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Thread: The Obituaries - An often updated Anthology of dead fictional charactesr

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    Default The Obituaries - An often updated Anthology of dead fictional charactesr

    Hello, Hello. Another topic being made by yours truly. Going to start writing obituaries for characters from all over. Original and Fandom ones. For now, there is only one. But, hey we'll kill more people in teh future, won't we. =)
    Newspaper: THe New York Times
    Date published: January,17th 2067
    Date of death: presumed January 17th 2063.

    Everyone loved him. Sure there were some malcontents who found faults with what he did, but, you can't please everyone, right? He fought THe Greg Flux atop the Brooklyn bridge, and he fought alongside the rest of the world's greatest heroes against the instability markets created by the combined cabals of all their super enemies. And the public loved him for it. But, the last time someone physically saw him was a few years ago, he was leaving with utmost speed into the sky. He fast became one of the dwindling stars. Was he bored, or did he reach his end? I don't know. But, we miss you, Temporal Jester.


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    Cool concept, Tyg. CanT' really say more as I can't talk much about "cool plot" or anything, and if the character is not original, then I don't know of him (and I don't either if he is, obviously), but the concept is definitely cool.
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    I'm with Dami on this. Interesting concept, but I'm sure it would have more impact if I knew who the character was.


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