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    Smile Original Fic: Journey of a Lifetime

    Hey everybody, Nintendo Theatre here! I posted the beginning of my original fan-fic on Serebii.net so you can read it there or here. One thing I'll say before you read though is that the 1st chapter is very short. The others are longer, I'll post Chapter 2 later tonight. So sit back, grab a mocha and enjoy "Journey of a Lifetime"...

    Chapter 1:
    A “Glitchy” in the System

    It started like any normal day. I was looking up some new information about the upcoming Pokemon episode, “Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle!”, when something very strange began to happen.

    The computer screen was turning strange shades of grey and blue and a shadowy figure appeared on the screen. My dog (my normal dog), Dreamie, who was sitting right next to me, began to quiver and shake. He seemed extremely upset by this whole thing. Then, the shadowed figure on the screen came closer and closer to me when suddenly, a face popped out of the screen. I flew out of my chair! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a Porygon!

    I’ve seen Pokemon before but, normally they were common like Zigzagoon or Ledyba, along with the occasional Pidgeotto, but I’ve never seen a rare Pokemon up close like this. Now, the professors at my high school have been urging me to become a Pokemon trainer since I was a freshman but, nothing ever compelled me to become one. Well, low and behold, this moment did. I told Dreamie to run into the other room and grab the Pokeball that Mr. Kabutari gave to me as a gift in the beginning of the school year. Dreamie, in shock, nodded and dashed down the hallway to my room. I sat in complete awe looking at the Porygon. The Porygon tilted its head in confusion at me as if I shouldn’t be amazed to see a Pokemon this rare.

    Finally, Dreamie came back holding the Pokeball between his teeth. I took it, said “Good boy, Dreamie!”, and got up from my chair and threw the ball at it. Wait! I almost forgot, you can’t just throw a Pokeball and expect to catch something, you have to battle! I didn’t have any Pokemon to battle with though, my father did. He used to be Homewood’s Gym leader and was a master of Fire-Type Pokemon. Again, I told Dreamie to dash to another room, this time my Dad’s, and pick up one of his Pokemon’s Pokeballs. Dreamie looked a little angry that I sent him to run a chore again but he did.

    Then, just as I suspected the Porygon jumped out of its Pokeball and started to run around my house. Then, Dreamie came back with one of my dad’s Pokeball’s. Encrypted on the ball was the name, Rapidash…

    I threw the ball and out popped the Rapidash. It knew me quite well and I knew it would listen to me.

    “Rapidash, Use Fire Spin to trap that Porygon in place,” I commanded.

    Rapidash nodded its head in approval and shot out a stream of flames that surrounded the little virtual Pokemon. Porygon cried out a little shriek and was soon engulfed by the fire. Then, to my surprise, the Porygon dashed out of the flames and shot a Thunderbolt straight at Rapidash. Rapidash was hit head-on! A soul flare erupted in it’s eyes as though it wasn’t going to let a wimpy little computer program get the best of him and ,without even me commanding it to, the Rapidash let out a powerful Fire Blast. The blast connected with Porygon and the newly-charred Pokemon fell to the ground. I looked at Dreamie and knew it was time. I let out a, “Pokeball, go!” and hit the Porygon. After a few shakes and rattles, the Pokeball closed shut and I picked it up with glee.

    “I’ll call you Glitchy,” I said to the Pokeball. “You sure put up a fight for such a funny little Pokemon.” Little did I know that, “funny little Pokemon,” would spark the beginning of the rest of my life…

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    Chapter 2:
    A First Time for Everything

    The following day at school, I showed off my new Pokemon to my Pokemon Training 101 class. Most of my friends had never seen a rare Pokemon like Porygon before.

    “Wow! That’s a really neat Pokemon, Roger!” exclaimed one of my classmates, “Where did you find it?”

    “Well,” I began to tell my story, “I was searching on my laptop for new information on an upcoming Pokemon AG episode when suddenly, my little Porygon here popped out of the computer screen. I caught him, but he didn't go down without a good fight. Oh by the way, his name’s Glitchy.”

    Glitchy glanced up at me and stuck his chest out a little. He seemed proud of the fact that he was able to put up a good fight against my Dad’s Rapidash. Either that, or he was proud of his new name.

    Then, among all of the hustle and bustle came my teacher, Mr. Kabutari. He was a short fellow, no taller than a large Primeape, and always wore green sunglasses with a Wurmple-shaped tie.

    “My, my, Roger,” Mr. Kabutari exclaimed, “For someone who seemed to have no experience training Pokemon before, I must say I am quite impressed. It takes quite a bit of skill to catch a Porygon!”

    But, before I could say “Thanks” came a voice from the back of the classroom.

    “Humph, he didn’t catch it using skill. I can guarantee you that…”

    Glitchy and I looked back and saw that the boy making fun of me was none other than John Vanorr. You see, John was in the top of our class and figured since he was able to overcome my father in a gym battle, he must be the greatest trainer of all time. Yeah right…

    “Hey, John,” I replied, “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and battle Glitchy here?” Glitchy nodded in agreement and was willing to take on anything that came his way.

    “Roger,” Mr. Kabutari exclaimed, “That is not a good idea. You’ve only had your Pokemon for a day and you probably don’t know any of its special techni-“

    “No, I’ll handle this Mr. K,” I said back to him, “Glitchy really seems determined to fight.”

    “Fine then, the match will be a 1 vs. 1!” exclaimed Mr. Kabutari, “Which Pokemon are you using John?”

    “I think you know perfectly well who I’m using Mr. K…” smirked John as he threw a Pokeball from his belt, “Dunsparce, go!”

    Glitchy looked in amazement at the land snake Pokemon and sent over a warning glare. The Dunsparce sent one back. Nothing was going to stop these two from fighting.

    “Porygon, err…I mean Glitchy vs. Dunsparce,” yelled Mr. K, “Let the battle begin!”

    As soon as Glitchy heard the word begin, he sent over a magnificent Thunderbolt attack. Problem was, I didn’t command him to do that. “Ha,” said John, “As expected from a Porygon user…Dunsparce counter it with a Shock Wave attack!” Dunsparce nodded back to John and did just as he was told. Both lighting bolts clashed in the air and canceled out each other’s attack. “Now, Dunsparce, Water Pulse!” A burst of cold water flew out of Dunsparce’s mouth like a fountain and was aiming right toward Glitchy. Glitchy stood its ground and sent out an Ice Beam assault to freeze the water.

    “ICE BEAM!” both John and I yelled in shock and awe. I didn’t know Porygons could posses such power but, now that I knew, I was going to milk this attack to the fullest. “Glitchy, use Ice Beam on Dunsparce!” Glitchy let out a little laugh and then shot out a barrage of ice cold beams, one of which hit Dunsparce directly.

    “Dunsparce,” John cried out, “You aren’t going to lose to this creep and his computer glitch are you?” But before Dunsparce could even say its name, the battle was over. Ice Beam froze Dunsparce directly in place.

    “The winner, to my surprise,” Mr. K announced, “Is Roger and his Porygon, Glitchy!”

    This day, March 27th, 2006 would forever be burned in my memory as the day I not only had my first Pokemon Battle, but also the day Glitchy and I beat that stuck-up John Vanorr to the pulp. Hehehe…


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