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    Prologue: New Story, New Lives, Same Ol' Folks

    No matter how much you wish time could stop, it won't. That's how it was, is, and how it will always be.

    Celebi knew this well especially as a time guardian, he accepted this and lived his life with a semi-denial of this truth by traveling through different time periods, often times without a person's knowledge, drawing close to them, watching from afar.

    Time is short, not long, no matter what anyone says to you. 86400 seconds and 1440 minutes were the same even if one has a bigger number; it's still one day. This was still 24 hours which probably meant nothing to the small green creature other than that with time, others die which wasn't the case for him for technically he never grew old and weary with age, just grew more in self-denial.

    Time never truly lost memories; people choose to lose them, that was for sure, often mistakenly believing that once hateful things spoken or done could and will be truly forgotten but if you asked those whom were hurt by it, they haven't even if they tried fervently to let it go, the heart never forgets.

    However, one thing does change.

    Destiny, it can change at any moment, any sudden introductions can warp the time's eternal path. That was, is, and has always been true, that Celebi could be sure.

    Dark thoughts went through Celebi's brain as it flew through the forests of the World it's known so well, trying to escape the future that would soon come across the Earth.

    Dark energy swept through the Earth-lifeless, it left everything it touched. Celebi wished to cry but there was no time and he needed to be strong for the forest pokemon and himself; there had to be a way to stop them without getting others hurt or involved. Looking down, he could suddenly smell something vile, this odor poisoning his senses as he stared down at what was causing this dreadful decadence.

    Blood-everywhere. The scene was gore at it's worst-bodies ripped apart, fleshed melted to the bone, babies barely hatched with little to survive on their own!

    These creatures! Who did they think they were? A god? Anger crept upon his soul as he watched at the corner of his eye, a lion-like creature grab onto a metapod's body as it tried to harden as he took a long dagger and sliced it open ever-so-slowly as to watch it suffer as slime slipped out it's body, death taking it's toll.

    The butterfree inside fell out, it's usually bright colors not formed yet, just slime over it's black wings and body, it's eyes with bloody tears coming down.

    "Be Free!" It almost sounded as if it were calling it's own name, just a wanted promise as it lost it's breath and the murderer moved onto it's next prey.

    Celebi could hear it's last call, a call to him that he couldn't answer. He wasn't strong
    Mew-it was near; he could feel him, his energy level was nearly impossible to ignore even in his weakened state.

    Fire shot pass him. It's energy destroying everything it passed, not caring about the lives it affected.

    Celebi questioned his own soul, his whole soul consumed by unsurety, hatred, and pity caused by the monstrosity these "things" were causing.

    "Bii!" Celebi screamed as he saw a parasitic red creature with pincers coming straight for him, it's mouth wide open.

    He prepared himself for death but before it close it's pincers, a black ball of energy shot through the air, colliding into the creature as it screamed a deathly scream as the energy flew through his body, killing it immediately.

    Frozen in shock, Celebi watched as it fell to the ground, not a bit of blood coming out but it's body slowly disappearing. None of the other creatures seemed to care but one seemed to come to it's side, not to console itself or the creature but seeming to suck it's soul into it's own.

    Cold, horrible creatures, they were.

    Looking up, Celebi could see his hero, a small white feline called Mew. It's bright blue eyes darker than normal as it cried over the lives that had been taken, maybe even sad over it's own killing someone.

    Mew wasn't known for fighting; it was a peaceful creature, generally known it's playful ways, only getting involved in fights when it only needed to fight. For it come out, Celebi knew that a dark future was even closer than he thought. It was like an omen for him to feel the need to battle.

    A pink light surrounded Mew, it's aura following him as he moved through the crowd of creatures, trying to make peace with them but failing miserably.

    "We are Digimon, the rulers of your world now." An arrogant clown spoke, a smile on his dastardly face, his soul blacker than the deepest abyss.

    "Does it make a difference to what you are and what I am?" Mew asked telepathically as it flew in circles, speaking with the movement of it's body to express itself as many humans use their hands as they talk.

    "Foolish little rookie!" The clown creature yelled as his eyes flashed angrily. "Of course it matters."

    Mew stopped mid-glide, deciding to fly upwards into the sky, it's long tail following.

    Celebi decided to go southward in that case. They couldn't both be taken down; there had to be a way to save their world before it goes crumbling down before a man and these strange and new creatures.

    "Eterna Flames of Hell!" One of the creatures yelled, it's energy burning a fourth of the forest as Mew dodged the attack again by teleporting somewhere else.

    "The time of Rebirth has begun!" Mew called out to the Celebi sadly.


    Celebi couldn't believe his ears, not wanting his ears, his soul frozen in time. The time of Rebirth couldn't be here now! That prophecy was thought to be false by many of the legendary Pokemon. Had they all forced themselves to deny the undeniable, forcing themselves to believe that their beloved world would be there forever, them along with it.

    Time seemed to slow down even for the time guardian as Mew called upon him to

    "Silence Wall!" A girl stood in front of Celebi, her aura being of celestial origins, a power beyond anything Celebi ever knew outside of maybe Arceus.

    Could this girl be Arceus in a human form?

    Her power went through the forest, protecting and destroying, her eyes never leaving the protecting of one target. That was Mew.

    "Please, get away from here!" Her young voice called out to him, causing him to recognize her.

    Could this be the sailor senshi of death and rebirth? Sailor Saturn, the one he called into this world.

    Her energy reached the skeletal hand, destroying the holder of it and the hand itself but causing an onslaught of creatures to come forth and attack her with the plan of killing her.

    They had to do something even if it were to slow the ending of all life for a short time.

    "Digimon." Mew spoke telepathically to Celebi, "Thats what they are. They came to destroy our world. Please, as time guardian, send this girl away; she will forget many things but when the time is right, she'll cause a revolution. It'll awaken the heroes of legend!"

    With that, Mew shot thousands of balls of energy into the ground, causing a smoke cloud to come forth as Celebi went to the girl and sent her to the home of a boy he once met.

    "Thank you."

    Pokemon World
    Pallet Town, Kanto Region
    Ketchum Residence
    7:00am - 9:00am

    Ash Ketchum, a young teen full of dreams and aspirations, woke in his bed to the sound of Mr. Mime and Pikachu cleaning up downstairs, but by the sound of it, his little mouse pokemon was causing more trouble than help.

    He sat up in his bed, barely awake, his eyes half-closed. His messy hair unfixed as it would stay like it would be any other day. He didn't bother looking in the mirror, never did. That was for girls.

    The only time he did look in the mirror was to flex his arms or to take a good picture of him and Pikachu together.

    "Pika Pi!" Pikachu came running up the stairs, jumping into his arms in ecstasy.

