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    Default The Phantom of Altomare (PG-13)

    I am reviving my Phantom of the Opera/Pokemon cross-over. As I said before, this wouldn't just contain Andrew Lloyd Webber's version, so if you get confused, just sit back and enjoy the odd twists.

    This fic is rated PG-13 for future scenes of violence, and of course obcession. Not to mention the ever so spicy Donphan Triumphant!

    Note:I set this in Altomare before the 5th movie because Altomare seemed perfect.

    NOTE: I do not own the Phantom of the Opera. I wish I did. If I did I would go see it in the premier seats all the time. ^_^

    Chapter 1: Prologue

    Ash gazed out over the dark water from the window of the Rue Scribe Pokecenter and sighed. It had taken them 12 days to reach Altomare, and they could not do anything. Misty had vigorously proclaimed Brock's guilt for the delay of her precious gondola tour, but now it didn't matter. He had quiet once again since Brock and Misty had decided to turn in.

    Pikachu crept up to Ash and sat on the window sill next to him. It glanced at him and crooned in what was a decidedly disappointed tone.


    Ash reached out his hand absent-mindedly to stroke the yellow pokemon as he continued to stare outside.
    "Are you disappointed too, Pikachu?" Pikachu nodded it's head and slumped down to lay on the sill.

    The marine fog had already set in lending an ethreal quality to the landscape of the canals. Not a single soul was left out in the street. Suddenly, Pikachu jumped to full attention. It's sudden movement jostled Ash from his stupor, and he turned to the pokemon.

    "What's wrong Pikachu?" he asked. Pikachu tweaked its ears again in response, puzzling Ash until he too heard what had alarmed Pikachu.

    Thin strains of music were wafting through the open window, playing a mournful slow song. It was beautiful music, music that brought tears to both Ash's and the little Pokemon's eyes. It continued into a high despairing crescendo and then nothing.

    Regaining his senses from the spell of that music, Ash peered into the darkness trying to catch a light, a shadowy movement, or anything that liquid gold could have eminated from. Nothing was in sight. He scratched his head in puzzlement. It seemed that no one had been out there to create that sound. Unable to come up with a plausible explanation for that music on the air, Ash picked Pikachu up off the window silll and made his way over the the bunk bed he was sharing with Brock.

    Brock stirred in his sleep and muttered something about "pretty women silhouetted in windows," as Ash settled into the lower bunk with Pikachu.

    "I'm guessing we need some sleep buddy." Ash mumbled as he sank beneath the covers and began to drift off to sleep. As he closed his eyes, the music rang out once again in his mind.


    Author's Note: That is not all of Chapter 1. I am so deathly tired that I shall have to type up the rest of Chapter 1. I know things have been boring here, but soon it shall become interesting!

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    Actually, for a prologue, it's pretty good. All a prologue does is foreshadow the events to come, so you could start chapter one when you next post. This should be an interesting read.

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    Well, after reading it, I wonder what Ash is so dissapointed. Plus, the title caught my attention as well. I'm hoping for something really nice to happen to Ash in this for some reason.

    I'll keep reading if you keep putting out the chapters. ^^
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