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    Ever since the dawn of time there has been a war between the light and the darkness and ever since anyone can recall the light has always beaten the darkness. But what happens when that darkness is so durable and so powerful that the light has failed to succeed in conquering its enemy? What happens when the only way to beat the darkness is by fighting the darkness with darkness?

    Chapter 1
    Just as the sun set and darkness covered the valley right off the east coast of Northbridge town, Noctowls, Umbreons and other night dwelling Pokémon made an appearance. The valley’s center consisted of tall green grass which fed some of the Pokémon. Right in there, were beautiful flowers which danced as the air gently caressed their gentle petals. A river also made a home of the valley, as a family of Umbreons played by the river the moon’s face was reflected in it. All through out the land there was the deep and tranquil sound of peace. Nothing of technology was seen around, no cars could be heard passing by nor was the toxic waste of the car’s exhaust pipe polluting the area. No humans littered the area with cups, cans or paper. There were no such things as crime or war or pain in the valley. There was just the tranquility of the night, the dance of the wind and the chant of the night life.

    As peaceful as it seemed and felt, that peace was soon broken when a young man around his late teens raced through the tall grass. He was wearing black, baggy pants, a gray jacket with the Quicksilver symbol in red in the middle and a gray hat with said symbol on it. He was running as fast as he knew he could. He had been running for a long time, he felt the effect in his tired legs but he knew that if he stopped running they would get him for sure. His lungs were aching from the heavy breathing he was doing from the exhausting task of running for his life. His mind however was not active; all he had in mind was to get as far away as possible. He did not know where he would end up in but he cared not. All he could focus on at the moment was running.

    At Northbridge Valley’s entrance Ash, Brock, May and Max made their way towards two pillars wrapped in vines. In between the pillars they could see two cliffs separating a gorge which led into the Northbridge valley. Brock and Max looked up at the giant cliffs, they had to tilt their heads back in order to appreciate their size which compared to them were like gods atop of Mt. Olympus. Ash and May stared into the gorge as if asking themselves if going through was as good an idea as jumping into a pool full of starving Sharpedos. “Should we go in?” Asked May as she looked into the blackness of the gorge. Brock and Max caught up with them and looked at Ash waiting to see what he would say. After all, coming to Northbridge Valley was his idea. After hearing that strong Pokémon dwelled in the valley all Ash could do was talk about how he would go in and catch the strongest Pokémon he could find.

    The gorge’s blackness was intimidating and it was almost midnight which gave it a more terrifying feeling. He stared into the blackness of the gorge and suddenly felt a strange feeling go up and down his spine. Never had he felt such a feeling before. It felt as if fear, concern, tranquility and curiosity had been combined together and had overwhelmed him all at once. Pikachu which sat on his shoulder looked at him curiously. It tapped him on the shoulder and Ash snapped out of the strange trance he had been drowning in. He shook his head and said in a determined matter which was more how he usually acted. “Yeah! Let’s go.” He walked in first and then the others slowly went in.

    The trip through the gorge was quick and less frightening than they had anticipated. They reached the other side in a matter of 7 minutes and laid eyes on the most beautiful valley any of them had ever seen. All four of them gasped in awe as they saw the river and the flowers and the playful Pokémon which came to life when the moon would shine its pure beauty on them. They scanned the area for a place to make camp and spend the night in. There was no problem with that. Brock soon spotted a small cave at the foot of a cliff which rested right next to the river.

    They walked over and made sure the cave was not home to any Pokémon. There seemed to be no one inside so they made camp. Although the moon’s light shunned brightly they needed a bit more light so they gathered some wood to make a fire. They searched the near by area but only found thin twigs and two branches which would not be enough for a decent fire. Brock looked at it in question and as he crossed his arms he said while looking at the wood. “Well, if we want a two minute fire then this will do. We need more fire wood.” His question was blown out with the intention that someone else would volunteer to find fire wood. He turned to the group and none of them seemed to make the least of an attempt to race to the task of collecting wood. Finally Ash spoke up and said. “All right, I’ll get the wood. C’mon Pikachu.”

    Both Ash and Pikachu walked on to get more fire wood while the others finished with the camp. Pikachu climbed up on Ash’s right shoulder and smiled at its trainer. Ash put his hands in his pant’s pockets and looked down at the ground in hopes of finding wood quickly. The search lasted a while as both of them kept a look out for fire wood. It was a search they would soon have to face was in vain. There were no trees in the area or at least in the area they were in. The only trees Ash could see were at the other side of the valley, right up on the side of the cliff walls. That was sure to be a walk of about two hours and he couldn’t carry all that wood by himself. As he walked on Pikachu sensed something was watching them. It looked around but saw nothing so it kept looking at the ground in case it saw some wood. Ash sighed deeply and said. “We’re never gonna find any wood out here Pikachu.” The small yellow mouse replied. “Pika.”

    Suddenly that feeling Ash felt when they were at the entrance of the valley invaded him once more, only this time fear was the dominant feeling in him. He remained calm outside but inside it felt as if a war was going on. He raised his gaze and looked around frantically as if searching for something. He circled around and looked with no stop, Pikachu was somehow feeling the same thing but fear was not the dominant feeling within the small electrical mouse. Ash’s eyes scanned the area so quickly it was starting to give him a headache but he didn’t care about that. All he cared about was to get rid of that feeling or better said feelings he was having at the moment.

    He placed his hands on his face, covering his eyes. When he removed his hands and opened his eyes he did not see that peaceful and green valley any longer. All he saw was a battle field. He saw people running around everywhere, some screaming others holding spears in their hands as if ready for war. There were strange small houses made of twigs and mud all over the valley. There were women and children running towards the exit of the valley, he saw men fighting with each other. Then a loud and ear shattering roar was sent into his ears, he covered his ears with his hands and looked around to see what made that sound. At one end of the valley he saw a giant winged creature and at the other end he saw one similar to the other.

    One of the creatures was black and the other was white. Ash couldn’t see any details because they were so far away from him. All he could see was their color and their massive wings which looked like they could create a cyclone by simply flapping their wings. Suddenly all the humans disappeared and so did the giant creatures. The entire scene was back to how it looked minutes ago or so he thought. He looked around but couldn’t see the camp site nor could he find Pikachu. He looked around in an almost panic, his breathing quickened and his heart was racing. He walked forward and called out everyone’s names. “Pikachu! Max, May, Brock! Where are you guys! Hello?” He walked a bit forward and then as he inhaled to call out again he heard a low hissing sound which froze his spine and made his hair stand on end.

