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    Default The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!

    The sequel to A Conflict in the Old Chateau and Journey out of Mt. Coronet. Set after the two stories. You can read this story, but you will probably not get some hints and indications if you didn't read the past two. But this story's plot is not dependant on the other two's plot.

    It will be different than the usual style of the Wandering Universe stories, as it doesn't have the mystery aspects the other two did, and is more straightforward. This part of Noah's journey will focus on his Pokémon rather than himself. It will also be the last story in which Wasaki plays a main role in, and this is why it will focus on him and his Pokémon more than Noah and his Pokémon at the beginning.

    The story is set during the final part of their journey in achieving their goal, at the Elite 4. I hope you enjoy, and please leave your feedback.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3


    It was a tall building attached to five towers, almost like a castle out of a fairytale.

    They ignored the building, and walked straight in. One of them went to heal, while the other operated the Pokémon Storage System. To the far right, a red-haired trainer talked to the cashier, requesting many items.

    “I’m ready,” the dark-skinned boy said to the person he walked in with after leaving his post. “Did you heal? Are you ready to take on the Elite 4 and the Champion?”

    “Yeah, but it seems there’s someone here for the same reason,” he responded. “And I think we can go our own way now; you got what you wanted.”

    “You should really consider my offer,” he said. “It could be interesting to take on them together.”

    “My answer is still no, Wasaki,” he said and grabbed his Pokémon from the nurse. “You can battle them after me; you do remember what we agreed to, don’t you?”

    “Yeah,” Wasaki sighed. “You accompany me through Victory Road and consider battling the Elite 4 and Champion with me, and if you choose not to, you get to battle them before me.”

    “It was a nice journey, Wasaki,” he said. “But this is as good as our ‘friendship’ will get; travelling together through a cave.”

    Wasaki nodded and sighed. At least he managed to fulfill his promise to his mother; introduce Noah to the concept of friendship. It was a long process, but something happened after he canceled their battle in Hearthome City that caused Noah to change dramatically. But even after that, it still took some time for them to become what they are now.

    Noah started walking past Wasaki when the red-haired trainer approached them. His skin was very pale, his eyes were bright green, and his clothes were composed of different shades of blue and white.

    “You two want to challenge the League as well?” he asked with a hint of condescendence in his voice.

    Noah blinked twice and grinned, as if realising something no one else did. “You must be very smart,” he said. “I never thought someone would guess what we were here to do.”

    “Must be a Sinnoh thing,” the trainer said and grinned back. “But, you two will have to wait. I was here first.”

    “I’m Wasaki, and this is Noah,” Wasaki said, effectively preventing Noah from responding with an insult. “I’m guessing you’re not from Sinnoh?”

    “You’re right,” the trainer said. “I’m Gale from Hoenn. I came here to battle the League since I defeated the one we have back home.”

    “I don’t care,” Noah said. “You’re not battling them before me.”

    “We can easily argue to no end, but my Pokémon need some warming up,” Gale’s grin grew wider, and his eyes tightened a little. “Are you up for it?”

    There was in doubt, Noah would accept the battle. That was his goal of becoming a trainer, to prove himself strong. He started accepting the battle, but was interrupted by Wasaki.

    “Let me battle,” Wasaki said. “I need some warming up as well; you took care of all the trainers in Victory Road, Noah.”

    “Whatever,” Gale grinned. “If I win, then I get to go first.”

    “You better not lose, Wasaki,” Noah threatened. “Especially not to a trainer from Hoenn.”

    The two trainers were about to start the battle, but the nurse ushered them outside; she knew that battles between trainers who had gained all eight Badges don’t usually leave the area around them untouched.

    The field outside was covered with glass. A lake ended with a waterfall to Wasaki’s right, and on both sides were trees. The sky was clear, which was refreshing after the time in Victory Road and the hasty rush into the building. Gale grabbed a Poké Ball and prepared for the battle. He looked slightly older than Wasaki, which he took as a hint of experience.

    “I’ll show you what Hoenn is made of,” he said. “Let’s start with you, Blaziken!”

