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    Default Pocket Monsters Chronicles PG-14

    Welcome. If you've been to serebiiforums, you might recognize this fic, but if not, I hope you grow to love my work. Before you read, I should make some things clear to all of you.

    -Let me say this right now, if you're turned off by typical trainer fics, this will look like one for a while at the beginning. However, I can assure you that the storyline changes severely later on, things will become very dark. Please, let me ask that you don't stray away from my fic immediately.

    -Also, if you're turned off by script formats, I can assure you mine is very descriptive and well-done. I even PMed a mod over on serebiiforums for approval before I posted it. And, this was originally gonna be a doujinshi, so I find a script really does it justice.

    -I will try to update this weekly, but I can get occupied quite easily, and I have college now, so I'm not making any promises.

    -For those curious of origins, as I said, Pocket Monsters Chronicles was originally conceived as a doujinshi manga by my little brother, who has the screen name Hiro (same as the main character). However, he couldn't scan the pages, time passed, and he got friggin lazy over the whole thing. He allowed me to write it on serebii.net as a fanfic, and I'm now posting it here. While some of the original concept of his story is still there, I rewrote a lot of it.

    -This fanfic does not use the English names from the American version of Pokemon, Pocket Monsters Chronicles uses Japanese names from the original Pocket Monsters series. So you don't get confused, I'll put a list of Japanese names compared to English ones before every chapter. Some Japanese names I will translate (ex. Mizu Deppou to Water Gun), but if you're curious as to how they're said in Japanese, I'll put a list like that along with the name notes. I'll also use a bit of Japanese culture in this fic and make notes of that (as well as notes of certain inside jokes or scientific facts not everyone would know of), however, unlike the name notes, the cultural notes will go at the bottom of the post. Anyway, if you want to see previous chapters that have been reposted, just scroll past the current ones.

    -This does not take place in the anime continuity. It takes place in an entirely different continuity, but there are some similarities and cameos to the anime world. Also, the world is a bit more futuristic, kinda like the one in Toshihiro Ono's Dengeki Pikachu manga. I'll also have little things from said manga such as a holographic Pokemon Zukan (Pokedex).

    -The PG-14 rating is there for a reason. There is some strong language, violence, sexual situations, etc., especially later on in the story.

    -It should be noted that on this forum, chapters are only up temporarily before they're replaced with the next chapter. I'm doing this because I try hard to make my writing seem manga/anime-like in quality, and reviewers (from Serebii) even commented that they could picture an anime/manga while they read it. By replacing old chapters with new chapters, I stimulate the experience of anime episodes airing weekly (or in the case of manga, having a chapter show up in a weekly/monthly magazine). If you start reading this fanfic at a late point, it'd be part of the experience to wonder what happened in previous chapters. However, don't worry, you will be able to see earlier chapters eventually. Anime and manga usually release their older stuff in DVDs and collection novels, and I intend to do the same here. After a while, I will post several of the old chapters at once later on in the thread. Oh, and I realized some people may be against the idea, but that's why I had a poll. It had a tie, but since I didn't vote for myself on the poll, I figured I'd be the tie-breaker.

    -I have an older version of this fic that wasn't scripted (I posted it before I learned that Serebii DOES allow script fics). If you're interested in looking at the previous version, it can be found at http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=86 . If you hate spoilers, I wouldn't recommend this for obvious reasons.

    -I'm also posting this fic at Pokecommunity, as well as Serebii of course. I also have the older, non-scripted version somewhere in the depths of fanfiction.net, but due to lack of reviews there (I didn't even get one), I decided to just abandon that.

    -Please, please, please review. I won't threaten to stop this fic if you don't review, but I would be glad to see them. Also, please post an actual review instead of spam.

    -So everyone knows, つづく (read as "tsudzuku") means "to be continued".

    -I will be editting this first post to list updates.


    5/13/05- reposted chapters 7-12 (Volume 2).
    4/24/05- took down chapter 13 & 14, posted chapter 15.
    4/17/05- posted chapter 14.
    4/15/05- took down chapter 12, posted chapter 13.
    3/20/05- took down chapter 11, posted chapter 12.
    3/01/05- took down chapter 10, posted chapter 11.
    02/14/05- took down chapter 9, posted chapter 10.
    01/07/05- took down chapters 7 and 8, posted chapter 9.
    12/24/04- posted chapter 8, reposted chapters 1-6 (Volume 1).
    12/18/04- took down chapter 6, posted chapter 7.
    12/11/04- took down chapter 5, posted chapter 6.
    11/27/04- took down chapter 4, posted chapter 5.
    11/07/04- took down chapter 3, posted chapter 4.
    11/04/04- to the artists out there, please consider looking here.
    10/31/04- took down chapter 2, posted chapter 3.
    10/24/04- took down chapter 1, posted chapter 2.
    10/23/04- poll result: I'm going through with the experiment.
    10/17/04- please go to this poll.
    10/04/04- posted thread and chapter 1.
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    Oh god, am I ever so friggin late with this one. I’m so sorry for the four-month delay. Things got pretty hectic, with college finals, I had Summer school to make up a couple classes, still been job-hunting, and in my free time, I got pre-occupied with finishing the item collection sidequest on .hack//quarantine (thus, finally completing the .hack game series that I’ve been playing on and off for the past couple years), started getting into Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, and some other things. For some reason, it was hard to stay focused on writing this for hours at a time (even when I got started on it, it took me about a month), but I’m finally done. I hope you all enjoy, your opinion on whether or not this was worth the wait, I expect to get my next one up a lot sooner, and god, I’m hoping most my old readers hadn’t given up on me yet.

    Recap: Kimono Hiro and his Eievui have reached Kikyou City, the last step in returning to their home in Enju City. However, the route back home ended up being unexpectedly blocked.

    -Madatsubomi Tower=Sprout Tower
    -Will Power=Confusion
    -Shirogane Tournament=Silver Tournament
    -Enju City=Ecruteak City
    -Kikyou City=Violet City

    -Madatsubomi Tower=Madatsubomi no Tou
    -Updraft=Kaze Okoshi
    -Will Power=Nenriki
    -Shirogane Tournament=Shirogane Taikai
    -Water Gun=Mizu Deppou

    [ Hiro, lowering his head with Eievui riding his back, walks along a sidewalk of Kikyou City, which boasts a very traditional Japanese-style appearance.]

    Hiro (narration): “I’m Kimono Hiro, 14 years old.” [Eievui walks onto Hiro’s shoulder as he raises his head. Hiro pulls out his Pokegear, pushes a button to turn it on, and both he and Eievui look at the screen.] “I live in Enju City with my grandfather and five older sisters, but… I’m not there right now due to certain circumstances.”

    [The Pokegear’s screen displays a digital topographic map of Jouto. Squares represent the various towns and cities, with a blinking square as Kikyou City. Hiro’s finger comes up and points at Kikyou City, then traces it downwards along a lightly-colored area. The view shifts back to Hiro holding the Pokegear.]

    Hiro: [Stops walking for a moment, closes eyes, sighs before reopening them, and continues moving forward.] “Alright. I just need to go around this mountain range here, and I should get there.” [Turns off Pokegear. Talks while stashing it away.] “Fortunately, Golden Week’s coming soon. Catching up in school shouldn’t be difficult.”

    Hiro (narration): “Journeying doesn’t interest me. I’m accustomed to leading a normal life in Enju. Go to school, live with my family, and…”

    [A teen-age boy and girl walk past Hiro. They both wear navy blue Japanese school uniforms, and their eyes are shadowed by their bangs. The girl has pink hair tied in a ponytail that reaches down to her mid-back, and the boy has olive green hair with shoulder-length sideburns and a braid in the back which also reaches his mid-back. The girl’s holding the boy’s left arm, and the boy’s holding a Sabonea with both his hands. Hiro stops to look back at them.]

    Girl: [Turns head towards the boy.] “Yuuki-kun, promise me you won’t leave with that Pokemon until after graduation.”

    Yuuki: [Rubs the back of his head with his right hand.] “Understood, understood…”

    [Hiro continues looking back at them. Eievui looks at him, tilting his head.]

    Hiro (narration): “I’d like to get a girlfriend soon.”

    Eievui: [Jumps atop Hiro’s head and looks down at him.] “Bui?”

    [Hiro looks up at Eievui, smiles, and continues walking.]


    [A torii, the red archway signifying the entrance of a Shinto shrine, is shown shortly before a 500 yen coin is seen laying atop the thumb of a clenched hand. At a different angle, Hiro looks down at the coin, which is laying on his own thumb, before flipping it into the air and letting it fall into a large wooden box that sits before him. Afterwards, he grabs the red and white rope hanging overhead and shakes it to ring the bell it’s attached to. He puts his hands together and bows forward. Eievui sits atop the supply pack, which is set to the side.]

    Eievui: [Gazes at Hiro.] “…..bui….”

    [As Eievui stares, the sound of Hiro’s hands clapping twice is heard. When the view shifts back to Hiro, he’s raising from another bow with his hands together, eyes closed.]

    Hiro: [Takes a deep breath, then slowly breathes out.] “Oh gods… please…” [Opens eyes slightly, looking downwards.]

    [Close-up on Hiro’s right eye, which closes again before a flashback shows him and Eievui falling into a cargo crate. Another flashback shows Utsugi standing in front of Hiro and Eievui, inaudibly moving his mouth, and one more shows Hiro and Eievui standing before the yellow and black-striped tape of a road block, which prevents access to an area with fallen trees and shrubbery being removed by road-workers. The flashbacks end, and Hiro’s shown from a back-view, slowly lowering his head.]

    Hiro: “I… truly wish to return home.”

    Eievui: [One foot steps down the supply pack towards Hiro momentarily, then he lowers head.] “…buiiii.”

    [The scene changes to show a view of the sky, filled with a few clouds. Hiro sits outside the worship hall against a stone pedestal with a statue of a Windie at the top, arms folded behind his head, and Eievui still sitting atop the nearbysupply pack. The two are looking upwards as the shadow of a cloud passes over them.]

    Hiro: “Hey, Eievui…”

    Eievui: [Turns to Hiro.] “Bui?”

    Hiro: “Do you think we’ll ever return?”

    [Eievui continues looking at Hiro, tilting his head.]

    Woman’s voice: “That’s a new face.”

    [Hiro widens his eyes, unfolds his arms to bring them to his sides, and looks forward. He sees a young woman with shoulder-length black hair, light blue eyes, white dress, light pink highheels, tan purse, holding a small wooden board, and being pictured standing against a sparkling background.]

    Woman: “I visit this shrine often and this is my first time seeing you. A traveler?”

    [Hiro’s face is blushing a deep red and his eyes appear to be dotted. Eievui looks towards him with a question mark appearing over his head.]

    Hiro: [Closes eyes, still blushing.] “Y… yes… from Enju City, I’m Hiro.”

    Michie: [Closes eyes and smiles.] “Michie. Nice to meet you.”

    Hiro: [Eyes open, stops blushing.] “Hn?”

    [Hiro notices the wooden board that Michie’s holding, which says the following written in black ink.]


    (My family’s well-being.

    Michie: [Walks over to a nearby rack with several similar wooden boards hanging on it.] “I love to help out traveling trainers. Would it be good if I showed you around?” [Hangs her board on the rack.]

    Hiro: [Closes eyes, smiles, and nods.] “Yeah… that’d be nice.”

    [In the next scene, Michie’s walking on the sidewalk alongside a stone wall, which appears to be in front of the courtyard to a tall wooden building. Hiro’s blushing and smiling with his eyes closed as he trails behind, with Eievui by his side.]

    Hiro: [Comes to a stop.] “Wonderful, isn’t she Eievui?”

    Eievui: [Freezes as he was about to take another step forward. Turns head and looks up at Hiro.] “Bui?”

    Hiro: “Cute… kind… loves family…” [End of lips curl up further as flowers and sparkles appear in the background.] “A perfect girl.”

    Eievui: [Jumps onto Hiro’s shoulder.] “Bui…” [Waves front paw in front of Hiro’s face.]

    Hiro: [Opens eyes and leans forward, holding up fist and grinning.] “Alright, I’ve decided!”

    Eievui: [Falls backwards off of Hiro’s shoulder, flailing forelegs.] “Buibuibuiiiii…!” [View is on Hiro’s upper-torso, so only the sound of Eievui hitting the ground is heard.]

    Hiro: [Blush disappears. Pulls out Pokegear and looks down at it.] “Before I leave this Kikyou City, I’ll get her phone number without fail…”

    Michie: [Stands at a wide, opened metal gate in the wall, shouting over to Hiro and Eievui.] “Hey! Are you coming?!”

    [Hiro looks up from his Pokegear, and Eievui’s head, which has an X-shaped bandage on it and a small tear forming in his left eye, pops up next to Hiro’s waist.]

    Eievui: “…bui…”

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and smiles relaxedly as he stashes away his Pokegear. Sparkles pop up around his head as he calls out.] “Yeeeeees!” [Runs towards the gate.]

    [Inside, Hiro, Eievui, and Michie walk through a clear path in the courtyard.]

    Hiro: “So, this is the Madatsubomi Tower?”

    Michie: [Nods.] “Yeah.”

    Hiro: “Why do they call it…?”

    [Upon stepping through the open doorway of the tower, Hiro looks forward and gasps. In front of them lies a large, open room, with a ceiling reaching up to, supposedly, the very top of the tower. Several walkways with guardrails and stairs leading up and down to one another line the walls to surround a big square area with a large wooden pillar, which sways back and forth, in the middle. Various visitors and monks walk along the walkways, as well as varying groups of Pokemon, including Koratta, Ratta, Otachi, Poppo, Caterpie, Madatsubomi, and Hanekko, which enter and exit through small, open windows.]

    Hiro: [Sets supply pack to the ground and slowly walks up to the guardrail, staring at the swaying pillar as he lays his hands on the guardrail.] “…sweet…”

    Michie: “This is one of the most interesting places in Kikyou. That single post supports the whole tower, and despite its swaying, the rest of the tower doesn’t move at all.” [Walks up next to Hiro and lays hands on the guardrail, looking up at the pillar as well.]

    [Hiro looks at Michie as she comes up to him. Eievui, meanwhile, wanders towards a nearby group of Poppo and Hanekko, all either hovering or perching at the edge of the walkway.]

    Michie: “It’s a very interesting puzzle, isn’t it? It’s not yet fully explained, but several have related the swaying post and the still building to the movements of a Madatsubomi.”

    [In the background, Eievui and one of the Hanekko playfully chase eachother around.]

    Hiro: “But…” [Eyes turn beady, head tilts.] “What kind of flower bud is that?”

    Michie: “Madatsubomi…” [Points to a Madatsubomi standing on the walkway across from them.] “That Pokemon over there is Madatsubomi.”

    Madatsubomi: [Body wriggles while head stays in place.] “Tsubo…”

    [Eievui jumps up and tackles Hanekko, and the two tumble along the ground a bit. They both look up at eachother up, close their eyes, and laugh playfully.]

    Eievui (simultaneous): “BUIHIHIHIHI…!!”
    Hanekko (simultaneous): “HAHAHAHAHA…!!”

    [In the background, a sweatdrop slides down Hiro’s head, and he forces a laugh.]

    Hiro: “Hahahaha…. of course….”

    Hanekko: [Opens eyes, hovers off the ground and looks down at Eievui, smiling.] “Hane, hane hane…”

    Eievui: [Opens eyes and looks up at Hanekko.] “Bui?”

    Hanekko: “Hane! Hane hanene…” [Closes eyes, smiles, and points back towards Hiro and Michie.] “Hane?!”

    Eievui: [Closes eyes and nods.] “Bui, bui!”

    [Hiro and Michie are still looking up at the post. Hiro takes a quick glance at Michie and blushes before turning away.]

    Michie: “Truth is…”

    [Hiro looks towards her again.]

    Michie: [Blushes and looks downwards.] “I was lonely often. I didn’t make many friends in school, and I used to be distant from my parents and elder sister, so I came here to look at the pillar and clear my mind.” [Closes eyes, smiles, and raises head.] “However, I became friends with the Pokemon here… also…”

    Eievui’s voice: “Bui!”

    [Hiro and Michie and look down to see Eievui and Hanekko.]

    Michie: “Oh?” [Turns to Hiro.] “Look, Hiro, it seems like your Eievui’s made a friend.”

    Hiro: [Crouches down and looks at Eievui.] “Really?” [Looks at Hanekko, tilting head.] “This Pokemon is…”

    Michie: “It’s a Hanekko.”

    Hiro: [Closes eyes, crookedly smiles, and sweatdrops.] “Is… is that so?”

    Hanekko: “Hane!” [Hovers up to Michie and sits atop her head.]

    Michie: [Closes eyes and smiles.] “Cute!”

    Hanekko: “Hane!” [Hovers off Michie’s head and drifts down to her shoulder. Tugs at the strap of her purse.]

    Michie: [Dotted eyes plop open.] “Huh?”

    Hiro: “Hey, what are you doing?!” [Tries to grab Hanekko.]

    [Hanekko slides the purse off Michie’s arm, dodging Hiro by swiftly moving sideways.]

    Michie: [Eyes widen.] “M… my purse!!” [Tries to grab her purse, but misses when Hanekko floats upwards.]

    Hiro: [Sneers.] “You…” [Jumps at Hanekko.]

    [Hanekko hovers beyond the guardrail. Hiro misses again, and this time, the upper half of his body ends up leaning over the guardrail as a result.]

    Hiro: [Eyes widen.] “Uwaaaa…!!!” [Closes eyes and flails arms.]

    Michie: [Grabs the back of Hiro’s sweater and pulls.] “Giii…” [Closes eyes and clenches teeth until Hiro’s no longer leaning. Afterwards, she lets go and sits down, panting.] “Haa… haa…”

    Hiro: [Rests hands and head atop the guardrail.] “I’m saved…”

    [Eievui, with a white glow streaking behind him, jumps on top of Hiro’s head. Hiro’s face hits the guardrail, and Eievui jumps at Hanekko, still with a white glow behind him.]

    Eievui: “Buiiii!!!”

