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    Default Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Daisy walked out Misty's room upon her falling asleep, her mind still on her question about her mother. It had been so long since the last time the blonde girl had been forced to think about that woman?

    Sighing, she walked down the hall and through the main corridors of their home. It was a place rarely visited by the other sisters as most of them avoided it. However, she had made it a custom everyday to clean up, keep it as fresh as mother kept it everyday.

    Misty had never been allowed inside all her life. Daisy preferred it that way.

    Up until Misty was nine years old, the blonde had been able to watch over her smallest sister like a mother would to a child and the small girl was okay with that until she turned ten. Of course, it was understandable as Violet and Lily acted with distaste towards her after turning seven.

    They acted jealous and hated how different she was from them, and Daisy, being young, was a follower and often put her at a distance, herself.

    She wasn't able to be a real mother.

    Placing her fingers on the sides of the books, she read over each name of the books and plays her mother kept.

    Then suddenly, as if destiny, two books fell out. There was no warning for this, only an action without understanding.

    A family album and a book her mother read to her often.

    She lifted up the album to put it back up when a letter slipped out the pages. Wanting to just ignore it, she turned it backwards but the light of the moon shined on it and the paper seemed to glow.

    Finally, she turned it over. On it, there was a drawing from her mother, very well-drawn. Her mother wanted to be a manga-ka. The picture itself looked like Misty, a much older version than the age she would’ve been when her mother was alive.

    It was in black and white but she could imagine it in color, this picture of Misty with maybe a silky aqua colored dress, her hair down her back with her hands out, holding onto a jewel shining in the moonlight.

    Underneath it read: "Daisy, protect her. Her heart and soul is precious to me. She'll never know me nor will I know her, only through dreams will we see one another. She's lonely, I know. Protect her and that girl."

    Daisy's eyes widened in shock as she looked to the date, two years before her youngest sister's birth.She looked it over frantically, reading it over and over and swearing the date must’ve been wrong.

    What did it all mean? The jewel, protect her and that girl, the date, the picture appearing like how she was now...

    Could the rumors had been false about her mother? Was her mother really able to prophecy?
    Her body felt stiff for a moment as she stared down at the picture before her.
    Then she looked at the other book, a book written by her mother.

    "The legend of Prince Satoshi." She read aloud.

    Many loved the prince, and he the same, viewing all as special and dear to his heart. For him, love was a simple notion, a thought that one could control. For a time, he believed that by controlling one's soul, one controlled their heart.

    It was with this belief that he believed he would become the greatest protector of the crystal he was entrusted.

    "Not too long before we reach the Kanto region..." A proper masculine voice spoke, his tone cuddling through the young lady's body, coursing it's way into her heart.

    Her blue eyes looked out the window, her long nails tapping the windowsill, the slender girl smiled tightly.
    "How long will you keep moping around?" Another voice said, a deeper voice than the male's yet had a feminine tone to it.

    "Zo... I'm not moping... I'm, I'm, I'm just tired." The pretty female responded, a sigh escaping her lips.

    The male looked to the short-haired female, slightly shocked to her strict attitude towards the beautiful celebrity.

    "Don't you think we could just trying cheering her up?"

    "Dent-san, it's not that easy. Dawn'll never get over it if we keep insisting on trying to make her smile."

    Dawn turned, listening to them speak in the distance. Neither one of them understood her nor did they even try to sympathize with her.

    "Dento-chan, come over here, please." Dawn smiled seductively as she looked to Piplup and petted his head.
    Piplup wouldve purred if he could to the feel of his master and friend's touch. "Pii Plup!
    Zoey looked at Dento disbelievingly as he turned to go her way. "Dent-san..." She whispered as she grabbed onto his wrist tightly, her eyes narrowed. "If you go to her, I'll never forgive you."
    "Young lady, I work for her. In all respect, Miss Coordinator, I don't get paid by you." He whispered calmly as he used his free hand to move her hand away from him.

    "Purinsesu Hikari, is there any way I can help you?" The handsome male said, his eyes engaged with the woman before him as he looked to the red-headed woman staring angrily at him.

    "Just call me Dawn, please. No need to call me princess nor my celebrity name." She giggled as she motioned for him to sit down near her, taking her pokemon and laying it on her lap for the pokemon sommelier to sit.

