Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated T)
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Thread: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated T)

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    Default Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated T)

    Well this idea has been floating around my head for a couple of weeks so I might as well post it here


    "Misty are you sure this is going to work" Ash asked his girlfriend Misty who was looking through the phone book.

    "Yeah I'm sure it will work Ash!" Misty said as she found the page. "Give me the phone" Misty told Ash, and then Ash gave Misty the telephone. Misty then started dialing the phone number.

    "I'm not sure that this person can actually help us" Drew said to May as he looked at the page as May was dialing the same phone number Misty was dialing.

    "Drew you have to understand Dawn has not been herself since she found out Ash was using her!" May said as the phone began ringing.

    A phone was ringing at a girl's house all the way in the Battle Area. "Okay I'm coming" the brown haired girl said as she picked up the phone. "Hello you've reached Ally's Dating Help home of the surfing Pikachu what can I help you with"? the girl named Ally asked.

    "Yeah I need help with pairing my friend up with someone" Misty said into the phone.

    "Really who? Oh hang on another call" Ally said as her phone began beeping. She pressed the button. "Hello you've reached Ally's Dating Help home of the surfing Pikachu how can I gelp you?" Ally asked.

    "Yes my friend is really depressed and angery now so I think she needs someone" May told Ally.

    "Name please" Ally asked.

    "May" May replied.

    "Name of victim?" Ally said.

    "Dawn" May said again.

    "Person to pair victim with?" Ally asked.

    "Hmm..." May said and began thinking.

    "You know what May just try pairing Dawn up with Paul he's really been trying to get her back to normal unlike Ash" Drew said.

    "Okay the person to pair victim with is Paul" May replied.

    "Thank you very much" Ally said.

    "Your welcome" May responded and hung up.

    "Sheesh what's taking her" Misty muttered.

    "Oh yes sorry that was some girl named May trying to pair up a friend of hers named Dawn with someone named Paul" Ally said as she was on Misty's end of the phone line.

    "Oh okay so the name of the girl is Leaf" Misty said.

    "Name of victim is Leaf what about the other victim?" Ally asked.

    "Gary" Misty said again.

    "Okay just meet me at my house in Sunyshore City bye" Ally said and hung up.
    "Now it's on my friends" Ally whispered as her pokemon walked over to her. They all cheered in agreement.

    "Victim that girl is quite a card" Misty told Ash.

    "What if she really meant Leaf and Gary were victims?" Ash asked.

    "It's just a joke Ash don't take it personally" Misty replied.

    "Should we tell May about this?" Ash asked.

    "May already knows Ash" Misty whispered and quickly kissed Ash on the cheek.

    "Cool we now got it set we just have to meet her in Sunyshore City" May tod Drew.

    "And bring Dawn and Paul with us?" Drew asked.

    "Yep" May said and smiled.

    "Great now can we just get back to our 'game'?" Drew asked with a small sign of impatience. May nodded and ran upstairs to her room and Drew followed.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Yes! PokeShipping and ContestShipping!
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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    I got a reader woo hoo!

    Chapter 1

    "Why do I even have to come?" Leaf asked Ash as she was riding on her Charizard to Sunyshore.

    "You'll find out soon Leaf" Ash shouted back.

    "Coming through!" Gary shouted he flew past both of them on his Pidgeot. He quickly looked at Leaf and noticed that something was different about her *She looks nice today* Gary thought.

    "That was fun" Leaf said as she petted Charizard.

    "We're almost there" Ash said as the four of them flew past Pastoria City.

    "Good I'm getting a little air sick back here" Misty said as she was riding on her Pelipper.

    "Peli" Pelipper muttered. (Wimp)

    "How you holding back there Dawn" May asked Dawn as she was riding with Drew on his Flygon.

    "I'm fine May" Dawn replied as she was sharing a ride with Paul on his Honchkrow.

    "You really should think about catching a flying pokemon" Paul muttered.

    "I can catch what I want to catch" Dawn shouted. Honchkrow sighed at the bickering couple on it's back.

    "There goes Pastoria" May said as they flew over Pastoria City.

    "Okay guys we all in position" Ally asked her pokemon. She was planning on scaring the two clients and their victims she is suppose to pair for them.

    "Ursaring" Ursaring said as it began standing wicked still. (I'm ready)

    "Shinx!" Shinx said as it stood behind the couch preparing to attack one of the females.

    "You ready Infernape" Ally asked her Infernape and gave it cards to tell the gang what it was suppose to say.

    "Infernape" Infernape said as it took the cards. (Yes I am)

    "And I'm ready too" Ally told her pokemon. They nodded as she went upstairs to ambush anyone that looks for her upstairs. Infernape walked outside casually and shut the door gently.

    Ash and the gang finally landed in Sunyshore City and were very tired. "Return" they all said and their flying type pokemon went in their balls.

    "What do we do now?" Leaf asked.

    "Go look for her I guess" Ash responded.

    "Who her?" Dawn asked with a small sign of rage. An Infernape then walked over to the crew and punched Ash on the back getting his attention.

    "Ow! What was that for you little" Ash began to say but Infernape growled. "Okay who are you?" Ash asked.

    "Infernape infernape infer in!" Infernape shouted. (I'm an Infernape you idiot!)

    "What are you here for?" Gary asked. Infernape then showed a card to the group. "Are you looking for Ally" Gary read. "Who's Ally"? he asked Misty.

    "Yeah we're looking for Ally" Ash said to the Infernape. Infernape nodded and pulled out another card. "Follow me" Ash read. Then Infernape began walking away from them. "Come on let's go" Ash said and walked behind it.

    "Wouldn't it be wrong to follow a strange pokemon no less a fire type?" Dawn asked as they started to walk away. Paul just shrugged, grabbed her hand and walked behind the group. "Let go of me!" Dawn warned.

