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    Default Our Journey Together

    Hello, fellow Pokémon fans. My first thread here was not fully compliant with the rules, so the admins advised me to open a new one.

    I am relatively new on this subforum, and just discovered this area of the forum, yesterday. I've written some stories lately, that are linked together to form a chain of fictional anime episodes, centered about Ash and Angie. But as the title of the thread suggests, others also make an appearance, and there are even some shippy moments for other possible pairings of Pokémon characters, like RocketShipping for example.

    This is my first fanfic ever, and it wasn't intended to be the start of a larger series of episodes at the time of writing. So it may not take much time to build up the tension, and get's to the point rather quickly. When you notice that, try to keep in mind this was once a oneshot story.

    Well, I could tell a lot more about this first story but I'd better let the story itself do the talking, so here's the first chapter/episode.

    (Any comments are welcome, in this topic or using the review option of fanfiction.net, which one you prefer, and I hope you'll enjoy at least some of them.)

    Episode 1, Angie's Goodbye

    Second version of a little story about Angie having to say goodbye to Ash after he has become Sinnoh Champion. Layout has been improved now with speech separated from narrative parts. This story was the first in what was soon to become a series of fictional episodes. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    “This should have been a happy day.” Angie thought. “I mean, Ash had beaten the Elite four and Cynthia, and was now the new Sinnoh Champion!”

    But deep inside, Angie felt rather sad. Sure, she had cheered for Ash during all his fights, and after the final blow, when his Pikachu knocked out Cynthia's last Pokemon with a devastating Volt Tackle, she had cried tears of joy. She even got close enough to give him a quick kiss on the cheek to congratulate him, but before she could say something to him, other fans surrounded Ash, pushed her aside, and took him on their shoulders, to celebrate his championship. Angie was left with mixed emotions, she was off course glad for Ash that he won, but also realized that he would probably soon leave, to go to another region, and continue his quest to become the best Pokemon Master. If only she could be with him a bit longer, and make him realize what she had felt for him since they first met at summer camp, and he saved her life two times.

    “Actually he saved my life three times” she thought.

    Apart from taking over the family business, the daycare center of her parents, she had no big plans for her future. But this changed after she met Ash. He had this strange energy around him, invigorating and encouraging everything around him. His Pokemon, his friends, other trainers, and her.

    “Does he know that I care so much about him?” she wondered.

    He may be the cutest boy she ever met, he was also quite blind to noticing why she wanted to be as close a possible to him.

    “Could this mean that he doesn't like me enough to be more than friends?” was a thought that kept flashing through her mind, and made her feel more sad than happy now. “He did say that they were good friends when they said goodbye at the closing of summer camp.”

    At that moment she was hoping he would have said “we are more than good friends” but that disappointment soon disappeared when he promised to come visit her soon. When she was home again, every day after she got out off bed and got dressed, she would run outside, and stare along the road Ash would have to travel to reach her place, hoping to catch a glimpse of his special cap. He did not say when he would come, but he did promise her, and she believed him. During their stay at summer camp, she had quickly learned that Ash was very sincere when he said something. When he said he would not let go, that time she was almost sucked into the Spirit World by that ghost, she could read in his eyes that he meant it with every fiber in his body. Even though she was so scared at that moment, at the same time she had felt quite safe, with her hand in his hand.

    “He will show up one day!” she almost shouted inside her head. “He promised me, and this boy keeps his promises.”

    But even as she knew deep in her heart she would see Ash again, the waiting became more difficult everyday. Her parents had asked her quite a few times what was wrong. Finally she could not keep it inside any more. She first confided in her mother and told her about that nice boy she met at summer camp.

    “I miss him so, mum,” she cried while her mother held her lovingly.
    “He must be very special,” she said to Angie in her most reassuring voice. “If he really is that special, you will see him again.”

    And it was as if Ash had somehow felt that the waiting was getting almost unbearable for her, since two days later, Angie heard a voice in the distance, calling her name.

    “Could it be? ”she thought, while momentarily holding her breath.

    She looked out over the road, like she had done countless times since she came home again, and saw a waving arm in the distance. She put her hand above her eyes, to see more clearly who it was.

    “It did sound like Ash,” she thought, but the person in the distance was still to far away to be sure.
    Impatient to wait till she could see more, she started to run a little in the direction of the still unknown visitor. Her Shinx also appeared, like it felt something special was about to happen, and came running beside her. As she got closer, she suddenly stopped.

    “That boy has a Pikachu on his shoulder! It's Ash!” Angie thought.

    Angie started running again, this time much faster than before. She could now also hear his voice better, and this erased any doubt about the identity of the visitor. It was Ash, with his Pikachu, and off course Brock and Dawn. But all Angie could think about was Ash. She really wanted to hug and kiss him, but quickly realized that this might be a little to much, keeping in mind that she still was unsure about his feelings for her, if any. So instead she gave him that special handshake they also used on summer camp. When her knuckles touched his, she felt that familiar electrifying sensation. She felt a blush come on, and quickly turned away, and sat on her knees, as if she wanted to pick up her Shinx, to camouflage the red on her cheeks.

    “Angie, is everything okay?” Ash asked in his caring voice.
    “Not if you keep being so cute and so kind to me” she thought, but quickly regained her cool, and took Shinx in her arms. “I'm fine” she said, “nice to see you again, Ash”.
    “Okay, you had me worried for a moment. I am also glad to see you again” Ash replied as he nodded to her.

    And together with the rest of Ash's company, they walked back to her house, while Angie tried not to look at Ash all the time, which was no easy feat for her, of course. But still, during the short period he was staying at her home, she didn't have the courage to tell him how she felt about him. So saying goodbye when Ash left Solaceon Town to complete his quest in the Sinnoh region and challenge the Elite Four, sure had been difficult. But she promised to come cheer for him during his fights with the elites and the Champion, Cynthia. She asked her parents and they had given her permission to leave the daycare for this, so she would see him again. But this time it was different. Ash would leave Sinnoh soon, and then she would not see him again very soon.

    “This might be goodbye forever,” it flashed through her mind, and she started sobbing a little.
    “What is wrong Angie?” A voice behind her startled her.

    A very familiar voice, it was Ash! She never heard him coming, perhaps because she was so in thought.

    “Great,” she thought, “instead of saying goodbye in a nice way, now he sees me crying. I must look awful now. “Have you been standing there all the time?” she said, while still keeping her back turned to him, so he could not see her tears.
    “I have been looking everywhere for you” he said, as if he hadn't heard her question, “I can't leave without saying goodbye to you first.”
    “That is so sweet of him” she thought, but at the same time the idea of having to say goodbye made her more sad, and her sobbing became louder.
    “Hey Angie, what is it? You can tell me, you know that. You have been there for me during the championship, I'll always be there for you as well.”

    These words had a slightly reassuring effect on her, and she slowly turned around towards Ash. When he saw her eyes filled with tears, Ash was shocked.

    “What could have made her so sad”? he wondered. “What happened?” he asked her.

    For a moment there was nothing but silence.

    Then Angie tried to pull herself together, and she whispered “I don't want to say goodbye”.

    Ash was puzzled, you could almost see the big question mark floating above his head.

    “Why not? You want me just to leave then without saying goodbye at all?” Ash asked, still being as clueless as ever about what went on in Angie's head.

    Again a moment of silence, this time lasting longer than the previous one. Then she started sobbing even harder than before, her head buried deep in her hands.

    “Are you crying over me?” Ash asked in a soft voice.

    Suddenly Angie looked up again, and through her tears she saw his eyes.

    “Is that a tear in the corner of his eye?” she asked herself. “It was, he must really care about my feelings.”
    This gave her confidence the boost she needed.

    “I... I don't want you to leave...” she finally confessed.
    “I don't like to leave” Ash quickly said, “but remember we're friends forever, so we never really leave each other, right?”

    That answer was a major disappointment.

    “For a moment it looked like he finally noticed that she had feelings for him beyond “friends forever” and stuff” she thought “but now he was back to his normal oblivious Ash again”. She had been here before, when they said goodbye at summer camp. Back then she didn't have the courage to say she felt more for him than friendship, and if she did not say anything now, this moment would probably end the same as their goodbye then. “That is not going to happen again!” Angie yelled inside her thoughts.

    She took a deep breath and shouted to him “I love you, you silly boy! Can't you see that!”

    Ash was startled for a few seconds. He knew Angie was a fiery girl, and she had shouted to him numerous times during their rivalry at summer camp, but this time, he was surprised at this outburst. Sure, he had felt something different in Angie at the end of summer camp, and later when he visited her in Solaceon Town. But he had never thought much about it, “Girls behave strange all the time” he always said to himself. But now he understood why Angie behaved so strange lately, even for a girl. She LOVED him! He looked at Angie, looking at him with asking eyes, which were still filled with tears. Then a warm, strange feeling came over Ash. He had felt it before when he grasped Angie's hand when she was about to get sucked in that spirit world, and when she almost fell of that cliff. Of course he would have done this for anyone who was in danger, but still it was different. He really didn't want to loose her. When they were apart the past few weeks, between summer camp and his visit to her in Solaceon Town, and later, in the period between that visit and his journey through victory road, he had thought about her a lot. But he had not sought much behind this, “it just indicated that Angie was a real close friend, right?” he said to himself then. But now he was not so sure about this any more. Seeing her cry, hurt him more than he expected. He felt that she was in trouble again, and this time he really was the only one who could save her. Slowly he reached out his right hand towards Angie.

    “I....eh... also don't want to leave you...” he stuttered.
    “Did I really hear Ash saying this? Or was I just dreaming?” Angie asked herself.

    It seemed real though, and Ash's hand was still invitingly stretched out towards her. Before she knew it, she had grabbed his hand firmly. She still had tears in her eyes, but suddenly didn't feel so sad anymore.

    “You can come with me on my new journey if you want,” Ash then said, out of the blue.

    She almost fainted. It was a good thing that Ash held her hand so tight, it helped her keeping her balance.
    “Did he mean that? That would be great,” Angie thought as her heart jumped up with joy.

    “I was wrong, Ash said. “Seeing you this way made me realize that you have become more than a very good friend,” he continued, “I really want you around, get to know you better, I think...” Ash paused momentarily “...I love you too.”

    “This was even better than I could have hoped for” Angie thought. “Not only did I finally confess my feelings to Ash, but there really was more in his eyes than just helping a friend when he saved me twice, he really cares for me!”

    “Angie! Well, would you like to travel with me for a while?” Ash asked her.

    She had been so much lost in thought about the nice things Ash suddenly said to her, that she had forgotten to accept his invitation yet.

    “Well...” she teasingly said “Of course I do, you silly boy!” and she jumped in his arms, causing them both to fall on the floor.

    For a moment they stared into each other's eyes, and Angie started to blush again. Even Ash seemed to blush a little, but then they quickly stood up again, and Ash put on his cap, that had fallen on the floor when they fell down. Suddenly Angie's face became very serious.

    “What was I thinking? I can't come with you Ash,” she said, looking down at the ground.

    Now Ash started looking a little sad. “Now that I finally found out that I have feelings for her and what she feels for me, and we won't have to say goodbye, she can't come with me?” He asked himself, puzzled.

    “Why not?” Ash asked Angie, with a soft voice.
    “I can't leave my parents to run the daycare for that long without me. They really need my help. Even going here for these few days to watch you battle must have been difficult for them.” Angie said with an equally timid voice.
    “But.. then...” Ash started.
    “I will take care of that. Don't you worry,” a familiar voice suddenly said.

    It was Brock. He had heard Angie crying when she was talking with Ash, and fearing something was wrong, had walked in the direction of that sound. He then overheard them talking. After recovering from the shock that Ash had more luck in love than he, Brock decided to step forward to help the fresh couple. He offered to work in the Daycare for Angie, so she could travel with Ash after all.

    “If I can't be happy in love myself, I will gladly help others find that happiness themselves,” he said. “Especially since these 'others' are such good friends as you two. And helping at the daycare will also be a good experience for me in fulfilling my dream to become the greatest Pokemon Breeder. So what do you say, shall we visit Angie's parents and ask them if this is ok?”

    Instead of a spoken answer, Ash and Angie fell around Brock's neck, and now he was knocked over to the ground.

    “I guess this means yes,” Brock whispered as he gasped for breath and wondered what was tougher, getting knocked over by these two lovebirds, or getting the familiar Poison Jab from his Croagunk.

    So they went to Solaceon town again, to tell Angie's parents about their plans. Her mother agreed rather quickly, as she had liked Ash from the moment she first met him when he visited Angie earlier. Angie's father first talked about “not taking her responsibility too lightly” and “work first, pleasure later” but eventually he gave in, after Ash assured him that he would look after Angie, and that the purpose of his journey was to learn more about Pokemon, and not just some field trip where only fun would matter. A spare room was made ready for Brock, so he would be able to make himself comfortable for the coming period. Since they would leave the next day, and there were no more free rooms, Ash slept on the couch, but he didn't mind. Not having to say goodbye to a very good friend that now had suddenly become his girlfriend was a nice thought to dream about.

    The next day Angie started packing, and soon she and her Shinx were ready. Saying goodbye to her parents didn't go without a tear, but she didn't feel as heartbroken as when she thought she would never see Ash again. And as Brock and Angie's parents waved goodbye, the young couple set their first footsteps on their journey together.

    “Don't forget to change underwear everyday, dear!” Angie's mother shouted.
    “Mum, you are embarrassing me!” Angie yelled with an annoyed voice.
    “Don't be mad about it Angie,” Ash said in a calm voice, “my mother used to do the same when I went on my first journey. It is what mothers do, I guess.”
    “I think you're right” Angie said, and they both looked at each other with a look of understanding, then bursting out into laughter.

    Slowly, the young couple moved towards the horizon, to face the new challenges that lay ahead, a bit uncertain about the future, but sure they can count on each other, no matter what may come their way.

    So that is it, my first fan-fiction story ever. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    [end of document]

    P.S. just a little reminder, I won't eat anyone who dares to say anything about this fanfic, be it positive or negative. Just thought you should know...
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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    54 views so far and 24 hours later and not a single remark.

    Is this story so good that everyone is left speechless?
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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    Haha, I know that feeling.

    So far it's good, but it's very very long to read. xD

    Shorten your next chapter rofl.
    But that isn't necessarily a downfall for it's content, it's still good so far.

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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    Thanks for the remarks.

    This was once intended to be just one story. Now that it has become the first episode of a longer series, it may seem long, but for a single story it was rather short.

    It will be hard to make the sequel shorter, as it has already been written. I'd rather like to call these stories episodes btw, instead of chapters, since I intend to make a series of episodes that could have been made into real anime episodes. So every "chapter" contains a complete story, unless it is part 1 or part 2 of a 2-part episode.

    I am curious what you think of the second chapter/episode, so I will post it now. There will be much more going on than in the first story, I think...

    Episode 2, All Tied Up! (part 1)

    A little story about the beginning of the journey of Ash and Angie, taking place directly after my previous fiction story, “Angie's Goodbye”. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    “Ash, dinner is ready! Come and get it!” Angie yelled.

    “Where is that boy?” She wondered. He had been gone for hours now. It was their first trip together since they left her home in Solaceon Town. Their plans were to get to the Fight Area, on the island north in the Sinnoh Region, and from there catch the boat to the another new region Ash wanted to explore. To get there in time to catch the boat to the Fight Area, they had to fly, literally. Staravia carried Angie, and Ash went on Gliscor. He did have to pay for that with a few unplanned landings, as Gliscor's flying technique still needed some work. After a few of those “landings” Angie began feeling sorry for him.

    “Let's switch places Ash, now you fly with Staravia and I'll travel on Gliscor for a while.” she proposed.
    “No,” he said, I'll be fine. Ash said, determined. “Besides, I don't want you to get hurt, Angie.”
    “He really could be so sweet at times”, Angie said to herself. “He may be dense now and then, and also rather stubborn too, but his good qualities make up for that. And besides, he is so cute...”

    Even with the unplanned landings of Gliscor, they did manage to get on the boat in time, and soon they set foot on the island where the Fight Area was. However, the boat to the new region was not going to leave very soon. While on it's way from the new region to where our friends ware, it had encountered a storm, and now needed repairs. These were expected to take at least three days, maybe more. Ash was off course very disappointed, but then Angie told him that on Route 228, just north of the Resort Area, lived many Bug Pokémon.

    “Really?” Ash asked Angie with much excitement in his voice.

    Angie had already learned about Ash's fondness of Bug Pokémon, so she was certain this would cheer him up. And she was right, he never mentioned having to wait for the boat to get repaired, but raced off in the direction of the Resort Area, almost dragging Angie behind him. Before they could reach the Resort Area, and Route 228, where the Bug Pokémon would be, they had to travel along Route 230, which consisted of a large lake. Staravia was still somewhat tired of the long flight from Solaceon Town to the ferry to the Fight Area, so Ash and Angie could not go this way. Besides, riding on Gliscor across a big lake was not such a good idea. So Ash came up with another approach. He would make a raft for Angie, and ask Buizel to pull the raft. He himself would ride along with Buizel then. Gliscor helped cutting down some trees, and soon the raft was ready.

    “Why don't you come along on the raft, instead of swimming in that cold water”? Angie asked concerned.
    “No, the raft is not big enough for two, maybe I'll knock you over and then you fall in and get wet too” Ash replied firmly.

    Angie was not worried about the little room aboard the raft.