    Ash smiled childishly like a ten year old although it had been six years since the first day they met. He may not be that young anymore but he still had the heart of a child, pure and kind, never letting go of his dear friends for anything.

    Mr. Mime ran over, holding a broom over his head, protectively as it tried to explain in it's language how it liked to clean up by itself with only the help of Ms. Ketchum.

    "Mr. Mime, he only wanted to help you." A soft female voice spoke elegantly, a voice different from the teen's mother.

    He turned slightly, remembering that there was another female staying there now; Ash wasn't quite to this idea yet especially since his mother told him that she didn't feel it was appropriate for him to walk around in his boxers shirtless, anymore.

    "Good morning, Ketchum-san." The pretty girl said, her accent odd to him, it was obvious she was not from the Kanto region.

    "Ohayo, Hotaru." Ash replied, keeping his eyes on the violet eyed female.

    She didn't seem like the type for anybody to want to hurt although that was the way his mother found her, bloodied and clothing tethered.

    "How are you feeling this morning?" Ash asked with wide eyes.

    Hotaru smiled slightly. "I'm fine, Ketchum-san." There she went on again with the formality stuff again. This thing she called proper. "Hows your mom feeling this morning?"

    Extreme formality yet she didn't even ask him about himself, but Ash didn't feel like acting like he cared this morning seeing as even when he tried to argue with her, she always seemed too disinterested to argue back with him.

    "She's fine." He replied in monotone.

    "Ah, Hanako-san is feeling better then." Hotaru repeated with a slight excitement, "then how come you're still here?"

    What kind of question was that? Wasn't this his home sixteen years and six months before she came to stay with his mother?

    "I thought you said your dream was to be a Pokemon master. Can you achieve that at home?" she asked, her eyes peering into his own.

    There was a silence as the words sunk into him like a knife digging into his soul.

    "My mom doesn't want me to leave." Ash finally said, twiddling his fingers together. "She says I'm too much like my father."

    "Are you happy at home?" Hotaru asked.

    Her only answer was silence, his brown eyes staring blankly at counter where they usually sat for the meals of the day.

    "Professor Oak said that Gary mightve discovered some new Pokemon, much similar to Polygon."

    Ash's eyes brightened up to her words, suddenly pumped. "Really? I should go see the professor!"

    It was that moment that Ash noticed Hotaru, this mysterious girl smile and walk away, almost somber seeming.

    "Hey, you wanna come with me. I'm sure he wouldn't mind, Hotaru."

    "Pika!" Pikachu agreed, raising it's paws in agreement.

    Hotaru asked Mr. Mime permission and quickly dismissed herself to go with Ash, an agreement Ash was happy that she obliged to do.

    They both needed to get out the house, Ash knew it. She was obviously an adventurer like him even if she knew next to nothing about Pokemon.

    Maybe, he could get her to start on her own Pokemon journey like the one he started ten years ago. How fun would that be?

    Aww... Ash couldn't contain his joy from the thought. Nothing made him happier than going on those adventures, fighting Team Rocket, learning about different creatures, making friends, going against gym leaders.

    Maybe he could get Brock to join them and it could be like the old days.

    Wait, how could he be so selfish knowing his mother would be lonely without him, saddened?

    Still, he didn't want to be like Misty! She was stuck in Cerulean City, forever there until her sisters learn unselfishness or until she dies unless the gym is closed down. That was a lonely world, a world without his dreams, without anything to fight for, a world that made no sense to him.

    The walk was slow or so it seemed even though the Oak mansion wasn't that far from his house. He showed her around and to his pokemon that he caught over the years, numbering to over two hundred.

    They were all so different and he remembered every detail like it was yesterday, their likes and dislikes, all their little small details.

    Hotaru slightly smiled, intrigued. She could see how much he loved his past life and the passion he had in his soul; it somehow put her at ease.

    Her fair hand reached out to the Tauros, it bowing it's head, allowing her to pet it's rough coat.

    "Youre not like the bulls where I'm from." She chuckled, her laugh childish but making her already attractive face prettier.

    It was the first time Ash had ever seen her laugh, the moment almost took him by shock. It fit her so well, this joy he saw in her face.

    It was also the first time that he realized that she actually was nice looking, not that he cared but being a guy, he noticed that sometimes. It wasn't like he looking for a relationship; that was the furthest from his brain.

    They walked away again, this time looking for his Bulbasaur, explaining how they met and how he ended up becoming an ambassador for Oak's lab.

    She listened intently, not once interjecting her own thoughts and feelings, her bright violet eyes seeming interested in all that he could tell her without giving into a moment of annoyance.

    "You know, Hotaru-chan," Ash started, copying her formalness. "I like your smile and laugh."

    Hotaru blushed embarrassedly. "You do, Ketchum-san."

    "Yeah." Ash smiled excitedly. "Its pretty."

    "Ash!" Professor Oak called out, his voice powerful and strong even if it's tone sounded weaker, easily sounding like an older version of his once rival, Gary Oak.

    "Professor Oak!" Ash ran towards him, grabbing onto Hotaru's fair hand, running with her behind him.

    "Ohayo, Oak-sama!" Hotaru stated emptily.

    "i wish it was a good morning. It seems that Gary has disappeared and the results for who will be our new governor is in. Youko Giovanni will be governor of both Viridian City and our home."

    Ash frowned. "I don't really care about politics."

    "Everyone else seems to like him, Professor. They seem to like the idea that they'll make this city as rich as Celadon City."

    Professor Oak shook his head incredulously at the two teens. "I have a bad feeling about this. If he's anything like how he was before when he was a student of mine, this city will find they made a huge mistake."

    Hotaru could imagine. This was a small town with relatively naive people; they'd believe almost anything thrown at them even if it seemed obnoxious. Honestly, she didn't know whether to think it bad or well off for them to be the way they thought.

    Besides, it may have been this thinking that may have allowed his mother to take her in as if she were her own although not knowing a single detail about her.

    Ms. Ketchum was a kind woman; she owed her life to her for taking care of her, paying her hospital expenses, loving her as if she were a Ketchum without some kind of hidden agenda. Professor Oak was kind also even if this was truly her first time meeting him; he helped behind the scenes with her, always there for the Ketchum family, never thinking about himself first.

    Hotaru listened to the professor speak, noticing a deep worry resonating in his voice, obviously about his grandson.

    "Oak-sama, may I help you find your grandson?" Hotaru interjected in the middle of their conversation.

    "Miss Hotaru?"

    "I promise I won't get in your way; I'll bring him home, safely." Hotaru was determined, her fist clenched together, she pushed it forward before he could deny her. "Before you say no, I want to let you know that I wanr to do this."

