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    Post Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt-Pokémon Edition

    A city where love and desire fly freely.... Nimbasa City. This city in the Unova Region, is in the border between Heaven and Hell and it's known to be subject of many feuds between Angels and Demons. The city is better known to have many horrifying creatures from Hell, called Poké-Ghosts, who wish to take over Nimbasa.
    However, there are 2 fallen angels who will save the day:
    Cynthia, Champion of Sinnoh as the lascivous Panty;
    Karen, part of the Johto Elite Four as the gourmand Stocking.
    Both act under the order of Flint, part of the Sinnoh Elite Four as Garterbelt.

    Episode 1: Some Strange Toilets
    It's 8 AM, and a siren weeps at maximum volume.
    Cynthia wakes up from her sleep after having sex with a man. Trust me, she will have a lot of sex. The man yells: "WHAAAAA???? WHERE THE HELL AM I?".
    Karen also wakes up, but after some moments, she says: "I'll go back to bed.".
    The two fall to the cathedral near their bedrooms. Flint thundered: "Hello, Cynthia.".
    Cynthia says, with hot voice: "See ya, my boy!"
    The man says to Cynthia: "See ya!".
    Flint thundered: "Hello, Karen.".
    Karen says drowsy: "Hello, Flint. Hello, first daily dose of sugar.".
    Karen starts eating some cake: she eats a lot of sugar every day and never gains weight, as the fat goes directly to her breasts, from what she says...
    Flint thunders to the dozy gals: "We have a new hint coming from the heavens above. Behold!".
    Flint takes something from his afro and shows some paper with the word WC written on it.
    But Cynthia was sleeping, and Karen was eating her slice of cake.
    Flint decides then to explicate what's happening in Nimbasa. "As of late, there are many people who got eaten by their toilets! They are most in danger when taking a crap. The Poké-Ghosts must be behind all this abomination!!".
    Cynthia says, drowsy: "I just don't give a shit... But, c'mon Karen, you gotta love morning woods.".
    Karen muttered: "You've got some pretty shitty standards for a man...".
    Cynthia explicates: "It's good. Three spins and an half twist when you wake up.".
    Karen says dreaming with her eyes open: "I'm good as long as I have my sugar.".
    Cynthia questions sarcastically: "Why you don't eat protein like I do, then?".
    Karen answers: "It depends.".
    Cynthia says surprised: "Good for you. Am I right, Flint?".
    Flint thunders: "How the fuck can I know? But listen carefully! If you two risque angels don't want to go to Hell, you have to collect Heaven Coins by defeating those damned Poké-Ghosts!".
    Flint shows a case with a few Heaven Coins and yells: "You two are not here to film some porno or to eat until you become a fucking Wailord! GOT IT?".
    But they weren't listening.
    Jimmy the Purrloin farts and laughs, but Cynthia gives him a fist and Karen kicks him, till the two launch him to a big air.
    Jimmy ends up hitting the chalkboard where Flint was writing down the situation.
    Karen says: "We know it...".
    Cynthia says annoyed: "Fuck it, let's roll.".
    Cynthia and Karen put their clothes on and switch on the engine of their car, a superfast pink Nissan 370Z called the XXX-R.
    Sometime later, in Nimbasa's outskirts...

    A woman says happy to her plumber: "Yes, you are a fantastic plumber, sir! You are so good with your hands.".
    The plumber blushes and says: "Whew, thanks for employing me. i'll be back for an inspection.".
    The woman says flirtatiously: "So hard-working! I love it! Wanna come inside for a drink?".
    But the XXX-R smashes the plumber's van.
    Cynthia says: "Found you, bastard!".
    Karen says inspecting: "A WC and a young nigga...".
    Cynthia demands him: "1 billion PokéDollars question... Are you the man behind all this? Are you the one?".
    Karen says: "He IS the one?".
    Cynthia says arrogant: "He is the Poké-Ghost? Is that it???".
    Cynthia shows up her powerful pistol called Cobra 44, derived from her panties.
    Cynthia asks angry: "So you think you're lucky, motherfucker? DO YOU? HUH?".
    Cynthia starts shooting the plumber.
    The plumber weeps: "Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it! It hurts!".
    However, the Cobra 44 wasn't working on the plumber, since he's a terrestrial.
    Cynthia says: "I guess not.".
    Karen says robotically: "Wrong guy.".
    The plumber says: "Hey, stop it! It hurts!". The plumber shows his "cute" face and asks Cynthia: "Did I do something wrong?".
    Cynthia says surprised: "Hey, he looks kinda cute.".
    Cynthia starts drooling, but she cleans her face out from the dribble.
    Later that night... SEX IN A MOTEL!

