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    Chapter one: The memory

    Shuzu stood with his squad of 5 assassins at the main gates of the Village Hidden in Fiber. Shuzu waited. A man in his early twenties walked forward out of the shadows. The moon seemed to shine right on top of him. He looked at Shuzu, "What is your business?" He asked calmly. A man name Riu walked towards Shuzu. Riu was also young but wise for his age. He laid his hand on Shuzu's shoulder.

    Shuzu turned his head towards him. Riu tapped, "Shuzu...This is not what he would've wanted..." Shuzu smiled, "Hes not here anymore..." Shuzu walked up towards the man and tapped his fore head. The man fell with a thud. One of Shuzu's men grabbed him a carried him off to the side. A spotlight shined on the 5 men and soon they can could see close to what seemed of a hundred archers pointed right at them.

    One man stood in the center, "What is your business?!" Shuzu smiled, "Were assassinate your Kage..." The man jumped in awe, "Fire!" The archers all took fire on the squad. One of the members made handseals at blazing speed, "Barrier!" A forcefield formed around the squad. Riu jumped up and spread fire, "Fire style: Flame spread!" The top of the gate lit up in flames.

    Shuzu walked forward to the gate and pressed his hand on it and it slowly opened. The village had a 15th century Italian villa feel to it. A small river of lava split the village in half.

    The kage saw the top light up in flames. He stood up and sent his jounin after him. Shuzu saw about 5 jounin charging them. When the jounin got close the man that made the forcefield before, Shinzu, made another. The jounin tried to penetrate it but could not be done. In a flash everybody in the forcefield vanished.

    They all apeared infront of a large building made of clay. Another assassin named Dan closed his eyes, "He's hiding in the basement..." Shuzu nodded, "2 up 3 down...Go!" Shuzu went down to the basement with Shinzu and Dan. Dan closed his eyes, "Hes in this room..." Shuzu nodded, "You know the drill."

    Shinzu nodded and made a forcefield they squeezed in the door. The kage was surrounded by 4 jounin. Shuzu chuckled and kept walking. The jounin tried to stop it but they couldnt, "Shinzu widen it..." Shinzu nodded and widened it out to cover the whole room, crushing everybody outside of it. Shuzu watched as it crushed the kage, "Were not done yet...Hahaha!" Shuzu waited till every last breath was out of the kage.

    They vanished and met up at the top of the building. They each spread out in five different parts of the village, "Everybody ready?" Shuzu said through his walkie talkie. The squad replied, "Ready!" Shuzu and the squad made hand seals, "Fire style: Total Flame!" They all shot flames from there palms unto the village. It was now in total flames. Shuzu ceased the jutsu as the village was now no more.

    Shuzu met up outside of the village with the squad, "Lets leave before this gets to authorities..." They all scattered.


    Museigan awoke from where a man had put him to sleep. He was in a bush. He couldnt remember what happened, "Where am I?" He sat up and saw the flames engulfing the village, "No!" Museigan shot up and jumped to the walls. A tear ran down his face, "No..." He remembered Shuzu's face, "I will kill you..." You jumped off in track of Shuzu.

    Chapter One End

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