…” [Points finger at Hiro.] “Become a Pokemon trainer!”

    Hiro: [Mouth gapes open, eyes turn pupilless and widen.] “Wh…. wh…. wh…. wh…. wh….”

    Eievui: [Looks at Hiro and slowly backs away before hitting the back of the couch, which he then begins to sink back into.] “…bui…..buiii….”

    Utsugi: [Looks toward the stuttering Hiro.] “Eh?” [A word bubble with a question mark in it appears next to him.]

    [The scene changes to show the outside of Utsugi’s lab.]

    Hiro’s voice: “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!?!”

    [A flock of Poppo flies out of a tree near the lab. The scene changes to the spot in front of the computer in the D.N.A.-research room. Spilt coffee and pieces of a shattered coffee mug lay on the floor. Manabu lays back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling with bags under his eyes.]

    Manabu: “In my whole life, I’ve never been this tired…” [Reaches down for the broken handle of his mug.] “And yet, I can’t sleep.” [Lets handle slip out of hand and hit the floor again, cracking a little more.] “That D.N.A…. unusual, yet somehow familiar…” [Closes eyes and leans further back in chair.] “This…. what is this?”

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    -Thread Spit=String Shot
    -Pokemon Encyclopedia=Pokedex
    -Kikyou City=Violet City

    -Harden=Kataku Naru
    -Thread Spit=Ito wo Haku
    -Pokemon Encyclopedia=Pokemon Zukan


    [Inside Utsugi’s waiting room, Eievui sits on the couch while Hiro and Utsugi stand across from eachother.]

    Hiro: [Looks downward with a half grin. Makes a light chuckle.] “hehe…. hahaha….”

    [Both Utsugi and Eievui stare toward Hiro.]

    Hiro: [Raises head and points finger at Utsugi.] “That was a good joke. But seriously, how can I return?”

    Utsugi: [Stands speechless for a moment before talking.] “Hiro-kun, I know you said you’re uninterested in being a trainer. However, I’m telling the truth. I can’t book a flight, and everyone here is too busy to escort you. The only way you’ll be able to return is by walking. Out in the wild, you will likely be attacked by wild Pokemon, in which case, you will need to be able to defend yourself.”

    Hiro: [Crosses arms and lowers head.] “Geez, you’re serious, aren’t you?” [Raises head and thinks.] (“Damn, what the hell do I do? I can’t abuse Utsugi’s hospitality until another solution arises…. but, to become a trainer?”) [Clenches teeth.]

    Utsugi: “You only have to do it until you get back to your home. You can quit afterwards.”

    Hiro: “That’s right….”

    Utsugi: “And it shouldn’t be too difficult for you. I looked up your records and discovered you had been in an advanced trainer class last year, and you’re currently taking one this year.”

    Hiro: [Looks down.] “Um…. I didn’t want to take them. And I never applied whatever I could remember.”

    Utsugi: “That so…?” [Sweatdrop slides down head. Thinks.] (“That’s why he couldn’t return that Kakureon earlier.”) [Speaks out loud.] “Well, you only need to know the basics to get a license.”

    Hiro: “What about money?”

    Utsugi: [Smiles.] “It’s alright. The Pokemon League gets a lot of sponsors, so food and medical care at Pokemon Centers are free. You also get an allowance based on how much you train your Pokemon?”

    Hiro: “How….?” [Stops for a moment and widens eyes, then grabs Kakureon’s Monster Ball from his pocket and holds it toward Utsugi.] “Do these things record that kind of data?”

    Utsugi: [Closes eyes and nods.] “Yeah. Anyway, I’ll show you to the licensing building.”

    Hiro: “Can you direct me to a good tailor as well?”

    Utsugi: [Opens eyes.] “Eh?” [Adjusts glasses and looks at the rip on Hiro’s pant leg.] “Ah, right. It would be inconvenient to travel in a school uniform.” [Takes hand off glasses.]

    [The scene changes to the inside of a clothing store. Utsugi and Eievui wait outside of a booth with a curtain. After a moment of waiting, Hiro, who was behind the curtain, pushes it aside and reveals him wearing a different set of clothes. He now sports the same clothes he wore at his home earlier, sneakers, jeans, and a baggy white sweater with a blue zigzag pattern at the end of each sleeve.]

    Eievui: “Bui!” [Jumps onto Hiro’s shoulder and smiles.] “Bui bui.”

    [The scene changes again to show Hiro, Eievui, and Utsugi outside of a large, one-story building.]

    Hiro: “So I just go in here, pass a test, and get my license, right?”

    [Utsugi nods, then Hiro hands him Kakureon’s Monster Ball.]

    Utsugi: [Looks down at it.] “Eh?”

    Hiro: “You said uniquely-colored Pokemon like this are rare, right? Take it. Maybe you could use it for research or something.”