    Back at the church, Cynthia and Karen start arguing whether the plumber was the mind behind the mass disappearance of the Nimbasa inhabitants via toilet.
    Flint acted as a peacemaker, yelling: "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH UP, YOU BITCHES, AND BE USEFUL!".
    Jimmy the Purrloin mews at Flint, who knocks him out yelling: "GODDAMMIT ALL! IT'S DINNER TIME!"
    Cynthia, Karen and Flint had dinner. Cynthia said, with her belly full of food: "Yum, that was so good!".
    Flint said humble: "To be honest, my curry is unbeatable! Some very good shit!".
    Later that night, Cynthia goes to the bathroom to take a crap. However, she got eaten from the toilet!
    Cynthia however manages to escape, but she was completely covered in Grimer ooze!
    Cynthia muttered angry: "Now I know, now I know...".
    Flint asks: "What you know?".
    However, Flint and Karen smell and say disgusted: "It stinks like crap!", and start vomiting.
    Cynthia was still muttering: "I got it all now...".
    Karen asks: "Got what?".
    However, Flint and Karen smell and say disgusted: "It stinks like crap!", and start vomiting.
    In the meanwhile, all Nimbasa manholes explode and Grimers start erupting, causing havoc in all the city!
    The Grimers gather in one place, and forms a Poké-Ghost, a Muk called Big Purple: the Nimbasa inhabitants think it is a giant piece of strawberry ice cream.
    But after smelling, the inhabitants yell: "It stinks like crap!", and start vomiting.
    All the police units run to the crime scene. The policemen start shooting at Big Purple, but smell and yell: "It stinks like crap!", and start vomiting.
    Big Purple the Muk yells menacing: "STIIIIINKYYYY!!!!", and starts to flood the Nimbasa roads with poop.
    The police commander yells: "How could this be? We're overwhelmed and I got shitty Grimer ooze in my mouth!".
    Flint answers: "It's the work of the Poké-Ghosts, the evil spirits acting under Mewtwo's will! A plumber died for suffocation by the stench from a clugged up pipe. He then turned into an evil spirit, and it's willing to cover Nimbasa in feces!"
    The policemen say disbelieving: "No way, Flint!".
    But the policemen smell Big Purple's stench and yell: "It stinks like crap!", and start vomiting.
    The commander asks Flint overwhelmed: "What can we do now, Flint?".
    Flint answers like he was giving a speech: "Fear not, policemen! Two fallen angels are here to help us! CYNTHIA! KAREN! Show 'em what you got!".
    The police commander says: "What? You mean the Champion of Sinnoh? And the final Johto Elite Four? Looks like Cynthia is all covered in shit! Or better, Grimer ooze!".
    Cynthia says decided: "Let's do this, Karen!".
    Karen says: "That smell sucks ass, Cynthia.".
    Cynthia says: "As forgiveness, I'll buy you mint chocolate cakes for the next 2 weeks!".
    Karen asks unbelieving: "Are you willing to stay in line for 14 days? You drank your brain for breakfast!".
    Cynthia says determined: "It's just a trifle compared to what that motherfucker did to me! Covering the Sinnoh Champion in crap!".
    Cynthia and Karen start transforming in their Angel form, while the Nimbasa inhabitants watch unbelieving.
    Cynthia and Karen start lapdancing while reciting a poem:
    O wicked spirit born of a lost soul in limbo
    receive the judgement from the garb of the Holy Virgin
    cleansed of worldly impurities
    return to Heaven and Earth!