    Professor Oak stood shocked, her eyes amazing the old man. Never had he seen such pure determination in all his life; it was almost like having an ancient warrior of legend standing before him.

    "You don't have any experience nor any Pokemon. I'm sorry but I can't put you in danger. Officer Jenny is doing her best with the leads she has."

    "What if you gave me one... My first Pokemon and what if Ash came with me?"

    "No means no." He repeated sternly. "Tracy will be looking after the lab; I'll be leaving to the Sinnoh region in an hour. Don't you worry, Hotaru. My grandson will be fine."

    Hotaru nodded her head.

    "Hotaru, it's 8:45, we should head back home. Breakfast should be ready." Ash said, acknowledging this being the best time to leave.

    "Ketchum-san! aren't you worried in the least?"

    "Lets go!" Ash mumbled, knowing how stubborn the person in front of him could truly be.

    Real World
    Tokyo, Japan, Asia
    CrossRoads High School
    3:00pm - 4:45

    Kazu sat lazily at his stand, waiting for the new model to come in, this supposedly popular rich girl. He could careless; it wasn't like he became a painter for the idea of being a painter for a fashion ad. The girl probably wasn't even all that. They never were.

    "Make sure you're all on your best behavior!" A woman in her mid-forties spoke, a lady with pleasant features but knew next to nothing to what could make her more desirable in a man's eyes.

    Kazu pictured her plenty of times so much better looking with clothing that actually fit her instead of the baggy pants she wore everyday, making her butt look saggy and the oversized shirts that didn't show the wonderful curves that she hid so regularly.

    Agh, he sounded like those fags on tv, talking about fashion in their spare time like it was the most interesting subjects in the world. Still, becoming a painter for his spare time, it made him notice the smallest details about everyone, even himself.

    The thing that sucked most about it was that he wasn't even that good at drawing or painting; Kenta was ten times better. People actually looked like the pictures he drew. Still, for some reason, girls tended to like his pictures much better.

    His kind of art always looked slightly different from the person he was drawing, preferring to add what he thought what would make them look better, including sometimes the occasional making breast much larger on paper. Maybe that was why they liked his art a little better.

    "Maybe I should quit this..." He muttered to his best friend, Kenta.

    "Eh?" Lifting up his glasses from the bridge of his nose, Kenta turned slightly to his much nicer looking friend. His beady eyes confused and showing it quite easily.

    "I joined this club in hope to meet hot girls..." He muttered under his breath.

    "I thought you said you like drawing."

    "I lied. Heck, to get accepted, I had to steal one of Takato's drawings and since then the teacher has been wanting to see the passion in the picture that I didn't even draw." Kazu hissed, making his mind up about quitting.

    The door opened and quickly, Kazu seemed to stop in mid-stride to the front of the room.

    "Rika?" Kazu and Kenta whispered in unison.

    It had been five years since the last time they had seen her. However, it felt like forever, seeing how much she had changed physically.

    Her violet eyes were as cold as ever, her stance as bored as ever, lips frowned as if she still hated the world, Rika stood there with her arms crossed over her newly formed chest.

    She was definitely as pretty people claimed, and still a tomboy or so it would appear.

    Turning her eyes to their direction, you would think they had never met, not once seeming to acknowledge their presense.

    "Wow, she's so pretty!" A pretty third year student named Tsukino Usagi exclaimed, her opalescent blue eyes shining with true admiration.

    Kazu smiled, his mind in bewilderment to how she could be so outspoken, never worrying about her cool factor.

    "Don't you think so, Kenta?" She giggled.

    Kenta blushed profusely, refusing to comment, turning his face to his desk, looking down shyly.

    For a moment, Kazu wondered if it was because of the question or because of the fact Usagi spoke to him. That kid has had a crush on her since before they even met her.

    Kenta swore in the seventh grade that when he became a first year, he would speak to her, at least becoming her friend.

    Kazu personally thought Usagi was cute too, but felt no reason to ever want to be tied to the thought of one girl.

    Kenta had been stuck on her for three years, praying for a year that she'd break up with the guy she's supposedly been engaged to for three years.

    How could any male ask a girl to marry them before they go to another country? No one is that loyal. He sure wasn't. That was for sure.

    Rika stood in front of everyone, removing her jacket as she moved to the table, the area she assumed to be where she'd pose and stand still, looking pretty yet idiotic llike the average model she knew.

    "Don't you want to explain why you're here?" the teacher asked with a noticeable conviction that Kazu thought was a huge mistake, the girl being Rika she was speaking to in this instance.


    "Miss Nonaka, I think your mother aka your boss would like that." the woman said, her voice evidently annoyed.

    "You don't know her." Rika said, her eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't even know what her favorite color is if I asked you to buy her a dress the same color as her favorite."

    Kenta's mouth stood wide open as Kazu nodded with a sudden joy he couldn't explain.

    "Then please explain it for me... To the students."

    Rika shook her head again, rejecting her ideas of her job. "Is that not your job, no disrespect." Flipping her fire colored hair behind her, she frowned.

    Annoyed, the art teacher and coordinator of the club stood up, her skinny arms tensed, already annoyed, she began to explain the project with false ecstasy.

    As the explanation went on for what seemed forever, Rika sat down, her arms crossed and eyes peering outside the window. Kazu had to admit that it was odd to see her after so long; while she seemed still the same, there was something that seemed to be missing about her that he couldn't explain.

    Five years ago, no one wouldve ever thought they'd ever separate from eachother, yet they did. Times changed so much within so little time. It was almost like they didn't really know eachother anymore, not that he'd ever say he knew her well. Still, there was something different about her.

    "I thought Takato would be here." She mumbled before noticeably becoming embarrassed that she said it aloud.

    "Takato-kun, eh?" Kazu whisperered playfully into her ear.

    "What are you getting at, Baka?" Rika nearly screamed accusingly, not allowing him to even enjoy the joke no longer than a second.

    "Rika-san, you really did miss us, eh?" Kazu chuckled, enjoying getting a reaction from her.

    "No, I just wanted to give him the kick I'm sure I owe him." Rika mumbled, her violet eyes twinkling at the thought, a slight fondness obvious between them still there in her soul.

    "Just a kick?"

    Kenta turned in the direction of the conversation, slightly interested.

    Usagi smiled being the nosy girl she had always been, her kind, beautiful blue eyes glimmered in excitement. "My woman intuition says you like Takato-san more than you give off."

    "Woman intuition?" the three younger teens questioned in unison.

    "Yea every lady has it. You just haven't found it yet, Rika-san."

    "Well, maybe, your womans intuition needs some working on."