    "Eh?" Dento blushed slightly as he scratched the back of his head in his own shock.

    "Can a girl not sit by her friend, Dento-chan?" Eyes narrowed, Dawn asked.

    "Uh, no, no problem. L-Let me sit down then, my princess."

    He turned slightly and saw Zoey walked away, probably into her quarters.

    "Do you think it's appropriate for a friend's emotions to change towards a long time companion?" Dawn asked suddenly, her tone serious and passionate.

    Dento frowned, wondering if she had been talking about him as he looked out the window. "If that's the way you feel then you can't help it..."

    "Even if it's obvious that they don't feel that way about you?"

    Dento could remember way back when, feeling that way towards someone. It felt like forever ago, a thought blissfully moving along, never to be seen again.

    Closing his eyes, he remembered the day they had all split, the smell of the cherry blossoms falling, their childish promise to stay friends forever and to follow their dreams until the end.

    He wondered if even one of them knew at that moment that they were all so childish, dreaming and wishing upon the stars, laughing and crying together.

    And then, at the end of the day, when they were all alone---they would take their promises and tuck it away. At least, that's what he did the moment he met Dawn.

    The blue-haired beauty couldn't have known though; he never even spoke of his dreams to her, only accompanied her on this journey to find her dreams.

    However, he was sure that she did the same thing when they had met also, two lost souls on a journey, neither knowing how to say they want to go another way.

    "Dento-chan, are you listening?"

    Dento nodded disbelievingly. "Hai."

    "No you weren't."

    She smiled sadly and looked away. For once, he wondered if he shouldve been listening, maybe she said something important. Maybe, just maybe, she would’ve broke the spell they had thrown themselves under.

    Zoey watched, her arms folded, wondering when her best friend gave up on everything. The red-headed female couldn't spot when it first happened because it seemed like it was sudden. Then again, it seemed that not too long after Ash left, Dawn seemed to slowly lose herself.

    Sure, her mother and Zoey tried to make things better but it seemed to only get worse and with time, her dreams were forever forgotten.

    The fashionista kept her busy for awhile, keeping her mind occupied with false realities and dreams of a world nonexistent for a doill living in a human world but feeling the mockery of it’s plastic against the disgusting trueness of the things around her/

    It soon became obvious to Zoey that Dawn didn’t understand her own pain although, in truth, all things ended always with the same thing: Ash. Had the girl unknowingly fallen in with him oir had she known but allowed a fake dream to stop her from continuing on journeying with him? A sad thought, indeed.

    Still, Dawn blamed her mother for her unhappiness.

    Johanna said it was okay and Dawn would be okay until that day...

    Zoey’s eyes widened in the thought as she shook her head trying to replace her thoughts with the Dawn she knew before that day. Still... all that blood, the unused rope, her best friend’s weak body lying limply on the ground... how was she to forget that day?

    “Why am I still alive?”

    Zoey remembered staying in the hospital by Dawn’s side for two weeks and then she said those damned words that seemed to curse Zoey’s very soul. Why would she want that?

    [i} “Why did you come in? I wanted to die. You’re such an idiot! Why’d you save me?! I wanted to show my mother what she caused!” [/i]

    “Dawn, you idiot. You’re stronger than this.” Zoey cried softly to herself as she went into her room, remembering that in one day, she had also let go of her dreams, choosing to protect her best friend at all cost, always staying by her side.

    “I have a friend near Cerulean City.” Dawn smiled towards Dento and for a moment, it actually felt genuine.

    “You do?”

    “Yes, he’s the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world.” Dawn exclaimed childishly.

    For a moment, he thought about what Iris would say in response to her excitement in saying a statement full of holes as no one could truly be the greatest. He smiled charmingly, “What’s his name, Purinsesu?”

    “His name?”

    “Yes. his name.”

    “Oh, Ash Ketchum. He’s from..” Dawn started.

    “Pallet Town.” Dento finished her statement, his smile faded but a true look of contentment came over him. “It makes sense now....”

    “What does?”

    The sommelier felt a revival of energy in him as he lifted his eyes towards heaven, wondering where this calmness came from. “You’re the Dawn that Ash talked about, a friend he worried about often... You were a coordinator before weren’t you?”