    "Shut it troublesome I can't afford to lose you" Paul responded.

    "Why?" Dawn asked. Paul smirked slightly at Dawn's sign of cluelessness.

    "Because....the others will blame me for losing you" Paul replied.

    "Oh...." Dawn responded as a small tear rolled down her cheek.

    "Infernape" Infernape said as they stopped at Ally's house. It was over by the rock that looked like a Munchlax. (Okay we're here)

    "Finally" Ash remarked. Misty hit him on the back of the head with her fist.

    "Guess you aren't use to exercise" Misty shouted. Dawn began laughing softly as she saw Ash in pain.

    "What's so funny Dawn?" Ash asked with a smirk.

    "The rock almost looks like a Munchlax" Dawn replied and pointed at the rock.

    "Wow your right it does!" May squeeled with delight.

    " really does" Drew whispered and glanced at Dawn knwoing she was hiding something.

    "You know what let's just go inside" Gary said with a small rage mark on his forehead. Leaf nodded in agreement as Infernape opened the door for them. The group of pokemon trainers then went inside the house.

    "Wow check it out a stuffed Ursaring" Leaf said as she walked over to Ally's not dead Ursaring.

    "I'd be careful Leaf" Gary told Leaf as he walked beside her.

    "Why Gary it's not even alive see" Leaf said and began poking the Ursaring on the cirsle in it's chest. Ursaring grew very annoyed and growled softly.

    "Leaf it's alive" Gary whispered as he saw the face grew angry.

    "Stop trying to scare me Gary it's dead!" Leaf shouted.

    "RAAAA!!!" Ursaring roared. (STOP POKING ME!!!)

    "Ahhh!" Leaf screamed and hugged Gary in fear. Gary smiled at the sign of affection to him and how she was frightned. Ash and Drew gave him a thumbs up.

    "Hah what an idiot nobody should fall for the playing dead trick" Ally said as she was laughing at Leaf's scream of terror.

    "You done hugging me" Gary asked. Leaf opened her eyes and realized who she was hugging and immediatly let go.

    "Yeah!" Leaf shouted in embarrassment. Dawn began laughing at the sight of the two.

    "Someone should have took a picture of that moment" Dawn said while smiling.

    "It's not funny!" Leaf said in anger.

    "Dawn has really not been herself" May whispered to Drew.

    "She's fine" Drew whispered back and pulled May into a gentle kiss on the lips. Dawn then turned away form the scene as a small tear rolled down her cheek.

    "Just stop that!" Paul shouted. May and Drew then broke the kiss in surprise.

    "What for we can kiss if we want to!" Drew shouted back.

    "If you want to! Drew your constant display of affection is making Dawn upset!" Paul shouted again.

    "Cool a fight's going to start" Ally said in amusement.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    I enjoyed that, though I'm usually not into shipping. You could go for a while with this. I completely enjoyed it and am waiting for another chapter.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 2

    "You know that's really strange Misty Paul never even liked Dawn in the first place" Ash whispered to Misty.

    "I think May and Drew decided to pair them up" Misty whispered back.

    "So Dawn starts to cry she should just get over it!! Ash only liked her as a friend big deal!" Drew shouted.

    "You idiot that would the same thing as May dating you just so she can get Brendan's attention!!" Paul shouted. Dawn then just started crying loudly as the two were arguing.

    "Is she okay" Leaf asked.

    "Yeah she will be fine" Gary replied.

    "Dawn?" May asked. Dawn looked at the group tears streaking down her cheeks, her lower lip trembling slightly as she was trying to get the lump in her throat down.

    "Shinx!!" Shinx sshouted and jumped on top of Dawn's head attempting to scare her (HAHHH).

    "Get off me you stupid thing!!" Dawn cried and punched Shinx off of her hat. Shinx landed on the floor with a thud.

    "Shinx!! shinx shinx shinx!" Shinx cried as it ran upstairs (Ow!! ow ow she hit my head ow!!).

    "She's got real rage now" Misty said.

    "Yeah like you sometimes" Ash replied and laughed. Misty then hit him on the back of the head again with her fist.

    "Your just lucky I still like you" Misty whispered.

    "Yeah I consider I'm lucky to have met you my red haired devil" Ash whispered into her ear which made Misty blush.

    "Shinx Shinx" Shinx cried to Ally. (It didn't work it didn't work).

    "Don't worry I've got a way" Ally told Shinx as it went in it's ball. She then began looking out at the arguement taking place. She then threw an unused poke ball. It hit Ash on the back of his head.

    "Ow! Who hit me?" Ash asked. He then saw a poke ball on the ground. "Aw who threw this" Ash said. He saw Ally looking at the arguing. "Ah ha Misty I'm gonna head upstairs" Ash said and began walking up the steps.

    "Okay" Misty responded. Ash made it to the top and began looking for Ally, he walked down the left hall. Ally was on the opposite hall so she ran behind Ash and tackled him from behind.

    "Get of of me!!!" Ash shouted in annoyance

    "Nice try Damion but your not getting your paws on my treasure!!" Ally said.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Well I can say this is different, and funny and it sure has a lot of shippings

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 3

    *Guess Ash got himself in a bad situation* May thought as she watched Drew and Paul argue and saw Dawn's tears rolling down her cheeks.

    "So I can't just kiss her once in a while!?" Drew shouted.

    "Well if you want to get Dawn upset" Paul remarked.

    "I don't really care about her!!" Drew shouted.

    "Just stop!!" Dawn shouted. Drew just glared at Paul in annoyance. Paul then turned and looked at Dawn, and noticed tears were rolling down her cheeks rapidly and she tried to force them back. Dawn then walked over to Paul and hugged him, while crying loudly. "Paul please stop fighting no more.." Dawn cried. Paul just looked at the girl who was crying her eyes out, and gently wrapped his arms around her.