    Everyone began to sweat at the comment as Usagi frowned ever-so-slightly. "You should meet Rei-chan."

    Kazu looked at her, wondering what she meant by that but decided it'd be better to not ask.

    Pokemon World
    Route 6, Viridian City, Kanto
    Pokemon Tech School
    6:00pm - 6:45pm

    Giselle didn't know how to feel about the new governor of Viridian City, and co-owner of her Traning School. Her auburn eyes worried and dazed stared out the window, waiting to see if Joe had gotten any information on this man.

    No matter what anyone said, she knew Giovanni was not to be trusted. It didn't matter how much money he may have had in his bank account, she knew that man was doing illegal things even if she couldn't put her finger on it.

    Never had seen eyes so cold, so hateful, so greedy. Still, he seemed to have the world in his hands, shaping them into what he wanted as if they were nothing but clay in his hands, waiting for the clay to harden like his heart.

    Her cellphone rang from the bed but she ignored it. Joe knew better than to call her on the phone; all the students phones were probably wired so that he could hear their conversations. Still, it kept ringing for five minutes straight and then it just suddenly stopped.

    Holding onto her pretty face, gazing out the window, she waited. Joe was nowhere to be found.

    Knock, silence, knock, knock.

    Was that Joe there? Did he find another way to come into the school that she didn't know about to get to her room?

    "Hold on." She whispered as she stood up, a grin on her beautiful face, "So what cha got on Gio..." She opened the door before even checking to see who was out there but upon seeing who was there, silence fell upon her.

    It almost felt as if her throat closed up on her.

    Giovanni stood there, his signature frown on his rather daunting face, a slight smirk forming upon seeing the fear in her eyes.

    "Miss Yuto, you seem nervous?" Deep and mysterious, he spoke onto her, his cold eyes veering into her soul.

    "I-I'm not..."

    He smiled at her statement, raising his hand causing her to flinch for a moment before surprisingly resting it on her shoulder calmly. "There's no need to lie to me, young one." His words were deeply insincere and she could sense it easily.

    "I didn't expect you to be outside my door..." She said as she suddenly paused, noticing a red liquid on the bottom of his shoe, a disturbing smell coming from it.

    "Giselle, sixteen years old, the top of her class..." Giovanni spoke proudly, seeming to not notice her shakiness, "You are the type of person I would like on my team. Your cunning-ness and knowledge an be used for so much more rather than just getting badges for just computer Pokemon battles. Even more, your beauty is even surpassing that of a Milotic, making you worthy to be my wife."


    "Call me Sir Giovanni."

    "Giovanni, I'm sorry. I cannot be put in that spot; I'm sure you can find another woman your age for that spot." Giselle spoke bravely, her auburn eyes narrowed, sarcasm noted in her voice.

    Giovanni smiled, his cold eyes unchanging. "Y'know, I can have you arrested for what you were doing earlier." He chuckled.


    "You were causing mutiny within my territory against me." He whispered as he pulled some papers from his back pockets, blood evident on them, a smile coming on his face, this time a sincerely dark smile. "Using your friend Joe for it; I thought you were smarter than that."

    Throwing the papers onto her chest, Giovanni backhanded her in the face almost as quickly as she caught the papers, knocking her down.

    "There's nothing there, you stupid little brat!" He hollered, his voice shaking the very foundations of her soul.

    Standing up slowly, tears fled her eyes. "Why is there blood on these papers?"

    He didn't even move to pretend like he cared to speak.

    "What happened to Joe?" She whispered.

    His eyes stared at her, enjoyment entering them.

    "Speak to me. What happened to him?"

    Tense silence.

    "Where's my friend?" She screamed finally, rushing towards him, trying to slap some sense into him as he grabbed her wrist, twisting it and throwing her away from him.

    With a smirk on his face, he spoke, "Let this be a lesson to you. Do not get in my way. My plans are much deeper than you, me, or anyone else on this planet. Understand that."

    Walking more into the room, he threw off his suit jacket, closing them inside the dorm, the walls closing off any sound to the outside world. "Pack your bags, tell everyone that you've decided to leave this school due to some plans with your parents. Go back to your nice home in Hoenn and live a peaceful life. I'll find you again and see if you have changed your mind on things."

    "This is my home. You know I don't have any parents, no family, no home outside of this place. I have no friends..."

    "Too bad. I wish you the best then." He snidely said.

    Dropping to her knees, tears fled her eyes uncontrollably onto her fair skin, using her long brown hair to wipe her own tears. "Can I at least see Joe before I leave, know that he's fine."

    "You already see him, you see the deepest part of him." He chuckled.

    There was silence as she slowly took him what he said, her eyes viewing the papers in her hand, the smell of blood suddenly intensified within her senses.

    "I wanted to try my experiment on him, y'see..." He went on to say, "but he was such a fighter when it came to accepting my thoughts and will. He wouldn't do as I told him, prepared to die rather than hurt you."

    'My friend, Giselle, she's so weak compared to what she shows the world.'She read on paper. 'I'll protect her as long as forever.'Tears dripped onto the blood-stained paper.

    "Here's something funny, Miss Yuto. You wanna hear?" Silence answered his questioned as he continued anyway. "You were waiting for info on me from him but instead I came instead with information straight from his brain, his unrequited love for you. I was surprised by how much he thought of you as this went on... Y'know, now that I think of it, if he's dead, it's all your fault."

    Joe... Dead? Joe... experimented on? Joe... This couldn't be true. He was bluffing!

    Time seemed frozen for what seemed forever as she laid her hands on the ground, trying to feel the ground underneath her, wanting in truth for the ground to crumble underneath her.

    Maybe God would for a moment be so kind to her and take her away so that she could not have to live with this memory forever.

    Almost as if reading her mind, Giovanni spoke, "My dear, I'm your God from this point on and I will make your life a living hell."

    Her body trembled at the sound of his words.

    "I'll extend my mercies upon you again. You can either leave this place without saying a word, no drama or you could help me with my mission. You choose. It's your choice."

    Still she kept silence, her brain barely functioning.

    The choice was simple. However, he wasn't going to win. That was something Giselle knew.

    Taking a moment to gather herself, Giselle slowly stood up and forced a smile upon her lips.

    "My lord," she started, her lips slightly trembling, "I'll take the first option if I may." Her words were cautious and her mind quick as she spoke, her words being more than just formal but overly dignifying. "Please allow me to say goodbye to my classmates..."


    "I've known them for six years. They're all my friends; they deserve a grateful leave at least."

    "Ms. Yuto... I'll give them your regards." Giovanni stated simply, not trusting her anymore than a magicarp could defeat a charizard.

    "Alright, then tell them I said thank you and I'll see them soon."