    Cynthia takes off her panties and transforms them into her pistol, the Cobra 44.
    Karen takes off her stockings and transforms them into two katana swords, the Viking 1 and 2.
    Cynthia hits Big Purple the Muk with a diamond bullet right in the face, while Karen slices Big Purple off.
    Big Purple the Muk yells: "SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT.......", and explodes into pieces.
    The Nimbasa inhabitants cheer for the heroines.
    A Heaven Coin falls from the sky. Flint picks it, and says: "Well done, girls!".
    Cynthia says unbelieving and annoyed: "All these vicissitudes for only one Heaven Coin? Are you fucking serious?".
    Flint cheers up Cynthia: "Don't worry, it's more than nothing.".
    All of a sudden, the church's bell tolls, and Flint announces: "The evil spirit has departed! The bell tolls informing its departure!"
    Cynthia crackles her neck and says relieved: "Thank God it's over, Karen.".
    Karen mutters annoyed to Cynthia: "You promised to buy me dessert. I'll place the order now.".
    Cynthia drags with her one sexy-back policeman and says: "Yes, yes, Karen. This is MY dessert!".
    The policeman says to Cynthia: "You're such an angel!".
    Flint warns Cynthia: "You shall be punished when we go back to the church.".
    Karen asks Flint: "With what? Chains?".
    Flint sighs: "That would be boring as hell, Karen.".
    Cynthia says to Flint: "I'm busy now, Flint, so fuck off!!".

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    Post Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt-Pokémon Edition-Episode 2

    Episode 2: The Fast & The Ghostious
    Cynthia is having sex with a biker in a motel, but she's unsatisfied with him. She told off the biker: "Darn it, that was TOO fast! Faster is not always better!".
    The biker forgives Cynthia with dreaming voice: "But... You are such an angel... You totally rocked my world with your hotness...".
    But that wasn't enough; Cynthia was still angry at him: "You orgasmed like a dozen of times! But I only came twice!".
    The biker tried again to forgive Cynthia: "You are more a devil hungry for lust than a chaste angel!".
    Cynthia muttered mad: "So pathetic. It wasn't even worth it... Go fuck your mom, douchenozzle!".
    Cynthia turned on the TV and saw a special edition of the breaking news, where an high speed chase thru Nimbasa is reported.
    Cynthia muttered again: "I picked a bad one today... I should've been pickier...".
    The biker saw the news on the TV: "Wow, some crazy stuff is happening out there in Nimbasa...".
    The news reporter yelled: "This is otherworldly! An empty tuned racecar is speeding at over 200 MPH through the streets of Nimbasa!".
    Cynthia joked about the biker: "Hahahahah, is this thing faster than you are?".
    The biker answered calm: "I'm pretty confident 'bout myself. The police is trying to keep up, but that isn't worth the sweat!".
    Cynthia saw a pink sports car with silver-azure hair coming out from the side window: "Is that... Karen?".
    The news reporter yelled of fear: "We got a recent update! The speeding racecar is the work of a Poké-Ghost! But... What Poké-Ghost is controlling it?".
    Cynthia's phone rang. She answered the call and said: "Hello, Cynthia here.".
    Flint was in the other side: "Where the hell are you, Cynthia?".
    Cynthia lied answering: "I'm currently chasing a Poké-Ghost.".
    Flint yelled mad: "LIAR! YOU ARE FUCKING A MAN, AM I RIGHT?".
    Cynthia heard another call and said to Flint: "Hold on, I've got another call comin' in my hood. Hello?".
    Karen was in the other side: "Cynthia, are you watching TV right now?".
    Cynthia lied answering: "No, I'm not.".
    Karen yelled: "You are fucking a man, aren't you?!? I'm chasing a Poké-Ghost with the XXX-R.".
    Cynthia muttered: "Yeah, yeah, Karen, I got it, shut it! Geez! This fuck wasn't even worth the fatigue for flirting with him".
    Cynthia gets up and puts on her biking suit: a red tube top (or boob tube if you live in the UK or in Australia), a leather black jacket and a miniskirt.
    The biker asked: "You leaving? I won't lose in a speed race!".
    Cynthia looks back with a cat look and says: "Speed isn't everything. You need technique, too. (winks) I'm borrowin' your ride.".
    Sometime later, in Interstate 69 Nimbasa-Opelucid...

