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This is my own Prequel to Maxie. I got far, and I know it has poor writing skills, but the story is great!

The PBF Academy (Pokemon Battle Frontier)
Book #1:Prepare for PBF!

Prologue: (Part 1)

Meet Maxie, a young trainer with a Combusken, a fire-type Pokemon. Maxie has short red hair, a long black and red shirt; around 22, and long black pants and black shoes. He had Combusken since he got him as a Torchic from Professor Birch. He went to Hoenn to study Pokemon, but didn’t have one until he saw Prof. Birch studying field habitats. Prof. Birch had 3 starters Pokemon, and Maxie wanted to study Fire Pokemon, so he was given Torchic to train. He battled random people while he was studying, and one day, while studying a volcano, a Huge Red, and black Pokemon aroused from the lava, gave a loud screech, and walked away. All Maxie saw was spikes on its sides, a 2-leged walking figure, and had giant claws. The Pokemon was giant it’s self. Since then, he discovered that he saw a legendary Pokemon named Groudon. Besides that, he wanted to become strong, and even harness Groudon’s energy. For now, he studied and found the PBF Academy, where he will become stronger and learn more about Pokemon.

Prologue: (Part 2)

Meet Archie, also a young trainer and great intellect. He liked to study water Pokemon, and had gotten a Mudkip from Prof. Birch. Archie had a blue bandana on his head, a black coat (With no shirt which showed some hair on his chest), and black pants and boots. One day, like Maxie, he was underwater by an island and went very deep, until a giant Pokemon swam by, like a fish Pokemon. It had fins on its body, and had 2 fins on its side, and a tail fin. It was a large blue Pokemon, and Archie was interested. He sent out Mudkip, and used every attack from tackle, to head butt, to water gun, but nothing worked on the giant Pokemon. At first, Archie thought it was the legendary Lugia, but it appeared to be the legendary Kyogre, and went to PBF Academy to study more on water Pokemon, and learn how to catch the legendary Kyogre and become powerful.

Prologue: (Part 3)

The Academy is located on the same island with the Battle Frontier and the teachers are the frontier brains. This academy tests the trainer’s skills this way, and they get to take their challenges. There is one large building on the island for the rooms for the trainers to sleep in. For now, everyone was in their own room, and later, during the academy, everyone will share a room with their partner to spend the rest of the academy with and they can work together, build strategies, and more. Students take their classes in a special room in every battle frontier building, and the teachers where the frontier brains.

Chapter 1: Arrival at PBF

On the ship, Maxie awaits to be dropped off the island and to get registered. After waiting in the long line, a lady gives him a Frontier Pass, which means he is registered, and his data is recorded on a chip inside the pass. He goes into the academy under the wonderful blue arches with the Battle Frontier Symbol on them, and then where he could see all the buildings in the big area. There was many flowers and trees, calm water surrounding the island, and wonderful buildings. As he walks towered the large 3 story dorm building, he sees the large ship leave and to go back to Hoenn.
His pass says his room was 202. He went to the seconded floor and found room 202. He saw Archie go to the top floor, and opened the door by sliding his pass into the slot in the lock, and the door opened. There was a nice clean, and small room with a large desk, Pokemon Handbook, and bed, with a large window that always showed light in the room in the morning. He placed his Poke balls on the desk, and released his Combusken to let him walk around the room. Combusken seemed to enjoy it as Maxie smiled at him. He knew that it was going to be a great year!