    A tall Pokémon emerged from the Poké Ball. His legs ended in yellow and took on the colour red from the knees all to the midsection. He had claws for hands, and beige feathers extended behind his head.

    Wasaki responded by sending out a tall, tougher version of his starter. Infernape had an agile figure. White fur covered most his body, while the rest was covered in brown fur. There were numerous armor patterns around his body, and a grand flame burned above his head.

    “Are you ready, Infernape?” Wasaki said. “We’ve been through tougher situations.”

    Infernape prepared for battle by nodding at his trainer then turning to face his opponent, Blaziken. “This is going to be interesting,” Gale grinned. “From my understanding, this is the Fire starter of Sinnoh. Blaziken is our starter.”

    “I would’ve beaten that thing easily with my starter,” Noah commented. “I defeated Infernape many times before.”

    “This will be over quickly,” Gale ignored the previous comment. “Brave Bird!”

    “Close Combat!” Wasaki ordered.

    Infernape flexed his body, and let out a slight grin. He braced his body for the impact, and ran forwards. His knuckles helped increase his speed, and the flame on his head burned violently, but Blaziken showed no signs of fear or defeat. Instead, he took on a battle stance by placing his right foot ahead of the left, as if anticipating something no one else does.

    “Brave Bird!” Gale repeated. “Show them what we’re made of!”

    Blaziken suddenly launched himself at the approaching Infernape. His body became a straight arrow speeding towards the opponent. The suddenness of the attack unsettled Infernape, and he attempted changing his direction, but the two Pokémon collided against each violently before he could do so, and they were sent rolling on the grass each in his own direction.

    “That was a reckless attack,” Wasaki said. “Come back, Infernape.”

    The Poké Ball absorbed Infernape back inside, and Wasaki grabbed another one for the next battle. “Looks like this will be an easy battle,” Gale grinned. “And I thought Sinnoh was going to be a challenge.”

    “The battle isn’t over yet,” Wasaki said. “Gyarados, your turn!”

    A large blue serpent emerged out of the Poké Ball. She slammed her tail against the ground and roared at Gale and Blaziken as Wasaki smiled behind her. The ground suffered under her tail the first time, but Gyarados managed to control her instincts; Wasaki’s training paid off.

    “I hope this doesn’t intimidate you, Gale,” Wasaki smirked, almost like Noah. “You might not want to underestimate her.”

    “We’ll see about that,” Gale chuckled. “Blaziken, be prepared!”

    “Hydro Pump!”

    Gyarados slammed her tail once again on the ground, causing the ground under her to shake slightly. She was excited for the battle, and slamming her tail became a habit. She opened jaws sucked in large amounts of air as she prepared her attack, while Blaziken seemed to be standing still in front of his trainer. Neither she nor her trainer knew what Gale’s strategy was, but offense was what Gyarados excelled at; this attack was sure to hit.

    Then suddenly, Blaziken’s leg bent and he sent himself flying towards the sky, and the sun made it hard for Gyarados to spot him, but she fired her attack anyway. The jet of water flew across the sky in amazing speed, and the serpent’s body arched outwards as her back struggled to hold the power of the attack, while her tail slammed against the grass relentlessly.

    The stream of water didn’t stop, but it seemed to be getting larger, as if being smashed against another stream of water. “Gyarados, watch out!” Wasaki shouted. “Blaziken is approaching from the water! Use Aqua Tail!”

    Gyarados stopped the attack, and from the water, Blaziken formed out. His leg extended before him and speeding towards Gyarados now that the water was gone, but Gyarados slammed her tail one more time and her body twisted as her tail faced Blaziken. Gale cringed as Gyarados’s muscles stiffened and her tail hit Blaziken’s body violently, sending him flying towards a tree that broke against their collision.

    “Great job, Gyarados,” Wasaki said cautiously. “But remember to keep it under control.”

    Gyarados nodded to her trainer, and twisted her body again to face their opponents. Amazingly, Blaziken was still standing, even after being hit by a Hydro Pump and an Aqua Tail. Gale’s confidence seemed to be fading away, but Blaziken was more determined than ever. He looked at Gyarados from the corner of his eyes as he walked back in front of his trainer.