    He slowly turned around and right behind him was what looked like a person. He or she was wearing a white hooded cloak and that person had the hood up completely engulfing their face in blackness as if not to identify them. His breathing was now faster and heavier and his heart was racing at such a fast pace he could swear it would jump right out of his chest at any given moment. He dared not approach this person; deep inside he had a horrible feeling about this person. Who ever that was lifted his arm up and pointed behind him. He slowly turned around and saw another cloaked person but this one was wearing a black cloak and looked far more frightening.

    Both figures slowly approached him at a slow pace. Ash swallowed hard and as his breathing kept getting faster they stopped and both at the same time screamed in a strange voice. “Release us now!” Ash quickly closed his eyes and when he opened them again they were gone. He looked around him and found no one except for Pikachu who was several feet from him and was looking at him in a manner as if asking what was wrong with him? Ash exhaled deeply and said. “Are you okay?” Pikachu walked up to him and replied. “Pika. Pi, pikachu.” Ash turned around and before he could take another step someone ran right into him. Both of them fell to the ground from the impact. A young man in his late teens got back up and said as he tried to catch his breath. “Watch…where you’re going punk!” Ash got back up and quickly snapped. “Hey, you were the one who bumped into me!”

    The kid fell to his knees and tried to catch his breath from what Ash thought was too much running. Ash’s anger quickly subdued and he went over to the kid who seemed extremely tired from so much running. “Why were you running?” When the kid finally got his breath back at a normal pace he said. “I was trying to get the---long story kid. I just…have to get out of town for a while.”

    “Well, why? Are you in some sort of trouble?” The kid chuckled and said as he looked up at Ash. “Not just I sport. The entire world is in deep, deep trouble. You know what? Enjoy your last few days here on Earth. Make amends, do things you had always wanted to do, I don’t care, just enjoy life…while you still can…” Having said that the kid got back up and started running towards Northbridge Valley’s entrance. Pikachu looked at the kid curiously as did Ash, then they both looked at each other and lifted their shoulders. Pikachu then climbed back up on Ash’s shoulder and just as Ash took a step forward he saw something glowing on the floor. He looked down and saw something in a sphere like shape. He kneeled down and picked it up. It felt like a small marble that was wrapped in a torn piece of clothe. He unwrapped the object and held in his hands a small white sphere which was glowing.

    He stared right into the sphere and went into a trance. He looked at it and became more and more serious. The more he stared into it the deeper he went into the trance. Pikachu called out to him several times but Ash would not respond. Pikachu stood in front of Ash and waved its small paw in front of his face. Still, Ash would not respond, he just kept looking into the sphere. Pikachu then noticed how his eyes were changing color right before its eyes. The brown was slowly being drowned in a bright yellow which seemed to glow. Suddenly Ash passed out an fell on the ground, after several attempts of calling out to its trainer but received no response Pikachu decided to run back to camp and bring someone back.

    Early in the morning Ash slowly opened his eyes. He remained lying on the floor and examined the area. He looked around and noticed he was in his sleeping bag inside the cave they had made camp in. He sat up and looked for Brock and the others but he didn’t see them anywhere. As he rose he began to feel a bit dizzy for some reason, he walked to the cave’s entrance and saw everyone was up and about. Pikachu looked back and saw him standing there and the small mouse ran over to him and greeted him. “Pika pi!!!!” Ash hugged Pikachu but remained quiet. He felt rather strange and very tired; he could hardly recall the events that had taken place the night before. Max approached him and said. “Well, you don’t look so good.”

    “Are you okay? You feel all right?” Said May as she went near him. He didn’t answer any of the questions that they were asking. All he could focus on were thousands of images that were racing through his mind at the moment. Images that took place thousands of years ago. Brock soon joined them and asked if he was feeling all right but Ash wouldn’t answer to any of them. He just looked right through them and into oblivion as if there was something out there speaking to him. May waved her hand right in front of his face but he didn’t react, he just kept staring into nothing and it was starting to worry them.

    Suddenly he snapped out of that and looked to where they had been sitting and saw the sphere he found the night before. There was something different about it; it was not glowing like it was when he picked it up. He stared at it and as Brock was going to pat him on the shoulder he quickly turned around and threw up behind him. Brock and the others backed up a little and figured he had gotten sick. Brock quickly ran to his backpack and got a map out and looked at it in hopes of finding the nearest town.

    “Well, the nearest town is Northbridge town which is that way.” Brock pointed out towards the other side of the valley, which at the moment seemed to be miles and miles away. Max sighed and said. “Think he can walk all the way there?”

    “I’m not sure. But we’ll go slowly and give him a break if he needs one. So come on guys, let’s pack up.”

    Brock, May and Max packed their things and Ash just watched them. Pikachu sat several feet from Ash and watched him carefully; it sensed something alien within him, something strange and unnatural. Pikachu looked right into his eyes and saw something strange in them. Ash looked at where Brock pointed out when he spoke of the nearest town. His mind was blank and he suddenly began to shiver, which was strange since the atmosphere was cool not cold enough to shiver from it. Pikachu called out for any of them and as Max looked Pikachu pointed at Ash who crossed his arms across his chest and was shivering.

    “Guys, I think we better move it.”

    They picked up the pace and as they set out they handed a jacket to Ash. He put it on but he was still shivering. The walk was well over two hours but they somehow had to make it across the valley and into Northbridge town and once there they would try and find some one to take a look at Ash and see if there was something wrong. As they walked by a herd of Stantlers they froze and stared at them. The Stantler seemed shaken up and were slowly backing away from them as they passed by. The same thing happened when they passed by a group of Sentrets. When they passed by the group of Sentrets ran away in fear. They paid little attention to their behavior since they figured the Pokémon in that area were not used to seeing humans.

    After two hours of walking they finally reached the town of Northbridge. The town was pretty big. It had a feeling of advanced technology but at the same time it gave off a feeling of the days of yore, the streets were wide, the buildings were tall, short and some skyscrapers in between. They could see clear across to the other side of town and in the middle they saw what appeared to be a park in the middle of the entire town. Another thing that stuck out and was almost unbelievable to believe was the fact that the town was very clean. There was not a single newspaper or can on the floor. They stopped admiring the town and began to look for any signs of a hospital. Max quickly spotted one and before he could point it out Ash collapsed on the sidewalk.

