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Thread: Ode to a great Pokémon master

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    Default Ode to a great Pokémon master

    Here is an explanation to how
    I became the well-known Trainer of towns.
    Early to bed, late I awoke.
    I did not stir until my alarm broke.

    My mother, who waited so patiently
    Referenced last night’s show on TV.
    Quick as a flash, I started to leave.
    I still had some tricks I had left up my sleeve.

    Still in my T-shirt and boxers, I raced
    Next door, where I saw a familiar face.
    My next-door neighbor, my childhood friend
    Who taunted and teased until the very end.

    The person I expected was not in sight.
    It wasn’t ‘til then, that I realized my slight.
    With my pajamas on, I looked ready for bed.
    My rival just laughed. My face soon turned red.

    Then, all of a sudden, someone walked through the door.
    This was the man I was looking for.
    I’ve seen him on TV, but never in person.
    Suddenly, I felt my eagerness worsen.

    My rival’s grandfather was none other than he.
    My excitement diminished, but it wasn’t empty.
    If only I would have put on some day clothes.
    I heard the door shut. It was closed.

    His grandfather approached us, striding his way
    To the table where a quarter-dozen Poké Balls lay.
    “There are three Poké Balls here,” he said with a smile.
    He captured them all, it sure took a while.

    He started to laugh, he did not bore,
    While he talked about the days of yore.
    Fifty years ago, he was my age.
    He stopped, thought, and then turned the page.

    “Your adventure as a Pokémon Trainer starts here.”
    He said. I was about to cry tears.
    Not of sadness, I cried, but of lies and of truths.
    Then those three words came, “GO ON, CHOOSE!”

    My rival was nice. He let me choose first.
    My throat was drying. I was of thirst.
    I picked with my heart, not with my mind.
    Than he chose one which would corrupt mine.

    I started out the door, my journey begun.
    He cut me off by a short run.
    Stopping me halfway, I gave in. He babbled,
    “I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!”

    My first challenge as a Trainer. I remember it fair.
    He sent in his Pokémon. I sent mine out, to compare.
    It was a two-minute battle, only his starter defeated.
    He did not wish me luck. I knew I didn’t need it.

    All I needed was faith and belief in myself.
    And my Pokémon too, they are a great help.
    In the moment it took me to remember my mother,
    Whose unconditional affection on whom she would smother.

    Healing my partner, she listened with ease.
    I told her the story and she fell to her knees.
    As I kissed her goodbye, I heard “Will the journey be long?”
    Too late. No reply. When she turned, I was gone.

    Fifteen years passed, and wherever I stand,
    With no fewer than forty badges in my hand.
    Five regions visited in five days, no one is faster.
    Here I am, a Pokémon Master.

    It took me one day to get through a region
    I don’t know how. I just know the reason.
    Kanto, Johto, and Unova I’ve gone through countless times.
    Hoenn was once. I’ve passed Sinnoh thrice.

    Every trainer challenge ends in their defeat.
    Champions last two minutes, then I put them on their feet.
    Whenever you’re ready for your real test, while training for them is your cause.
    Come find me… can you defeat the very best that no one ever was?

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    Default Re: Ode to a great Pokémon master

    This is great! Excellent poetic take on Ash's first day and I especially liked the last three expanding stanzas.

    Some words could rhyme better and syllables could be evened but I suppose that's a little pedantic and that poetry should not be bound to such restrictions.

    Well done.


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