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    Post Paper Mario Crossworlds

    This my second fanfic and I hope you enjoy this one. I have been thinking about this one since my recent playthrough of Paper Mario. So enjoy.

    Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Game Freak, Mario and Zelda belong to Nintendo, Sonic belongs to Sega.

    Chapter one: Bowser crashes the party and steals the castle

    Once upon a mushroom... Far, far away beyond the sky, way above the clouds, it's been said that there was a haven where the Stars lived. In the sanctuary of Star Haven there rested a fabled treasure called the Star Rod, which had the power to grant all wishes, anywhere. Using this wondrous Star Rod, the seven revered Star Spirits watched over the seven peaceful worlds carefully...very carefully. Then one day, a terrible thing happened...The evil king Bowser appeared in Star Haven and stole the Star Rod! Using its incredible power he quickly imprisoned the seven Star Spirits! Taking off quickly, he set out to take over everything.

    Five heros from three worls enjoyed relaxation and peace in their worlds. A green swordsmon, an equine like being, an electric rodent, a blue hedgehog, and a pink puffball became fast friends with mario. Mario was unaware of the trouble in star haven, but at his home in the Mushroom Kingdom awaiting his letter from Princess Peach. Bioth Mario and Luigi were invited to the party they did not know of the trouble that may come.

    At a house in a wooded area northwest of Toad Town was the home of the famous Mario Bros. Just then a paratroopa named Parakarry, placed a letter in the mailbox and shouted, "Mail Call!" Luigi went outside to get the letter and went back inside and called to Mario. "Mario, its a letter from Princess Peach!" Mario came to the room with Luigi with a look of eagerness.

    "I'll read the letter to you okay bro." Luigi asked and then pulled the letter out, "Lets see here.."

    I'm throwing a party at my castle today! Mario and Luigi, I'd be honored if you could both attend. Many guests from different town and worlds are hoping to meet you. There will be tasty sweets and all kinds of entertainment! I hope to see you here soon!


    Princess Peach

    Mario and Luigi immediately headed out the door for the castle. They wasted no time in slipping down the warp pipe. They entered Toad Town, where the sky was bright blue. A few Toads waved to the duo, some shouted hi. The Mario Bros. just smiled back, continuing down the path. Another right, and a turn north was a star gate that led to Peach's Castle. Luigi was so excited he almost jumped into his older brother.

    "Wow, what a magnificent castle!" Luigi gasped when they entered. "I never get used to this place. It looks like a lot of guests are already here!" There we many people from all over the Mushroom Kindom, and from other worlds as well. Mario saw some of those folk from other worlds. Palkia, the pokemon that ruled space, was talking with a few waddle dees, Mew and a few munchlax were busy stuffing themselves with food. Then Mario saw some friends that were not from the mushroom kingdom.

    "Hey, Mario." a white equine like being with a golden cross wheel around his abdomen and a hero garbed in garbed in a green tunic and brown boots called ouy. Mario pointed at himself, "Of course we know who you are." a yellow electric mouse and a pink puffball from Dreamland said in unison.

    We are all from different worlds. I' m Sonic the Hedgehog, this is Link the Hero of Time, Kirby, Arceus the God of pokemon, and Pikachu, the electric rodent. Pikachu glared at Sonic for that remark and was about to shock Sonic.

    Mario could only look around in awe. He never thought he could meet these citizens of other world. Kirby decided to stare at the table that the munchlax were eating at. Arceus and Pikachu went to great Sonic's friends. Link was greeting Dialga and Giratina III who were also at the party. The lake gaurdians were also there. In fact. Azelf flew to Mario asking for an autograph.
    Mario happily agreed to give him an autograph.

    "Mamamia, these people from others are nice to be around." Mario muttered to himself. Mario then walked through a long hallway to meet a guard who was a friend of his. The guard let Nario in to Peach's private quarters, were Peach was glad to see Mario.

    "Oh Mario! You came to the party to see me! You're so sweet! Thank you!" she gushed. Mario just shrugged. "I was just resting a bit. It gets tiring greeting all those guests out there!" Mario agreed. "Nobody will bother us here. Shall we relax and chat just the two of us?" Peach asked. The red hero instantly said "Yeah…"

    "It was a lovely day today, so I'm sure it's comfortable out on the balcony right now. Would you accompany me, Mario?"

    Before either could make a move, the ground began to shake violently. The ground outside the castle was being ripped up by some unknown force. Trees fell as the castle started to rise. Bowser's Fortress was underneath it, flying them both up to the sky. Mario and Peach paced at an excited pace. It was enough to make anyone nerve shot! Suddenly, it went dark, and the two stopped running.

    "Oh! Are you all right Mario? What in this world was that?" Peach wondered frantically. She looked around outside at the night sky-NIGHT sky?

    "Oh my! Look Mario! It's still daytime isn't it? …but I can see the stars outside!" the princess exclaimed in shock. The glass suddenly broke, and a dark figure tromped into the room.

    "Grwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Long Time no see Princess Peach!" a familiar voice bellowed.

    "…Bowser? But it can't be! It was you who made the ground shake just now, wasn't it! Whatever did you do?" Peach cried.