    Hanekko: [Closes eyes and smiles.] “Hane hane!” [Ascends.]

    Eievui: [Eyes widen.] “Bui?” [Flails legs.] “Buibuibui…!” [Grabs and hangs onto the purse, which is hanging down from Hanekko.]

    Hiro: [Gets head up from the guardrail and gasps.] “Eievui!”

    [Hiro looks around and spots a nearby staircase leading down. He goes to the base floor just below and runs up to the guardrail. He jumps over the guardrail onto central bottom floor, and a nearby monk notices.]

    Monk: “Hey!”

    Hiro: [Runs beneath Hanekko and looks up.] “Eievui, let go!”

    Eievui: [Looks down at Hiro.] “…buiii…” [Closes eyes and clenches teeth before letting go of the purse and dropping.]

    [As Eievui falls, a vine wraps around Hiro’s torso.]

    Hiro: [Looks down at vine.] “Eh?” [Gets pulled backwards by the vine.] “Guooo…!” [Back slams into the guardrail. He cringes.] “Ow ow ow…!”

    [The vine appears to originate from a Madatsubomi, which is standing atop the guardrail, and behind the guardrail is the monk from earlier.]

    Monk: “You’re not allowed near the post!”

    Hiro: [Looks up at the monk.] “But… Eievui…”

    Monk: [Points a finger upwards.] “Madatsubomi…!”

    Madatsubomi: “Tsubo!!!” [Lashes out a second vine, which goes upwards and circles around Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Looks at the vine.] “Bui?” [The vine circle encloses around his torso with a snap, knocking the wind out of him.] “…bua…” [A wad of saliva flies from his mouth before his body drops limp.]

    Madatsubomi: “Tsubo…” [Reels in the vine holding Eievui.]

    Hiro: [Grabs Eievui.] “Eievui! Are you alright?”

    [Madatsubomi unwraps its vines from both Hiro and Eievui and they reel back into its body.]

    Eievui: [Slowly raises head and blinks eyes opens.] “…bui…?”

    Hiro: “Thank god.”

    Michie’s voice: “Hey…”

    [Hiro and Eievui look up at Michie, shouting down to them from the upper level.]

    Michie: “Are you alright?!”

    Hiro: “I’m alright!”

    [Hiro gets tapped on the shoulder. He looks back to see the monk. He looks down and notices he’s still outside the guardrail.]

    Hiro: “Ah! Excuse me.” [Jumps back over the guardrail, still holding onto Eievui, then returns up the stairs.]

    Michie’s voice: “Let go, let go!”

    [Hiro looks over at Michie. Hanekko’s flying around her,

    Hiro: “Michie!” [Runs over to her.]

    Hanekko: “Ha ha!!! Hane hane hane!” [Floats higher up as Hiro approaches.]

    Hiro: [Looks at Hanekko. Lets Eievui jump off him onto the ground, then turns to Michie.] “Don’t worry…” [Points thumb to self.] “Leave me to retrieve your purse, Michie-chan.”

    Michie: [Looks at Hiro with watery eyes. Closes eyes, smiles, and nods.] “Please!”

    [Hiro looks at Michie with a smile before he and Eievui run to some stairs leading upwards.]

    Michie: [Eyes widen and blink a couple times.] “Michie… chan?”

    [Hiro and Eievui run toward another set of staircases, passing by what appears to be the Kikyou gym leader, Hayato.]

    Hayato: “Hn?” [Looks back at Hiro and Eievui.]

    [Hiro and Eievui run up the stairs to reach the level that Hanekko’s at. Hanekko drifts over near Hiro, floating just behind the guardrail from him. Hanekko swings the purse towards him.]

    Hiro: [Tries to grab it.] “Haaaa….”

    Hanekko: [Swings the purse away from him again. Puts one hand to mouth, closes eyes, and giggles.] “Ha ha ha ha!”

    Hiro: [Looks up at Hanekko and snorts.] “Damn you…” [Looks down and puts hand to chin.] “Because I’d risk damaging the purse, I can’t use Tattsuu and Merriep’s projectile attacks… so, what…?” [Looks up, takes hand away from chin and snaps fingers.] “That’s it!” [Grabs a Monster Ball off his belt and throws it onto the floor.] “Come out, Tattsuu!”

    [The Monster Ball opens and Tattsuu materializes from the white energy released.]

    Tattsuu: [Looks up at Hiro.] “Tattsuu?” [Eyes widen open and pupils go white.] “Tsuu?!”

    [Hiro grabs Tattsuu rather abruptly and places her atop the guardrail.]

    Hiro: “Tattsuu, I need you to put as much pressure into your Water Gun attack as possible.”

    Tattsuu: [Pupils return to being black. Sweatdrops and eyes move towards Hiro.] “Tattsuu…” [Nods head.] “Tsuu!” [Breathes in deeply.] “Tattsuuuu…!”

    Hiro: [Positions Tattsuu’s head at an upwards angle.] “Eievui, propel yourself with the Water Gun and try to hit Hanekko, then jump off of it back onto here. Understand?”

    Eievui: [Nods.] “Bui!” [Jumps onto the guardrail, and positions himself to pounce before Tattsuu.]

    Hiro: “Now!”

    [Eievui jumps forward, over Tattsuu, who immediately unleashes a thin jet of water with enough force to send Eievui flying upwards, above Hanekko.]

    Hanekko: [Gets passed by Eievui and looks up.] “Hane?”

    Eievui: [Once his ascent in the air stops, he flips and positions his head downwards before falling towards Hanekko.] “Buiiiiii…!!!”

    Hanekko: [Flails arms and legs as beads of sweat fly off it.] “Hane hane hane hane…!!!” [Floats away from its current position.]

    Eievui: “Buiii…!” [Swipes his paw in front of himself and begins twirling, moving towards where Hanekko moved to.]

    Hanekko: [Looks up.] “Hane?”

    Eievui: [Lifts head upwards before slamming on top of Hanekko with his shoulder.] “BUI!!!”

    Hanekko: [Left eye closes and right eye turns into a star.] “Haneeee….” [Loses grip on purse.]

    Hiro: [Holds fist up to side and smiles.] “He did it!”

    Tattsuu: [Hops on the guardrail a couple times in glee.] “Tattsuu, tattsuu!”

    Hiro: “Now, jump…“ [Eyes widen and backs away slightly in shock.] “What the…?”

    [Eievui prepares to leap off Hanekko’s head, but a yellow powder drifts upwards, off of Hanekko’s body.]

    Eievui: “Bui!” [Leaps upwards slightly, but then drops downwards immediately, with his eyelids slowly closely.] “…buiii iiii…” [Closes eyes completely and continues falling alongside Hanekko and the purse.]

    Hiro: “Eievui!” [Pounds guardrail, clenches teeth, and lowers head.] “Dammit, it happened once more!”

    Michie: [Looks up at the falling Pokemon and gapes.] “No way!”

    Hiro: [Leans over rail and looks down.] “I need to shout down to that monk from earlier…” [Eyes widen.] “Eh?”

    [Hayato jumps from the level he was on and dives head-first towards Eievui and Hanekko.]

    Hayato: “Go!!!” [Throws a Monster Ball downwards to release a Yorunozuku.]

    Yorunozuku: “Zuruuu!” [Dives towards Eievui.]

    Hiro: “That guy is…” [Blinks.] “Who is he?”

    Tattsuu: [Looks down along with Hiro.] “Tsuu…”

    Hayato: “Yorunozuku, Updraft!”

    Yorunozuku: [Positions self upright in the air.] “Zuruu!” [Flaps wings rapidly.]

    [Strong gusts of wind from Yorunozuku’s wings converge to create an updraft of air beneath Eievui, Hanekko, and the purse. They all rise upwards in the updraft, allowing Hayato to nab the sleeping Eievui on his way down.]

    Yorunozuku: [Grabs the back of Hayato’s shirt as he’s grabbing Eievui. Falls with Hayato a bit before it gently flaps its wings.] “Zururururu…!” [Flapping gradually turns from gentle to rapid, allowing it to hold up Hayato.]

    Hiro: [Returns Tattsuu to her Monster Ball.] “Alright!” [Runs to the staircase leading downwards.]

    [Hayato looks down at the sleeping Eievui and smiles, then looks upwards. Yorunozuku slowly ascends while carrying him. Meanwhile, Hanekko’s slowly coming back to its senses as the updraft carrying it ends and it starts to fall once again, along with the purse.]

    Hanekko: [Looks down and widens eyes.] “Hane?” [Tries to move the leaves on its head to fly, but notices they’ve been bent downwards, as a result of Eievui’s earlier assault. Squeezes eyes shut and screams as it hopelessly falls.] “HANEEEEEEE!!!”

    [A blue aura suddenly surrounds Hanekko and the purse, and both start to slowly levitate in the air.]

    Hiro: [Looks down from the staircase.] “Wha…?”

    Hayato: [Stares at Hanekko and the purse.] “What the hell is this?”

    [Hanekko and the purse rise up to Hayato’s height, which is at the level Hiro’s currently on, one floor above the entrance.]

    Hanekko: [Opens eyes to reveal its eyes are glowing blue. Looks in anger at the Eievui in Hayato’s arms.] “Haneeee…!”

    [Hanekko unleashes a blue wave of energy which strikes Hayato, Yorunozuku, and Eievui.]

    Hayato (simultaneous): “Uooooo….!!!”
    Yorunozuku (simultaneous): “Zuruuuuu…!!!”

    [Both Hayato and Yorunozuku, as well as Eievui, slam into a wall.]

    Hiro: [Looks over and eyes widen.] “Ah…” [Runs over to Hayato’s landing point.]

    Hanekko: [Leaves unbend themselves. The blue aura fades.] “Hane…” [Quickly grabs the purse before it drops.]

    [Hayato and Yorunozuku are laying on the floor just below where they slammed into the wall. Eievui drowsily crawls out from Hayato’s arms and shakes his head. Hayato and Yorunozuku slowly get up afterwards.]

    Hayato: “That Hanekko… knows Will Power?” [Rubs head.]

    Hiro: [Runs up to them.] “Are you alright?”

    Hayato: [Nods head.] “Yeah.”

    Eievui: [Looks at Hiro and jumps into his arms.] “Bui!”

    Hiro: [Looks down at Eievui, then at Hayato.] “Thanks for rescuing Eievui.”

    [Hayato grins before standing to his feet. They all look up as Hanekko hovers overhead and out an open window.]

    Hiro: “Ah… that Hanekko still has Michie-chan’s purse. Let’s go, Eievui!” [Runs off.]

    Eievui: “Bui!” [Runs behind Hiro.]

    [Hayato puts his hand on his hip. He and Yorunozuku look at Hiro and Eievui for a moment.]

    Hayato: [Smirks.] “Heh… I should still help him, shouldn’t I?”

    [Hiro and Eievui step off the stairs and run towards the entrance. Michie’s still standing near the entrance, looking worriedly at Hiro as he runs down the walkway.]

    Hiro: [Passes by Michie. Thinks to self.] (“I won’t give up.”) [Dashes out the entrance and looks up at Hanekko from the courtyard. Sneers, clenches fists, looks downward, and speaks softly.] “That kind and pretty girl… I love her…” [Looks up at Hanekko again.] “For her sake…” [Runs toward a nearby tree.] “I’ll do my best to not disappoint her…” [Shouts.] “I WON’T GIVE UP!!!” [Jumps up.] “HAAAAA…!!!” [Grabs a low-hanging branch on the tree. Grunts as he climbs onto the branch.] “…hiii…” [Stands atop the branch. Leans hand against the trunk and looks up towards Hanekko once more.]

    Hayato’s voice: “Hey, hey, boy… don’t be so rash.”

    Hiro: [Blinks eyes and looks down.] “Hn?”

    [Hiro sees Hayato, standing in the courtyard and with his Yorunozuku hovering behind him. Eievui looks toward them as well.]

    Hiro: “You again?” [Looks towards the Yorunozuku. Slowly opens mouth and smiles. Points at Hayato.] “Hey, can you let me borrow your bird?”

    Hayato: “Hn?” [Turns head back towards Yorunozuku with a confused look.] “You want Yorunozuku?”

    Hanekko: [Digs hand around in the purse.] “Hane, hane, hane…” [Pulls out a leather booklet. Eyes widen.] “Hane?!”

    [Yorunozuku holds Hiro by the back of his shirt as it flaps up towards Hanekko.]

    Hanekko: [Looks down at Hiro and Yorunozuku as they approach.] “Hane…?”

    Hiro: [Clenches teeth and grabs a Monster Ball off his belt. Throws the ball up towards Hanekko.] “Take this!”

    [The ball opens up and releases a white energy upwards. As the white energy begins to take shape, Hanekko’s eyes glow with a blue light. However, before Hanekko could act, the forming energy makes contact with Hanekko’s body, which suddenly starts to get electrocuted.]

    Hanekko: [Eyes widen and stop glowing. Electricity surges through its body as it shouts in pain.] “HAAAA…!!!”

    [The energy finally forms into Hiro’s Merriep, whose static wool is causing Hanekko to get electrocuted. Merriep ascends just a little more, along with the Hanekko he’s forcing upwards, before the two fall back down again.]

    Hiro: [Catches Merriep’s Monster Ball as it drops back down, then immediately retrieves Merriep with a red beam and puts it on his belt. Pulls out another Monster Ball from his belt. Pushes the button on it, causing it to enlarge. Looks at Hanekko.] “You bastard… return Michie-chan’s purse!” [Throws the Monster Ball at Hanekko.]

    [Hanekko drops the leather booklet it was holding onto a nearby tree branch. Afterwards, the Monster Ball hits Hanekko on the top of the head, both Hanekko and the purse convert into energy, and the ball opens up and contains the energy before closing. As the ball falls down, Yorunozuku flies underneath and Hiro catches it. The ball wobbles slightly in his hand before stopping.]

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and sighs.] “I did it…” [Opens eyes and notices the booklet that Hanekko dropped, still laying on the tree branch.] “Hey, Yoru…”

    Michie’s voice: “That was awesome, Hiro-kun!”

    [Hiro looks down to see that Michie was outside, apparently watching the whole time. She waves her hand to him and smiles. Hayato grins, looks down, and gives Hiro a thumbs-up.]

    Eievui: [Stands next to Hayato. Smiles and closes eyes.] “Bui bui!”

    [Hiro smiles while Yorunozuku descends. Upon landing, Michie walks up to him, holding both hands to her chest.]

    Michie: “You retrieved it? You retrieved my purse?”

    [Yorunozuku lets go of Hiro’s shirt and lands on the ground, then walks over to Hayato. Hiro nods and opens the Monster Ball to release Hanekko.]

    Hanekko: [Looks around in confusion, still holding Michie’s purse.] “Hane?”

    [Michie tries to grab her purse back, but Hanekko hovers upwards again, causing her to miss.]

    Michie: [Widens eyes and a sweat bead flies off her head.] “Haa…?” [Looks up at Hanekko.]

    Hanekko: [Laughs.] “Ha ha ha ha ha ha…!”

    Hiro: [X-shaped vein pops on his head. Shouts at Hanekko.] “Hey, Hanekko! Don’t play! Return her purse!”

    Eievui: [Jumps on top of Hiro’s head and shouts at Hanekko also.] “BUI!!!”

    Hanekko: [Looks at Hiro and Eievui, then lowers head.] “Haneeee…” [Descends.]

    [Michie grabs her purse and hugs it.]

    Hiro: “Hey, Hanekko, could you retrieve the thing you dropped on the branch up there?” [Points up.]

    Hanekko: [Looks at Hiro, then nods.] “Hane!” [Hovers upwards.]

    Hayato: [Kneels down and rubs Yorunozuku’s back.] “You did good, Yorunozuku.”

    Yorunozuku: [Closes eyes and spreads wings.] “Zuruuu!”

    Hayato: [Takes out a Monster Ball, retrieves Yorunozuku, stashes away Monster Ball, then stands up.] “Well, boy, it was good that I could help out. But now, I need to go.” [Walks towards the open gate.] “I’ll see you again.” [Holds out one hand and waves as he walks away.]

    Hiro: [Slowly waves back.] “Bye bye…” [Watches Hayato round the corner of the gate, then turns around.]

    Michie: [Steps in front of Hiro, still hugging her purse.] “Thank you so very much.”

    Hiro: [Closes eyes, steps back, and sweatdrops.] “Ah… um…” [Half-opens eyes, lowers head, and scratches his cheek.] “That’s…”

    [Eievui’s looking looking up at Hiro with question marks surrounding his head. Hanekko, meanwhile, Hanekko has floated up to the leather booklet.]

    Hiro: [Stands up straight.] “Yo… you’re welco…”

    Hanekko: [Holds up the leather booklet and shouts down to Hiro.] “Hane hane!” [Tosses down the booklet.]

    Hiro: [Looks up.] “Hn?”

    Michie: [Smiles and shouts.] “Ah, Dear!” [Runs past Hiro.]

    Hiro: [Looks forward with eyes wide open, one eye twitching.] “D… Dear!?” [Booklet lands on top of his head.]

    Michie’s voice: “Why are you here?”

    Hiro: [Slowly grabs the booklet off the top of his head and looks at the leather cover for a moment. Opens the booklet, and almost immediately, a katana flies out of nowhere and imbeds itself in between Hiro’s neck and shoulder.] “Gya…” [Eyes turn into white circles with a roughly-drawn outline around them. Raises arm before falling backwards.]

    Eievui: [Looks down at Hiro with small, beady eyes. A sweatdrop slides down his head.] “Buiiii…?” [More question marks pop around its head.]

    [Blood leaks outwards from Hiro, and in his hand, which has twitching fingers, is the opened booklet, with a photograph fitted into a sleeve on each side. In the left sleeve is a picture of Michie wearing a western-style wedding dress, closing her eyes, opening her mouth with a cheerful smile, and leaning onto the arm of a man with short, brown hair, red eyes, a black kimono, and smiling. They both are walking down the steps of a Shinto shrine. The other picture shows Michie in a hospital bed, her hair slightly messy, smiling with half-closed eyes, wearing a pink maternity dress, and holding up a baby wrapped in white cloth. Behind her is the man from the other picture, only this time, he has a thin mustache going around his lip, is wearing jeans and a white T-shirt that reveals his muscular tone. He’s placing his hand on Michie’s shoulder, closing his eyes, and grinning.]