    Utsugi: “Uh….” [Thinks back to when Kakureon shot a rainbow-colored beam at Utsugi’s chin and laughed at it mischieviously. In the present, he sweatdrops and closes his eyes, handing the ball back to Hiro.] “No, you should keep it. As a rookie trainer, you’ll need as much protection as you can get.” [Walks away and waves at Hiro.] “Good luck getting back home. See you later.”

    Hiro: [Looks at Utsugi as he walks away.] “There’s something strange about that guy.” [Turns around and looks at the glass double door entrance to the building.] “Let’s go, Eievui.” [Walks towards the doors.]

    Eievui: [Nods and follows Hiro.] “Bui!”

    [The scene changes to inside the building. Hiro sits on a chair looking inside a small manual while Eievui looks up at him. On the page of the manual Hiro’s looking at is a picture of a Monster Ball with various writing around it.]

    Hiro: [Pulls out Kakureon’s Monster Ball.] “So this button changes size?” [Presses the button on the front and the ball reduces to the size of a marble. He presses it again and the ball returns to its original size. Hiro stares wide-eyed.] “How does it do that?” [Looks in the manual again before looking at his ball again.] “Utsugi told me about that retrieval beam. But if I clamp the two halves together while the Pokemon’s inside, or apply pressure such as tossing it to the ground, I release the Pokemon. Some balls may be faulty and the Pokemon can release themselves at will. If I clamp the halves of an empty ball that isn’t currently assigned to hold a Pokemon, I can throw it at a wild Pokemon in order to contain it.” [Puts down the manual and stretches his arms.] “None of this seems that hard to understand.” [Accidentally lets go of Kakureon’s ball while he stretches. His pupils shrink.] “Eh?”

    [Kakureon’s ball hits the floor, bouncing a couple times as Hiro and Eievui watched. Eventually, the ball opens up and releases a white energy that forms into a blue-striped Kakureon. Kakureon observes its surroundings.]

    Hiro: “Crap!” [Grabs the ball and attempts to fire a retrieval beam from it.]

    Kakureon: [Jumps up to avoid the beam.] “Kuron!” [Jumps sideways to avoid another beam. Breathes in deeply.]

    Hiro: “Gi…. Hold still!” [Holds up the ball ready to fire another beam when he’s suddenly struck in the face by a rainbow-colored beam, dropping the Monster Ball.] “That huuuuuurts!!!”

    [Kakureon stops firing the beam, leaving a dazed Hiro laying back in his chair. Kakureon turns to its left to see an enraged Eievui.]

    Eievui: “Buiiii… bui!” [Jumps toward Kakureon.]

    Kakureon: “Rerererere…!” [Lashes out a long tongue that wraps around Eievui’s abdomen.]

    Eievui: [Looks at the tongue with wide eyes.] “Bui?”

    Kakureon: “Roooooon!!!” [Twirls around and throws Eievui diagonally upward. Tongue returns back inside its mouth afterwards.]

    Eievui: “Buiiiiiii!” [Flies at ceiling, then hits it and ricochets back onto the floor. Gets back up weakly.] “….bui….”

    Kakureon: [Closes eyes, points at Eievui, and laughs while moving feet up and down.] “Hahahahaha!!” [Accidentally steps on Monster Ball. Widens eyes.] “Kuro?” [The button happened to be facing its other leg. A beam gets fired at it, converting Kakureon to a red energy.] “Kuroooooon!” [Gets contained in the ball once again.]

    [Hiro gets out of his chair while holding his head, still in a bit of a daze. He sighs and picks up the ball. Upon doing so, he notices several people were spectating the incident, and a sweatdrop slides down his head in response to that.]

    Hiro (narration): “And so, I took the test. I didn’t enjoy it, not one bit. However, some parts of the test managed to seem very easy. When I thought I’d forgotten something about Pokemon training, I suddenly remembered it.”

    [Hiro’s shown sitting a desk writing on a sheet of paper as Eievui sits on Hiro’s lap and glances at it.]

    Hiro (narration): “Certain parts were very difficult.”

    [Hiro stands at one side of a flat, dirt surface ring with Eievui poised in front of him. On the other side is a man dressed in a white jumpsuit with a symbol resembling a Monster Ball on the chest, likely a Pokemon League representative. In front of him stands a Trancel.]

    Hiro: [Points forward.] “Eievui, hit that thing!”

    Eievui: “Buiiii!” [Charges toward the Trancel.]

    League rep: [Crosses arms.] “Harden.”

    [As Eievui runs toward it, the Trancel is surrounded by a white glow, which disappears and leaves its surface to appear shiny.]

    Eievui: [Rams into Trancel, then tumbles backwards with swirls replacing his eyes and a large bump with an X-shaped bandage appearing on his forehead.] “….buiii…iiiii…..iiii….”

    Hiro: [Steps back and clenches teeth.] “Gi…” [Stops clenching teeth and looks upward.] “uh…” [Looks back at the battlefield and shrugs.] “Try hitting it again!”

