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    ((I wrote this story a year ago, I enjoyed writing it but stopped for a while and just recently continued it. Please tell me what you think and any improvements I should make))

    Luke sat on the couch.
    The thirteen year old was depressed.
    'I hate her…' he mumbled.
    He hated his little sister Lisa. Solely because of one thing.
    His Pokemon White cartridge which he had completed the national pokedex (Not counting the extremely rare/impossible ones) was flushed down the toilet.
    That one thing being his sister was a complete brat.

    He wouldn't let her start a save on his game so she took it and flushed it before he could explain that it would save over his data.
    She had to have everything her way.
    His mother wasn't helping, 'Why wouldn't you share Luke?'
    'Because there's only one save!'
    'You've been playing that silly game for a while. I think she could've started a new save and when she'd be done you could've just started over.'
    'Mom it's not a game I can just start over… I had several level 100's'
    His mother told Lisa to apologize. She did and stuck out her tongue while doing so when her mother's back was turned.
    'She owes me a new game!' Luke said.
    'No she doesn't she's just a little girl.'
    'She's evil!'

    His mother started to get angry. 'Until you learn to be a mature responsible older brother you are grounded without videogames.'
    His mother took Lisa to get her own version of the game while Luke was left with nothing.

    He opened his 3DS.
    He didn't care about being grounded he was going to do what he wanted. He opened Pokedex 3D scrolling between all the pokemon.

    Yet oddly despite he only had the Unova Pokedex, Jirachi was on that list.
    'Maybe it updated with the national Pokedex?' he wondered.
    He checked Jirachi's stats. They were empty.
    He pressed back but went too far and ended up on Deerling which was the latest one he had gotten.
    He went back to Jirachi but it wasn't there.

    Just then the living room window shattered.
    He ran outside but nobody was throwing things nor was there anything lying around that might have broken it.
    He noticed a white light zoom around the corner behind a house.
    Luke ran towards it but nothing was there.
    'Who are you?'
    A ball of light appeared and it took the form of a real life Jirachi. It looked a lot furrier in real life.
    It made a squeaking noise though a thought in his head told him that it would grant him a wish. He didn't know if that was it's psychic powers speaking to him or just basic logic.

    Luke said out loud. 'I wish I was in the Pokemon world! With no way back!'
    Jirachi waved it's arms and a portal opened which Luke in an almost hypnotic trance walked through.

    He was in pitch darkness. He couldn't see himself and he felt weird like his entire body was stretching and squashing.
    He then saw a human standing nearby glowing. It was the hero from Red and Blue.
    A Pikachu was also standing there but on the other side of the room.
    The Jirachi appeared again making squeaking noises. In Luke's mind it said.

    "Who would you rather be with?"

    Well… his first choice was Pikachu because why pass off the chance to be with a Pokemon? He hangs out with humans all the time. But if only he knew what that question had "really" meant.

    He walked over to the Pikachu still in the pitch darkness. And Jirachi spoke with it's mouth. 'Nice choice Luke.' it had a kid voice. Not unlike from the Movie "Jirachi Wishmaker"
    'What? You can talk now?' Luke asked confused.
    'Of course. You're leaving your old life behind forever. To start a new past, a new life… without humans.'
    Luke scratched his head not realizing it was now furry. 'What's a human?' he asked.

    Jirachi said one last thing. 'Be careful what you wish for Luke. You took your human life for granted. You will be able to return but it'll be hard. You have to remember who you used to be and then find me again to reverse the wish.'

    'Who I used to be?'
    Luke woke up from the weird dream.
    'Mom. I had a dream that a Pokemon I never saw before told me about reversing a wish.'
    He opened his eyes. He was lying on a pile of leaves, which wasn't odd. He had slept on these leaves his whole life. But he had to share it with his little sister.'

    He was a Sentret. He had no memories of his human life but instead had memories of spending his entire life as a Pokemon so this was completely normal to him.

    His mother a Furret came in with a basket in her mouth which contained 3 Oran berries.
    'Luke. Are you ready for the big day?'

    He was. He had been dreaming of this day ever since he was three. He had to be thirteen years old to join a guild. Evolving does not affect age just appearance.

    'Greg's been saying all kinds of good stuff about guilds. I get free food, discounts, and I get to move out. Away from Lisa…'

    Lisa snuffled in her sleep. She wore a ribbon on her head that she got for her birthday last year. Luke had gotten sixty pokedollars. One really weird thing about the siblings almost impossible… was that back in the other world despite he being thirteen and she being eight they were both born on September 1st
    She always was bossy on their Birthday of what cake they should have, where they would go. Being spoiled rotten she always got her way. He knew back then that he was cursed.

    Though the Pokemon didn't keep calendars they always had their birthdays on the first day of the season in which they were born.
    Luke grabbed his pouch, slung it on his back and on all fours walked out of the house. Lisa immediately woke up running after him. 'I'm coming with you!'

    Their mother told her she wasn't old enough and the bratty sibling threw a huge temper tantrum.
    'No chesto berries for you tonight young lady.' her mother scolded.

    Luke walked through the little village. For the last seven years he had off and on dreams. He dreamt he was walking on two legs and his lower skin was blue and upper skin was different from time to time.
    He mentioned this to his friend Greg a Wobbuffet on many occasions.

    'I don't know Luke. You're already a weird Pokemon.' He once said several years ago back when he was a Wynaut. He liked to tease.

    Luke was thinking of Greg as he walked past small shops and homes. He had constantly insisted Greg join the guild with him and they could be on an exploration team together but Greg refused everytime. 'All I can do is reflect attacks back what use is that? I can't even fight on my own…'

    Greg was staying home to look after his mother. His father had gone on a rescue mission in a twenty floor dungeon. He never returned. Rescue teams had gone to retrieve him but they never found him.

    Greg was doing some shopping that morning. 'Big day huh Luke?' He asked.
    'Yeah. You know it's my initiation.'
    'Whatever….' Said Greg moodily. 'It won't start until noon. Why don't we go to Mallet's café and have a drink?'

    Luke agreed.
    They entered the doorway that lead to the café. It wasn't underground because Pokemon like Charizard would never fit. It was the largest building in the village. It had the capacity to fit 30 Groudons.

    It was run by a Teddiursa. He was a prodigy in making smoothies. He had inherited it from his father. He often helped his father make smoothies and they were always better tasting when he made them so his father one day just gave him the entire café.