    Michie’s voice: “Let me show you the boy who helped me out just now.”

    [Michie, with her purse now strapped around her shoulder, walks up. Trailing behind her is her husband, who looks just like he did in the right picture, only this time, he’s wearing an orange T-shirt, as well as a little boy, about two years old, with messy brown hair, blue eyes, overall jeans, and green/yellow-striped shirt.]

    Michie: “Hiro-kun, this is…” [Looks down at Hiro.] “Huh? What’s wrong?”

    Hiro: [Lays on the ground, sword still stabbed between his neck and shoulder, eyes closes with tears streaming down them.] “It… it’s nothing…”

    Michie’s voice: “Ah… you got my pictures back too… thanks!”

    [The scene changes to the outside of a two-story house. It’s night, so the house’s inner lights are on. The scene changes again to show, sitting at each side of a low, square table in respective clockwise order, Hiro, Michie’s husband, Michie, and Michie’s son, all eating dinner, not wearing shoes. Hiro’s Eievui, Tattsuu, Merriep, and Hanekko are near where Michie’s sitting, eating from a few small bowls.]

    Hiro: [Holds up a clump of rice with his chopsticks, holding a bowl of rice in the other hand.] “Thanks for letting me stay here.” [Puts rice in his mouth.]

    Michie: [Holds a soup bowl in both hands. Closes eyes and smiles.] “Don’t mention it.” [Opens eyes and points chopsticks toward Hiro.] “Those Pokemon Centers are a free service, so their quality isn’t as great as a night spent at a household.”

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and nods in agreement.] “Yeah, yeah, that’s right.” [Eats some more rice.]

    Michie’s husband: [Leans toward Hiro and grins.] “My wife’s wonderful, isn’t she?”

    Hiro: [Eyes bulge out. Takes chopsticks out of mouth and thumps hand at chest a couple times. Grabs a glass of water and gulps it down. Takes glass away, throws head downward, and gasps for air.] “Fuaa…” [Blushes, closes eyes and turns to Michie’s husband.] “Yeah, wonderful… haha…” [Forces a laugh. Sweatdrop slides down head.]

    Michie’s son: [Puts an empty bowl on the table and sets his pair of chopsticks on top of it. Closes eyes and claps hands together.] “Thank you for the meal!” [Separates hands, opens eyes, and looks up at Hiro.] “Big Brother, can I play with your Pokemon?”

    Hiro: [Blush disappears and turns to Michie’s son. Nods.] “Yeah.”

    [Michie’s son gets up and walks over to where Hiro’s Pokemon are eating.]

    Hiro: [Suddenly widens his eyes and holds his hand forward.] “Wait! Don’t touch Merriep!”

    [Michie’s son was about to rub his hand against Merriep’s fur.]

    Michie’s son: [Looks back at Hiro.] “Hn?” [Turns back to Merriep. A small spark flies off of Merriep’s fur and onto his hand.] “Uwaa!” [Widens eyes and jumps back. Rubs his hand, looks at Merriep for a moment, then proceeds to rub Eievui’s fur instead.]

    [Hiro puts his hand back down, lowers his head, and sighs. Michie and her husband, who had their heads turned toward their son, turn back toward Hiro.]

    Michie: “Hey, Hiro, how many badges have you won so far?”

    Hiro: [Has a fried shrimp sticking out of his mouth.] “Badge?” [Chews and swallows the shrimp.] “None.”

    Michie’s husband: “Still a rookie, eh? I thought that, seeing your low number of Pokemon.” [Looks back at Hiro’s Pokemon.]

    [Michie’s son is rubbing his hands along Hanekko’s leaves.]

    Hanekko: [Closes eyes, puts hands to hand and wriggles leaves to escape his grip.] “Hane!”

    Michie’s husband: [Turns back to Hiro.] “You’re striving towards Pokemon Master, aren’t you?”

    Hiro: “No.”

    [Michie and her husband look at eachother.]

    Michie: [Leans forward, hands on the table.] “Well, I wonder if you’re going to compete in this year’s tournament.”

    Hiro: “No.”

    Michie’s husband: “Return home with lots of Pokemon friends?”

    Hiro: “No.”

    Michie: “Become a Coordinator?”

    Hiro: “Become a what?”

    Michie’s husband: “Live as a traveler?”

    Hiro: “Absolutely not.”

    Michie: [Takes hands off table and sits back down.] “That’s so…” [Looks up at Hiro.] “Then, why did you become a trainer?”

    Hiro: [Looks down and closes eyes. Places bowl and chopsticks atop the table.] “The only thing I’m planning to do is…” [Slowly opens eyes and lifts head.] “Return to my home.”

    [Things turn silent for a moment. Michie and her husband look at eachother, then nod. The view changes to outside the house.]

    Hiro’s voice: “Huh? What… what’s this…! Let go!”

    [Door opens and Hiro flies out, landing facedown onto the cement walkway leading to the door.]

    Hiro: “…giii…” [Places a hand on the ground and lifts himself up with it. Looks back at Michie and her husband standing in the door, both with their eyebrows lowered in anger.] “What the hell are you doing!?”

    [Hiro’s shoes get thrown into his face and he falls back down.]

    Michie: [Points finger at Hiro.] “What the hell are you doing!? You become a trainer, but you’re not gonna take things seriously?”

    Hiro: [Sits up.] “It couldn’t be helped.”

    Michie: [Folds arms across chest.] “What couldn’t be helped? You became a trainer, and when you’re still new, you try to quit!”

    Hiro: [Climbs to his feet.] “That’s not it!”

    Michie: “Don’t lie!”

    Michie’s husband: [Holds head up and shouts in pain.] “OW!!!”

    [Hiro and Michie look back at her husband. Next to his leg, which appears slightly singed, is Hiro’s Merriep. Behind her are Hiro’s other Pokemon and Michie’s son. Michie’s husband steps aside and all of Hiro’s Pokemon run over to their trainer, except Hanekko, who hovers to him instead. Michie’s son watches Hiro from behind his parents. Michie’s husband holds up his singed leg and rubs it a bit.]

    Hiro: [Looks down at his Pokemon, then looks back at Michie.] “Why do you care? You’re not a trainer!”

    Michie: [Faces down and snorts.] “Fu…” [Walks up to a desk near the doorway. Opens one of the drawers, and pulls out a Pokemon Encyclopedia. She walks over to the doorway and holds it up in front of Hiro. She looks down and closes her eyes.] “My husband’s a trainer as well. Our Pokemon are in storage, but we intend to participate in this year’s Shirogane Tournament.” [Holds Pokemon Encyclopedia down to her side.]

    Hiro: [Looks down for a moment in silence.] “I don’t want to enter any tournaments like you… I never even wanted to travel.” [Looks at Michie and points at her.] “Michie-san… you find family to be important, don’t you?”

    Michie: [Eyes widen open.] “Ah…”

    Hiro: [Looks down again with clenched teeth, bringing his arm back down.] “My home… my family… I loved them too much to want to leave.” [Starts clenching his fist. Eyes clench shut.] “However, things have occurred beyond my control. That’s the truth.” [Half-opens eyes.] “Now…” [Holds up fist and steps forward, eyes open all the way.] “I’m trying to return to what’s important! Don’t you understand?!”

    Michie’s husband: [Steps forward.] “Leave this house!”

    Michie: [Holds hand up to her husband.] “Wait, Dear!”

    [Michie’s husband looks down at her and backs away.]

    Michie: [Steps towards Hiro.] “Is this true?”

    Hiro: [Puts fist down, looks at Michie, and nods.] “It’s complicated, but it’s the truth.”

    Eievui’s voice: “Bui!”

    [Michie looks down to see Eievui nodding in agreement.]

    Michie: [Slowly smiles. Turns and walks back to the door.] “Come in!”

    Hiro: “Ah…” [Smiles as his eyes start to glimmer. Closes eyes and nods.] “Yes!” [Starts to walk toward the door, but then walks back and bends down to pick up his shoes.]

    [Binocular frames surround the scene of Hiro and his Pokemon going back into Michie’s house. The view changes, and we see the fisher woman holding a pair of binoculars to her eyes. She’s leaning her foot against the parapet of a tall building which overlooks most of Kikyou City. Her hair gently flutters back in the breeze.]

    Fisher Woman: [Takes binoculars away from her eyes. Lays the arm holding them across her knee.] “It’s sad, isn’t it…? Ensuring that boy’s always traveling with his Eievui, but keeping him away from what he holds important.”

    [A shadowed figure walks up from behind her.]

    ???: “We have our reasons.”

    Fisher Woman: “I understand.” [Turns head back toward the figure.] “But we can’t force him forever. Couldn’t we have at least explained the situation to him?”

    ???: “Some day… But for now, we can only do our best to increase his interests in journeying.”

    [A Yorunozuku flaps onto the top of a nearby light pole.]

    Yorunozuku: [Eyes glow in the dark.] “Zuru…”

    [Underneath, the shadowey figure slowly walks towards the light.]

    Fisher Woman: [Narrows eyes.] “I’m counting on you…”

    [The figure walks into the light and reveals himself to be Hayato.]

    Fisher Woman: “…Hayato…”


    -Golden Week is around the end of April/beginning of May. It’s a week containing a few Japanese national holidays that occur around the same time.
    -I’ll keep this short and simple. Whatever it was Hiro and Michie were doing at the shrine involves the Shinto religion. If you’re interested to know more, look it up. I recommend the keywords “ema” and “haiden”.
    -“Tsubomi” means “flower bud” and is part of Madatsubomi’s name derivation. Until Michie points out the Pokemon, Hiro thought the tower was named after an everyday plant.
    --In Japan, surnames come first rather than last, so it's Kimono Hiro instead of Hiro Kimono.
    -Japan has many name suffixes, 'kun' being one of them. 'Kun' is usually used for young boys, but sometimes girls too. For future reference, 'chan' is a way to address young girls and little kids (which is why Michie stood there blankly when Hiro referred to her as “chan” in this particular chapter), 'san' is a polite way to address people, and 'sama' is an even politer way and is usually meant towards superiors (it can also be used by oneself to be extremely boastful). 'Sensei' is a title for teachers, 'hakase' is a title for doctors, and 'tachi' specifies a group that is with the person (much like saying "and the others" or "and company" or "and his/her friends" in English).
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    Don't have time to read this right now, I'll try to read it tomorrow, but the three Eevee Sisters in question are named Koume, Sumomo, and Tamao.

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    sorry I'm taking so long to get chapter 2 up, I had to try reformatting my computer the last two days. Anyway, whether I finish it soon or not, I'm gonna hold it off for a week because I recently had an idea, but I'd like to hear people's opinions first. So, for the next week, can I ask that everyone go to this poll, please?

    EDIT: Poll ended, I'm going through with the experiment.

    EDIT 2: If anyone asks about Ketsuban's post, when I first posted chapter 1, I asked for confimation on whether 3 of Hiro's sisters were named Kome, Sumono, and Tameo, or Koume, Sumomo, and Tamao. Thanks a lot for that, by the way.

    EDIT 3: I just wanted to mention that I editted a certain scene in chapter 1 in order to fit some of the stuff that I've ended up changing in the rewrite. Seeing as how this forum doesn't show chapter 1, it wouldn't really matter much until the chapter is reposted, but if you happened to copy chapter 1 when it was up or have a very good memory of exact details, feel free to PM me to find out what was changed.

    EDIT 4: If you're an artist, I posted a request at here. Please consider checking it out.
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    this post used to contain a make-up chapter, a second one for a week for when I slacked at the time. I leave this post here for any future make-up chapters, so they can be with the current chapters. This is for any new readers that look at the current stuff only and don't seem to bother with archives.
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    here's chapters 1-6, reposted as promised. Seeing as chapters are getting reposted in sets, this one could be referred to as "Volume 1". Anyway, enjoy reading this from the beginning.

    -Enju City=Ecruteak City

    -Kimono Sisters=Kimono Shimai


    [Sitting at a desk, a silhouette types on a labtop. The room appears a bit dark and empty.]

    Narration: "I've been staying with my sisters for the past few days. I don't have much to do at the moment, so..."

    [A look at the keyboard shows that only one hand, what appears to be a left one, is typing.]

    Narration: "To pass the time, I've decided to chronicle my recent events, all the interesting things that have occured with me lately. I am the Pokemon trainer of Enju City, Kimono Hiro. My blood type is AB and I was born December 12th in 4084 going by the years since human records have begun, making me a Sagittarius. This is my story."

    [The hand punches in another key before the scene changes to the outside of a school building, and then again to the inside of a classroom. The teacher, a tall man with short, black hair, writes on a blackboard while all the students are sitting in their chairs. The boys in the class are wearing gray suits with buttons down the middle of the shirt. The girls are wearing dark blue, knee-length skirts. All of them are focusing on the teacher, except for one boy with short, purple hair. Instead of the teacher, his eyes are looking down at an open manga that he's slightly pulling out from his desk. The contents of the manga that the boy's looking at involves a cute, blue, raptor-like creature with 2 black and red-striped horns on the back of its head in some kind of battle. While the boy's en-tranced in the book, he's unable to notice the teacher walking up to his side and striking him on the head with his teacher's guide.]

    Boy: "OWW!!" [Drops manga and holds his head in pain.]

    Teacher: "Pay attention, Kimono!"

    Hiro (narration): "That's me, the one the teacher just scolded. I'm not usually a goof-off, but this particular class is an exception. A Pokemon trainer's minimum age is 10, but after that age, people who stay in school can take the chance to learn more advanced trainer skills as their choice of extracurricular activities. That's what this class is for, teaching more than the minimum requirements about the creatures in our world, Pokemon, and how to capture, raise, and battle them."

    [Hiro rubs his head, picks his manga off the floor and puts it away in his desk, then sighs out a mushroom-shaped cloud before looking at the blackboard and the teacher.]

    Hiro (narration): "Being 14, I'm well past the minimum trainer's age. However, I've never been interested in becoming a trainer. I only chose this class because my family was persistant and they expect me to have my own Pokemon some day. The class itself isn't difficult, just very boring. However, one other class is very difficult on me."

    [The scene changes to the inside of that same classroom, but instead of the same teacher, there's a different one. This one has gray hair combed over his head and squinty eyes, and he appears to be standing next to Hiro's desk to yell at him.]

    Hiro (narration): "This is my literature class. The teacher there yells at me a lot because he doesn't believe me about my family. Every time I write an essay about them, he scolds me for being a liar."

    [The teacher continues to yell at Hiro.]

    Hiro (narration): "There is a reason it's so hard to believe who my family is, though. It consists of my grandfather and my 5 older sisters."

    [The scene changes to show a tall woman with indigo-colored hair that extends to her mid-back, a lavender shirt, and a black dress reaching to her ankles. She looks down at a Thunders that stands next to her and smiles.]

    Hiro (narration): "This is my eldest sister, Satsuki. She's able to relate to all of her siblings pretty nicely and is usually one to be very pleased when company comes over. Overall, she's an extremely social person. Likewise, her Thunders enjoys her company and is always there for her to talk to when nobody else is around."

    [The scene changes to show a woman with brown hair cut at the shoulders, a white t-shirt, and red bloomers. She points her right index finger forward as a Booster in front of her tackles a punching bag, then back-kicks it.]

    Hiro (narration): "My second eldest sister, Koume, is a very competitive person. In her free time, she trains her Booster to be the best fighter it can be."

    [The scene changes to show another woman. This one has wavy, waiste-length hair that's light green in coloring and she wears a white summer gown. She sits on the edge of a pier at the side of a lake, gently paddling her bare feet in the water. In front of her, a Showers peaks its head above the lake's surface, then sprays water into the girl's face.]

    Hiro (narration): "Sumomo's very gentle and peace-loving, but at the same time, she's very playful. She proves to be a clear-thinking strategist in the games she plays. Her energetic Showers usually gets bored when she's not playing water sports with it, but it manages to entertain itself through other methods."

    [A young man walks past a woman with waiste-length lavender hair and a slim, crimson dress. The man stops when the woman's seen moving her mouth, supposedly talking, causing the man to turn his head towards her. She continues talking until the man blushes and runs away, leaving behind the woman, who's now laughing. She stops, though, before she looks down at her leg to see a Blackie biting it in anger.]

    Hiro (narration): "Sneaky and devilish are words fitting for Tamao. She's somehow able to find out embarassing secrets and has even extorted a few people with such knowledge. She's a bit of a flirt, too. Her Blackie doesn't have that strong of a relationship with her, since it's against her constant actions, but they're close nontheless."

    [A girl with pink hair tied into a ponytail on opposite sides of her head enters a washroom wrapped in a towel and carrying a basket of soaps and scrubs. Across from her is the bathtub, where an Eifi is relaxedly leaning over the edge, enjoying the water. After sliding the door shut behind her, she walks forward only to slip in the same direction and lose grip of the basket. The basket ends up flying towards the tub and hitting the Eifi in the forehead before ricocheting onto the floor. The Eifi annoyedly looks at the girl, who puts her hand behind her head and forces a smile.]

    Hiro (narration): "Sakura's my twin, preceding me by a few minutes. She's very cheerful, but also very clumsy, and she seems to carry a sense of right and wrong similar to that of Tamao's Blackie. Her Eifi is rather lazy, that's all I can say about it."

    [All five girls pose in colorful kimono with their hair tied up and colored black, their Pokemon all standing next to them.]

    Hiro (narration): "If these girls sound familiar, it's because they're the famous Kimono Sisters, citizens of Enju City whom are all well-renowned for performing tea ceremonies and staging traditional dances. Many find it hard to believe that I have a background with such people, especially my teacher. Anyway, everything started on Wednesday, April 15, 4099."

    [The school building's shown again. The bell rings and a mass group of students exit through the front door. Among them is Hiro, slinging a book bag over his shoulder with a frustrated look on his face.]

    ???: "Are you alright, Hiro-kun?"