    The XXX-R and the Poké-Ghost-possessed racecar run so fast, they tear everything standin' in their way up!!!
    The Poké-Ghost is a Rotom called Wild Drift.
    Wild Drift the Rotom yells: "Outta the way, suckers! I will run over everyone who dares standing in my way! Muahahaha! No mothafucka can catch me!".
    The news reporter yells thrilled: "Audacity! Traffic violations! This is a dope illegal street race that will leave the crowded roads of Nimbasa awash in blood and gore!".
    Karen swerves the XXX-R throughout the streets of Nimbasa and screams: "You're not getting away from me and my meteoric XXX-R!".
    Wild Drift looks to Karen and says: "So you wanna race, bitch? Then a race it is! BRING IT ON!".
    The XXX-R and Wild Drift swerve through the Interstate and enter the Shopping Mall Nine in Unova Route 9, near Opelucid, where they tear everything up until only ashes and broken glass remain.
    Cynthia, with the bike loaned from the biker who she had sex with, catches up to Karen with the XXX-R and Wild Drift the Rotom.
    Cynthia sees the various stores of the Shopping Mall Nine and says: "Damn, they sell nice clothes!".
    Cynthia sees explosions coming from the Shopping Mall Nine's exit and says: "Bingo!".
    The race between Karen and Wild Drift continues fast and stable; Wild Drift says to Karen: "Wow, can you keep up to me? You must have a very fast car!".
    Cynthia breaks into the exit, takes a big air and hits Wild Drift.
    Now, Cynthia enters the race!
    Cynthia introduces herself: "Hi there, I'm Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh League. Why are you such in a hurry?"
    Wild Drift says to Cynthia: "No one gives two shits why I'm going this fast, stupid whore! I just want to go fast! And you won't keep up to me!".
    Cynthia says confident: "Who gives a fuck?!? I can understand your need, not for speed, but to reach a climax!".
    Karen tells off Cynthia: "Cynthia! You're late! You took your time with some fucking, didn't you?".
    Wild Drift yells: "What? Are you two bitches co-oping?".
    Cynthia says, with a doggy-style pose showing her butt from behind: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You are impatient, Karen.".
    Cynthia takes off her panties but Wild Drift mocks Cynthia: "Whoa-oa! Nice one, angelic stripper!".
    Wild Drift rams Cynthia's bike, and the two hit a toy shop.
    Once out, Karen mocks Cynthia: "Hahahah! That's your reward for showing up late!".
    Karen says astonished: "Oh no! Wild Drift stole my Cobra 44!".
    Wild Drift puts Cynthia's panties on its head and says: "What in the crappy world is this?".
    Cynthia points at Wild Drift angry: "Argh! That's my gun! Or better, my panties!".
    Wild Drift yells worried: "Shit, with these I can't see anything! I'm feeling FAST!", and starts licking its head.
    Cynthia yells mad pointing at Wild Drift: "Kill that motherfucker now!".
    Karen asks a question with sarcasm: "So are you finally ready?".
    Cynthia jumps on the XXX-R and says to Karen: "Gimme the wheel, Karen! Go XXX-R, GO!!!".
    Cynthia puts the pedal to the metal and the XXX-R goes up to 250 MPH (at least 400 KPH).
    The news reporter announces: "Cynthia and Karen joined forces to defeat the Poké-Ghost! And there are a lot of cop cars behind their car, trying to aid the two to defeat the Poké-Ghost!".
    The policemen fire at will to Wild Drift, but that didn't work as expected.
    Wild Drift says: "Someone wants to play rough...", starts spinning around to make the cop cars go U-Turn until the cops get sick.
    The cop cars explode and Wild Drift yells thrilled: "ROAD RAGE!!!".
    The XXX-R swerves through the falling cop cars with relative ease.
    Wild Drift notes a barricade but says confident: "A barricade? That won't work against me! Dumbasses! Retards! Dumbasses! Retards! Dumbasses! RETARDS!!! You think a worthless barricade can..."...
    ...But a cop car smashes the racecar possessed by Wild Drift.
    And then, an avalanche of cop cars smashes Wild Drift in order to block it.
    But Wild Drift breaks through the cop car avalanche and yells: "CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP......".
    Wild Drift pops out from the racecar and Cynthia and Karen go check it out.
    Cynthia gives an advice to Wild Drift: "Don't even think about speeding.".
    Karen tries to destroy Wild Drift with her Viking katana, but Cynthia stops her and says: "First let me get my panties....".
    But Wild Drift runs away and possesses a truck (or lorry in UK English).
    Cynthia and Karen say together: "Oops.".
    Karen said: "I almost got that fucker...".
    Cynthia cheers her up: "Don't worry, it's nothing as long as you won't shred my panties.".
    Jimmy the Purrloin was chilling in the car, while the cops return to their cars and restart chasing Wild Drift.
    But Wild Drift, which possessed the truck, smashes the cop cars and says: "Check this shit out, punks. This shit is heavy! TOO FUCKING HEAVY!!!".
    But Cynthia, with a caliber 45 shotgun starts shooting at Wild Drift: "Don't worry, I'll help lighten your load.".
    That didn't do nothing, but Cynthia unleashes 2 miniguns and shoots at Wild Drift with a bullet shower.
    She continued trying with other guns, until finally Wild Drift lost control of the truck.
    Cynthia however, says disgusted: "Eww, this stinks! Ew, I can't take using gunpowder.".
    Wild Drift mocked Cynthia: "So, it didn't take long to climax, eh?".
    Wild Drift, however, notices Karen on top of the XXX-R with the Viking 1 and 2, and it starts mocking her: "So you want to be an easy prey, bitch? You got some guts.".
    Wild Drift uses a speed boost and Cynthia falls off from the truck, but Karen successfully slices the truck in half.
    The sliced truck ends up at the Gear Station in Nimbasa, which Wild Drift devastates. Wild Drift ends up possessing a train.
    Karen gets her XXX-R on top of the train...
    ...But the Wild Drift-possessed train uses the speed boost goes super-fast, so fast in fact, that the subsequent sonic boom devastates Anville Town's train station!
    However, Karen and Cynthia with Jimmy were holding on.
    Jimmy was holding on to the train's pillar, where there are Cynthia's panties.
    Cynthia successfully recovers her panties and transforms them into the Cobra 44.
    Cynthia hits Wild Drift right in the face, and Wild Drift gets destroyed forever.
    The Nimbasa Church's bell tolled, signing the departure of Wild Drift.
    And in the end, Cynthia and Karen return to the church.
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    Default Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt-Pokémon Edition-Episode 3