    “Alright, Blaziken,” Gale said. “You’ve beaten some of these ugly creatures before. Use Quick Attack!”

    “Another Aqua Tail, Gyarados!” Wasaki ordered, and Gyarados began to repeat her actions.

    But Blaziken used amazing speed to reach her side and deliver a punch the caused the large Pokémon to growl in pain.

    “Now Slash!”

    His hand still against Gyarados’s body, Blaziken opened his claws and dragged them up her body as he jumped up.

    “Bite!” Wasaki ordered, and quickly knew his decision was right. Gyarados managed to grab Blaziken mid-air and hold on to him with her jaws, she tightened them a few times against him before she threw him at the concerned Gale, but Blaziken was still standing, although he started showing signs of fatigue.

    He looked back at his trainer with shame, but Gale reassured him. “Use another Slash,” he said comfortably. “And be careful.”
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    Default Re: The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!

    Woohoo, finally the sequel. I didn't really read the prequel because it caught me off guard but I'm glad I caught up with this one before the same thing happened again. The first chapter is good, it shows how much Wasaki has grown, though he had always been strong.

    There are some grammatical mistakes though, the first time Gyarados used Aqua Tail you wrote Water Tail you also did this.

    Gyarados stopped the attack, and from the water, Blaziken formed out. His leg extended before him and speeding towards Gyarados now that the water was gone, but Gyarados slammed her tail one more tail (this should've been time) and her body twisted as her tail faced Blaziken. Gale cringed as Gyarados’s muscles stiffened and her tail hit Blaziken’s body violently, sending him flying towards a tree that broke against their collision.

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    Default Re: The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!

    Thanks for reading and commenting! And Wasaki did change a little, but not as much as Noah did. And I'll get to fixing that mistake, thanks for pointing it out.

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    Default Re: The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!

    nice one kyuu/// another great story

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    Default The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!


    Blaziken quickly fell. He managed to deliver a few attacks, but two Aqua Tails were enough to beat it. Gyarados slammed her tail once more against the ground in anticipation of the next Pokémon, but her strength was fading; she was almost about to lose all her strength and fail the battle. She knew that her next opponent would be the last one she faced in this battle, but she had to fight anyway.

    Wasaki observed as Gale retreated the fainted Blaziken and produced another Poké Ball. “That was a good one, Wasaki,” Gale grinned, and Wasaki was amused by the fact that his opponent remembered his name. “You’re up next, Magnezone!”

    Gyarados seemed to frown internally, as if she lost hope in beating this opponent. Wasaki knew that Gyarados cannot take on Magnezone, but she was too weak to take on any other Pokémon as well.

    “Hydro Pump,” he said. “You did great, Gyarados!”

    “Thunderbolt,” Gale smirked. “You should think of your next opponent, Wasaki.”

    Noah kept on observing the battle; he was impressed with both players. Gale proved to be a very tough opponent, tougher than he had expected, and for a moment, he was convinced that Wasaki would lose. But his rival was even more powerful than he had anticipated. He knew that Wasaki trained his Pokémon lightly, and did not push them as hard as Noah did. He did stop putting them through the extremes, but Noah’s training methods were still challenging. Gyarados and Blaziken had a battle he never thought was possible with such a type disadvantage, but both of them did surprisingly well, and they both could easily become a challenge to Noah’s Pokémon. As he expected, Gyarados fell after Magnezone’s attack before she even started her attack, and Wasaki withdrew her.

    “I wonder what your next Pokémon is,” Gale said. “I’m sure it’s going to become another great fight.”

    “At least you’re not verbally abusing me anymore,” Wasaki chuckled. “Roserade, your turn!”

    An agile green Pokémon emerged from the Poké Ball. He held two roses of the same colour as he did when he was a Roselia. He stood close to Wasaki, a habit he took on ever since Wasaki’s life depended on him. Wasaki laughed at his Pokémon; he was more protective than Wasaki’s own mother.

    “No danger here,” Wasaki smiled. “Just a normal battle.”

