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    A few months ago, i started kinda writing my own novel for fun. I have pretty much four chapters done, but I have slacked off and let it go a bit recently. Maybe considering starting writing again. Anyway, this is the third chapter. This is kinda random and all, but I just found it on my computer (The rest are all on floppy disks only, after I accidentilly deleted a shit load of folders). So far it is probably my favourite chapter and was actually fun to write.

    So, here we go...(Not that long. 5-6 pages on MS Word)


    It was a savagely cold day in the village of Elipidius. Blizzards raged against the small cluster of buildings, which had mild cover from the large mountains surrounding them. It was these mountains that kept the villagers alive. Not for the protection they provided, but the resources. Elipidius was a small mining town, which was famous for the metal ores it produced, as well as its excellent and world-renowned blacksmiths, some of whom people would travel leagues to meet and have weapons forged by.

    The title of greatest smith in the village, however, would belong to one honest and hard working man, Ferris. On this particular day, he had been asked by a young warrior to forge his first sword. The young warrior, known as Kardos, was Ferris’ son.

    “Father, how long will it be before my sword is ready?” he asked, watching impatiently.

    Ferris picked up his best hammer and began to strike the burning hot metal on all sides, shaping it. “Now look here, you can’t rush genius. The sword will be ready when it’s ready. I don’t even know what you’re going to do with this thing. I mean, what will you use it for?”

    “Well, I’ve been practicing with wooden blades for a long time now: too long. I’m almost seventeen. I should have my own sword sooner or later. Plus, if these rumours of ghouls and demons are true, I may need to defend myself at some point. What will run and cower from me as I step up to face it with a wooden stick? Nothing.”

    “Yes, I see your point. I doubt we will be attacked though. What do we have that would be of any use to demons? They have no need for ore or material weapons. They can fight with their magic and other things I refuse to talk of. You know I can’t stand mages. A mage is a man who doesn’t have the courage to fight properly. Reciting words from yards away out of a scroll. You call that a fight? No sir. Good old sword and shield for me.”

    “Yes you’ve said that several times now. Although I have no desire to learn the ancient scrolls and practice wizardry and magic, you know Alvin does. I wish you would stop making such an ordeal about us being friends. Just because he’s studying magic doesn’t mean he’s below us.” Kardos replied, a slight hint of annoyance and anger in his voice. “I mean really, magic has its uses. It can heal the sick and make money out of thin air…”

    “I want no more talk of magic from you. You know I disapprove of it and that’s all you need to know. Bloody mages… its against human nature I tell you!”
    “How can a man be so prejudiced…” Kardos sighed under his breath. “Well, I’ll go out and get some fire wood for tonight I suppose. Might as well go now before it gets too dark.”

    “Are you sure you’ll be ok with that blizzard? It’s getting pretty bad out there.” Ferris asked, concerned.

    “I’ll be fine. Trust me.”

    Kardos put on his thick coat and gloves, as well as a woolly hat he had made himself a few months ago. It was not very much, but it protected him from the cold sufficiently for a few hours, which was always more than plenty of time to gather wood for a fire. He made slow progress through the several inches of snow as he braved severe weather conditions, but slowly he made his way to the edge of town. As he made his way to the small wooded area near the village, he marvelled at the scenery. An amazing frozen world; icicles hanging from trees creating perfect blue and white arches, great lakes and the river that flowed straight through the forest into Elipidius had turned to solid ice and ducks and other creatures had begun to walk on its surface.

    Despite the breath taking view, Kardos had to hurry. It was gradually getting colder and darker as the sun retreated behind the night clouds and if he did not get enough wood to burn they would freeze. He realized something when he had got to the woods; he had forgotten his axe. It was in the shed behind his cottage back in the village. Angered, he began to look for anything else he could use. When nothing turned up, he decided he had no choice but to return. As he turned, something crashed into him, sending him face first to the cold hard ground. He turned and saw it was Alvin.

    “Alvin…what the hell are you doing out here alone?”

    “Kardos, I could ask the you the same question.” He replied. “I thought of this as an excellent opportunity to test my newly learned Flame spell. I found the scroll in an un used part of the library earlier on in the week. Nice eh?”

    “Uh… yes very. Any chance you could help me out?”

    “Certainly. What do you need?”