    "Fine I won't.....only for you though" he whispered into her ear so nobody could hear him, which made Dawn smile.

    "Who is Dmaion? I'm Ash Ketchum!!" Ash shouted.

    "Oh...your one of those clients I had to pair the Leaf and Gary with?" Ally asked.

    "Yeah now can you please get off of me?" Ash asked.

    "You know it's really strange while you were calling someone named May called and asked if I could pair two people named Dawn and Paul" Ally explained.

    "Yeah they are down too now just get off of me!! Why did you even tackle me in the first place!!" Ash shouted.

    "It's usually a game Damion and I play, I tackle him or he tackles me and say either of us can't have the treasure, so one of us pleas and then the other gives in" Ally explained again.

    "What happens after?" Ash asks.

    "Well since I'm on you....well it's sort of hard to explain so I'll have to try anyways since Damion is the one who normally tackles me and after I plead he gives in and let's me have a little treasure" Ally told Ash.

    "What's the treasure?" Ash asks.

    "Repeating kisses on the cheek it makes me blush and giggled with affection" Ally responded.

    "I don't get it" Ash said.

    "Fine I'll show you" Ally whispered. She then kissed Ash twice on both cheeks which made him smile slightly.

    "Oh now I see do more than that?" Ash asks.

    "Are you trying to get more than a peck on the cheek?" Ally asked.

    "Maybe I want a kiss on the lips if that's okay?" Ash said mockingly.

    "Ugh no it is not!" Ally said as she got off of Ash.

    "hah it worked!" Ash said as he got up. He then grabbed Ally's hand and raced downstairs with her.

    "You think they might actually get together?" Leaf asked Gary.

    "Yeah....Paul really misses Dawn for what she was before" Gary replied.

    "Oh...hey it's Ash!" Leaf said as she saw Ash run down with Ally.

    "Check it out I found our mischef maker" Ash said.

    "Great now can you let go of my hand?" Ally asks.

    "Yeah" Ash replied as he let go.

    "I think Ashy boy is trying to snag another girl" Gary teased.

    "Was not!!" Ash shouted. Ally softly laughed at their immaturity. "What's so funny?" Ash asked.

    "That you act immature when Gary teases you" Ally replied.

    "Wait how do you know my name?" Gary asked.

    "We've met before remember?" Ally asked Gary.

    "No" Gary responded.

    "Aw come on you have too" Ally said as the flashback began.

    "I am not going to lose to you again Sneasel!" Ally said to her Sneasel. They were having a race.

    "Snea snea!" Sneael taunted. (Yeah you will!)

    "Oh really I'll kick it into high gear then!!" Ally shouted and ran faster. After running through the trees she crashed into an Electivire. "Ow...." Ally mumbled in pain.

    "Ele?" Electivire asked. (Huh?) "Electivire!! eleccc" Electivire growled. (You agian!!! Get out of here!)

    "Wait a minute Electivire she's a good trainer you can let the pokemon go" Gary said as he walked beside it.

    "Elec" Electivire said as he let the Clefairy go bounce around. (Fine)

    "You okay?" Gary asks and offers a hand.

    "Yeah just racing with my Sneasel and I tried using more speed" Ally said as she took his hand and got up.

    "So what were you racing for?" Gary asked.

    "We were trying to get to Sunyshore City before Damion does I at least want to beat him at something" Ally explained.

    "Damion huh? Is he that blonde kid with that 'never sit still' personality" Gary asked.

    "Yeah! You've seen him?" Ally asked.

    "I've battled him and he won though he kept saying he was always losing to his childhood friend Ally that wouldn't be you would it?" Gary asked.

    "Yeah! That's me I was the one with the Chimchar and he had a Piplup" Ally explained and smiled.

    "You can really triumph over type disadvantages at least that's what he said and he did say you tried knocking out his Munchlax when tyhe two of you were battling against Galactic Commanders Mars and Jupiter right?" Gary asked.

    "Yeah I don't like slow pokemon with want to battle?" Ally asks.

    "It would give me a challenge" Gary said and smirked as the flashback faded.

    "Yeah Infernape narrowly escaped defeat when you were using Blastoise" Ally said and smiled.

    "I know you really were a tough trainer becoming champion and whatnot" Gary responded.

    "Good times" Ally replied. Then there was a knock on the front door.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 4

    "Ursa" Ursaring said as it opened the door. (Hello?) There was an Empoleon outside and a Staraptor too.

    "Empoleon?" Empoleon asked. (Is Ally home?)

    "Ursaring!" Ursaring shouted. (Yeah!) Empoleon then walked inside.

    "You just going to let another pokemon enter your home!!?" Ash asked loudly.

    "Empoleon" Empoleon said as it gave Ally a piece of parchment.

    "Oh cool it's blue my favorite color" Ally replied as she opened the letter. It said...

    Dear Ally Cat,

    I am at Buck's Top Trainer Cafe. BATTLE ME NOW IF YOU'VE GOT THE GUTS!!!!!

    Love, Damion

    "Yep that's him" Ally said as she put the letter in her pocket.

    "Empoleon?" Empoleon asked. (Do you know today's Saturday?)

    "Yeah so might as well head to the cafe" Ally replied and petted Empoleon.

    "It's not your pokemon!! Why are you even petting it!" Ash asked again. Misty just kissed Ash to get him to shut up.

    "I'm heading to the Top Trainer's Cafe" Ally told the group.

    "Top Trainer Cafe?" Dawn asked.

    "That's just Buck's new resturant" Ally replied.

