Okay, I'm getting back into writing, or at least writing that doesn't go into my comics. I used to have a writing thread way back when, but that mainly contained Novel stuff that I have yet to get done with after two years.

I haven't wrote much now, but have some lyrics to a song (Country of course!) that sorta but, really has alot to my nuzlocke comic. It mostly is the main character (appropriately a country boy) versus N. Somebody on another site is getting around to making music for it (he does music requests).
To Say (the World is Black and White)

Say, boy, you say this world is
as you call it, black and white,
goshdang good and evil.
Ya know what I say?

To say the world is a coin
justified by a flip,
to say which side is what.
Boy, let me tell you what.

This ain't no black and white world
we all got bad in us
we all got good in us
killers and thiefs may all say their
prayers, priests may sneak a drink.

Heck, to say I'm perfect is crap,
I know my mistakes, and so does He.
You may not know your's but He does.
Animal abuse, human abuse,
both unjust.

We're all the same, like it or not
you wanna fight?
Bring it on, my friend.

I have a feeling it needed another verse or two, but I'm at a blank on what to add

I'll post more stuff sometime