    "Is that it?"

    "Tell your people that this isn't the last time that they'll see me and I will be back for Joe. You will not get away with this..."

    Giovanni laughed mockingly. "Get out, child. You're wasting time."

    Cerulean City
    7:00pm - 8:30

    "I don't have any money to give you for losing the gym battle!" The woman cried out after losing a devastating defeat by the hands of Misty, the water-pokemon gym leader.

    "It's okay, ma'am." Misty consoled.

    "No, it's not." The woman cried out again, looking for a little something to follow the usual rules of battling.

    "It was just for-"

    "Got it!" The woman interrupted, taking a pouch and sticking her rather big hands into it then suddenly pulling out a jewel that could've lit up the world with it shining in the moonlight.

    "What is it?" it certainly was beautiful however, it looked like it was worth millions of dollars, maybe even trillions.

    "It's nice isn't it?" the old lady said with intense interest.

    The sixteen year old fire-headed girl shook her head. "I couldn't possibly take that... You could sell that and just give me a small percentage of it." She laughed trying to hide the uncomfortable feeling she had at the moment.

    "No you don't understand; this thing is legendary... There's only two in the universes. It is the twin of a crystal called the ginzinshuu, a crystal with the power to destroy and rebuild."

    This woman was totally crazy! Who'd she think she was? Ash Ketchum? Only he would get involved with something this ridiculous and call it normal.

    "Please get away from my gym with that thing! Get out! Just get out!"

    "It's from the Silver Millenium! The Clefairy worshipped it's power and the true owner of it! Do you know how much power this crystal contains?" the older woman screamed, her beady green eyes bloodshot.

    Misty stared incredulously at the woman.

    "Take it, please."

    "Will you leave if I take it?"

    "Yes, young lady, just take it."

    Without another word, Misty took the crystal into her hands, the object suddenly starting to glow as she looked around and saw the lady was gone.
    Can you hear me?

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

    -Pokemon: The First Movie

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    This is a very good story. It blends well for a crossover of three different thing. The description is incredible and the characters are well-characterized.

    My only complaint is that it was very long. Making a chapter long isn't bad, but don't make it too long. Readers may get bored or lost reading massive chapters in long stories.

    There were a few typos. I'm not sure of their exact location.

    Anyway, good job. Keep on writing. I'll be reading.
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Thank you for reading.

    Yeah, I just looked over the prologue... There are some issues with grammar and spelling... I'm gonna try to fix it before I post it onto FanFiction.Net.

    I think I'll try to start writing the next chapter today since I'm off work today...

    Thanks again.
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Epic. The beginning was so elegantly written; the prose was professional quality for sure. Only thing I noticed right away was that you refer to Celebi as "it" in one sentence and then "he" in another... but that's really nit-picking because it was so well written.

    Usually, I hate cross-overs because they always seem a bit forced, but this feels very natural and smooth. I really like your level of description. As you rightly pointed out in my fic's thread, I have trouble describing way too much to the point that it gets tiresome. You on the other hand, do a great job of balancing between describing details to give the reader a mental picture and letting the reader fill in the blanks him or herself.

    I am sorry I haven't read this until now. Thanks for the heads up, and keep up the good work. I loved this.

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    To my three reviewers:

    Thank you for reading my prologue! Later on, I shall have my first chapter up! It's gonna be awesome, hopefully. ^_^. It seems that my writing has thrown a couple innthat hadn't been expecting, just because I enjoy the two's chemistry... I wonder if anybody would agree with me or see it in the next chapter...

    My Spoiler Hint: "Beedrill can't fly."
    Well, that's all the preview you can get to my next chapter.
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Chapter one is here! I hope everyone enjoys! Now, I can get back to reading other people's fanfics...

    Tell me what you like and dislike about the chapter... Also, let me know if I should change something to keep it realistic..,

    Disclaimer: I don't own either of three shows, only the plot and the mysterious child at the end of this chapter.

    There are a few Japanese words used in this chapter, if you would like it translated for you, ask me.

    Chapter One: Can BeeDrills Fly?

    Memories, they move us all and give many the will to go on.

    However, what happens when one's memories disappear and get lost in the tracks of time?
    Does one make new memories to get the strength to go on again and gain the ability to smile once more?

    Or do they become an empty shell, a disregarded soul, or maybe to become a true person again, they take the memories of others to complete themselves?

    Celebi watched her from afar, just as he watched many others before her.

    "I'm sorry..." He mumbled to himself as he watched her talk with the Ketchum family, trying to make sense of them and herself.

    She was lost, just another lost soul in this world.

    However, he couldn't just give her back her memories because he was sure that it would most certainly mean that the end would come.

    It might've been selfish but he wasn't ready for that, neither him nor Mew. They loved this world..
    They lived for the people of the world's smiles...

    However, why was it that every time Celebi saw her sadness, he wondered if he did the right thing? Erasing her memories after she defeated those creatures to keep her from starting the days of silence just seemed so right yet so wrong.

    Only he seemed to know about the tears she let go every night.

    And those things she said every night...

    Those horrible thoughts she said aloud...

    How come he felt like it was his fault? One sacrifice for the many didn't make him evil, did it?
    Or maybe it was evil that he often thought about getting rid of his insecurity and return her memories and allow the world suffer as the prophecy had promised?

    Pokemon World
    Pallet Town
    Ketchum Residence
    10pm - Midnight

    "You're just gonna hafta wait then." She said sternly, one hand on her hip, the other on the counter.

    Ash frowned. Why was she doing this? He never had this problem before with trying to leave his home! Why now? "But mom---"

    "Is it so wrong that a mother wants her child home?"

    Hotaru listened intently to the argument although she stayed mute. Silence during an argument from an outside observer was smartest, the young teen had learned.

    "But Mom!"

    "Don't take that tone with me, young man." Ms. Ketchum said, finalizing the argument.

    Everyone knew that tone. Once she used that tone, there was no arguing with her and it was a slightly quiet tone, almost whispered hush to it that came off as cold.

    It was rare for it to happen but it just happened.

    It was that same tone that forced Hotaru to stay in her care, the same one that she used when the violet eyed girl asked to pay her back once she got the money.

    So, in a way, it was that tone that made her close to Delia Ketchum and now that she thought about it, it shouldn't be described as cold but rather as "stubbornly loving."

    "Ash-san, are you alright?" Hotaru asked, noticing his pupils dilating.

    Turning his eyes away from her, he frowned. "I'm fine."

    Why was she being so cruel, making him stay here? Sure, he loved home, everything about it but to make him stay here any longer was just...


    Just... He didn't know what it was besides cruel. Maybe she hated him, didn't want him happy, or maybe she just didn't know him well enough to think he'd hate being stuck here.