    Mallet as he was named was also unique because despite running the entire place by himself he was only twelve.

    Pokemon didn't have child labour laws and he liked making smoothies so everyone just accepted it and let him. The only reason someone would complain would be if he left because the drinks would never taste that good ever again.

    Mallet had a crush on Lisa but he would never admit it. He knew he could "Tame her" and they were part of the same egg group so they could have kids when they grow up.

    Luke ordered a double Cheri Berry smoothie.
    Greg ordered a Oran Special.

    Luke had no money on him. Luckily Greg did. 'Guild members make tons of money. When you get some you can pay me back.' He said.
    Mallet wore a green bandanna on his head. From his father's "Early exploration days"

    'May.' said Luke.
    'What?' asked Greg.
    Luke had to wait a few seconds to realize why he said that.
    'I wasn't thinking… I had a weird thought for a second. I remember seeing someone else wear that same bandanna. It's blurry though… I don't know what the pokemon looks like but something deep down told me her name was May.'

    Mallet gave them the smoothies free of charge. 'Just go. You're weirding out the other customers.'

    They took their drinks outside and drank them under a tree. Greg leaned back happily. 'You're a genius! How did you know that would work?'
    'What would work?' Luke asked.
    'Acting crazy to get free drinks.'
    'I wasn't doing that on purpose. I really remember someone named May.'
    After a while chatting and drinking they went in different directions and Luke looked at the sun calculating the time. 'Almost noon! I'm late!'

    End of part 1
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    Part 2 "The Initiation"

    Luke entered the guild halls. At the end was a door guarded by two large strong looking Raichus.
    'Are you the new recruit?' asked the taller Raichu.
    'Um… yeah.' Said Luke, 'I want to join an exploration team. I've wanted to ever since I was a little kid.'
    'Dad's expecting you.' The other Raichu told him.

    Luke was led down a path. A sloping tunnel which led deep underground and he was instructed to knock on the door at the very end of the tunnel. There were doors all along the walls, (I'll be sleeping in one of these rooms I bet) he said smiling to himself.

    He had gotten to the end and knocked on the door.
    A gruff voice told him to come in.
    A scruffy looking Pikachu was facing a map with his back turned to Luke, 'Luke of the Sentret Clan you're two minutes late. Let's get this over with shall we?'
    'How'd you know it was me?' Luke asked scratching his long right ear.
    The Pikachu raised a finger in the air, 'Knowledge before the test Luke. Knowledge before the test. You actually thought I would arrange a meeting at this time and not even know who it's with?' He laughed sarcastically, 'I was just telling my secretary the other day not to forget to write down my meeting with that mysterious stranger for noon.'
    The Pikachu turned around. He had a scar across one eye, he was a tough fighting veteran.
    'How'd you get that scar?' Luke asked.
    The Pikachu "Captain Pike" snorted, again displaying sarcasm. 'Oh… sorry I had this weird idea that I was supposed to interview you. Funny. All this time you were supposed to interview me to find out secrets of my personal life'
    Luke apologized, 'I'm sorry I just…'
    'You are forgiven. I will tell you a few things about me. I never once turned my back on an enemy. In my youth I fought hordes of criminals. I even faced two Monster Houses alone in the same dungeon. I have ten children. Six of which had decided to evolve into Raichus.' He huffed. 'You don't need to be taller and slightly more electric or even have fancier moves to prove yourself. I can still cream all my children at once. I like being a Pikachu and I wouldn't change myself for the world.'

    Luke was impressed by this Pikachu. He very eager to get to his initiation but curiously since he was twice the captain's height he asked him if there was any way in the future that if with enough training he could beat him in a fight.
    Pike shook his head sighing, 'Look kid, I've been training since I was two year old Pichu. That was fourty years ago. You… aren't even in the guild yet or faced a proper battle. I doubt you could ever catch up with me. Especially with the personal training regiment I use.'
    The sentret accepted that fact. He now knew there was no possible way he would beat Pike.
    'Did anyone ever beat you?'
    Pike smiled, 'Almost… a young Wigglytuff. He had power you wouldn't believe. Purely untapped, he was traveling at the time. He was going to a far away land. Where I don't know… either way now that my obligatory introduction with you is finished it is time for your initiation.'

    He took Luke down the hall into the first door on the left.
    It was a room with other pokemon recruits inside.
    A Marshtomp, a Dewott, a Dwebble, and a Rattata they were busy writing or drawing or something… he couldn't make it out.
    A female meowth handed Luke some paper and chalk.
    'Here is the written exam.'

    Luke was shocked, he had to do a written portion?
    It was just a multiple choice. The results would choose which team he best belonged to.
    He like the others laid the paper on the hard stone floor and started filling it out.

    "Question 1"
    You are in a dungeon. Your partner is poisoned and you see a Pecha berry on the other side of the room. Yet there is an Onix blocking your path and he doesn't look friendly.
    Should you
    A: Fight the Onix?
    B: Try and reason with it?
    C: Try and run around it?
    D: Stay with your friend and try to hold the Onix off until another team arrives?
    E: Abandon your partner and hightail it out of there (You never liked him/her anyway)

    Luke thought about that. He didn't want to fight the Onix, he wasn't very charismatic at least he never thought himself to be so A and B were out of the question. He wouldn't be able to run around it. Those things are incredibly long he'd be crushed into the wall by it's flailing tail. So not C
    D looked good except he imagined if he was in that situation what would the chances be that another team would arrive in such a convenient amount of time?

    He called over the Meowth showing her the question, "This is vague. What if I have an escape orb?"
    'You don't Luke, that's the point. The whole question is that you have to make do with what you have.'
    'But it doesn't say what I have. I could have a stun seed and paralyze the Onix then carry my friend away. I could probably just carry him out right there. I might be on the first floor. It just doesn't say.'
    The Meowth sighed and explained. 'This determines your actions in a harsh situation. You are only limited to those answers. Just think of the closest thing to what you'd do.'
    She walked back to where she was sitting.
    The Dewott already finished all the questions. He looked at Luke's "Good luck Buddy" He said patting him on the back.
    'TONY! no looking at other pokemon's work.' The meowth scolded.

    Tony shrugged and gave her the exam.
    She congratulated him, 'Go home for tonight Tony. You will get a letter in three days time saying if you have made it or not.'