    “I'll just stay close to Ash, don't mind that at all,” she dreamed. “Being close to him is the reason I went on this journey in the first place.”

    But even though she was a little disappointed about a missed chance so sit cozy together on the raft, she was also charmed by the caring way Ash treated her. The crossing of the lake went without any problems, and after Ash's clothes had dried in the sun, they set forth to route 228. However, after walking for hours, no Bug Pokémon was there to be seen.

    “Are you sure this is the right place?” he said to Angie.
    “Absolutely”, she answered, “I read about it in the magazine my parents receive weekly. It has a special feature about what Pokémon can be found in the Sinnoh region”
    “Well, you must have read the wrong route number then, cause there are no Bug Pokémon here,” Ash said with an accusing voice.
    “Beg your pardon, mister?” Angie replied with an also irritated voice. “I am sure it said so in the magazine!”
    “Oh really?” Ash replied.
    “Oh yes!” Angie almost yelled, and they turned their backs to each other, both with their arms crossed along the chest. “If you want to be with these bugs so bad, why don't you go look for them alone!” Angie now yelled.
    “Fine, I will! We haven't been in that piece of forest yet, so maybe I'll find some there, if you really did not misread that magazine, that is,” Ash said.
    “Oh you...!” Angie yelled, “well just make sure you don't stay away too long, I am going to make dinner in an hour and if you're too late there will be nothing left!”
    “Yeah, yeah...” Ash said and slowly walked towards the dark patch of forest he mentioned they hadn't visited yet.
    “The little... Oh why can't he admit that I am right without him getting all mad!” Angie wondered.

    But soon her anger faded away, and she started making preparations for dinner. She had never been much of a cook, at the daycare she only had to feed the Pokémon left in the care of her parents, but she had learned a few things lately. During Ash's first visit to her house she had first experienced Brock's cooking, and since she wanted to take care of Ash while they traveled together, had asked Brock for some quick lessons. Luckily he had some of his recipes written down, since there was little time between the moment Ash asked her to join him on his new journey, and the moment they actually left. She was going to make a dish that was Ash's favorite, according to Brock. And it wasn't even a difficult meal to prepare. She started cooking, and a while later, a delicious scent filled the air around their camp.

    “What is taking him so long?” she wondered. “He can't still be angry now, can he?”

    She looked in the direction of the patch of forest Ash disappeared in more than an hour ago.

    “It does look rather spooky” she thought, and a little shiver went down her spine. “What if... something happened to him?”

    After all, when Ash left to explore this piece of forest, he only took Pikachu with him and forgot his other Pokémon.
    “Pikachu is strong, but it is still only one Pokémon,” she thought. “If it got poisoned or hit with Stun Spore, Ash would be all by himself...”

    “Ash!” she called, “Ash!” but there was no answer. She raised her voice again and called even louder “Ash, where are you? Dinner is ready! Come on!”

    “Would he still be mad at me?” she thought. “He wouldn't think I sent him on a wild goose chase when I told him there had to be Bug Pokémon here? Or was he trying to get even with me, watching from behind one of those bushes, to see me freak out because I am getting so worried about him?”

    “Ash Ketchum, the joke is now over, come out from wherever you are hiding, you hear me?!” Angie yelled with a slight touch of fear in her voice.

    Then her Shinx seemed to hear something. It looked in the direction of some bushes at the edge of the forest. Angie looked in the same direction, and suddenly she saw something moving in the bushes! It was Pikachu! “So, the game is up” she thought.

    “About time you guys showed up,” Angie said, “I worked hard to get you something to eat and now it is getting cold!”

    But still no sign of Ash and then Angie noticed that Pikachu was not moving forward as fast as usual. She started to run towards the little guy.

    “Pika...” Pikachu uttered very weakly before it fell over.

    “It was hurt!” Angie thought. “Quickly, let's examine it!” Her experience at the daycare came in really handy now, she had seen her parents treat injured Pokémon before, and learned much from this. Before she and Ash left, she had managed to grab a few medicine-sprays, just in case. Normally Brock was the one to take care of injuries but since he had stayed at the daycare to fill the vacancy Angie had left by leaving with Ash, it now came down to her to be the “doctor”. She found a few marks on Pikachu that were clearly stings from a Roselia.

    “The poor thing has been poisoned” she thought. “It's a miracle it even managed to get here with this amount of poison”

    Quickly she picked the right antidote and gave it to Pikachu.

    “There you are, you'll feel much better soon now, little guy,” she lovingly said to the little Electric Mouse Pokémon.

    And she was right, after a minute, Pikachu slowly opened it's eyes, and looked gratefully at Angie.
    “It is going to be okay,” she sighed happily, but then her face suddenly grew pale. She slowly turned her head towards the now even more spooky looking patch of forest, and said with a weak and concerned voice “But... what happened to Ash?”

    (to be continued)

    My second fan-fiction story. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    6-6-2009: Added the correct Route numbers.
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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    As a MorpheusShipper I enjoyed this. You have some issues with spacing and grammar but they aren't major.

    One thing you should do is put more spaces between the lines.

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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    Thanks for the review.

    On FanFiction these spaces are added automatically, so I don't put the extra spaces in the docs on my pc. I'll consider doing some "reformatting" after I've uploaded the next chapter here.

    About the grammar, most of my knowledge of English is based on highschool, about 15 years ago, and after that I only read and hear English in books, and on TV, respectively. So I rely on that and the spellchecker from my word processor...

    But if there are any recurring mistakes, please notify me, so I can correct them and avoid them in future stories. They may be minor, but if they are avoidable, I will try to do so...

    If you liked this, you'll defenitely like what is yet to come here...

    It's time for part 2 of this episode:

    Episode 2, All Tied Up! (part 2)

    The second part of a little story about the beginning of the journey of Ash and Angie, taking place directly after my previous fiction story, “Angie's Goodbye”. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    “Pika pi!” Pikachu uttered as it tried to free itself from Angie's arms.

    It brought Angie back from her worried thoughts about what could have happened to Ash. Pikachu grabbed part of her shirt, and tried to pull the girl in the direction of where it just came out of the bushes, some moments ago, all battered up.

    “That's right” she thought, “we must go find Ash, he may be in even more trouble than Pikachu was.”

    Even though she was eager to rescue Ash, she did keep her cool a little, and grabbed Ash's Poké Balls before running towards the eerie forest. She was hoping Pikachu would show her the way, and followed it deeper into the forest.

    “It sure is creepy here,” she thought, “especially since it is getting dark a little. But I must go on, for Ash!”

    Sometimes she heard some noises, hoping it was a sign from Ash, but most of the times it was the wind, or at least she thought it was. Her Shinx was getting tired and she put it back in it's Poké Ball. Then she heard a shrieking sound, not far from them.

    “W..What was that?” she stuttered.

    “I want to run away and never stop until I am out of this creepy forest!” she thought. But she pulled herself together again. “Look, Pikachu also keeps on going. I know he does it because he is loyal to his master, Ash. But didn't the same apply to her? Ash was not her master off course, but she choose to be with him, and now she shouldn't back out when things got a little scary.” her confidence grew again “I have to find Ash!” she kept thinking. All of a sudden she noticed something on the ground, a few meters away from her. It was Ash's cap! “He must be close” Angie kept telling herself, “I will soon see him again.” And she was right. Behind some more bushes she found Ash, all stuck in a large web. She started to laugh.

    “So that's been keeping you away! You're all tied up! I know you like Bug Pokémon, but I never imagined you wanted to live with them.” she said teasingly.
    “Angie, this is no time for jokes!” Ash shouted, but Angie laughed even louder.
    “Too bad I didn't bring my camera. It really is a sight you know!”

    Ash got a little mad because Angie was laughing over him so much, but there was no time to be angry at her.

    “Angie!” he yelled.
    “Yeah, yeah, I'll untie you, don't be so impatient.” Angie replied.
    “Angie! Ash said again, “that's not it!” as he kept on making wild movements with his arms.
    “What then?” she asked.
    “Behind you!” Ash yelled even louder.

    Angie finally noticed the fear in his voice, and quickly turned around. Before her stood the largest Ariados she had even seen! “Eewww” she thought “what a monster” but before she could do anything the Ariados used String Shot on her, and wrapped her in it's sticky webbing.
    “That's what I was yelling at you about” Ash said. “I wanted to warn you.”

    The Ariados finished wrapping it's web around Angie, and carried her to the large web Ash already was stuck to, and planted Angie right beside him.

    “Now I am close to Ash” she thought, “but this is not exactly what I had in mind. Nice job Angie, now we're both stuck in this web. If only I hadn't been so busy laughing at Ash's sticky situation. But then again, it did look so funny, him flapping his arms and legs about, while shouting at her.”

    But now, there was little reason to laugh. They were both stuck tightly to the web of this large Ariados, and Pikachu was nowhere to be seen. She started to cry.

    “Ash” she said, “if we don't get out of this alive, I want you to know that the last few days were the best of my life. I'm sorry I haven't been more careful and instead of saving you, ended up trapped as well.”

    Then, with much difficulty because the web was so sticky, she leaned over towards Ash, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

    “I love you, Ash Ketchum, until my last breath. I just wanted you to know that'” and then she started crying.

    For a moment Ash was stunned. He did already tell Angie that he loved her as well, but they never kissed after that confession. First, they needed all the time to get packed, and even though he was now more aware of his feelings, he still felt uncomfortable expressing them with more than words and holding hands. But this kiss felt nice, and it gave him new hope and strength.

    “Now listen to me Ange” - this was the first time Ash used the short form of her name, but somehow he felt the situation was right for using a pet name for her - “Don't talk like we're going to die or so. We'll get out of this situation. Look at me!”

    Slowly she lifted her head up to Ash, and looked into his eyes, like he asked her to do.

    “I know that look” she thought “that is the same way Ash looked at me when he held my hand, when that spirit almost dragged me into it's world, to be trapped forever there. When Ash told me he would not let go!” Slowly she calmed down.

    “But how are we going to get out of this then?” she asked him. “Do you have a plan?”
    “No, but if I think hard enough, sooner or later something will come up, I'm sure,” he answered.
    “That sounded a lot less reassuring than what he said to her just a few moments ago. “Fine, you go work out our escape plan, while we hang around here and enjoy the vi....”

    But she didn't finish her sentence. Did she really see it well? Was that Ash's cap moving towards them? “Strange, there is not even the lightest breeze” she thought, “how can his cap be...” Then suddenly she saw two yellow feet underneath the cap.

    “It's Pikachu!” she yelled to Ash.
    “You're right, it is!” Ash said in joy. “Well done little buddy!” and to Angie “He must have slipped away while that Ariados was webbing you, and then used my cap as cover to get to us unnoticed. Can you get us free, Pikachu?”

    The little Mouse Pokémon tried to bite the strings holding his master and Angie, but the strings were too tough.

    “Pikachu, use Iron Tail on the web!” Ash commanded.

    Pikachu jumped up in the air, and with all it's force, slammed the web with his tail, only to get launched ever higher in the air, because the web bounced back.

    “Pikachu, are you okay?” Ash and Angie both yelled.

    Pikachu seemed their only chance on getting out of this place, and Angie had quickly begun to like Ash's little Pokémon friend, soon after they met.
    “Pika, pika!” Pikachu muttered a little angry as he stumbled out of the bushes he fell into.
    “So much for that solution,” Ash sighed “If only we could...”
    “Ash!, Angie said, “I grabbed your Poké Balls, before I left to go search for you. Maybe one of your other Pokemon can help us.”
    “Good job, Angie!” Ash said, while Angie started to blush at the compliment Ash gave her.
    “Release Gliscor! He can cut these strings easily!” he said to her.

    Angie tried to grab the Poké Balls, but her arms were tied so tightly along her body, she could not reach them.

    “It's no use, Ash, I can't reach them!” she cried in desperation.
    “Let Pikachu try it!” Ash answered.

    Angie had to giggle as the little mouse Pokemon tried to get the Poké Balls from her pocket.

    “That tickles!” she said, “oh please stop, I can't take it any longer... hihi...”

    But then Pikachu got hold of a Poké Ball, and dropped it on the ground. The familiar “pop” sounded, and with a flash of light the ball opened.

    “Gliscor, there you are!” Ash said.

    Pikachu had gotten the right Poké Ball at the first try.
    “Can you cut the strings with your scissors?” Ash asked.
    “Glissscoorrrr gli..” Gliscor said and nodded towards his trainer. He braced himself and lashed out to the strings “Gliiii.....scoorrrrrr!”

    The first attempt failed as Gliscor only managed to hit Ash's head, causing Angie to giggle again, but the next attempt was successful and the web that had held Angie and Ash, fell to the ground.

    “Ah, that feels good” Ash sighed.

    And although Angie hadn't been stuck there as long as he, she was also very relieved to be free again. She fell around Ash's neck, and almost squeezed the air out of him.

    “You know I like you Angie, but when stuck in that web I had more room to breathe.”
    “Oh sorry...” Angie apologized. “I am just so glad I can hold you again.”
    “It's okay, Ange, I was also worried that I might never see you again.”

    She relaxed her grip a little, and Ash even started to feel a little comfortable holding her this way. “Hey, girls are nice”, he thought “if you found the right girl.” Then Angie's grip tightened again and she started shaking.

    “What is wrong, Ange? You are squeezing me again.”
    But all she could say was “Ar... Ar...”
    Ash tried to understand what she was trying to say but before he managed to find that out, the riddle was solved, as Angie shouted “The Ariados! It's back!”

    Ash turned around, and saw the large Pokémon that had captured them earlier. “Not again!” he thought, “we have to be quick!”

    “Ash!” Angie cried in fear, as the Ariados was moving towards her.
    “Gliscor! Do Guillotine!”
    “Are you sure that is the best move, Ash?”, Angie asked, still with fear in her eyes. “That move has a very low chance on succeeding” she added.
    “It is our only chance, Angie, and I am sure Gliscor can do it. Isn't that right buddy?”
    “Gli. Gliscor” the Pokémon answered.

    Gliscor looked at Ash with his familiar emotional face, his eyes almost in tears because of the faith his trainer displayed in him, then his eyes became menacing again. Gliscor jumped up high in the air and took aim at the Ariados that was now rushing towards Angie. Ash grabbed her, holding her tight, with his back turned towards the charging Ariados, to protect her from the blow if Gliscor's attack would fail.

    “GLIIII......SCORRRR!” was all that Ash and Angie heard, as dust was blown up around them.

    Then it became silent again. Ash opened his eyes again, and so did Angie.

    “Is it over...? “ Angie asked.

    Ash looked around, and there lay the large Ariados, knocked out by Gliscor's guillotine.

    “Yes, Gliscor did it! Just like I thought he would,” Ash yelled in joy, and they danced around in a circle to celebrate it. Then Angie and Ash both thanked Gliscor for his effort saving their lives.

    “Now let's get out of here!” Ash said to Angie.
    “Gladly!” she said, and grabbed his hand, as they ran back to their camping spot.
    “Gliscor, can you keep watch tonight?” Ash asked.

    Gliscor nodded, and sat down, looking towards the part of the forest they had just escaped from. Suddenly Angie heard a strange sound.

    “Sorry, that's my stomach,” Ash said, “I'm starving!”

    Angie thought about the dinner she had made.

    “I managed to cook you something,” she said, “but it must be gone all bad now”
    “Now let me be the judge of that” Ash said to her.

    The fire under the meal had gone out, but it was still glowing, and surprisingly the meal was still quite warm. Angie put a little on Ash's plate, so he could try it. He took a spoonful, chewed on it, than swallowed it, but said nothing.
    “I knew it, it must taste awful, I'm a lousy cook, I should never have come with you instead of Brock, I will get us both poisoned and then...” Angie ranted, but Ash put his finger on her mouth.
    “It is the best food I've tasted in ages,” Ash said, “can I have some more please?”

    It took some time for her to recover from the surprise. “He really likes what I made! Wow!” Angie thought, as she filled Ash's plate with more of the meal. As she watched him eat it with great enthusiasm, she started to blush a little. Then they heard another strange sound. “Oops, that's my stomach,” she realized. She had been so busy getting something for Ash, she had completely forgotten about herself. She put some spoonfuls on her own plate, and meanwhile Ash had finished his portion, and asked if he could have more.

    “Well, off course, mister Bug Pokémon hunter, Brock told me you have a healthy appetite, so I made plenty,” and she filled his plate again.

    Then she fed the Pokemon, giving Pikachu and Gliscor some extra for their help today. While they were eating as well, Ash and Angie put up the tents they had brought to sleep in.

    “Goodnight Ash. Sweet dreams,” Angie said as the gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

    She wanted to turn around to walk to her tent, but Ash took her hand, and made her turn around to face him again.

    “Thanks for coming for me, and saving my life,” he said with an unusually emotional tone in his voice.
    “That's okay,” she said, “you would have done the same for me, I know.”
    “I know,” Ash said as he nodded, “but I still would like to give you this,” and he kissed her briefly on the cheek.
    “Sleep well, Ange” he said in a soft voice, and turned around to walk to his tent.

    For a moment she thought she was already dreaming, lying in her sleeping bag in her tent. But the cool evening breeze made her realize it was real. “Ash kissed me! Wow!” she thought. It had already been a great step for him to confess to her that he liked her as well, perhaps even more difficult than it was for her to tell him she loved him. Keeping that in mind, it gave this kiss even more meaning. She almost floated back to her tent, and didn't think any more about the frightening moments they experienced this day. She put on her pyamas, and got in her sleeping bag. And with a big smile on her face, she quickly fell asleep.