    Eievui: [Swirls turn back to eyes, gets up, shakes head, loses head bump, and sneers.] “Buiii….” [Runs toward Trancel once more.]

    League rep: “Thread Spit.”

    [Trancel shoots silk from a point between and below its eyes. The silk wraps around Eievui’s right foreleg, and due to Eievui’s running, all of his legs get entangled as well within a short amount of time.]

    Eievui: [Falls forward and hits the ground, closing eyes.] “Bui!”

    League rep: “Pokemon battling, like any competition, should involve strategy. The portion of this test is to show you can’t always defeat your opponent by being purely offensive.”

    Hiro: [Clenches eyes shut.] “Dammit!” [Opens eyes and clenches teeth.] “How’s Eievui supposed to defeat this thing? If hitting doesn’t work, what else is he supposed to do? Wag his tail?”

    Eievui: [Opens eyes.] “Bui?” [Raises tail and begins to wag it from side to side. At the same time, he begins to chew the silk off his legs.]

    Hiro: [Sweatdrop slides down head and eyes turn beady.] “I wasn’t being serious….” [Widens eyes.] “Eh?”

    [Trancel looks at the tail, then closes its eyes happily. Its body spreads out slightly, as though its inner muscles are becoming less tense.]

    Hiro: [Gapes mouth open.] “No way…” [Clenches fists and shouts.] “Now, Eievui!”

    Eievui: [Tears the silk off his legs, then hops to his feet.] “Bui!” [Walks back a bit, then charges forward and slams into the relaxed Trancel, knocking it back to its trainer’s feet, unconscious.]

    League rep: “You need to memorize technique names better. That aside…” [Takes out Monster Ball and returns Trancel into it.] “Well done.”

    Hiro (narration): “However, in the end, I managed to do well enough to pass.”

    [Hiro, with Eievui on his shoulder, stands before a counter. The woman at the computer handed Hiro a belt with five Monster Balls on it, a Pokegear, and a Pokemon Encyclopedia, the latter two Hiro holds up and inspects questionedly.]

    Hiro: “What are these things?”

    Woman: [Looks up from computer screen at Hiro.] “You don’t know? Well…” [Points at the Pokegear.] “That’s a Pokegear. It contains a digital map and can also be used as a cellular phone.”

    Hiro: “Cellular phone?” [Closes eyes and smiles.] “Sweet! I’ve wanted one of those.”

    Woman: [Closes eyes and smiles, but with a sweatdrop sliding down her head. She reaches over for the Pokemon Encyclopedia in Hiro’s hand.] “That is….” [Presses a button which causes a holographic screen to pop up, surprising Hiro and Eievui, who back their heads slightly.] “Your Pokemon Encyclopedia.”

    Hiro: “So it gives me the data on Pokemon?” [Straps belt around waist.]

    Woman: [Nods.] “It also contains your trainer ID, so don’t lose it.”

    Hiro: “Understood.” [Puts the encyclopedia into a holder on the belt, then clips the back of the Pokegear onto the belt.]

    Woman: [Puts a small booklet on the counter.] “Since you’re starting out, this should tell you how to work the Pokemon Encyclopedia.” [Lightly bows toward Hiro.] “Good luck.”

    Hiro: “Thanks.” [Grabs the booklet and walks away.]

    [At the edge of Wakaba Town, Hiro, now wearing a backpack, and Eievui stand before a long dirt road, with grass and random deciduous trees along the edge. Hiro pulls Kakureon’s Monster Ball from his pocket and slips it onto an empty holder on his belt. Hiro looks out at the wilderness with a look of determination on his face. In a matter of seconds, his determined look droops down to a worried frown.]

    Hiro: “I wonder how much wilderness I’m gonna have to walk.” [Takes out his Pokegear, punches in a couple buttons. Looks at the screen, then after a moment, he falls backward onto the ground.]

    Eievui: [Turns to Hiro worriedly.] “Bui bui!”

    Hiro: [Stares at the Pokegear he holds above his head, eyes half-closed, one eye twitching.] “15 kilometers to Yoshino City, 20 more kilometers to Kikyou City.” [Gets up and dusts himself off.] “I have to walk so far to get back home.” [Drops head, blue vertical lines appearing over him.] “This sucks.”

    Hiro (narration): “Thus, my journey had begun.”


    -Are you left wondering what model of Pokemon Encyclopedias has a holographic screen? I take it you didn’t read Toshihiro Ono’s manga, “Pocket Monsters: Dengeki Pikachu” (or “Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu” in the States). Well, I’m using the spiffy model from that. As usual with my fics, I am not going to try describing what existing characters or objects look like, so you’ll have to either get the manga or look for scans.
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    author's note: I’d like to thank The Big Al, SilverBlaze09, and IceKing for helping me with the distances involved and length of time it should take to cover them.