    Suddenly Ash opened his eye quickly and as the light penetrated into his pupils he closed his eyes from the burning sensation from the light bulbs on the roof. As soon as his eyes were accustomed to the light he looked around and saw he was in a hospital room. He sat up and looked around in confusion. Ash was going to get up from the bed but a young woman walked in and said. “No, no. You must rest before you go anywhere young man.” A young woman in her middle twenties walked into the room. She was somewhat short, her eyes were an easy light blue, her hair was a soft hazel color, and it was curly and reached her chin. She was wearing a nurse’s uniform and had a clipboard grasped in her hands. Her voice had sounded soothing, like that of a mother’s voice when comforting a child when hurt or lost. And even though Ash was a tad dazed he could tell she had an accent of some sort although he could not tell.

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    There is a principle in writing called 'show, don't tell.' Your descriptions are many in this opening chapter, but they don't really allow the reader to fully enter the story. I don't need to know that the boy is wearing a shirt with a Quicksilver emblem on it; a vague description would have worked better. You use half a paragraph to describe this boy running. One sentence would suffice: "He ran although exhausted, fueled by adrenaline, and not caring where he would eventually stop."

    It has the potential to be a good story but it needs some fine-tuning. I am interested to know more about the sphere that Ash found.

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    Chapter 2
    Suddenly Ash opened his eye quickly and as the light penetrated into his pupils he closed his eyes from the burning sensation from the light bulbs on the roof. As soon as his eyes were accustomed to the light he looked around and saw he was in a hospital room. He sat up and looked around in confusion. Ash was going to get up from the bed but a young woman walked in and said. “No, no. You must rest before you go anywhere young man.” A young woman in her middle twenties walked into the room. She was somewhat short, her eyes were an easy light blue, her hair was a soft hazel color, and it was curly and reached her chin. She was wearing a nurse’s uniform and had a clipboard grasped in her hands. Her voice had sounded soothing, like that of a mother’s voice when comforting a child when hurt or lost. And even though Ash was a tad dazed he could tell she had an accent of some sort although he could not tell.

    “Welcome back to the land of the living.” Ash looked away and after a few seconds reacted to the nurse’s joke but could still not really comprehend what she had said so he reacted in the only manner he could. “Huh?” The nurse laughed and said while smiling. “It was a joke. We usually say it to patients who have been out for so long.”

    “How long was I out?”

    “Three days.” Ash’s eyes widened when he heard he had been unconscious for three whole days. He tried to remember the last thing that happened but he couldn’t recall anything at all. The last real detail he had buried deep within his mind was looking at Pikachu while they stood somewhere. He studied the image and the environment seemed like that of a valley. Then he remembered Pikachu, Brock, May and Max and asked the nurse about them as she was folding some blankets. “Oh, they’re downstairs having dinner. I’ll tell them you woke up as soon as I see them.”

    “Thanks.” The nurse walked away and before the door to his room could close completely she held it open and said. “Oh and if you need anything my name is Tanya.” Ash nodded and Tanya walked away to tend to other patients. Ash looked around the room. There was a CTG machine in the left hand corner of the room, a TV with cable above him, he looked to his right and saw the remote for the TV. He looked towards the window and saw the park. He could see families and children playing around. He also spotted several kids with some Pokémon and what looked like Trainers as well. He sighed deeply and wished he did not have to be in the hospital room.

    As he stared at the kids in the park he was suddenly distracted by a hissing sound that came from the closet in front of him. He quickly turned his head towards it and looked at the closet door. The door and the frame had about two inches of a distance but the closet itself was dark inside and he could not see what was inside. He figured the hissing sound he supposedly heard was just his imagination. That or the plumbing in the hospital was terrible. He turned his attention to the window once more and looked at the lucky kids playing around with their Pokémon. He got out of the bed and walked towards the window and looked down at the park. He noticed a strange statue in the middle of the park. He couldn’t make out all the details but he could see it was some sort of creature. It looked almost reptilian and he could see it had massive wings and a long tail.

    Suddenly he remembered seeing a creature of that nature somewhere. He searched the back of his mind, knowing he had seen something similar to it somewhere. It wasn’t a Pokémon he had ever seen before but he knew he had seen it before. He lowered his gaze as he searched his mind but came up with nothing. He looked at the statue once more and saw someone in a white hooded cloak standing in front of the statue looking directly at him. He backed away from the window but kept looking at the figure, he noticed that the figure was slowly lifting its right arm and was pointing towards a huge Cathedral. He looked at the Cathedral, it had an old age design and like most buildings done in the early 1800s it had a gothic design to it. He looked back at the statue but the figure was gone. Ash looked all over the park but couldn’t find anything at all. He was beginning to think he was going crazy, perhaps no one else even saw that figure in the park, whoever it was looked too creepy to not have been noticed by anyone, yet no one came forward or was even bothered by the sight.

    He slowly turned around and looked at the closet and saw two yellow eyes glowing from within the closet. He gasped loudly and backed up against the wall. He kept looking at the eyes and did not remove his sight from the closet for a single second. The eyes eventually faded away but he was still frightened by their disturbing presence. Then some 10 minutes later Brock, May, Max and Pikachu walked in and found him staring blankly into the closet. Brock looked at him and traced his eyes to where Ash was staring into and saw he was looking into the closet. Brock reached his hand over to the door’s handle and slowly began to open it but Ash yelled out. “No! There’s something in there!”

    Brock opened the door all the way but no one saw anything, just towels, blankets and some medical equipment. They looked into the closet and then back at Ash who refused to take another step towards the closet. Pikachu ran over to Ash and jumped on his shoulder and hugged him. Ash returned the hug but kept looking into the closet. Brock walked over to him and said. “Hey, are you sure you’re all right?” May and Max walked forward as well and Max said. “Yeah, you been acting weird lately.” Ash drew his attention away from the closet and looked at them and said. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m all right.” Pikachu squealed in delight and then jumped on the bed as Ash sat on it.

    “How long do I have to stay here?” Ash was hoping that he would hear an answer he would like but deep inside he knew he would have to face the fact that he might have to stay for a couple of more days. May and Max sat on the bed as well and Brock sat on a chair that was behind a drawer and said. “Well, the good news is that they didn’t find anything wrong with you.” He paused for a few minutes as if letting Ash get ready to hear some bad news and then he said. “The bad news is you have to stay until Friday.” Ash groaned loudly and Max and Pikachu giggled and he looked at them rather annoyed.

