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    Default The path of the pseudo-champion (SuBuWriMo)

    I have been several weeks inactive and I think it's about time to come back. I saw the SuBuWriMo challenge; I have to saw that it was perfect timing. I have been preparing a story for a while so I'll apply it for SuBuWriMo. And with this, I'm hoping to become a little more active again in the forums.

    Chapter 1: Brace yourself!

    The story was already getting boring. He read it over and over again and it seemed as if there was nothing better to do. Well, in fact, there WASN’T anything better to do than read the same, overused story of the Pokémon trainer who departed out of the little town and travelled throughout the whole region, battling with trainers, winning Gym matches, and challenging the Pokémon League, engaging in battle with the champion and, after a hard-fought battle, cooperation between trainer and Pokémon eventually led to the result: the challenger was the new Pokémon Champion. And the boy read the story again, and again, and one last time before he was called for breakfast. He had lost another night’s sleep because of that stupid tale that his mom had bought him a while back, but it was just too interesting. Or was it not? He had thought at very beginning of the night that the story was getting boring, yet he read it all night for the twentieth time.

    Although fourteen, the boy was tall enough to be believed a couple of years older. He had curly, darkish hair with a pair of pimples across his face that ashamed him in front of his friends in Castelia. He was just another trainer wannabe that wandered through the city in the summer vacations, but spent a lot of time reading the book about the trainer. He was inspired; he loved the book and any thought of dumping it because it was boring would simply vanish into the enormous abysm where his brain held stupid or unnecessary impulses that actually developed into a thought. But then again, what was interesting about that book? Just another generic journey story. However, like before, the thought disappeared and he got excited again. He was just so hyperactive that he couldn’t stop thinking in copying the guy from the book, and start his own adventure.

    “This does it mom!” managed Jim between gulps of coffee. “Today, I’m becoming a Pokémon trainer!”

    “Sweetie, this is the twentieth time you’ve said that,” sighed her mom. “Maybe buying you that book wasn’t a good idea at all, was it?”

    “Are you serious?! That book is the best thing that has happened on my life!” was Jim’s response. “Today’s the day! I’m becoming the best Trainer ever!”

    With these words, he rose quickly, thanked for the food, got dressed with the speed of lightning and bolted out of his apartment, went down the elevator and reached the city on its full. Castelia was amazingly huge, but he knew every single building, every single alley, and every single street. He stormed off to Castelia Gym, where he was sure that Burgh, the gym leader, would give him a tip and a Pokéball to start his journey by catching a Pokémon. The day was sunny as always and the atmosphere was wonderful, the Pidove in the air used their Round attack (which wasn’t learned normally) and a beautiful song spread through the city, encouraging Jim even more to have a Pokémon of his very own, fight Gym Leaders, and win the League. Just like the book. Books were always right, weren’t they? If they weren’t, why were they written in the first place? Who would be so idiotic to write lies? Jim guessed nobody. So, although exhausted, Jim reached Burgh as the latter was leaving the Gym.

    “Oh Jim, it’s you!” began Burgh. “Why, I was looking for you.”
    “Are you serious, Mr. Burgh?!” blurted Jim excitedly. “Are you going to give me a Pokémon so that I can travel in Unova and be the greatest?!”

    Burgh’s eyebrows lowered as he smiled slightly.

    “Unfortunately for you, no.” Jim’s enormous grin disappeared as the Castelia Gym Leader kept on. “Your mom called. She wanted to make sure you were O.K.”

    “Oh…” replied the kid, pissed off.

    “You still want to go on your own journey, am I right?” Burgh asked, thinking of something that would cheer Jim up.

    “Yeah… but mom says that I’m so excited and that I’m not mature enough, and that these things will eventually cause that I’m back home.” Jim told Burgh with an air of disappointment.

    “Hmm… well, at least you should have your own battler!”

    “Excuse me?”

    “Look, Jim. I usually train my Pokémon in the Pinwheel Forest. You know where it is, right?”

    “Uh, yeah… after the bridge, I guess?” Jim answered, a little confused.

    “Precisely!” smiled Burgh, briefly closing his eyes. “Go there, I bet that there may be some Pokémon of your level to catch.”

    The gym leader started to look for a Pokéball in his bag, but by the time he found it, the boy wasn’t there. Jim was always reckless; he wanted things in the moment and not later, reason for which he reached the bridge in a matter of seconds. But at the middle of it, he stopped to watch the beautiful view in the firmament.