Chapter 2: Tour of the Battle Frontier

The next day, Maxie woke up in the morning and went to the main lobby of the dorm building. At the lobby, was Scott, the manager of the battle frontier, and Noland, one of the frontier brains.
“Attention!” called Scott, “I will be giving you the tour of the battle frontier, and will be done with the help of Noland, the frontier brain of the Battle Factory. First, there are 8 building that contain a frontier brain. Noland is from the Battle Factory, which we will visit first, so line up!”
Everybody got into one long straight line, including Maxie.
“I can’t wait to see all the great challenges.” Maxie thought as he moved with the line.
Scott led them to a large building of yellow and brown.
Scott explained, “This is Noland’s battle factory, which is where challengers battle using rental Pokemon. Everyone does, including Noland, and it is always fair. You get to choose from 6 Pokemon, and pick 3. After every win, you can trade one of your rental Pokemon, for one of the opponent’s Pokemon that you defeated. Let’s move on.”
Next, the group moved upward, and up some stairs. Noland returned to the Battle factory. The building was dome shaped, as Scott explained, “This is the battle dome, where you pick of your Pokemon, and battle in a 4 round Pokemon tournament. Before every battle, you can see your opponents Pokemon, and players pick 2 of their 3 Pokemon at each battle. The leader here is Tucker, and with that, let’s move on!”
The group walked past the Battle dome and to their right a large tower with many floors.
Scott explained, “This is the battle tower, where you fight to the top. You can battle by yourself or with a partner using 2-3 Pokemon depending on what mode your doing. The leader is Anabel. That is all for that, so let’s go down these steps.”
Going down the next set of stairs, and to the right, there was a Pyramid building.
“This is the Battle Pyramid where you go through many floors and battle wild Pokemon and trainers in the dark. After every battle, you get more light. If you get to the leader’s floor, you would battle the leader, Brandon.”
Going down and going to the left, there was a kind of house where you would see karate.
“This is the Battle Arena, where you fight, but if the battle lasts longer then 3 turns, judges will decide the winner of the round by the Pokemon’s mind, body, and skill. The leader here is Greta.”
“If you walk down you will see the Battle Palace at this red building. You cannot command your Pokemon so you have to test your sprit and communication. The leader is Spenser.
While walking back to the academy, people saw a Seviper building with a door in its mouth.
Scott said, “This is the Battle Pike, where you choose from 3 doors, and anything from wild Pokemon, to battles, to conditions can happen. The leader is Lucy.”
Back at the academy, everyone got a map and guide to help him or her see where they would like to go. The classes are done by what people what to do for what they wish to train with like if they wanted to get there spirit trained at the Battle Palace.
At night, Maxie went into his room and put the Battle Frontier Guide on his desk and lay in bed. He was too excited to sleep, but classes started the next day, and he had to decide what he wanted to do first.

Chapter 3: Battle for a Partner!