    Luke realized that in that situation he would go back to the surface and get help as fast as he could but he couldn't choose E.
    He decided the best course of action would be to make the Onix chase him to the other side of the room, then it wouldn't be blocking the berry so he chose C.

    Question 2

    You and your exploration team have found a treasure filled with thousands of Pokedollars. A greedy member wants 50% and will threaten to leave the guild if he doesn't. But he is one of the biggest assets to the entire guild for his strength and speed.
    Do you
    A: Tell him off ensuring his departure?
    B: Give him the money
    C: Tie him up and leave him there telling the guild he perished
    D: Give him the money and but tell the guild officials what he did so they can punish him on their own terms.
    E: Try to reason an agreement which will make everyone happy.

    'That stupid reasoning thing again.' He muttered.
    The Dwebble handed her exam in, 'I was nervous around question 3 but the other three were easy.'
    Luke had heard that, if she found "These" easy then he wasn't looking forward to question 3
    He could have just randomly selected one but that was just… wrong. He wanted to be in the team he truly belonged in. He asked the meowth, 'How many new recruits are there?'
    She counted her hand and foot claws. 'Twenty, we give exams to five a day, during four days. You kids are day three. Now no distracting yourself.'
    A rattata named Josh ignored her, 'Hey Luke!' he whispered to Luke who didn't notice that the Rattata seemed to know him, 'Did you get question 2 yet?'
    'I'm still on 2 as well. I bet they team up the recruits by whoever has answers that are closest to each-other. Why don't we just copy each-other's answers. That way we'll be in a team no matter what.'
    'I don't even know you. Why do you want to be on my team?'
    The rattata frowned, 'Luke… it's me Josh, remember?'
    'Not really. No.'
    'We were friends when we were little but I accidentally bit Lisa when she was a baby and we weren't allowed to be friends anymore. This way we can hang out and our parents will never know.'
    Luke remembered now. He was five when he last saw Josh. Josh had a gnawing problem at the time and was rapidly eating an apple but baby Lisa snatched the apple away at the last second causing him to bite her paw. The two pals were forced to be separated and Luke had blocked it out of his mind because it grieved him too much.
    'I don't want to cheat Josh but…' he started to cry.
    Luke was sobbing that he was reunited with his old friend.
    The meowth came over and asked him what the matter was.
    He told her and begged if he and Josh could be on a team together.
    His story indeed moved her, 'Well, since you are friends that would give you advantage on a team as opposed to trying to fit in with complete strangers. I'll ask the captain but first… just finish your exam.'
    Josh yelled out loud "Yeah man!!"
    The Marshtomp shushed him as she tried to finish the last question.

    They decided not to cheat and Luke chose E even though he didn't know how he would reason in that situation but did it matter? It'd never happen and if it did he'd worry about it then.

    Question 3

    Your exploration team is a success. You are popular with everyone in the guild. You made a high ranking for yourself and made quite a lot of money.
    Your Guild Leader mentions one day about a Guild far away which is doing poorly and wants to transfer you there.
    If you refuse your Guild leader said he may consider kicking you out of the guild entirely for disobeying.
    Do you
    A: Go to the far away land and become successful there leaving behind your legacy and friends and the village you loved so much.
    B: Refuse and just live a normal peaceful life working in the marketplace or such/ or retire with all the money you made.
    C: Refuse and challenge the leader for full command of the guild.
    D: Vouch for another competent member to take your place
    E: Reason with the guild that even though you'd be essential to the far away land. You are still a good asset where you already are.

    This was actually easy. Luke chose B because if he was such a success he would probably be tired of it by then. Better off just going back and living a normal life and raise a family where he can tell his kids about all his adventures.

    Question 4

    The leader likes you and gives the guild to you as he retires.
    Do you
    A: Accept
    B: Decline
    C: The only reason he did this was because you're a psychic Pokemon that used psychic powers to bend him to your will.

    Controlling minds with psychic abilities was illegal and also stupid because whenever someone does that the Pokemon always remembers what they were doing while hypnotized after it wears off which usually takes a few days. The psychic pokemon is ratted out immediately.
    Invading other's dreams is also illegal but with that they're usually harder to catch.

    Luke immediately checked off A (Who wouldn't want to be leader?) he thought.
    But in slight paranoia he realized… what if that was a trick question hinting to the guild that he secretly wants to overthrow Pike someday? Well, if he chose C that was actually very likely.
    But he had already placed his chalk down which hinted to the meowth that he was done. Upon noticing all four checks she took the paper.
    'Thank you Luke. Still struggling there Josh?'
    Josh swore lightly, 'I'm still on question 3 everyone's already done!?'
    The meowth smacked him lightly for swearing, 'This isn't a race. Ten other pokemon finished since yesterday and five more still have to do the test tomorrow.

    Luke had to go home for three days to see if he was accepted.
    It was painful waiting… just waiting… his mother bought him a pack of Pokecards. Stiff pieces of paper expertly drawn which were like normal playing cards except instead of hearts and diamonds and such, they were "Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric. The King Queen and Jack were replaced with Arceus, Palkia and Dialga. The Joker was Magikarp. (Being as weak as they were Magikarp usually kept that in good humour, some even did stand up comedy at the cafe joking about how weak they were) She gave them to him to keep him busy while waiting. He was afraid to tell her about Josh incase she still held a grudge and refused to let him go back there. But it turned out she ran into Josh's mother in the café the evening after the exams took place.
    Josh's mother, (A raticate wearing a straw hat) had told her that Josh and Luke were both applying and wanted to be on the same team. Luke's mom was okay with it. 'He's on his own now I can't tell him what or what not to do. And I've forgiven Josh for years now but I didn't say anything because Luke seemed to have forgotten about him. I thought to just let things go on it's own course but it seems like that course was for them to be friends after all.

    During the next two days Luke, Josh and Greg hung out together. Josh and Greg having just met got along fine but Josh as a joke kept calling Greg "His replacement" he didn't mean anything by it but it dug into Luke kind of deep.
    They spent most of their time hanging out by the big pond near the edge of the village. Skipping stones and swimming.
    'Luke?' asked Josh. 'Are you ever going to evolve someday?'
    'Into a furret sure. It'll be weird that I'll look completely different. I'll be slightly taller than Greg and right now he's twice my height.'
    Josh laid on his back in the water splashing around, 'I'm never evolving. Why should I? I don't want to be different. I want to be myself forever.'
    'You'll still be yourself.' Said Greg. 'Just… different looking. Only appearances change and you'll get stronger!'
    Josh sighed, 'My Dad has been trying to evolve for years. He was never able to. I don't know why. If I evolved before he did that would just be a slap to his face and pride.'
    The next day the letters came.

