The tablecloth was a fine crimson. Funny how when things are so unbelievably stoked against your favor you begin to just notice all these little details as if your body was trying to suck in all the life it could afford. The food was sautéed with a Rosemary Cooking Wine. Let’s start from the beginning maybe so this will make more sense.


I was about to seal a deal that would greatly benefit my company. We were about to sign up with the biggest of the competitors in my trade to sign a business contract. I arrived at Monzurre Frontiezure’s luxurious mansion after a long and bumpy taxi ride up a mountain to the stone mansion that rested at the top. I was going to meet with the CEO of the rival company and wore my tuxedo with a rose in my pocket, doing my best to impress the man. After all, he could prove to be an invaluable business asset in the future.

After being greeted by a steward at the door, which was an intricate door with carvings and seemed to be made of oak, I entered the mansion. The steward was in a tuxedo as well and spoke with a heavy French accent. “Oh ho! You here for Master Monzurre?”
I replied “Yes I am, may you fetch him?”

The steward whisked off to get his master and I started observing my surroundings.

The floor was a complex arrangement of tile with a vivacious pattern adorning the floor.

The ceiling had old timely chandelier that lit up the room to an appropriate light setting.

The walls were completely made of stone, decorated with a wide variety of things such as swords in their scabbards to plaques of what some may call business achievements though others just called it blackmail. Oh yes, Monzurre was the best in his trade though rather not for the appropriate reasons. He has a long legacy of secret blackmails, muggings, and unfavorable clients simply disappearing. Then again, my legacy was not full of righteousness and valor either. I was squinting my eyes some portraits that looked like the people on the MIA list in the federal files of my company. But perhaps it was a trick of the light. I heard heavy footsteps and I turned around and saw the face of the rival CEO, Monzurre Fresco.

Monzurre was an elderly man who dressed in a business casual sort of way. He had a sooty button up shirt and slacks. He had elegant sleek black musician shoes and seemed the only one in the house currently without a tuxedo. His grey and white beard flowed effortlessly over his chest.

“My good friend it is a pleasure to see you again Monzurre. Let us get right to business then!”

We strolled all the way to the kitchen that was adorned like a high-class restaurant while having a pleasant chat.

Monzurre’s personal chef who went by the name Nathaniel addressed us in a well-masked English accent and inquired what we would like to dine on.

“Ah, I would like some Chicken Parmesan with your finest wine.” I confidently requested and Monzurre got himself a salad with whiskey.

We both drank our toxin and soon we were giggling like little schoolchildren talking about business and such under the influence of the demon drink. The kitchen tablecloth was a fine crimson and when I got my chicken and drink, I was not disappointed. The chicken was sautéed with the finest Rosemary cooking wine money could buy and other spices that I could not discern. I slightly saw out of the corner of my eye a wooden hatch in the corner but ignored it. I was quite simply having too much of a marvelous time to worry about such petty things.

“Does Maestro have any other orders?”

“Oh, no I possibly couldn’t eat after that scrumptious meal.” I burped possibly from the meal and possibly from the wine bottle I had gulped down.

The alcohol had taken control of my tongue, I was soon cursing like a sailor laughing and drinking with Monzurre whom the alcohol seemed to not affect for his stony face stayed the same throughout the whole ordeal.

“Now my dear friend let me ask about this business deal. If I were to sign up my company under this trade pact, all of my licensing agreements would need to first be approved by your superiors before I could officially distribute them?” Monzurre inquired as he picked up his pen to hopefully sign the contract that was laid before him.

I nearly choked on my own spit. That one article was cleverly hidden between thousands of articles in the contract by corrupt lawyers. It was not exactly supposed to be found until AFTER he signed the contract.

“Well yes but for the sake of a beautiful friendship like this that is but one small price to pay eh! I mean your company isn’t exactly thriving right now if you know what I mean.” I chuckled.

Monzurre cringed a little at my arrogance but then he took the pen and put it back on the table after playing with it for a little bit with a slight smirk.

“I was afraid you were going to say that” Monzurre sighed.

He revealed a gag under his suit that seemed to have crusted ancient blood stains on it.

“My dear friend I quite simply can’t afford to sign this agreement and I certainly can’t have you go back to your superiors after you already seen........ my portraits. That would start some dreadful rumors in the media. But I’m sure you understand, it is just business after all.” Monzurre smiled.

“I-You-You can’t do this. You can’t kill me; I’m the bloody ambassador of the company!” I protested.

“My dear friend, I killed you an hour ago when you first drank the wine.”

I noticed I haven’t moved since the meal and found out to my horror that I had loss all motor functions in my main body.

My vision grew dark as I fell out of my chair and all I could hear was Monzurre’s voice.

“Do not worry, you will die very painfully from this. This will hurt a lot."

He wrestled the gag in my mouth and I couldn't fight it since I lost control of my body from the poison.

I could hear some footsteps as he felt my neck and remarked “Do you hear that? That is the beating of your own heart. Getting faster and faster and faster. Until it…. Stops.”

A shot of pain ricocheted throughout my body.