    “Friday? But why!?”

    “Well, you just passed out when we were in Northbridge Valley and as we walked into town you collapsed right on the side walk. I’m no doctor but that does seem pretty strange.”

    Ash crossed his arms and said. “Well, I’m fine. I feel all right.” Brock shook his head and said. “You may look and perhaps feel fine but we don’t know why you passed out for no reason at all. They’re just gonna run some tests and see if you really are okay.” Ash looked away more annoyed than before and said. “Fine!” The others smiled and Max said after letting out a huge yawn.

    “Well, I donnu ‘bout the rest of you but I’m dead tired and sleepy.”

    Pikachu yawned followed by May and both agreed after yawning in that manner. Brock nodded and said it was getting late. It was after 12:00 midnight after all and they were going to get up early to come back to check up on Ash. After they said their goodbyes the three kids and the small Pikachu headed out of the room and closed the door behind them. After they had gone a sudden feeling of boredom overwhelmed him. The dull interior of the hospital room felt entrapping and the thought of escape ran through his mind more than once. For a few minutes he had actually stopped to consider that escaping would be a good idea. He had seen he was only on the third floor and when Brock had opened the closet door he saw more than enough blankets to make a rope to climb down from.

    He shook that thought away. He knew the more he thought of it the more he would be driven to actually escape from the hospital. There was no problem with him, the only problem would be Brock, May and Max dragging him back to the hospital saying a ridiculous comment such as “It’s for your own good.” The mere thought of such cruel fate only sank him into a deep uncomforted feeling. He lay on the bed and tossed the blanket over him and faced the window and saw the night sky. Never before had he ever seen the night sky so clear and peaceful, never had he seen the stars shine so brightly, it was almost ethereal. Slowly his eyes began to close and as he drifted off to sleep he heard a low hissing sound.

    He sat up quickly and looked around the room. There was no one standing there, his eyes quickly flowed towards the closet but it was closed. Still, he needed to know where that sound had come from, so he got out of the bed and slowly walked towards the closet. Time felt like it had slowed down drastically, his breathing had been altered, he wouldn’t blink once and his heart raced faster as his hand reached the door’s handle. He slowly reached the handle and once it was in his grip he held it tightly as if not sure if he should open the door. Ash wondered what he would find behind the door, he wondered if he would find anything at all. He exhaled and slowly began to open the door. He had gotten the door away from the frame by just an inch or perhaps two when the room’s door swung open and Tanya walked in.

    Tanya turned on the lights and found Ash opening the closet door. She lifted an eyebrow in question and assumed he was looking for another blanket. “You know, you can turn the AC down if you want.” Ash let go of the handle and walked back to the bed. He felt strange and rather worried. There was a question dwelling in his mind that he badly wanted to ask but he dared not for it was a question sure to make him seem somewhat childish. As Tanya checked several contents in the drawer next to the bed Ash wondered if he should ask the question or not. In the end he decided to ask, after all, that question would fester in his mind if he did not ask it and he would not be able to avoid it until Friday.

    “Is this place haunted?”

    Tanya dropped everything she was doing and looked at him rather puzzled. The color from Ash’s face drained as he saw her looking at him in a questionable way. The subject of ghosts was one no one could determine whether it was credible or not. She sat on the bed’s edge and smiled sweetly as she said. “Haunted? Aren’t you a little too old to still believe in the boogeyman?” Her question was not mean to be an insult but it felt that way for him, as he lowered his gaze in embarrassment he looked over at the closet. She looked to where he was looking and realized he was looking at the closet. She smiled once again as she remembered what it was like to be a kid and be afraid of the closet she ruffled his hair up and said.

    “You know. Our town has had a rather disturbing past. Talk of hauntings and apparitions. Someone must have said something to scare you when you first arrived.”

    “I never spoke to anyone. Soon as I walked into town I collapsed.”

    “Oh, that’s right. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The plumbing here totally sucks. If it rains too much, the water turns to mud.” Both laughed at the comment and as she rose up to get back to work he said. “Two figures that look identical in everything. One dressed in a black hooded cloak and the other in a white hooded cloak. Who are they?” Tanya froze in utter fear as soon as he described those two figures. She kept facing the door as if not letting him see the look of sheer terror on her face. By that simple reaction of not reacting at all Ash knew she knew something about them but he remained absolutely quiet and awaited her to make a move.

    Tanya inhaled and turned around to look at him right in the eyes. He looked back in an emotionless way. She studied the look in his eyes but did not find what she was looking for. Tanya calmed down a bit and said in stammering words. “Well, I—I don’t know. Who are you talking about?” He shook his head and said. “Nothin’. Never mind.” With that he lay back on the bed and crossed his hands behind his head. The way she asked that question assured what he was questioning all along. He was not as dumb or naïve or as stupid as some people thought him to be. He was sure there was something strange going on in that town.

    Eventually after an hour of staring into the roof he fell asleep but around 3:19 in the morning he woke up. He sat up and looked around and then looked out the window. Ash remained frozen for several minutes and then heard a noise. It was not a hissing sound and it did not come from the closet. This sound seemed to be coming from outside of his room and it was more of a voice than a hissing sound. Although it was very faint, he could hear it very clearly and it sounded very vivid. He got up from his bed and decided to check it out, unconsciously he opened the closet door and gathered his belongings, after he sat on the bed and began to get dressed he noticed he had just opened the closet door but he was not bothered or even scared of it.

    After he had gotten dressed he opened the door a little to take a look outside and see if there was anyone out in the hallway. The coast was clear so he crept along the wall and followed the sound. As he walked on it became clearer and louder yet no one else seemed to be hearing it. He headed towards the last door of the hallway and there he realized the sound was a girl’s voice which had been saying something. He could hear every word very clearly and repeated after it as if he knew the words perfectly well. “Blood of my blood, you spirits of love, come from below and from above…”

    Ash crept along the wall and followed the sound of the voice and kept repeating that poem or whatever it was. He reached the last door and surprisingly it was the stairs. He opened the door and looked up and saw it led all the way to the roof. He was not sure why, but he had to go to the roof. Something within him told him to run to the roof, what would he find? Perhaps someone in trouble, perhaps something that might explain those two figures or perhaps even nothing. Perhaps when he collapsed he hit his head too hard on the sidewalk but he did not care. He just had to kill the ambition of needing to head to the roof. He quickly ran up the stairs, he jogged floor after floor. He was on the 5th floor when his legs were starting to give in but that feeling of need to get up to the roof was too much to ignore. Finally on the last floor the door leading into the hospital opened up and several doctors walked in.

