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    Talking Night on Disco Mountain

    *This is a one-shot of the Hoenn League's Pokemon Champion finals. Advanceshipping will be observed.*

    Ash had beaten the Elite Four, and now he needed to beat the Pokemon Champion, which was Chernabog, whose preferred type was Bug Pokemon. May was carelessly hugging Ash, with Combusken target-practicing with Pikachu. Then, Ash and May both entered the room where the Pokemon Champion was. Chernabog was there, with his demonic red eyes gazing at May. Chernabog also observed Ash, and pulled a lever which sent Ash down a floor to where the real Pokemon Champion, Wallace, was.

    May confusedly asked Chernabog, "What did you do with Ash?"
    Chernabog laughed and said in his deep voice, "I sent Ash down a floor to fight Wallace, the real Pokemon Champion. I am Wallace's understudy."
    May replied, "And I'm supposed to battle you?"
    Chernabog nodded, and pointed to the disco ball on the ceiling, then saying, "No shirts. Sorry, lassie. As the King of Disco, I make the rules for this disco arena."
    May frowned and took off her shirt because this was a "disco" arena.
    Chernabog then concluded, "Now we battle."
    May sent Combusken and Chernabog sent out Butterfree. Chernabog then commented on May's choice to be wise, but then muttered, "It's still no match for Butterfree, even of the Fire-type."
    Chernabog instructed Butterfree, "Use Hypnosis, laddo."
    May told Combusken, "Dodge and use Sky Uppercut."
    Combusken and Butterfree each did as told, but the Sky Upperbut wasn't effective enough to do as much damage as May expected it would do.
    Chernabog then told Butterfree, "Use Hypnosis again." Before Butterfree did so, Chernabog pointed at the disco ball, and it reflected into Combusken's eyes, making it fall asleep. May, looking surprised, withdrew Combusken and instead used Beautifly, who retaliated with String Shot to bind Butterfree. Then, Beautifly used Aerial Ace to almost knock out Butterfree. However, Butterfree also knew Aerial Ace and took the time to nearly KO Beautifly.
    Trumpets played and Chernabog withdrew Butterfree and took out Shuckle, who used Rock Tomb to eliminate Beautifly, who was replaced by Skitty.
    May told her Skitty, "Use Assist!"
    Skitty did as it was told and used Assist, which was replaced by Hydro Pump, which was super effective, yet due to Shuckle's uber Special Defense and Defense made it look almost like a standard attack. Skitty used Assist again to KO Shuckle with Metal Claw. Shuckle used Toxic on Skitty before fainting.
    Skitty was heavily poisoned as Shuckle returned to its Pokeball. Chernabog sent out Venomoth, who used Psybeam to finish Skitty off. May then took out Combusken again, who recently woke up. Venomoth used Psybeam again, doing a super-effective job of hitting Combusken. Combusken used Flamethrower, which burninated Venomoth, who was massively KO'd.
    Chernabog took out his own Beautifly, which had Aerial Ace to avenge Venomoth. Combusken retaliated with Overheat, eliminating Beautifly, but in the process, Combusken's Special Attack harshly fell. Chernabog returned Butterfree to the stage, who used Hypnosis. Before using Hypnosis, however, Chernabog then pointed at the disco ball. The trap perfectly worked, aiming for Combusken's eyes. However, it didn't last too long as Butterfree used Dream Eater to wake it up. May then pointed at the disco ball for Combusken to use Sky Uppercut again. Butterfree took the hit and it fainted. Chernabog then sent out Scizor, who used an ineffective Metal Claw to take it out. May withdrew Combusken and took out Bulbasaur, who used Petal Dance on Scizor. Scizor used Agility to gain some speed, and Bulbasaur was confused due to fatigue. Bulbasaur didn't hurt itself though, and instead evolved into Ivysaur to cure its confusion problem. Scizor used Metal Claw again, which shattered Ivysaur because it's part-Poison. Ivysaur used Vine Whip on the disco ball to break it, but it fainted because Scizor used Metal Claw to regain hold of the disco ball. Combusken was sent out again, with it evolving into Blaziken to wake up. Blaziken used Overheat again to batter Scizor and finish it off and gain possession of the disco ball. Chernabog sent out his final Pokemon, Shedinja, into the disco arena. This time, Shedinja used Double Team. Blaziken used Overheat again, with its Special Attack plummeting and not doing much damage to Shedinja, who was about to use Shadow Ball to finish off Blaziken when a church bell rang, making both Chernabog and Shedinja cringe with fear. Wallace and Ash took the stairs and rang the church bell, allowing May's Blaziken to use Overheat one last time. Shedinja was KO'd due to its lack of HP and Chernabog congratulated May, bidding his farewell and leaving, hugging May in the process...

    THE END, yo!

    If you didn't understand it, feel free to make a comic on this so that you can. Look at each detail carefully, though.
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