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    Default The New Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

    Episode Guide Table of Contents

    Episode 1a: A Plundered Party!
    Episode 1b: The Legend of the Diamond Star
    Episode 2a: Our Craft T. Plan!
    Episode 2b: The Adventure Begins
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    Default Re: The New Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

    The New Super Mario Bros. Super Show

    Episode 1 Main Story: A Plundered Party! (part 1) (airdate: 11/15/2009)

    Daytime fireworks fill the skies above Peach's castle and a crowd of Toads cheer as Peach steps out on the balcony overlooking the royal square. As the crowd bows in respect, Peach issues her decree. "With this year marking the anniversary of the alliance between the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland, Daisy and I will meet at the castle and reaffirm our loyalty to one another. Furthermore..."

    "Excuse me, my lady..." Toadsworth interjects as he dashes onto the castle balcony.

    "What is it?" Peach kneels down to listen to her envoy as the crowd murmurs. She is extra careful not to bury Toadsworth in pink petticoats as he whispers something to her. "I have received word from Sarasa Castle that Daisy has already set out. She is due to arrive here later this afternoon, with the rest of the retinue arriving later tonight."

    Peach nods in approval, gets up, and addresses the crowd with Toadsworth looking on. "In honor of the anniversary, I declare today a festival day!" The crowd roars at this. "Tonight, there will be a grand gala celebrating our alliance, and everyone is welcome!"

    But what no one in the Mushroom Kingdom knows is that they are being watched as the joyous scene then appears in a crystal ball. It turns out Bowser and his minions saw the whole ceremony. A devious smile crosses Bowser's face as he studies Peach waving to the crowd. "Soon, Princess, you will be mine..."

    [OP-Walking the Plains on a New Adventure]

    When we return to the dimly lit keep, we see Bowser Jr. hurrying down one of the crumbling stone staircases. "King Dad, whatcha lookin' at?" he pleads as he enters the room where Bowser is studying the crystal ball. "I wanna see! Lemme see!" he pleads as he frantically tries to get a look, the crowd of Goombas, Koopas, and other minions obscuring his view.

    "Keep your shell on, Junior." a red Magikoopa assures Bowser Jr. "It's just the princess' big announcement today."

    "Something about the Diamond Star?" Bowser Jr. gasps, his eyes becoming silver Starmen.

    "Nah--somethin' ta do with some alliance." a Goomba complains as some minions turn to leave.

    "Phooey--why does King Dad want some silver star anyways?" Bowser Jr. grumbles as he sits on the floor to pout.

    Bowser turns to see Bowser Jr. behind him. "This is no ordinary silver star we're talking about, son." he explains as he invites Bowser Jr. to look into the crystal ball. "The Grand Diamond Star is the strongest known Power Star ever found." An image of a large silver Starman with rainbow stardust on it appears in the crystal ball.

    "Stronger than the Stars that protect the castle?" Bowser Jr. asks.

    "Stronger." Bowser replies.

    "Stronger than even the Grand Stars of the galaxies?"


    "Stronger than the Grand Stars and the castle stars <i>combined?</i>

    "Even stronger than that." Bowser abandons the crystal ball. "The problem is, we don't know where in the land the Grand Diamond Star is located--so our prime suspect that would know where it is..."

    "is probably Princess Peach!" Bowser Jr. finishes the sentence.

    "Exactly--now, go get cleaned up--we have a party to crash." Bowser then nudges Bowser Jr. towards the stairwell.

    A white robed Magikoopa sighs at this as he departs the room. "It's always stars..."

    Meanwhile, on a road not far from the castle, a yellow Yoshi trots down the road. "Plumber's Log #2009: Today marked the anniversary of the alliance between the Mushroom Land and Sarasaland. The day had been decreed a festival, and a grand ceremony had been planned that evening." Mario narrates via voiceover as we look at the Yoshi's rider: a brown haired girl in an orange and yellow gown. "Princess Daisy was on her way to the castle for the celebration, but little did any of us know, the festivities were about to take a terrifying turn..."

    "Here we are, Tashi..." Daisy assures the Yoshi as it approaches the castle. "Peach's Castle." The Yoshi gasps in awe at the stained glass windows. "I'm sure you're tired from walking all this way, so let's settle in, okay?" The Yoshi nods, and hurries towards the castle gate.

    "Who goes there?" a red Toad asks from the left gatehouse.

    "It's me, Daisy of Sarasaland." Daisy calls back.

    The red Toad smiles. "Come on in, Lady Daisy. Peach has been expecting you." With that, the drawbridge lowers, allowing Daisy, Tashi, and a third passenger; a blue Toad, inside.

    Suddenly, Tashi shudders and sniffs the air. "What is it?" Daisy asks, confused by Tashi's unease.

    Tashi yelps and points out an entrance to Peach's room, which has been broken into and ransacked. "Peachy's gone?" Daisy gasps as she looks through some wrinkled bedsheets and smashed pots for any clue to Peach's disappearance.

    The blue Toad rummages through her bag and retrieves a detective's kit. "If we're going to help find Peach, we should look for evidence." With that, she begins dusting the dresser, the bed, and a wardrobe for fingerprints.

    "I think we have all the evidence right here, Craft T." Daisy interjects, holding a yellow piece of paper high. "'If you ever want to see your precious princess again, bring the Grand Diamond Star to my castle if you dare, ha ha ha!' Who does that sound like?"

    "Bowser and his goons, of course!" Craft T. replies. "But what would they want with the strongest Power Star in the world?"

    "Easy--to take over the world." Daisy grumbles, annoyed that her best friend has been kidnapped--again.

    "I'm not surprised..." Craft T. remarks. "There were claw marks matching Bowser on the dresser..." Tashi yelps at this. "Oh, Tashi; Bowser's gone..."

    "Yeah, but he shouldn't have left a big mess before he left..." Daisy mutters as she works to put the room back in order."

    Toadsworth peeks in the room. "Oh, Daisy; thank the Stars you're all right!" he cries as he spots Daisy in the room. "But I can't say the same for our dear Peach..."

    "I know--a certain spiky shelled turtle has swiped her to do who-knows-what, again!" Daisy sighs. "You'd think this place would be beefed up with the latest security by now..."

    "Yes, but Lord Bowser has bested every system we put into place." Toadsworth confesses. "We do have a secret weapon..." he muses as he sets a framed picture of Mario and Luigi back on the dresser. "These two."
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