    [Hiro and Eievui stand outside Wakaba Town, vast grass fields and several trees spreading out before them. Hiro looks down at his Pokegear, then looks at a dirt road to his left.]

    Hiro: “Hmm…. The road does look like it would be easy. However….” [Looks at the wilderness, then down at his Pokegear again.] “If I just go straight, I’ll get there quicker. Normally, I’d get lost doing that, but since I have this navigational device with me.” [Points finger out towards the wilderness.] “Alright! Let’s go that way!” [Walks forward.]

    Eievui: [Nods.] “Bui.” [Walks forward with Hiro.]

    Hiro: [Walks down a grassy hill while looking down. He groans.] “Geez, I’ve stayed away from the idea of training Pokemon my whole life because I never wanted to travel.” [Pictures his five sisters, grandfather, and Chris.] “Everyone kept saying ‘You should try it’ and ‘It should be fun’ to the point of annoyance. My desire to live peacefully in Enju City never caused me to give in to that.” [Stops at the base of the hill and lowers eyelids.] “But…. now…”

    Eievui: [Stops to look at Hiro with a sad, compassionate face.] “buiiiii….?”

    Hiro: [Clenches eyes shut, clenches fists, and sneers.] “che….” [Kicks at the grass.] “Dammit!”

    Eievui: [Jumps back in surprise.] “BUI!”

    Hiro: [Opens eyes and stomps forward.] “Why…? Why did all this happen? Why was I forced into this?” [Stops, looks back to see Eievui catching up to him. He sighs.] “It can’t be helped.” [Continues walking.] “All I can do is try to return as quickly as possible.”

    [The scene changes to Hiro and Eievui lying against a tree at night. Hiro’s eating ramen from a wooden bowl, while Eievui eats some dry food pellets on the ground. All the while, a dieing fire with a pot above it sits in front of them.]

    Hiro: [Slurps some noodles and swallows, then starts scooping up some more with his chopsticks.] “I have been taught how to start a fire without matches, but packing matches anyway makes things a lot easier.” [Slurps more noodles.] “I wonder if I need to feed that Kakureon.” [Puts down bowl and takes out Pokemon Encyclopedia, as well as the manual explaining how to use it. Flips through the manual’s pages.] “Let’s see…. general raising info.” [Stops at a page, then types in a few buttons on the device.]

    Pokemon Encyclopedia: “Feeding Pokemon. If a Pokemon remains in its Monster Ball, it doesn’t require food very often due to the Monster Ball’s life-supporting features and could last several times longer than they’d require food outside the ball. However, being able to eat, as well as freely roam around, is enjoyable to the Pokemon.”

    Hiro: “So it just makes them happy….?” [Thinks back to when his blue-striped Kakureon was firing its rainbow-colored beam at Hiro’s face in the trainer registration building. When the thought ends, his head bolts up with his eyes widened. Closes eyes and smiles while a sweatdrop slides down his head.] “It should be kept happy.”

    Eievui: [Looks at Hiro in confusion.] “Bui?”

    [Pulls out a Monster Ball and opens it, releasing a white light that forms into his blue-striped Kakureon.]

    Kakureon: [Looks around.] “Re?”

    Hiro: [Holds out a handful of dry food pellets.] “Look.”

    [Kakureon looks up at Hiro, who’s standing while holding a bag of Pokemon food in his other arm, eyes closed and smiling all the while.]

    Hiro: “This is very delicious. Have some.”

    [Kakureon looks at the hand full of pellets, sniffs at it, then looks over at Hiro’s bowl of ramen. Hiro’s once again shown smiling towards it.]

    Kakureon: [Stretches out tongue towards Hiro’s face.] “Reeee…!”

    Hiro: [Opens eyes and stares at the tongue.] “Eh?”

    [The end of Kakureon’s tongue proceeds to wag left and right, slapping Hiro in the face each time. After one last slap, Hiro falls backwards with swirling eyes and swollen cheeks, dropping the bag, as well as the food in his hand in the process.]

    Eievui: [Widens eyes and runs over to Hiro’s side.] “Bui bui!”

    Kakureon: [Reels tongue back into mouth, then points head toward Hiro’s bowl and stretches tongue out toward it.] “Reeee…!” [Wraps tongue around all the ramen and snaps it back into mouth. Chews and swallows. Smiles and pats hand on belly.] “On!”

    Hiro: [Eyes widen in shock. Dashes over to his bowl, notices nothing remains in it, then closes eyes and lowers head while blue, vertical lines appear over his head.] “…damn…” [Holds up Monster Ball, points it behind him, and retrieves Kakureon in a red beam fired from it.] “I can’t satisfy that bastard, can I?”

    [Eievui walks over, reaches out his front paw, and pats Hiro on the back. The scene changes to Hiro pouring dirt over the fire. He rolls out a sleeping bag, slips into it, and lays down with Eievui curling up on the ground next to his head.]

