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    Default Nomad: Krimson Wanderer

    Nomad: Krimson Wanderer

    This is my small foreword/pre-atlas since this story has tons of room to expand. For no it has too little for an atlas though so here it is.

    Nomad is the story of the Krimson Wanderer (A title explained later) and his journey to make use of his powers. Unlike typical heroes Nomad isn’t tied to a law. He judges based on a natural truth. There is right and wrong, but that is not decided by men in power.

    It's also about his journey to see if the world is ready for someone like him without the one person who accepted him from the start beside him.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8UeeIAJ0a0 ((Nomad's non action theme. it will make more sense as we go.))

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBKgrqQ5ie8&feature=relmfu ((nomad's action theme))

    The story starts off using a mary sue. not having but using one to develop nomad. he starts out powerful and omnious as ever with what sounds to be a backstory, but soon you'll see this isn't about that backstory its about something different. It's about growing as a person who hasn't been a person for most of their life. I based alot of it on my experiences as an Aspergian, ((go wiki it I'm too lazy)), and how its made my life different. Alot of what Nomad goes through is what I've gone through just different.


    To be alone is my nature. To be a solitary creature without a home is my path. To wander is my way. I am Nomad.


    Chap 1: I hate being a hero

    I gazed over the valley through my dirt covered goggles, and foresaw what would befall its people. A great darkness loomed over this innocent town, and it fell to me to protect it. I felt the wind, my only constant companion, pushing at my back making my duster billow off to the side. This revealed the scabbard on my belt and the sword sheathed within it. The wild world already knew my secrets, but to society I was a myth. Even the ragged cowboy hat on my head was thought to be magic. My power was known even in the deep lands, but they also had no idea of who I was.

    They didn’t know the boy who saw his brother die in infamy for another man’s crimes. They didn’t know the rage that was held inside that child’s form. They would never know why I was who I was. To some I’m a hero. They think I do this for the good of man, but no. To others I am a vigilante. They think I do it for the thrill, but I barely even feel it. To me, myself being the only one who knows, I am a boy just waiting for the world to respond to what it has spawned.

    The wind blew again, and I could almost feel a hand on my shoulder. I looked down at my hands and the gauntlets that covered them. I had to admit I was changed. Years of wandering in my turmoil. It transformed me through and through. My clothes are made for travel. My body is built for survival. My mind is trained to let nothing get in my way. With that the wind began to whistle, and I knew I was wasting time.

    I turned to face the wind and looked back on the open plains. It was time to move on. I walked towards my transport, an old fixed up motorcycle called a Flarestorm. The old girl may not have been too fancy, but she did the job. I mounted my bike and revved the engine. I rushed off leaving a trail of dust and smoke in my wake.

    I needed to head north a few miles to reach Untrin, a city built to sustain the work force of the Tyr river hydroelectric dam, the largest in the world. Something from my dark past decided to rear its head, and I intended to make sure the first thing it saw was the edge of my blade. With that thought on my mind I floored the gas, and my bike roared as it gave an extra burst of speed.

    Untrin was a small city since it was mostly for a employees, but since it was backed by the giant corporation that owns the dam it’s a rather lavish town. Seems this idea drew a lot of bad folks to the city. Small police force and big bucks. Probably why Desmond showed up there.

    Desmond, you want a rob a bank? Get this guy. Of all the people I’ve dealt with Desmond is the most repetitive. He’s an escape artist, a safe cracker, a wrecking crew, and an asshole. Somehow he always seems to get away from the cops after I deal with him, and then goes back on another job. To be honest I think I’ve beaten the guy over twenty times, but he keeps coming back.

    I saw fire going into the sky as I approached. Desmond had decided to be a demo man for the day it seemed. I was late. One of the most annoying things in my life is being late. Guys it’s a traveler thing never want to be behind schedule. I maxed out my speed and drove into town. The outer part of town was a very relaxed rural sort of area, but it became a much bigger town as you went in. Desmond was smack dab in the middle, and soon enough so was I.

    When I found Desmond he was juggling a couple of fire bombs, and tossing them at nearby parked cars. Then he noticed me. I got off my bike and just stood there.