Beep…beep…click! Maxie’s alarm clock woke him up at 6:00 a.m. so he wouldn’t be late to his classes that begin at 7:00. He took his Frontier guide and went to the main lobby for breakfast. He got some milk, pancakes, bacon, and French toast. He sat at table by himself because he didn’t know anybody. Archie had a gang, and was an evil guy. His room was a wreck, that’s for sure.
Maxie thought, “Let’s see, I need to get more Pokemon, so for now, I will probably go take a class in the Battle Factory, since I don’t use my own Pokemon, and I only have Combusken.”
At 6:50, he walked to the Battle Factory, and went inside and took the hallway to go to the class. There was already several students in the room, and Maxie took a seat towered the front. At 7:00, Noland walked in with his white coat, black shirt, gloves, boots, and red cap.
“Hello class, I’m Noland as you know and this is the Battle Factory. To review, here you battle using rental Pokemon. I understand most of you are here because you need to get more Pokemon, or to train your Pokemon for the others. In this class, you will learn about how to use other Pokemon from a trade, rental, or borrow. I am passing out a book for the Battle Factory. When you get it, please turn to page 124.”
After class, Maxie talked to some guys about what they learned, which was what you had to do to train a different Pokemon that’s not yours. On the way back to the dorm, there was a kid who wanted to battle.
“My name is Zack, and would like to battle someone. Will you battle me sir?”
Maxie laughed, “Sure, just let me put my books over on the bench and we will do a 1 on 1 battle.”
Zack agreed, and sent out a Treeko. Maxie sent out his Combusken.
“This should be an easy battle.” Thought Maxie.
Zack started, “O.k., Bullet Seed!”
Maxie told Combusken, “Dodge and use ember!”
Combusken just sled to the right, missing the seeds, and blew fire out of its mouth. Treeko attempted to dodge, but just got hit.
Zack startled, “Are you O.K.? Use Absorb!”
Maxie said, “Combusken, Fire Blast!”
Combusken was hit, but it didn’t affect him much, and it did Fire Blast, making Treeko faint with a direct hit!
Maxie said, “Looks like I win. Good Battle! Your Treeko is good.”
Zack said, “Good Battle to you too! Hey, do you want to be my partner?”
Maxie said, “No, because I need to catch more Pokemon, and no offence, but I need someone stronger. Just take care of Treeko, and you will be set to go. Bye.”
Maxie got his books, and went into his room. He did his homework which was easy, and looked through the Battle Frontier guide.
“I wonder where I can catch Pokemon.” He thought, and he saw 2 ways he could do it. The book said:
-You can catch minor Pokemon in our surrounding areas, or get a supporter in Hoenn to catch a Pokemon, by sending where the Pokemon is, and the Ball for them to use.
“Hm, maybe I can get my friend, Steven, to do it. I know that he is going to be one of the greatest Pokemon Master’s in the world soon. I need to ask him for an Absol, and a Machop. Then in the cave, I will try to get an Aron.”
Maxie placed in 3 Poke balls in a box, and a leader to Steven of what Pokemon he wanted, then he got 3 Poke Balls, and went into a near by cave that had many kinds of Pokemon.
He went into the cave that already had light, and sent out Combusken, when a Larion attacked. It was the evolution of Aron.
“Use ember, but not too powerful because that’s its weakness.’ He said.
Combusken burned it with the attack, and Maxie threw a Poke Ball. It shook once, twice, and was released.
“Drat, I thought it would go, but I should weaken it more!” said Maxie.
“Use Scratch”
Even though it was as hard as a rock, he did it to weaken it, and the burn hurt Larion.
“Let’s try again”
He threw another Poke Ball, and it shook once, twice, three, and was caught.
“All right, I finally got another Pokemon. I’m going to train you Larion!”
Maxie returned to his dorm to take a rest for the day, and to return to the Battle Factory the next day!

Chapter 4: Dealing with his rival (Part 1)

Maxie got up the next morning and went down to the lobby, where he had eggs for breakfast. Archie came down by himself.
Maxie thought, “Archie has been wired lately, and he has been keeping an eye on me for a while. I wonder what he’s up to.”
He then went out and walked around with his Poke Balls that contained Combusken and Larion, which was good enough for a double battle. He still needed one more Pokemon. He took the Battle Factory class again.

2 Weeks later…

“Mail call”, said the mail lady at the lobby.
Maxie rushed down from his room in which he was studying.
“Do I have a package?” he said.
The mail lady gave him a package as Maxie grabbed it and ran back into his room. It was from Steven, and inside was a note and a Poke Ball. The letter said:

Dear Maxie,

I hope you got other Pokemon to catch besides with all my help. I caught a Pokemon that is a good fighter, and I hope you enjoy it. I have been training, but I will try to get you more Pokemon soon.


“Go Poke Ball” yelled Maxie, has a medium sized Pokemon came out.
“Oh wow! A Machoke. I must train him, and now I have 3 Pokemon.”
Maxie was excited, and read about the other classes, since he got his 3rd Pokemon. Hopefully, he can use them in his next battle very well.
After walking out of the Dorm building, he got a big Whack! In his face, and a punch. He got a black eye from Archie.
“You weakling! I bet you are going to cry!” said Archie.
Maxie, with a black eye on his left eye fought back, “What did you do that for?”
Archie laughed, “Because, I want to be more powerful then you. You are week, and you’re my only rival since we seen the legendaries, Kyogre and Groudon. I will obtain their power!”
“Well, then let’s have a Pokemon battle, 3 on 3!” said Maxie with anger.
“I will beat you!” smirked Archie, “Right now!”