    Hotaru looked up at the newly furnished chandelier Oak bought for the Ketchum family. "Y'know, your mother just loves you... It's not that she wants to hurt you."

    Ash turned to her. It almost seemed as if she were reading his mind.

    "If I had a mother, I wish she were like her."

    Her words were so melancholy by nature. Sometimes, he wondered how truly lonely she could be. He looked down and forced a smile.

    "She... Is great, isn't she?" He asked suddenly.

    Hotaru giggled at his forced smile. "Yes," she played with his hair, and continued, "yes she is."
    Blushing slightly by her actions, Misty suddenly came to mind. It was such an odd moment for her to come and interrupt his thoughts but she did. He had imagined it was Misty playing with his hair. To be honest, he wondered if being at home and watching his mom's movies were making him have strange girly fantasies.

    And it was strange, if he said so, himself.

    "I had a dream last night..." Hotaru interrupted his thought process, his brown eyes looking into her own with with a sudden interest.

    It was odd for her to say something like that suddenly. He was used to her reserved nature, never speaking of herself but today she seemed much more talkative than usual.
    "What was it about?" He asked, trying to take in this moment as well as he could.

    "I think about my past before I met your mother and you..."

    She thinks? Ash scratched his head in confusion, how could she only think it could be her past? Did she not talk about herself because she didn't even know who she was?

    "I had a destiny... I don't remember what it was but whatever it was, it was important and yet it caused me so much sadness."

    Ash watched her carefully, unsure how to respond to her words or was that something you even respond to or maybe it's better to just allow her to continue.

    Her hands shook as she held onto her tea cup, her pale hands seemed to barely be able to hold the cup without help.

    Could she have been sick before he met her?

    "I was so lonely... And there was this light that I kept running towards. It was such a sweet, warm light... It almost felt motherly."

    Ash laughed. "Sounds like a nightmare, not your past." The sound was as forced as his words. He didn't want to imagine the girl as being lonely and her destiny to be something sad.

    Hotaru looked at him, her eyes widened and smiled lightly.

    "My friend is having a show soon... It's really good. Her sisters actually invited another friend of mine to be a part of the show. You should come with me." Ash said suddenly with an excitement that Hotaru couldn't explain.


    Sweat formed suddenly with the pretty girl's words from her cherry lips. How'd she know?

    "Y-yeah. How'd you know? Have I already asked you?"

    Hotaru frowned as she tried to remember how she knew until a sudden realization came upon her, no one ever told her anything about Misty having shows at her gym.

    Was this a hint to her past?

    "I just assumed it mustve been her since your mother claims that you seem to be very 'fond' of her..." She lied, using the only knowledge she had against him, knowing his mother often joked about her son's supposed crush on the girl.

    "I dun have a crush on her!"

    "I never said you did." Hotaru giggled.

    There it was again, the giggle. It was that same giggle that he had seen in Oak's garden. A smile came across the teen's face as he smiled at her.

    "You're smiling a lot more today."

    Hotaru's cheeks heated from the kindness in his voice. "I guess... Do you not like it?"
    He shrugged his shoulders as Pikachu jumped from his shoulders and onto her, nuzzling his cheek against her.

    "Kaa-pipi!" He cooed, saying her name in his language.

    "Most pokemon that are close friends with thier trainer tend to reflect their emotions." A familiar voice came forth suddenly.

    Pikachu's ears perked up as Ash turned to see the person standing in the doorway.

    "Brock-O!" Ash exclaimed.

    The pale girl turned slightly to get a visual of the male before her as she petted the mouse pokemon's head.

    From what she saw, the male mustve been a friend of Ash's and seemed to care for his appearance a little more than her raven-haired friend did. Still, he wasn't very attractive in her opinion but then again, she had never been one easy to please.

    There seemed to be a girl behind the guy named Brock-O.

    She was quite pretty, Hotaru thought, taking in every detail of the young girl behind him. Did he find her like that?

    She didn't seem like the type of girls who'd go anywhere with a dirty outfit on like the one she was wearing.

    "Who's the girl?" She asked suddenly, her eyes widened in interest as she quickly turned back to the mouse pokemon, nuzzling it closer.

    "What girl?" The two males asked in unison.

    The one behind them, duh! The pretty girl stood up and turned to point to her but saw the girl was gone.

    "She was just there..."


    "Mew, she seems to be slowly remembering..." Celebi said, his eyes not bothering to meet with the cat-like creatures as he pretended to be busy doting his garden that he called the forest.
    Mew heard but didn't respond nor did wish to listen as he flew from tree to tree, hoping to ignore the subject completely.

    He'd rather play than worry about the future.

    "Doesn't it scare you that she may get her memories may come before our plan comes through?" Celebi announced suddenly, finally turning to see Mew bouncing on his pink bubble-like shield.

    "Miaow!" The other replied.

    "How can you be so carefree? Not worried at all, really?"

    "Mew!" The cat-like pokemon giggled as it slipped through the pink bubble.

    "Ho-oh says that I should completely erase her memories... So that the prophecy could never come true."

    Mew turned to Celebi through the energy bubble then suddenly it disappeared and re-emerged next to him as it grabbed his hand, teleporting him away.

    Celebi closed his eyes due to his fear of the peace-loving pokemon although he knew better, still it didn't take away the fact that he had been born with an innate fear of anything as powerful as him.

    "Open your eyes, please."

    Celebi did as he was told and saw that they were now in the Viridian Forest.

    "Celebi, can a beedrill fly?" Mew asked suddenly.

    "Why, of course they can."

    "Eh, really?" Mew asked again.

    Celebi, annoyed, frowned. "You know better than I. You've seen them fly many times... You were around before Arceus even thought about making me." The green creature mumbled as he watched the powerful pokemon shake his head, obviously wanting him to get a point that he wasn't getting.

    "Y'know if a scientist from Isshu wouldve seen one for the first time and it was dead, he'd assume they'd never been able to fly." Mew started, his eyes seemed for a moment so wise as he thought deeply on the situation.

    Celebi nodded although he wanted an explanation for his illustration.

    "You see, beedrill weren't created like a bird with wings built to carry them nor were they created us to just float.. So, if one never saw one fly they'd rightfully awesome, they weren't created to fly."


    "Their bodies are heavy compared to it's wings however Arceus created them to fly so that they could pollinate the flowers of this world. So it doesn't matter that scientifically, they shouldn't be able to fly. If Arceus can make something like beedrill be able to fly, do you not believe that he would make it possible to do the impossible like defeating the digital creatures without the help of the soldier of silence?"

    Celebi took in the information silently, taking in the details of the world around him.