    Roserade smiled and approached the battlefield. He faced the floating metal Pokémon and prepared for the battle.

    “A Roserade,” Gale seemed disappointed. “I’ve defeated a decent amount of those before; this should be easy.”

    “You brag too much,” Wasaki said. “Roserade, use Magical Leaf!”

    “That’s a bad decision,” Gale smirked. “Supersonic!”

    Gale’s order seemed to affect Wasaki more than the Pokémon on the battlefield. He clenched his fist, knowing that the first turn of the battle could decide the outcome, and shift the entire battle. Roserade was fully aware of the magnitude of this battle; he had to defeat Magnezone.

    His agile legs carried him across the field, occasionally jumping behind a tree to avoid Magnezone’s attack. The sonic waves were strong enough to cause the grass and trees to shake, and getting hit by one would result in Roserade not being able to control his actions properly.

    At that moment, where approaching the opponent seemed hopeless, Roserade did what Wasaki would have never expected. He bent his legs and jumped towards the lush leaves. The tree shook again as Magnezone hit it with another Supersonic, but the green leaves were still.

    Gale observed it intensely before realising what was going on. “Roserade’s in the tree!”

    In quick seconds, Magnezone pointed the magnets at the leaves, but it was too late. They began glowing with a rich purple colour, and they all flew at the opponent in succession. Magnezone’s body began to hover back against the leaves, before finally getting knocked down to the ground. On top of the tree stood Magnezone, legs against the now bare branches. He smiled back at Wasaki, who gave him a nod of approval, and then looked at Magnezone, who hovered out of a hill of leaves.

    “Sunny Day!” Wasaki shouted as soon as his admiration for Roserade was replaced by the awareness that Magnezone was still able to fight, and was acting on Gale’s next order.

    Roserade understood Wasaki’s strategy, while Gale seemed oblivious to it. His body started to relax on top of the tree, and new leaves began to sprout out of the naked wood. The entire natural green of the area shifted towards the sun, as if willing it to bless them with some sunshine.


    Roserade’s eyes shot open, and it was followed by a shot of pain. He felt his body flying from the tree towards a wall, and then crashing to the ground. He managed to bring his body up, and saw Magnezone in front of Gale with traces of electricity surrounding the magnets. The tree Roserade was standing on had caught on fire, and seemed to be consumed at a rapid rate; the sun was on their side now.

    That was it. Wasaki didn’t have to order the next attack. Roserade didn’t have to look back at Wasaki to see his reaction. They were both grinning evilly, and they knew it. Roserade’s two roses were brought together quickly, and they formed a clear ball that shot towards Magnezone. And as it crossed the distance between them, the sunrays caused it to catch on fire, and Magnezone was knocked back against the attack.

    “Clever strategy,” Gale said. “Never seen anyone use it before, but we can still beat you! Magnezone, get up!”

    “You can’t win now,” Wasaki said. “We have the advantage. Another Weather Ball!”


    The grass beneath Magnezone split apart as it flew with surprisingly speed towards Roserade. Time seemed to leave the area as Roserade fired another Weather Ball in less than a second. It exploded against Magnezone, but it was still approaching at amazing speed. And even though everything was happening faster than expected, the two trainers managed to observe every move, while Noah looked on in awe.

    Roserade could have easily dodged the attack; just one step and he would be out of the glowing Magnezone’s path, but he stood still. There was a loud sound, and a slight wave of energy that made the three humans almost lose their balance. Roserade’s roses and Magnezone’s magnets held onto each other, as if unwilling to let the other Pokémon go. Magnezone’s glow started returning, and the shock wave out of the explosion sent Wasaki and Gale to the ground, while Noah collided against the wall behind him.

    It took a while for the dust to clear. A crater had formed in the middle of the arena, with the two Pokémon in the middle of it, still holding each other. Wasaki got up slowly and walked towards his Pokémon, and Gale did the same.

    “That was impressive,” Wasaki congratulated his unconscious Roserade. “Though you should give me more credit.”

    Wasaki heard Gale praise Magnezone before returning it to his Poké Ball and turning to Wasaki. “What do you mean by more credit?”

