I'm not sure where to post this since it doesn't really fit in any current forum or category, but it's fan-made articles I'm writing in which I plan to explore animals, plants, objects, and lore that hasn't seen a pokemon interpretation just yet. The site is:

Welcome to the World of NeedsToBeAPokemon

While the end of the article I write what a possible pokemon of that subject may be, the articles aren't going to be a "design your own fakemon!" series, but more focused on ideas, backgrounds, and history than statting up anything for competitive play or to fit into niche categories of the metagame.
Some of these articles will be standalone creations, while others may follow a theme: a holiday exploration series, or what could fit into and expand the current themes and motifs already set up in the Pokemon Franchise.

This is my first Tumblr account so I don't know how best to use the site and there doesn't seem to be a place for discussion or feedback. I'm writing these for my own interest and hobby, but I figure if anyone wants to give their opinion on what I've written so far, this could be a place to do it!

So, with that, what do you think?