    He turned to Mew and smiled. He looked so beautiful and wise at that moment with the light of the moon shining on his fur, creating a pink glow around him from his aura.

    His wide oceanic blue eyes seemed to know so much and for once, it didn't seem like Mew was just a playful little pokemon with little to no worries rather he seemed to be just like him.
    Mew chuckled sadly. "Even so, if it must happen, I'll always remember this world. It's so beautiful."

    "Yes, it's such an ugly yet beautiful world." Celebi agreed as he turned to see the Beedrill sleeping peacefully under the shrubs of a lovely tree.

    He needed to protect this place, this beautiful world.

    "We'll all be free soon enough..." He could remember that black butterfree's death wish. "And soon, everyone will be smiling..."


    Real World
    Cherry Hill Temple
    Tokyo, Japan

    Michiru and Haruka seemed to be playing it cool, but Rei knew better. The two were insanely nervous about the disappearance and to be honest, Rei only could tell because the green-haired beauty stammered when she asked a question about how to change a faucet, knowing she had done it before.

    Most would say, the question mustve caught her off guard but Rei knew better. Michiru was never caught off guard, only others were. This woman was known for her seemingly perfection. However, with Hotaru's seeming disappearance, the woman's near-daughter, Michiru seemed almost off, always deep in thought.

    For Haruka, it was a little more obvious, the boyish woman was always appearing to be looking for something and just last weekend, she even placed third on the race track which was extremely unlike her.

    Of course, Haruka made it even more clear by asking if Rei had any visions lately.
    Rei swept the dirt before the entrance-way of her temple, her thoughts moving swiftly from one tragedy to another. She thanked god for allowing her to keep this broom with her, never losing the one item that kept her brain on straight.

    It was this nice swift motion of left and right that kept her from going completely crazy from the disturbances inside her.

    She looked up and saw a young male walking slowly, dragging his feet, to the holy grounds.
    "Kazu... You're already late." Rei stated simply before releasing her savior over to the brown haired boy.

    A scowl placed itself on his tan face, his eyebrows knitted together in annoyance. "I told you that I have club activities, ma."

    "Don't be sarcastic."

    Kazu frowned childishly as he gripped the broom tightly, his biceps bulging compulsively as he sneered and whined about his simple job.

    Rei pretended not to notice and sat at the ledge of the top stairs leading to her home and work.
    Mumbling and grumbling, the tall sixteen year old turned to look at the priestess, wanting to cuss and shout but decided not to, knowing she'd rather kill him than listen to him.

    He knew he'd ought to be thanking her, but sometimes it felt like she took advantage of him knowing he had no place to go.

    No one at school knew about his new living arrangements, not even Kenta---his own best friend. And this was the way he liked it and he was sure Rei liked it that way too.

    He still remembered the day that the agreement came to pass, after having spent a week living on the streets. It was probably about this time of year.

    He remembered it was raining and he was somewhere that no one would go, no one who would care.

    But there she was...!

    He could still picture her, this beautiful girl, almost seeming to glow as her eyes pierced his soul, daring to read his deepest, most quieted thoughts.

    'Are you lonely?' Those words still echoed through his head after so many months later.
    It was that one quote that started their friendship and thier living arrangements.

    There hadn't been a word besides that one statement but it seemed she understood him in a way that no one else could or even tried. A rebellious young male had been taken in by the only priestess in the world who would bother to even speak.

    She was beauty and he was the beast.

    He made a promise to her that he'd work for her temple so that he wouldn't seem like he was a leech living off of her. She agreed to the deal and made him a full time enployee.

    And when he said full time, it didn't mean at a 9-5 pace; it meant he lived, breathed, and thought fully on his work at hand.

    Besides having a roof over his head, the only good thing about working with her was the fact that everyday he could stare at her without her knowing.

    He still didn't understand why she took him in as it wasn't like Rei had no clue to whom he stood for, the young male tried black mailing her more than once and everytime she would cuss him out, kick the spit out his mouth then make him mop it up. This wasn't figurative.

    Still, that day... She came like an angel.

    "Rei-chan, what do you want me to do after this?!"

    "Don't say my name so informal."

    "Okay, whatever, but what the hell do you expect me to do after I get done freaking sweeping the stupid floor?!"

    "Tone it down, Baka!"

    "Dont call me that! You fat cow! I'm just tryn’ to help and you’re calling me an idiot!!”

    Rei, infuriated by his name calling, stormed over to him, approaching him menacingly like a hungry lion, her purple eyes in a fury. “What did you call me?”

    “I didn’t say anything. I just wanna---”

    The priestess stood up to him, in an attempt to intimidate him which would’ve been effective if she hadn’t been a foot shorter than him, her angry face sexier to him than she could ever know and the fact that he was turned on.

    Crap, his face went beet red.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Rei asked bitterly, reaching for his collar to pull him down towards her, his face close to her own as she raised her hand to check his temperature.

    “E-Eh... stop!” He screamed slightly high pitched, his grayish blue eyes catching sight of her strangely colored eyes looking back at him with an obvious hidden worry for him.

    “You don’t seem to be... catching a fever.” She whispered as Kazu swore that from this distance that he could smell her cherry flavored lip gloss which wasn’t helping the situation as he tried to imagine Kenta doing this instead however with each moment, the scent of her glossed lips captivated him.

    She finally let him go and saw the cause of the problem.


    “W-What are ya talking about??”

    Turning on her heels, Rei flipped her ravenous colored hair and walked away, her fist tightly clenched at her sides. “Little pervert, you disgust me.”

    “I didn’t mean it. Y-You started it!”

    “Tojikomeru!” Rei screamed begrudgingly, this time he knew she was serious.

    “Let me apologize! Choudai! Choudai!” Kazu begged, chasing her around as she tried to avoid speaking with the messy haired young teen.

    “Okay, whatever! Just get out of my face!”

    Kazu smiled, not even trying to bother to see if she meant it and decidely quickly to nearly skip away, taking a look at his text messages on his phone. “Ah, Rika-san’s boyfriend texted me? And Kenta-kun...”

    Reading the message away the shrine maiden’s view, he smiled broadly. “Awesome! Arigatou Kami-sama!”

    It looked like life was looking up from here on up, he could tell.


    Pokemon World
    Cerulean Gym
    11:30p - 1:00a

    “Misty-sis, like, are you totally sure you, like, totally don’t want any part of the next play?” Daisy asked as she looked into the vanity of her beautiful reflection, looking at her youngest sister through it.

    Misty sat not too far away, her fiery colored hair long and wavy, her face not too far different from her own. The red-head turned and frowned. “No, I’m so tired of doing these stupid plays! It seems like people more recognize us for these plays than as gym leaders!”