    “Roserade saved my life back when it was a Roselia,” Wasaki said. “And to this day, he doesn’t think I can protect myself alone, which is why he didn’t step out of Magnezone’s way, which is why he held Magnezone close; he didn’t want the explosion to reach me.”

    “That’s astonishing,” Gale smiled. “I like him more now. Shall we continue our battle?”

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    Default The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!


    Wasaki and Gale were both back at either end of the hill. Between them was the slightly damaged battlefield; surely someone would scold them for it afterwards. A tree next to the entrance of the large castle had burned all it’s leaves away, and stood charred out of place next to the other lush ones. A small crater was in the center of the field, not large enough to neither hinder the battle nor cause any trouble for passing trainers, but defiantly a problem when it came to appearance.

    Noah sat on the ground, his back against the building, and toyed with a single Poké Ball in his hand. Surely he was stronger than both of them, and he repeated that to himself, but if the two were having that great of a battle, how would be fare against the top of the region?

    Gale had already accomplished what he wanted to; he had defeated Hoenn’s Champion, he was already a strong respected trainer. But expanding his fame to Sinnoh was what he wanted now, even though he didn’t have as much to lose as his opponent.

    Wasaki knew that the consequences for either outcome were too life changing to risk. He had to win in order to be able to find a cure for his mother’s illness. He had it all planned, but Gale was an unexpected obstacle. Have Noah defeat everyone, then go after him and defeat the weakened Elite 4, and eventually, Noah himself. But he couldn’t help but feel that something was going to go wrong in the process.

    But for now, both of these trainer’s goal was to defeat the other.

    “I think you’ll like my next Pokémon, Wasaki,” Gale smirked. “It’s native to Sinnoh, and you’ve with no doubt came across one during your travels.”

    Gale stepped forward, and walked towards the crater in the center of the field. “He likes to make an enterance, however,” he smiled. “And I’m willing to give him that.”

    Gale’s two hands surrounded themselves against a Poké Ball, and he forced it open near a hole. The entire arena seemed to shake violently as the Pokémon formed beneath the ground, pushing rocks on either side of the cliff out, and raising the ground beneath Gale. A single tree was forced out of the ground next to Gale, and Noah grinned as he recognised the Pokémon underneath the ground, while Wasaki seemed clueless.

    Then, with a large rumble and a violent shake, the dirt beneath Gale rose up, the grass split apart, and the Pokémon emerged out of the ground with a loud roar. A bigger crater formed where the Pokémon once hid himself, and Gale stood on top of the beast.

    “A Torterra?” Wasaki mocked both of his opponents. “I expected something much more impressive. I think you might have built up the tension a little bit over what I would’ve liked.”

    Torterra seemed to be more offended by that remark than his trainer, who remained on his back.

    “Let’s see how you plan to defeat it then,” Gale recoiled. “I’m guessing you’re going to send out another weak Pokémon.”

    “Depends on your definition of weak,” Wasaki said. “But in any case, she will be able to defeat your Torterra. Go, Beautifly!”

    With a flash, Beautifly emerged out of the Poké Ball, and produced a quick song that seemed to anger Torterra. She fluttered her wings rapidly as she observed the battlefield, and knew that the strong sun can only help Torterra in case he used a SolarBeam. She looked back at her trainer, and wished that she could carry him as Torterra was carrying Gale; that would just result in mocking Torterra further, and she giggled at the thought, looking insane to the people who didn’t know what she was thinking.

    “Start the battle already,” Noah sighed. “Make it quick.”

    “SolarBeam!” Gale shouted as he leaned on the tree on Torterra’s back, catching both of his opponent’s by surprise. Torterra spent no time charging up the attack, and as Beautifly had predicted, the attack was stronger and faster. The beam struck her left wing, and sent her spinning towards the ground. Her wings fluttered, trying desperately to stop the tumbling and get back into the air, but her damaged wing could not carry her, and the other one only helped the spinning. A cloud of dust kicked up as she smashed into the grass and dirt mixture and landed next to Wasaki.

    “You can’t fly properly now,” Wasaki was worried. “Use Silver Wind.”