    Hiro: [Sighs and looks up at the stars.] “According to the Pokegear, I got about halfway there. I wonder if I’ll reach civilization tomorrow.”

    [Hiro’s shown laying sideways in his sleeping bag, eyes closed. The scene changes to show Hiro, awake and wearing his school uniform. He walks down the streets of Enju City’s commercial district when Chris, riding atop his Airmudo, flaps down and hovers a distance in front of Hiro.]

    Chris: [Closes eyes, smiles, and waves.] “Yo, Hiro!”

    Hiro: [Looks at him Chris with wide eyes.] “Chris-kun?”

    Chris: “I plan to leave on a Pokemon training journey soon. Wish me luck.” [Winks and holds up a thumb before flying away.]

    Hiro: [Sighs and lowers head.] “So many of my friends have left to train Pokemon. Things are really getting boring without them.”

    Eievui’s voice: “Bui!”

    Hiro: [Quickly lifts head.] “Huh?” [Turns around and notices an Eievui standing behind him.]

    [Hiro’s about to walk towards it, but a drop of water falls on his head. He looks up, and tiny droplets of rain hit his face afterwards. The scene changes to show Hiro in his sleeping bag, eyes closed. A drop of water hits him on the cheek, and he slowly opens his eyes. A light rain starts to fall upon his face and the ground around him. "4099年4月20日 ( 月 )" (Monday, April 20, 4099) is displayed for a moment.]

    Hiro: “No way!” [Quickly slips out of sleeping bag and rolls it up.]

    [As Hiro packs the sleeping bag with the rest of his stuff, the rain slowly turns into a heavy downpour. Hiro slings the supplies over his back then turns his head in several directions.]

    Hiro: “Eievui? Where are you?”

    Eievui: [Muffled voice.] “…..buiiii bui…”

    Hiro: [Widens eyes.] “Ah!” [Takes supplies off back, gets out sleeping bag, and unrolls it, Eievui tumbling out of it.] “Sorry, Eievui.”

    Eievui: [Lays on the ground with swirls for eyes.] “Buiii…iiii…”

    [Later, it’s still raining, and Hiro stares upward, eyes half closed and his left eyebrow twitching. A distant view reveals that he stands before a steep cliff wall.]

    Hiro: [Looks down and clenches fist.] “Shit, I should’ve just traveled along the road.” [Glances up at the cliff again.] “Hmm…” [Grabs a protruding rock in the wall and attempts to climb, but slips and falls off when he barely gets his feet off the ground. He gets back up and sighs.] “Eievui probably couldn’t climb anyway.” [Walks to the left, Eievui trailing behind. Both walk slowly due to the mud and heavy downpour.] “Let’s go around it.”

    [The clouds are shown, still unleashing a heavy downpour. After a moment, the rain appears to die down. Back on the ground, Eievui shakes his fur coat dry. Ahead of Hiro and Eievui, the cliff merges to the side of a hill.]

    Hiro: [Looks ahead.] “That’s…” [Runs toward the base of the hill and sees a dirt path which goes up the hill. Holds up a clenched fist and grins.] “Alright! We’re back on the main road!”

    Eievui: [Closes eyes and jumps in celebration as well.] “Bui bui!” [Ears suddenly perk up.] “Bui?”

    Hiro: [Stops for a moment, then turns to look at the road leading away from the base of the hill.] “Is that a vehicle?”

    [After a moment, the sound of tires rolling along a dirt road grow louder.]

    Hiro: [Lips slowly curl up in a smile, then picks a surprised Eievui off the ground. Jumps up and down in joyish laughter while holding Eievui against his chest.] “Lucky! Hahahaha!”

    Eievui: [Swirls replace eyes as a result of Hiro’s jumping around.] “Buiiiiiii…!”

    [Hiro stops jumping around and, while still holding Eievui with his right arm, holds out his left hand and points his thumb upwards in an attempt to hitchhike. However, a rock suddenly flies through the air and smacks Hiro in the back of the head.]

    Hiro: “Ga…!” [Begins to fall forward.]

    Eievui: [Looks up at Hiro’s face.] “Bui?”

    [Hiro manages to let go of Eievui, but not soon enough that the Pokemon doesn’t get stuck under his body once he hits the ground. Hiro lies with his face in the mud, a small cloud of smoke rising from the back of his head, and Eievui struggles to get from underneath Hiro but to no avail. A large shadow looms over the two.]

    Eievui: [Widens eyes.] “Bui?” [Slowly looks up, and the scene briefly shows a nearby tree.] “BUIIIIIII!!!”

    [A view of where Hiro and Eievui were shows that they’ve now disappeared. A light green pickup truck carrying crates of produce passes by. Out in a forest clearing, an Oudile is seen carrying an unconscious Hiro over its shoulder, along with Hiro’s supplies, while holding Eievui up by the back of his neck.]