    Episode 3: A Very Suspicious College
    NOTE: In this episode we will introduce a new main character:
    Steven Stone, ex-Champion of Hoenn and vice-chairman of the Devon Corp, as the nerdy Briefers Rock, or more simply Brief, who is deeply in love with Panty/Cynthia.

    It's starting a new day here in Nimbasa City.
    Cynthia and Karen fall in the cathedral of Nimbasa, and Flint greets them: "Good morning, Cynthia and Karen. Looks like our heroes have a little holiday.".
    Cynthia protests: "It was YOU who got us by surprise, you fucking douche!".
    Karen, with her panties down to her knees, also protests: "You better give us one good reason to wake up this early, or else!".
    Flint says uplifted: "Why yes! Ok, girls, we have another red alert here in Unova. This time, it is not in Nimbasa, but is in the neighboring Striaton City.".
    Cynthia says drowsy and annoyed: "Let me guess, is it another shit-monster wreaking havoc?".
    Karen was eating a Casteliacone with chocolate syrup, and Flint says: "I was referring about something else.".
    Jimmy the Purrloin pulls out from behind Flint an old scared man.
    Flint introduces him: "This is Blaine, Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island in Kanto, a Fire-type master just like me, and Striaton Trainers' School principal.".
    Cynthia mutters: "Sure he looks like one old Fossil.".
    Blaine announces worried: "This is an emergency: three students in the school are going missing!!! I contacted the International Police, but it wasn't enough.".
    Karen asks Blaine: "Is it a Poké-Ghost's work?".
    Blaine yells: "Even worse: it must be the work of the devil!!!". He runs in front of Cynthia and Karen and begs the two: "Please save our school!!!".
    Cynthia answers: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We haven't got any choice, besides...".
    Flint thunders: "You bet, go forth! I order you to infiltrate this cursed school! But you two mustn't get everyone's attention, ok?".
    Sometime later, at Striaton's Trainers' School...