    My third fan-fiction story. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    21-06-2009: Changed the Pokémon that held Ash captured to an Ariados, it seems more menacing than a Spinarak.
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    Hmm... part 2 of Episode 2 is probably flawless, judging on the absence of any comments. So I'd better put up Episode 3 part 1 now...

    Episode 3, Don't Miss the Boat! (part 1)

    Part 1 of the 3rd episode in my Fan Fiction about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    “Ash, are you awake already?” Angie whispered as she walked past his tent.

    The sun was shining for a while now, and Angie had woken up early from a good night's sleep. She had thought about the adventures of yesterday, how she and Ash were almost captured by a big Ariados. But it all ended well, thanks to her being witty enough to grab Ash's Poké Balls before she went looking for him, and of course by the great performance of Gliscor. “Where was Gliscor anyway?” she thought. It wasn't where they left it yesterday, when Ash asked it to stand watch for the rest of the night. She looked around and finally found it, lying against one side of Ash's tent. Her first reaction was to wake the sleeping Pokemon, but she could restrain herself.

    “The poor thing,” she whispered, “it must have been so tired after all that it did yesterday to rescue Ash and me. Better let it get that well deserved rest for a while longer.”

    Finally she heard some muffled sounds from Ash's tent. “Fine, he is awake,” she thought.

    “Rise and shine, little sleeper,” she said teasingly while shaking his tent a little.
    “Huh! Wh... what is happening...?” she heard him say as a startled Ash came running out off his tent.

    Angie immediately started to laugh.

    “What's so funny?” Ash asked, still a bit annoyed about his wake-up call.
    “You!” Angie giggled, “you look really cute in that.”

    Ash suddenly realized why she was laughing. He was wearing his purple pyjama with the yellow dots. “Why did my mum ever get me this?” had been his first thought when he had unpacked his backpack for the first time at the start of his journey in the Sinnoh region. “I am not going to wear this!” had been his second thought. So, up till now, he had always kept this garment at the bottom of his backpack, and used his other, less colorful pyjamas. But these had become rather worn because of their frequent use, so he could not wear them anymore, and had been forced to put on this spotted, horrible thing.

    “Oh, that...” Ash said embarrassed, as he wanted to sink into the ground right there, right now.
    “We'll buy you another one when we are in town again, okay?” Angie said. “You just get back inside, and put on some other clothes, while I'll get us some breakfast.”
    “Sounds good to me,” Ash replied, and quickly got back into his tent.

    Not long after that, he came out again, fully dressed in his regular costume, with his cap firmly on his head. Pikachu sat on his shoulder, and looked fully recovered. Angie had already set the table, and a lovely scent entered Ash's nose.

    “Smells really good, Ange!” he said, and sat down at the table.
    “Well thank you,” she said, “I hope it will also taste as good then.”

    Angie also sat down, and they enjoyed their breakfast together.

    “If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were Brock's twin sister,” Ash said.
    “What do you mean?” Angie asked him. “I don't look like him, now do I?”
    “No, of course not,” Ash laughed, “but you do cook as well as him, maybe even better.”

    Angie turned her head a little away so Ash could not see her blushing.

    “Ah, you're just saying that because I made it,” she said with a slightly timid voice.
    “No, I mean it. Of course it is extra special because you're the cook, but it really is good. Don't be so uncertain of yourself!” Ash backed up his praise.
    “Well, in that case, thanks for the compliment, and remember, you may kiss the cook.”

    Ash almost fell over backwards from his seat. “Okay, being with his girlfriend was getting better every day, but all that stuff about kissing was still a bit frightening,” he thought. “If, like yesterday, it just happened, it was okay, but let's not overdo it,” he said to himself.

    “Did you choke on something?” Angie asked him with a worried voice.
    “Yeah, I guess I was eating a bit too fast. But it's alright now,” Ash quickly said.

    They finished eating, cleaned up and broke up their tents. Today was the day the boat to the new region could be fully repaired again, so they had to go back to the Fight Area. At the shore of the lake they had to cross to get there, they found the raft that Ash had made when they came from the Fight Area. It was still sturdy, but Ash decided to make it a little bigger this time, so they could both travel on board of it.

    “If the boat was to leave early, then there wouldn't be time for me to dry my clothes if I go swimming again,” Ash explained to Angie.

    She didn't mind at all, now she could finally sit close to Ash during the trip over the lake. She enjoyed this so much, that she was a little disappointed when the other shore of the lake got closer and soon they were on the other side. However, she did manage to hold his hand while walking the final part to the Fight Area. “He is getting a little less shy about that” she thought, as she smiled at him. Soon they arrived in the Fight Area, and even though she expected Ash to get a little embarrassed, to be still holding her hand in public, he did not let go. “Wow!” she thought, “I hope that this is really not a dream, and that my parents now come to wake me up, because I am too late to attend to the Pokemon on the daycare center.” She pinched herself with her free hand. “Aw, I am awake. That is really nice. But next time I must pinch a little less hard, it really hurts,” She said to herself.

    As they walked along the docks, Ash suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him, saying “Smile!” and then he heard a loud click, like the one from a photo camera. Ash turned around, and saw with his own eyes what his ears had already told him. It was Tracey, who had came along with him for a while on other journeys. They shook hands, and Ash asked what he was doing here.

    “Well” Tracey said, “I heard about the many new Pokémon in the Sinnoh region, and just had to see those for myself. I heard you have been rather busy as well, Ash. Congratulations on you becoming League Champion of Sinnoh!” “Thanks” Ash said, while looking very proud.
    “Besides,” Tracey said with a big smile on his face, “I also wanted to meet your girlfriend. She must be very special to have gotten through that dense head of your's.”

    “She is not... just any girl!” Ash yelled.

    He had almost automatically wanted to shout “She is not my Girlfriend!” as he usually did when someone hinted at a girl being romantically involved with him. But he could stop himself before saying the “not my girlfriend” part and instead tactically changed the last words to “...not just any girl.” “That sure was close!” he sighed inside himself. “I still need time to get adjusted to the idea that I like Angie, and that she is my girl. I have to be more careful, I almost said something that would have hurt her feelings.”

    “Yeah, she is very special,” Ash said, “and I am glad I now get to know her better. You know she's also a great cook?”

    Angie started to blush immediately. “This is the first time he's making me a compliment in public,” she thought. “First he is comfortable with holding my hand in public, and now this? Is this the same Ash I met at summer camp, that wouldn't even notice me?” she wondered. “He has sure changed a lot since then, but hey, I am not complaining!”

    “So you're going to take the boat to the new region that will leave today?” Tracey asked.
    “Eh, yeah, we were going to,” Ash and Angie said simultaneously.
    “Well, then you can relax, the boat is due to leave no sooner than at four o'clock in the afternoon, they just finished the repairs and are now still loading the cargo,” Tracey remarked.
    “Oh...” Ash said disappointed, “I was hoping it would leave earlier”
    “Well, I know something we can do in the mean time,” Tracey said. “We could go to Route 225, leading north from here. Just at the beginning of it are some nice hills, from which it is said you get a great view of the ocean. I was going there to make some drawings and perhaps a few pictures as well, but you lovebirds can come along if you like.”

    “Stay calm Ash” he said to himself as he heard Tracey call him and Angie lovebirds. “Let's face it, I am holding hands with a girl, and I like it, so actually Tracey is right, we are lovebirds.”

    “What do you say Angie, shall we go with Tracey?” Ash asked.
    “Sounds like fun,” she said as she nodded, “and maybe I can ask Tracey some things about you, since you and he have spent quite some time together, I understand.”
    “Hey, but... no way!” Ash protested as they walked towards the gatehouse leading to Route 225.

    “Twerps dead ahead,” James said to Jessie as he looked through his Team Rocket binoculars from behind a pair of crates in the docks.
    “Give ME that binoculars!” Jessie commanded James. “Ah, it's our favorite twerp, the new girlfriend-twerp and the drawing-twerp. And where there's twerps...”
    “There's Pikachu!” Meowth quickly finished her sentence. “But how are we going to catch it?” the talking Pokemon asked his companions.
    “Well,” James said, “we could try our old favorite, dig a large hole, and wait for them to fall in”
    “Then you can dig the hole,” Jessie snapped at James.
    “Whatever you say, dear...” James sighed.

    “It really is beautiful from up here!” Angie said. “Look Ash, you can even see Snowpoint Temple!”

    Ash stepped closer and looked in the direction Angie was pointing.

    “You're right, it looks marvelous!” Ash agreed.
    “Go Shinx!” said Angie as she sent out her Pokemon so it could also see the nice view, and play with Pikachu.

    Tracey was busy drawing in his sketchbook, but left his camera in his backpack. After sitting there a while, he put away his drawing tools, and stood up.

    “Ash, if we don't want to have to run to the boat, like in the old days, we'd better leave now”, Tracey said.

    Angie felt a little disappointed. “It is so nice here. I wonder what it would be like to watch the sunset here with Ash,” she wondered, but also nodded at Tracey's proposal. “Ash doesn't want to miss this boat, he was so disappointed, when he found out that the boat was delayed because of storm and the repairs it needed after that. And maybe in the future we'll go to other nice places and we can watch the sunset together,” she thought, full of hope.

    They climbed down the hill again, and walked down the road to the harbor as suddenly... the ground underneath then collapsed, and they fell down a few meters.

    “Aww,” Angie groaned, ”what is this dead weight lying on top of me?”
    “Who are you calling a dead weight?” Ash yelled, for it was he who had fallen down on her.
    “Well, if the shoe fits...” Angie yelled back at him. “That's what you get when you eat so much! Even the ground can't support you any more!”
    “Well, that would never have happened if you didn't cook so well!” Ash shouted.

    Normally this would have sounded like a big compliment, but the way Ash said it now, made it sure sound more like a big insult.

    “Oh yeah!?” Angie said angry.
    “Yeah!” Ash said in a similar annoyed voice and they both crossed their arms and turned their backs to each other.

    “Now, now, now...” another familiar sounding voice spoke from above, “You two lovebirds should be a little nicer to each other,” Jessie said.
    “We are not lovebirds!” Ash and Angie both shouted at the same time.

    Ash was so angry that he forgot to think before saying something that seemed to deny his feelings for Angie, but since she said the same this time, at least he didn't have to worry about her getting mad at him over this. “Besides, she was already mad now,” Ash thought, but before he could wonder about how to make up with Angie, Team Rocket began their familiar motto.

    “Is that the sound of bickering twerps that I hear?” Jessie said.
    “It's speaking to me loud and clear!” James added.
    “On the winds!” Jessie wanted to continue, but a loud “Shut up!” from Angie stopped her in her tracks.
    “How dare you interrupt our motto!” Jessie shouted. “You're just as annoying as your boyfriend-twerp!”

    Ash covered his ears getting prepared to hear Angie yell “He is not my boyfriend!” but she didn't. “Hmm, so she still liked him, even after the fight they just had and she also saying they weren't lovebirds,” Ash thought.

    “Meowth, action please!” Jessie interrupted Ash's thoughts.

    A large shadow fell over the pit Ash and his friends had fallen into, and Ash immediately recognized the Team Rocket balloon causing it.

    “One Pikachu coming up!” Meowth said with greediness in it's catlike voice.

    A net came falling out of the balloon, headed straight for Pikachu. Angie's Shinx jumped up, trying to protect Pikachu, but got scooped up with him.

    “Pikachu!” Ash shouted.
    “Oh no... my Shinx!” Angie yelled, as the Team Rocket balloon slowly went out of sight.

    (To be continued...)

    My fourth fan-fiction story and the first one to feature Team Rocket. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    Please feel free to comment on this one, and the previous installments as well of course...
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping + others)

    No comments anyone? Well, how about part 2 of episode 3 then?

    Episode 3, Don't Miss the Boat! (part 2)

    Part 2 of the 3rd episode in my Fan Fiction about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    Angie turned slowly towards Ash.

    “I'll never get my Shinx back,” she said to him.

    “And it's all your fault!” Ash predicted her next line in his head as he closed his eyes, and held his arm above his head, to cushion the blow on his head he was expecting from her, but Angie didn't say anything and she did not hit him either. Ash lowered his arm, opened his eyes again and looked straight into Angie's face. “Was that a tear in the corner of her eye?” Ash thought. Before he could answer his own question Angie started crying uncontrollably and Ash wrapped his arm around her.

    “We'll get your Shinx back.” he said to her, “and Pikachu.”

    “But how?” Angie asked, still sobbing.

    The answer came from an unexpected source. It was Brock!

    “Are you guys okay down there?” Brock asked.

    “Yeah, we're fine” Tracey answered, but Team Rocket got Angie's Shinx and Pikachu!”

    “Uh oh, that is not so good!” Brock stated. “But first I will get you out off here.”

    He tied a rope around a tree close to the pit, so Ash, Angie and Tracey could climb out off it.

    “Ash, you should send out Staravia to look for Team Rocket,” Brock proposed.

    “Good idea Brock!” Ash said, and he released his Bird Pokémon.

    “Can you find Team Rocket for us?” Ash asked Staravia.

    It nodded and with a look of determination on it's eyes, it flew up high.

    “By the way, what are you doing here, Brock?” Angie asked.

    “Well, your parents had some stuff they also thought you should take with you on your journey. Along with the usual extra clean underwear your mother insisted on bringing for you. So they asked me to go here and catch up with you, so I could give you those things.”

    Angie became even more red then when she blushed when Ash said something nice to her. “Mum, why do you manage to embarrass me when you're not even around...” she thought.

    “Thanks,” she said to Brock, with a soft voice.

    “Starrrravia” it sounded from high above.

    “Did you see them, Staravia?” Ash asked.

    The Bird Pokémon flapped enthusiastically with it's wings, pointing in the direction where it had seen something.

    “Okay, who forgot to fill the gas tank?” Jessie asked in her usual menacing voice.

    “Don't look at me!” Meowth said irritated, “I supply the hardware but maintenance and stuff is not my task!”

    “Oopsie,” James said softly as both his companions turned their heads in his direction.

    “James!!” Jessie shouted even more threatening.

    “At home our butler takes care of these things for us, I guess I have gotten a bit used to that,” James defended himself. “Do you see a butler around here!?” Jessie shouted, “well then do something so we can get up in the air again!”

    “Hold it right there, Team Rocket! You are not going anywhere!” Ash yelled.

    Staravia had indeed seen the villains from the sky, and had guided Ash and company there.

    “And give me back my Shinx right now!” Angie yelled.

    “Hahahahaha... “ Jessie laughed disdainful, “in your dreams, little twerp! Go pick flowers with your twerp-boyfriend,” Jessie sneered.

    “Why... you!” Angie shouted, while running towards Jessie.

    “Yanmega, do Sonic Boom!” Jessie commanded.

    Angie was thrown back a few meters by the impact of that sudden attack and fell on the ground.

    “Angie, are you okay!?” Ash yelled as he ran to her.

    She was still a bit stunned by the blow, but she nodded, confirming she had no injuries.

    “You're going to pay for that, Team Rocket!” Ash shouted. “Give us back our Pokemon or else!”

    Jessie laughed even louder at that threat and sent out her Seviper while James released his Carnivine, that greeted it's trainer in the same affectionate manner as always... by eating James' head.

    “Seviper, do Poison Sting!” Jessie commanded, “and Yanmega, do your Sonic Boom one more time!”

    “Carnivine, Bullet Seed!” James ordered, after having freed himself from Carnivine's mouth.

    Ash wanted to step forward, but the combination of attacks that hit the ground just before his feet, stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to hold his arm before his eyes to protect them from all the dust flying around. “It's no use,” he thought, “we'll never get through this wall of attacks.”

    Then he heard Brock shout, “Crobat, come out and do Supersonic!”

    The attack of the strong Bat Pokémon was very effective. Carnivine, Yanmega and Seviper were all confused, and started attacking each other. Jessie and James ordered their Pokemon back to their Poké Balls. “Now's my chance,” Ash thought.

    “Gliscor, I choose you! Do your X-Scissor on the cage with Pikachu and Shinx!”

    With one blow the cage was opened, and Pikachu and Shinx jumped out.

    “Oh no!” Jessie, James and Meowth screamed.

    Ash was about to ask Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

    “Allow me,” Angie said to him with a strange smile on her face. “I want to give Team Rocket a little souvenir.”

    “Go ahead,” Ash replied while giving her a look of mutual understanding.

    “Okay, Shinx, do Spark!” Angie said.

    Jessie, James and Meowth were shocked when the little electric Pokémon made them shudder.

    “Okay Ash, now it's your turn,” Angie said.

    “Gladly,” Ash said to her with a devious smile. “Pikachu, do Thunderbolt! And give it all you got!”

    “Uh oh!” Team Rocket yelled, as they were still trying to recover from the attack of Angie's Shinx.

    Pikachu's lightning hit them with enormous power, and they flew up high in the air by the resulting explosion.

    “Fine, now we have to deal with two of those electric menaces,” James complained while flying higher and higher.

    “It's not fair,” Jessie muttered.

    “At least we don't have to worry about empty gas tanks any more,” Meowth remarked.

    “And we're blasting off again...” the threesome said together.

    “Good riddance!” Ash and Angie said simultaneously, while making their special handshake they invented during summer camp.

    Then Shinx jumped in Angie's arms.