    [Hiro looks over to see Sakura in a school uniform. He tries to look happy in front of her.]

    Hiro: "Yeah." [Nods.]

    Sakura: "Did that teacher give you trouble again?"

    Hiro: [Head droops.] "You could tell, huh?"

    Hiro (narration): "Sakura goes to the same school as me, but she's in a different class room. She's tried convincing the teacher that I am related to her, but he only regarded it as showing pity towards a stranger."

    Sakura: "Don't worry. He should be convinced you're telling the truth some day." [Looks at watch.] "Ah! Sorry, I need to hurry. See ya later." [Waves and runs off quickly.]

    Hiro: [Slowly waves back.] "See ya."

    [Hiro is about to continue walking until he hears a rustling in a tree. When he's about to go up to see what it is, a figure falls out of the tree and lands face-first onto the ground. The figure is that of a boy with brown, spiked hair and a school uniform similar to Hiro's.]

    Hiro: [Giant sweat drop appears on head.] "Uh... Chris-kun... what are you doing?"

    [The boy slowly gets up wobbily while holding his head.]

    Chris: "Just training." [Brushes leaves out of his hair.]

    Hiro: "Training?"

    Chris: "I expect to be climbing a lot of trees like this when I'm out on my big adventure."

    Hiro: [sighs] "Adventure? You like to over-exaggerate, huh?"

    Hiro (narration): "My old friend and classmate, Chris. He's excited knowing he'll leave on a trainer's journey soon."

    Chris: "What? A trainer's journey isn't an exciting adventure?"

    Hiro: "You're just walking around getting Pokemon, it's not some kind of epic RPG."

    Chris: [Sweatdrops.] "Well, climbing trees should be useful nontheless. Hey, speaking of games, you want to go to the arcade?"

    Hiro: "Yeah, I think I might have enough change with me for a couple games."

    [Hiro's going through his pockets and counting the coins in his hand while he and Chris walk through a small commercial district.]

    Chris: "So how much do you have?"

    Hiro: [Looks over at Chris annoyedly.] "If you'd stop breaking my concentration I'd be able to tell."

    Chris: [Closes eyes and sweatdrops.] "Sorry."

    Hiro: [Clenches the hand holding his coins.] "It doesn't matter, I at least have enough for one g..."

    [The silhouette of a small creature runs in front of the two. Hiro's leg moves forward just as the creature is in front of it, causing Hiro to trip. Once he hits the ground, Hiro loses grip on his coins and they all roll into a nearby storm drain.]

    Chris: [Quickly turns around to see that Hiro fell down.] "Are you alright, Hiro?"

    Hiro: [Stares wide-eyed at the storm drain before punching the ground in frustration.] "Shit!"

    Chris: [Looks towards Hiro's feet and points.] "Hiro, there."

    [Hiro turns around to see an Eievui struggling to get out from under his legs.]

    Hiro: "Eh? Eievui?"

    [Hiro gets up to free the Eievui, which looks up at him curiously.]

    Eievui: "Bui?"

    Hiro: [Snarls.] "What the hell are you looking at? Think I'll forgive you for making me lose my money?"

    Chris: "Hiro, be easy on it. It wasn't that much of a loss."

    Hiro: "Shut up!" [Crouches down and points right index finger at the Eievui.] "I don't forgive those that piss me off so easily..."

    [The Eievui bites Hiro's finger, causing him to widen his eyes and clench his teeth. The view changes to show part of the city from a distance.]

    Hiro: "GUWAAAAA!!!"

    [The view changes back to Hiro, who's holding his finger in pain while the Eievui dashes into an alleyway in the background.]

    Hiro: "Gi... damn you..."

    Chris: "Are you alright? Is it bleeding?"

    Hiro: "I'm fine."

    Chris: "I told you to be easy on it."

    Hiro: "Shut up."

    [Hiro walks up a short flight of stairs to a Shinto shrine, where he sees an old man using a broom to sweep the stone path. The man has long gray hair tied at the back of his head and a gray beard that extends down to the middle of his neck, and he dons a white priest's robe.]

    Hiro: "Grandpa, I'm home."

    Grandpa: "Welcome home."

    Hiro (narration): "Both my parents died not long after I was born, leaving us in the care of our grandfather. He's a kind person, though a bit of a drunkard. Our house is situated next to the shrine that he runs."

    [Situated to the left of the shrine is a rather large, two-story house, with an oriental pond and garden in front of it. Hiro starts to walk towards it.]

    Grandpa: "Wait, Hiro."

    Hiro: [Stops and turns around.] "Huh? What?"

    Grandpa: "Just a little while ago, I saw some creature sneak in through your window."

    Hiro: "What? Why didn't you try to stop it?"

    Grandpa: [Sweatdrops.] "Well... you were expected home very soon anyway... you're so youthful and I'm just an old man..."

    Hiro: "You're not even 65 and have kept in good shape..." [Sighs.] "I'll do it."

    [Hiro walks into the house carrying the broom his grandfather was using earlier. He begins to slip off his shoes at the entryway before the view changes to the top of a staircase, which Hiro soon walks out of. He eyes a closed door to the left, 3 rooms down from where he stands. He grips the broom tightly and rushes to the door. He opens it and appears shocked.]

    Hiro: "Y... YOU!!!"

    [An Eievui lies on the tatami inside. It immediately gets up upon seeing Hiro, whom it growls at.]

    Hiro: "You're that same one from before! I won't forgive you for earlier!" [Rushes forward holding broom over head.]

    [Hiro slams the broom downwards, but the Eievui manages to jump out of the way.]

    Eievui: "Bui!" [Bites Hiro in the ankle and then jumps back.]

    Hiro: "Ouch!" [Rubs ankle.] "You bastard!"

    [Tries to hit the Eievui with the broom again, but Eievui runs between Hiro's legs. It then jumps up to slam Hiro in the back, making him fall forward. He climbs back onto his feet.]

    Hiro: [Snarls.] "Take this!"

    [Hiro flips the broom and quickly sweeps the handle end forward to strike the Pokemon. However, it jumps up, and it comes down to land on the handle, its small feet keeping balance on the narrow stick.]

    Hiro: "Eh?"

    [The Eievui runs down the broom stick and headbutts Hiro in the face.]

    Hiro: "Gi..."

    [The Eievui tries to jump backwards, however, while it's in the air, Hiro quickly flips the broom again and swats the Eievui with the bristle end, slamming it against the floor.]

    Hiro: "Kimono Hiro-sama won't let you get away for what you did!"

    [From underneath the bristles, the Eievui suddenly looks up at Hiro widemouthed. It climbs out from the bristles and jumps up onto Hiro's head.]

    Hiro: "Eh... you...!"

    [Hiro drops the broom and is about the grab the Pokemon with his bare hands. However, the Eievui starts affectionately nuzzling against his hair, causing the boy to stop what he's doing.]

    Eievui: "Iiiiibui..."

    [Question marks appear in the background as Hiro looks upwards.]

    Hiro: "Wh... what's happening?"

    [Hiro picks up the Eievui and holds it up with both of them facing eachother.]

    Hiro: "Hey, what's wrong with you? A moment ago, you were attacking me. Why are you so friendly now?"

    Eievui: [Smiles and closes eyes.] "Bui!"

    Hiro: [Sighs a mushroom-shaped cloud] "Of course I wouldn't understand the answer, so why did I bother asking?"

    [The view changes to show the face of the smiling Eievui, still being held up in Hiro's hands.]

    Hiro (narration): "That's how my story began. I just met this confusing Eievui, opening many questions for me to ask, but at the time, I sensed some kind of certainty... that my life would change soon."


    -In Japan, surnames come first rather than last, so it's Kimono Hiro instead of Hiro Kimono.
    -Japanese students are required to wear uniforms at public schools, usually like the ones described.
    -the character in the manga that Hiro's reading is Shimamon. Shimamon is a fan-made Digimon of my brother's.
    -In Japan, rather than students changing classes each period, the teachers are the ones who walk to different classes. In between these periods, students are free to walk around the class to converse with eachother or play around a bit.
    -Japan has many name suffixes, 'kun' being one of them. 'Kun' is usually used for young boys, but sometimes girls too. For future reference, 'chan' is a way to address young girls and little kids, 'san' is a polite way to address people, and 'sama' is an even politer way and is usually meant towards superiors (it can also be used by oneself to be extremely boastful). 'Sensei' is a title for teachers, 'hakase' is a title for doctors, and 'tachi' specifies a group that is with the person (much like saying "and the others" or "and company" or "and his/her friends" in English).
    -Japanese people take off their shoes before entering a house. The floor is lowered in front of the doorway, and such a place is where shoes can be left at.
    -Tatami is a straw floor-covering in many Japanese houses.
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    [A small alarm clock is seen sitting on the floor with the numbers '20:34' lit on it in red. It makes a faint beeping sound as the numbers change to '20:35'. Sitting on floor with his legs crossed is Hiro, holding up an open English book in front of his face, which he appears to be studying carefully. He's no longer wearing his school uniform, but instead a pair of jeans and a baggy white sweater with a blue zig-zag pattern at the end of each sleeve. His eyes look up from the book to see an Eievui across from him, which stares at him happily.]

    Eievui: [Wags tail.] "Bui!"

    Hiro: [Snarls as an X-shaped vein throbs on his forehead.] "guu..." [Lowers eyes to look in the book again.]

    Eievui: "Iiiibui!" [Runs up to Hiro, pokes head between Hiro's chest and his book, and smiles.] "Buiiii..."

    Hiro: [Snarls before slamming the book down next to him.] "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

    Eievui: [Cocks head with a confused look on face.] "Bui?"

    Hiro: [Frustratedly sighs.] "Why am I stuck with you?"

    [Hiro thinks back to earlier in the day. He walks out of the house holding the Eievui and puts it down, then he looks down at it while pointing his finger forward, indicating it to leave. However, the Eievui jumps up into Hiro's chest, causing him to grab it. He immediately throws the Eievui and dashes into the house, however, the Pokemon speedily dashes in before Hiro is able to close the door. Hiro looks at the Eievui in the house and a big sweatdrop appears on the side of his head.]

    Hiro: "I couldn't get rid of you. And then grandpa said..."

    [Hiro pictures his grandfather standing in front of him while outside the house.]

    Grandpa: [Smiles and holds up right index finger.] "It seems to have taken a huge liking to you. You should just keep it."

    Hiro: [Holds arms out from his sides.] "Granpda...!"

    Grandpa: "You can't get rid of it, it would be for the best."

    [Flashback ends. Hiro's still leaning in the corner of the wall, clenching his first while the Eievui continues looking at him.]

    Hiro: "Damn you, Grandpa. He probably just wants consistency in us siblings. All my sisters have an Eievui, so now I should have one. He probably set up this whole thing."

    Eievui: [Shakes head.] "Buiiii..."

    Hiro: "You say he didn't? How can I trust you?" [Looks down at Eievui.]

    Eievui: "Bui?"

    Hiro: [Drops head.] "What the hell am I doing?" [Raises head again.] "Pokemon can understand humans, but humans can never understand Pokemon. That's always puzzled me."

    [Hiro is about to pick up his book again, but then he hears the faint sound of a door opening.]

    Faint voice: "I'm home!"

    Hiro: "Ah, my sisters are home. Maybe they'll have better advice for getting rid of this thing than Grandpa."

    [Hiro gets up, slides his door open, and the Eievui follows him as he runs out of his room. The outside of the house is shown.]

    Hiro: "WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?"

    [A flock of Poppo fly out of the trees outside while that was being yelled. Back inside the house, close to the entryway, Hiro's eyes are beady and his mouth is gaping open. In front of him stands Koume, while in the background, Sakura and Sumomo are petting Eievui.]

    Hiro: [Face returns to normal as he holds his hands out from his sides.] "Sister, that's the same thing Grandpa suggested. I was expecting you to say something different. You're very close friends with that shelter-runner, Kurenai-san, aren't you?"

    [Sakura's Eifi, which is laying down next to Sakura, uses its psychokinetic powers to hold up a blue ball, about the size of Eievui, which grabs Eievui's attention.]

    Koume: "Yes, we could give it to Karen-chan. However, if she doesn't find a home for it, it'll be sent to the animal-skinner."

    Satsuki: [Suddenly runs up and stops next to Koume.] "Hiro! Grandpa told me that that Eievui really likes you. How could you consider having it turned into a drum?"

    [Hiro sweats and backs away slightly. In the background, Eievui jumps up and tries grabbing the ball, but Eifi raises it so it's out of reach. Afterwards, Eifi drops the ball, allowing Eievui to grab it and roll around the floor a bit while holding it. Sakura and Sumomo giggle at this.]

    Hiro: [Eyes closed while waving his hands in front of his body, big sweatdrop sliding down the side of his head.] "W... w... wait a second. I wasn't suggesting something like that... um..." [Looks upward as he scratches his cheek, then smiles as he holds up his index finger.] "You and Kurenai-san are both big fans of Fire-type Pokemon. Perhaps she could raise her own Booster, the two of you could have the same kind of Pokemon."

    Koume: "She told me she's raising enough of her own Pokemon at the moment."

    [Hiro collapses and his hand appears to be quivering. Satsuki's eyes turn beady as she looks down at him.]

    Sumomo: "Hiro-kun, maybe you should consider being a trainer." [Gets up from playing with Eievui.] "Your meeting with this Pokemon must have been fate."

    Tamao's voice: "Yes, another trainer would be great for this family's income."

    Hiro: [Stands up again.] "I don't see how... wait... where are you?"

    Sakura: [Clenches fists and looks up.] "You aren't looking at my diary again, are you!?"

    Tamao: "No, I'm not... OW!!! Blackie, what are you doing?! Ow, ow, ow!!!"

    [Sweatdrops slide down everyone's head as they hear the sound of running upstairs.]

    Tamao: "Stop, Blackie! Please... WOAH!!!"

    [Tamao tumbles down from the staircase. She lands on the floor with swirls in her eyes, teethmarks on her legs, and a book in her hand.]

    Sakura: "I knew it!" [Stomps towards Tamao and grabs her book back. She turns her nose upwards in aggravation as she walks away.]

    Satsuki: [Walks over and helps Tamao back to her feet.] "Are you alright?"

    Tamao: [Her body wobbles a little.] "I'm fine." [Walks up to Hiro.] "Anyway, if you were a trainer, you could go out on a journey, an adventure. As with any adventure, you're bound to come across many treasures."

    Hiro: [Annoyedly lowers eyelids.] "Then why don't you leave on a journey?"

    Tamao: [Eyes turn beady.] "Eh?" [Pushes the tips of her index fingers together.] "Well... uh..." [Closes her eyes and smiles.] "I'm too busy with my job here with the others."

    Koume: [Eyes half-closed and pointing finger at Tamao.] "You've been slacking on that lately. You're only staying here because you're so busy finding embarassing secrets concerning whoever lives in that big mansion in the middle of the city."

    [Tamao nearly chokes as a bead of sweat slides down her face. A loud whacking sound is then heard as Tamao's fist is seen coming down from striking Koume's head, which is now tilted and has a large bump on it.]

    Tamao: "Stupid, I'm doing no such thing!"

    Koume: [Strikes Tamao on the head, giving her a bump in a similar manner.] "Do you even know if anybody lives in that place?!"

    Tamao: [Strikes Koume again.] "Yes, someone lives there! The guy's so rich, he owns homes around the world!"

    Koume: [Strikes Tamao again.] "What you're doing's still wrong!"

    Tamao: [Repeats.] "That's no reason to hit me!"

    Koume: [Repeats.] "You hit me first!"

    Tamao: [Raises her hand and swings her fist downward.] "You meddled into my affairs!"

    Hiro: [Runs in between Tamao and Koume.] "Stop it, you two!"

    [Without realizing it, Tamao hits Hiro on top of his head. Hiro's eyes widen and a bump sprouts from his head, then he falls down.]

    Tamao: [Sweatdrop slides down her face as she looks down and closes her eyes.] "Ehehe... sorry, Hiro."

    Koume: [Closes her eyes and sighs. Whacks Tamao across the back of the head.] "Idiot..."

    [Eievui stops rolling with its ball to run over to Hiro.]

    Eievui: [Concerned look on face.] "Buiiii... buuuui..."

    [The scene changes to night. Hiro's wearing some white pajamas in his room, laying in his futon as he rubs the bump on his head.]

    Hiro: [Sighs.] "Maybe someone at school can take this Eievui from me."

    [Hiro lays his head down and tries to sleep, but he feels something rub against him. He opens his eyes to see Eievui curling up next to him. Hiro rolls over to his side, facing away from the Pokemon. Eievui gets up and walks over to him and curl again, and Hiro retaliates by scooting further to the side. Eievui still walks over to him. An aggitated Hiro lifts up his futon and flips it off of there, causing Eievui to be thrown against the floor.]

    Hiro: "Why do you keep getting close to me? Don't you realize that I still hate you for all the trouble you've caused me today?"

    [Eievui looks down with a regretful look on its face. Hiro lays down his futon again and goes back to sleep.]

    Eievui: [Sighs.] "bui..." [Looks over at Hiro for a moment before a gleeful smile appears on its face.] "Buiiii..." [Silently walks over to Hiro's futon.]

    [The next morning, Hiro slowly opens his eyes, and upon doing so, he sees his hand on top of Eievui, who sleeps peacefully. An X-vein appears on Hiro's forehead as he gets out of his futon and flips Eievui off of it again. Eievui lands on the floor awake, but with swirls in its eyes.]

    Hiro: "You bastard! I told you not to sleep near me!"

    Eievui: [Stumbles to its feet.] "Bu... iiii... iiii..."

    Hiro: [Eyes closed as he starts folding his futon.] "I'm going to school now. Stay here and don't follow me."

    [The outside of the house is shown as the date is displayed, "4099年4月16日 ( 木 )" (Thursday, April 16, 4099). Hiro, now dressed in his school uniform and with a book bag slung over his shoulder, walks past his grandfather, who's currently sweeping in front of the shrine.]

    Hiro: [Turns and waves.] "Grandpa, see ya later."

    Grandpa: [Waves back.] "See ya."