    Ash knew if he were to get caught he’d be in some trouble so he ran back down to the 6th floor and opened the door. Right in front of him was a door with bold, red letters on the crystal which read X RAYS. He reached for the doorknob and to his surprise it was open. He ran in and hid amongst some brown boxes that were on the floor half way opened indicating that new equipment had been brought in. After several minutes he was going to get up but the door opened and the lights were turned on. He let out a quiet gasp. He thought for sure he would get caught but surprisingly no one checked the boxes. As he stayed glued to the cold wall he could see through some of the boxes a man and a woman.

    A better observation let him see the woman’s face and he was shocked to see it was Tanya. The man she was speaking to was a lot older than her. He had white hair with several gray streaks on his sides. His eyes were light blue just like Tanya’s, in fact; they resembled Tanya’s eyes a little too much. The man looked a little like her but he paid little attention to that; he just listened in on the conversation they were having.

    “He said he saw two figures one in black the other in white. I’m sure of it!”

    “Calm down dear. I’m sure it’s one of the kids playing a joke. You know how teens can be, especially now a days.”

    “I donnu. He just sounded so sure about it.”

    The old man sighed and placed his right hand on her left shoulder. Ash noticed a strange ring on the man’s index finger. The ring was silver and it had a circle on the middle of it and in the circle was an eye split in half. The left side of the eye was blood red and the right side was yellow. As he looked at it the man said. “When the boy feels better we’ll have a talk with him, all right?” The man’s voice was calming and tranquil which indicated that he was a doctor, that and the white coat he was wearing gave it away for sure. Tanya wasn’t exactly satisfied with the resolution but she did have the comfort that the boy was still in the hospital under close watch so she agreed and both of them went out.

    After some 10 minutes Ash was sure they wouldn’t even be on the same floor. He got up and took a step forward not realizing that a cable from one of the machines had gotten tangled on his foot. As he set his foot down some of the equipment came down on the floor in a thundering loud crashing sound, sure to get the attention of anyone in the area. Tanya was still in the same floor and only a few feet away from the room Ash was hiding in. She heard a loud noise and looked towards the room but Ash hid before she could see him. She raised a brow and walked over to the room to investigate the situation.

    Ash tried as much as he could to sort some of the stuff back in place but he was just too nervous so he hid amongst the boxes once more. Right after he hid Tanya walked in and turned the lights on. She looked around and saw some boxes on the floor and several test tubes scattered about on the floor. Ash kept very silent and had his legs crouched up against his body. After she picked the things off the floor she placed her hand on the light switch but before turning it off she glanced once more at the room and thought to herself. “Things don’t just fall for any reason…”

    Finally after what felt like 3 centuries for Ash, Tanya turned the lights off and left. Ash exhaled deeply and just let go of his legs in relief. He waited another few minutes and then took a peek outside to see if there was anyone else on the floor. Once again the coast was clear and he quietly snuck to the stairs. One thing that puzzled him was that while hiding and Tanya and the old man talking Ash could still hear the voice loud and clear but they didn’t seem to hear it at all. That was beginning to worry him, it also scared him that he heard the voices but they didn’t seem to even notice it at all. He began to run up the stairs and couldn’t help but repeat after the voice once more. “Entities loving who wish me well come to this circle when I sound the bell…”

    He finally reached the roof and once up there he looked around. He didn’t know what or who he was looking for; he just knew there was something up on the roof. After 5 tiring minutes of frantically looking around he heard a clapping sound, as soon as he turned around he saw someone hiding behind one of the generators. The person immerged from the darkness the generator provided giving that the moon shun down in the opposite direction.

    To his surprise a young girl, about his age, walked up to him while clapping. She had long black smooth hair that reflected the moon’s light, her skin as pale as the snow in winter, her eyes burned with a bloody red color. Her clothing consisted of a black short dress and a black overcoat which reached her ankles and high heeled black boots which reached her knees. He also noticed a small sphere tied around her neck by a silver string, the sphere looked just like the one he found. He hadn’t remembered about it until he laid eyes on the one this young girl had.

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    I read the first 9 chapters on PC and you know I love this. XD

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    Chapter 3
    “Bravo. I must say, James Bond himself couldn’t have done better.” Confused by that statement, he raised an eyebrow in question but the girl simply smiled. “What are you talking about?” Once again the girl smiled in a most seductive way but he was almost oblivious to the nature of her wicked smile. “Your escape from the hospital. Very nice indeed. You could swear you were a talented spy.”

    Her flattery was of no use on Ash at the moment. Curiosity and about a dozen questions prevented him to feel anything else but confusion. She walked right past him and as the air blew in his direction he picked up the smell of her perfume which was indeed dazzling and mesmerizing. Perhaps if he wasn’t so confused at the moment he probably would have been claimed by the perfume’s delight.

    The girl walked up to the edge of the building and looked down on the town. Ash for some reason walked over to her and stood next to her. As they both looked down at all the lights she spoke up once more.

    “You can tell there’s something wrong. Can’t you? You can feel a change inside of you even as we speak.”

    “Ho—how’d you know that?” Ash was all ready puzzled by the events but when she said that he was even more puzzled than before.

    “It’s my job to know.”

    “Who are you anyways?” The girl simply smiled yet again but Ash noticed no intensions with that smile. It was only a cocky smile from which he could tell she had plenty of answers even if his questions would be bizarre.

    “My name is Eriscordia. But you can call me Eris. Nice to meet you Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.” Just as she said that she extended her hand to shake his hand in a rather courteous way. But he was in such shock that it wouldn’t be unexpected if he dropped his jaw in shock. He stared at her for several minutes studying her face and eyes. He finally shook her hand and Eris smiled.

    “Would you stop smiling and tell me what the bloody hell is going on?” His words stopped cold as he analyzed what he just said. The words” bloody hell” were not part of his regular dialogue but he blurted them out as if it was normal. But then again nothing seemed normal to him. Eris tilted her head back and let out a small laugh as he stood there and looked puzzled.

    “I know what is happening to you. And I can help you with those changes.”