    The weather was pleasant, the skies were clear and he could easily see the Basculin jump out of the water beneath the bridge. He thought about his life, about how he was going to start out as a trainer finally and about how his mother would refuse but he would not care, he would ignore her for the first time in his life and become a respected trainer, maybe the champion, or, if this was impossible, a gym leader. He would apply and everything would be fine, and he’d come to his mom after his long journey and prove her wrong.

    Pinwheel Forest was right after Skyarrow Bridge and was quite huge. As he entered it, his heart felt heavy and he had the feeling was about to go wrong. Jim ignored it however, he felt like that a lot of times and it was nothing most of the time. As he slowly walked into the forest, the amazement of its green beauty diminished the boy’s rush to have a Pokémon of his own. Now, the skies were covered and the view was slightly dark; the Pidove no longer sang in atop the clouds but were rather hidden in between the patches of long grass.

    As the stunned boy approached the center of the forest, he saw a small Venipede coming towards him. Confused, Jim tried to grab it and pet it a little, although he didn’t realize that the Venipede was actually going to a Whirlipede behind him. The Whirlipede, looking Jim as a threat to her baby, approached the boy and one of its arms glowed purple, stabbing Jim right in the back.

    Jim’s blood froze and his sclera widened as he felt the poison. Helpless, he turned back to see what had happened, but as he finished to do that, he got tackled by both Pokémon, making of his pain unbearable. He rolled down through a small mountain and eventually crashed with a tree, hitting himself quite hard in the back. As he moaned in pain, he tried not to lose consciousness as of his bad luck with Pokémon, because if there was something not safe was definitely getting lost in a forest full of Pokémon.

    All of a sudden, a flock of Pidove appeared on top of him and began inspecting him, checking him out since; apparently, Jim had shook their home. The Pidove looked at the boy quite puzzled, while the boy prayed for the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon to spare his life by allowing him to recover. And they did. Circling him, the Pidove checked Jim’s life signs and let him rest a couple of minutes until he felt the poison from the earlier Whirlipede fading, and he already felt better from his damaged back. The Pidove that appeared to be the leader of the flock did a little bow and smiled warmly. Jim smiled back as he rose up. However, while doing this, he accidentally stepped on the Pidove’s foot.

    “DOOOVE!” screamed the Pokémon while flapping its wings on his feet so that the pain would be subdued. As it did, the little Flying-type glared the human and so did the rest of the flock.

    “Snap!” shouted Jim before running at the top of his feet, with the Pidove following closely.

    The atmosphere was now so tensioning that Jim could barely keep up with it. Each step was nightmare as his back reminded him painfully that he had just hit himself against a strong tree, but, disregarding the pain, each step was more of a path that slowly reached him through the green blur that wasn’t recognizable at all while he was running among Pinwheel Forest, followed by a group of angry Pidove who, because of their speed, kept up with him better than expected.

    On the distance, he began seeing a river and knew that there had to be a way of using it to escape from the Pidove. As he reached it, dodging a pair of small bushes, the Pidove gave a war cry and used their Gust attack to push Jim into the water, and, he unaware of the fact, was unable to react and fell into the water, drinking the liquid as he breathed under it. He felt a little drown, so he rose to the surface only to find that he was being pushed by the water instead of the Pidove´s Gust attack. Instead, they had just stayed where he was in the first place before getting thrown to the river. How strange, actually. Were Pidove afraid of water?

    It didn’t matter much, he had to focus on getting out of the water since he was being pulled by the current and it was actually quite strong. However, in the worst moment, he couldn’t feel his leg and cursed under his breath as he realized that the reason had been a Basculin that had bit his leg underwater, thus leaving it immobilized. He struggled to get to the river’s bank to no avail, the naughty Basculin had bit his other leg and was laughing loudly at his despair.

    Before, Jim had prayed for the Pidove not to attack him but now the situation was a waterfall in front of him and he was unable to react with his legs; instead, he struggled with his hands to counter the powerful current. The Basculin, seeing this, opted for using its Water Gun to push the current even further and make Jim fall. There was no escape.

    He heard the loud splash and felt the weight of the water in his body as he was rendered useless by the water and rose to the surface by effect of the water rather than himself. He was tired, he was hurt, but overall, he was amazed. Yes, amazed. Astonished at his own endurance, and deeming as incredible his bad luck too. Why were Pokémon attacking him so violently? The book never talked about this. There was only bonding on the book, not violent attacks of hordes of creatures which had great power. The protagonist in the book was always happy; he had to fight, it was true, but not in the fights HIMSELF, but let the Pokémon fight each other instead. It was part of the confidence that the two shared. But he, lacking any Pokémon, was to get his hands dirty. Maybe that was the problem. He had to catch, like Burgh had said, his own battler. Then things would start to get better.