    [Hiro starts walking down the steps from the shrine after they exchange greetings. Meanwhile, a window on the upper story of Hiro's house is slowly slid open, and a silhouette jumps from it to a tree, and then to another tree. While Hiro's walking down the street, he looks up towards the top of a small building.]

    Hiro: "Huh?"

    [Hiro sees the silhouette of a small creature on top of the building. He grabs a rock off the ground.]

    Hiro: "I said not to follow me!" [Throws rock.]

    [The rock hits the silhouette, causing it to fall over the side of the building and onto the sidewalk.]

    Hiro: [Surprised.] "Eh?!"

    [The figure on the ground turns out to be an Otachi, which now has swirls in its eyes and a large bump on its head.]

    Otachi: "...tachi..." [Gets up and angrily stares at Hiro with fires burning in its eyes.] "Otachiiii..."

    Hiro: [Forces a half-smile as his cheek twitches.] "So... sorry..."

    Otachi: "OTACHI!!!" [Jumps forward and whacks Hiro's face with its tail.]

    Hiro: [Falls backwards.] "OW!!!"

    Otachi: "TACHI!!" [Runs forward again.]

    Hiro: "Uwaa!"

    [Hiro immediately gets up and runs as the Otachi starts chasing him. Hiro runs until he loses the Otachi.]

    Hiro: [Pants.] "Maybe that Eievui isn't following me after all."

    [Inside the classroom, a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length blonde hair is lecturing the class on math. However, Hiro seems to not be paying much attention to the lecture.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("Was Tamao serious about what she said yesterday?")

    [Hiro pictures Tamao talking in front of him.]

    Tamao: "If you were a trainer, you could go out on a journey, an adventure."

    [Flashback ends.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("Does she really suggest I leave?") [Shakes head.] ("No, I can't. I like things here, my home, my family. I don't need to be a trainer, I'd rather just stay here instead. Why see the world? Why collect Pokemon? Why search for some non-existant treasure? I have no reason for doing any of that.")

    [Hiro looks up at the teacher, trying to focus on the lecture. However, a loud bumping sound is heard to the left.]

    Random student's voice: "UWAAAA!! Teacher..."

    [Hiro notices all the students looking over to the left, and he does so as well.]

    Hiro: [Chokes. Thinking.] ("It... it followed me...")

    [Outside the window is Eievui, standing on a tree branch. It jumps from the branch to the window, bashes its head against it, pushes its paw against the glass, and then flips back onto the branch.]

    Random student: "It's gonna smash through the window!"

    Math teacher: [Walks over to window.] "Calm down everyone. I'll try to send it away."

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("If she opens the window, there's a good chance that stupid Pokemon will jump inside.") [Clenches teeth as a bead of sweat runs down his face.]

    Random student: "Wait teacher, you don't know what that thing could be capable of!"

    Math teacher: "Huh?"

    Random student: "Let one of us handle it."

    Hiro: [Raises hand.] "I'll do it!"

    [Hiro reaches into his book bag and grabs his boxed lunch. He opens the lid, and takes out 3 rice balls wrapped in clear plastic.]

    Random student: "Huh, what's he plan on doing with those?"

    [Hiro walks up to the window and slowly unlatches it. Outside, Eievui sees him and wags its tail gleefully. Hiro quickly opens the window and throws a rice ball at Eievui. Rice splatters all over it.]

    Eievui: [Starts losing balance on branch, eyes widened and left front leg flailing trying to gain balance again.] "Bui... bui..." [Falls off branch.] "Buiiiiiiiii...!!!"

    [Eievui hits the ground. It slowly gets to its feet with tears streaming down from huge, quivering eyes.]

    Eievui: [Looks up at Hiro.] "Buiiii...!"

    Hiro: "Go away!"

    [Hiro notices a Yamikarasu flying nearby. He throws a second riceball up towards it.]

    Yamikarasu: "Kara?" [Sees riceball.] "KARAAAAAAA!!!"

    [After that loud call, an entire flock of Yamikarasu start flying towards where it is. Meanwhile, the riceball falls down from the sky and lands on top of Eievui. Hiro throws the third riceball at it.]

    Eievui: "BUI!" [After being pelted again, it looks up to see Yamikarasu swooping down towards it.] "BUIIIIIII!!!" [Jumps in the air with all its legs flailing and its eyes widened in surprise.]

    [Eievui starts to run around while the Yamikarasu pursue it. Some Yamikarasu stay behind to feast on the bits of rice that dropped from Eievui, but many others pursue the rice-covered Pokemon.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("I threw out part of my lunch, but that should keep it away for a while.") [Closes window and walks back to his seat.]

    [Time passes. While Eievui was being chased by the hungry Yamikarasu, Hiro went through his classes like normal, and right now, his literature teacher is lecturing.]

    Hiro: [Pays attention to the lecture until he hears a bumping sound to the left.] "Huh?"

    [Hiro looks to his left to see Eievui outside the window again. Now it's panting out of exhaustion and its fur is messed up due to Yamikarasu eating rice from it.]

    Random student: "It's that Eievui again!"

    Literature teacher: "What's this about?"

    Random student: "Teacher, at the beginning of classes, this Eievui tried to smash through the window."

    Literature teacher: "Why is everyone so afraid? Eievui's not a very powerful Pokemon. Here, I'll show you."

    Multiple students: "Nooo!!"

    Hiro: [Chokes.] "Gu...! Stop!"

    [The teacher opens the window.]

    Literature teacher: "Watch. It's not going to do us any harm."

    Eievui: [Looks into the classroom and spots Hiro, then jumps in gleefully.] "BUIIIII!!!"

    Students: "UWAAAAA!!!" [Many try shielding themselves.]

    Eievui: "Buiii..." [Runs towards Hiro.]

    Hiro: "Wait! Stop!" [Frantically waves arms in front of body.]

    Eievui: [Jumps onto Hiro's shoulder and nuzzles against his face.] "Bui..."

    [Sweatdrops slide down most of the students' faces.]

    Literature teacher: [Eyes glow and flames erupt behind him while he walks up to Hiro's desk.] "Kimonooooo....!!!"

    Hiro: [Chokes and eyes widen.] "Gi...!"

    Literature teacher: "So... that's your Eievui. You weren't very convincing of who your family is in the past, so you try making yourself further convincing by getting an Eievui of your own. Is that is?"

    Hiro: [Turns around.] "Wha... what the hell are you talking about? This Eievui just started following me without reason, and when are you going to be convinced that what I say about my sisters is the truth?"

    Literature teacher: "The Kimono Sisters do not have a little brother, that's the truth."

    Hiro: "They never mentioned me?"

    Literature teacher: "They did one time... however, you're close friends with Sakura, they only did it to pity you."

    Hiro: [Fist clenches and X-vein appears on forehead as he snarls. He points his finger towards the teacher.] "You're so friggin dense!!! You're an idiot, idiot, idiot!!!"

    Eievui: [Gleeful.] "BUI!!" [Jumps off Hiro's shoulder slams into teacher's forehead, then jumps backwards onto Hiro's shoulder again.]

    Literature teacher: "GAAAA!!!" [Collapses backwards.]

    Students: "Woah..." [Look down at the teacher in surprise.]

    Hiro: [Sweats with eyes closed.] "Uh... are you alright?"

    Literature teacher: [Slowly opens eyes and lifts head up from the ground.] "I... expect an apology report... before you leave... today..." [Faints.]

    [The sun is about to set, and Hiro's just now walking out of the school with Eievui poking out of his book bag.]

    Hiro: "Daaaamn... that lousy teacher kept me so late. The idiot just assumed that whole incident was my fault and makes me stay until I finish that report."

    Eievui: [Smiles and closes eyes.] "Bui!"

    Hiro: [Half-closed eyes look towards the Pokemon on his shoulder.] "Shut up! You caused me even more trouble today."

    Eievui: [Looks downwards regretfully.] "buiiiii...."

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and smiles.] "Although, I liked watching you hurt that teacher like you did."

    Eievui: [Smiles.] "Buii!"

    Hiro: [Sighs.] "I really do hate that teacher. It seems he can never be convinced that I'm not lieing and continues putting me through that torment. What's worse, that bastard's convincing other people that I'm a liar..."

    [Hiro continues walking down the sidewalk until he notices a building he's passing by. He stops and looks up at the building, which is rather large and has the words "POKEMON CENTER" written at the top, with "ポケモンセンター" written in small symbols underneath it.]

    Hiro: "Maybe... maybe I should consider leaving..."

    [Flashback. Sumomo's standing a small distance away.]

    Sumomo: "Your meeting with this Pokemon must have been fate."

    [Flashback ends. Hiro stares up at the Pokemon Center for a moment. During that time, a couple cars pass by on the street behind him.]

    Hiro: "Meh, that's crazy. I don't need to leave, no matter how bad a few people treat me."

    [Hiro looks back at the Eievui in his book bag and sighs again.]

    Hiro: "Trainer or not, I can't get rid of you, can I?"

    Eievui: "Bui!" [Shakes head.]

    Hiro: "Crap..." [Tilts head.] "That means I'm forced to get used to you. Oh well..." [Shrugs.] "Guess you're my Pokemon now, Eievui."

    Eievui: "BUIII!!" [Jumps out of book bag and prances around Hiro's legs.] "Bui, bui, bui, bui, bui!!!"

    Hiro: [Lightly chuckles.] "Come on, let's go home."

    [Eievui nods and begins following Hiro down the sidewalk.]


    -English language is a required course for Japanese school students.
    -Younger family members usually call their elders by a title rather than name. Not just parents, but also older brothers and sisters.
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    author's note: Man, I wasn't expecting that I'd be extending these early parts so much from the old version. I was thinking I'd have a certain event happen by the end of this chapter, but it didn't. Oh well, I guess it's just a sign that I'm not rushing things and doing well with character development this time around ^^.



    [A view of the twilight sky is shown while the sound of crickets chirping is heard. The view changes to show the ground in front of Hiro's house. A foot wearing a sneaker steps on the ground, along with 4 small, furry legs. The view changes again to a door, which opens to reveal Hiro, wearing his school uniform, and Eievui next to him.]

    Hiro: "Grandpa, I'm home! Eh...?"

    [Hiro notices a pair of high-heels next to the door. After slipping off his shoes, he and Eievui walk through an opening in the right the hallway and see Tamao sitting on a black leather couch while reading a book.]

    Tamao: [Looks up to notice Hiro. She puts the book down and puts hands on her lap.] "Hiro-kun... you're late coming home today."

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and sweatdrops.] "But... Sister's early tonight."

    Tamao: [Looks down.] "Well..." [Looks to Hiro.] "I wanted to be here when you came home, so I left early."

    Hiro: "Why?"

    Tamao: [Gets up from the couch, walks forward, and turns towards Hiro. She then gets onto her knees and bows down.] "What I did to you last night was inexcusible. Please accept this formal apology."

    Hiro: [Backs away a bit. A word bubble appears in front of him with a sweatdrop appearing in it.] "Huh? Is this about you accidentally hitting me?"

    Tamao: [Head rises from bow.] "I've had time to think it over, and I know how I can make it up for you. I know someone... whom I could 'convince'..." [Evil smirk appears, then disappears.] "...to take that Eievui."

    Hiro: [Eyes widen in excitement.] "Really?"

    Tamao: [Nods.] "Yeah."

    Eievui: "BUIIII!!!"

    Hiro: "Huh?" [Looks down at Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Sad look on its face as it looks up at Hiro.] "Buuuui.... bui buiiii... bui..."

    [Hiro and Eievui stare back at eachother, each one's reflection appearing in the other's eyes. While this occurs, Hiro thinks back to Eievui's cute and cheerful face, then to back when Sakura, Sumomo, and Eifi were playing with Eievui. He then pictures all 5 of his sisters cuddling their respective Pokemon in various ways, all of them looking extremely happy while doing so. Finally, he thinks back to when he and Eievui were in front of the Pokemon Center earlier.]

    Hiro: [Sighs.] "I just can't get rid of you, can I? I guess you're my Pokemon now."

    [Flashback ends. Eievui continues looking up at Hiro, but Hiro turns towards Tamao.]

    Hiro: "Sister, I appreciate it, however..."

    Tamao: [Eyes widen.] "Eh? However?"

    Hiro: "...however, I decided I'm keeping the Eievui."

    [Silence ensues as Hiro, Eievui, and Tamao stay still. Eventually, both Eievui and Tamao grow a smile on their faces.]

    Eievui: "BUIIIIIII!!!!" [Jumps up in excitement.]

    Tamao: "Yaho!" [Jumps up in excitement as well, eyes closed and arms swinging outwards.] "This means Hiro-kun changed his mind...!"

    Hiro: "Don't get the wrong idea!"

    Tamao: [Beady eyes open, and she manages to stay in midair during her jump.] "Eh?"

    Hiro: [A sweatdrop appears on his head.] "I still don't intend to be a trainer nor go on a journey." [Smirks.] "I just realized that no matter what I do, this Pokemon will keep going to me. I should just endure it. I've had experience with other Eievui in this family before, so it shouldn't be that hard with this type of Pokemon."

    Tamao: [Still in previous midair pose.] "So that means no treasure?"

    Hiro: [Sighs.] "No."

    Tamao: [Falls over backwards with tears streaming down her closed eyes.] "Dammit."

    Eievui: [Looks at Tamao and giggles.] "bui..." [Starts laughing.] "BUIIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!"

    Hiro: [Turns back towards the hallway and looks back.] "Sister..."

    Tamao: [Gets up.] "What?"

    Hiro: "Thanks."

    Tamao: [Looks at Hiro for a moment before smirking.] "Forget about it."

    [Hiro heads towards the staircase while Tamao sits on the floor with her legs crossed.]

    Tamao: "Why is that Eievui so attached to him?" [Stares at the ceiling.] "Well, guess I'll have to extort something else out of that guy."

    ???: [Growling.] "kiiii..."

    [Tamao chokes and slowly turns her head around to see her Blackie, growling at her.]

    Tamao: [Sweatdrop slides down the side of her head while a twitching cheek forces a half-smile.] "Hehe..." [Closes eyes, smiles, and lightly waves her hand down.] "Joking, joking!"

    [Hiro's covered by a blanket as he lays on his futon later that night. Eievui is curled up next to him, sleeping.]

    Hiro: [Thinking as he looks over to Eievui.] ("It's never gonna leave me alone, anyway. Besides...")

    [Hiro pictures all 5 of his sisters cuddling their Pokemon again before the scene returns to him.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("Everyone always seems so happy with a Pokemon of their own. I might as well try that for myself. I don't need a trainer license for that, right? It's simply my pet.")

    [Still looking at Eievui, Hiro smiles before closing his eyes and falling asleep. The scene changes to the front of Hiro's school in the day time and the text "4099年4月17日 ( 金 )" (Friday, April 17, 4099) is displayed. To the right of the doorway, Eievui sits on a tree branch, eyes fixed on the door.]

    Eievui: [Yawns, then lays down.] "...bui."

    [Eievui thinks back to earlier in the day. It and Hiro were standing in front of the school building.]

    Hiro: "Eievui, you need you to understand that you can't follow me in here. If you do, I'll get in trouble like yesterday. Please, just wait outside."

    [Flashback ends. A droopy-eyed Eievui wags its tail around in boredom. Its eyes widen when it sees a small stab beetle walking in front of it. Eievui sniffs at it curiously, but the beetle pinches it on the nose.]

    Eievui: "BUIIII!!" [Flails around batting at the beetle on its nose while tears form in its eyes.]

    [The beetle falls off and lands back onto the branch, where it walks away. However, Eievui falls off the branch and hits the ground.]

    Eievui: [Painfully groans.] "buiiii...ii...iii..." [Slowly stands up.]

    [The school bell starts to ring, and Eievui immediately looks toward it. After a moment, a large group of students walks out of the front door. Eievui looks at the group and spots Hiro in it eventually. It dashes in between other students in the crowd and begins walking next to Hiro. Hiro doesn't even even notice Eievui until he feels something furry rub against his leg and he looks down. He doesn't speak, just smirks, before looking up again.]

    Hiro: "It's my turn to cook dinner tonight. Does Eievui want to watch?"

    Eievui: [Smiles.] "Bui!"

    Hiro: [Eyes half-close.] "You'd get excited over anything I do, wouldn't you?"

    [Hiro and Eievui are walking up the steps to the shrine by Hiro's house. While ascending the stairs, Hiro is carrying plastic grocery bags on each arm. When he reaches the top, he looks towards the shrine.]

    Hiro: "Huh?"

    [A male figure is shown ringing the bell, and then clapping his hands. Hiro stares at the figure. Eievui does the same, but looks confused while it does so.]

    Hiro: "Matsuba-san?"

    Eievui: "Bui?"

    Hiro: "He's Enju City's gym leader. He's a close family friend of ours and visits the shrine often. An extremely spiritual man who longs to be as close to the spirits as the living creatures who are close enough to actually possess spirit-like qualities, Pokemon which he trains."

    Eievui: [Looks at the figure in amusement.] "buuiiiii."

    Hiro: "Hey, Matsuba-san!"

    Matsuba: [Turns around and looks towards Hiro, then smiles before bowing his head.] "Hiro-kun, good afternoon."

    Hiro: [Bows back.] "Good afternoon. You look to be in good health." [Walks up to Matsuba.]

    Eievui: "Bui!"

    Matsuba: "Eh?" [Looks down.] "An Eievui? ....is that your's?"

    Hiro: [Nods head.] "Yeah."

    Matsuba: "And you always seemed so resilient towards Pokemon training. Maybe you can battle me at my gym some day."

    Hiro: [Shakes head.] "No, I'm not officially a trainer."

    Matsuba: [Sighs.] "Is that so? So you're still not interested? Such a shame..." [Holds up index finger.] "I've always wanted at least one person from your family to challenge."

    [While Hiro and Matsuba are conversing, Eievui curiously sniffs at Hiro's bag on his right side.]

    Hiro: "Even if I were a trainer, I doubt I'd be good enough to beat you."

    Matsuba: "It's not great for anyone to lack in self-confidence."