    “All in good time cutie. First off, you might want to get out of here.” Eris extended her index finger and planted it in the middle of his chest and pushed him away from the edge of the building and literary pushed him towards the middle of the roof.

    “Well? Get us out of here.” Ash wondered if this Eris girl was either crazy or if this was a strange dream or perhaps even a hallucination. They were on the roof of a 6 floor hospital and right on the roof this girl told him to get them out of there and he knew she did not mean walking out the front door.

    “Um…I donnu if you noticed but we are on the roof of a building.”

    “So what? You can get us out of here in the blink of an eye.”

    “How the heck am I going to do that!?” Ash’s curiosity was being replaced by anger. Nothing she was saying made sense and it was really starting to irritate him to no end. She shook her head and calmly said as she placed a hand on his shoulder. “Like this.” Once she placed her hand on his shoulder both of them began to glow in a faint white color. Ash may have been lost in this entire ordeal but he knew exactly why they were glowing.

    For a split second Ash had closed his eyes and when he opened them again he saw that he was in an alley. He stood there almost frightened. How they got off the roof of a 6 floor building? By using Teleport, a move only certain Pokémon could use. Eris walked out of the alley and as Ash tried as much as he could to make sense of what he just saw he stumbled after her. He was about to blur out a bunch of questions but before he could make a sound Eris began to talk.

    “Was that what I think it was? Yes. That was Teleport. Do I have any Pokémon that know that move with me? No. I do not have any Pokémon with me. Are you finally loosing it? No. Your mentality is very healthy. Is this really happening? Yes, it is. Will I explain and stop scaring the crap out of you? Yes, I’ll explain right now.”

    Ash was completely dumbfounded since the questions she just asked and answered were the exact ones he was about to ask. He stopped in the middle of the road and lifted his finger as he was about to ask another question but he figured she knew what he was going to ask so he left it at that.

    Eris sat down on a bench and stared into the park. She inhaled and then looked up at the Cathedral that was right across the park. Ash was feeling a bit strange but he walked over and sat next to her. Both remained quiet for several minutes but then Eris turned towards him and said something that left him in a bigger shock.

    “The sphere you found wrapped up in a torn cloth was wrapped up for a reason. Any human that made direct contact with it would be blessed with tremendous power. You of course touched it with your bare hand and thus have the gift.”

    Ash was almost afraid to ask the question he had in mind but he needed to know for certain. “What gift are we talking about here?”

    “A gift given that could make all your enemies and rivals quiver with utter fear. A gift that could make all your wishes come true. A gift that could have you in power in the blink of an eye, the snap of a finger. Think of an attack, any attack.”

    Ash wasn’t sure of what would happen but he thought of an attack just to see what she was talking about. He was overwhelmed with the idea of having power for some reason. After he thought of an attack he sat there quietly and looked at Eris with question. About a minute later it began to rain. Eris looked up at the sky and saw nothing but heavy rain clouds as far as the eye could see. She looked back at Ash and said. “Of all attacks you had to think of Rain Dance?”

    Ash lifted his shoulders in question and Eris laughed in a sweet kind of way. Eris moved her hand above her head and the rain stopped completely. “Did I do that?” Ash Asked in an almost shy way afraid of the question sounding stupid. Eris of course knew it wasn’t a stupid question and so she said.

    “Congratulations. You pulled off your first attack.”

    “I what?” That was the end of the line. Eris made it sound as if he were a Pokémon, but soon he would find out everything he needed to know so he decided to stick around, no matter just how crazy it sounded. Eris lifted her right arm, her palm up right in a way as if motioning someone to stop. What Ash saw next left him in complete awe. Several inches from the middle of her palm a small blue and gray orb appeared and it shot out at a small tree and as soon as the beam hit the tree it froze.

    “No…freakin’…way…” He stammered as he stared at the frozen tree. Eris had just used Ice Beam to freeze that tree in front of them. He looked at his right palm in both awe and fear.

    “No, you use your left hand.” Eris grabbed his left hand as she said that and pointed his hand at the frozen tree and softly said. “Melt it.”

    With that Ash concentrated on a fire type attack. Just like Eris a red and yellow orb formed just inches from the middle of his palm and right out of it a huge flaming fire star shot out of the orb and hit the tree melting it in a matter of seconds. Ash was completely stunned and awestruck by the events that had unfolded before him. He looked at his left hand and then back at Eris and said.

    “Who are you? For real.”

    “Think of me as your guardian angel.”

    Ash looked back at his left hand in awe. He couldn’t believe he just used Fire Blast to melt a frozen tree. All his life he knew Pokémon were the only creatures capable of performing devastating attacks such as those but for some unexplained reason him and this girl could pull off any attack by just thinking of it and willing it to happen.

    Eris rose from the bench and stood in front of him. She placed her hand under his chin and lifted his face to get a look at his eyes. She could feel his emotions, all consisting of fear, curiosity and wonder. Eris smiled and said. “You are now something beyond explanation; something of power and fearsome greatness but along with greatness comes a few flaws. If you wish to live gather your friends and leave this place and never return.”

    “What happens if I stay?”

    “They’ll kill you.”

    Some of his questions were partially answered but he still had many that needed answers. While lost in his train of thought he barely heard the sound of the clock that had been placed in a tower on the Cathedral. It was 5:00 o’clock in the morning and visiting hours began at 7:00 am so he had two hours to hang about, although he did not want to return to the hospital knowing that his life was in grave danger. He sighed deeply while thinking what to do about the entire mess he had just fallen into.

    Meanwhile back at the hospital, Tanya had not gotten a single drop of sleep. She was convinced her newest patient was far more than he seemed to be. She sat at the front counter and wondered for a few minutes but she couldn’t stand the feeling anymore. She picked up the phone at the counter and dialed a number rapidly. The phone rang for several minutes but she would not hang up.

    After almost waiting ten minutes the phone was finally answered and a groggy and sleepy voice answered. “The town had better be under some sort of attack because if it’s something stupid I will walk to the hospital and pound the crap out of you.” Tanya sighed deeply and said. “Girl, you couldn’t beat me even if you tried.”

    “Oh, I think I could manage. Why are you calling at…5:40 in the morning?”

    Tanya looked away and as she answered she played around with the phone’s cord by wrapping it around her finger. “Listen, I think you’d better call your brother and ask him if the White Sphere is safe.”