    Luke's letter said.

    "Luke of the Sentret Clan. You have been officially accepted into the guild. Come to the village Square at noon tomorrow for your official initiation. The entire village will be there to watch the guild leader himself call you up and assign you to your exploration team. See you tomorrow.
    ~Cassie of the Bellossom Clan. Head Coordinator of Guild activities and relations."

    He told his mother and Lisa that he was accepted. His mother kissed him non-stop though it was pretty easy getting in.
    He immediately ran over to Josh's house to see if he was accepted.
    Josh had just woken up, 'I haven't checked the mail yet.' He said.
    He checked and his mail box was empty.
    Josh broke down crying.
    'It's okay Josh… I'm sure… that…'
    'It's because I swore that day wasn't it? They don't want someone like me mucking up their proud organization.'
    Just then a Wingull dropped down and started filling the mailbox with letters.
    'Sorry I'm late.' She said. 'A few blocks back Alicia Samurott started chatting with me, and her kids wouldn't stop hugging me in joy. Well… all of them except for the one kid who the letter was actually for. He was frozen like a brick. That pushed me back ten minutes.'
    She personally handed Josh his letter.
    'To Josh Rattata from "The Guild" I don't even have to ask what this is'
    He was still crying slightly, 'What if the letter's to tell me I didn't get in?'
    She smiled, 'sweetheart, trust me from experience if you weren't accepted you wouldn't even get a letter. And you want to know a secret? The truth is that since ten years ago every recruit always get in. The guild needs all the explorers they can get because missions pop-up so often. It's only when they perform so horrendously bad or rude to the others that they'd get kicked out. So in other words they only get evaluated for their skills after they join up.'
    Josh smiled through his tears and forced himself not to cry anymore. He and Luke read the letter together.
    'What are the odds that we'll be assigned together?'
    'I don't know Josh. We'll just have to wait and see.'

    A pokemon was watching from the other side of the big pond. (Which Josh's family lived right alongside)
    It was Jirachi smiling thinking to himself,
    (Your old world was a reality, but now this is your reality, whichever one you want to be permanent is your choice. You can either live your life as a human again but sacrifice a life of adventure and your friends here. Or stay here and live a fantasy with your friends and new career. If you go back to your old life you'll be taking a choice that no other human ever had for granted. Wasting a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you ever do remember your old life… you'll remember that you did have fun there too)
    Jirachi vanished with no-one even knowing he was there.
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    Part 3

    The entire village was gathered to witness the members being initiated.

    Captain Pike stood in the center of the village square holding a piece of paper reading it.

    'Pokemon of Nero Village. We have gather today to welcome our young recruits. The heroes of tomorrow. They will blindly go into dungeons as rescuers. Your children will be saving lives, helping Pokemon out and just being good citizens. I was speaking to a representative from the nearby Tao Village just a few weeks ago. I made a bet that if my crew aren't fit to do the simplest of missions I would retire.
    'Now I will read out the Pokemon being welcomed into our fair ranks.
    When I call your name come up.

    He called five random pokemon up, and then five more. The crowd cheered non-stop until all the teams were called.

    He then called the Pokemon that were doing the test with Luke.
    -Tony Dewott!
    Tony came on giving the peace sign and trying to look as cool as possible.
    -Greta Dwebble!
    Greta shyly came up and stood beside Tony.
    -Josh Rattata!
    Josh nervously went up.
    -Karina Marshstomp!
    Karina came up wearing a bow in front of one ear.
    -Luke Sentret!
    Luke came up and stood beside Karina while a voice in the crowd yelled. 'Luke why aren't you wearing your favourite tailbow?'
    It was Lisa trying to embarrass him.

    Captain Pike glared at her, 'Because he has standards'
    He read out the last five and stated to the crowd.
    'The exploration teams will be in these groups of five. And we will admit to you that we don't rank them together through the written test. The written test was only to know their certain traits. The main reason the five were in the room together was to know who else was there. Because whatever five kids are paired in said room will be the exploration team. The test had nothing to do with the pairing.
    'Why the heck did you tell them that then?' asked a Clefairy.
    'Because while doing the test we wanted the teammates to get used to each-other even if they didn't talk. You know so they'd be somewhat aware of who they'd be working with.
    'The teams will have their own little base in the guild where they live and hang out so they'd BETTER get used to their company.'
    Pike said his farewell and the other elder guild members lead the youths to their new home but not before they said their goodbyes.

    Soon they were in a large room with six doors.
    A male Zebstrika named Zuul showed them around.
    'I am your team master. I am basically your instructor and… pretty much babysitter. I will go on the first few missions with you but when that's finished you're on your own.
    That door over there is my bedroom/office. Only go in there for emergencies. You each get to choose your own rooms, the room we're in now is your dorm. Just a place to sit around, play games, chat and eat. Food is brought from the kitchens three times a day.'
    Josh frowned, 'We won't be bunking together?'
    'No you get your privacy but that doesn't say you can't hang out with each-other in them. You can decorate them with whatever you want.'
    Greta grinned, 'Can I paint mine purple?'
    'No. the walls are made of dirt like this room is.'
    The five looked around and Luke opened one door on the left.
    It was a small room with shelves on one wall and a bed of leaves in the corner.
    Tony Dewott asked about large Pokemon like Onix and Dragonite. They would never fit.
    'Oh, we have special dorms for them. If you were that size you wouldn't be here. We also pair Pokemon up by size and weight. This is why you five are together because you're all moderate height. Some smaller than others.'
    He looked as Josh when he said that.
    Luke chose the only room he looked in. As long as it had a bed he didn't care.
    Josh was about to choose the one next to it but Tony beat him to it.
    'Sorry pal, this is mine.'
    'I called it!' Josh argued.
    'Okay small fry, paper scissors rock for it.'

    Josh lost.

    Josh ended up getting the one on the opposite end.
    The rooms were in order by…

    Luke, Tony, Greta, Karina, Josh.