    For a moment, the world stopped as she stopped petting Piplup’s head, her heart skipping a beat. All this time she had assumed he probably had forgotten about her and Dento and Ash had been friends. That meant he spoke about her more than once.

    “He worried... about me.”

    “He called you one of his precious friends... along with many others. He said that he hoped that you always remembered that everyone believed in you as much as you needed to believe in yourself.”

    Dawn almost immediately jumped off her seat and ran to her luggage where she kept information about the city they were visiting and a map of the region had been, pulling it out roughly. “Then Ash will be there.” She giggled upon seeing an image of a girl having the likeness of the infamous fishing lure that lead to her catching Buizel.

    “How do you know that?”

    “Misty, the gym leader... she’s Ash’s first travelling companion, they’re kinda close so more than likely, he might show up there. Maybe even May... I might even be able to visit my Ambipom!”

    Dento laughed, having never seen Dawn so happy in all the time he’d known her. For a moment, he hoped she was right and maybe Iris would be there also. Unlikely but maybe, hopefully... then they could all be together again.

    It’s funny, he felt like he knew each person so well just after having known Ash so long and how he always spoke of everyone as if they were there right now. “You must’ve been close to Ash. I like the scent of your relationship with him,”

    “Everybody loves Ash, Dent-san. If you were friends with him then you’d know that too.” Dawn giggled as she and Dent began to talk about their many adventures they had together with Ash in ecstasy, their laughs and smiles for real for once in thier life.


    “Don’t you hate their laughter?” A whispery voice spoke unto her, a hateful tone, a distaste undisguised.

    Zoey looked around her room, trying to find the placement of the voice but her tiny to be empty besides the lit computer screen and her untidy bed. Maybe it was all in her head.

    “They make you sick, don’t they?”

    “Who’s there?” The red-headed teen stammered, grabbing a pokeball off her belt.

    “I’m you.”

    His biggest mistake may have been falling in love with her, the woman never meant to be loved. A loathsome woman. her sensual charms confused his soul, an innocent heart that never seen her evils.

    The moment they held hands---it seemed the world was destined for destruction.

    Brock sighed. “So this new girl is living with you?” He looked out the door, his perverted eyes watching her carefully as she stood up and looked his way then away again.


    Brock turned to his deep voiced friend, noticing the innocence evident in his body language and tone as the young man looked down at his mouse-like friend slightly annoyed at the situation.

    Ash frowned. “My mom... she feels... she feels like I need to stay with her at all times.”

    Pikachu popped up and jumped off his master’s lap and ran off suddenly.

    “And Pikachu seems to feel the same way...”

    Brock nodded. “And how d’ya feel?”

    The question almost shocked the chocolate colored eyed teen. No one ever asked how he felt about the situation. “I want to protect her.” A smile came across his lips as he thought about her gentle smile, “from everything.”

    Raising an eyebrow, Brock looked to his friend then at the picture of him, Ash, and Misty altogether then back at his closest friend and shook his head.

    “Where do you think Hotaru went for so long?”

    “Huh? What do you mean?”

    “Didn’t you hear the door earlier? She left awhile ago...”

    “What?! She can’t leave... she doesn’t have any pokemon to protect her!” The younger male exclaimed as he jumped off his bed and grabbed onto his belt of pokeballs to catch up to her. “Stay here in case she comes back!”

    Running down the stairs. he remembered Pikachu had left so suddenly and he wondered why he didn’t follow him. Was he with Hotaru? Did he sense something that he didn’t catch onto?

    He ran outside and noticed his mom standing by the gate. “Ash... Where’d she go?”

    “I-I dunno...” He stammered before continuing to run in the direction he assumed she went, not knowing where to start.


    Hotaru walked nonchalantly towards the Viridian Forest with Pikachu not too far behind whom kept chirping her to stop and come back but she seemed unable to hear him.

    “That girl... She’s in danger.” A whisper came forth.

    “Pika Pi Pi!” Pikachu begged as a jumped in front of her but froze upon seeing her eyes.