    Beautifly nodded, and despite the difficulty of it, fluttered her wings at different speed. Wasaki was taken back; his Pokémon’s right wing was slow, while her damaged left was fast, returning her balance to her. But she didn’t attack, making her nod earlier pointless; instead, she anticipated Torterra’s next attack, which as she expected, was another SolarBeam.

    She giggled; Gale had fallen for it. He was convinced that the first SolarBeam was very effective in the battle, but didn’t take into consideration that the next attack could help Beautifly more than harm her. She sidestepped across the air, and allowed the SolarBeam to hit her right wing, causing the same damage.

    “Clever,” Wasaki’s mind clicked, while Gale remained unaware. “Now, how about that Silver Wing?”

    Beautifly nodded again, and Gale realised what had happened; she could fly properly now. Her wings fluttered at equal speed, and she can stay airborne for as long as her wings remain safe. She giggled again before sending some silver particles floating out of her proboscis, and flushing them with the wind towards Torterra.

    They multiplied within the wind, and caused painful stinging to Torterra. His body suffered multiple scratches and cuts, and the tree on his back, which Gale hid behind, lost some of it’s leaves. The large Pokémon stood it’s ground, though, and remained in the center of the crater he created when he emerged out of the ground, though winning was defiantly impossible. Beautifly managed to evade the many attacks Torterra fired in succession, SolarBeam after Razor Leaf after Energy Ball. They were all avoided easily, but gave no chance for attacking.

    Beautifly flew from side to side, hopelessly searching for a chance to attack, while protecting her only mean of staying in the air; falling to the ground would make her victim to the dreaded Earthquake she had had some experience with. At that point, attacking was out of the question, all Beautifly could do was evade the attacks that smashed against the surroundings, some causing damage, some sprouting new trees, some trimming the old and new trees. In Noah’s eyes, it was an utter natural chaos.

    “Fly ahead!” Wasaki ordered. “Not to the sides!”

    Beautifly trusted her trainer, even though she couldn’t understand why he would order such a thing. She started evading the attacks while moving forward, and it became harder to not get hit in the closer proximity.

    “Go up!”

    As Wasaki expected, Torterra was unable to attack the area straight above him, and that realisation came too late to Torterra and his trainer. Gale tried to order an attack, but Beautifly took the opportunity to launch her own. She recreated the Silver Wind that proved very effective, and soon, Torterra was wincing, and his legs started giving out.

    “I guess this concludes this battle,” Noah smirked. “That’s a weak Torterra.”

    Had he not fainted, Torterra would have surely charged at Noah and smashed him into the building, but Noah’s insults only reached Gale, who returned Torterra to his Poké Ball in shame as Beautifly giggled and fluttered around him.

    “You can’t fly forever,” Gale said through clenched teeth; he had higher hopes for the Torterra. “Your turn, Altaria!”

    With a flash and a loud song, Altaria appeared out of the Poké Ball and rose into the air with what looked like no effort at all. She was a blue bird-like Pokémon with fluffy wings that looked like clouds.

    “You know what to do,” Gale chuckled. “I guess this concludes this battle.”

    Altaria copied her trainer’s actions and chuckled at the Beautifly before firing an icy cold beam. It was too fast to be evaded, and Beautifly was struck harder than she had anticipated, and was sent to the ground.

    “That’s a weak Beautifly,” Gale said. “What’s your next Pokémon, Wasaki?”

    Beautifly was returned to her Poké Ball after a pat and some praise. Altaria was a very strong opponent; that much was obvious. She probably was as strong as Blaziken. Wasaki knew that sending a Pokémon that can fly into the battle would not be wise, as it was Altaria’s territory now. His only option was a Pokémon he wasn’t sure could even stand a chance in this battle.

    “Alright, I hope you do well,” Wasaki spoke to his Poké Ball. “Come on out.”

    A small white Pokémon shook his body and faced the flying Altaria. Electricity crackled lightly around him as he scratched his eyes. Noah and Gale were both disappointed with Wasaki’s choice; how can a Pachirisu even hope to defeat an Altaria?
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