    Hiro: "Oh?" [Grins.] "Then if I become a trainer, I promise me and Eievui, we'll defeat you together."

    [Hiro holds up the bag Eievui was sniffing at so he could hold up a clenched fist, causing Eievui to back away. Eievui runs to Hiro's left and sniffs at that bag instead.]

    Matsuba: [Closes eyes and chuckles.] "Now you're being too confident."

    [Eievui bites on the left bag and rips the plastic, causing rice bags and wrapped fish fillets to spill out.]

    Hiro: [Eyes widen.] "Ah!?" [Looks down at the spilled contents of the bag. An X-vein appears on his head and he closes his eyes.] "Stupid Eievui!"

    Eievui: "...buiiii..." [Lowers head while facing backwards, blue vertical lines appear above it.]

    Matsuba: [Chuckles again, then smiles.] "It's alright, I can help you with that."

    Hiro: [Sighs in relief.] "Thank you very much, Matsuba-san."

    [The scene changes to show Hiro storing away all the groceries into the fridge and cupboards while Eievui watches.]

    Hiro (narration): "It seemed to happen very rapidly..."

    [Hiro's now in his civilian clothes, sits at a low table and works on his homework. Eievui pokes in from under the table in front of Hiro's lap and turns around to look at the papers he's working on. Hiro lifts up his arms when this happens.]

    Hiro (narration): "...but within the those three days since meeting, I ended up warming up towards Eievui."

    [The next scene involves Hiro, wearing a white apron, in the kitchen. He's boiling rice, cutting vegetables, and grilling fish fillets. Meanwhile, Eievui sits on the window sill watching, but jumps off in terror when it sees a stab beetle land in front of it. Outside the window, Hiro's grandfather is seen sweeping the walkway.]

    Hiro (narration): "I still didn't understand why this Pokemon was attracted to me..."

    [At a dinner table, Hiro's family is eating the food that Hiro prepared earlier. In the background, all of the family's Pokemon are eating food out of pet dishes including Eievui.]

    Hiro (narration): "...I still had no interests in Pokemon..."

    [Eievui appears covered in suds. A full shot of Hiro, wrapped in a towl, is seen scrubbing Eievui's fur before turning on a shower head and rinsing it off.]

    Hiro (narration): "...but I took it in as my pet anyway. I was giving in to defeat, but I also thought it would be fun."

    [Hiro's asleep on his futon again, with Eievui curled up by his side.]

    Hiro (narration): "I didn't worry much about it, though, because I knew either way, my peaceful life in Enju City wouldn't change."

    [Eievui opens its eyes, then looks back to see that Hiro laid his hands on Eievui in his sleep. Eievui smiles and lays its head back down.]

    Hiro (narration): "...but... neither of us... would expect what tomorrow would bring."


    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    author's note: I hope this chapter seems written well enough, because it's pretty special. It introduces a character that I, as well as some reviewers of the old version, really like, and I hope new readers will come to love this character as well.

    -Monster Ball=Pokeball



    [A shot of the outside of Hiro's school building is shown, and with it, text is displayed saying "4099年4月18日 ( 土 )" (Saturday, April 18, 4099). Concealed in the bushes outside of the building, Eievui is curled up as it takes a nap. The school bell starts to ring and Eievui slowly opens its eyes.]

    Eievui: [Drowsily.] "...bui?"

    [A mass of students dressed in uniforms walk out of the doors, among them is Hiro, who suddenly stops when someone in the crowd put a hand on his right shoulder. He looks back and sees Chris.]

    Hiro: "Eh... Chris-kun?"

    Chris: [Closes eyes and grins.] "Yo, Hiro." [Opens eyes.] "I received something very cool yesterday and I wanted to show you it after school."

    Hiro: [Turns around to face him.] "Very cool? What is it?"

    Chris: "This!" [Holds out a tiny Monster Ball.]

    Hiro: "Monster Ball? The league assigned you your first Pokemon already?"

    Chris: [Presses the button on the ball's center, causing it to expand to the size of his hand.] "Actually, this is one of my father's old Pokemon. He didn't use it much, so he's letting me have it to start my trainer's journey with."

    [Chris holds up the Monster Ball and tosses it to the ground, causing it to open and release some white energy that materializes into an Airmudo.]

    Airmudo: [Spreads wings.] "Gyaaaaaasu!!"

    [Many of the school students who were walking out stop to stare at the bird. In the bushes, Eievui has just finished yawning and begins walking out towards Hiro, though unnoticed due to the attention towards Airmudo.]

    Hiro: [Irises expand and glitter.] "Sweeeeeet! That looks like it would make an awesome pet!"

    Eievui: [Stops upon hearing Hiro's comment.] "Bui!?" [Growls angrily.] "Buiiiiiiii!!!"

    [When Chris is about to say something, he's interrupted when he sees Eievui jump onto Hiro's shoulders and gnaw at his head.]

    Hiro: [Runs around with arms flailing.] "OW! OWWWW!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!"

    Chris: [A sweatdrop slides down his head as he looks at Hiro for a moment, then turns to Airmudo.] "Airmudo, Speedstar!"

    Airmudo: "Gyaaaasu!"

    [Airmudo lowers its head and shoots a stream of stars from its mouth. The stars hit Eievui, knocking it off of Hiro's head and onto the ground.]

    Hiro: [Gasps and crouches down to Eievui, nudging it with his hand.] "Eievui! Are you alright?!"

    Eievui: [Gets up.] "bui..."

    Chris: [Question mark appears over his head.] "Hiro... you know this Eievui?"

    Hiro: [Turns head and nods.] "Yeah. It's mine."

    Chris: [More question marks start appearing over his head.] "But... I thought... you and Pokemon training..."

    [As the number of question marks build up, the Airmudo's bulging eyes roll towards its trainer as a sweat drop slides down its head. The scene changes to show a humming chicada on a tree, which immediately flies away as Airmudo ends up pecking into the tree.]

    Airmudo: "Gyaaasu?" [Eyes roll towards the chicada that flew away.] "...gyaaa...aaasu..." [Closes eyes as tears stream down from them. It then looks over and notices a stream with fish leaping out of it. Walks towards stream.]

    Chris's voice: "So just a pet, eh?"

    [View changes to show Hiro and Chris sitting on a park bench, while Eievui jumps around chasing a yellow butterfly.]

    Hiro: [Nods.] "Uh huh."

    Chris: "I noticed you mentioning 'pet' when I showed you Airmudo. So you still don't wanna be a trainer?"

    Hiro: [Shakes head.] "Nuh uh."

    Chris: "I see..." [Closes eyes and sighs.]

    [In the background, Airmudo is both drinking water and tilting its head up to eat small fish whole. Eievui continues chasing the butterfly until a Butterfree floats down in front of it.]

    Butterfree: "Biiiifuriiii...."

    Eievui: [Fur turns bushy and shakes, a sweatdrop appears on the back of its head.] "BUIIIIIIII!!!!" [Runs under the bench that Hiro and Chris are on in fright.]

    [Hiro looks at the Butterfree and snickers.]

    Chris: [Clenches fist.] "Damn, this is really disheartening. I'm leaving on my trainer's journey tomorrow, and for that moment after you said that Eievui was your's, I was hoping we could start off together."

    Hiro: "Sorry. Don't feel so bad, I may have just slowed you down or get in your way if I travelled with you." [Lightly smiles.]

    Chris: "You're probably right." [Lightly smiles as well.]

    [After Airmudo finishes gulping down another fish, it turns around and digs its beak into the ground, shoveling a layer of grass and dirt into its mouth, which it swallows. Afterwards it eats some more dirt. The shoveling noises causes Hiro to turn around and look.]

    Hiro: "Hey Chris, is your Airmudo eating dirt?"

    Chris: "Yeah, it does that at the end of a meal."

    Hiro: "Why?"

    [Eievui quivers under the bench. However, when the same yellow butterfly floats in front of it, and a stag beetle happens to walk by, its eyes widen as it slowly and silently backs away.]

    Chris: "Airmudo's digestive tract is able to process metals, like the sediments in common dirt, into a pure form, thereby giving it its metallic skin." [Stretches arms out.] "You may have never heard it before, but among trainers, especially those who studied Steel-type and Rock-type Pokemon, it's common knowledge."

    Hiro: [Turns towards Chris with a sweatdrop and half-closed eyes.] "Was it necessary to say that last part?"

    Chris: [Chuckles.] "Hey, before I leave... have you ever wanted to fly?"

    Hiro: "Somewhat."

    [Chris looks at Hiro as a smile slowly creeps across his face. The scene changes to show an aerial view of Enju City. An Airmudo flies by with 3 passengers on its back: Chris, who's firmly holding onto the bird's neck, Hiro, who's holding onto Chris's shoulder with his right hand, and Eievui, who's being held against Hiro's chest with his left hand.]

    Chris: "It's exciting, eh?"

    Hiro: [Sneezes, leaving a drop of snot to hang from his nose.] "It's cold up here."

    Chris: [Chuckles.] "Sorry. Normally, you wear coats while doing this."

    Hiro: "Don't you have one?"

    Chris: [A large sweatdrop slides down his head.] "I didn't bring it to school." [The wind blows off the sweatdrop, which smacks Hiro and Eievui in the faces. Hiro and Eievui frown.]

    Hiro: "However, other than the temperature, I like it. You'll be doing this a lot on your journey?"

    Chris: "That's right." [Looks down at the city with a smile.] "Freedom and grace has commonly been represented with flying in the skies. While I don't think I'd have 'grace', I am free from my regular life to become a trainer. My freedom would feel a bit incomplete without having the thing that symbolises it."

    Hiro: [Eyes half-closed.] "No need for the poetry. You just want to make travel easier and more convenient, right? A few days ago, weren't you interested in experiencing a real-life 'quest'?"

    Chris: "Ah?!" [Closes eyes and forces a laugh.] "Well, there's nothing wrong with using tools or party members gained to make a quest easier."

    [Suddenly, an airplane passes by in front of Airmudo, causing it to freak out.]

    Airmudo: "GYAAAAAASU!!!!" [Flaps wings rapidly and accidentally throws its passengers upwards.]

    Hiro & Chris: [Close eyes.] "WAAAA!!!!"

    [Hiro continues hanging onto Chris, who continues hanging onto Airmudo, and they safely land onto its back again. However, Hiro accidentally let go of Eievui and it ends up being thrown away from Airmudo.]

    Eievui: "BUIIIII!!!"

    Hiro: [Opens eyes in shock.] "EIEVUIIII!!!!"

    [Hiro lets go of Chris and holds out his hands to grab Eievui, which he succeeds in doing. However, he loses balance on Airmudo and ends up falling off as well.]

    Hiro (simultaneously): "WAAAAAHHHHH!!!"
    Eievui (simultaneously): "BUIIIIII!!!"

    Chris: "Hiro! Eievui! Airmudo, descend and grab them!"

    Airmudo: "Gyasu!" [Swoops down and uses its beak to snatch Hiro by the pant-leg, then slowly flaps its wings as it starts to descend.]

    Hiro: [Hangs upside-down clutching Eievui as he looks up to see Airmudo holding him.] "You moron! You steered Airmudo in the direction of the airport."

    Chris: [Rubs back of his head.] "Sorry, sorry! I should've paid better attention. Don't worry, I'm landing now."

    [Airmudo proceeds to slowly flap to the ground. However, when it's about 15 meters above the ground, Hiro's pant-leg starts to rip.]

    Hiro: "Eh?" [Looks at his pants. Speaks frantically.] "Hurry!"

    Chris: "O..." [Before he finishes, Hiro's pant-leg rips and he goes falling from about 10 meters above the ground. Chris's mouth gapes open and his eyes turn beady as he stares down.] "...K?"

    Hiro (simultaneously): "WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"
    Eievui (simultaneously): "BUIIIIII!!!"

    [Hiro and Eievui end up landing into a crate of cloths, softening their land.]

    Chris: [Sighs.] "That was fortunate."

    [The crate immediately has its top covered.]

    Chris: [Beady eyes and gaping mouth return.] "WHAAAAAAT!?! How could they not notice those two?"

    [Chris watches as the crate gets loaded onto a blimp.]

    Chris: "Could anyone really be 'that' occupied with their job?" [Closes eyes and clenches fist.] "Shit! Now I have to tell this to his sisters..." [Closed eyes start to stream tears, lower lip raises.] "Koume scares me... she'll kill me instantly..."

    [Inside the crate, Hiro bangs on the side.]

    Hiro: "HEY!! IS THERE ANYONE THERE?! LET US OUT!!" [Stops banging and sighs.] "Dammit! I happen to land in a crate right when it's being closed, seems too coincidental to have happened."

    Eievui: [Looks down.] "...buiii..."

    [Hiro hears the sound of something scratching outside. Both he and Eievui turn their heads toward it.]

    Hiro: "Thank god... HEY, DO YOU THINK YOU COULD LET US OUT!?"

    [Scratching sounds stop. Hiro and Eievui look at eachother in confusion. Suddenly, the side of the crate gets smashed in by a rainbow-colored beam.]

    Hiro: [Jumps back along with Eievui.] "WAH!"

    [When the beam stops, Hiro peers at the newly-formed hole for a moment. He and Eievui crawl towards it and peep outside.]

    Hiro: [Looking around the area.] "This looks like the cargo of an airship. Good, that means it's just a short, pleasure cruise instead of something far from home."

    Eievui: [Points its paw at something towards the right.] "Bui bui!"

    Hiro: "Eh?"

    [Hiro turns his head and sees a Kakureon with a blue, zigzag stripe standing there.]

    Hiro: "Pokemon...? That's what let us out?"

    [The Kakureon stares at Hiro for a moment, then shoots a rainbow-colored beam from its mouth into Hiro's face before scurrying off.]

    Hiro: [Holds hand over his face.] "Ouch..."

    ???: "What's that noise over there!?"

    [Hiro and Eievui's eyes widen and they both go back into the crate to hide.]

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("What'll I do? I didn't mean to be a stow-away!")

    ???: "Probably just a Koratta."

    [Outside of the crate, there stands a couple men wearing black clothes and hats, a giant red R symbol on their shirts. With the two men is a shorter figure, whose skin can't be seen because he's entirely covered in a cloak and is only about as tall of the other two's knees. This figure holds out a pistol and shoots at the crate.]

    short figure: "It's not a Koratta, it's a human! I CAN HEAR YOUR BREATHING!!! COME OUT, NOW!!!"

    Hiro: [Looks up to see a newly-formed bullet hole in the wall above him.] "Gi.... WAAAAAHHH!" [Runs out of the crate along with Eievui and holds his hands up.] "Stop! Don't shoot, please!"

    [The other two men gasp upon seeing that the shorter figure was right. Meanwhile, the short, cloaked figure walks up to Hiro with a gun still pointed at him.]

    short figure: "Do exactly as I say and you can live, understood?"

    Hiro: "I understand..." [Slowly nods head.]

    short figure: "Good. Now..."


    -Japan has school on Saturdays. They're half-days, but school days nontheless.
    -I'm using the metric system because I involve a lot of Japanese culture and stylings to my story. Of course, Japan uses the metric system, as well as every other country outside of mine (I live in the US, so you know).

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    author's note: that favorite character of mine, whom premiered cloaked in the previous chapter, is revealed. I can't wait to do revisions of later chapters with this guy, where his deep character gets to be delved into ^^.

    -Rocket Gang=Team Rocket
    -Utsugi-hakase=Professor Elm
    -Psyche Beam=Psybeam

    -Rocket Gang=Rocket Dan
    -Psyche Beam=Psyche Kousen


    [The short, cloaked figure points a gun at Hiro. Eievui, who's standing next to Hiro's feet, snarls at the figure and tries rushing forward.]

    Hiro: "Stop, Eievui!"

    Eievui: [Stops on command, then looks up at Hiro questionedly.] "Bui?"

    Hiro: "Eievui, we'll do what he instructs us to do, alright?"

    Eievui: [Slowly nods head in agreement, but looks down in disappointment.] "Buiii..."

    short figure: "Why do you take orders from him?"

    Eievui: "Bui?" [Quickly looks up at the figure.]

    short figure: "Either way, it would be wise to stay back. Now..."

    [The short figure points his gun to the cargo's exit. Hiro and Eievui look confused.]

    short figure: "Leave. Warn everyone of our arrival."

    [The other two men that were with the short figure gasp in shock.]

    man 1: "What are you doing?"

    short figure: "Tell everyone that Rocket Gang is on this airship, give them all a chance to prepare."

    Hiro: "Rocket Gang? That crime organization?"

    [The short figure drops his gun.]

    Hiro: "Eh?"

    short figure: "I hate using man-made objects to fight." [Walks on top of the gun, where the sound of metal crunching could be heard from underneath the cloak.]

    [Hiro and Eievui look at the figure in bewilderment, then start to run towards the cargo exit.]

    man 2: [Holds up gun.] "Stop!"

    [The short figure immediately runs over and punches the man in the gut, causing him to fall over in pain.]

    short figure: "I said they could go."

    man 1: "Kiryuu-sama, why are you doing this?"

    [The short figure stands there without moving his head nor saying a word.]

    man 1: "KIRYUU-SAMA!!!"

    Kiryuu (short figure): "Several armed guards and Pokemon trainers are on board. If they were caught by surprise, a chance to test my abilities and skills would be wasted." [Slowly brings his sleeve-wrapped arms together. The sound of knuckles cracking can be heard.]

    man 2: [Slowly gets up.] "You bastard..."

    [The man tries reaching for his gun, but Kiryuu slides it away. The man then tries reaching for one of the Monster Balls on his belt.]

    Kiryuu: "Don't humiliate yourself."

    man 2: "...gi..." [Pulls hand away from the belt.]

    [The gun that was crushed under Kiryuu's feet earlier is shown, and then the scene changes to the passenger section of the airship. There, a security guard stands in Hiro and Eievui's path.]

    Hiro: "Will you please listen to me?"

    guard: "Why should I trust a stow-away like yourself?"

    Hiro: "Rocket Gang is in the cargo area, I'm telling the truth!"

    guard: "You're trying to trick us."