    "Wow there must be tough trainers there" Ash said as he broke the kiss between him and Misty.

    "Yeah there are even the gym leaders head there when they don't have any challengers" Ally explained.

    "That seems cool" Drew replied.

    "I've seen tougher trainers" Gary replied.

    "Yeah me too" Leaf said in agreement.

    "Your only agreeing because you like him Leaf" Dawn said to Leaf. Gary smiled at that comment.

    "What!!! What are you talking about!!!" Leaf shouted as her cheeks turned pink.

    "It is obvious" Dawn said again.

    "No it is not!!" Leaf said. Ally began laughing at Leaf's immature act. "What's so funny?" Leaf asked in anger.

    "That you are acting immature about your secret crush" Ally replied and laughed even harder. Empoleon began laughing as well.

    "Shut up!!!" Leaf shouted. Ally then just walked out the door.

    "Star star" Staraptor said and flew to Ally. (You ready)

    "You bet!" Ally said. She then threw a poke ball and a Pidgeot came out. "Fly!" Ally said as Pidgeot went into the sky. Empoleon hopped on Staraptor's back and flew beside Ally.

    "I'm following her" Ash said and hopped on his Charizard.

    "Wait up Ash!" Misty shouted and climbed on with Ash. Charizard took off into the sky.

    "Losers...just taking off after another trainer" Paul muttered as he watched the scene.

    "Yeah why even follow it's her choice" Dawn whispered. Paul smiled as he cast a quick glance at Dawn.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 5

    "Yay we made it!" Ally said as Staraptor landed at the Survival Area Pokemon Center. She jumped off of Staraptor's back. "Okay you two stay here I need to arrange my team members" Ally told the pokemon. After the command she went inside the pokemon Center.

    "Staraptor staraptor star!!" Staraptor shouted. (You are not the boss of me!!)

    "Leon empo" Empoleon shouted. (Yeah we can do things without being commanded!) After about two minutes Ally walked outside and saw the two pokemon waiting with anger.

    "Okay let's go see him" Ally responded and petted the two.

    "Empo empo empoleon!!" Empoleon shouted. (Pets won't get you everywhere!)

    "What's taking her so long" a blonde headed boy questioned as he was waiting outside the Top Trainer Cafe.

    "Okay Charizard land now!" Ash shouted. His Charizard landed right by the Cafe.

    "Harsh ride" Misty stuttered as she climbed off the pokemon's back.

    "Aw come on Misty it was fun" Ash said with enthusiasm as he climbed off too.

    "Coming from a reckless boy like yourself" Misty said.

    "Why do you always act like that?" Ash asked as Charizard went in it's ball.

    "Woah hold up there before it starts getting all mushy have you seen a brown haired girl with an Empoleon and Staraptor?" Damion asked the two.

    "No we haven't" Misty replied.

    "Oh....she's taking a long time!!" Damion shouted as Ash and Misty went inside the cafe.

    "Empoleon empoleon!!!" Empoleon said and ran over to Damion. (Damion!! Damion!!)

    "Hey buddy did you find Ally?" Damion asked.

    "Empo" Empoleon replied. (Yeah!)

    "Star!!" Staraptor said and flew over.

    "Wait up I can run as fast as you fly!" Ally said as she was running. She slided to a stop when she saw Damion.

    "Finally you show up your just lucky I didn' fine you" Damion told Ally.

    "What would the charge have been?" Ally asked cluelessly.

    "10,000 pokemon dollars" Damion replied.

    "Okay....let's battle! Final caught pokemon to starting pokemon" Ally told Damion.

    "Isn't it always that way Ally" Damion whispered as he let his pokemon go in their balls. "Now Snorlax GO!!!" Damion shouted and threw his poke ball. Flash a blue and tan sleeping pokemon came out. "Wake up Snorlax this isn't nap time!!!" Damion shouted.

    "Snor?" Snorlax asked. (Huh?) It then got up on it's two feet waiting for Ally to send her pokemon out.

    "How sad that you chose the slowest pokemon as your last" Ally commented. "Now Weavile show 'em what you can do!!" Ally shouted and threw her poke ball. Flash a black pokemon with a red crown came out.

    "Weavile" Weavile whispered as it looked at Snorlax (Your dead)

    "Round one!" the two trainers shout.

    "Usual wager?" Damion asked.

    "Your on!" Ally shouted. "Now Weavile use Slash!!" Ally said again.

    "Wea!" Weavile shouted as it's claws glowed white. It began charging at Snorlax. "Weavile!!" Weavile shouted and slashed Snorlax with brute force.

    "Lax!!!" Snorlax screamed as a bleeding slash appeared on it's belly. The attack was also a critical hit.

    "Giga Impact now!!" Damion shouted.

    "Lax!!" Snorlax shouted as it's body glowed a dark pink color. Then it charged at Weavile and did a massive punch.

    "Vile!!!" Weavile screamed in pain. It then crashed on to the ground.

    "Come on Weavile you've suffered worse than this" Ally said.

    "Vile.." Weavile whispered as it tried to stand up. Tears began appearing in it's eyes as it tried to fight back the pain. But eventually it fell to the ground not moving.

    "Guess you lose that round Ally Cat" Damion said as he let Snorlax go back in it's ball.

    "So what Damion? There's still five pokemon left" Ally said as Weavile went inside.

    "Touche but I'll get the win and that-" Damion started to say.

    "No you will not go Garchomp!" Ally shouted and threw her poke ball. Flash a navy blue black colored pokemon came out. The fin on it's back was slashed a little bit as well proving it was a male.

    "Garchomp!" Garchomp roared. (Ready to fight Ally!)

    "Okay Heracross time to fight!!" Damion shouted and threw his poke ball. Flash a blue pokemon with a horn on it's head came out.