    “Well, if you could melt some of the snow and chop down some trees with your magic, it would be a real big help. I kinda forget my axe and…”

    “Ah. Say no more.”

    With that, Alvin began the lengthy progress of melting the snow and ice from several trees. Despite the fact he was only fifteen and did not really have enough mental or physical strength, or stamina, to keep magic up for very long, he could do most basic tasks. Everything he would ever require to do that is. He held his hand out to each tree in turn, letting heat flow from his hand. His bluey-grey hair swayed in the wind as he looked on with green eyes. He wore a long, deep red coat and broken old glasses, with one grey glove on his left hand, while the right hand, the hand he used to cast his spells, remained uncovered. He and Kardos had been friends since Kardos moved to the village with his father when Alvin was only seven. Despite the two years age gap, Alvin’s love of books and poems, scrolls and mathematics, always put him one notch higher in terms of intelligence, though there was no question who was the better swordsman and athlete.

    It was not long before Alvin began to get tired, his low energy resources depleted. Not only that, but the storm was beginning to get even heavier. They struggled against the several inches of cold, hard snow, which lay on the ground, occasionally losing their footing on the ice. Their vision was becoming extremely impaired and it was only a desire to be out of the cold that kept them going, despite being slowed down by the logs they were carrying.

    As they neared the edge of the forest, their vision was totally blocked. They could barely see their own hands in front of their faces. As they neared what they assumed to be their village, they heard something. A strange low, rumbling noise, getting louder the closer they went. Kardos had a strange feeling about this.

    “So you hear that?” he asked cautiously, halting suddenly.

    “Hear what? I cannot hear anythi-oh wait. That noise. What is it?” Alvin replied confused.

    “Dunno. But it doesn’t sound good. Come on, let’s hurry. The village may be in danger.”

    They walked faster now, stumbling through the snow as they went. They did not know what was going on, but they knew in the back of their minds something was wrong. It was not until the two young men were nearer the village that they saw it; plumes of black smoke raising upwards from several different buildings in the village. The butcher’s shop was up in flames, the bakery, the library, and most worryingly for Kardos, the smith’s shop. As Kardos rushed to his father’s workshop to see if he was still there, Alvin checked on the rest of the village. It was in ruins. What were once proud, predominant buildings in the village centre now lay as rubble in smoking piles on the cold, frosted and frozen over soil. Deep orange flames flickered in the cold, now evening air, hypnotising Alvin as he stood in shock.

    “Alvin!” Kardos shouted. “Come here!”

    Alvin ran in the direction of Kardos’ voice. He stared disbelievingly at what he saw. Emerging from the snow was the handle of a sword, its scabbard lying next to it. He grabbed the end of the weapon, which was protruding from the snow and slowly but surely pulled it out. The blade was sharp and curved and Kardos realised the skill required to craft it the instant he laid his eyes on it. Then he noticed something, something strange. It was hard to tell in the snowstorm, but stuck on the sword’s point was a note, which read

    “Kardos. If you are reading this, you are in great danger. Strange things are happening in the village. Strange, what I could only describe as Demons attacked us. I managed to hide as they destroyed most of the village, burning it after reciting strange words. Bloody mages. Your sword, as I hope you will see is finished. Use it well. Flee the village Kardos. I do not know where they are going to take me and the other villagers, all of whom have been taken captive. This is what assures me that in the next few minutes I will be found. I can only hope we will be safe until such times as the king hears about this atrocity and sends help.

    Take care,

    Kardos was in shock. His father, gone; his village, gone; his life; changed in an instant. Tears rolled down his cheeks, drying off quickly due to the cold, as he put the note in his pocket. Alvin tried to talk with him, but he simply stood there, almost in a trance. When finally he came to his senses, he told Alvin, with his head down, “Get ready to leave the village. It is not safe here. The town was destroyed by a mob of demons. There may still be some left behind.”

    “But where are we going?” questioned Alvin. “We do not know which way the demons went… as far as we know we are just getting closer to them in our attempts to escape. Also, I cannot think of any place near here which would be safe if Demons decided to attack it…”

    “That doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we escape this village and get far enough away from it so that we can think of what to do next. Let’s go. Now.”