    Zuul went into his office reminding them that the first mission starts that afternoon.
    The five decided to sit in the dorm and get to know each-other.

    Tony laid back completely relaxed. 'I evolved just last week. It's kind of funny, my older brother by six years who was also a Oshawott teased me all the time. Since I evolved I'm pretty much twice his height. I get to push him around now. I shouldn't have done that because he's royally ticked at me. He resents me and didn't come to the gathering today.'
    The others seemed pretty nice to Luke, Tony seemed a little egotistic, Greta was a clean freak and kept trying to scrub off a stain off of the main table near the drinking pool on the side of the room.
    The bathing pool was on the other side. There were giant signs as to not get them mixed up.
    Karina was a tomboy. She only wore the bow because her mother forced her.

    After a few hours of just hanging out and having lunch that was sent to them Zuul came out.

    'Okay. Usually your teams gets to choose the missions from the board in the main lobby. But right now I choose yours. Lowest ranking.
    Deliver a Pecha berry to Lonny Lotad, he lives in Passion Woods.'
    Tony moaned, 'This is baby stuff!! When do we beat up guys?'
    Zuul grunted, 'It's baby stuff because you need to take baby steps and besides every mission is important and you will get rewarded for it. The reason this is so easy is because I mainly want to see how you work together.'
    Josh spoke up, 'Delivering a berry? What teamwork can we do with that?'
    The Zebstrika paced around them, 'The areas are filled with rogue pokemon who will attack you on sight. Some are completely crazed with hunger they will try to eat the berry and maybe even you in the process. You will beat up guys Tony but you all have to work together.'
    Karina was bewildered, 'Why would Lonny live in a place filled with psychotic Pokemon?'
    'Not all of them are psychotic but just territorial. Dungeons are mainly filled with Hermits who don't like Pokemon setting foot on their land and will attack but sometimes they don't mind other hermits if they're loaning supplies or something, and Lonny is friends with a few of them.'

    'Isn't being a hermit defeat the point of having friends?' Asked Karina again.
    'These hermits want to get away from society, the villages and just plain public areas. They don't mind a visit once in a while but it has to be someone they know.'

    The five were led through the village to the outskirts of town towards Passion Woods.
    A voice in Luke's head told him, 'Want to remember? Search Lonny's bed.'
    'What?' asked Luke.
    He didn't know what the voice wanted him to remember but he shook it off and kept on going.
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    Chapter 4 'Lunas's Tale'

    They've been walking through passion woods for over a hour.
    'How would we find this guy?' Asked Josh.
    Zuul replied trying to keep up the pace with tired teens, 'He'll be wearing a yellow scarf'

    The five kids were indeed slowing down and Zuul snapped at them.
    'Faster! You will not fall asleep on me on your first mission! You are soldiers here!'
    Greta grinned peacefully, 'I don't know why, I just feel relaxed. I just want to sleep...'
    The others agreed and even Zuul's eyes started blinking rapidly.

    'Kids get up.' He said quietly, 'Look to your left'
    Luke could barely even look but he saw a Vileplume nearby using Sleep Powder.
    Zuul ran over and headbutted it and used Thunder.
    The Vileplume was knocked out.

    After waiting about ten minutes the powder wore off and the teens got up rubbing their eyes.
    'See that Vileplume kids? She is a wanted criminal. Her name is Pretta Vileplume and her specialty is putting travelers to sleep then robbing them blind. You were lucky I was here... YOU ARE COMPLETELY USELESS!!' He roared at them. 'First rule! Always look for enemies. They could be anywhere, Second Rule! Do not let your guard down ever! You kids weren't even trying to look organized. You were complaining about how far we've been walking for the last hour! Third Rule! You weren't even that tired when I pointed out the Vileplume... Tony you could have shot something at it... do anything... were you waiting for me to give you orders!? I'm not going to be around to guide you forever.'
    He calmed his rage.
    'Sorry. But this is all going into my report. Every single time you finish a mission I will write a report on all of you. You may have not noticed but I see every single thing you do. This is what I trained my whole life for, nothing escapes my eyes.'

    The Zebstrika touched his badge on Pretta and she teleported to police headquarters. And he them led them further through the woods.
    'Here is a famous Mystery Dungeon staircase kids. Some dungeons have many many floors, some have a few. This is a very small one since it's your first time.'

    They all went down the staircase and were... oddly in a surreal place.
    They weren't underground but on the surface. Yet the area was different.
    'What the &^$%^?' Asked Tony.
    'Language Dewott.' Zuul scolded. 'You've never been in one of these have you? The staircase teleports us to another floor of the forest yet it seems to be the same level of land we were already on. They call them Mystery Dungeons for a reason.' He winked.

    Luke saw something... it was something like a white arrow headed directly at Zuul.
    Zuul was still talking and Luke before anyone could do anything he deflected the arrow with the bushy end of his tail.
    He didn't know how he did that. It was pure impulse.
    The arrow grazed the side of his tail wounding it slightly. It then disappeared.

    Zuul turned around and chided the teenage sentret for doing something incredibly stupid.
    'But. That arrow was aimed for you! It could have killed you!'
    Zuul smiled and reached with his mouth into his pouch and pulled out a oran berry. 'Here eat this you'll feel better. What was this arrow?'
    'It was long and white.'
    Zuul groaned, 'Icicle Spear. Now kids walk single file and do not make a sound. He is watching us right now.'
    'Who?' Luke asked.
    'Lunas. A nasty fellow. A deranged criminal, very high level. He hunts for sport around here but oddly I completely forgot about him. And do not panic, panic makes you weak. Keep on moving, he won't attack us if I'm protecting you, he knows I know he's there now. He won't try anything funny a second time.'

    'What Pokemon is he?' Asked Greta.
    'A Cubchoo'
    They all laughed.
    'Those guys are so cute!' Said Tony holding his sides.
    'SHUTTUP!!!' Zuul snapped. 'He is listening to us right now. If we mock him he could come out of nowhere and kill us all. He is completely insane with no rationality or sympathy for life. I've bested him before. He can't beat me face to face which is why he tried that cheap move.'
    Karina punched the air, 'Why not fight him now? Take him in?'
    Zuul sighed, 'I can't take him in to the police. You can when you're strong enough but I am not doing that.'
    'Why not?' asked Tony.
    Zuul said nothing more.