    "Heracross" Heracross said. (Ready for battle sir!)

    "Round two!" the trainers both shout.

    "Heracross use Megahorn!!" Damion shouted.

    "Hera!" Heracross said as it's horn began glowing light green.

    "Dragon Claw Garchomp to fight back!" Ally said.

    "Gar" Garchomp said as the fins on it's arms began glowing purple.

    "Attack!!" they both shout. The two pokemon charge at each other and their attacks collided. both trainers and pokemon had faces of anticipation waiting to see who's move was more powerful, the bug type or the dragon type. After minutes of brutal strength Heracross gave out and Garchomp smashed it down to the ground.

    "Now Garchomp use Dragon Rage for a finish!!" Ally said.

    "Chomp!!" Garchomp shouted and breated purple flames on Heracross. Heracross then fainted after the attack hit.

    "Hah at least it wasn't two KOs in a row Damion" Ally said happily as she let Garchomp go in it's ball.

    "It was a big help at the Battle Tower no less" Damion said as he let Heracross go inside. "Now go Rapidash!" he shouted and threw his poke ball. Flash a unicorn with feiry mane came out.

    "Rapii!" it neighed.

    "This isn't good but you are my fifth caught pokemon go Wormadam!" Ally shouted. Flash a green pokemon with flowers came out.

    "Wormadam" Wormadam said. It looked at Rapidash and screamed as it knew it's dangerous moves.

    "Round three!" the trainers shout.

    "I know I know Anticipation.." Ally muttered.

    "Bad fifth choice if I must say hmm maybe I will get you to-" Damion started saying.

    "No you will not!!!!" Ally shouted.

    "Rapidash use Fire Blast!" Damion shouted.

    "Rapi!" Rapidash shouted and then breathed a powerful blast of fire on to Wormadam. After one hit it fainted.

    "Return" Ally said.

    "Two down one to go kitty" Damion whispered.

    "Stop calling me that!" Ally shouted as her cheeks turned pink. "Now Floatzel let's go!" Ally shouted. Flash an orange weasel pokemon came out.

    "Floatzel" Floatzel said. (Battle time yes!!)

    "Roserade your up!" Damion said and threw his poke ball. Flash a green pokemon with red and blue rose hands came out.

    "Roserade" Roserade said. (Time to fight)

    "Round four!" the trainers shout.

    "How sad for you Ally another bad choice" Damion said and grinned.

    "Why you!! Floatzel use Ice Fang!!" Ally shouted. Floatzel's teeth began glowing a bright blue color. Floatzel charged at Roserade and bit it on the head.

    "Rade!!!" Roserade screamed in pain. It was then frozen in a block of ice.

    "Who's got the bad choice now Damion? Now Floatzel use another Ice Fang attack and make it the end!!" Ally shouted.

    "Float!" Floatzel shouted and charged at Roserade again. The attack hit and Roserade fainted.

    "Yay another win!!" Ally said happily as Floatzel went in it's ball.

    "You got lucky Ally Cat but I will get another-" Damion started to say.

    "Shut up!! Now Luxray your up!!" Ally shouted and threw her poke ball. Flash a black, blue and yellow pokemon came out.

    "Ray" Luxray growled. (Fresh meat)

    "Staraptor go!" Damion said. Flash a brown bird came out.

    "Staraptor" Staraptor said. (Cool a ground target)

    "Round five!" the trainers shout.

    "Close Combat!" Damion shouted. Staraptor flew at Luxray and began doing the attack.

    "Lux!" Luxray screamed. It was on it's knees now.

    "Charge" Ally whispered.

    "Lux!" Luxray said and began charging power.

    "Another Close Combat!" Damion shouted. Staraptor then flew at Luxray again and attacked. Luxray had a very small amount of energy left.

    "Thunder Fang!!" Ally shouted. Luxray charged at Staraptor it's teeth glowing yellow. It bit Staraptor which got it screaming a lot. The move wa both super effective, boosted because it was the same type as Luxray, plus the effect of Charge, and Luxray's ablilty Rivalry. But Luxray took a little bit of damage too, which as a result made them both faint.

    "Guess our first captured pokemon had an equal amount of power" Damion responded as he let Staraptor go in it's ball.

    "Yeah now it's all up to our starting friends" Ally said as she let Luxray go in it's ball.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 6

    "Empoleon go!!" Damion shouted and threw his poke ball. Fl ash an emperor penguin pokemon came out.

    "Empoleon!!!" Empoleon shouted. (Brawl!!!)

    "Infernape show 'em who's boss!!" Ally shouted and threw her poke ball. Flash an ape like pokemon with a burning crown came out.

    "Infernape!!!" Infernape roared. (Burning time!!!)

    "Round 6!!" the trainers and pokemon shout.

    "Now use Hydro Pump!!" Damion shouted. Empoleon screamed and fired a big blast of water at Infernape.

    "Dodge and use Close Combat!!!" Ally shouted. Infernape screamed and jumped into the air barely soaked. Infernape screamed again as it's fists started to glow white.

    "Oh rats" Damion muttered as Infernape began punching Empoleon in the chest. Empoleon starting screaming in pain due to the move being super effective because it's part steel type. Infernape then ran back. It was breathing heavily as it's defense and special defense went down. Ally started to giggle softly at Damion. "What's so funny?" Damion asked.

    "That my Infernape still has a type advanctage on your Empoleon" Ally replied.

    "Drill Peck!!" Damion shouted. Empoleon jumped into the air and it dove while spinning like a drill.

    "Here we go" Ally whispered. As Empoleon crashed into Infernape a big explosion erupted in the battlefield. "Oh no Infernape!!" Ally shouted.