    Hiro: "Shut up! Why can't you treat this more seriously!?"

    Eievui: "BUI!"

    ???: "What's going on here?"

    [The guard turns around, while Hiro and Eievui look around the guard to see the owner of the voice, Utsugi-hakase.]

    guard: "Utsugi-hakase?"

    Hiro: "Utsugi?" [Looks at the man for a moment.] "You sound familiar."

    Utsugi: [Collapses, then gets back up.] "What? You don't know who I am? You are from Jouto, aren't you?"

    Hiro: "Yeah. Didn't you appear on television one time?"

    Utsugi: [Sweatdrops.] "You're kidding, right?"

    [Hiro shakes his head.]

    Utsugi: "Well, it's time you learn who I am." [Flames appear in the background.] "I am the great Pokemon researcher of the Jouto area, the man who helps out all of its aspiring trainers, I'm Utsugi-hakase!"

    Hiro: "Was stating your name really necessary?"

    Utsugi: [Flames disappear as he falls sideways. Gets up and pushes his glasses upwards.] "How bothersome. Anyway, what happened?"

    guard: "He's a stow-away, Utsugi-hakase."

    Hiro: "I didn't get on this airship on purpose. I'm trying to tell this guard that Rocket Gang is in the cargo area, but he won't believe me."

    Utsugi: "Rocket Gang? Even if he is a stow-away, a matter like that should be tooken seriously."

    guard: "But he could very well be lying."

    Utsugi: "Check the cargo before you come to conclusions."

    guard: [Sighs.] "Alright. But if he's lying, there'll be consequences."

    Hiro: "I'm already a stow-away, why do something so reckless?"

    [Hiro, Eievui, and Utsugi watch as a group of guards head towards the cargo area.]

    Utsugi: [Tears stream down eyes.] "I can't believe a Jouto citizen doesn't know who I am."

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and sweatdrops.] "Well, I don't study up on things like Pokemon researchers." [Looks down with a puzzled look on face.]

    Utsugi: "Eh? What's wrong?"

    Eievui: [Jumps onto Hiro's shoulder.] "Bui?"

    [As Hiro speaks, scenes of the guards walking are shown.]

    Hiro: "Rocket Gang caught me, but they let me go."

    [The guards enter the cargo area to find Kiryuu, still cloaked, and his two partners whom are standing to the side.]

    Hiro: "This short guy told me to warn everyone, to have them all prepare. They let me go so easily, but why would they do that?"

    [The guards point their guns at Kiryuu. The scene ends with Kiryuu looking at the guards as a yellow, inhuman eye glints from underneath his hood.]

    Utsugi: "Rocket Gang being merciful? That does sound very odd."

    [The scene changes back to where Hiro and Utsugi were. A few battered guards enter the passenger area.]

    Eievui: "Bui?"

    Utsugi & Hiro: "Huh?"

    random guard: [Pants.] "Utsugi-hakase... we failed... Hurry and prepare all trainers on the ship. He's strong, but... battling is our last hope."

    Utsugi: "U...understood." [Runs in the opposite direction from the doorway.] "HEY, EVERYONE!! ROCKET GANG IS ON THIS SHIP! COME TOWARDS THE CARGO AREA AND PREPARE YOUR POKEMON FOR BATTLE!!!" [Thinking.] ("Did that guard just say 'he'... as in a singular?")

    [As panicked screams are heard in the background, as well as trainers running towards Hiro's location, the beaten guards walk away from the doorway. The same guard that didn't believe Hiro earlier looks at Hiro.]

    guard: [Looks down.] "So... sorry..."

    Hiro: "It's alright."

    guard: [Points at Eievui.] "You're a trainer, correct? Are you gonna try fighting as well?"

    Hiro: [Eyes widen.] "Me? I'm not a trainer!"

    guard: "Whatever you are, you need to fight. If you lose against Rocket Gang... they'll take your Pokemon away from you."

    Hiro: [Backs away while gasping and shivering.] "Wh... what?"

    Eievui: [Eyes tear up, jumps down into Hiro's arms and sobs into his chest in fright.] "BUIIII.... IIII.... BUIIII...!"

    Hiro: [Looks down at Eievui.] "Eievui..." [Looks at the guard.] "I won't let that happen! Eievui, we never battled, but let's try our best to prevent this."

    Eievui: [Looks up at Hiro, teary-eyed, and slowly nods.] "Bui."

    [Hiro and Eievui stand and wait for someone to enter the doorway. After a moment, Kiryuu, still cloaked, enters the doorway.]

    Hiro: [Points finger at Kiryuu.] "Eh? You're that guy who let me go!"

    Kiryuu: [Turns his head towards Hiro for a moment, then towards the horde of trainers that stand before him, then sighs.] "I let the kid go to give you all a head start, but you still hardly seem worth my time."

    Hiro: "Huh? That's why he..."

    random trainer: "Arrogant bastard! You'll regret messing with us." [Slams a Monster Ball to the ground and releases a Kirinriki.] "Use Psyche Beam!"

    Kirinriki: "Kiriiiii!" [A light forms on its horns and it shoots a rainbow beam at Kiryuu.]

    Kiryuu: [Jumps over the beam.] "Hmph... idiot..." [As he starts to descend from his jump, he goes towards Kirinriki. When he's right in front of its face, a green foot sticks out from his cloak and kicks the opposing Pokemon senseless.]

    random trainer: [Gasps.] "Ki... Kirinriki...!" [Collapses to his knees.]

    Kiryuu: [Walks past the fainted Kirinriki towards the trainers.] "Huh?" [Suddenly stops, looks back, and sees the Kirinriki's tail is still conscious and biting onto his cloak.]

    Kirinriki (tail): [Holding part of cloak in mouth.] "Rikiiiiii!"

    [Kirinriki's tail pulls back and rips the cloak off of Kiryuu, revealing him to be a Kimori. Everyone watching this is shocked.]

    Hiro: "He's... he's a Pokemon? No way..."

    Eievui: [Gasps.] "Buiiiii..."

    Utsugi: "I've... I've heard about this. Rocket Gang has some talking Pokemon in the organization. I didn't think I'd actually see one for myself."

    Kiryuu: [Snarls at the Kirinriki's tail, who's also got its mouth open in shock, and instantly punches it unconscious. Looks towards the trainers afterwards.] "Stop acting surprised and continue fighting me."

    Hiro: [Stands to the side. Thinking.] ("I know I said we should try our best. However, this talking Pokemon... it looks so strong.")

    Eievui: [Shivering with face in Hiro's chest.] "buiiiiiii...."

    random trainer 2: [Steps forward from the crowd.] "Come on, everyone! Just because it talks doesn't mean it's invincible. This type of Pokemon is weak and unevolved. Even if it were otherwise, as trainers, we need to try beating enemy Pokemon such as this, right?"

    crowd: [Uproars.] "YEAAAAAH!!!"

    Kiryuu: [Smirks.] "Well, everyone should try attacking me simultaneously."

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("Simultaneously? Is he serious?")

    [Kiryuu clenches his fists and dashes forward while all the trainers toss their Monster Balls into the air.]


    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    -Break Claw=Crush Claw
    -Risky Tackle=Double-Edge
    -Megaton Punch=Mega Punch
    -Continuous Cut=Fury Cutter

    -Risky Tackle=Sutemi Tackle
    -Continuous Cut=Renzoku Giri


    Kiryuu: [Stands before a crowd of trainers, eyeing them as he cracks his knuckles.] "All of you, try attacking me at the same time!"

    male trainer 1: "Heh, you're pretty stupid." [Turns to the other trainers.] "You heard him! He'll have less of a chance if we all attack together! Release as many Pokemon as you feel you can command!"

    male trainer 2: "Gotcha. Go, Sawamuraa! Beat that Kimori until he's senseless!" [Tosses down a Monster Ball that releases a white light that forms into a Sawamuraa.]

    Sawamuraa: "Mura!" [Starts running towards Kiryuu.]

    crowd: [Toss Monster Balls into the air.] "Let's go!"

    [A flurry of Monster Balls open up and release several white lights. A Ringuma, a Pukurin, a Kairikii, a Zangoose, a Kodora, and a Yanyanma all form from them.]

    Sawamuraa: "Muraaaaa!" [Jumps up and dives towards Kiryuu with his leg extended outwards.]

    Kiryuu: [Smirks.] "Heh!"

    [Right as Sawamuraa's about to connect, Kiryuu roles out of the way, and Sawamuraa ends up landing on the ground. Sawamuraa looks behind himself to see the Kimori standing a couple meters away.]

    Sawamuraa: [Lowers eyelids in anger.] "Mu... MURAAAAA!!!" [Kicks out its right leg, which quickly begins to extend more than its usual length.]

    [Kiryuu drops backwards before he's kicked, then he grabs the leg that's extending above him.]

    Sawamuraa: "Mura?"

    [Kiryuu stands up and starts spinning around while swinging Sawamuraa, whose leg causes him to extend from his arms and strike down some of the human bystanders. After a while of swinging, Kiryuu lets go, causing the Sawamuraa's body to go flying in the direction of all the trainers' Pokemon. All of them quickly get out of the way except for Kodora, who's just barely missed as Sawamuraa's extended leg grazes the top of its spikes. Sawamuraa crashes through a window.]

    male trainer 2: "Waah!" [Immediately runs to the broken window and holds out a Monster Ball.] "Return!" [Peaks head and arm out the window and points the ball downwards as it shoots out a red beam that hits the plummeting Sawamuraa and converts it to a red light that goes back into the ball. Sighs a breath of relief.]

    [All the trainers with the exception of the one that retrieved Sawamuraa, their Pokemon, Utsugi-hakase, Hiro, and Eievui stare at Kiryuu with their mouths open, shocked.]

    Hiro: [Holding Eievui in his arms.] "It's amazing enough that it's able to talk, now this. Hey, Utsugi-hakase, didn't that trainer earlier say this particular Pokemon is supposed to be weak?"

    Utsugi: "I'm surprised too." [Eyes start to twitch.] "Such skill... who could have trained such a Pokemon?"

    female trainer: [Snarls.] "Zangoose, Break Claw! Defeat him!" [Holds up a fist.]

    male trainer 1: "Pukurin, Risky Tackle! Kairikii, Megaton Punch!"

    [Zangoose's claw and Kairikii's fist start to glow with energy, while Pukurin breathes in air to inflate itself, floats up a little, then releases all the air to quickly propel itself into the direction of Kiryuu. Unfortunately, Kiryuu jumps upwards, causing Pukurin to smash into the floor.]

    Pukurin: [Gets up with swirls in eyes and stumbling in a daze.] "Pukuuuuu...uuu...uuu..."

    Kiryuu: [Lands with a kick to Pukurin's back, causing it to fall forward unconsciously.] "I was hoping for a challenge..." [Looks forward to see Zangoose and Kairikii charging forward with glowing hands.] "...today, I was disappointed again." [As Zangoose's Break Claw is ready to connect, Kiryuu jumps onto the back of Zangoose's head, then propels off it to give Kairikii a hard punch in the stomach before it's able to throw its Megaton Punch.]

    Kairikii: [Slowly speaks having just had the wind knocked out of it.] "...ka...iiii...." [Collapses to its knees.]

    female trainer: "Damn, we underestimated him. Zangoose, counter speed for speed! Continuous Cut!"

    Zangoose: "Zaaaaaan....!" [Turns around and quickly swipes claw towards Kiryuu.]

    Kiryuu: [Catches claw.] "You think speed is my only advantage?" [Lets go of the claw and then quickly grabs Zangoose by the shoulders, lifts it into the air, and headbutts it in the face, knocking it unconscious.] "I have power as well."

    female trainer: [Gasps.] "Zangoose..."

    [Kiryuu then twirls around to smack Zangoose's feet into the cheek of Kairikii, who was behind Kiryuu on its knees before finally being brought to the ground. Kiryuu tosses Zangoose onto the ground afterwards.]

    male trainer 1: [Wide-eyed.] "Ka... Kairikii.... Pukurin...." [Faces downward with eyes closed.] "Dammit! I didn't think you'd both fail..." [Pulls out two Monster Balls and recalls both of his fainted Pokemon.]

    [The female trainer recalls her Zangoose as well. The scene changes to the cargo area, where the two Rocket Gang members that Kiryuu was with earlier are sitting on the ground in wait.]

    man 2: [Quietly sits with his legs crossed, then after a while changes his position so he's lying with his knees bent upwards and sighs.] "Hey, I know Kiryuu said he would handle it by himself, but..."

    man 1: [Sitting in the same position man 1 was in before lying down.] "But what?"

    man 2: "Should we be so confident in his abilities, or his loyalty for that matter?"

    man 1: "You don't trust him?"

    man 2: "Well, I wouldn't want to be too dependant on him. Afterall, even if he's supposedly strong, he could still come across a problem. Besides, to him, humans are..."

    man 1: [Lays down as well.] "Would you rather be confident in him, a high-ranking member, or our own abilities? Let's face it, we may be have weapons, we may have decent Pokemon assigned to us, but do we have the actual skill to implement these things?"

    man 2: "Just wait a little longer. Kiryuu-sama will have finished them all off easily."

    man 1: [Looks at man 2 with a concerned look on his face, then stares at the ceiling.] "That bastard's loyalty... I still question it."

    [Back in the passenger area, Kiryuu stands before an unconscious Ringuma, Kodora, and Yanyanma, which are all recalled into their Monster Balls by their trainers.]

    Kiryuu: [Sighs.] "If I just battled in an open area, I'd be able to fight more opponents at a time. Another disappointment. Oh well, I have a job to do." [Walks towards Utsugi-hakase.]

    Utsugi: "Eh?" [Backs into the wall as he notices Kiryuu approaching.]

    [Hiro, still holding onto Eievui, scoots a little away from Utsugi as Kiryuu continues walking towards him.]

    Kiryuu: "You're the famous researcher, Utsugi, correct? As a researcher, you have several rare Pokemon with you, and as such, Rocket Gang is very interested." [Stops a meter in front of Utsugi.] "Will you agree to give us such Pokemon, or should I use force?"

    Utsugi: [Drops to knees with hands clapped together in front of face.] "Please, don't hurt me. I'd hate to give in to your demands, but I feel I have no other choice."

    Kiryuu: [Walks until he's right in front of Utsugi and looks him in the face.] "Good. Now where are your Pokemon?"

    Utsugi: [Shudders as Kiryuu looms just a little in front of his face.] "They're... they're all at my lab..."

    Kiryuu: "None are on you right now?"

    Utsugi: [Slowly shakes head.] "N... no..."

    Kiryuu: "That so?" [Turns around.] "I can take all these other Pokemon in the mean time." [Prepares to walk away from Utsugi.]

    Utsugi: "Wait... this might not be the right situation to be asking this, but I'm intrigued to know about you. How are you able to talk? Who's your trainer?"

    [Kiryuu immediately turns around and throws a fist towards Utsugi, but purposely misses to smash it into the wall just a little next to his face. Utsugi gasps with his eyes wide open.]

    Kiryuu: [Angrily stares into Utsugi's eyes.] "I trained myself... no one is my trainer, lest of all a human... understood?"

    [Utsugi gulps as he slowly nods.]

    ???: "Hey!"

    Kiryuu: [Turns head in direction of voice.] "What?"

    [Across the passenger area, one of the guards from earlier is walking forward.]

    guard: "I talked to the pilots, we're going to land soon. When we do, there's gonna be some police ready to take you down."

    Kiryuu: "Police? What are they going to do? Did you forget how easily I overcame you and the rest of those armed guards?"

    [The guard starts to snarl angrily.]

    Kiryuu: "I was going to use a parachute to escape, but it seems you've helped make my escape an easier task." [Looks at Utsugi again.] "Though, it's a shame I won't be able to reach your lab. Perhaps we can take you hostage and exchange you for your rare Pokemon."

    [Utsugi chokes at the sound of that last sentence. Meanwhile, a frustrated guard slowly reaches towards his belt for a gun, but stops when he notices Kiryuu glaring towards him.]

    Kiryuu: "Even if this thing is landing early, it'll be a while. The last time I glimpsed a window, we were over a large forested area. For now, I'll be taking everyone's Pokemon, or if anyone's confident enough, we could continue battling."

    Hiro: "Ei... Eievui... I'm not giving you up. Maybe if we can find a way to avoid him until we land..."

    Eievui: [Growls while looking towards Kiryuu in anger.] "Buiiii....!"

    Hiro: "Huh? You want to attempt battling?" [Looks down at Eievui for a minute, then quickly shakes his head.] "No! You saw what he did to the others! You'd only end up getting hurt!"

    Eievui: [Struggles in Hiro's arms.] "Buiiiii...."

    Hiro: "Please listen to me...." [Attempts tightening his grip on Eievui.]

    Eievui: "BUI!" [Squeezes out of Hiro's arms despite the tightening. Jumps to the ground.] "Buiiiiiiiiii.....!" [Snarls at Kiryuu.]

    Hiro: "Ei... Eievui..."

    Eievui: [Looks back at Hiro.] "Bui?"

    Hiro: [Looks at Eievui for a moment.] "If you're gonna act so stupid, then at least do your best. Remember what's at risk here."

    Eievui: [Smirks then nods.] "Bui!" [Looks towards Kiryuu, who's currently walking towards some of the other trainers.] "BUIIIIIIIIII!!!!" [Dashes towards Kiryuu.]

    Kiryuu: "Eh?" [Turns head to see Eievui charging towards him.]


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    I feel more at home now. ^^

    A great story and one of the better scripts out there. You're a master Yamato-san.

    I feel like Poomo tonight.

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    Sorry I haven't posted a new chapter lately. Guess I couldn't keep that weekly-streak up for too long. College semester's coming to a close, and with it, I'm trying to meet deadlines on assignments and whatnot. But, it'll all be over with soon. In the meantime, I suggest you all read the following....