    “I am so glad to have you back again,” she said as she hugged her little friend lovingly

    “Way to go, Brock!” Ash said, “I forgot how strong your Crobat is.”

    “Yeah, before I went looking for you, I contacted professor Oak in the Pokemon Center, and asked him to send it to me right away. I thought it might come on handy,” Brock explained.

    “Well, we're glad you did, right Ange?” Ash said.

    She stopped hugging her Shinx, and nodded.

    “Yes, thanks Brock!”

    “Ah, don't mention it,” Brock answered, a bit shy by all this sudden praise.

    “Eh guys... “ Tracey suddenly said, “I don't want to be rude, but the boat is about to leave.”

    Ash looked at his Poketch. “That was right, in 15 minutes the ship would set sail, and then it would possibly take weeks before we can take the next boat,” it flashed through his mind. He quickly grabbed Angie's hand and started running, dragging here along.

    “Come on guys! Hurry!” Ash yelled.

    Huffing and puffing they arrived in the harbor. There was already smoke coming from the big funnels on top of the ship, and the sailors had almost finished loosening all the ropes that held the boat to the dock.

    “Hey, wait for us!” Ash shouted.

    But his voice was not strong enough to sound above the noise of the engines, and the horn that indicated the ship would leave any moment now. They started running again, but the boat already started moving. “We're never gonna make it!” Ash thought. But then something flashed through the sky, and the boat abruptly stopped moving.

    “What was that!?” Ash said.

    “No time to find out” Angie yelled, “this is our chance!” and this time she pulled Ash along while running towards the boat.

    They saw sailors running around the decks, probably just as surprised as they were about what had happened. They were now but a few meters away from the boat.

    “The sea... it is frozen!” They heard one of the sailors say to the captain.

    And indeed, the water around the hull was frozen for several meters in every direction. “What could have caused this?” Ash wondered.

    “Hey Ash! If that is the boat you were supposed to take, how come I don't see you on it yet?” he heard a well known voice say. It was Dawn!

    “Did you... stop that boat?” Ash asked.

    “Yeah I did, or rather, Buneary's Ice Beam did. I heard that you were leaving Sinnoh, and wanted to say goodbye. But when I didn't see you board the ship, and finally saw you running trying to catch it, I decided to help you a little”

    “Gee, thanks, Dawn” Ash said, and Angie said something similar.

    “Can we come along, mister?” Ash asked the captain.

    “Sure, I'll ask my men to lower the boarding ramp again. We're not going anywhere for a while now,” he said with disappointment in his voice. “It will take hours before that ice is gone...”

    “I think can help you with that,” Ash said as they boarded the ship. “Chimchar, I choose you!”

    After a few well aimed Flamethrowers, the ice that had trapped the ship, was melted.

    “Good job, Chimchar,” Ash said as he made it return to it's Poké Ball.

    “Goodbye, Ash! Take good care of yourself and Angie!” Dawn shouted.

    “I will! Bye Dawn. You keep winning those contests!” Ash shouted back.

    “Sure thing Ash!” Dawn replied.

    “Good luck, thanks for getting us on this boat after all!” Angie yelled, as she was also waving at Dawn.

    “All aboard!” a sailor shouted, but Tracey still hesitated to walk back across the boarding ramp to join Dawn at the docks.

    “Why don't you come along with us?” Ash proposed, noticing Tracey's hesitation.

    Angie looked up for a while. “On one hand I really just want to be with Ash and if Tracey comes along, I will have less time with Ash. But on the other hand, it would be safer to have someone else travel with us,” Angie reasoned. Their encounter with the big Ariados on Route 228 had clearly proven that.

    “I don't know if that is such a good idea. Shouldn't you ask Angie first what she thinks of this?” Tracey said, as if he had read Angie's mind.

    “I'm okay with it, Ash,” she said, “besides, it could come in handy to have someone else around to talk some sense into you, in case you don't listen to me,” she teased him.

    Tracey smiled, and quickly came on board again. The boarding ramp was retracted again, and the ship started to move for the second time.

    “Bye Brock, don't chase after girls too much while we are gone!” Ash mocked.

    “Look who's talking. Isn't that a girl next to you?” Brock said referring to Angie.

    Ash blushed a little as he looked aside, straight in Angie's eyes.

    “Point taken,” he said while waving back to Brock.

    As the boat started to pick up speed, the two waving figures on the docks became smaller and smaller, until they were to far away to see them wave any more.

    “Now, let's see if they still have a cabin for you, Tracey,” Ash remarked, “unless you want to sleep on the deck.”

    But since the boat had departed days later than originally planned, there were no more cabins free. Luckily, the crew did manage to arrange an extra bed, which was placed in Ash's room. Tracey would share a room it with him and Angie took the other room. After putting their belongings away in the cabins, and freshening up, they went to the restaurant, to fill their hungry stomachs.

    “You want to go for a little stroll on deck?” Angie asked after they had finished eating.

    “Yeah, I'd like that,” Ash said.

    “You're coming along too, Tracey?” Angie asked.

    “Nah, you two go ahead. I have some drawings to finish. Maybe I'll catch up with you later,” Tracey lied, since he only said it to give Ash and Angie some time together.

    He was glad with the invitation to join Ash and Angie on their journey, since he was just as anxious as them to see the new Pokémon they might encounter in the new region, but didn't want to intrude. As Ash and Angie walked along the deck, their hands brushed along each other several times until Ash took Angie's hand, and they walked towards the stern of the ship together. The sun was slowly setting and seemed to disappear under the water surface.

    “Can we sit down here for a while?” she asked Ash.

    “Fine with me, it sure is a nice view, right Ange?” he said.

    She nodded as she looked dreamily in his eyes, and they sat down on one of the benches. “It wasn't the same view as from that hills on Route 225, but it was still pretty good. Pretty good indeed,” Angie thought, as she laid down her head on Ash's shoulder.

    Ash smiled as they sat there. “We may fight sometimes, but she can be so sweet also,” he thought. He put his arm around her waist and she relaxed even more. They never noticed that someone else was watching them silently. Tracey had come outside to say goodnight, but as he saw how cozy Ash and Angie sat there, he did not have the heart to disturb this moment. Instead he quietly made a quick sketch of the young couple.

    “I will finish it later, and then give it to them,” Tracey thought. “Who would have ever imagined that Ash could be so romantic. He used to think about nothing but gym battles, and getting stronger. That Angie really got through to him.” Then he quietly went inside again, leaving Ash and Angie alone with the beautiful sunset, and the love that was slowly but clearly growing between them..

    My fifth fan-fiction story and the first one to feature Team Rocket. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    Comments again very welcome!
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
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    Default Re: Our Journey Together

    Renamed by request of the author.

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    Default Re: Our Journey Together


    I thought this name was more applicable, since the story is no longer a one shot, describing how Angie almost had to say goodbye to Ash forever, but it now describes their journey together through the Pokémon World. The new title is also a tribute to the awesome "Our Time Together" by MisterP (username on FanFiction.net), a one shot story in which Angie remembers her time with and feelings about "the boy with the Pikachu" on the Summer Academy and when Ash visited her at her parent's home.

    Next episode/chapter will be posted here soon!

    As promised, the story continues!

    Episode 4, A Blast from the Past! (part 1)

    Part 1 of the fourth episode in my Fan Fiction series about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some Morpheusshipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    “Aatchooo!” Tracey woke up instantly at this loud sneeze. “Aaaachooo!” it sounded again. It was Ash, who had clearly caught a cold.

    “I believe someone stayed out on the deck in the cold a little too long last night...” Tracey teased Ash.

    He could barely dodge the pillow that came flying his way. Suddenly someone knocked at the door.

    “Enter!” Tracey said, and Angie came stumbling into the room.

    “Do you guys have some tissues left? I've seem to have caught a cold somehow,” she sniffed.

    “You as well? What a coincidence. But I'm afraid Ash just used our last one,” Tracey said as they heard Ash blow his nose.

    “Aaawww, that's too bad,” Angie said, disappointed.

    “You can still use this one, I think,”Ash proposed, “I haven't used this corner yet,” and he stretched out his hand with the tissue towards her.

    “Eeew! That's gross! Stay away from me!” Angie said as she quickly took a step back.

    “I have a better idea. You two sneezing lovebirds get back in bed, and I'll get you a load of fresh tissues and some chicken soup.” Tracey suggested.

    “Sounds great!”, Ash and Angie both said simultaneously, after which they both sneezed.

    After the chicken soup, and some rest, Ash and Angie felt a little better again, and they decided to go on deck for some fresh air. Tracey came along too, but suddenly turned around to get something from his cabin.

    “You know it's your fault I am sick now.” Angie suddenly said to Ash at an accusing tone.

    “My fault? And whose idea was it to go out and watch the sunset yesterday?” Ash countered as he immediately took on his defensive attitude.

    “Well, I didn't hear you complain about it yesterday, and besides, since you're the oldest, you should have kept better track of the time.” Angie replied.

    Tracey heard them bickering as he came back. He had finished the picture of Ash with Angie watching the sunset together, and wanted to give it to them to cheer them up. But he realized this wasn't the right moment for that, and quickly hid it behind his back.

    “Oh, you can be so stubborn!” Angie said.

    “Actually you both are,” Tracey thought by himself, “neither one of them willing to be the first to apologize.”

    “Like you're always that easy to get along with,” Ash remarked.

    “Well, if I am such a burden then, maybe I should get off in the next port, and head back to Solaceon Town!” Angie yelled.

    “If that makes you happy...” Ash said seemingly cool, but inside he didn't like where this argument was heading.

    Meanwhile, at the Oreburgh Museum's research facility, an entirely different crisis was unfolding.

    “It's out of control! Quickly, get the net!” a man in a white overall yelled.

    “Yes professor!” his assistant shouted.

    But it was too late. A large Aerodactyl, that had just been extracted from a fossil, blasted a hole in the wall of the lab, and bashed outside.

    “Oh no!” the professor said in despair. “That Aerodactyl is by far the strongest we have yet extracted, and now it is out in the open. Who knows what it will do...”

    Back on the boat, Ash and Angie were still fighting.

    “I am not talking to you, Ash Ketchum!” she said and she walked a few steps away from him.

    Ash wanted to end this fight, and make up, but he was too stubborn to take the first step. Tracey knew this, and walked towards him.

    “Do you really want her to leave?” Tracey whispered to Ash.

    Ash's face softened as fear of that happening came over him.

    “N..no, off course not. I really enjoy her company,” he whispered back.

    “Well, why not be a little more sensible and let her know. An apology won't kill you, or will it?” Tracey remarked.

    Ash thought about these words for a while, and nodded.

    “You're right. I don't want to loose her because of my stupid pride,” he said, “I'll...”

    But his words were suddenly interrupted.

    “Ash!” Angie yelled.

    “I thought you weren't talking to me,” he said, but deep inside he was glad she had broken the silence between them. “Ash!” Angie yelled again, “lookout, it's an..!”

    But then a fierce gust of wind threw Ash and Tracey down on the floor. “What was that?” Tracey wondered as he helped Ash get up on his feet again.

    “Ash! Help me!” they both heard Angie screaming in fear.

    Ash looked up to where the sound of her voice had come from and saw a large Aerodactyl fly away, while holding his girlfriend.

    “Angie, hang on!” Ash yelled, “Pikachu, do Thunderbolt!”

    “No Ash, don't do it! Look at how high they are flying. If that creature drops her when it is hit by Pikachu's attack, she may get seriously hurt!” Tracey warned him.

    “But we can't just keep standing here and do nothing!” Ash said with a mix of fear and anger on his face.

    “We must warn the captain. Maybe he can follow the Aerodactyl,” Tracey suggested.

    They ran up the stairway to the control room, and barged in.

    “Now what have we got here?” a dark voice inquired. “You lads go play in your cabin! We've got a situation here! There was this strange breeze all of a sudden so maybe there's a storm nearby!”

    “I think we can tell you more about that situation, mister,” Tracey said.

    “It was an Aerodactyl! And it took my girlfriend away, and you need to follow her or we'll never see her again!“ Ash ranted.

    “An Aerodactyl?” The captain said very surprised. “I've never seen one here before. Are you sure lad?”

    “Yes, mister, it really was an Aerodactyl, you've got to believe me!”Ash said in despair.

    “Sir, I just heard an extra newsflash on the radio,” one of the crew members remarked. “Something about an ancient Pokémon that escaped from the Oreburgh Museum.”

    “So I guess you lads did see well, that must have been the same Pokémon,” he said, frowning. “Call the Oreburgh museum at once!” he ordered.

    “Why don't we just simply follow the Aerodactyl?” Ash asked, a bit annoyed at all this delay.

    “That won't do, lad. We could never keep up with it, this boat just isn't fast enough,” the captain explained.

    “We've made contact with Oreburgh, sir!” a crew member reported.

    “Fine, put it on the video screen,” the captain answered.

    “Greetings. I am professor Pinetree from the Oreburgh Museum Research Center. I believe you've seen our missing Aerodactyl?”

    Ash stepped forward.

    “Yeah, we did, and it kidnapped my girlfriend!” Ash said reproachful.

    “Oh dear. That is not so good. We were already afraid something like this may happen. This particular Aerodactyl is very strong and ferocious. We tried to tame it after it had been extracted from it's fossil, but we couldn't get it to go into a Poké Ball, and it escaped. I'm afraid your friend may be in grave danger...,” the professor explained.

    Ash pulled his cap over his eyes to cover the tears welling up inside, and raced outside, down the stairs, to the deck. Tracey followed him, and found Ash standing in a corner, clearly sobbing, although he still kept his eyes hidden.

    “Hey Ash,” Tracey said as he grabbed his arm, “I'm sure there must be a way to get her back.”

    But Ash started to cry even louder.

    “You heard what that professor said, Ash sobbed, “besides, we haven't got any idea where that creature took Angie. Or it may have dropped her somewhere above the ocean. And it's all my fault. If I hadn't been so stubborn and would have apologized to her earlier, than this would never have happened.”

    “You can't blame yourself for that,” Tracey said, as he grabbed Ash by the shoulders. “You heard the professor, it was an accident!”

    Ash didn't look too convinced.

    “If I never see her again, the last moment Angie and I had together, we were fighting. I miss her so, Tracey!” Ash cried.

    “I know, and I am sure Angie knows too,” Tracey tried to comfort him.

    He put an arm around Ash's shoulder, and Ash slowly calmed down a little.

    “Now, shall we get up to the control room again? Maybe the captain and professor Pinetree have come up with a plan to rescue Angie,” Tracey said, trying to sound full of hope.

    “Oh good, you two are back,” the captain greeted them as they came in, “I believe the professor has something to say to you, Ash.”

    They looked at the screen.

    “First, we at Oreburgh Museum, and especially me, would like to apologize for what happened,” the professor said. “We should never have allowed such a dangerous Pokémon to escape.”

    Ash felt tears coming up again.

    “But we may have some good news as well,” the professor continued. “I've checked your current coordinates, and it turns out, you're not far away from the Rough Peak Islands, a small group of island where we dug up the fossil this Aerodactyl was extracted from. We believe it considers that place it's home, so it must be headed there.”

    Ash's face cleared a little.

    “So you know where it took Angie?” he asked.

    “Well, we can't be sure for a full hundred percent, but it is very likely.” the professor commented, “and on top of that, we now have the means of catching it. My colleagues have worked nonstop since that Aerodactyl escaped, to make another Master Ball.”

    “A Master Ball?” Ash asked.

    “Professor, isn't that a special type of Poké Ball that will catch any type of Pokémon?” Tracey informed.

    “That is correct, the professor answered. “We've been studying the only working prototype, and were finally able to recreate it. I'll get to your location as soon as possible with this Master Ball, so when you find the Aerodactyl, we can catch it.”

    “Then what are we waiting for!” Ash yelled enthusiastically. “We must go to those islands at once!”

    “Already taken care of, lad,” the captain assured him.

    “I've ordered my men so set course there and proceed at full speed.”

    “Oh, and one last thing, captain,” the professor added, “we have to arrange a helicopter and get prepared for this expedition. Chances are you will get there before we do. I must ask you not to set foot on the island before we have arrived there as well. It will be far too dangerous.”

    “Understood,” the captain said, “we'll meet you there,” and the connection was terminated.

    “What!? More waiting?” Ash said annoyed, “Angie needs our help now!” he said as he clenched his fists.

    “They don't understand,” he thought. “It wasn't just anybody that had been taken away. It was Angie!” He had just started to get to know her better after they decided to travel along together, and he had grown to like her a lot. More than he had ever liked a girl before. And now this was all taken away from him. “I won't let that happen!” he yelled inside, clenching his fists even more. Tracey noticed the tension building inside Ash and decided to loosen up the situation.

    “Ash, we should also get prepared for the rescue mission. You wouldn't want them to have to wait for us to get ready, right?” he said.

    That did the trick.

    “Well, what are we waiting for!” Ash yelled as he grabbed Tracey's arm.

    They raced down the stairs to their room and started packing.

    Meanwhile, high above the ocean. Angie slowly regained consciousness. “Am I dreaming?” the wondered, her eyes still shut. “It seems as if I am flying. And why are my shoulders hurting?” she wondered. It was also rather cold around her. “What is that windy noise I keep hearing?” She slowly opened her eyes, and closed them in fear again as she saw how high up in the air she was. Then it all came back in a flash. Walking on deck with Ash, their fight, how she tried to warn Ash and Tracey of the large Pokémon that came swooping from the sky. How she was picked up and cried for help. “I must have fainted then,” she thought, which wasn't very strange considering what she had been through. “Where is this creature taking me? And will I even see Ash again?” She started to cry softly. “Ash... Ash, where are you? I need you,” were her last thoughts as she fainted again.