    "Empoleon!" Damion said loudly. The smoke cleared and the two pokemon were breathing heavily, both having low stamina. But immediatly Infernape started to glow orange and Empoleon began glowing light blue. "Well well guess Empoleon Torrent is starting to come into effect" Damion whispered.

    "Infernape is more poweful now" Ally said as she looked at Infernape. "Now Blast Burn!!!" Ally shouted.

    "Hydro Cannon!!!" Damion shouted. Both pokemon screamed using every last bit of their energy. Empoleon fired a big blue beam at Infernape while Infernape fired a big red fiery beam at Empoleon. Both attacks collided and caused another yet bigger explosion.

    "No!!" the trainers shout at the same time. The smoke vanished after minutes and Infernape was on the ground and Empoleon was still standing with one hit point left.

    "Guess I win the battle and the bet Ally Cat" Damion said as he let Empoleon go back inside it's ball.

    "Guess you do" Ally said as she let Infernape go in it's ball. "Well what do you want then?" Ally asked.

    "You know my price for my win" Damion said as he took one step forward. Ally knew what he was talking about and took a step back.

    "I don't think are not going to get me to kiss you again!!" Ally whispered.

    "The usual wager is if I win I kiss you and if you win we get to have a pretend pirate sword fight" Damion explained.

    "I don't want you to kiss me!!" Ally shouted.

    "Too bad!" Damion said and kept walking towards her.

    "Your going to have to catch me if you want to kiss me!!" Ally said playfully and ran right by Damion.

    "It's always this way with you!" Damion shouted and chased after her.

    "How immature was that?" Misty asked Ash.

    "Well it does put in the challenge of our needs to kiss doesn't it?" Ash asked.

    "Perhaps but let's focus on the battles for now" Misty replied as she saw Maylene and Mira battling. It was Lucario versus Alakazam. "My bet is on Alakazam" Misty said.

    "I'm going for Lucario" Ash whispered.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    A pretend sword

    It's a good idea,but it has some mistakes such as :

    "You know my price for my win" Damion said as he took one step forward.

    Which should have a period after 'win'.

    Other than the grammar mistakes,it's starting to be a good story.

    Plus,it has Oldrivalshipping.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    I'm not good with grammar :(

    Chapter 7

    "Aw come on just one?" Damion asked as he was chasing Ally.

    "Like I said you can't kiss me if you cannot catch me so ha ha!" Ally shouted. Damion sighed and began running faster. *He's not going to get me this time* Ally thought.

    "Too late I already did catch you!" Damion said as he grabbed Ally's right hand.

    "So you only got my hand in your hand what's the big deal!" Ally replied and began trying to break his grasp.

    "I now got both" Damion whispered and grabbed her left hand.

    "Oh so you think grabbing my hands are going to corner me well your wrong" Ally said and began pulling away. But Damion's grasp was too strong and she only pulled him closer to her.

    "Your always so easy to fool" Damion said as he wrapped his arms around Ally's waist.

    "No I am not and let go of me right now!" Ally said with anger.

    "No" Damion whispered.

    "I said let go or else!!" Ally shouted.

    "You really can't do much to me right now since I got you cornered" Damion whispered as he leaned in closer.

    "I am not cornered" Ally whispered as she grew angrier. But slowly love began taking over the rage.

    "You are now" Damion whispered as his lips touched hers.

    *Hmm this is strange.....I feel all warm inside* Ally thought. She wrapped her arms around Damion's neck and closed her eyes enjoying the kiss.

    "Haven't seen them come back yet" Misty said as she was looking out the window.

    "Maybe they are making out by the ocean" Ash replied. All the female trainers stopped drinking their drinks and eyed Ash with rage. "Guess I said a bad answer" Ash responded. Then the male trainers started laughing at Ash's stupidity.

    After three minutes Damion let go of Ally and licked his lips with pleasure. Ally just looked at him with a smirk. "I can outbest you at kissing like I do with battling against you" Ally whispered.

    "Yeah I figured that when you brushed your tongue against mine.....even though I did enjoy that savory feeling" Damion responded.

    "I gotta be heading back though I've got clients" Ally said sadly.

    "Maybe I could come with you?" Damion asked.

    "No I don't want to be a burden" Ally said.

    "I'm perfectly fine with it as long as I get one kiss per day" Damion explained.

    "Quick or passionate?" Ally asked.

    "Passionate or if we're alone maybe a bit more" Damion replied. Ally smacked Damion on the cheek.

    "I'll play the game when I am ready!!" Ally shouted.

    "It was just a suggestion. ow!" Damion said as he rubbed his cheek. After that Damion sent out his Staraptor and the both rode on it's back to Sunyshore.

    "They are heading back" Misty said.

    "Okay that was a good rematch Buck" Ash said.

    "Yeah but your no as powerful as Ally or Damion" Buck said as the two of them walked out the door.

    "I never know who those two are" Ash whispered as he sent out Charizard. The two of them climbed on Charizard's back and took off into the sky.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 8

    "Starr!!" Staraptor shouted as it landed. Ally and Damion got off the flying pokemon's back.

    "Return buddy you need a long rest" Damion said as Staraptor went inside it's ball.

    "That was fun!!" Ally said and smiled.

    "Only because you were with me" Damion responded and gently kissed Ally again, which made her blush as red as a Cheri Berry.

    "You can stop with the affection you know!!" Leaf shouted. Ally and Damion jumped as Leaf was shouting at them.

    "What!? we were just" Damion explained.

    "Your just going to get Dawn even more upset she really doesn't like seeing displays of affection in front of her since she denies having feelings towards someone" Leaf whispered.

    "Who?" Damion asked. Leaf then whispered her explanation in Damion's ear.

    "Oh I see you know it really reminds me of Ally back when we were still trainers" Damion replied and grinned.