    As he slowly got out of the water, moaning in pain, he realized that he had fallen a great distance but, underneath, it was just a lake where the waterfall ended. At least a good thing, Jim thought, since he wasn’t to be pulled again by a strong current or by any Red-striped hotheaded fish. However, his hopes diminished as he saw that a pink blur approached him.

    “Please…whatever you are…don’t hurt me…” pleaded Jim in desperation. He barely managed to utter the right words out of his mouth. But Audino didn’t care and came closer, kneeling and touching the human’s chest. And in that moment, where Jim would have passed out, he regained his strength as his back was cured and his legs were once again working to perfection.

    “Audino…” muttered the boy. He knew the species because it was his mom’s main Pokémon, and knew that it had just used Refresh to recover his strength. Why, it wasn’t a bad idea to catch that Audino. For once, it was relieving to see a Pokémon which wouldn’t attack him, why not have it for himself?

    But then, he realized that his effort of coming so far, had been completely useless. How on earth would he catch a Pokémon without a Pokéball? Any beast would not join him freely until he was to have a stupid ball, and to make things worse, he was lost in a forest with no hell of chance to get out. Maybe a flying-type could help, but what was the point anyway? He had been reckless and that was going to cost him his life, probably.

    Still, there was nothing to lose if he asked Audino to join him even without the Pokéball. Maybe, just maybe, the Hearing Pokémon would be so good and benevolent, that it will joing him anyway.

    “DOOVE!” was the sound heard right after Jim’s thought, and with it, the flock of Pidove used Quick Attack at Audino, knocking the Pink Pokémon on the spot.

    Jim slowly turned in horror.

    There they were, the same Pidove that had attacked him earlier because he had stepped on their leader. And much to his dismay, they had knocked out the only Pokémon who could help him out. He approached Audino, to see if it was O.K. but only got blown away as a result by the flock’s Gust. He started like flying and was sent into the distance of the forest.

    Why had they attacked Audino in the first place? Maybe they had seen it help him out, reason for which they saw it as an enemy too. But why had the Audino helped him, as well? He knew that his mother’s Audino was gentle with everyone but he didn’t know it was common to all Audino. But then again, he was thinking about something that wasn’t important at all: he had to think of a way to get away of the Pidove, despite the fact that he was already attached to a Pokémon who saved his life.

    As he flew, Jim felt crashing against three different Pokémon but the strength of the wind didn’t allow him to see what Pokémon were they. On the other side, the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon came closer, flapping wings and gusting hard against him and the other three. Soon, their wind was so strong that they got behind and Jim, together with the other three, ended in some sort of shrine with a lot of tall grass, consistent trees that surrounded a little bush with some sort of berries. Upon stopping, Jim got separated from the Pokémon he had crashed with and watched as a Tranquill, a Swadloon and a Whirlipede looked furiously at him, believing him to be the cause of what had just happened.


    This turn of events was ridiculous. How come his eagerness to own a Pokémon had led to almost the whole forest against him? It was plain stupid to believe that the things would be rainbows and flowers, but even in this bleak situation, Jim trusted the book. The thing was, the book was just a coloring book which he hadn’t even completed to color. It was a kid’s book. His mother had thought that it’d encourage her son after his depression of not being able to do anything. Maybe he would have gotten distracted, yet this was too much. Unaware of the events, Jim’s mother was thinking that his son was playing around Castelia, while he was actually about to get pummeled by Pinwheel Forest and its natural inhabitants.

    But suddenly, Jim saw in the distance that the Pidove were coming again, ready to finish him off, until they saw Tranquill, Swadloon and Whirlipede and their desire to do the same to Jim. The boy stared at the leader of the flock, ignoring completely the three beasts with intentions of attacking him, and saw in his eyes rage, jealousy. It had been something trivial, but the human had to be punished and those three maggots were thinking that they could do it themselves. Jim saw this, he knew it; he was no Sommelier but it was clear that the Pidove held rage against him and he had pride, too, so the human just stood up, waiting for Pidove to take any belligerent actions against the three “bullies”, and hoping for it to work.