    “Huh?” Ash looked up, startled.

    “What is it Ash?” Tracey asked.

    “I believe... it was Angie, calling me... but how...?” he said, very surprised.

    He rushed outside, to the deck, and looked in every direction. Not a sign of Angie.

    “Did you see her, Ash?” Tracey asked while still trying to catch his breath.

    “No, but it felt like she was very close and I could really hear her voice calling me,” Ash explained.

    Tracey frowned while in deep thought, trying to explain this phenomenon. Then it hit him.

    “Ash, if I remember well, you told me you have the ability to sense the aura of other living beings, right? Like with Lucario and later when you rescued that kidnapped Riolu?”

    “Yeah, sometimes that happens,” Ash said, as he nodded.

    “Well, isn't it possible that you felt Angie's aura, because she was thinking of you or so?”

    “Uh... well...it's possible. I guess,” Ash admitted.

    “Well, that would certainly mean she is alive, right?” Tracey continued.

    Ash's eyes brightened a little.

    “Yeah, that must be it. Hold on Angie! We're coming for you!” he screamed, as the boat was moving at top speed towards the Rough Peak Islands, stealthily followed by a small periscope...

    (To be continued...)

    My sixth fan-fiction story. This is the 2nd version of this part, since I accidentally deleted it by saving part 2 with the same filename. But I'm pretty sure this 2nd version is very close to the 1st one, with only minor differences. As always I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.
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    Default Re: Our Journey Together

    Okay, how about part 2?

    Episode 4, A Blast from the Past! (part 2)

    Part 2 of the fourth episode in my Fan Fiction series about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    Ash didn't want to sleep after the ship had set course for the probable whereabouts of the Aerodactyl and his precious Angie. He insisted on staying in the control room with the Captain and Tracey, to be the first to hear any updates on the progress of this rescue mission. But finally, he was overcome by sleep, and dozed off. Two sailors carried him to his room, and Tracey decided to go to bed as well, as he could also use a good night's rest. When he woke up the next morning, Ash's bed was empty. He got dressed, and went outside, where he found his friend with a pair of binoculars, constantly scanning the horizon for a sign of Angie.

    “Good morning, Ash. How are you feeling?” Tracey informed.

    “Well, my cold is gone, but I'd rather catch ten colds at the same time, then feel the way I do now,” Ash said. “I am so scared something terrible happened to Angie...”

    Tracey noticed how concerned Ash looked, and felt really sorry for him. “I hope prof. Pinetree was right about the Aerodactyl going to that island,” he thought. “Ash will never be the same if this rescue mission fails.”

    “Ah, you know Angie. She is just as stubborn as you, so she will not allow this situation to get the best of her. Maybe we should worry more about the Aerodactyl.” Tracey said, trying cheer up his friend.

    “Ahoy, land in sight!” it sounded from the bridge.

    Ash veered up like he had been stung by a Beedrill, and rushed up the stairs to the control room, Tracey was barely able to keep up with him.

    “Where, where is it?!”Ash shouted as he barged in.

    “Well, good morning to you too, lad,” the captain greeted Ash.

    “Uh... sorry sir” Ash said as he looked down in embarrassment.

    “It's okay lad, I know how much you've been waiting for some news. Just take a look in that direction,” the captain said as he pointed at the port side of the ship.

    Ash looked through his binoculars and he saw some pointed rocks in the distance. “Not the nicest place to get stranded,” he thought as a shiver went down his spine. When the professor mentioned “an island” as the most likely place the Aerodactyl would go, Ash pictured it to look more like a “classic island” with palm trees, a beach and so. The captain noticed Ash's concern.

    “This side looks quite inhabitable,” he said, “but there's a rocky plain on the other side, where they dug up the fossils.”

    Ash looked slightly relieved and he handed over the binoculars to Tracey.

    “We'll be there in 15 minutes,” the captain said, “but the helicopter with prof. Pinetree will take at least three hours to get here. So all we can do in the meantime is wait.”

    “What! Wait!?” Ash yelled in astonishment, “we can't wait. Angie needs our help now!”

    “No can do, lad,” the captain said, shaking his head. “The professor was very clear when he stressed we should wait till he was there as well. And as captain of this ship I am responsible for your safety.”

    Ash wanted to protest again, but Tracey took his arm.

    “You know he's right, Ash. We'd better check if we did pack everything we may need and maybe get some rest,” Tracey said. “We'll probably need all our strength when we go to the island.”

    Ash looked convinced by Tracey's advice and after they did a last check on the contents of their backpacks, they could be certain they were well prepared for the adventures that would doubtlessly lie ahead. Much to Tracey's surprise, Ash even agreed with Tracey's proposal to take a little nap, so they would be as fresh as possible when they were finally to go to the island. “I just hope he can get some rest and not be tossing and turning in his bed all the time,” were Tracey's last thoughts as he dozed off.

    Not to far away from them, Angie slowly opened her eyes. “We've stopped flying,” she realized, still a bit dazed from all she had been through. Her blurred vision became clearer. “What is this place?” she thought as she looked out over a barren, rocky plane. She noticed some holes a few meters from her, in the otherwise flat surface, but they looked quite artificial. She tried to get up, using a large boulder for support, as her legs were still stiff from the long and rather uncomfortable flight. Now she could look much further. “Was that the ocean?” she wondered, looking at a bluish line at where the plain seemed to cut off. She stumbled forward a few steps, but almost fell down again. “Why do I feel so weak?” she wondered, but before she could answer her question, the rumbling of her stomach made it all clear. “Wait, didn't I put a candy bar in my pocket before I went on deck?” She felt in her pockets. “Yes, it was still there!” She took some quick bites, and felt her strength return a little. “Now let's see what lies beyond that edge,” she ordered herself. As she came closer, her first guess was confirmed. It was the ocean. When she was still some meters away, her heart started to pound. “Was... was that the ship she was sailing on with Ash and Tracey?” she wondered as she saw two familiar looking funnels appear above the ledge.

    Meanwhile, Tracey turned on his other side, lying in the chair he had fallen asleep in. “What time was it?” he wondered while yawning. He opened his eyes to look at the clock, then looked back forward, at the empty bed again. “Empty?!” it suddenly flashed through his mind. “Where did Ash go? He wouldn't be so stupid to go to the island alone!? Well, it was exactly like Ash to do so,” he thought, as he sprang up, and raced towards the deck. He heard a loud splash, and ran to the direction of the sound. It was indeed as he feared, Ash was lying there in the water, while holding on to Buizel.

    “To the island, Buizel!” Ash commanded his Pokémon.

    “Bui, Bui!” Buizel agreed and they blasted off.

    “Don't do it Ash! Come back! Wait for the others!” Tracey shouted.

    But even if Ash could have heard his friend's advice, he wouldn't have turned around. “I have to go save Angie!” he kept repeating inside himself.

    Angie was now very close to the edge of the rocky plain, and could see the boat more clearly. “What is that little dot moving away from the boat towards the island?” she wondered. It was moving too fast to be driftwood or so. As it came closer, she noticed that the colors where also very strange for driftwood. “Orange, red... some blue...” Then her heart sprang up with joy, “It's Ash with Buizel!” she realized. Suddenly she didn't feel tired or weak at all.

    “Hey Ash, over here!!” Angie yelled, as she started waving.

    “Angie!! Hang on! I'll get you out of there!” Ash said, happy to see her again. “Go faster, Buizel!” Ash commanded.

    Suddenly they heard a loud cry. Angie had already wondered where the Aerodactyl had gone, but she didn't have to wonder any more.

    “Ash, hurry! The Aerodactyl is coming back!” she yelled to Ash, who was almost at the shore now.

    “Staravia, I choose you!” Ash said as he climbed on Staravia's back, and together they flew up as fast as the Bird Pokémon could.

    “Hang on, Angie!” he yelled back to her.

    Angie suddenly felt a strong wind blowing around her, and she moved a few steps away from the ledge, to avoid getting blown off it. With a loud thump, the Aerodactyl landed on the rocks, a stone's throw away from her. It didn't seem too amused that his catch had run away and it gave another frightening cry before it came chasing towards Angie.

    “Ash!” she screamed in fear while trying to run away from the attacking ancient Pokémon.

    “Staravia, do Wing Attack!” Ash shouted as he jumped of it's back and landed on the rocky plain.

    The Aerodactyl took a direct hit from Ash's Pokémon. It seemed hardly impressed, but at least turned it's attention towards Staravia now. Ash ran to Angie, and she fell into his arms.

    “Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?” Ash inquired as he held her tight.

    “I'm fine now, Ash...” she whispered.

    “Everything's gonna be okay now,” Ash assured her.

    But he had spoken a bit to soon. After a fierce Take Down attack from the Aerodactyl, Staravia dropped down on the ground, and fainted.

    “Oh... Staravia... come back!” Ash said as he made it return to it's Poké Ball.

    “It's too strong, Ash! We can't fight it!” Angie yelled.

    Ash realized she was right. “This Aerodactyl is too much, he thought, “and there's nowhere to run... or was there...?” He looked around for a moment and then looked back into Angie's eyes.

    “Angie, do you trust me?” Ash asked.

    ”Of course, you silly,” she answered.

    “Okay, on my mark, hold me as tightly as possible and we'll jump of that ledge together,” he suggested.

    “We what?!” Angie shouted in disbelief. “We can't survive falling down such a height!”

    “We will be fine. Forever, remember?” Ash said as he looked deeper into her eyes.

    Angie's eyes became brighter again. “I won't let you go. Even if that means forever!” She remembered those words Ash had said, as he tried to save her from that evil ghost, all too well. She put up a confident smile and nodded shortly.

    “I'm with you Ash. Forever.” she firmly replied.

    “Okay then, hang on and don't let go,” Ash said as the Aerodactyl was about to swoop down on them. “Now!” He shouted.

    They fell down faster and faster, desperately clinging to each other. The water was getting closer, water that was said to be tougher than concrete if you fell down on it from a such a height...

    “Buizel, now catch us with your Water Gun!” Ash yelled.

    They were only about ten meters away from the water surface as a fountain of water made them gently came to a full stop, and they landed safely in the water.

    “Well done Buizel!” Ash said.

    “Yeah, Buizel, you were really fantastic!“ Angie added.

    The otherwise very tough acting Pokémon was visibly touched by these words of praise and looked even more proud of it's power than usual. Meanwhile the Aerodactyl was momentarily confused when it's prey had suddenly disappeared. It quickly spotted Ash and Angie again and came after them. Buizel was able to counter this attack with Aqua Jet, but got hit by one of the Aerodactyl's wings and Ash had to call it back to it's Poké Ball. The situation became more desperate again, as the revived fossil flew up to gain speed for yet another attack. Suddenly Ash and Angie felt a breeze from behind them and a noise that was getting louder. “Not another Aerodactyl! One is more than enough,” Ash thought. But then he recognized the sound, it was a helicopter! They both looked up, and saw Tracey, the captain and the professor. The door slid open.

    “Hang on guys!” Tracey shouted, “prof. Pinetree has the Master Ball, he only needs to... “

    But he couldn't finish his sentence as a giant Magikarp surfaced. A grappling arm extended from it, and snatched away the Master Ball.

    “Thank you for the delivery but I'm afraid we haven't got any small change left to tip you.“ Jessie sneered.

    “Hey, we need that ball to catch that Aerodactyl. Give it back!” Ash yelled,

    “Oh, don't worry, we'll catch it for you,” Jessie said, while laughing.

    “And then we'll give it to the boss.” Meowth added.

    “The fools!” prof. Pinetree shouted, “that Master Ball is not activated yet. We did this to prevent it getting used by accident and getting wasted on a Pokémon that can be caught with a standard ball. You wouldn't catch a sleeping Caterpie with this one.”

    But it was too late. Jessie threw the Master Ball at the Aerodactyl, that was now very close again.

    “Come to mama...” she said while laughing greedily.

    But the Aerodactyl simply hit the Master Ball with it's tail, sending it flying up high in the air.

    “Huh? I thought a Master Ball was supposed to catch any Pokémon. What is wro...” Jessie said.

    But she could not complete her sentence. A powerful Hyper Beam hit their Magikarp-submarine, and it exploded, blasting them up high into the sky.

    “Some Master Ball. Useless Junk!” Jessie complained.

    “Maybe next time we should read the manual first.” James remarked.

    “Meowth!” their feline friend concluded as they quickly disappeared in the distance.

    “The Master Ball, where did it go!?” Angie asked.

    “I.. I don't know...” Ash said, a little dazed.

    “Pikapi!” they all suddenly heard, as Pikachu jumped out of the helicopter.

    The little Pokémon had spotted the Master Ball, now falling down, and used it's tail to smash it to Ash.

    “Gotcha!” he shouted with joy.

    “Turn the ring in the middle clockwise, then you will activate the ball!” prof. Pinetree shouted.

    Ash followed these directions, took aim at the Aerodactyl, and hit him with the Master Ball. It popped open, and the Aerodactyl was drawn inside. The ball started to wiggle as usual, but soon the light on the side stopped flashing, and the familiar beep sounded to indicate that the capture was complete.

    “You did it Ash!” Angie cheered, “you caught it!” and she give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

    In the helicopter everyone was also cheering. The pilot steered the craft down, and they picked up Ash and Angie from the water.

    “Here you are professor Pinetree. I believe this belongs to you,” Ash said as he gave the Master Ball to the professor. “Don't you want to keep it? You did catch it and it's a very rare and powerful Pokémon, great for Gym Battles,” the professor answered.

    “No, we've seen enough Aerodactyls for a while, right Angie?” Ash said looking at her.

    “I couldn't agree more with you, Ash,” she replied, nodding at him.

    “Well, at least you're not bickering any more,” Tracey teased them. “Maybe I should keep that Master Ball, in case you two start again.”

    Ash and Angie looked at each other knowingly, then grabbed Tracey, and threatened to toss him out of the helicopter.

    “Okay, okay, I'll let the professor keep it! Please don't drop me!” Tracey shouted.

    They pulled him in again, and the pilot flew them back to the boat, so they could finally continue their journey to the new region again.

    My seventh fan-fiction story. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    Like always, comments, remarks etc are very welcome. Feedback is fuel for any writer, remember?
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
    You can find my fanfics here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~LatiosFan (reviews appreciated!)

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    Default Re: Our Journey Together

    Hey I like the story! I'm a fan of AshxAngie, but not really a full supporter...at any rate I enjoyed reading these.

    The length is nice, but there are a few issues with grammar and stuff, which isn't major...I have the same issues.

    Over nice story. Good descriptions and stuff. Really seemed to capture Angie's love for Ash from the anime.

    Good work!

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    Default Re: Our Journey Together

    Thanks for the comments! I agree, grammar can be a pain in the ....

    As I mentioned at the end of every story, I am not a native speaker, and have to dig in my highschool memory and what I've learned from watching tv and movies for the necessary words and sentences.

    But I'm glad the story seems to have a good feel about it, and the fact that it is not perfect doesn't distract too much from what I am trying to convey.

    So, I think it's time for episode 5 then...

    Episode 5, Home Sweet Home

    Already the fifth episode in my Fan Fiction series about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    Tracey was walking on deck, looking for Ash. He had been out off bed by the time Tracey woke up, which the latter found very strange. Ash didn't usually get up that early, and most of the time had to be dragged out of bed by him and Angie. He finally spotted his friend close to the bow, looking at the large dark peak that rose up high in the distance.

    “Cinnabar Island,” Ash said dreamily.

    “You're right,” he suddenly heard Tracey say, startling Ash as he had not heard Tracey come closer.

    “When the captain told us he was going to make a short stop there, I called my mum right away,” Ash said.

    He was silent for a short moment.

    “It would be so nice to see her again,” he continued.

    “To see who again!?” he heard Angie yell in his ear.

    She had heard only these last few words, and was pretty jealous now, with her eyes flaming.

    “M...My mum, in Pallet Town.” Ash stuttered.

    “Oh, it's okay then,” and Angie smiled again. “As long as I am the only girl in your life, you're safe, remember that, mister.” she warned him.

    “No, one girl is more than enough,” Ash thought out loud.

    “I beg your pardon?!” Angie inquired, as her eyes flashed.

    “Would you like to see where I live?”Ash quickly changed the subject.

    “Yes, of course,” she said.

    “Well, while the boat is taking in new supplies, we could visit my mother's house in Pallet Town.” Ash proposed. “Count me in, perhaps I can even learn some juicy details about your childhood,” she teased.

    “Ehh, I don't think we'll have time for that,” Ash said while his cheeks flushed red.

    He already pictured Angie and his mother looking through old photo albums with “Ash going on the potty for the first time” or so. “Brrrrr, I must prevent that at all cost,” he thought.

    “Hey Ash, I thought Cinnabar Island was completely destroyed after the volcano erupted?” Tracey asked.

    “It was, but they are rebuilding the town again.” Ash explained.

    He was right. As they came closer, some completed buildings could be seen, while others were still in various stages of construction. The boat was secured to the docks, and our three travelers went ashore.

    “According to my mum, there should be a ferry to Pallet Town,” Ash said as he looked around.

    “Could that be it?” Angie said pointing at the only other boat in the harbor besides their cruise ship.