    With that, they began to move. The storm was worsening still and they had had no rest since their journey from the woods. Together, silently, they marched on, through small outcrops of frozen trees and other potential hazards. They would occasionally hear noises and turn, ready for danger, but there was never anything more dangerous than a common owl soaring overhead in the night.

    It was midnight before Kardos gave in to Alvin’s many pleas to halt and set up camp for the night. They found a very small clearing that still had some cover from a nearby group of trees. Realising they had no blankets or anything to lie on, they had to construct make-shift beds from anything they could find that was relatively soft; pine cones, what was left of the dieing leaves and small twigs. After clearing a small space in the clearance and laying down wood they had only barely managed to fry out in the current conditions, Kardos let Alvin start a fire. Expecting him to do so in the normal manner, using a piece of flint to create a spark, Kardos was confused when Alvin took a small piece of old parchment from one of the pockets in his brown and weathered, old waistcoat. He read words from it, which Kardos neither understood nor even recognised. Having recited the words carefully, Alvin stood back and raised a hand to the small pile of firewood, encircled with small stones. Immediately they burst into flames of amazing intensity.

    The small area was warmed quickly because of the sheer heat and strength of the newly lit campfire. Kardos was glad of it, but no flame could warm the coldness currently in his soul. He was still thinking of when he found the sword and was reading over the note in his mind, trying to think what he would do next as sorrow washed over him. To try and take his mind off things, he drew the sword from its scabbard and stared at the blade. Careful not to slice his hand open, he ran his fingers along it. It was perfectly smooth and extremely long and looked extremely sharp. It had a very strange shape for a blade in this part of the kingdom or even the empire. It was not often that a curved blade was made, which were usually only for High Knights who preferred them to the regular models. What drew his attention most, however, was something he had not noticed in Elipidius. Sitting proudly in the guard of the sword was a fine stone, which gleamed in the firelight. It was a golden colour, and holding it up so he could see it further, he noticed how the clearness of the stone made it appear as if the fire on the other side of it was burning inside like a roaring inferno. Transfixed by the beauty of the stone, Kardos sat for hours admiring it. His focus was only broken when Alvin approached him.

    “I’m back…” Alvin said, distracted by the blade.

    “You mean you left? Where did you go?” Kardos replied, confused.

    “I went to see if there were any animals I could kill with a basic magic spell, but nothing is out on a cold night at this time. Is this blade the one your father has been making you all these days? It’s amazing.”

    “Yes. I couldn’t believe it when I first laid my eyes on it back in the village. But it was only now that I noticed this stone…”

    “Ah yes. I do believe that’s a Gryphonix. It’s rumoured that they fall off of Gryphon eggs when the baby inside hatches and are easily recognisable because of their golden tint and amazing clearness. They are very beautiful stones as well as being extremely precious… how did Ferris obtain one?”

    “A trader maybe?”

    “Hmmm, it’s possible. However, I doubt a trader would part with such an item for less than a small fortune. Ferris couldn’t afford that could he?”

    “No. Either way, I’m getting tired, as must you be. Using that much magic in one day must be taking its toll on you. I think we should rest now and dwell on other matters in the morning when we can think clearly.”

    Agreeing, Alvin lay down on his make shift mattress. As he did so, he realised something. “If both of us sleep now” he said, “we would be wide open to attacks from wild animals or, dare I say it, any left over demons from the attack. Perhaps we should take shifts guarding the camp.”

    Kardos agreed, applauding Alvin’s quick thinking. He added, “I’ll take the first watch. You need rest to replenish your strength to the point of being able to use magic.” As Alvin settled into a deep sleep, Kardos began pacing around the campsite, trying to keep himself awake. He practiced some moves with the sword, which a soldier passing through the village had once taught some of the local children. He had shown them how to jump and slash with his sword, and they repeated his movements with sticks. Pleased with the weight of the sword and how it moved, he decided to sheath it in its scabbard again. He realised that he had not named it yet, and so sat down to think of something appropriate. After many hours of thought, he finally found something. “I will call you” he announced, “ Kanak.” With his many hours of thought and concentration taking too much energy out of him, Kardos woke Alvin and told him to start his shift. Settling down in his own poorly constructed bed, sleep began to overtake him. Darkness shrouded his vision slowly, as the light from the fire faded away into the darkness of slumber, and memories turned to dreams.
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