    The girl turned as fear came over the young teen. “This world... that girl... It’s so full of darkness.” Eyes cutting like a knife, she faced him as the nest of beedrill awakened and suddenly started towards her.

    “Hotaru! Get out of the way!”

    Grasping her hand, he pulled her towards him, a cold pale body limply fell into him, her breathing slow and shallow.

    "Prince Satoshi... Why do you always get in the way?!" Her voice sounded so cold and blood thirsty. "This world is so full of evil... Why can't you understand that I must bring this world into ruin?"

    "Hotaru-chan, let's go!" A cold chill fell over him as he threw himself in front of her and Pikachu, "take Pikachu and leave!"


    "Cubone, use boomerang!" The attack came so suddenly, throwing the bug pokemon out of the air and knocked them straight into the tree behind them.

    The attack came back smoothly as Hotaru seemed to come back to her normal conscious self, her eyes soft and gentle and she grabbed onto the young male's hands, her cold hands wanting the warmth of his touch.

    "Thought you'd improved by now..."

    The voice sounded familiar.

    Turning, he looked to the newcomer, his eyes widening as a blush suddenly came over him, a feeling he remembered happening only once before.

    "Y-you're Giselle?!" Ash and Hotaru whispered in unison as the girl and boy looked to the violet eyed girl in shock that she'd know her name.

    "Didn't know I made such an impression on you that you'd talk about me after so long!" Giselle said in mock arrogance.

    Author's Note:

    Sorry for how long it took to update. It would've been better but my computer and phone kept deleting half of what I'd write... So I decided to shorten the chapter and the ending of the chapter isn't quite as interesting as I was originally planning.

    Please read and review.


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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Excellent as usual.
    I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

    -Pokemon: The First Movie

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Awesome chapter once again! Really liking what you're doing with Ash. The level of detail in the prose makes this a pleasure to read. Keep it up!

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Pokemon World
    Near Viridian Forest

    "Hotaru! Get out-of-the-way!" Grasping her hand, he pulled her towards him, a cold pale body limply fell into him, her breathing slow and shallow.

    "Prince Satoshi... Why do you always get in the way?" Her voice sounded so cold and blood thirsty. "This world is so full of evil... Why can't you understand that I must bring this world into ruin?"

    "Hotaru-chan, let's go!" Ash called out, his voice strained. A cold chill fell over him as he threw himself in front of her and Pikachu, "take Pikachu and leave!"

    "Cubone, use boomerang!" The attack came so suddenly, throwing the bug pokemon out of the air and knocked them straight into the tree behind them. The attack came back smoothly as Hotaru seemed to come back to her normal conscious self, her eyes soft and gentle and she grabbed the young male's hands, her cold hands wanting the warmth of his touch.

    "Thought you'd have improved by now..." The voice and dialect sounded vaguely familiar.

    Turning, he looked to the newcomer, chocolate-brown eyes widening as a blush suddenly came over him, a feeling he remembered happening only once before.

    "Y-you're Giselle?!" Ash and Hotaru whispered in unison as the girl and boy looked to the violet eyed girl in shock that she'd know her name.

    "I didn't know I made such an impression on you that you'd remember me after so long!" Giselle said in mock arrogance. She walked over to the teens, eyeing Hotaru suspiciously, wondering how the girl knew who she was without ever having met her. The beautiful chestnut colored haired girl was a genius and had a memory that never forgot any sort of details.

    She doubted that Ashy boy had made conversation about her judging by his reaction to her knowing her name. "That is my name, but how do you know my name?" The question came forth with seething anger, an emotion that she wanted to hide but couldn't. Was she one of Giovanni's henchmen?

    "I-I-I honestly don't know. I saw you in a dream." The fair-skinned girl responded, her violet eyes honest and earnest, her hands still holding onto the darker male's hamds.

    Giselle forced a smile. "Well, I just saved both your lives. What will you do for me now?"

    Ash's eyes widened surprised. He hadn't expected that reaction or even to see her again. "What do you mean? Isn't that common decency?"

    "No… it's not. I deserve a reward. That is common decency! How about this… you can reward me with dinner?" Giselle responded, her selfishness coming through her words. Truthfully, she was just very hungry and if it came to it, she would pretend that they were some food and feed on them. Cubone had convinced her that she wasn't quite that savage yet.