    The two had a history together, Zuul and Lunas were not only on the same rescue team at one point but were childhood friends.
    The two had a team consisting solely of them. Lunas was a caring and normal guy, in his right state of mind he would never even think of killing innocents but something happened.

    When they were both seventeen they went on a rescue mission in Death Chasm, a very high level area.
    It constantly suffered avalanches and a young Squirtle was lost afraid he'd be crushed.
    they had found the Squirtle and sent him home with their badge. Lunas was in a good mood.
    'So Zuul, where should we head now?'
    'I dunno, take on that mission about the stolen Ribbon?'
    The two clapped their paws and hooves together like they always did and an avalanche started.
    Before they could teleport out rocks fell on top of them both.
    Zuul managed to squeeze out but Lunas wasn't so lucky. The Bliztle at the time managed to move a few rocks and found him.
    Lunas coughed and told Zuul to leave him to die.
    'No I'll save you! You deserve to live!'
    'My body is completely shattered! Don't! Just let me die instead of living handicapped.'
    Zuul ignored that and pressed the badge to Lunas's fur and they both teleported away.

    The Doctor had said that Lunas had suffered serious injuries, amnesia and major brain damage.
    'He won't remember you' He told Zuul who was heartbroken.
    'Ever?' he sobbed.
    'Well, maybe someday. He might remember you but right now he doesn't remember even how to talk. His mind right now is similar to that of a one year old. All he knows is how to breathe and eat. That's it. He doesn't know anything.'
    Zuul sobbed out loud. This was exactly what Lunas didn't want to happen.
    Over the months Zuul visited him and Lunas was relearning how to talk and read.
    'B...black...' he said.
    'Yes Lunas.' His nurse said 'Zuul is black and white. Do you remember your best friend Zuul?'
    Lunas did not understand what the female Clefairy had asked and just started chewing on a wooden toy.
    'Progress is coming along somewhat well Zuul' The Clefairy Doctor said. 'He is relearning things somewhat at a good pace but it will take years to fully recover if he ever does.'
    Over the years Zuul visited him every single day and Lunas who was getting much much better finally spoke in a full sentence.
    'Y... your name is Zuul isn't it? I remember you I think.'
    'I visit you every day, you have to remember me. We were best friends.' Zuul cried.
    'I remember a bunch of rocks and you. I remember I was... dying and... you saved me.'
    'Yes I did.'

    Everything suddenly hit Lunas, he remembered a lot of his past.
    Lunas then became furious. 'Years and years of therapy, having to relearn everything! Mental regression is not pleasant Zuul!!'
    Everything was coming back to him.
    'Lunas, you're coming back to your old self!' Zuul said happily.
    'You ruined my life...' Lunas said darkly, 'You couldn't have let me die. I hate you! I hate everything!!!'
    Lunas who completely had his memory back but still quite a bit of brain damage had snapped that day. Zuul never forgave himself when he heard that Lunas haunts Passion Woods and kills anyone he sees come through unless they're in big groups.
    His favourite target: Any Bliztle or Zebstrika. He thinks they're all Zuul.

    The group found the next staircase meaning they were safely away from Lunas who never goes down staircases.
    In the distance they saw a hut.
    'Lonny's house.' Said Zuul blinking back tears.
    They entered and gave him the item and Luke asked a question that surprised everyone.
    'Can I check your bed for a second?'
    Lonny shrugged, 'Sure kid. I don't know what you intend to find.'
    Luke found something odd, it was tiny and square. It said "Pokemon White" on it it also seemed a little wet.
    He had no idea what the heck this thing was.
    'I don't know 'ow that got there' Said Lonny. 'But I reckon it's important, but since it's not mine you can have it.'

    They all teleported back to the guild, and while Zuul went to mope in his room. "NO INTERRUPTIONS!" he commanded the others, Luke was having weird thoughts. As he explained to Josh and Tony in his room.
    'I remember a house. And a odd long thing. It was blue, with a blue fluffy thing sitting on it. It was a kind of bed I think. A weird looking bed but that's what it was.'
    'Weird' said Tony.

    Luke couldn't remember anything else.
    A voice entered his mind, 'In Pike's private Quarters is your next memory'
    'Memory of what!?' Luke yelled out loud.
    The others fell backwards in shock.
    'You have some explaining to do Luke' Josh told him.
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    Chapter 5 "Pike's Secret"

    Luke had told Josh and his third best friend Tony, and Greta and Karina (Who had entered seeing what the noise was) that someone or something wanted him to remember.

    'The voice said that my next memory would be in Pike's private Quarters.'
    Josh swore, 'You can't go into Pike's place! He'd kill you!'
    Greta usually shy but smart brought up a suggestion.
    'Why not ask to be invited in? The voice never said you had to find anything, maybe you just have to be in there? I mean if it said you had to search behind a plant it would have been more specific. Or else it would have just said "Lonny's house" from earlier.'
    Luke thought sounded like a good idea, the other teens agreed.

    Luke decided to start a visit to Pike. But how would he visit his quarters? From what he gathered Pike always had his appointments in his office. (The whole reason for his office...)
    Luke decided to be honest about everything.

    It was 10 at night and he snuck down the halls, hid in front of a serving tray as a Miltank was pushing it down the hall with her head.
    She stopped at the Meowth from the testing room's door.
    'Madam Laura, I have your milk and tea.'
    'Thank you Bow'

    Bow Vine (Couldn't resist >_>) moved the tray back to the kitchen revealing Luke who was basically riding the front of it.
    'Luke Sentret! What are you doing up this late!!' The meowth scolded
    He was terrified, this Meowth was stern. He said he wanted to talk to Pike about everything that happened and explained the thoughts and memories.
    'Luke. Had you ever had therapy?'
    Luke shook his head, 'I'm don't have that kind of problem. I'm not traumatized I just have these weird thoughts.'
    The Meowth took him to Pike immediately, by pure luck since Pike had insomnia and was pacing his quarters and Luke actually had permission to sit beside the gruff old soldier on his bed.

    'And so Sir' Luke said. 'I found this under Lonny's pillow'
    Pike's eyes widened.
    'Do you have the other thing?'
    'What other thing?'
    Pike knew of DS's oddly. He took some paper and charcoal and drew an original DS.
    'Luke, do you want your memories back?'
    Luke didn't know what that drawing was of or how Pike knew of it, 'Yes I do.'