    “It couldn't be,” Ash thought, but as a Wingull came sitting on his shoulder, he knew it was true.

    “Hi there, Mr. Briney!” Ash said as waved at the owner of the boat.

    Ash felt something tapping on his cap.

    “And hello to you too, Peeko, of course,” Ash added.

    “Ahoy Ash,” Mr. Briney answered, “what brings you here?”

    “I'm going to visit my mother in Pallet Town. And this is my friend Tracey and that pretty girl over there is Angie.”

    She blushed as Ash said this. “Better give her some extra compliments today,” Ash thought, maybe she won't think about watching those photo albums any more,” although he meant every word he had said about her.

    “You two are...?” Mr. Briney asked.

    “Yes, she is my girlfriend,” Ash admitted, as now he was blushing. “Can you take us to Pallet Town, Mr. Briney?”

    “Sure, we'll be there in a flash. Hop on board!” the friendly sailor answered.

    Mr. Briney didn't exaggerate. His boat was even faster than the last time Ash had been on it and he soon saw the familiar silhouette of his hometown.

    “I'll wait here for you, with Peeko,” Mr. Briney said, “Now you go see your mum.”

    Ash came closer to his house, and he slowed down. “Where was his mum? And Mr. Mime?” he thought. It seemed quiet, like no one was home.

    “Surprise! Mime, mime, mime!” Ash's mother and Mr. Mime shouted as the door burst open. “Welcome home my little Ashy!” his mother said as she embraced and kissed him.

    “Mum... please...“ Ash said, feeling very embarrassed.

    His mother finally let go off Ash.

    “And you must be Angie. You two look so cute together,” Ash's mother remarked.

    Now it was Angie's turn to feel embarrassed.

    “Ehh.. yes, thank you, Mrs. Ketchum,” was all she could say as she tried to prevent herself from blushing.

    “And hello Tracey, also nice to see you again. You must be hungry right? I made you a little snack,” Ash's mother said.

    “Ohhh, thanks mum!” Ash yelled, as he stormed towards the dinner table.

    “That boy never changes a bit,” Delia Ketchum thought, although she had been surprised when Ash hesitatingly told her on the phone he had a girlfriend. “My little boy is growing up,” she thought, as she entered the living room where Ash was already munching away the delicious things his mother had made.

    “Behave yourself, Ash!” Angie reprimanded him.

    But then she noticed how delicious the food all looked and smelled, and before she knew it, she was sitting next to Ash, eating almost as fast as him.

    “Pfffff, that was good, right Angie?” Ash said, full with all that delicious food.

    “Yeah, you're a great cook, Mrs. Ketchum. I'm so stuffed, I really couldn't eat another bite,” Angie replied.

    “So you don't want your desert then?” Ash's mother asked teasingly.

    “Desert!?” Angie and Ash both yelled.

    And they dug in again like they were starving, so soon the desert had also disappeared. Ash sighed, as he dropped down on the couch, Angie dropping down next to him.

    “Too bad you can't keep eating forever,” he said.

    “Maybe you should have been a Munchlax then,” Angie teased him.

    “Well, you almost ate more than me,” Ash said, “so that means you would also make a very nice Munchlax.”

    “Oh yeah?” Angie said.

    “Here we go again”, Tracey thought. But Angie didn't have the energy to fight with Ash, and neither did he. They fell asleep on the couch, their heads leaning against each other. Meanwhile his mother checked out the sketches Tracey had made during his journey. Suddenly all this peace and quiet was disturbed.

    “Ash Ketchum, I know you're in there!” someone shouted outside.

    Angie woke up first. She knew that voice somehow.

    “Wake up, Ash, there is someone for you. I believe it is Paul,” she said as she was shaking Ash.

    “Paul? Where?” Ash said as he opened his eyes in a flash.

    He had been rather nervous to face Paul after he had lost some battles to him in the past, and had been glad he didn't have to fight him in the Sinnoh League. Paul had gotten into trouble with one of the referees, and as a penalty had lost that fight, leaving him one point short of a place in the semi-finals. Ash ran to the window and opened it.

    “Ah, there you are, finally,” Paul said in his usual disdainful voice. “Sorry if I woke you up,” but it really didn't sound like he meant a word of that.

    “What do you want, Paul?” Ash asked.

    “Quite simple,” he stated in his dry voice, “a battle!”

    “Did you come here just for that?” Ash said with disbelief written all over his face. “Can't we do this some other time? I am home for the first time in months. I'd like to spend some time with my family before we continue our journey,” Ash explained.

    “Ah, I just knew you would chicken out,” Paul said, “some Sinnoh Champion. You know what? You spend too many times with that girl of yours. You are getting soft! Not that you were much of a trainer to begin with,” Paul continued his insults.

    Even though Ash had grown more gentle, especially since he was with Angie, remarks like this could still really get his goat.

    “You leave Angie out of this, Paul! But if you want a battle, you'll get one!” he yelled and raced outside. “Tracey, do you want to be the referee for this one?”

    Tracey nodded and stepped forward.

    “Each trainer will use three Pokémon. The first trainer who is out of usable Pokémon loses. The challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. Play fair and may the best trainer win!” he listed the rules.

    “Pikachu, would you like to fight, buddy?”Ash asked his little yellow friend.

    Pikachu nodded and looked menacingly in Paul's direction.

    “How predictable,” Paul sneered and took out his first Poké Ball, and a Poliwhirl appeared.

    “How about some Thunder to begin with?” Ash asked his little buddy.

    “Pikachuuuu!” was heard, as a powerful electric charge struck Paul's Poliwhirl, but when Pikachu stopped, Paul's Poliwhirl seemed hardly affected.

    “Huh?” Ash said in disbelief.

    “Some trainers do actually train between battles, you know,” Paul stated at his usual annoying voice. “While you were relaxing with your girlfriend, I made my Pokémon gain some levels.”

    Ash shivered for a second, but regained his overconfident self again.

    “Nice, but it won't help you,” Ash said, “Pikachu, do Volt Tackle!”

    “Stay where you are...” Paul commanded his Pokémon, as a strange smile formed on his face.

    “Isn't he even going to dodge or counter that Volt Tackle?” Angie wondered, “but why...?” and then it hit her.

    “Ash, look out! Paul is trying to get Pikachu close enough to ...” Angie tried to warn Ash, but it was too late.

    “Poliwhirl, do Mud Bomb!” Paul shouted.

    Pikachu was too close to dodge the attack, and was hurled up in the air, then crashed on the ground.

    “Pikachu!” Ash yelled concerned.

    The little Pokémon tried to get up, but then fell down again. Ash rushed towards it.

    “Pikachu can no longer continue,” Tracey exclaimed.

    “You were great, now get some rest, little buddy,” Ash said as he picked up Pikachu and gave it to Angie.

    “One down, two to go,” Paul said, “maybe you should let her fight your battles for you,” shortly looking at Angie. “At least she has some understanding of tactics.”

    “We're just getting warmed up,” Ash countered this remark, but meanwhile he clenched his fists about losing while he did have a clear type advantage in the battle he just lost.

    “I'll show that Paul something!” he thought and he also wanted to look good since Angie and his mother were watching.

    “To make it easier for you, I'll choose my next Pokémon first, so you can choose a Pokémon that has a slimmer chance of losing,” Paul proposed.

    “We can win even with a type disadvantage,” Ash answered, “I'll make my choice first. Grotle, it's your turn!”

    “Can't say I didn't warn you,” was Paul's answer. “Staraptor, come out and do Aerial Ace!” He commanded.

    “Withdraw, Grotle!” was Ash's reaction.

    He thought it would be best to have Grotle's defenses raised and while that also meant taking some hits, it would enable Grotle to use it's Overgrow ability, raising it's attack significantly when it's HP was getting lower. Grotle withstood the first attack, but Paul ordered his Staraptor to do another Aerial Ace.

    “Grotle, use Withdraw again!” Ash reacted.

    Angie got a little worried about where this fight was going.

    “Be careful Ash, that Staraptor looks very strong,” she warned him.

    Ash nodded. “Just a little longer,” he thought, “we're almost there, as Grotle prepared to withstand yet another of Staraptor's attacks.

    “Now, do Wing Attack on Grotle's side!” Paul yelled.

    “This was an unexpected change in moves,” Ash thought, but before he could respond to it, Staraptor had turned Grotle on it's back with that Wing Attack.

    “Oh... Grotle..,” Ash stuttered.

    “Now one more Aerial Ace!” Paul commanded.

    This time Grotle's vulnerable belly was exposed to Paul's charging Pokémon, and in a flash it fainted, after Paul's Staraptor hit it again.

    “Grotle is no longer able to battle” Tracey exclaimed.

    “And that is two! Just one more to go, Ash!” Paul sneered.

    Ash was getting more angry with Paul but also with himself. “What is happening? Are we really that weak?” kept going through his mind.

    “Well, are you going to send in your third Pokémon, or will you forfeit now already? Not that it makes much of a difference for the outcome, of course,” Paul said at his most annoying voice.

    “We've been in tougher situations,” Ash said.

    “Maybe you need to put off those pink glassed of your's,” Paul said while pointing at Angie, “you seem to see things even less clear than you usually do.”

    “I told you to leave her out of this!” Ash yelled.

    “Shall we let the Pokémon do the battling, guys?” Tracey intervened.

    “Char!” Ash heard.

    “Chimchar, do you want to fight? Great! Okay, go on!” Ash said.

    “I expected that. Nice to see you again, Chimchar,” Paul said, although it was clear he didn't mean it.

    “Staraptor, do Brave Bird!” Paul shouted.

    “Dig!” was Ash's reaction.

    Chimchar disappeared in the soil as Staraptor flew past.

    “Hiding will not save you, Ash!” Paul shouted.

    “Chimchar, come out and use Flame Wheel!” Ash commanded.

    “Brave Bird again!” Paul called his next move.

    Both Pokémon collided in midair, and as the dust settled, Staraptor was lying on the ground, fainted, while Chimchar was still standing. “Chimchar isn't looking so healthy any more. It almost seems like Paul was sacrificing his Staraptor to do as much damage as possible, to wear down Chimchar.” Angie thought.

    “Go Ash!” she cheered, but deep inside she was getting even more worried about the outcome of the battle.

    “I'll finish this with Poliwhirl,” Paul said as he sent out that Pokémon again. “Do Whirlpool!”

    “Quick, try to avoid that, Chimchar!” Ash yelled, but Chimchar was too tired to do so and got trapped in the vortex.

    “Now, Poliwhirl, jump in the Whirlpool and finish it with Double Slap!” Paul shouted.

    Trapped in the whirlpool Chimchar could not escape, and took a severe beating. The final slap of Poliwhirl's attack sent Chimchar flying out off the whirlpool, and it crashed down at the feet of Ash.

    “Chimchar! Oh No!”Ash yelled, as he picked up his battered Pokémon friend.

    “And that is number three,” Paul said. “Some champion! I already thought it was just luck that you won in Sinnoh, but I never imagined it would be this easy.”

    Pikachu had regained enough strength to stand on it's feet again, so Ash gave Chimchar to Angie. Then he clenched his fists, while trying to fight the tears over the humiliation he had just been exposed to.

    “We will beat you next time, Paul! That's a promise!”Ash yelled, as Paul had already turned his back to him, and was about to walk away.

    “Yeah, sure. Who are you kidding?” Paul said, and to the others, “be seeing you. Thanks for being the referee, Tracey,” and he walked off.

    Ash wanted to shout something to Paul, but nothing came out of his mouth.

    “Can you hold Chimchar for me for a moment, Tracey?” Angie asked.

    “Sure,” Tracey said, cause he saw Ash was pretty shaken up and could use her comfort.

    “Oh, Ash. I'm so sorry for you...” Angie said as she walked towards him.

    “Stay away!” Ash yelled, as he pulled his cap over his eyes and started running.

    “But Ash... wait!” Angie shouted, but she hesitated to follow him.

    “Maybe I should leave him alone with his thoughts for a minute,” she convinced herself. Besides, Chimchar needed her medical expertise. She grabbed a Hyper Potion from her backpack, and applied it to the hurt Pokémon. Grotle was also quite shook up, but mostly emotionally. It still was not quite used to being to much bigger when it evolved from a Turtwig to it's current form. Angie gave it a hug, and that seemed to help.

    “Ash needs to be alone now, but I am sure he will come back to tell you how great you all performed. Don't think it's your fault he lost, okay?” she said to cheer up Ash's Pokémon.

    A few hours passed but still no sign of Ash. “He's been alone long enough, now I must go find him,” Angie thought.

    “Tracey, Mrs. Ketchum! I'm off to find Ash!” she shouted.

    “I hope you find him real soon,” Ash's mother said, “I've never seen him look so disappointed before.”

    Angie became more worried at these words.

    “I'll run like the wind!” she said, and so she did.

    “Ash, where are you?” she yelled, while running in the direction she saw him disappear in.

    “He could be everywhere,” she thought. She slowed down. “And what if he doesn't want to be found, not even by me...?” She shivered at the thought of possibly losing her only just recently found happiness with “her” Ash. “Wait a second! Didn't he tell me that night we watched the sunset together on the boat, that there was this place he would go to if things seemed to go all wrong for him? He did.” She started running again. The place Ash told her about wasn't too far away from her. “Follow the path to the north, then there's a large tree on the left. Walk for about half a mile in that direction, past a little stream, and follow that stream. Where it reaches the ocean, you'll find a big rock. From it you can see the ocean so clearly. I always find solace there.” Angie remembered the words Ash had spoken to her to describe that place. “That must be the stream!” she thought as she almost stepped into the water in her stride. “It won't be long now.” A few minutes later, she saw the large boulder, “It must have been a rock to Ash when he was younger,” she thought, and noticed her friend sitting on top of it, still clearly in tears.

    “Ash, I'm here,” she whispered.

    “Go away, I don't want to see you!” was his bold reply.

    Angie's first reaction was to let him have it, since she had come all the way for him because she had been so worried, but she was able to control herself. “He is really hurting,” she thought.

    “Ash, I won't let you go that easily. We made a promise, remember? I'm coming up there, and when you can say in all sincerity that you really don't want me to be here, I'll leave, okay?” she said as she climbed on top of the large boulder.

    Ash looked into her eyes as she came sitting next to him. He stopped crying for a moment, and they sat there, silently staring at each other. Then he fell into Angie's arms, and started crying again, louder than before


    “What did I do wrong?” he sobbed. “Paul's right. I'm just a lousy trainer, who doesn't know what he is doing. It was just luck that I managed to beat Cynthia.”

    “Now you listen to me, Ash Ketchum!” Angie said, as she was getting angry because of all this negativity.

    That got his attention.

    “Either you stop that ridiculous self pity, or I'll give you something to be sorry about!” she yelled.

    For a moment Ash was speechless. He had seen Angie enraged at more occasions, but this was different. She noticed he was listening, and continued.

    “You are a great trainer, and a nice person,” she said. “And I don't just say that because I happen to like you a lot. The only thing that went wrong today is that you let guys like Paul get to you so easily, and you forget to think about your moves. And then it is possible to lose like just happened.”

    Ash's tears had stopped. “What she said makes sense,” he thought. Angie saw that he was getting her point.

    ”You could never have come this far if you weren't such a good trainer, who loves his Pokémon and wants to make them shine,” she added. “Luck has nothing to do with it! Do you believe this? You've got to. You do believe in me, right?”

    ”You're absolutely right, Ange,” Ash said, as he nodded. “I'm so glad you came after me and helped me see it this way.”

    Angie wiped the last tear from his face.

    “How about going back now?” she asked. “Your mum and Tracey must be worried what is keeping us so long. And I think your Pokémon would also be glad to see you again.

    “Yeah, you're right again,” he said.

    “And you know what?” she continued.

    Ash looked at her with a questioning look.

    “This is for good luck, in case you do need it in the future,” Angie said as she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

    Before Ash had time to recover, Angie had already jumped of the boulder, clearly amused at the astonished look on Ash's face.

    “Hey, mister Slowpoke, are you coming or what?” she said.

    Ash put up his cap again, and also jumped down.

    “You just wait, missy. I'll get you for that!” he replied.

    “You have to catch me first then,” Angie said as she ran away, with Ash trying to catch up.

    My eighth fan-fiction story. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
    You can find my fanfics here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~LatiosFan (reviews appreciated!)

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    Default Re: Our Journey Together

    Okay, time for episode 6...

    Episode 6, Old Becomes New Again

    Already the sixth episode in my Fan Fiction series about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Involves some MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    Angie was sneaking down the hallway. Everyone was still asleep, it seemed, so she didn't want to make any noise. She padded on Ash's door.

    “Ash, are you awake yet?” she whispered.

    She had some trouble getting to sleep last night, after all that had happened the day before. Ash loosing so badly to Paul, and getting a pretty hard blow from it. She managed to restore at least some of his faith in himself, but still felt uncomfortable about leaving him all alone, as they parted to each go to their respective bedrooms. Finally she fell asleep, but had a bad dream, and had lied awake for quite a long time since then. Finally she fell asleep again, but her restless thoughts were still with Ash. “I hope he is really gonna be okay...” kept going on in her head. So she woke up early that morning, and just had to check up on him.

    From inside Ash's bedroom, there came no answer.

    “Ash, it's me. Is everything okay? Angie whispered a little louder, “are you still sleeping?”

    She gathered all her courage and opened the door a little.