    Eievui: [Flails around, attempting to bite and scratch at the hand that holds him.] “BUI BUI!!! IBUIII!!!! BUIIIII!!!”

    [The Oudile gently places Hiro on the ground, then places his supplies next to him. It then looks at the enraged Eievui, smirks, and tosses it forward.]

    Eievui: [Tumbles on the ground, then gets up and snarls.] “Buiiiii…!” [Dashes at the Oudile.]

    [The Oudile begins to glow red as Eievui jumps up. As Eievui’s about to strike it, the Oudile disappears and the fox strikes his head against a tree, which he slowly slides down before rolling back on the ground with a huge bruise on his face. A red retrieval beam is seen going into a bush.]

    Hiro: [Slowly moves his arms, groans, and gets up while rubbing the back of his head.] “What the hell happened?” [Opens eyes in realization.] “Ah! The vehicle!” [Jumps to his feet and looks around.] “The road! Where…?” [Snaps fingers.] “Dammit! How’d we end up here?”

    Eievui: [Stumbles over to Hiro in a daze.] “…buiii…”

    Hiro: [Looks at Eievui.] “Eh?” [Kneels down and looks at Eievui’s face.] “Are you alright?” [Eievui nods in reply and puts on a smile despite being in pain.] “I wonder where we are.”

    Voice: “Itouuuu…!”

    [Hiro turns around to see an Itomaru looking at the two fiercely, poised as if ready to fight.]

    Hiro: “What the hell’s your problem?”

    Itomaru: [Walks towards Hiro and Eievui.] “Ito…!”

    Hiro: “Go away!” [Kicks the Itomaru.]

    [The Itomaru’s sent flying through the air and landing before a tree. Up in the canopy of this tree, several eyes glow in the dark.]

    Itomaru: [Gets up, eyes water up, and tears begin to spray out from them.] “ITOUUU…OUUU…!”

    [Immediately afterwards, several Ariados and Itomaru leap down from the tree’s canopy, landing in front of the Itomaru to face Hiro.]

    Hiro: [Stares at the swarm with widened eyes and clenched teeth.] “Gi… gi…” [Slowly backs away.]

    lone Ariados: “RIAAAA!!!” [Runs toward Hiro.]

    other Ariados (simultaneously): “RIAAAA!!!” [Follow suit.]
    other Itomaru (simultaneously): “ITOUUU!!!” [Follow suit.]

    Hiro: [Turns around and runs.] “Run away!”

    Eievui: [Follows Hiro.] “BUI!”

    [Once all the Itomaru and Ariados are gone, all that remains is Hiro’s supply bag, which he left behind. Something quickly swoops in, grabs it, and jumps behind the bushes quick enough to only be made out as a blur. Afterwards, the sound of human sprinting can be heard. An overhead view of the forest is shown. The clouds from the rain earlier are clearing out, and the sun is beginning to set. Meanwhile, back inside the forest, Hiro and Eievui are frantically fleeing from the swarm of spiders chasing after them.]

    Hiro: [Panting.] “Haa… Haa… how much longer are they pursuing us?” [Stops and rests his hand against a tree to catch his breath, Eievui stopping next to him. Looks back to see the swarm coming up to them.] “We need to think of some way to allude them. For now, though, let’s just keep out distance.”

    [Hiro and Eievui prepare to run forward again, but one of the Ariados propels a strand of adhesive thread that sticks to Eievui’s leg and makes him trip.]

    Hiro: [Turns around.] “Ah! Eievui!”

    Eievui: [Tries to crawl forward, but the Ariados reeling in its strand seems to be much stronger.] “BUI BUI!!”

    Hiro: “Damn!” [Tries to run toward Eievui, but two Ariados get in his way and begin to walk toward him. A bead of sweat slides down his cheek as he clenches his teeth.] “What do I do? Maybe… it’s risky, but…” [Pulls out a Monster Ball and releases Kakureon.]

    Kakureon: “Reon?”

    Hiro: “Kakureon, fend off those Ariados and help save Eievui!”

    [Kakureon looks over at Eievui’s plight, then turns to Hiro, looks at him for a moment, then proceeds to lash its tongue out at him. As the tongue goes towards his face, several thoughts race through Hiro’s mind. He first thinks about Utsugi-hakase.]

    Utsugi: “You’re really close to that Eievui, aren’t you?”

    Hiro: [Thinking.] (“Why do I protect Eievui? A person who doesn’t even have an interest in Pokemon, and a Pokemon I’ve only known for a few days, why?”)

    [Thinks back to Eievui slamming into his teacher’s forehead.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] (“Was it really just because he stood up for me at that time… even if I got in trouble…?”)

    [Thinks to that scene in his earlier dream where Chris flies away on Airmudo.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] (“Perhaps I was getting lonely.”)