    To all readers,

    Recently, I've been thinking of making a few tweaks to the storyline that I very recently thought up, however, I don't know if I'm going in the right direction with them or not. Of course, I can't post my ideas here at risk of spoiling, so I'm making this offer. This Sunday (5/14/05) at noon, American Pacific time (GMT -8:00), meet me on an AIM chat room that I will title "orochi" (I like snakes, so sue me). It is here that I'll discuss my plans and you can give me your opinions there. Just remember, you come at your own risk of having major spoilers brought upon you. Also, do not consider plagiarizing whatever I haven't posted yet, for there are bound to be people against plagiarizing in the chat room that can back me up if you try to pull anything like that. I hope to see some of you there.


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    here's chapters 7-12, or "Volume 2". BTW, don't forget about the post I have above this.

    -Seed Machine Gun=Bullet Seed

    -Seed Machine Gun=Tane Machine Gun


    Eievui: [Dashing towards Kiryuu.] "BUIIIIIIII!!!!"

    Kiryuu: "Eh?" [Turns his head as he sees Eievui charging towards him.]

    [A shot of Hiro and Utsugi are shown as the sound of a hit is heard.]

    Hiro: [Eyes widen, then lowers head and sighs.] "It was expected..."

    Eievui: [Lies on the ground with a swollen cheek.] "bui..." [Stands up again.]

    Kiryuu: [Holds his fist downwards, indicating that he hit Eievui just now. His eyes close as he snarls.] "This mission has ended up being more and more of a disappointment for me. Has it really gotten to the point where the only thing left willing to challenge me..."

    [Eievui charges towards Kiryuu. Kiryuu, with his eyes still closed, lifts up his foot and puts it against Eievui's face when it reaches him. Eievui tries pushing against against Kiryuu's foot but with no luck.]

    Eievui: [Moves legs as hard as it could, only to fail pushing Kiryuu again. Starts to sob.] "BUIIIIIIIII....!!!"

    Kiryuu: [Opens eyes.] "...is this weak idiot!?"

    [Kiryuu moves his foot away, and before the once-pushing Eievui is able to dash forward due to the recent lack of a block, Kiryuu quickly spins and tries to hit Eievui with his tail. However, Eievui notices and jumps into the air. But Kiryuu, still spinning, holds up his fist as it comes around to the air-borne Eievui and punchs Eievui down to the floor, where he has a rather hard impact.]

    Hiro: [Gasps.] "Eievui!"

    [Starts running forward, but Utsugi grabs his shoulder, stopping him.]

    Hiro: [Turns head towards Utsugi.] "Huh?"

    Utsugi: "You don't have a Monster Ball, do you? You can't retrieve your Pokemon from a distance, and you've seen what this enemy's capable of doing."

    Hiro: [Turns whole body around and holds arms out to side.] "But.... that's my Pokemon..."

    Utsugi: [Looks downwards with half-closed eyes.] "I realize how important Pokemon are. However, in this situation, if you act rashly you'll only put yourself in danger as well. He seems like the type that could snap your neck or..."

    Hiro: "LET GO!" [Whacks Utsugi's arm off his shoulder and turns in the direction of Eievui and Kiryuu.] "I see no danger in this. If he wanted to snap someone's neck, that guy would've done it a long time ago." [Slowly smirks.] "The most he'll do is give me a punch in the face.... I'm not afraid to pay such a small price for Eievui."

    Utsugi: "But..."

    [Hiro starts to run towards the fight scene, where Eievui continually tries running towards Kiryuu only to get smacked away. As Eievui's getting to his feet after getting knocked away...]

    Hiro: "YOU BASTARD, LEAVE MY EIEVUI ALONE!!!!" [Runs up and tries to swing his down at Kiryuu, whose back is facing away from Hiro.]

    Kiryuu: [Jumps up before the fist makes contact, somersaults in the air, and does a backwards drop-kick on Hiro's face.] "Don't fuck with me!"

    [From the kick, Kiryuu does a light jump off Hiro's head. He twirls in the air to strike Hiro's face with his tail. The recoil causes Hiro to lean backwards a bit, allowing Kiryuu to land on his chest, and from there, he repeatedly punches Hiro's face with both his left and right fists. He does this until Hiro falls backwards, to which Kiryuu safely jumps backwards onto the ground. Eievui, without making a sound, tries to tackle Kiryuu from behind, but Kiryuu easily jumps to his right.]

    Kiryuu: "You're very persistent...." [Suddenly widens his eyes. He thinks to himself.] ("That's...") [Close-up shot of Kiryuu's eye, which has a reflection of Eievui's right ear.]

    Utsugi: [Thinking.] ("What's he so surprised about?")

    [Kiryuu immediately gets out of his shock. Eievui's still dashing by Kiryuu, just now realizing that its opponent jumped out of the way. Kiryuu kicks it in the side and sends it flying.]

    Hiro: [Weakly gets up.] "...gi...ii..." [Wipes some blood trickling from his mouth and turns his head right to look towards Eievui.] "You alright?"

    Eievui: [Slowly gets up again and nods at Hiro.] "bui..."

    Kiryuu: "Hey, human..."

    Hiro: "Huh?"

    [Hiro looks down at Kiryuu. While his head isn't turned to face Hiro, his eyes are rolled to the right, indicating that he was referring to Hiro. Meanwhile, Eievui slowly sneaks around.]

    Hiro: "Wh...what?"

    Kiryuu: "Where did you find that Eievui?"

    Hiro: "Eh?" [Doesn't speak for a moment out of confusion.] "It... just showed up at my house."

    Kiryuu: [Turns his body to face Hiro.] "Where are you from?"

    Hiro: "Enju City..."

    [Eievui ended up walking to a distant point behind Kiryuu, where he tries charging at the lizard while he's busy talking to Hiro.]

    Kiryuu: [Without turning around, swings his tail and slams Eievui downwards as it approaches.] "That so?" [Turns around to look down at the fox.]

    Eievui: "bu....buiii...." [Struggles to its feet, but falls back down as it's unable to stand up anymore.]

    Hiro: [Closes eyes and sweatdrops.] "Stupid Eievui..."

    Kiryuu: [Thinking.] ("That thing earlier.... what was it...?") [Crouches down and reaches his hand towards Eievui.]

    Hiro: "Hey, what are you doing!?" [Rises back to his feet and tries running at Kiryuu in an attempt to stop what he's doing.]

    [Kiryuu turns his head to shoot a stream of glowing pellets from his mouth at Hiro's chin, knocking him backwards again. He turns back to Eievui.]

    Eievui: [Shivers in fright. Speaks weakly.] "...buii..."

    Female trainer: "No way.... he has techniques like Seed Machine Gun and didn't even use them to defeat us?"

    [Kiryuu continues reaching his hand towards the frightened Pokemon, who's helpless to move at the moment.]

    Eievui: [Looks at Kiryuu's hand with barely-opened eyes.] "bui......"

    Kiryuu: [Sudden close-up on his widening eye.] "UWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" [A full-body shot shows that he's being slammed onto the floor by a rainbow beam being shot into his back. When the beam subsides, Kiryuu leans onto his right arm as he slowly gets up and looks backwards.] "Whaaaaaat?"

    Hiro: [Gets up and looks towards where the beam came from as well. Eyes widen in shock.] "That's...."

    [From the entrance to the airship's passenger area, a Kakureon with a blue stripe starts running towards Kiryuu with a smile on its face.]

    Kiryuu: [Finishes getting up and turns around with a clenched fist.] "You bastard....!"

    Hiro: [Thinking.] ("Now!") [Immediately jumps forward and holds down Kiryuu's arms.]

    Kiryuu: "Huh?" [Tries to struggle out.] "Shit.... I let my guard down..."

    Hiro: [Clenches his teeth as he tries to stop Kiryuu from moving.] "I'm not letting you free..."

    Kakureon: "Kurooooooon!" [Runs towards Kiryuu with tongue hanging out, as if making an attempt to lick Kiryuu.]

    [Kiryuu shoots glowing seeds out of his mouth to knock Kakureon down. From there, Kiryuu tries pushing Hiro's hands off of his arms. He turns his head around and fires off more glowing seeds at Hiro's face. Though he cringes, Hiro still doesn't let go.]

    Hiro: "..hiii.... everyone, help me...."

    [A bunch of the trainers from earlier walk towards Hiro and Kiryuu.]

    Kiryuu: "Stay back!" [Shoots more glowing seeds at the approaching trainers while he continues trying to break Hiro's grip. Not only does he try pushing Hiro's hands off, but he also swings his tail back and forth, whacking each of Hiro's arms, as well as hitting Hiro's hands with his knees.] "You're as persistent as that Eievui."

    [Some of the trainers manage to evade the seeds and grab Kiryuu's legs and tail.]

    Kiryuu: [Thinking.] ("Dammit... I'm gonna tire very soon....") [Bites down on Hiro's hand.]

    Hiro: [Clenches his teeth in agony.] "Giii.... hurry, someone get rope or something..."

    [Kiryuu bites down until Hiro's hand starts to bleed.]

    Eievui: "Bui!?" [Eyes widen upon seeing Hiro's blood.] "Buiiiiii.....iiii....." [Struggles to stand up, and it manages to succeed. It then rams into Kiryuu's head, the recoil causing his head to point upwards, therefor stopping him from biting.]

    Hiro: [Slowly smiles.] "Thanks, Eievui."

    Kiryuu: [Moves his head back down and snarls.] "Dammiiiiit..... GURAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" [Manages to push Hiro's hands away, then wildly thrashes about to escape the grip of the other trainers. Once he's freed, he immediately jumps away from them, though still facing them, possibly so as to watch everyone's movements.]

    [Hiro and all the trainers gasp upon seeing that they failed.]


    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    [An exhausted Hiro lies on the ground, gasping in shock along with the trainers standing around him as they look at Kiryuu.]

    Female trainer: [Looks down with closed eyes and clenched teeth as she holds up a shaking fist.] "Dammit! What can we do now?"

    Male trainer 2: "Maybe we can stall him until this thing lands."

    Utsugi: [Walks up to group of trainers.] "Actually..." [Points over to Kiryuu.]

    Kiryuu: "Haaaaa....... haaaaa....." [Slowly rises up and down in his heavy breathing. Looks up towards the group of trainers.]

    Female trainer: "Sweet! He must've used up all his strength trying to escape." [Smirks and takes out a Monster Ball, which she juggles in one hand.] "I wonder if Zangoose regained consciousness now."

    Male trainer 2: [Runs in front of female trainer.] "No. Me and Sawamuraa want revenge, let us do it."

    Male trainer 1: [Holds up a hand, palm outwards.] "Hey, hey, this bastard wanted to fight all of us." [Grins.] "We should just do that."

    Kiryuu: [Thinking.] ("Damn... I need to escape, but... my parachute's in the cargo area...")

    [The trainers hold up Monster Balls as they loom over Kiryuu.]

    Kiryuu: [Thinking.] ("The airship's emergency parachutes... they're my only option...") [Quickly turns around and runs.]

    Male trainer 1: "Huh? Where the hell are you running to?"

    [The trainers begin to chase after Kiryuu as he runs across the airship. Hiro and Eievui remain laying on the ground, along with an unconscious, blue-striped Kakureon. A few other people stayed behind, including Utsugi.]

    Utsugi: [Walks over to Hiro and helps him up.] "You alright?"

    Hiro: [Slowly nods.] "Yes."

    Utsugi: [Places Hiro on a nearby seat, then looks back at Eievui.] "Eievui also?"

    Eievui: [Slowly walks over to Hiro.] "...bui..."

    [In the midst of all this, a young boy walks up to the Kakureon lying on the ground. The scene changes to Kiryuu, who stops in front of an emergency exit with some parachutes hanging next to it. Kiryuu looks back, the crowd of trainers hasn't caught up to him yet. Jumps onto the latch, holding onto it as he pushes it down. The emergency exit swings open, then he jumps from the latch to land next to the parachutes again. He starts to grab one of the parachute packs off the hanger, and as he does so, the trainers arive.]

    Male trainer 2: [Runs forward holding up Monster Ball.] "We're not letting you escape!"

    [Kiryuu fires several glowing pellets into the face of the approaching trainer, knocking him down. The trainer loses his grip on the Monster Ball, which rolls around the feet of the other trainers. Kiryuu quickly pushes the pack out of the doorway as he holds onto the shoulder strap, taking him along with it. As he plummets, he hangs tightly onto the shoulder strap with both his legs and one arm, the other arm reaching up to the cord. He pulls it, causing the parachute to plume out. Recoil almost knocks him off the parachute, but he hangs on by one of his legs.]

    Kiryuu: [Curls body upwards to grab onto the strap with other limbs. Looks down towards the forest below for a moment, then starts to think.] ("That Eievui... what was it I saw?") [Thinks back to when he jumped out of the way and Hiro's Eievui ran in front of him. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.] ("Maybe it was nothing. I shouldn't waste my time with it.")

    [Kiryuu slowly drifts down towards the forest. Back on the airship, in the cargo area, the two men from Rocket Gang who were with Kiryuu earlier now have their hands up as they're surrounded by several guards pointing rifles toward them.]

    Man 2: [Snarls.] "He couldn't be trusted... that bastard..."

    [Meanwhile, in the passenger area, one of the guards is holding up Hiro by the front of his shirt.]

    Eievui: [Looks up at its trainer.] "BUIIII!"

    Hiro: [Cringes.] "..gi...i..."

    Guard: "I don't care if you helped us against Rocket Gang, you're still in trouble for what you did earlier."

    Utsugi: "What're you doing?"

    Guard: [Eyes roll toward Utsugi.] "This guy is a stow-away. He needs to take responsibility for his actions."

    Utsugi: "But..."

    Guard: "I appreciate his help, but a crime is a crime."

    Utsugi: [Looks down at Hiro's depressed Eievui for a moment, then looks towards the guard again.] "Please... as a representative figure, I ask that you excuse this boy for what he's done."

    Guard: [Looks at Utsugi.] "Utsugi...-hakase...?" [Slowly lowers Hiro back to the ground.]

    Hiro: [Stumbles a bit, then sits back onto a seat. Looks up at Utsugi.] "Representative figure?"

    Eievui: [Smiles and jumps onto Hiro's lap.] "BUI!"

    Guard: "Very well then." [Turns and walks away.]

    Utsugi: [Watches the guard walking away for a moment, then turns to Hiro with a giggle.] "You're not very smart, are you? Top Pokemon researchers like myself hold a really high status."

    Hiro: "That so? Oh..." [Bows head downwards.] "Thank you so very much."

    ???: "Hey Big Brother..."

    Hiro: "Eh?" [Brings head back up in confusion.]

    [Hiro sees that young boy that walked up to Kakureon earlier.]

    Boy: "Here." [Lightly tosses a Monster Ball at Hiro.]

    Hiro: [Reflexively catches the ball, then looks down at it.] "Huh?"

    Boy: "You deserve it for what you did earlier. And since that lizard knocked it out earlier, and you helped the most in defeating it, this is technically your rightful capture."

    Hiro: "But... but I'm not a trainer..."

    Boy: "You have an Eievui."

    Hiro: "That's different."

    Boy: "Whatever. I still think you should take it." [Puts hands behind head and walks away.]

    Hiro: "W... wait a second...!" [Reaches hand out towards the boy.]

    [The boy ignores him as he walks away.]

    Hiro: [Blue vertical lines appear over him as he drops his head.] "Geez."

    Eievui: [Jumps onto the ground and looks up at Hiro.] "Bui?"

    Utsugi: [Smiles and pats Hiro on the back.] "It's alright. You can just become a trainer."

    Hiro: "Not interested."

    Utsugi: [Stops smiling and patting.] "Oh..." [Smiles again.] "Don't you want to at least see the Pokemon that was given to you?"

    Hiro: [Blue lines disappear as head raises again.] "It's obviously that Pokemon that helped me out earlier. The green thing with the blue stripe, able to fire rainbow beams and such."

    Utsugi: "That's a Kakureo...." [Eyes widen.] "Blue stripe?"

    [Hiro nods.]

    Utsugi: "Can I see it?"

    Hiro: [Sighs.] "Since you asked." [Tosses the Monster Ball onto the floor, releasing a glowing white energy that forms into a blue-striped Kakureon.]

    Utsugi: [Gasps and walks over to the Kakureon, kneeling down before it.] "It's true. But I thought Kakureon had red stripes... maybe this is one of those rare, different-colored Pokemon. You are so lucky to have one of these."

    Kakureon: [Looks up at Utsugi, then licks his face.] "Reeee....."

    [Utsugi falls backwards with a dazed look.]

    Kakureon: "Kuron!" [Inhales hard and then releases a rainbow beam that strikes Utsugi in the chin.]

    Utsugi: "Hurry, recall it!"

    Hiro: [Holds up Monster Ball and looks at it.] "How?"

    Kakureon: [Stops firing the beam for a moment to laugh at Utsugi.] "Hahahahaha!!!"

    Utsugi: "Squeeze the two halves closer together to fire a retrieval beam."

    Hiro: [Holds up ball.] "Like this?" [Clamps the two halves, releasing a red laser that hits Kakureon and converts it to a red energy that goes back in the ball.]

    Utsugi: [Sighs a breath of relief and gets back up.] "Thanks, uh...." [Rubs back of his head.] "That reminds me, I never asked for your name."

    Hiro: "Hiro... Enju City's Kimono Hiro."

    Utsugi: "Kimono.... such an odd surname...."

    Hiro: [Smiles, closes eyes and sweatdrops.] "Maybe my ancestor was a famous taylor or something."

    [The scene changes to the outside of the airship, as it's finally making its landing at an airport. The passengers all walk out on a ramp, as well as the guards escorting the Rocket Gang members. Hiro, holding his Eievui, walks alongside Utsugi.]

    Hiro: "So Utsugi... will you be able to get me back home?"

    Utsugi: "I'll discuss that later. For now, there is another reason I excused you from that guard earlier."

    Hiro: [Stops walking.] "Eh? What?"

    Utsugi: [Stops and turns to face Hiro.] "I want you to come with me to my research facility."


    -Addressing a stranger as 'Big Brother' or 'Big Sister' can be equivalent to calling someone 'Mister' or 'Miss' in English.
    -From what I’ve heard, surnames are relatively new in Japanese history. When they were being assigned to commoners, the names were made based on one of that clan’s notable characteristics or habitats.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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