    "Oh please I never had feelings for you back then" Ally responded while blushing a light red.

    "Oh I see you seem to have a crush on this boy?" Leaf asked.

    ".....Yeah...What of it!!?" Ally shouted.

    "You can stop teasing her about because we are a couple now although some guys fall for Ally's Cute Charm" Damion responded.

    "Clefairy has the cute charm ability" Leaf told Damion.

    "No actually I act innocent and give the boy my cute innocent eyes it usually penetrates their anger" Ally explained and walked away from the two of them heading back to her home.

    "I'm going to do more training" Damion said and walked away from Leaf.

    "And I'm all alone now" Leaf whispered.

    AFter Ally got inside her telephone began ringing. She walked over and picked up the phone. "Hello"? she asked.

    "Excuse me is this Ally?" a menacing voice asked.

    "Yep that's me" Ally said cheerfully.

    "It's me Saturn you need to come to Galactic HQ in Veilstone the boss assigned us all a mission" the voice said.

    "Okay Saturn I'll see you in Veilstone" Ally replied.

    "Yeah j-just keep the cute happy act to yourself" Saturn responded and hung up. Ally hung up on her end of the receiver as well.

    "Alright I gotta do a mission" Ally said as she began writing a note. "Went out to capture some Safari Zone Pokemon" Ally said and put the pen down. She then stuck the note on her front door and walked up to her room. After a couple minutes she was in her Galactic uniform. "I love this second job" Ally said and climbed out the window with her Weavile. After she hit the groud she ran off at full speed with Weavile.

    "It's taking her a long time to get back what do you suppose she's up to" Misty said as she was looking up in the sky.

    "I found a note on her front doow, it said she's at the Safari Zone catching some pokemon well isn't that nice she's tryingt o get some more pokemon data" Ash said as he read the note.

    "What are you al worried for anyways she'll be back there's no need to worry" Dawn said.

    "What if she doesn't get back until dark troublesome?" Paul asked. Dawn didn't respond after that.

    "We'll just have to sleep at the Pokemon Center" Gary remarked.

    "I just hope there's rooms available" Leaf said as she looked at Gary.

    "I'm sure there will be" May replied.

    Meanwhile Ally just made it to Veilstone City and walked inside the Galactic Buidling. "Finally she makes it!!" Mars said loudly.

    "Took her a long time!" Jupiter remarked.

    "Shut up Jupiter, Mars!! At least our commander in training is here!" Saturn shouted.

    "So CIT Ally is here?" a voice asked.

    "Yes everyone is present" Saturn replied in a calm voice.

    "Very well then" the voice said agian. Then a light blue haired man walked down the steps. It was Cyrus the boss of Team Galactic.

    "What's our mission?" Mars asked.

    "After that incident in Mt Coronet when I was taken to the Distortion World and had a cruel fate by being beaten three times by the trainer from Twinleaf, Lucas" Cyrus began to say. "Now since he has died from being poisened by Jupiter and Saturn's expertise with poisen pokemon we are now free to start again" Cyrus finished.

    "What's our first mission?" Ally asked.

    "Well Ally you will give us the Adament and Lustrous Orb, well first you have to steal them from the Celestic Ruins" Cyrus told her.

    "Okay!" Ally responded.

    "And if anyone asks who you are call yourself Commander Venus" Cyrus said again.

    "Yes sir!" Ally replied.

    "Saturn you and the other Galactic members assist her since she can't do it alone, I'll go in too" Cyrus told Saturn.

    "Yes" Saturn said.

    "I can't find her" Ash said as he walked out of the Great Marsh, te bottom of his jeans covered in mud. Paul then snickered "What's so funny?" Ash asked in anger.

    "How you got covered in marsh muck" Paul responded and snickered again. Dawn began laughing softly too.

    "The Great Marsh is always an excuse wait a minute.....oh no!!" Damion shouted. He knew that Ally had to a mission for Team Galactic.

    "What?" Gary asked.

    "Nothing nothing" Damion responded.

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 9

    "Maybe she went off to the Battle Frontier" Gary replied.

    "The Battle Frontier?" Ash asked.

    "Yeah it's at the Fight Area but you have to beat two tough trainers to get in" Gary explained.

    "Oh yes I remember that battle" Damion responded.

    "Who are they?" Ash asked.

    "Volkner and Flint" Damion replied.

    "The gym leader and the elite 4 member #3 that's gotta be extremely tough" Ash said.

    "It was really easy Ally's Garchomp knocked the team out with it's Earthquake attack" Damion told Ash.

    "Yeah but those two really cover up their weak points like if you use grass type pokemon Flint's team will burn you and if you use water type pokemon Volkner's team will shock you" Ash responded.

    "Good use of thought Ash" Dawn said with sarcasm.

    "Thanks" Ash replied. Dawn just sighed after that.

    "Hopefully Ally won't get into too much trouble since she joined Team..." Damion said and stopped when the others looked at him.

    "Team what?" May asked.

    "I was thinking out loud! anyways I'm heading to Celestic Town" Damion said and pulled out Staraptor's poke ball.

    "Why?" Leaf asked.

    "Because Team Galactic might be planning to steal those orbs" Damion responded and threw Staraptor's poke ball and the flying type came out.

    "Star!" Staraptor cried as it came out.

    "Maybe you need some help" Ash said.

    "No I don't" Damion responded and climbed on Staraptor's back.

    "Come on guys we could be backup for in case all your pokemon faint in battle" Ash said to the trainers.

    "I could use some action" Gary replied.

    "That sounds like fun I'm in too!" Leaf said happily.

    "I'd go for something interesting" Paul muttered.

    "I'd come but I don't have a flying type" Dawn replied and smiled.