    [Pictures a little girl hugging a Purin with a red ribbon tied around its ear.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] (“Or just maybe, like everyone else, hidden deep down, I…”)

    [Hiro immediately holds up his arm, causing the tongue to wrap around it, his hand grabbing the end of the tongue.]

    Kakureon: [Eyes widen.] “Kaaa….!?”

    Hiro: [Thinking.] (“Whatever the case…”) [Out loud.] “Eievui is my friend! I won’t let him get killed that easily!”

    Kakureon: [Clenches fists in anger.] “Kureee…” [Breathes in and shoots out a rainbow beam that travel above its tongue towards Hiro’s face.]

    [Hiro leans his head to the left, dodging the beam. Kakureon gapes as a bead of sweat slides down its face.]

    Hiro: “…you bastard…” [Lifts up arm and swings Kakureon forward by its tongue.] “STOP SCREWING WITH ME AND DO SOMETHING HELPFUL!!!”

    Kakureon: “Kakurouuuun!!!” [Being swung around by Hiro causes it to smack into the two Ariados sideways, knocking them out of Hiro’s path and allowing him to run up to Eievui, who’s still struggling against the Ariados pulling him in.]

    Hiro: “Stop iiiiit!” [Swings Kakureon down to slam into the Ariados’s face.] “Kakureon, use your beam attack on that thread!”

    Kakureon: [Still attached to Hiro’s arm through its tongue, and currently has swirls in its eyes from all the swinging around earlier.] “Rouuu….ouuun….”

    Hiro: “Hey…” [Pats Kakureon’s cheek and lets go of the tip of its tongue.]

    Kakureon: “Re!” [Eyes return to normal, unravels tongue from Hiro’s arm and conceals it in its mouth once again. It then follows Hiro’s command and shoots its beam at the thread stuck to Eievui’s leg, successfully breaking it.]

    Eievui: [Gets up and smiles gleefully.] “Buii!”

    Hiro: [Grins and clenches fist.] “Alright!”

    [Hiro suddenly notices an Itomaru’s head needle glow purple and shoot a stream of small purple pins up at him. He quickly reacts by ducking, but doing so causes the pins to hit a sleeping Aipom on an overhead tree branch.]

    Aipom: [Suddenly wakes up in a wild flail.] “Ukikkikkikki!!!” [Accidentally slaps a Monjara, who was also on the branch, in the face.]

    Monjara: [X-shaped vein appears on its head and it wraps its vines around Aipom.] “Mouuun….!”

    Aipom: [Waves hands in front of self while shaking head.] “Eipamu!” [Nods head down in Hiro’s direction.] “Uki!”

    [Both Monjara and Aipom look down at Hiro, who’s now getting up from his earlier duck. The two Pokemon make angry faces at him.]

    Monjara: “Mouuuuun!!” [Stretches out vines and grabs Hiro.]

    Hiro: [Looks down at the vines in confusion.] “What the hell?!” [Is pulled up to the branch.]

    Aipom: [Repeatedly slaps Hiro in the face with tail.] “Ukikkikkikkikki…!”

    [Eievui and Kakureon look up at Hiro with sweatdrops sliding down their faces. They then look at the swarm surrounding them with their backs facing eachother. Then, a stream of fire shoots at Aipom, knocking it off the branch, and then another stream of fire hits Monjara, making it drop Hiro before falling off as well. The two Pokemon run away with burn marks all over their bodies. Hiro gets up with swollen cheeks, looking confused along with Eievui and Kakureon.]

    voice: “Bakufuuuu!!!”

    [They, as well as the swarm, look over to see a Bakuphoon, roaring loudly as fire bursts out around its neck. It picks up one of the Ariados and throws it at another, knocking both unconscious.]

    Bakuphoon: “Bakufuuu…” [Breathes out a stream of fire at several Itomaru and Ariados, steering clear of Hiro-tachi.]

    Hiro: “Now, let’s go!”

    [Hiro, Eievui, and Kakureon run away from the battle scene. After a bit of fleeing through the forest, they see an orange light above some bushes.]

    Hiro: “That must be the forest’s exit!”

    [The three jump over the bushes and see several tall buildings not too far in front of them.]

    Hiro: [Eyes glisten as he smiles.] “That is… Yoshino… City…”

    [With exaggerately large, cartoony eyes, they suddenly realize that there is no ground underneath them, due to the bushes, which they just leapt past, being next to a small ledge that leads into a river. They all fall into the water and splash around trying to swim against the current. A long vine reaches out from the ledge, wraps around all three of them, and pulls them out of the river. The vine holds them all in front of its owner, a Meganium, which has Hiro’s supplies on its back.]

    Hiro: [Looks at the supplies.] “Are those mine?”

    Meganium: “Meganiumu.” [It smiles at them, then jumps across the river while still holding them all. It then places them on the ground and releases its vine from them. Then uses its vine to grab the supplies and place it next to them. It then heads back toward the river.]