    “If I was still asleep, then I wouldn't be now anymore,” she heard Ash's voice say right behind her.

    She almost screamed.

    “Don't you sneak up on me and make me jump out of my skin!” she said annoyed, but she was glad to hear his voice again.

    “He did sound quite okay,” she thought.

    “You're out early,” he said.

    “I had some trouble sleeping,” Angie explained, “but can we go inside for a moment? It's getting rather chilly outside.”

    Ash did feel a little uncomfortable about letting her into his bedroom, it wasn't very tidy, and what if someone saw them there together?” But he had to agree on it being too fresh to stay outside, and he didn't want Angie to catch a cold again. Besides, then Tracey would probably make another smart ass remark about Angie and him staying outside together for too long.

    “Sure, come in, just don't look at the mess please,” Ash said

    They went inside, and Ash sat down on the bed. Angie now also started feeling a little uncomfortable about being here, it felt a bit like invading on Ash's privacy, and she was also a bit worried about getting “caught”. But then again it was a perfect moment to talk about yesterday, and she didn't want to let it pass. “You never know if there will be another moment like this during the rest of the day,” she reasoned, and finally sat down on the bed next to Ash, although still at a small distance.

    “Did it have anything to do with me that you slept not too well last night?” Ash asked.

    Angie nodded shortly.

    “But you shouldn't feel guilty about that, Ash. I'm just....ehhh...very sensitive,” she added.

    “That's so sweet of you,” Ash said, as he pierced through her explanation, and knew she said this to avoid making him feel responsible for her loosing sleep.

    “Uh... you noticed I wasn't being fully honest with you?” she asked him.

    “Well, that wasn't too hard to do, not even for me,” Ash said while smiling. “The way you talked some sense into me yesterday, makes it hard to believe you would have stopped worrying about me the next day, or in this case, last night.”

    Angie felt more comfortable because of his words, and slid a little closer to Ash.

    “I've also spent a lot of time thinking last night,” Ash continued. “I want to avoid losing the way I lost yesterday, not to Paul and not to anyone.” Ash said, looking very serious. “There are two ways to do that.”

    “Huh?” Angie said, “what are those then?”

    “An obvious way to never have to lose again is to stop being a trainer,” Ash started.

    Angie's face saddened at hearing those words. “Don't give up your dream, Ash!” she thought.

    “But all the things you said to me yesterday really got through to me, so giving up is not an option,” Ash continued.

    Angie was relieved, and she noticed Ash's eyes had gotten that fiery glow full of determination again. “That's the glow of the boy I fell in love with. His passion for fulfilling his dreams,” she thought, while hoping to stay part of his dreams forever.

    “I'm so glad to hear that, Ash,” she said. “You just need to keep better focus in a battle, that's the way you have gotten to Cynthia, and finally even defeated her.”

    “And it wouldn't help to get a bit stronger too,” Ash added, as he nodded at Angie's words, “so I've made a decision.”

    Angie stared at him, anxious to hear what Ash was about to say.

    “I am not getting back on the boat to that new region,” he announced, “instead I am going to travel through the Kanto region again, to get some better training. The first time I battled here, I was racing from town to town, rushing to get those gym badges. But this time I want to be more aware of what I am doing, learn more and get better.”

    Angie was listening to his little speech with all her attention.

    “You're not disappointed now are you, because I want to stay here?” Ash asked, “if you are, please tell me.”

    “Well...,” Angie said in her most teasing voice, while trying to look a bit let down, “I think....... that's a marvelous idea.” she quickly finished her sentence.

    She looked forward to getting to know the region Ash grew up in, and where he started his first Pokémon journey. It took Ash a few moments to realize that she was just teasing him and was only playing like she didn't really approve of his idea.

    “Why you!” he said, and he started to tickle her.

    “What is going on here?” Tracey said.

    He had heard Angie giggling, as Ash was punishing her in return for teasing him, and was now standing at his door!

    “Uh... nothing,” Ash said, “Pikachu was licking my face to wake me up and that made me laugh,” and he gave Angie, who had trouble not to start giggling again, a silencing look.

    “Okay, I might believe that, but I doubt your mom will, right Pikachu?” Tracey said, followed by a “Pika, pika” as Pikachu agreed with Tracey's words.

    “Aww, busted!” Ash thought. “Pikachu must have gone out to get some water like he did earlier and I never realized it was not here with me.”

    “So you'd better tell your other “Pikachu” to go back to her room, before your mum gets here,” Tracey suggested. “Okay, I will,” Ash said with a muffled voice.

    They heard Tracey walk away, looked at each other accusingly, and then almost burst out into laughter again. Angie stood up, opened the door and Pikachu came in, giving Ash an insulted look for letting it wait outside for so long.

    “Thanks for your support Ange. See you at breakfast,” Ash whispered to her, as she tried to close the door as silently as possible.

    “Good morning Mrs. Ketchum, Ash, Angie,” Tracey said as he joined them on the table. “Did you know there were wild Pikachu around here?”

    “Are you sure Tracey?” Ash's mother said while she looked very surprised. “I've never seen any other Pikachu around here than Ash's.”

    “Why, I am very certain I heard another one this morning, rather early,” Tracey explained, as he tried to play like he was very surprised that there were normally no wild Pikachu in this area.

    Ash looked at Tracey as if he was about to kill him. Then Ash's cheeks flushed.

    “Uh..., that was me. I am trying to learn Pikachu's language and Tracey must have heard me practicing,” Ash lied. “I've learned a few words so far, like “PikaPi” and “PiPikachu” but I still have a lot more to learn,” Ash explained.

    Pikachu looked at it's trainer like he had gone mad, while Angie almost choked on her bread trying to hold her laughter as she saw how Ash turned red as he was trying to talk his way out of this situation again. Then Ash put on his normal face again.

    “I've got an announcement to make,” he said. “Angie already knows this, but Tracey, it may come as a surprise to you.”

    Ash inserted a small pause, then took a deep breath.

    “I am not going further with the boat heading for the new region. Instead I've decided to travel along the Kanto region again, to improve myself as a trainer, and let my Pokémon grow stronger. Angie has decided to come along, since she has never been to Kanto before,” Ash finished his announcement.

    “Is that the only reason?” Tracey said with a twinkle in his eye.

    “Maybe it is, maybe it isn't,” Ash cut him short. “But Tracey, are you willing to change plans too, or will you get on the boat today?”

    Tracey hesitated. He did look forward to new challenges and new Pokémon, that would probably be found in that new region. But he enjoyed traveling with Ash and his new partner/girlfriend.

    “Well, alright,” Tracey gave in, “someone needs to keep an eye on you two.”

    “Great! That's settled then. After we finish breakfast, I'll call the captain that he won't have to wait for us,” Ash said.

    Soon they had packed their backpacks for the journey ahead, and it was time to leave. Ash's mother had to wipe a tear from her eyes as Ash walked up to the front door. “It's just like the first time he was leaving home,” she thought. “But look at how much bigger he has grown, and he even has a girlfriend now.” Ash turned around and saw his mother's face.

    “Don't worry mum,” he tried to put her at ease. “I know my way around here now, and I have some good friends with me. We'll be fine, and I'll call you whenever I can, okay?”

    Ash gave his mother a big hug, and he joined his companions. His mother and her trusty Mr. Mime were waving until they were too far away.

    “Good luck Ash,” she whispered as she went back inside.

    Ash and company walked back to the shore at the south of Pallet Town, where they found Mr. Briney playing with Peeko, as they had seen him do before. “I've never seen any man be such good friends with his Pokémon,” Angie thought, “except maybe Ash and Pikachu.” She was hoping to get as close with her Shinx too, and she realized this journey would be a good chance.

    “Shinx, would you like to come out?” Angie said as she sent out her Pokémon.

    It reacted a bit shy when it saw Peeko, but Pikachu introduced Shinx to Mr. Briney's Wingull, and before they knew it the three were playing together.

    “So, Ash, you came to sail back to the harbor on Cinnabar Island, right?” Mr. Briney asked.

    “Well, errr.. no, actually not,” Ash replied and he explained about his change of plans.

    “Ok lad, I wish you luck then. And I'll let the captain know you won't be joining him right now, so you won't have to call him.”

    Thanks! Can you send him our best wishes please?”Ash answered.

    “Sure will! Come along Peeko!” Mr. Briney said as he started his engines. “By the way, where will you be going to first? he yelled.

    “Well, there is someone in Cerulean City that I would like to visit first, but it will take us some time to get there, so our next stop will be Viridian City, I guess,” Ash answered as loudly as he could, to be heard over the sound of the ship's engines.

    Suddenly the engines of the boat were stopped.

    “Is there a problem Mr. Briney?” Tracey asked.

    “You said something about wanting to get to Cerulean City?” Mr. Briney said, while not answering Tracey's question. “Yes, I did,”Ash answered.

    “What if I tell you I can get you there a lot quicker, lad.”

    “That would be nice.” Ash said, as he had been wondering lately how Misty and her sisters were doing at the Cerulean Gym.

    “Well, hop on then,” the old sailor invited Ash and his friends, “first we'll sail south-east, past Fuchsia City, and after a while we go north again. Then just a bit to the west and we'll be there in no time!”

    Angie called her Shinx and Pikachu jumped on Ash's shoulder as they boarded Mr. Briney's ship. The engines were started again.

    “Next stop, Cerulean Town!” Mr. Briney cheered, as he steered his ship at great speed through the waves, as if he was trying to catch up with the horizon.

    My 9th fan-fiction story. A little shorter than usual, but since this is more like a bridge between episode 5 and 7, it's okay I guess. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
    You can find my fanfics here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~LatiosFan (reviews appreciated!)

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    Default Re: Our Journey Together

    The story continues: Episode 7, in which we meet... Misty! Will she still be after Ash? Read it to find out...

    Episode 7, Dancing Queen

    Already the seventh episode in my Fan Fiction series about the Pokémon journey of Ash and Angie. Updated version with improved layout, with speech now clearly separated from narrative parts. Touches on PokéShipping (Misty liking Ash) and also involves some heavy MorpheusShipping (Ash and Angie liking each other) so if you don't like that idea, stop reading here. The rest, I hope you enjoy this fan-fiction.

    Ash was standing on the bow of Mr. Briney's ship. He looked expectingly to the small strip of land that had just become visible in the distance. “That must be Cerulean Cape,” Ash thought. “I wonder how Misty is doing. Would she still be competing with her sisters about how to run the gym?” he wondered.

    “A penny for your thoughts,” Angie said, startling Ash.

    “There is someone in Cerulean City I haven't seen in a while,” Ash explained. “We have been traveling together for a long time when I first decided to become a Pokémon trainer.”

    “What is her name?” Angie asked.

    “Huh? I didn't tell her it is a girl,” Ash wondered.

    “What makes you think it is a girl?” he asked Angie.

    “Well, it's quite simple, Ash Ketchum. The way you keep running around in circles, not having to mention too much details about your friend. The only possible reason for this is that you are reluctant to tell me you have been traveling with a girl instead of with a boy,” she explained.

    Ash looked at his feet for a moment, then looked at Angie again.

    “Her name is Misty,” he almost whispered.

    “Well now, that wasn't so hard, right?” Angie said while smiling. “I am also looking forward to meeting her. Maybe she can give me a few hints on how to put up with you for so long.”

    A few minutes later they had reached Cerulean Cape, and they thanked Mr. Briney for the pleasant ride on board of his ship.

    “Gull, gull!” Peeko screamed to say goodbye, as Mr. Briney waved at Ash and company. He increased the engine's throttle and away he raced again, while his former passengers kept waving at him.

    “Now let's get moving guys,”Ash said. “It's still a few hours walking to Cerulean City.”

    So they picked up their backpacks, and went off. The road ahead was rather straightforward, with a sharp bend halfway. After the bend they crossed the large bridge that was leading to their destination. It was getting close to noon as the outline of Cerulean City appeared in the distance. Fifteen minutes later they passed the sign saying “Welcome to Cerulean City”.

    “You want to get something to eat first or go straight to the gym?” Tracey asked.

    Ash was about to say “Straight to the gym, of course” as he realized that this meant rushing in again, and this was something he was trying to avoid, since the last time he did that, was when he lost to Paul.

    “We might as well have lunch first,” Ash said much to Angie's and Tracey's surprise. “It's no good battling on an empty stomach, right?” Ash explained his unexpected decision.

    He has also noticed that the town was filled with decorations. “I don't recall those from the last time I was here,” he thought. Then he heard a slightly familiar voice call him.

    “Ash, is it really you?!” a girl shouted.

    Ash didn't recognize the voice straight away. A blond girl waved at him from across the street.

    “Is that Misty?” Angie asked Ash. “You can go greet her, you know, just as long as you don't go hugging and kissing her all the time,” she teased him.

    “B..but that's not Misty...” Ash stuttered, trying hard to remember who this girl was, that obviously knew him so well. “Why, Ash, don't you remember me?” the unknown girl said as she had crossed the street and now stood right in front of Ash and his friends. “I'm Daisy, Misty's sister,” the girl revealed her identity.

    “Of course!” Ash thought as it hit him, “Misty has three sisters, and Daisy was one of them.” Daisy shook hands with Ash and his companions.

    “I don't blame you for not recognizing me right away,” she said to Ash, who still looked a bit dazzled. “You haven't seen us in quite a while, but we were reminded of you by Misty on a regular basis. She keeps bringing your name up once in a while you know. I believe she still has a bit of a crush on you. But don't tell her I told you,” she added.

    Ash looked at Angie, who didn't seem to be to amused at this revelation. “I just had to come here first,”Ash thought. “What if Angie thinks I only wanted to come here to be with Misty?” Ash looked at Angie again, but she didn't look straight back at him.

    “Did you already have lunch?” Daisy asked, “because we have plenty room and food at home for a few guests, so if you want, you can come with me.”

    Everyone agreed with this invitation, and they followed Daisy. Angie was rather quiet as Daisy took them to her home. “Maybe she'll loosen up a little after we have had lunch and are all feeling better.” Ash thought, since the journey to Cerulean City had made them all a bit tired. Misty's other two sisters, Lily and Violet, joined them at the table, but still no sign of Misty. “Where is she?” Ash thought, but he was afraid to ask. “Angie may see this as another sign that I am dying to see Misty,” and although he did very much like to see how Misty was doing, it had never been his intention to get too involved with her.

    “Misty is training at the gym,” Daisy said, as she seemed to have read Ash's thoughts. “If you like to, we can go there after you have finished your meal,” she added.

    “Excellent idea!” Ash said, “we were heading for the gym anyway, since I've come to challenge the gym leader for a badge.”

    He was hoping that had sounded convincing enough to let Angie know that this had really been his intention. After the last bites of food, Ash, Angie, Tracey and Misty's three sisters left for the Cerulean Gym.

    “What's with all the decorations in the streets anyway?” Ash informed.

    “Oh, that's for the annual Cerulean Water Pokémon Festival,” Violet explained.

    “Tonight there will be a big dance with music and all kinds of seafood to celebrate everything the sea and the water Pokémon have meant for this town up till today.” Daisy remarked. “You sure timed your arrival well, Ash. Are you going to ask Misty to go with you to the dance?”

    Ash coughed loudly, as if he was choking on something.

    “I didn't know about the festivities here, so I had no plans for tonight,” he said, trying to sound as neutral as possible.

    “Okay, that's great. Then you are free to go there then,” Daisy answered, “it would be so romantic,“ she dreamed out loud.

    Ash wished he could disappear in an instant. “That was not what I meant when I said I had no plans,” he thought. He almost did not dare to look how Angie had reacted to Daisy's words, but when he did, her eyes looked at him much cooler than he was used to lately. “How am I going to convince her that I don't have those feelings for Misty, that she is just a very close friend?”

    There it was, the Cerulean Gym. Ash started to get even more nervous. “What if Misty comes up to me and starts hugging and kissing me? Then Angie will never believe nothing ever happened between me and Misty in the past. If her sisters were right and she is still talking about me often, then she may as well do that.” The doors of the gym slowly opened.

    “What do you want?” Ash heard Misty's voice ask, but he did not see her yet.

    “I've come to challenge you for a battle!” Ash replied.

    “Ash? Ash Ketchum? Is... that really you?” Misty asked.

    “Yeah sis! He came back!” Daisy answered before Ash could.

    Ash heard Misty running down the stairs and braced himself for the seemingly inevitable overly affectionate greetings he was about to receive, but a few steps away from him, Misty suddenly stopped.

    “Ash... you never told me you had a sister,” Misty said with a voice that was much softer than usual as she looked at Angie. “Or are you...” She didn't finish her sentence.

    Ash nodded.

    “Angie and I met in the Sinnoh region, at the Pokémon Summer Academy. We kept seeing each other and recently we decided to travel along together,” he quickly filled Misty in on her.

    Angie started smiling a little again. She had been afraid that Ash might be a bit vague to Misty about his relation to her, but she was glad he made it clear why Ash and she were together. Misty needed a few seconds to overcome this, for her perhaps a bit unpleasant, surprise.

    “Well, welcome Angie. Any friend of Ash is my friend, Misty said. “And Tracey, so good to see you! Are you traveling with Ash again?”

    “Yea, I am. There are still so many beautiful things in this region for me to capture in drawings or perhaps on a few pictures.” he explained.

    Misty looked at Ash again.

    “You said you wanted to challenge me. But you already got a Cobble Badge, so why bother?” she asked.

    Ash told her he wanted to travel along Kanto again, and challenge every gym he went to before for extra experience.