    Still, she had some savage plans in the future for a certain rocket boss.

    Cubone nodded in agreement.

    Ash sighed annoyed. "Whatever. You can come home with us." If Brock hadn't eaten all the food yet, there'd more than enough for all three of them. Hotaru barely ate more than the average baby. Hopefully, Giselle didn't have an appetite like him. His assumption was different from his own hopes.

    Real World

    Tokyo, Japan
    Cherry Hill Temple

    It was Sunday which for normal people meant they were off from school and work. However, Kazu wasn't normal and he didn't work for a normal teenager. No! That teenage beauty was a demon, yes, and a fierce demon with no sympathy for simple people like him. He had to think of a way to ask her for a month off away from the temple.
    "Kazu-san, you've done well today!" Rei exclaimed, a smile on those glossed lips as she sat down at the temple steps and motioned for him to sit next to her.

    "Arigatou." He acknowledged the compliment.

    "Your friend, Henry, called me. He said that you were supposed to go on a paid vacation with all your friends… is that true?" She asked while looking up into the fading sunlight, a smile on her lips.


    Rei knew he was hiding something but kept herself from asking questions. She was always a good judge of character and while she could tell it was nothing terrible, she could also tell that he had his reasons to keep quiet. Those two never spoke of anything that was too private; it was the reason that he was perfect for being in his position.
    "I may be gone for a long time." He finally said as he sat down next to her, his eyes daring to meet hers. He wanted to see them change expression, show some anger, show something that said that she didn't just have platonic feelings towards him.

    Instead, she smiled and looked at him. "So will I… I am also leaving for a while. However, if you ever need anything—I mean, anything, call me or text me. If you need money, I will have my father wire you money." Her words were motherly and kind, not the sort of reaction he wanted but it was better than nothing. It was better than talking to his own mother, a woman whom made it clear every day that she wished she would have aborted him when she had the chance.

    "I can take care of myself."

    She nodded then got up, patting the dirt off her clothes. She was about to walk up the steps until a certain young man with pretty features called out to her, a seriousness that belonged to an old man but a smile that belonged on GQ.

    "Hino-san!" The boy called out, his proper and kind tone befitting someone who she would go out with in real life. Still, his appearance bothered Kazu. His long red hair was near glamorous, looked more like it belonged to a diva than a man, and his green eyes were kind but they also reminded him of a serial killer, er, at least, a man who has killed before in his lifetime.

    "Minamino Shuichi-kun," Rei nearly whispered, her face slightly pink. "What are you doing here?"

    The boy walked closer, each movement carefully thought out as he kept his hands behind his back. "I have white Casablanca lilies for you… since I hear that you're going away for a long time."

    Rei walked forward, her hands in her pockets, her eyes as serious as a killers. "Who told you that I like these flowers?"

    Shuichi Minamino got on his knees, his head bowed low, and his hands out with the flowers in full view. "I asked my uncle Kaidou what I should do since he seems to know you so well… I'm sorry for missing your birthday and that school thing that you've invited me." It was a playful show of being sorry for his actions and Kazu could see that he would do it again.

    Kazu sat with his arms folded watching the two of them feeling mostly annoyed by the charade. The two were basically secret lovers with a secret so deep that neither one knew of the love. Personally, he didn't trust him; he was too secretive if you asked him. However, that was how Rei liked people because secretive people didn't ask questions and for whatever reason, Rei didn't like anyone in her business.

    "If that's the case, I can forgive you." She responded, her eyes not as forgiving as her words. "You did work hard to get that information."

    Kazu knew about Kaidou whom was another man that he just didn't like. Makoto Kino had told him the story about that guy against Rei's wishes, of course. The chump was some older man whom worked for the mystical priestess's father, a man so into his job that he would do anything to take over where her father leaves off including marrying another woman. He was apparently Rei's first kiss and only love however if Makoto got whiff of the two before him, she would think twice about the only part.

    Rei motioned for Kazu to come over there as she decided to finally introduce the two. The brown-haired boy pretended like it was the first time seeing him while hiding his jealousy of the young man for more than one reason.

    "Kazu, he is also going to be working here for a while and while you are gone, he will be taking your position. He will also look after the shrine while I am gone."
    "It sounds like he will be full-time to me."

