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    Default Naruto: Akuma Nin Hitoshirenu Oite Za Konoha

    A/N: I figure, since people are reading my fics in, why not share the wealth?

    This will be a harem fic. Why? I like them.

    This has Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba bashing. Don't like, don't read.

    Naruto will be powerful, bad ass, smart, a smart ass, and cynical. Also, anti-pervert.

    Disclaimer Time! I do not own Naruto or Devil May Cry. That would be Kishi-baka sensei and Capcom, respectively.

    Naruto: Akuma Ninja Hitoshirenu Oite Za Konoha
    (Devil Ninja Hidden in the Leaf)

    Mission One: Ascension

    Naruto couldn't believe it. Jiji, the Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, was defeated by his perverted fantasies via Sexy Jutsu. (Reminder – Hurt jiji-san.) Naruto thought as he shook his head to get rid of thoughts to hurt the old pervert. He put down the Forbidden Scroll and looked through it. He was having a nagging thought. (Why the Forbidden Scroll? This must be the authentic..... Mizuki, you lying son of a bitch bastard.) Naruto thought darkly as he looked through the Scroll. Mizuki told him that the object of the so called "make up" test was to sneak in, grab the supposely fake Forbidden Scroll, get out, and meet Mizuki in Training Ground 26. He seethed at how he was played and looked at the Scroll furiously. What caught his eye right off the bat was 2 seals he never saw before. On the side said -

    Blood seals. D-rank Fuuinjutsu. These seals are used to protect clan techniques and secrets from possible thieves. Only those that have the exact same blood as the sealer or is blood related to the sealer may break the seal. Simply apply blood on the seal. An example would be these two. The Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze sealed three weapons into this scroll. One contains a sword, while the other holds two weapons that isn't seen outside of the Elemental Nation of Twilight.

    Now Naruto was intrigued. Grabbing a kunai from his pouch, he poked his finger and let the blood fall on the seals. Nothing. Disappointed, Naruto was looking at the next thing, the Kage Bunshin, when the seals he bled on shone bright red before going up in a mass of smoke. After coughing from being taken by surprise, he saw three weapons that, to Naruto, looked cool.

    One was a broad sword that had its guard fashioned into a screaming skull with little horns and a ribcage below the skull. Jutting out from the sides were what looked like collar bones. The handle's end had what looked like spikes. The blade had little niches near the tip of the blade. Etched into the sword near the guard was “Rebellion” in cursive script.

    Next were two bizarre weapons the likes of which Naruto had never seen before. One was black, the other was white. The had an elongated barrel with mahogany grip handles designed for comfort. As he gripped them, he noticed that on the inside of the barrels were etched “Ebony and Ivory” in cursive script. He saw women faces on the gun handles as well. The black one, probably Ebony, had a woman who had dark hair, while the white one, presumably Ivory, had white hair. What also came with Ebony and Ivory was a kind of holster designed to be worn on the chest. Naruto unzipped his jacket put the new article on and put Ebony and Ivory in it's two slots. He quickly looked at his orange jumpsuit and gave out a sigh of disgust. No matter what he said, he hated the infernal piece of clothing. He tried to get something that didn't had “Kill Me!” orange. However, thanks to those biased idiot villagers made that nearly impossible. (Fuckers. Think I'm Kira-chan? As if.) he thought as he began to train with the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, seeing as it needs a lot more chakra than a regular Bunshin.


    When Naruto was eight, he had a severe mob beating and went into a one-day coma while healing. He also met his tenant, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or informally, Kira Hikitsune.

    Flashback no Jutsu:

    Oh, what hit me? Oh, yeah – half of the village populous.” Naruto muttered under his breath as he got up, shaking his head from the daze. “Oh, wow. They really did a number on my head. Not like Sakura-teme could do worse.”

    Slight break:

    Sakura Haruno is Naruto's fellow classmate in Konoha's Ninja Academy. He fell head over heels for her until she started to hit him hard and for even over the littlest of things. It broke his world about love, and thus, has rendered oblivious to love....even the obvious signs that one Hinata Hyuuga shows. Every one in the class knew about his love plight, so it was common knowledge for Naruto being dense to love.