    Pike paced his room.
    'I was once like you Luke, gave up the world.'

    Luke still didn't understand.
    'Can you please explain!?'
    Pike put his arm around Luke's shoulder.
    'Kid, I wasn't born in this world. I was a kid like you in another world. I played games a lot... an awful lot... I was obsessed with them but my Mom wanted me to study. We yelled and argued for days and suddenly I disappeared. I woke up in this world as a Pichu I had no memories of my previous world. I eventually gained my memories and had gotten a choice. Stay here, or go back home. All I could remember was my Mom yelling at me so I stayed here. Biggest mistake of my life. As I grew up I realized I was living a fantasy, I was giving up real life for that of a videogame.'
    Luke barely understood any of that.
    'What the heck is a videogame?'
    Pike grasped Luke's shoulders firmly.
    'Luke, I will tell you how to get your memories back. You have to just do more missions, that's what I did. They gradually came back more and more the more missions I did. You will remember your home world but right now just live a normal life here.'

    Luke told Pike that this is real life.
    'No. This is a game. We're inside a videogame world. Maybe we entered a real world based on that game, but the fact is you have to go home. You're living a lie kid.'
    Luke left thinking maybe he could use a therapist.

    Pike wondered how the real world was like since he left, not knowing that it only had been ten years. Time moved much faster in this world, if Pike had gone back home he'd probably be older than his mother. He knew this world was his place now and forever there he would have to stay.
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    Explorers of Illusion part 6: An eventful day.

    The young Sentret left his dorm into the guild's main lobby where many Pokemon hung around and chatted, it also had a bulletin board of missions they could do.
    Luke didn't tell anyone what Pike told him.

    The biggest one was:
    "Wanted: Lunas, Cubchoo wanted for many counts of murder and thievery. Is not mentally sound. Is located in Passion Woods. Officer Magnezone will offer 8000 Pokedollars for his capture."
    The mission was ranked six stars.

    'I'll choose something a little easier'
    Tony Dewott came over, 'Hey Luke. How about this?'

    "I am lost in the Dark Caverns. Please help!"
    -Eddie Rhyhorn. (P.S: I'll think of your reward when you save me)
    It was ranked D

    The three others were sleeping.
    'Want to go just the two of us Buddy?' Tony asked.
    Luke agreed with the Dewott.
    'Sure.' The two had seriously become great friends since the two weeks they've been at the guild. After their first mission with Zuul he said they were allowed to do missions on their own as long as it's B or lower. When they improve he'll "Advance" them.

    The two teens packed supplies and went into the Dark Caverns.


    Zuul was walking through passion woods.
    'I know you are here. I know you want to kill me. Lunas, you have some sanity still in you, I just want to talk.' The Zebstrika said quietly.
    A Beartic landed several feet behind him.
    'Really? Do I look like an idiot?'
    Zuul stared at his former friend. 'Lunas. I want to make this perfectly clear, I never meant to ruin your life. I was sure you'd be okay.'
    The just recently evolved psychopath paced around Zuul.
    'Those rocks damaged my brain so much Zuul. There was no good way out...' He shot several icicle spears which Zuul dodged.
    'At least you're alive!'

    Lunas used Blizzard and froze Zuul in a block of ice.
    'Sorry old friend, you didn't know when to quit. I know how tormenting life is, and you will die, I mean you destroyed my life.'
    After using a few finishing blows, Zuul collapsed onto the ground.'
    Lunas left the forest leaving Zuul for dead.
    'No-one can survive that'

    Luke and Tony were still only on the third floor. It had been hours.
    'Which floor did he say he was on?' Luke asked.
    'Didn't say.' Tony said.
    They had fought about 9 Pokemon on their way down, pushovers. Unlike Lunas they didn't kill them, just knocked them out. Luke saw the Rhyhorn and he was wearing a red bandanna. Like the coloured bandannas members of the guild wore to prove their job.

    'Thank you guys! I was like terrified!! I came down here to get some thunderstones and got lost. Here take this thunderstone.'
    He handed a thunderstone to Luke and Luke teleported the Rhyhorn away.
    Suddenly he had a vision.

    'Tommy, Lily, Mike. They're my friends!'
    Tony grinned, 'Do you miss them? What kind of Pokemon are they?'
    'They aren't Pokemon. They're... I don't know what they are...'
    Tony didn't understand.
    'That's all I remember.' Luke said.

    They teleported out and went back to the guild.
    Pike was waiting in their dorm with the others.
    'Recruits. Zuul won't be coming back.' He had a sob in his voice. 'He was seriously injured, he said he was going to try and talk some sense into Lunas. We followed him and found him almost dead. Zuul was taken into the hospital, he could still speak though barely and stated quickly that he is retiring. He has two kids at home. He realized how stupid this "Turn Lunas around" dream he had been following was. You will get a new instructor starting tomorrow.'
    'Who?' asked Greta.
    'Me. I will monitor you personally. Your team is very special' he said winking at Luke.
    'You will go on one mission every day. You will remember very well these missions until the time you finish your duties here and go back home whenever that may be.'
    He was metaphorically saying this solely to Luke who rolled his eyes. He really didn't want to be a furless clothes wearing freak.

    Pike stated that he will take on the Lunas mission himself. He seemed to be the only one capable of it, he had actually stepped down from his position and gave the duties of guild leader to his assistant Laura Meowth.
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    Part 7: The Mysterious Request.

    The next morning Pike came out of Zuul's quarters/office. Which was now his, he was personally sick of being Guild Leader.
    He called the team from their rooms, at 6 in the morning.
    'At the end of the week, the Pokemon we help are required to tell me exactly what you did on your mission so I can keep tabs on how well you're doing. Eddie Rhyhorn and Lonny Lotad both gave good reviews of you which I complement you. But you five need a team name.'

    Karina made a suggestion. 'How about Team Epic?'
    Pike pondered that, 'No. Too vain.'
    'Team Buddies?' asked Tony.
    Pike glared at him. 'What is this Pokegarten? But I digress, it's your team you talk it out. But remember I am team supervisor so I have to look good here.'
    Luke wondered... a good name... 'Team Speed'
    Pike pondered that, 'You kids never showed any real signs of agility, remember this is to represent exactly what your team means to you.'