    “Nomad! Been so long. How you been? I’ve been having a smashing ti..” Desmond began to say, but rushed in cut his banter short with a swift punch to the gut.

    “Been just fine.” I mocked as he crumpled to the ground.

    “Cheap shots as always Nomad? Won’t you ever fight fair?” Desmond muttered.

    “Will you scum ever fight fair?” I replied.

    “No guess your right. I sure don’t” Desmond shrugged then tried to trip me up with a sweep kick.

    “Only problem is you’re terrible at it.” I said phasing my body through his attack.

    “Oh come on I hate when you do that!!! Just let me hit you!” Desmond roared flailing about trying to hit me.

    “I’m crazy not stupid, Desmond.” I muttered rolling my eyes.

    I solidified just long enough land a mean punch to his jaw. Desmond tumbled backwards and fell over. He looked up at me and muttered through a pair of bloody lips,

    “Yeah yeah. Ok ya got me in hand to hand, but you know me. I like to improvise. We have lift off”

    Desmond pulled out a mini rocket and activated it. I had to hand it to the guy his arsenal was extensive, but I hated his tricks. The rocket launched high into the air then blasted off at high speeds
    “Being a hero sucks…” I grumbled

    The rocket was headed straight for a nearby apartment building. I breathed heavily then channeled a hasten spell. I began to sprint at speeds exceeding sixty miles per hour. I was barely faster then the rocket. Right before I reached the apartment building I jumped and activated my telekinesis. I shifted how gravity affected me, and made it hold my parallel to the ground. I landed on the apartment building wall, and began sprinting up. Since I needed concentration to keep the telekinesis going I had to slow myself down. I halved my speed, but kept on running. The rocket sped closer and closer. When I finally found where the rocket would hit it was only a meter or two away. I took a deep breath and outstretched my hand to intercept the rocket. There was loud hum as I pulsed energy into my hand. Right before impact I unleashed that power. The energy altered the velocity at which the molecules making up the rocket vibrated. It phased right though me and the building. Without air resistance the rocket would double in speed, and easily make it down to bedrock before the intangibility wore off. I panted heavily having just used three of my powers one right after the other.

    “Whoooooooo!” A random voice gasped.

    “huh?” I muttered.

    I looked to my left and my right, but saw nothing. I looked back to my left and was face to face with a little boy staring at me in awe. I momentarily lost focus, and my telekinesis gave out. I quickly grabbed onto the nearby terrace where the boy stood. He let loose a barrage of questions as I struggled to get a good grip. Eventually I did and pulled myself up with a groan of pain. Apparently when I grabbed the ledge the sudden stop seemed to have popped my shoulder out of its socket. Finally on more or less solid ground I caught the rest of my breath. The boy was still letting loose rapid fire questions as I did so.

    “Do you mind!?” I grumbled.

    “Mind what?” He asked oblivious, “Hey how’d you float like that?”

    “I wasn’t floating. I telekinetically shifted gravity so I could walk on the wall.” I replied seeing that the kid wasn’t going to shut up anytime soon.

    “Oh. Alice can float, but she refuses to tell me how… Can you show me how to do that thing you did?” The boy asked hopefully.

    “Maybe when you’re older. Who’s Ali…” I began to inquire, but was interrupted by a loud crash.

    I looked through the glass doors to the apartment, and saw a girl rush through the front door. She sprinted through the apartment, and out onto the terrace. She had on some impressive silver Armtech with inlayed blue power channels. She had gauntlets with what appeared to be repulsers. Her boots, belt, and jacket were Armtech as well.

    “Both of you inside there’s an armed man terr… where’d that bastard go!?” The girl shouted seeing nothing happening down on the streets.

    “Desmond’s already run off. Used a rocket to stop me from chasing him. He’ll probably be back sooner or later.” I said looking out over the street.

    “Who’s Desmond!? What do mean ‘stop you from chasing him’? The cops haven’t even been able to deal with him. How could a civilian?” The girl scoffed.

    “I’m not a civilian. I’ve also dealt with Desmond multiple times. He’s not really that threatening. I’ll be honest though surprised no one’s shouting my name in surprise. Guess I’m a bit more recognized down south.” I shrugged.