    “You’re being paranoid. That thing is safely tucked away where no one can touch it.”

    Tanya thought for a minute that she might have been acting a little paranoid but she was not a person who would risk anything so she snapped back and said. “Just do it! I wanna be sure that **** thing is tucked away. Just call your brother and ask him if things are all right.”

    The girl in the other line stayed silent for a few minutes and finally spoke up. “Tanya…I haven’t seen Dante since the other night.”

    Tanya felt sheer panic and fear rising up her spine, she began to breathe heavily due to the fact that things were not going so well and the fact that things could turn to a disaster in a matter of seconds made her more ill. “Karin, check the spheres and call back here as soon as you do. I’ll try and find dad.”

    Both hung up and Tanya raced to the cafeteria where she had last seen her father. Once there she saw several of his co-workers but he was nowhere to be found, she ran towards one of them and asked where he was. The doctor told her that he was called into the OR for an emergency. She cursed silently and stood there thinking for a minute when a receptionist called her through the PA system.

    “Tanya you have an emergency call. Please come by the front counter.”

    As soon as she heard the word emergency the color faded from her face and her breath froze. For that split second it felt as if time froze. Everything was falling apart and in only a few seconds, just like she had feared. She snapped out of her shell and ran towards the front counter.

    Once there the receptionist was holding the phone out and Tanya grabbed it and answered in a panic. “What happened!?”

    “Tanya, they’re gone, both spheres and Dante are gone! What do we do?”

    “Try Dante on his cell phone, I’ll try to fix things here. Oh and call Petrov!”

    Tanya threw the phone and cursed angrily and loudly. She ran to the elevators and punched in the third floor. Being that is was 6:00 o’ clock in the morning there was barely any activity besides nurses and doctors tending to their patients. Once on the third floor she raced as fast as she could to room 236, the room where Ash was in. She literary broke in and looked around only to make a horrible discovery. The room was empty. She felt her breath leave her lungs and her head become filled in panic. She checked the bathroom and it was empty as well.

    “****!!” Tanya ran back to the elevators and back down to the front counter. Once she got there she saw one of the receptionists and said. “Hey, I need to go out for some time if you see my father tell him there’s been an emergency if he asks what emergency tell him it’s a code TE Break out. He knows what it means.”

    The receptionist agreed and Tanya ran out of the hospital to search for Ash. She stood outside the hospital doors and looked around; she knew just what kind of trouble the entire town was in with Ash on the loose. Ash should have been the last of her worries but with Eriscordia lose as well it would prove to be disastrous.

    Eriscordia had been watching from the roof of the hospital as Tanya ran out in a panic and looked around town for Ash. She saw this as the perfect opportunity so she decided to locate Ash and let him do her dirty work. As she watched Tanya run around she put her hands together and said as she smiled in a malevolent way. “Oh, this is going to be fun.”

    Ash had wondered to the other side of town. He walked all morning long thinking about how he would handle the situation. He had a lot to think about now that he had this so called “gift”. He wondered if it would affect him as a trainer, a friend and even as a human. Perhaps he should have been feeling great or at the least happy but the only thing he felt at the moment was sadness for some reason.

    Ash had walked right out of town and into the forest. He stopped at a beautiful waterfall which poured down on a small pond that was surrounded by wild and beautiful flowers. A sight truly remarkable. If it had been under other circumstances he probably would have enjoyed the scenery but he felt indifferent. He sat on a huge rock that was close to the water and looked into the water. It was then and there that he noticed something different in his eyes. His normal eye color was brown but when he glanced over at the reflection in the water he saw his eyes were now a bright yellow color.

    As he kept staring into the reflection he felt another presence in the area, he knew exactly who it was so he said as he kept looking into the water. “What do you want?”

    Eriscordia stepped forward from behind the trees and said in a calming voice. “I see your senses are becoming stronger. Very good.” She walked over and stood in front of him and noticed that deathly sad look on his face and said in a sympathetic kind of way. “Hey, why the sad look?”

    Her question had no real meaning in it and it had a very hypocrite feeling to it. He simply scoffed and turned away but she insisted and turned his face towards hers with her hand. She saw his eyes had changed color so she smiled and went on with her little scheme.

    “You remember when I told you if you don’t get out of town that your life would be in grave danger?”

    “Yeah.” Ash answered but he felt no real feeling towards that statement. Eriscordia was beginning to grow tired of his attitude so she decided to spice things up for him. “Ash, not only that but they have captured your friends.”

    That certainly did the trick. He turned around and looked at her in an almost panic and said. “What? Who? Who has them?”

    “A cruel and spiteful man. His name is Marco Nevalainen. He works as a doctor in this town but he has a few skeletons in his closet and don’t be fooled by his “sweet” nature. The man is a con!”

    Ash’s anger was rising and fast. He hated the fact that this whole mess got his friends in danger and all because of something he did not even want. He got up and marched towards town. Eriscordia stayed put and smiled trying not to laugh so she wouldn’t give her position away. She knew he would immediately get into a fight, since it would be his first it would be pretty entertaining to see, even if he got hurt.

    She walked beside him as they walked back into town. She was smiling while he had on a look that would scare even the most twisted serial killer. He walked up straight and with his hands behind his back. At the park Eriscordia saw Tanya still looking around and asking people several questions. Eriscordia took this to her advantage since Tanya had not seen them. She placed her arm on Ash’s shoulder and leaned into his ear and whispered something.

    “That little nurse? Tanya. She is Nevalainen’s oldest daughter and just as cruel and vicious as he is. She’ll want to pick a fight but I know you have what it takes to send her to eternity.”

    As her poisonous words slithered into his ear she smiled wickedly and wrapped both arms around him and leaned even closer and said. “Show no mercy.”

    That was all it took. Something in the back of his mind snapped and he was now blinded by pure rage which was definitely not a good thing. He was normally a good, kind person but her words had poisoned him to no end and as he was being misguided by her. Eriscordia thought it would be better if she watched from afar so she vanished into thin air and reappeared on the roof of a building not too far off.

    Tanya was looking around but a strange feeling overcame her. She slowly turned around and saw Ash standing right in front of her. The look in his eyes was nothing short of murderous and dangerous. Tanya was beginning to panic since she had no way of defending herself against him. She thought of the only thing she could do at the moment, she turned around and ran away but Ash lifted his left hand and shot out an Ice Beam attack and froze her feet.