    Tony called out, 'Team Spark, we all have a spark of friendship here, we all get along. And you're electric.'
    'You decide what you want. I'll wait over here.'
    Luke said out of nowhere. 'Team Adventure, that's what we all want right?'
    They all agreed that was the perfect name. Pike said that he'll get onto registering the name as soon as he could.
    'You kids go down and choose a mission while I get working on this.'

    They went down to the board, right in front of Luke was a personal request.
    'To Team Adventure: I am lost within Diamond Cave. Please rescue me.'
    Tony laughed, 'Pike gets his work done fast, it was what ten minutes?'
    Greta looked a little nervous. 'Not even that long, it was more like four minutes. And the requests are always put up the night before.'
    'We must have the same name as some other team' Josh whimpered. 'They'll totally beat us up!'
    Greta tried to calm him down. 'If it's already taken Pike will tell us to choose something else later.'

    Luke saw something on the bottom of the request.
    'Luke, this is for you. Don't be deceived by possible coincidences.'
    He was definitely scared now.

    'It's for us.' Luke said.
    'I'm not going' said Tony. 'This is totally creepy.'
    'I'm out too said Greta.'
    Karina tried to make sense of this. 'Obviously this was put up by a Pokemon who could foresee the future, maybe a Gothitelle? Alakazam?'
    Either way Luke was determined to do this, the only other one who would go was Josh.

    The two entered Diamond Cave, it was dark and creepy, dulled diamonds were in the walls. The two were expecting the place to be bright and shiny but the diamonds weren't shining.
    'Are you here to see the Pokemon who gave you the request?' asked a voice.
    It was a caterpie. He had a very deep sounding voice.
    'Yes,' said Josh how did you know about it?'
    The caterpie giggled. 'I know a thing or two about this scenario. Luke, Josh, if you two keep on going you'll face certain destruction. Trust me!'
    Josh decided to turn back but some inner force was propelling Luke to keep going.
    'I'm going.'
    'You'll be trapped for all eternity!!'' The caterpie said.
    Luke laughed. 'Yeah, if anyone actually was how would they have warned anyone without that Pokemon getting trapped? You're leading us off the path.'

    Luke and Josh continued down the path, they walked through the possibly someday mine, and came to a giant chasm with a 4000 ft fall.
    'I can't see the bottom!' Josh cried.
    'Neither can I' Luke whimpered.
    On the other side of the chasm was a diamond apple. It was just lying on the path.
    'We might have to jump it!' Said Josh.
    'Are you nuts! I'm too small. I'll never make it!!'
    The chasm was 10 feet across, neither would be able to make that jump.

    Josh looked around and saw something lying on the path.
    'Luke. Look. Ever have one of these before?'
    He was holding a candy in his paw.
    'No, isn't that a rare candy?'
    'Yeah. You know I think this was placed here for a reason. This is all a test for you. Or us. I think I know what will happen if you eat this.'
    Luke muttered out loud. 'I'll evolve won't I?'
    'Yeah I think so, if you evolve you can easily make that jump. I can ride your back.'
    There was no going back, if he evolved he was stuck like that forever. 'I don't know Josh. Some Pokemon when they evolve change in weird ways. Like they act more grownup and think they're better than others. I don't want to act that way.'
    'You won't. Please'
    Luke turned around. 'I'm going back to the guild.'
    They went the way they came, they followed the one path, which led them to... the chasm again.
    'HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!?' Josh screamed. 'I mean, there's only one direction!'
    'Something is manipulating the area. I have to eat the candy.' Luke said.

    He ate the candy, he felt a strong tingling sensation. He felt weird, he was glowing and suddenly within seconds he was a Furret. 5'11 Josh was only one foot tall and felt minuscule compared to his friend.
    'Josh' Luke's voice was much deeper though he was still the same age.
    'Yeah buddy?'
    'I can make that jump now!'

    Josh climbed on his back and Luke jumped the chasm, landing right beside the Diamond Apple.
    A voice in Luke's head said. 'Take the Apple to the alter. Don't stray from the path.'
    They walked further and the path opened up to a whole field of flowers. 'We can't stray from the path Josh. Just ride me and I'll take you to the alter.'
    'What will happen if we do?' Josh asked. He spit onto the grass when suddenly shadow beasts came out from all over. But they were on the path so they were safe.
    'The Apple... give us the apple...' the shadow beasts moaned.
    Luke kept on walking.
    'Come to us, join our curse for all eternity!' The beasts cried.

    Luke kept on walking, he came to another tunnel and at the end was an alter. He placed the apple there and a door opened.
    Their jaws dropped.

    They were in a bedroom, not a Pokemon bedroom a human bedroom. A Mew was sitting there listening to headphones while reading a comic book.
    'Sup' he said.
    'What is this place?' asked Josh.
    'My room. I live here. I called you here to tell something of great importance.'
    Mew was silent for a few minutes.

    'Yes?' Said Luke.
    'It's funny' Mew said. 'Pike is from your home world. Guess who else is?'
    'You?' asked Josh.
    'Yes! You see Luke I was a human scientist at one point centuries ago, I live in the Renaissance period. But Palkia brought me here through a wormhole. I became a Mew, a God, and have been watching over this place ever since. It was destiny, which is why I will never go back. I have seen your world now and I have no desire to go back there.'

    'What are you getting at?' said Luke.
    The Mew grinned. The tests I put you through. I was the caterpie, I created the shadows to trick you, and gave you the rare candy. You passed the three tests. So... here you go.'
    'What?' Said Josh. 'What do we get!?'
    'Me. I'm joining your exploration team.'

    The two fainted.
    They awoke sometime later in their dorms. Mew was talking to Pike about all this. 'I brought them back here, and I want to join their team.'
    'Why?' Pike asked.
    'Because the world is coming to an end. I have foreseen that this team is the one to save it. I have to help them.'
    Pike looked shocked. 'But... you do know he's from another world right?'
    'Yes' Mew said sagely. 'He WILL get the choice to go back home but if that happens before he gets a chance to save the world... he'll be in a pickle. I mean saving the world is worth being trapped here forever right? He'll never get another chance.'
    Luckily the conversation was private. No-one heard them. But Pike came out of his office introducing their new team member. The others were beyond shocked. Though they assumed Pike was crying out of pride. He wasn't.


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