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    Default Pichu's Quest (One Shot)

    This was just something weird. A one off tale about a Pichu named Debbie. Thanks. Inspired by the weekly prompt of "your Pokemon finding a video camera".


    It was a large bag, menacing, holding inside it a great reward, possibly the greatest achievement in her entire life. And it taunted her, begging her to unravel its contents and set them free. But it would upset her master, maybe. Maybe he wanted her to find a way to reach this unobtainable prize.

    What was inside it? How heavy was it? Did it have pretty lights? These were are valid questions the young, ambitious Pichu asked herself. Her name was Debbie, and she was the newest member of this family’s Pokemon. The black fur on Debbie’s ears always flared out, as if she had been continuously struck by lightning. That, or a Lickitung decided to stroll its own, giant tongue along poor Debbie’s head, leaving her with a permanent cow lick.

    Debbie flicked her nose in the air, curiously stiffing the strap of the bag that had fallen off the humongous table. It smelled new, but her master’s scent was there. This was his, and the bag arrived only recently. It was younger than her! She deserved to know its contents, it was well within her right as the oldest.

    The Pichu’s ears bobbed up and down as Debbie sneaked her way to the bedroom door, lifting her ears high, she strained to hear if there were any eavesdroppers about. The house was quiet. And now, it was time to get on the movie.

    Spinning on her heel, Debbie investigated the best route to the bag; The most carefully constructed would be to navigate along the master’s thin headboard without falling to her doom, then pounce along the window seal, jumping at the end to snatch the string connected to the blinds and swing across the chasm between the bed and shelf. Once on the shelf it was a matter of proceeding, carefully again, down the three shelves, until she was closest to the desk, and then reaching her goal.

    It was going to be no problem.

    It wasn’t until reaching the window seal that Debbie encountered any trouble; upon swinging from the rope, she accidentally managed to jerk the blinds down, which popped her in the behind, leaving a stripped, bruised red mark along her fur. Yelping in pain, Debbie was flung in the air and nearly missed the shelf, just barely managing to grasp its edge with her small paws.

    Exhaling heavily in annoyance, and rubbing her bruised bottom, Debbie inspected the rest of her perilous journey; it was going to be a walk in the park from here. Pouncing down the three shelves, which she treated like steps on a staircase, the eager Pichu made her last long jump to the desk, and her prize!

    Debbie may have been too eager, though. Landing on the desk, she slid across its top, desperately flinging her paws to get a grip. But only succeeding in getting her back paw hung on the bag’s strap, and she was sent hurling over the desk’s edge. To be left suspended upside down in the air.

    The Pichu groaned. And then took her tiny, razor teeth and began to gnaw at the black strap that had imprisoned her. When the bag did not relent, she started flailing about, throwing her arms, kicking her legs, and slowly, the bag started to give way. Debbie was slowly slipping out, but, unbeknownst to her, the bag was skirting the edge now. Her weight and pulling was going to bring the bag with her.

    Suddenly, Debbie found victory! Her foot had been freed of the villainous strap, and she fell headfirst into the floor. Dazed and confused, Debbie wobbled to her feet and shook her head, hopefully to sling her brain back in its proper place. With the room no long spinning, and normal blood flow achieved, Debbie raised her arms in pride, swinging her tiny arms in an assertive, egotistical fashion. She had defeated the bag.

    Until it collapsed on top of her.

    The tiny Pichu was nowhere to be seen, the entire bag had smothered her beneath it. Then an ear, two ears, and a large, round, yellow head poked itself out from the darkness of the bag. Debbie had survived.

    Tiny arms struggled to claw their way out from the weight. Debbie fought and growled against the bag, but it would not claim her this day!

    Obtaining a good footing, Debbie propelled herself forward, her thin limbs lifting the weight of the bag just enough to send her flying across the room and into a pile of the master’s clothes.

    All was quiet, until the clothes moved, like a heaving monster from the dark, and a baseball cap pounced at the bag. Were it not for the tail revealing itself from a hole in the cap, to the average eye it would have looked like a haunted cap was waging war against the bag. This was obviously not the case.

    Debbie gnawed and scratched at the bag, attempting to tear away at its contents. The prize it held would be hers! The mystery of the bag would be revealed, once she found a way to open it.

    The Pichu threw away the baseball cap, and calmed herself down. Strolling deliberately around the bag, observing it for any sudden moves, but she would be ready for the offensive.

    This bag had given away, but the prize was still locked away inside. Debbie looked, watching for any clues, and that was when she found the metal zipper. Pulling that would spill the bag’s guts!

    Debbie hopped atop the bag and sniffed the zipper. She grabbed the metal with her teeth and carefully pulled it away from the bag’s end. When she was finished, Debbie lifted the flap and peered inside, the prize was now hers!

    It was a video camera; Plain and black with buttons that, when pressed, did nothing, for her anyway. Debbie fell over, off the bag, and onto her back. Her journey was a failure. And she fell asleep.

    The End
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    Default Re: Pichu's Quest (One Shot)

    Aw, I just love how you characterized Debbie here--maybe one day her master can show her what the buttons do?
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