    “Why would we be shouting your name? Can you talk like a normal person!?” The girl shouted.

    I glanced at her, and pulled the goggles off my face letting them hang around my neck. Slowly she began to recognize me, and her eyes widened a bit. She walked around me inspecting me. It felt like I was being circled by a shark, but a very good looking shark. While she was taking a look at me I looked her over. She was somewhere near my age, sixteen seventeen. Her light brown hair was mostly straight, but curled some at the ends. Her eyes were a very deep blue, and seemed to pick up every detail as she scanned me. I also took a good look at her clothes besides the Armtech. She had a light blue tank top, and some jean shorts on. Nothing fancy, but then it was meant to be functional.

    It was fairly obvious she was some sort of Leet. Something I could appreciate more or less. The Leet were sort of like me. They had powers, and decided to do something with it. Difference was they would pledge themselves to towns and protect them. They got the term Leet because they were similar to elites, but untrained.

    “So you really are him?” The Leet asked.

    “Would I be here if I wasn’t?” I replied.

    “Is that a trick question? I mean you’re a myth. You’re not supposed to be anywhere. If you weren’t him you could be here. I hate paradoxes.” The Leet groaned.

    “It’s not a paradox. Myth doesn’t mean fake. I’m here, and I am Nomad.” I said.

    “Cooooool!” The little boy said.

    Suddenly I heard an explosion not too far off. Desmond was back early. I leapt off the terrace without a word, and landed softly by use of my telekinesis. I found my bike and jumped on it then drove off towards where the sound came from. Desmond wasn’t subtle and I found him in no time. He was lobbing fire bombs as he strolled down the street.

    “You really can’t sit still for a second” I shouted then shot the bombs with a pyro-kinetic blast so they blew in mid air.

    “No I can’t. There’s so much to do so little time.” Desmon joked turning around to face me.

    This time he held a 21 blackjack in his hands. A mini rocket launcher of sorts that charges any material put in the barrel so that it explodes like a missile. He took aim and so did I. Like Desmond said, so little time, so neither of us were going to waste it. We shot simultaneously. My fireball collided with his blast and exploaded. Windows shattered, the ground shook, and both of us fell to the ground.

    “Nice shot…” Desmond muttered.

    “…You too.” I responded.

    I began to fade out then. I saw the girl from before fly down and land beside me. I smirked when she looked down at me. I had already put two and two together. This must have been the Alice the boy mentioned. Things got a bit foggier, and the last I saw was her laughing to herself. Apparently blowing yourself up was considered humor there.
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    Default Re: Nomad: Krimson Wanderer

    Chap 2:

    The darkness faded away in what felt like less then a second. There was pain radiating from chest, and especially my shoulder. At first my eyes still failed me, and only revealed blurs of white. As I lied there my sight began to clear, and my other senses began to work again. I could feel a warm mattress bellow me, a pillow under my head, and a blanket draped over my legs. Like any other idiot I tried to sit up, but simply fell back as pain consumed me. My shirt and duster were gone so I could plainly see the bandages wrapped around my chest, and right shoulder. I also felt one wrapped around my left leg, and left arm. Seemed that Desmond’s launcher has more kick then I expected. I let out a heavy sigh, as I relaxed my muscles and tried to clear my mind.

    I didn’t even know where I was. Then again pain is a rather nasty distraction. I began to look around slowly turning my head to scan the room. It was rather plain, but it wasn’t a hospital room. The place was furnished with some simple furniture, and a bland light fixture hung from the white ceiling. This had to be someone’s house. Who’s? That didn’t take long to figure out. Even with a possible concussion it was fairly obvious I was at Alice’s abode. Who else would take me in? It was nearly silent except for a car or two passing outside. Considering I couldn’t move I was rather happy when Alice walked in.

    “Little late as usual.” I joked.

    Alice rolled her eyes and walked over. She had a tray of food which reminded me, I was starved. My hunger beat out my pain, and I slowly pushed myself into a sitting position. As soon as she put the tray down in front of me I began to devour the sandwich, apple, and chips. Alice sat over in the corner on an armchair and read a book. When I finished Alice set her book aside, and took the tray. She set it aside on the nightstand, and was about to return to her book before I started talking.

