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    Default A New Wold (Preview)

    Most stories take place in the world of Pokemon only. I decided to try something different and have a story that switches between the real world and the Pokemon world.

    I was the perfect child. I am 13 and I lived in Indianapolis until i was made to move in to Tokyo, Japan. I volunteered to be a test subject for a new system of virtual reality simulation. It was called Livelite. The system would take your thoughts and create a virtual world for you to interact with every thing you can think of. Me being a huge Pokemon fan, I was psyched to try the system out. Unfortunately the system can get viruses...

    Edit: I will post the story in about a month or two.
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    Default Re: A New Wold (Preview)

    For future reference, please note that the first chapter of your story should be released within an hour of posting, not "a month or two" later.
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