    “You’re just so kimuzukashii...” Daisy mumbled loudly before noticing a jewel in her sister’s hands, seeming to shine brighter with the moon illuminating it’s surface greatly.

    “I’m not hard to please.”

    “Yes you are.” Daisy grabbed a mirror and handed it to Misty then took a comb and began to comb the girl’s hair, much in the way a mother would their daughter.

    “No I’m not.”

    “Well, Lily will be, like, having Tracey pick up the fashion designer, model chick. What was her name again?”

    Misty sighed. “Dawn Pearl-Berlitz.”

    “Like, you totally have a good memory.” Daisy giggled, taking the brush and stroking her sister’s hair tenderly like she had always done before they fell asleep. It was the same thing their mother used to do for the them before the... accident.

    The pretty red-headed female laughed silently to herself, a smile on her face that couldn’t be hidden with their mirror having been placed in her hand. “What was mommy like?”

    Daisy frowned slightly, her hand loosening on the brush, surprised by her sister’s sudden question. They never talked about their parents, not even in idle conversation, the idea of speaking of them had always been considered something that should never be done.

    “Much better than you can ever imagine, always smiling her brightest at the sight of a full moon.” Daisy responded simply and ending it there. “So, anyways, when’s the last time you talked to that brown eyed boy?”

    “I don’t want to talk to you about him.”

    “So you must still like him, eh?”

    “Oh god! No! Ash and I are just friends...”

    “Then why can’t you talk to me about him?”

    Misty lowered her head, her hand shaking slightly as she looked into the mirror once again, a frown fervently on her face. Why was she so upset? Her livid grieved expression annoyed her especially after talking to that Dawn-girl.

    It was the one companion that Ash never talked about to her. Why not? She knew she shouldn’t care since it wasn’t like they were together and like he needed to tell her about every female companion he ever had.

    “No wonder they chose her...”

    “Chose who?” Daisy responded, fully confused.


    Daisy smiled. “Hai! I agree. She’s so pretty and has even been featured in a few movies...”

    “Yeah, so pretty. Think we’ll get along?”

    “Hai! Hai! Of course, I hear she is really nice, real sweet and can cook well.”

    “Sounds like you’re a fan.” Misty laughed, slightly jealous. She wondered if anybody spoke of herself in that same kind of tone. “Oh, by the way, I think I’m going to cut my hair again... Maybe back to being shoulder length, this length is just too much maintenance,:

    “Knew you would. I think you should too... Too many people are confusing me for you now.”

    They both laughed together, experiencing a joy that most of the world never knew they had.

    Still, in the back of Daisy’s head, she wondered why her little sister had even thought about her mother, a woman whom the girl never even once hinted in being interested in knowing about in the past.


    Ice cold blue eyes shined before Giovanni, death screaming through them and begging for more victims.

    “You killed him!” Giovanni roared.

    The shining eyes didn’t seem to get startle by the rather intimidating man, towering over the figure to whom the eyes belonged. His expression nonchalant, he tried to smile as he reached down for the person lying on the ground, blood spilt all over the dirty floor.

    “He was too weak.” the child laughed as he picked up the head of a rocket general as he stared at it in it’s dead eyes.

    “You said you needed a weak person for the plan!” Giovanni growled, his hand placed on a pokeball, prepared to attack.

    “Ah, what kinda pokemon is that? Will it make a mess like this one?” The child turned to him warningly then smiled brightly.

    “I need someone who has a weak mind, wanting a selfish happiness. That’ll do. That’s all I need.”

    The child turned and smiled even brighter at the one coming in.

    Giovanni stood proudly, showing no weakness as he looked to see a young woman rush in, her face worried as she ran through the crowds of rockets, trying to find her partner.

    It had been a good five minutes of the child laughing at her before she turned to him, losing all her color in her face.

    “I found him!” The little boy cooed.

    “B-B-Butch! N-No!” Cassidy whispered, her voice almost seemed like she had been screaming as she grabbed her pokeballs, knowing what would happen next.

    “You’ll be joining him soon...”

    “Jessie and James were right. I can’t believe it. They were right.” She watched as glass flew towards her and sliced through each section of her body slowly. Blood splattered everywhere as she tried not to scream, not allowing the child to be more entertained than he already had been.

    The pain was unbearable but she could feel each part of her, bleeding, inside and out and yet she wasn’t dying.

    “I like you. You’re funny.”
    Can you hear me?

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Okay, I loved chapter one. Your personification of Celebi, a Pokemon who up until now have really only been explored from the POV of a non-human creature with no real emotions or feelings, is very fun to read. As the reader, we really are put inside the head of Celebi and are made to feel for him.

    Misty is also one of my personal favorites, so I'm excited to see what happens there. Overall, I'm glad I started reading this fic. Amazing writing, prose, voice, pace, everything.

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama


    thank you so much for your review! ^_^. I'm gonna get to reading chapter 11 of your story either today or tomorrow. I have to clean my room today; I have family coming in, someone's going to have to take my room for the weekend.

    And my room is a mess. Lol.

    Oh and thank you about the Celebi comment... I really wanted to explore his character; especially as being a time guardian...

    I always had been annoyed that the anime never showed us it's true colors. It just seemed like a cute little animal that wants to play... Mew, even with similar characteristics, was shown to be pure of heart on the first movie, mirage special, and the last movie he was featured in.

    Hopefully, you'll continue to enjoy this story.

    Misty's story will be very interesting although, I do enjoy the latter stories of each character very much... I haven't written it out but I do know what'll happen especially concerning the people connected to Ash in this story.

    What'd you think of the child at the end of the chapter?

    Thank you again for your review.
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Ohh I can't get enough! :D

    I eagerly await more chapters.
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    ......Thumbs up. Will read more when chapters posted
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    This is a really good story so far. I love the switching between the real and pokemon world. Crossovers are my cave and this one looks like it's gonna be awesome :)

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Thank you everyone for your lovely, sincere words. ^\^. I'm working on the newest chapter right now so it won't be too long before a new chapter is posted.

    Some things to look for in the next chapter:
    The legend of Prince
    Insight on the character of Daisy (Misty's sister)
    The secret of Misty's mother
    Mew's encounter with Mewtwo
    Dawn's depression

    Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it today before I go to work in two hours. Aye.

    I hope you'll enjoy the new chapter.
    Can you hear me?

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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    On a new note:

    I'll be posting the new chapter in the next few days, it'll include Dawn and Dento but will mostly focus on lesser characters of the story and will have a major effect to the rest of the story.

    So no, I haven't given up on this story.

    Thanks for your patience,
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    Default Re: Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    The New chapter will be up today or tomorrow
    Can you hear me?

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