    "Yeah, that was me! I've lifted your castle up into the sky! It's sitting on my castle as we speak! Wasn't expecting that huh? This castles under my control now, my dear. Now you will obey ME!" Bowser mocked. Mario gasped and ran in front of Peach to defend her.

    "Huh? Mario? What a shock! Ha! Not really! I expected you to turn up, right on cue! You're just as annoying as ever," Bowser grumbled. Mario drained out the rest of his rant. Peach then muttered something.

    "Ha! You haven't learned your lesson have you Bowser? You can never defeat Mario! Why don't you just give up already?"

    Bowser ranted on some more about his failures and ended with, "This time I'm gonna win! Okay tough guy! Let's go!"

    Bowser laughed as he and Mario prepared to battle. Peach told Mario he could do it and the plumber responded with a nod. Mario attacked Bowser, but it only did a little point of damage. Bowser stomped toward his nemesis and clawed his face. Mario cringed, making Peach look like the painting of Scream. The battle continued on like that, until Bowser got an even more evil look in his eyes.

    "Good old Mario…always fighting. You're a thorn in my side. But today, your pathetic little attacks won't beat me!" Bowser roared. He pulled out the legendary Star Rod, as he began to cackle again. "Take at look at this! Look what I stole from Star Haven! It's called the Star Rod!"

    "I knew that, dummy…" Mario grunted in his head.

    "This fine piece of work has the power to grant any wish in the whole wide worlds! And when I use the Star Rod to increase my strength, not even you can beat me Mario!" Bowser gathered some Star Power, and Mario glared at him. The Koopa King was now invincible.

    "GRAWH HA HA HA! How do you like THAT Mario?" Bowser gloated before sending Mario in a Danger state. Mario started to inhale like he was exhausted in one blow, and Peach hid her eyes. Mario got a little surprise when he jumped on Bowser to see that it didn't hurt him, which made Bowser taunt even more. The king gave his opponent another taste of the end of his claws.

    "I can only take one more hit…" wheezed Mario in his thoughts. It was pointless to strike Bowser, since it wouldn't work. But it was the only way. He forced himself to pound his foot into Bowser one last time.

    "Good night Mario!" Bowser cackled, finishing off with a mega fire breath attack that killed Mario right where he stood. He collapsed while Peach mourned over him.

    "Oh no Mario! Get up!" Peach sobbed.

    "Yes! Oh yes! I finally did it! I beat my rival Mario! YESSSSS!" Bowser boasted. The Koopa witch behind him added, "Congratulations on your victory your Viciousness! That's why you're the king!"

    "As long as I have this Star Rod, everything I wish will come true! Nothing can stop me!" growled Bowser happily. "Well, well, well…I might as well give Mario a proper good-bye…" Bowser raised the Star Rod high, charging it with massive amounts of energy. With one fatal blast, Mario was propelled into the sky, most likely never to be seen again. Just then, Arceus, Link, Kirby, Sonic, and Pikachu burst through the door, ready to attack.

    "How could you do that to Mario you fiend!" Arceus yelled at Bowser. "Your not getting away with this." Link said drawing his blade. "Even with him gone, we will still beat you!" Sonic said with determination. "Your going to wish you had not done that." Pikachu and Kirby cried in unison.

    "Bwa ha ha, if Mario could not defeat, what makes you think you can know." Bowser taunted. "Just so you know, I am a God, so don't chellenge me you mortal." Arceus said in a angry voice, charging a judgement attack.

    Arceus fired a judgement attack at Bowser but it did not work living Arceus shocked. "I told you I am invincible." Bowser punched Arceus in the face sended Arceus hurtling to the wall falling unconsious. Kirby and Pikachu looked at each other and Pikachu used volt tackle, while Kirby tried to hit Bowser with a hammer. But the turtle dragon fried them with is fire breath leaving both of them covered in smoke. Link and Sonic charged towards Bowser with sonic using a spin dash and link did a horizonta slice but that did not affect Bowser.

    Kirby yelled to Bowser, "You better give the star rod back." "With this Star Rod I'll rule over Hyrule/pokearth, Popstar, and Mobius!" Bowser laughed evily. "Not if we tell Mario." Arceus groaned.

    "I don't think so…I wish you forgot the last hour and were scattered across the Mushroom kingdom!" Bowser bellowed. The heroes didn't even get a chance to run when the rod sparked with power, sending them all into several places without one another. And some of Arceus' life plates were scattered across the Mushroom kingdom.

    "Ha ha ha ha…I love this thing!" Bowser chuckled. Peach cried.


    Mario toppled downward forever. It's a long drop when you're in a castle in the sky. Where would he land? Would he live? How will he save Peach? What happened to his other world friends? With the way things looked now, there wasn't really much hope.


    So what do you think? I plan for Mario to meet Arceus first. So remember to reveiw. There are more chapters coming. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Paper Mario Crossworlds

    Good. The fact that you placed Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Link, Pikachu, and of course, Arceus. Mario is just a 2nd favorite to me and you deserve a 4/5 to be fair


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