    As the flock arrived in the scene, Leader Pidove shot an Air Cutter out of its wings to the Tranquill in the middle, knowing that Gust wouldn’t do any better since there was no escape from behind. Enraged, Tranquill turned back as the rest of the Pidove copied their leader, attacking Whirlipede and Swadloon with Air Cutter. Jim sighed in relief as he felt that the Pidove would soon overpower the trio and he would be able to escape in the meantime.

    However, Jim found himself even more trapped since the amount of trees behind him blocked his way, and going forward was not a choice unless he wanted himself obliterated by the Air Cutters, Razor Leaves, and Poison Stings that were shot from one side to another. Nevertheless, he tried find an answer in the bush behind him – maybe there was a berry that would calm the Pokémon down? - and found a hard ball in the middle of it. As he took it out of the bush, he lifted his arm with the ball and the slightly dark sky showed the metallic and spherical device that Jim had longed for during so much time.

    “A Pokéball!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. His scream wasn’t heard though, the ensuing battle in front of him was harder than thought and apparently, the trio had the upper hand. Literally, there raining Pidoves. Jim looked on carefully and noticed that there were actually more Pidoves than the ones who followed him in the first place. Maybe some of them were joining in mid-battle?

    Jim thought of catching one of them but it actually seemed pretty useless to toss a ball in this stage of the battle: the rest would continue battling nonetheless. Plus, a healthy Pokémon wouldn’t let catch, he needed a weakened Pokémon but not fainted since, if he really wanted to go out, he needed to fight his way through the forest yet again. He could only wait for the income of the battle, which was anyway finishing by the time.

    Tranquill, Whirlipede and Swadloon were tired but not given up yet. Leader Pidove was still standing but was breathing heavily as it dodged a Razor Leaf and countered to Whirlipede with a Quick Attack. Tranquill took the chance and fired Air Cutter, hitting Pidove directly and sending it to the ground. It was the last one. However, before the trio could turn back to their “pray”, Leader Pidove shone brightly and was no longer Pidove seconds later.

    With newfound strength, the new Tranquill shot a pair of Air Cutters at blinding speed to Whirlipede and Swadloon, knocking them out on the spot. Tranquill, not caring about its fallen teammates (which he was planning to knock out anyway, but was forced to cooperate with them in the battle), charged in with a Quick Attack, leaving the white and silver trail where he had been. Leader Tranquill, realizing this, countered with the same move, making them clash in the battlefield. However, both were so tired that the maneuver fainted them both, making them fall from the air to the ground where infinity of Pokémon had lost consciousness.

    Jim dropped his jaw in amazement. That had been a superb battle, in which, despite outnumbered greatly, Tranquill, Whirlipede and Swadloon had held their own and could have won if Leader Pidove’s determination hadn’t stopped them, effectively tying. And there he was, free of all threats to his life, conscious, healed from all wounds, and with the chance to catch one of these powerhouses.

    Strategically thinking, Swadloon and Whirlipede were out of the picture since Burgh used Bug types and we would not have an advantage if he were to challenge him. The Pidove were strong, but had fallen to Swadloon and Whirlipede which made them too weak for his likes. So both Tranquill appeared to be the choice, although he hesitated which of them was stronger. Probably Leader Tranquill: as a Pidove, it had withstood all of the attacks that came from his opponents, had evolved, and knocked out all three of them.

    Jim bent towards the two Tranquill and found himself with a great problem: they were unrecognizable! It was impossible to tell apart which was which, so, hoping that his bad luck had ended, he tossed the ball against the right one, and, after three times of “ball shaking”, Jim heard *cling!*, and picked up the ball in emotion. He forgot what he had undergone that day, he finally had it. From now on, he was to follow the book.

    “Brace yourself, world,” blurted the boy to no one in particular, with a couple of joy tears. “Cause here comes Jim.”
    The path of a pseudo-champion.

    SuBuWriMo total: 3588 words.

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    Default Re: The path of the pseudo-champion (SuBuWriMo)

    This was a fantastic start to a journey fic. That's what it's going to be, right? You did everything right that a begining should get right.You introduced the protagonist in a very good way and I really liked the way you showed the three types of pokemon attacking at once. The ending was kinda clique but overall I'd like to read more.

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    Default Re: The path of the pseudo-champion (SuBuWriMo)

    Why, thank you! I'm glad to see you like it.
    Unfortunately, I'm leaving for a while to a place without Internet, so I'll guess you'll have to wait for the next chapter, but yes, it is indeed a journey fic.

    Thanks for commenting! :)
    The path of a pseudo-champion.

    SuBuWriMo total: 3588 words.


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