    “So how long was I out?” I asked.

    “Bout twenty hours.” Alice replied in monotone.


    “In jail.”

    “My bike?”

    “In the driveway.”

    “My shirt?”

    “In the wash.”

    Alice proceeded to pick up her book and continue reading. I just sighed and lied back down. I nodded off not too long after. I woke back up with a puddle of drool on my pillow. Not mine though. I looked up to see a rather energetic puppy sitting on my nightstand. It looked like a husky. I stretched out my back ignoring the pain. I felt insanely stiff. I patted the pup on the head and said,

    “Explosives are comedic, and dogs are alarm clocks strange town.”
    I got out of bed, and found it was late at night. As soon as I crossed the room to the window the dog jumped into my bed. He could have it. I opened up the window and climbed out onto the roof. I sat there staring up at the moon and stars. The wind joined me, and we were all together. It had been hard finding consistency in my crazy life. The moon rise and the wind at my back were what kept me sane. They were something I knew would always happen.

    “Hey! what are you doing up there!?” I heard Alice shout.

    I looked down off the roof and saw her in her Leet gear with ash and soot all over her. She used her repulsers to boost up to the roof. I motioned for her to sit.

    “Now the question is what are we doing up here?” Alice asked.

    “Nothing. Now my turn. Was there a fire or something?” I replied.

    “Hm? Oh yeah little one. Went down to help.” Alice said.

    We were both silent for a while. I was personally enjoying it. Then Alice ruined it.

    “So…” She said awkwardly, “Whats it like… ya know.. Being well… you?”

    “It’s pretty average.” I responded.

    “Oh come on you’re a legend. It’s gotta be amazing. You’re world famous, and for something worth while.” Alice said.

    “I’m Nomad. Its all in the name. All I do is wander around. There’s nothing special to it.”

    “..Never thought of that, but why talk about you then?”

    “Don’t ask me. I’m not doing it for anyone. Not even myself.”

    “That doesn’t make sense. You have to at least do it for yourself.”

    “Not really. I’m out here without a reason because what I am isn’t what the world accepts. These skills these powers are not gifts in a world where you are plagued to use them. People fear power, and it leads them to either love or hate it. The world hasn’t decided to love or hate me yet, and so I wander.” I replied solemnly with a blank stare in my eyes.

    Alice sighed. She obviously had different thoughts, but the legends and stories are never very accurate. I wasn’t a hero or villain. I was a guy with powers who didn’t want to do anything with his life neither good nor evil. I only help out now and then to do my duty as a human not as hero. I heard sirens coming from up the road. I stood up and saw them heading towards us. They could have been passing but I got an eerie feeling as they slowed down.

    “Guess they decided.” I muttered.

    An officer got out of his car and pulled out a megaphone, “Nomad! You’re wanted for arson, terrorism, and crimes of treason! Surrender or we will open fire.”

    “Arson… ok could have happened by accident, but the other two what the hell are you talking about!?” I shouted back.

    “Evidence has been found at the hydro-electric plant of your attempts to destroy it. You can plead your case to the judge. Now surrender yourself!”

    I looked at Alice completely confused and she seemed as much if not more so. I shook my head.

    “Sorry but handcuffs clash with my style, so I’ll be going. Alice” I said tipping my hat to her.

    “Nomad…You’re seriously going to run from this… we… could sort it out or something…” She stuttered.

    “It’s how my life is. Feel free to try and prove them wrong.” I said beginning to run to the back yard.

    The cops opened fire, but Alice threw up an energy shield stopping all the bullets. She then turned to face me.

    “Fine then. Let the world think you’re a monster, and I thought you were a hero…” Alice said dropping the shield.

    I stopped where I was.

    “I’m not a hero. I’m a Nomad.” I muttered then jumped down from the roof.

    I summoned my bike, a handy trick I picked up in Terinago. I mounted it and speed off at top speed the cops not far behind. I knew it wasn’t true. Alice knew I was innocent, but still in the end it was my way to leave it behind. Just like I abandoned my home.


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