    Hiro: [Straps the supplies on his back, then waves at the Meganium.] “Thanks a bunch!”

    Meganium: [Turns around, closes eyes, and smiles.] “Niumu!” [Jumps across the river again and heads into the forest.]

    Hiro: [Looks at Kakureon, who lays on the ground in exhaustion.] “Kakureon, thank you too.”

    [Kakureon quickly sits up, blushes, then runs to Hiro, covering its face the whole way, to grab a Monster Ball off his belt and return itself into it.]

    Hiro: “What was that?”

    Eievui: “Bui.” [Shrugs shoulders.]

    Hiro: “Let’s go, Eievui. Just a little further, and we can have a very comfortable rest for the night.”

    [Hiro and Eievui proceed to walk toward the city. Back in the river, a Tattsuu peeks its head above the water a looks at them.]

    Tattsuu: “Tattsuu.”


    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    update bump

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    I already made this announcement on SPPF a few days ago. Here it is for the readers here (slightly editted).

    I guess I owe it to my loyal readers, after stating that I'd try to get this next chapter in earlier than last time, to provide an explanation after all this time: I'm sorry... I know I said I planned against it before, but I'm going to start from scratch again. I'm still not completely sure about certain things in this story, but I'm seeking advice from various other, more professional sources now instead of relying on reader feedback. On top of that, when I get back, I won't be doing a fanfic.... in the couple years I've been doing this, I realize one thing: I am not fit for fanfiction, a fact I've made quite apparent. The only reason I did it in the first place was because I couldn't do a manga.... I lacked confidence in my art abilities, and I feared the difficulty of correcting a mistake. This time, though, I'm gonna try, dammit! I still lack a scanner, and I still suck at drawing with a mouse, but I've been practicing on that. Look...

    I sketched Jukain's head off of a screenshot a couple months ago (it's the pic of him using Leaf Blade on Ukon's Dirtengu, for reference). Though I'm shakey with a mouse, I figure I did well by tracing over lines repeatedly to give it a sketch look. Later on, I also tried to do a bishoujo eye, even give it a bit of a manga shading tone.

    I might be able to improve greatly over time, even with a mouse. Just keep practicing, closely observing traditional manga artwork, it could end up looking great. Also, these sketches were done in MSPaint... I intend to use Photoshop to refine them better (I'm still waiting to borrow a disc). I intend to do this manga in authentic Japanese this time, too. I feel I know enough now, especially after doing some translation work, plus I intend to recruit a proofreader from Pokesho forums or some other place I'm familiar with to help me out on that (an English translation will be provided, of course).

    I don't know how well this will end up working out, and god only knows how slow progress will be (drawing is usually more time-consuming, plus I'm swamped with job-searching, translation projects, college, and my other hobbies), but I hope you'll all bear with me on this. I wish to reject this fanfiction realm that I've only been forcing myself into and start anew, doing the Japanese doujinshi that I've always wanted to work on. I intend to really get things going (that, or more practice) once I get Photoshop installed. I intend to start off with a small preview of chapter 1, The Mysterious Eievui, before working a one-shot that I originally submitted in a contest on SPPF. This one-shot will act as sort of a test run before I attempt work on a long-running series.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    god damn, I've gone a while without an update on things. I'm still getting to it, so please be patient. I've been kinda busy with things (I finally got a friggin' job ^^), and I've been talking with some very informative people for advice on story depth (also, after one of them gave me some advice on drawing manga, I probably will scan drawings as opposed to my Photoshop method). All I can ask from all of you is to remain patient. I can assure everyone that I'll be hard-pressed to completely drop this after all this time (this has probably been the longest time a story's been on my mind without completely dropping it), and even if it takes me a decade, I'm hoping to see this doujin project of mine through all the way.

    Also, I thought I'd let all of you be aware that there's going to be a title change. Pocket Monsters Chronicles really isn't working out for several reasons. For one thing, my brother was being a little bastard about the "rights" to the story (like there was any copyrighting involved in the first place... he still manages to be an annoying little prick nonetheless). His title has little to do with the story (I've always felt awkward about that fact), and I figure I've differentiated the story enough from what little concepts he had that I could call it my own by now (I'll probably change the main character, for that matter), so fuck him, I say. The problem between us has since been resolved, but since I won't doubt he'll bring up this crap again just to be a cheapskate and get something he wants out of me like he always does (hell, he had long-since abandoned this story until he wanted to force me into loaning him money or something, which he has a very bad tendency of never returning, and thus causing the aforementioned argument to come up), I figured this was the best option. There's also the fact that 4kids already used the name "Pokemon Chronicles" by this point and proceeded to give it a bad name like there's no friggin' tomorrow. With that said, I've already got a new title planned, but I figure I'll keep it a surprise from all of you until I make further announcements. ^^ Look forward to it, everyone.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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