    Rei could tell from the comment that he wasn't too pleased to accommodate his new associate.

    "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Kazu." Shuichi's voice was smooth like butter.

    It was in that moment that Kazu had almost cancelled his plans to leave for the little while. He imagined that this guy would use his pretty face and smooth voice to seduce the Shinto priestess.

    Still, his mind was made up. He was going to the digital world. He would see his friend again and this time, they would never separate again. Well, he wasn't sure about the last part, but for the most part, his mind was made up.

    "Rei-chan…" Kazu started before having his foot stepped on so quick that he only saw flashes of light brown sandals before realizing it was the violet eyed girl whom did it.
    "Don't be so formal…"

    "I have to go… right now, my friends are waiting."

    He finally got to see a reaction that he wanted. He saw her face look sullen at the idea then suddenly angry and sad again. "Fine. Go… Next time, warn me when you have to take a break from work!"

    Kazu nodded, smiled then ran off while waving as he ran down to probably meet his friends.

    Rei awkwardly waved back, a smile on her face that she couldn't wipe off. He really was a dork. When he was visibly gone, she turned to Shuichi, her violet eyes cold and distant, a war suddenly stirring in her soul. "Baka."

    "That's not very nice." He responded as he walked closer to the temple but stopped suddenly as if he couldn't go any further. "You really don't trust me, do you?"
    Rei kept her back to him now that he had ahead of her. "Of course not… You stupid youko!"

    Shuichi turned to her with an honest look of hurt in his eyes. "Hino-san, I'm still the same boy you've always known. We grew up together…"

    "We grew apart…" She corrected him as she turned to him, surprised by his sudden emotion. "You lied to me all your life about being who you are as if you couldn't trust me. I can never trust you."

    "So even if I do this transaction with you," Shuichi started but Rei interrupted him.

    Rei finished his statement. "Things won't change, at least, for now."

    "What about that boy? Do you think its fine that you keep lying to him about who and what you are as he does to you or is it different because I am a fox demon?"
    Rei walked to Shuichi, her eyes serious and her lips pursed. "No, it's not okay. However, it's different… not because of what you are but who you are. You are Shuichi Minamino, a person I once trusted more than even Kaidou. However, you're no different from him. I lied to you…"

    "And yet it never bothered me that you are Sailor Mars, a celestial warrior of war and passion. Your power is meant to kill beings like myself… and the reason it never bothered me is because I know that you had to have always known. You feel those things. You always have felt those things and even when I showed you who I was, you didn't try to kill me like any other person in your position."

    "Shuichi, just hand me the mirror so that I can use it to find my friend. We can talk about this another time."

    Shuichi put down his backpack and unzipped it as he pulled out a golden mirror with a freaky looking design. Rei could feel its aura flowing throughout the land. It almost seemed like just touching it would make her become like him.

    Before he could pull it out all the way, Rei ran up to him and kissed him near his lip but away from it and away from his cheek. If he had turned even just a tiny bit, less than a millimeter, their lips would have touched. A tear fell from her eyes onto his lip as if reality had just hit her.

    "Shuichi-kun, if I never see you again, I don't want you to think that I hate you. I may not like you right now, but to hate you, that is not the feeling."
    Shuichi nodded.

    "Protect this world while I'm gone, please…"

    She grabbed the mirror after emotionally prepping herself to leave.` There was something more going on with everyone and this world. The idea stressed her out and Shuichi was right, all this hiding who they were and what-not was terrible.

    She didn't bother telling him that she had visions of this world and another world ending.

    Author's Note:

    Sorry it's been so long since I have last updated! It's been more than a year! Okay so this is becoming a pretty big crossover seeing as now Yu Yu Hakusho has been added to the mix. Shuichi Minamino whom is also known as Kurama.

    The chapter was long, but tended to stay more on the sailor moon/digimon side of the story which is okay since last chapter was pretty much pokemon-only.

    In the reviews, let me know what you think the official couplings should be in this story. The next chapter will have more action as it will technically be the last of the introductory chapters and more Mew and Celebi.

    Also what do you think will happen next or what do you want to happen next?

    Can you hear me?

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