PMD: A Hole in Deep Time (Formerly known as Trials of Giratina)

Okay, so after my first fanfic sputtered and died nearly a year ago, I decided to try again, using some of the old concepts. I had this idea rolling around in my head for a while, and I decided to give this another shot. Hope you guys like it!

Rated Teen due to occasional profanity, and violence (including death).


Over the years, things change. Technologies change, habits change, civilizations change, thoughts change. And indeed, many changes are good. The cell phone. The removal of segregation. The automobile.

And some changes, are not so good.

Treasure Town is a different place from what it was thirty years ago. It expanded from a quaint little village to a city, great city, that older generations would stare in awe at. Technology is booming in this new age. The world is getting smaller, becoming more urbanized. On the surface, it looks like a perfect world.

But this world is far from perfect. With every good change, a bad one sprouts. Some are easy to root out and fix. But others, so deep, so embedded within the fabric of of life itself, seem to loom over us, tracking our every move, our every decision, waiting for the perfect moment to strike us all down.

We live in fear of these changes, these ideas. Some can destroy an empire, a planet, at the push of a button, while others, can slowly and painfully rip us apart until there is nothing left. We live in an era of prosperity, of spectacular wonders and marvels, yet we also live in a world of fear, of terror, of risk.

And no one knows these ideas better than young Axew. Though only thirteen, and puny for his age, he knows the dark reality. He sees what is happening. Yet he wants to live a normal life, just life any citizen.

But unfortunately, he won't get that.

Something is happening at the edge of the planet.

Something is stirring,

No one yet knows what it is.

Something that defies all known logic.

Something that can only be classified as…..

A Hole in Deep Time.