    Ash began to walk slowly towards her as he placed his arms behind his back and kept a close eye on her in case she tried to escape. When he was half way near her he looked at a tree next to him and the roots erupted from the soil and wrapped around her. He looked at another tree on the opposite side and the same thing happened. Tanya’s feet were frozen and now she was tied up, her situation was getting worse by the minute.

    Eriscordia of course, was enjoying herself as her sick and twisted scam was working wonderfully. She tilted her head back and let out a vile laughter that echoed throughout the area but Tanya was far too worried to focus on someone laughing their *** off. Tanya thought about trying to reason with Ash even if it was no good but she knew she should give it a try.

    “Ash! Please, don’t do this, please I beg you.”
    Her pleading only fed his anger, as he walked even closer he unlaced his hands from his back and Tanya could clearly see his nails had been turned to razor sharp claws which looked like they could rip through titanium with ease. She whimpered and tried to back up but the ice and the vines wouldn’t permit her to do so. Just as he was inches from her he stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at her. He stood there for a few seconds and then took two steps back and seconds later a giant Steelix rose from the ground.

    The Steelix’s intentions were to hit Ash with its strongest Dig attack but it clearly missed. The Steelix meant only one thing. Tanya’s father had shown up right in the nick of time. Ash looked to his right side and saw the same old man he had seen in the hospital talking to Tanya running towards him.

    Ash turned to face him and Marco returned the Steelix and released three Pokémon. An Absol, a Tyranitar and a Gyradose appeared right before Ash but he did not seem threatened by the Pokémon before him. Marco was going to order the Pokémon to fire their strongest Hyper Beam attack but he remembered he was dealing with an innocent victim.

    “Djinn, Arawn, Suijin! Pay close attention! Subdue him but do not harm him.”

    The three colossal Pokémon ran towards Ash while Marco unleashed a Charmeleon to release his daughter. The Charmeleon used Flamethrower on the ice and slashed the vines off of her. Meanwhile Ash simply closed his eyes and let the three charging Pokémon get closer. A strange black aura surrounded Ash and the sun was beginning to be blocked by a black circular shade.

    Tanya and Marco knew what was happening; they stared at the events unfolding before them and panicked. “Oh, my God! Dad, get me out of here!! Druantia, please hurry up!”

    “She’s going as fast as she can!” Druantia the Charmeleon slashed away at the vines now that the ice had been melted. Once freed Tanya ran away and warned everyone in the area to hide in any building available.

    Eriscordia was having the time of her life. She knew exactly what attack he was about to use. Marco thought of something so he turned to his Pokémon who were themselves just as nervous. The wind was blowing hard and the sky seemed to be engulfed in darkness. Ash himself seemed to be wrapped in a sheet of black darkness as he stood there concentrating.

    “Listen to me, all of you. Use Reflect and hang on as much as you can. We have to prevent as much damage as we can.” The three loyal Pokémon acknowledged the order and used Reflect. The aura from Ash’s body seemed to float up and materialize into what appeared to be a black, transparent raven. It flew high into the sky and expanded in size until it was as big as a Wailmer.

    The raven opened its massive beak and from it shot out a shadowy beam towards the entire town. Every living thing touched by the shadowy beam was instantly knocked out its feet or seriously hurt. As sudden as it appeared it disappeared and left behind dozens of injured people and Pokémon. Fortunately the Reflect set off by Marco’s Pokémon prevented a small amount of damage but it still counted as something.

    The sky and sun returned to their normal statues. Ash however had not changed; his eyes were glowing a bright yellow and walked slowly towards Marco. From the local Pokémon Center Brock, May, Max and Pikachu watched in horror as they saw their friend cause so much damage.

    Pikachu had had enough so it ran outside. Max grabbed it and said. “No, you could get hurt!”

    Pikachu didn’t care whether it would get hurt or not. It just wanted his best friend back. It zapped Max with its lightest Thundershock. Max let go and May ran over to her little brother as Pikachu went outside. Pikachu ran as fast as its little legs could go and once it was near Ash it shocked him with its most powerful Thunder attack it had. The thunder raced down from the sky and hit him directly. After the thunder subsided Pikachu was amazed to see Ash still standing there as if nothing had happened.

    “Pi!! Pi, pika!?” Pikachu was simply stunned by the result, even a pathetic Thundershock was enough to bring him down. It knew it had to do something to stop Ash from causing so much destruction so it ran towards him at full speed and its tail began to glow a white color. It leapt high into the air and was going to use Iron Tail but Ash had grabbed it by the tail just inches away from his back.

    “Pika!!” Ash smiled wickedly and tossed the small Pikachu and it hit its back on a tree. Pikachu fell on its back and squealed in pain, it looked up at Ash and saw him raise his left hand and a white orb formed in the middle of his palm. Pikachu braced itself for the hit but before Ash could launch the attack he let out a sharp yell and fell on his knees and then fell completely on the ground.

    Pikachu looked behind Ash and saw Officer Jenny aiming a tranquilizer gun at Ash’s back. Eriscordia saw this and shrieked madly. Her fun had been spoiled by a mere human and a cop none the less. Pikachu strained to its feet and walked over to Ash. He had attacked him but Pikachu didn’t care at all, it put its little paw on his shoulder and shook him to try and wake him up. Officer Jenny walked towards Pikachu and picked it up gently and said.

    “Don’t worry. He’ll be fine, he’s just sleeping. Dr. Nevalainen!”

    Marco came running and checked Ash’s pulse which was racing. He removed the two tranquilizer darts from his back and looked at them. Both were of a sickly orange color and Marco realized Ash had been hit with a dose strong enough to bring down two Wailmer. He showed Officer Jenny the dart and said.
    “Are you kidding me with this? This could bring down three Wailmer. Are you trying to give the boy an OD?”

    Officer Jenny crossed her arms across her chest and looked at the doctor in question and finally said. “Excuse me, but this boy has just caused this.”

    Officer Jenny pointed with her hand the disaster Ash had done. Trees had been torn from the root, cars were dismantled, and windows were either cracked or broken. A big amount of people had been injured due to the strange attack. Parts of the sidewalks were lifted revealing the dirt under them and there was even a tree that had been ripped from the ground and had pierced a Corolla through the door.

    Marco retrieved his argument due to the fact that Officer Jenny was right and acted out in a manner which was called for. Marco being a doctor couldn’t help but react that way but he knew she was right.


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