    Cynthia and Karen break into the school with the XXX-R.
    The two exit from the car and show themselves with sexy school outfits.
    A schoolboy says petrified: "W-W-who the heck are those babes?".
    Another schoolboy says: "Some sort of rich girls!!! Goddesses!!!".
    Cynthia puts glasses on and says: "More than it, we're angels!!!".
    Karen says to Cynthia: "Cynthia, did you hear what Flint said?".
    The two start walking like top models on a catwalk, while they're photographed, and Cynthia says: "There's almost no difference between schools here and schools in heaven...".
    Karen says astonished: "You don't say. You rarely went to class!".
    Cynthia says egocentric: "A girl like me is too cool for school!".
    Karen says: "O-Ok...", and then, after opening a map of the school, says: "Let's make this faster!".
    But, the two notice a running man covered in Combees, who yells: "AAAAAHHHHH! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEE!!!".
    Cynthia points at him the Cobra 44 and says: "He's very suspicious...", and shoots at him.
    The man later trips and reveals his identity: he is Steven Stone, ex-Hoenn Pokémon League Champion and user of Steel-type Pokémon and rare ancient Pokémon!
    Karen says angry: "Hah! Fucking nerd!".
    Steven looks up and sees Cynthia, who imagines her as a super-sexy pinup model.
    Steven blushes, drools and says: "She's so hoooottt.... Mmmmmhhh....".
    Cynthia sees a beehive full of Combees and says: "What's that?".
    Cynthia kicks it back to Steven, and a fleet of Combees start covering Steven, who gets up and starts running scared.
    Cynthia says ironically horrified: "Ugh! It's one scary Combee monster!".
    Karen says amused: "We will turn it as a Poké-Ghost of the Combee-hive!".
    Steven yells: "SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!! PLEEEAAAASE!!!!".
    But he knocks a football (American football in UK) player and trips.
    A girl says: "Ah, Steven Stone... What were you planning?".
    The schoolboys say: "It's the Queen!", "Queen Caitlin!".
    Yup, she is Caitlin, member of the Unova Elite Four and Psychic-type master!
    Steven kneels to Caitlin and says: "I'm so sorry, noble Caitlin! But it wasn't me!".
    Cynthia and Karen cheer up Steven: "C'mon, why did you take it off?".
    But the two look up and Cynthia says suspicious: "Wait a tick, who are they?".
    Caitlin says: "New students, eh? Doesn't matter if you are transferred students, you will not last long if you betray me! After all, this is my school!".
    Cynthia says: "Your school?".
    Karen says: "It belongs to that travesty of a principal!".
    Caitlin says highly presumptuously: "Yes, but de facto, it belongs to me, Lady Caitlin of the Unova Elite Four!".
    The schoolboys yell victorious: "Hooray for Caitlin! Long live Queen Caitlin! Honor to Caitlin!".
    Cynthia yawns and says: "I don't give a shit. Karen, let's get rid of this crappy spoof of the Sleeping Beauty!!".
    Karen says: "Let's end this before lunch time!".
    Caitlin does a shocked face and says resentfully: "You will pay at high price your insult! AT HIGH PRICE!!!".
    In the various classes, Caitlin tries to impress her schoolmates or to put a spoke on the wheels to Cynthia and Karen, but all her plans fail or backfire at her, or Steven!
    In the end, Striaton Trainers' School changes logo and has Cynthia and Karen as the two new rulers!
    And to top it all off, every schoolboy have their personal locker covered in Cynthia and Karen merchandise!