    "I feel bad for you then" Damion said. Leaf punched Damion in the stomach after he said that.

    "Paul do you think maybe?' Dawn asked.

    "Yeah you can ride with me troublesome" Paul said and smirked at her. Dawn blushed a pale pink.

    "So I'm guessing your a couple?" Damion asked.

    "No way!" Paul shouted.

    "We're just friends that's all" Dawn replied.

    "I thought you didn't like Dawn at all" Ash said to Paul.

    "No I just didn't like you or that breeder I didn't say anything about Dawn" Paul said.

    "Never mind that let's just go!" Gary said. The trainers sent out their flying types and took off into the sky, leaving Misty, May and Drew behind.

    "Hey Misty you want to see us compete in a Pokemon Contest?" May asked.

    "Sure that sounds great" Misty said. Then Drew sent out his Flygon and Misty sent out her Pelipper, and the three took off into the sky.

    "Everything all set?" Jupiter asked the scientists.

    "Affermative we are ready" they said.

    "Good now come on" Jupiter said to the grunts. They then marched onto one of the helicopters. Ally was lookingup at the sky outside. "Ally!" Jupiter shouted.

    "What I waws just looking at the clouds" Ally replied as Jupiter grabbed her hand.

    "No time for that now? Make sure you get in disguise when we get to Celestic" Jupiter said as they ran onto another helicopter.

    "No problem Jupiter you can count on me!" Ally said happily.

    "Errrr j-just stick to the plan you cute rookie!!" Jupiter shouted as the helicopter began moving. Ally just smiled at Jupiter's remark.

    "Well that was a long trip" Gary said as his Pidgeot landed. "Pidd" Pidgeot yawned. "Okay return" Gary said. The other trainers landed and let their pokemon back in their balls.

    "I guess it's going to be like last time" Dawn whispered.

    "They have four commanders this time although one's still a beginner" Damion said.

    "That should be fine then" Ash replied.

    The Galactic helicopters landed by the town and all the Galactic members marched out, and so did the four commanders along with Cyrus in his business man suit.

    "Everyone know their jobs?" Cyrus asked.

    "Yes sir!" Team Galactic said.

    "Now get too it!!" Cyrus shouted. Everyone nodded and walked off.

    "Get into disguise and if anyone corners you get back into your uniform you got that?" Jupiter whispered. Ally nodded. "Great here" Jupiter whispered and gave her a mic. "If you need any help just say so, one of us will come, we can't afford to lose you" Jupiter whispered. Ally smiled after that which made Jupiter blush. "Don't get any ideas!" Jupiter said.

    "Will you two stop discussing your realtionship and get to your job!!" Cyrus shouted.

    "Yes sir!" Jupiter and Ally said and ran off in opposite directions.

    "I'm going to buy some supplies" Leaf said and walked off. Gary just followed her.

    "Yeah I'm heading out to find a Bagon you can catch one around this town" Ash said and walked away too.

    "I'm going to train for a contest" Dawn said and walked away too.

    "You might as well have some help then troublesome" Paul said and followed.

    "Of course I'm all alone" Damion muttered. He could hear fast footsteps coming his way.

    "Keep on task no delays" Ally whispered. She then evaded all people's eyes and walked into the Pokemon Center, and into a nearby girl's restroom. After a few minutes she changed into her usual clothes. 'Let's see who to send out as my companion ah ha! Shadow I choose you!" Ally said and threw her Luxury Ball. Flash her Weavile came out.

    "Vile!" Weavile said. (Alright!)

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    Default Re: Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated

    Chapter 10

    "She's in time to cause a diversion with those officers team" Mars said to the Galactic Grunts.

    "Yes sir!" the grunts said. Then the grunts began walking towards Celestic. Mars was leading them all.

    "Oh no" Officer Jenny shouted as she saw the team Galactic members approaching. She then pulled out her phone and called the members of the Celestic Town Police Force (CTPF).

    "Here comes the action boys" Mars said as the police came in their cars. The grunts nodded.

    "Ysy! The plan is working!" Ally said and jumped up and down. Weavile then put it's paw over her mouth.

    "Weavile weavile weavile" Weavile said. (Look we don't want to get busted in this joint so let's focus on those orbs) Ally nodded and Weavile began walking ahead of Ally, and she followed.

    "Empoleon?" Empoleon asked Torterra. (Why are our trainers training together?)

    "Torterra" Torterra said. (Because my trainer has feelings for yours)

    "Empoleon..poleon empo"! Empoleon siad. (I see......let's try getting them together!)

    "Terra?" Torterra asked. (Why?)

    "What do you think they are talking about?" Dawn asked Paul as their starters were talking.

    "Must be asking about why we are training together" Paul responded.

    "Well we are friends anywas.....right?" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah we are friends....for now" Paul said.

    "Gon!!" a Bagon cried as it was flung from it's bush. it smashed onto Empoleon's head. After it fell to the ground and began crying. "Bagon! bagon!" the Bagon cried. Dawn walked over to the small pokemon, and began holding it in her arms.

    "Guess it got the boot out of it's clan" Paul remarked.

    "No not it's got a foul stench!" Dawn cried after sniffing it.

    "Skuntank" Paul replied.

    "What Skuntank?" Dawn asked.

    "Skuntank the skunk pokemon sprays others with a foul smelling fluid they must be here those Galactic goons" Paul muttered.

    "Maybe we should head back" Dawn suggested.

    "Not a bad idea troublesome" Paul said as he let Torterra and Electivire go in their balls.

    "Leon!" Emopleon said as it went in it's ball.

    "Aw come on boss I wanted to catch that Bagon" a grunt whined to Jupiter.

    "Shut up! We need to get those orbs Ally needs to hurry up and bring them to us!" Jupiter shouted in annoyance.

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