    “I see,” Misty said. “Well I have to agree that you still have a lot to learn. Let's Battle then!”

    They proceeded to the gym's battlefield.

    “Since we have to make some preparations for the festivities of tonight, I suggest we make it a battle where each trainer only uses two Pokémon, instead of three. Are you okay with that?” Misty proposed.

    “Fine with me,” Ash answered.

    “Ash... good luck,“ Angie said softly to him as she walked towards her seat at the side of the gym's battlefield.

    Although she did usually encourage him with a lot more enthusiasm, Ash was still very glad with her words. They were the first she had spoken to him since Daisy started mentioning how Misty was still thinking about Ash and proposing he should ask Misty to the dance.

    “Trainers ready?” Violet asked, “let's go!”

    “Ok, Golduck, show yourself!” Misty commanded.

    “You mean... your Psyduck has finally evolved!” Ash asked.

    “Yes, isn't he the coolest Pokémon now?” Misty said, all starry eyed.

    “Great, this could be an interesting battle,” Ash said. “Pikachu! Do you want to go first?”

    His little friend jumped of his shoulder on the floor, looking completely ready for battle.

    “Golduck, do Water Pulse!” Misty commanded.

    “Evade it, Pikachu!” Ash reacted and Pikachu dodged the attack with ease.

    “I forgot how fast your Pikachu is,” Misty said, “but you can't dodge this attack. Golduck, do Hypnosis!”

    Ash immediately remembered how he had trouble with Hypnosis in his first battle with Fantina and responded instantly.

    “Pikachu, spin around and do thunderbolt!” he shouted.

    The sleep inducing attack was about to strike as a circling tower of electricity enveloped Pikachu, deflecting Golduck's Hypnosis.

    “Wh... what is that?” Misty asked in utter surprise, as she not only saw this attack rendered useless, but Golduck had also been hit by some of the bolts of electricity that flashed from the rapidly spinning Pikachu.

    “Now! Do Volt Tackle!” Ash shouted.

    Psyduck took a direct hit, and went down immediately. “That's incredible!” was Misty's first thought.

    “A little something we learned as we prepared for our battle at the Hearthome Gym, we had to deal with Hypnosis then and came up with this technique.” Ash said as he noticed how baffled Misty looked.

    “Ash sure has changed a lot,” Misty thought, “He looks so cool and in control. But hey, keep it together Misty!” she said to herself, “you've got a gym battle to win and Ash is just a challenger. I'll show him something good!”

    “Nice move Ash!” Misty shouted, “but here comes my next Pokémon! You won't be able to take this one out that easily,” Misty said as the sent out her Togekiss. “Do Aura Sphere!” Misty commanded.

    “Watch out Ash, it's impossible to dodge that attack!” Angie warned Ash.

    “Thanks Angie! Pikachu, do Iron Tail on that Aura Sphere!” Ash shouted.

    Pikachu jumped up in the air and tried to deflect the blue ball of incredible aura energy as Ash had told him to. A large explosion followed, sending Pikachu spinning through the air, landing in the water basin, that made up part of the battlefield.

    “Oh... Pikachu!”Ash shouted, uncertain if his little friend was okay after taking such a forceful blow.

    Then Pikachu emerged from the water, and landed on solid ground.

    “Okay! Well done, Pikachu. Can you continue to battle?” Ash asked.

    A loud “Pika, Pikachu!” confirmed that Pikachu still had some power left.

    “Ok, little buddy, let's make some Thunder, shall we? Just wait for my signal!”

    Misty's Togekiss was circling high above Pikachu, waiting for Misty to tell it what to do next.

    “Do Aerial Ace!” Misty commanded, sending her Togekiss diving down fast on Pikachu.

    “Just a little closer...” Ash thought, “a little more...” Misty was surprised that Ash didn't seem to take any countermeasures at all. “Perhaps Pikachu was hit more by that Aura Sphere than Ash had anticipated,” she thought.

    “Now!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu unleashed all it's electrical energy at once, as Togekiss was about to hit Pikachu. Another explosion occurred, causing Togekiss and Pikachu to become invisible because of the dust flying around. Slowly the air became clearer again and a silhouette of a Pokémon lying on the ground, became visible.

    “Oh! Togekiss! No!” Misty cried, as she saw her last Pokémon had fainted.

    Everyone was now wondering what had happened to Pikachu. The dust had now almost fully cleared, and another silhouette became visible.

    “Pikachu, are you okay?” Ash asked his Pokémon.

    Pikachu raised it's right arm, winking at Ash that all was fine. Ash ran towards Pikachu.

    “Great job, buddy!” he said as he hugged his Pokémon lovingly.

    Misty was still in awe, since two of her strongest Pokémon had been beaten with relative ease. “When did Ash become so strong and able to keep his cool in battle?” Then she watched how Angie congratulated him with a kiss on the cheek, and remembered how she gave Ash advice during battle, and he actually took that advice to heart. “It's because of her!” she suddenly realized, “she can get really though to him.” Misty felt a little sad, since she had wanted to fulfill that role for Ash, perhaps someday in the future, but quickly took on her role of gym leader.

    “Well done, Ash. Here is your Cobble Badge. You've earned it.”

    Ash gladly accepted the new badge and said to Angie, “Wanna do this together Ange, just like with that medal? After all, I wouldn't have been here now without you.”

    She took Ash's hand, holding the badge with her.

    “We've got the Cobble Badge!” they said at the same time.

    Ash was glad that Angie obviously didn't bear any grudge about Misty and him any more. Still he felt a bit like he had something to make up to Angie. He put the badge in his new case, and took her hand again.

    “Angie, would you like to go to the dance with me tonight, to celebrate our first victory together?” he asked.

    “Oh, how so romantic!” Daisy said, as if she never had suggested just a while ago that Ash should ask Misty instead.

    Angie looked very surprised at this sudden invitation.

    “I'd love to Ash,” she answered, “but... I've nothing to wear tonight.”

    “And the shops are closed now, because of the festivities,” Violet said, looking at her watch. “Well, then...I guess I can't go...” Angie said with a sad voice.

    Misty watched this little tragedy in silence, deep in thought. “Well, I've got to admit, Angie cares for Pokémon, maybe as much as Ash. And she looks like she cares a lot about Ash too. Is it just me or does Ash seems happier and stronger than ever, without being overconfident, like when I traveled with him and Brock? I guess they do fit well together.” Ash started looking rather sad too. “Oh, I can't just stand here and do nothing!” Misty thought.

    “I may have a solution,” Misty said, out of the blue. “Angie, come with me, I may have something for you to wear, so you can go to the dance with Ash after all.”

    Ash was very surprised, just as much as Angie and the others, about what Misty just had proposed.

    “Gee, thanks a lot, Misty!” he said.

    “Ash, you'd better get dressed up too,” Tracey said, as they watched Angie and Misty go away together.

    That was something Ash wasn't looking forward too, but he had asked Angie already, so there was no backing out of this. Besides, after everything she did to help him overcome his breakdown after his loss to Paul and the support during his battle with Misty, Angie deserved a little extra attention.

    “Okay, I guess you're right,” Ash gave in.

    “You can use the spare room to change clothes,” Lily mentioned, “I'll show you where to find it,” and Ash and Tracey followed her.

    “Now, let's see what color lipstick will suit you best,” Misty said as she looked inside her beauty case.

    “I'm so glad with your help, Misty. I'm afraid I have never been very good at using make-up. I always thought I am not pretty enough for it,” Angie said.

    “Are you kidding?” Misty said as she looked at Angie in disbelief. “You look fine. And we'll make Ash drop his jaw on the floor when we're finished,” Misty said with her confident voice.

    “You really think?” Angie asked surprised.

    “I'm certain of it,” Misty confirmed and she continued working on Angie's makeover.

    “Now is the best time to ask her,” Angie thought.

    “You and Ash traveled together for quite a while, right?” Angie carefully started.

    Misty nodded.

    “What was it like, back then?” Angie continued her question.

    Misty stopped what she was doing for a moment.

    “Well, you probably know Ash can be very difficult to be around sometimes, he can be so stubborn and dense,” Misty started. “I've been wanting to smack him on the head on many occasions. Come to think of it, I think I actually did a few times.”

    “I know exactly what you mean, go on please.” Angie said, as she nodded.

    Misty hesitated.

    “I've been thinking about leaving him a lot then,” she continued, “but somehow I couldn't. I think...you know why...”

    Angie looked at Misty, who didn't look at all like the fiery gym leader Ash battled earlier that day, but more like a little schoolgirl, shyly avoiding Angie's eyes.

    “You're in love with him too, right?” Angie asked carefully.

    Misty nodded.

    “I really envy you, Angie,” Misty said. “Not just because you're with Ash now, but because you can make him a better trainer, and perhaps a better person. I've been dreaming of being that for him...”

    For a while the two girls sat there silently.

    “But enough about me, let's get you as pretty as can be, for Ash,” Misty said as she regained herself. “Now all we need is a suitable dress.”

    Misty looked at the ones in her wardrobe, but didn't see what she had in mind.

    “Ah, there it is,” she said as she took out a truly gorgeous dress. “I've been saving it for a very special occasion, if Ash and I were ever to get closer, to tell you the truth, but since that is not going to happen now, let's see how it looks on you.”

    Angie loved the dress.

    “But, I can't accept it...” she said.

    “Oh yes, you can,” Misty put aside Angie's objections. “I've promised to make you look smashing and this is just the thing needed to finish it in style. Besides, I did buy it for Ash, so it's only fair that he gets to see it, be it with you in it then.”

    Angie tried it on, and it was a perfect fit.

    “Thank you so much, Misty,” Angie said, “you're right, if this doesn't impress Ash, then he'll be sorry.”

    “Make sure you don't kill him then,” Misty said, smiling, “because I want to have a chance to land a few hits on his head too, if he doesn't appreciate my hard work,” and the girls both started to laugh.

    “Now, you go on to the living room, then I go get Ash from the spare room,” Misty said.

    Angie did as Misty told, but before she left the room, looked back for a moment, just long enough to see a few tears roll down Misty's face.

    “Are you alright?” Angie asked.

    “Yeah, I'll be fine,” Misty lied, as she tried to hide her true feelings. “This dress has been hanging there for quite some time, so I guess I got a little dust in my eyes. I'll see you in the living room.”

    Angie felt really sorry for her, as she was taking away all Misty's hopes on a future with Ash. But she knew that Ash had chosen for her, so there was nothing she could change about it.

    “Hrrrrmm... stupid clothes!” Ash grumbled as he tried to get into the tuxedo his mother had once given him for “if the occasion would present itself” as she had said it.

    “I'll help you with that, stand still!” Tracey said to the struggling Ash. “There now, just don't make any strange moves, and you'll be fine. Nervous?”

    “Me? Nervous? No way!” Ash said as he tried to dry his sweaty hands on Pikachu, mistaking it for a towel.

    “Pikapika!” his little electric friend said, annoyed, as small sparks flew of it's cheeks.

    “No, please don't Thundershock Ash or we have to start all over again to get him neat and tidy,” Tracey said frightened.

    Pikachu stopped the attack just in time. “Phew, that was close,” Tracey thought.

    “Are you guys ready? I thought that girls needed more time to dress up, but it seems like it's the other way round!” they heard Misty yell from the other side of the door.

    “We're coming,” Tracey answered.

    “Okay, meet us in the living room,” Misty said and they heard her go down the stairs.

    “Remember Ash, don't step on Angie's toes when you dance, and give her the flower. Got that?”

    Ash nodded, as he took the box from the table. It contained a little rose, made for wearing on a dress. Ash first thought it was not necessary to give such a thing, but Tracey convinced him that Angie would like it, so he would give it to her.

    “I 'm ready, I think,” Ash said.

    “Okay, let's go down, and mind your step on the stairs,” Tracey said while he opened the door.

    Tracey entered the living room first, followed by Ash. On the other side he saw Violet, Daisy and Lily, with Misty standing before her three sisters. Angie was nowhere to be seen. “Did she run away?” Ash asked himself anxiously. But before he could worry any longer, Misty and her three sisters stepped aside, and there she was, still standing with her back turned to Ash. She slowly turned around and Ash almost fainted. “Wow!” was the only thing that came to his mind as he saw how amazing Angie looked now. “I wonder, I'm pretty sure I've seen that beautiful dress before, but where? Anyway, it's just perfect for her,” Ash thought. He had seen some impressive transformations in his life, but absolutely nothing could top this. It was better then when his Metapod had evolved to Butterfree or anything else. Angie used to conceal her appearance with her rather boyish clothes. Ash couldn't imagine why. “She is like... incredible,” he thought.

    “Well, Ash... what do you think?” Angie asked as she looked into his eyes. “Do you like it?” she asked full of hope.

    “Like it?” Ash said, “you are simply beautiful!”

    Angie blushed like never before.

    “I've got a little something for you,” Ash continued, “although I doubt whether it is pretty enough to fit with the rest of you,” he said as he opened the little box and gave her the rose to wear on her dress.

    “Now let's go to the dance!” Daisy said out loud in her familiar enthusiasm.

    As everyone else was leaving the room, Ash stepped up to Misty.

    “Thanks for what you did for Angie,” he said, “you've made her look even better than ever.”

    Misty blushed a little.

    “Well, it helps if you have the right base material to begin with,” Misty said, “she is a pretty girl, Ash. You'd better cherish her really well.”

    “You can be sure I will,” he said, as he nodded. “by the way, that dress looks really familiar. Isn't that the one we once spent an entire afternoon running from one shop to another because you just had to buy some new clothes?

    “Yup, that's the same one,” Misty replied.

    “You know you were driving me really mad then?” Ash continued, “ and if back then it would have lasted much longer before you finally found that shop that had something to your liking, I might even have killed you. But now I'm glad I didn't,” he smiled, “I wouldn't want to have missed to see how great that dress looks on Angie.”

    Misty had to swallow a few tears she felt coming up. Ash noticed something was wrong.

    “It would have looked really good on you too,” he said, hoping to cheer her up a little.

    “Ah, you're just saying that,” Misty replied.

    “No, I mean it. You can look nice if you want to,” Ash explained. “You just don't usually take that extra effort.”

    “What! You mean I look horrible most of the time!?” Misty yelled.

    Ash was glad that she wasn't about to burst into tears anymore, but he also wasn't waiting for one of those familiar Misty-fits.

    “You know I almost quit training Pokémon a few days ago?” he mentioned, to help change the subject.

    “Huh? You? No way!” Misty said in disbelief.

    Ash told her all about his big disappointment about how he lost to Paul and how Angie helped him to get back his belief in his abilities as a trainer.

    “Wow, Ash. So you and Angie have been through a lot already,” Misty said. “I must admit that I was hoping you had come back here to Cerulean Town just for me. You probably know by now how I feel about you, right?” she said.

    “Well, the way you reacted when seeing Angie, and the very unsubtle hints your sisters gave me, did make it cross my mind,” Ash admitted.

    “Well, I was at first very mad when I realized that she is your girlfriend,” Misty continued, “but now I can see that she really likes you, she does everything to support you, and that you like her back. You two make a really great team together...”

    Now there was clearly a tear in the corner of Misty's eye. She wanted to run away, but Ash grabbed her hand.

    “Please, don't run off like that and go being sad somewhere all alone,” Ash said to her with warmth in his voice. “You deserve so much better than that. Come to the dance, try to have some fun. Do it for me.”

    Misty wiped the tears from her eyes. Ash put an arm around her shoulder and gave her a friendly hug.

    “Okay Ash, let's go to the dance then!” Misty said, looking slightly cheered up again, “otherwise they might wonder where we are, and you mustn't keep your pretty partner waiting.”

    “Now that's more like it! Let's go!” Ash agreed with her.

    Ash has never been much of a dancer, but he managed to get a little practice with Tracey, as they were getting ready for the dance earlier that day. As a result, Tracey now had some trouble walking, but Ash had finally learned not to step on the toes of his dancing partner all the time, if he concentrated hard enough. So, still a little nervous, he asked Angie for a dance with him. She gladly accepted, Misty's sisters giggling as they watched them from a small distance. The music began playing, and they started dancing. Misty was talking with Tracey, Ash had noticed, and she seemed to be having fun. “I'm glad she's not so sad anymore,” Ash thought. Although he wasn't in love with Misty, he still felt somewhat responsible for her, even more since now she had been feeling bad because of him.

    “Ash, that's my toe you're dancing on,” Angie whispered in his ear.

    “Oh, sorry,” he apologized.

    “Focus on dancing again, Ash,” he said to himself.

    “Now that's much better,” Angie said as they moved around the dance floor with more ease and grace than a moment ago.

    The music changed to a slow tune. Angie laid her head down on Ash's shoulder, as they moved slowly from one side to another. Ash didn't think about his next gym battle, or even about Pokémon. All he could think of was this beautiful girl he was holding close now.

    My tenth fan-fiction story. I apologize for any typing errors, or grammatically not 100% correct sentences. Remember, I am not a native English speaker or writer. I tried to make this story as close to the Pokémon series as possible, so that the characters will react roughly the same in this fictional story as they do in the series. Comments are always welcome, you can use the review function on this FanFiction site for that.

    Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any trademarks of Pokémon. Any similarities to the works of others is purely accidental, and not meant as an infringement on anyone's achievements.

    Comments very welcome!
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
    You can find my fanfics here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~LatiosFan (reviews appreciated!)

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