    In the Pokémon League class, Steven says to Cynthia and Karen: "Ehm, Cynthia? My friends, Wallace and Drake, have been assaulted! It must be some Poké-Ghost? Will you work with me? I have a Psychokinetic Energy meter, or PKE meter, and it's going wild!".
    Cynthia says skeptical: "Ok, Steven...".
    At night, Cynthia, Karen and Steven start hunting for Ghosts, but Steven's PKE meter isn't working as expected.
    She was so mad, that she kicked Steven's PKE meter, which subsequently explodes.
    A girl says: "Oh, so here are the slutty sisters that everyone's talking about! This time, I have a full fleet of subjects with me!".
    The girl is Lady Caitlin, who shows her true form, which is a Vespiquen, and says: "Yes, I am the Poké-Ghost you were looking for all this time! Do not call me Caitlin anymore, call me... QUEEN VESPIQUEN II!
    Vespiquen II orders at her minions to attack Cynthia and Karen, but it was too late: Cynthia and Karen transformed into their Angel form.
    Cynthia and Karen unleash their weapons, the Cobra 44 and the Viking 1 and 2, and start giving Vespiquen II's minions a hard time.
    Vespiquen II gets mad and unleashes her true power, showing a big horde of brainwashed Scythers and orders them to attack.
    But all the Scythers were wiped out by Cynthia and Karen with total ease.
    Vespiquen II/Caitlin's brainwashed footballers fall down from the sky, Steven shows up in front of Cynthia and Karen and says surprised: "W-W-Whoa, Cynthia! I didn't know you were a professional Poké-Ghost Hunter!
    I should definitely...".
    But Steven's speech was sharply cut off by Cynthia, which, with shining eyes, sees the unmasked football players and says: "Oooh, they're so XXL!", she blushes and says:
    "Where should I begin?".
    Karen says: "I know what she's going to do now...".
    Cynthia sings softly: "It's sex tiiiiimmmme!!!", and runs toward the footballers.
    Karen says resigned: "Bloody hell.".
    Cynthia starts yelling sexually excited: "Aaaahh... Aah, no, not there!! Aah, yes, aaaah, yes!".
    Blaine watches Cynthia having sex with the footballers, starts sweating and begs: "Please, God, forgive us for our sins!".
    Steven says even more worried than Blaine: "Yes, you're completely right, clearly right!!!".
    Cynthia continues having sex and yells while having an orgasm: "AAAH, I LOVE IT! I-I'VE NEVER FELT SO GOOD AND HORNY IN MY LIFE!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!".
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    Default Re: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt-Pokémon Edition

    You need more description. Everything is just dialouge so far. And it seems to be little more than the actual show's script with the characters names switched around. This has potential. Try to differentiate more. Explore how different their world would be if they had Pokemon and characters from the games.

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    Default Re: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt-Pokémon Edition

    It is quite different from the original, because we are fighting cursed Pokémon, I could try harder! but do not worry, there will be an episode where there will be a Pokémon battle! but it's episode 16, so you have to wait a lot!
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    Actual fanfics:
    Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt-Pokémon Edition (MATURE, every Monday and Tuesday)
    The Master Cup (TEEN, every Wednesday and Thursday)
    Viva la Grim (TEEN, every Friday and Saturday)
    NOTE: every fanfic by me is on hiatus due to writing yet another fanfic in another website. Don't worry, I'll return when it's over!


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