    Over the years, Sakura gained the silent nickname of the “Biggest Bitch in the Classroom.” Not to mention her more outspoken nickname “The Pink-Haired Banshee”, due to her pink hair and her shrill and very loud voice that once made one Kiba Inuzuka slightly deaf for a whole day.

    Back to the action:

    Naruto stiffened when he heard sobbing. He suddenly had an urge to help comfort it. Only he noticed his eyes was still closed. When he opened it, his surroundings was what looked like a sewer. He was on a dry spot near the wall. He noticed that their was clear water has submerged at least an inch of the floor. Rolling up his pants, he started to wade through the water. It was bitter cold! Ignoring the numbing cold, he continued to move forward. After walking and pausing to hear the sounds better for what felt like an hour, he came up to an alter-like structure. It had old fashioned gates that had a piece of paper actioning like a lock. On closer inspection, he noticed, on the paper, was the kanji for “seal.” (Okay. I'm confused. What is sealed in here? And where am I?) he thought as he approached the gates.

    Inside, he saw a crying woman with fiery red hair, fair skinned, and puffy eyes. What got his attention was water that seems to be originating from the room. Curious, he reached down and tasted the water. It was salty, like....tears. (Oh, man. How long has she been crying?) Naruto thought with worry. “Excuse me, miss?” He asked/yelled, making the lady in question jump slightly and look at Naruto, making him blush heavily and cover his eyes. (SHE'S NAKED!!!) He mentally screamed. The woman sobbed even harder. Feeling sorry, he slipped though the bars and put his jacket over her shoulders, surprisingly making her stop. “You okay?” he asked, concern in his voice.

    I'm sorry.” She said with great sorrow. This made Naruto curious. He have never met this woman before in his life. So, why is she crying?

    Sorry? What for?” He asked, quite curious.

    I was the one behind why your are hated. I'm..... the Kyuubi no Kitsune.” And she resumed crying. This shocked Naruto. “How....”

    Am I alive? Why I'm not a giant fur ball?” She asked for Naruto, who nodded dumbly. “A - Your Yondaime Hokage. He sealed me into you.... at the cost of his own soul to the Shinigami. B - That's my demonic animal form.” She explained, calming down and the swelling started to go down.

    Though, do you have a clothed form?” Naruto asked as he covered his eyes.

    Blushing slightly herself, Kyuubi stood up and her body became surrounded by fire. When it calmed down, she had a simple red kimono on. On the back had the kanji for “nine” and above it was “fox” in black in yellow diamonds. “I'm decent.” She said, making Naruto drop his hand and sighed.

    Good. Your chest was a little distracting.” He said, making Kyuubi have a fierce blush. Noticing he's making her blush, she decided to returned the favor.

    So, does that mean you like?” She asked in a flirtatious tone, leaning so Naruto can see her chest, making him go a deep shade of red. She chuckled at his expense.

    Is this gonna be regular thing between us?” Naruto asked. She smiled sweetly and closed her eyes.

    What ever gave you that idea?” She asked sweetly, making him sigh in annoyance.

    So, why me?” Naruto asked, eyes showing sadness, belying his calm physical positioning. “Well, before I was sealed, I noticed that you and the sealer had the same scent.” she said with Naruto's eyes widening. (Few things can share the same scent as long as it isn't passive transferred.) He thought.

    Wait... are you saying that I'm related to the Yondaime Hokage?” Naruto asked, shocked.

    You may be related to your fourth. I can't be sure. Don't ask until you have found more evidence.” Kira said. “Alright.” Naruto said, starting to walk away.

    Oh, and do drop by now and then.” “Okay, Kyuubi-chan.” He said in a dismissive tone, making her huff in annoyance. “My name is Kira! Kira Hikitsune!” She yelled in an high authority tone. “Sheesh, touchy!” Naruto exclaimed, putting his hands up. “Sorry.” she apologized. “It's alright.... Kira-chan.” He said, making Kira blush. “Yes! Retaliation!” He yelled. “Naruto!” She screamed. “Bye!” he said as he quickly left.

    (That boy... reminds me of Dante-kun. Wonder what happened to him after we broke off? Meh, it's in the past.) She though as she curled up and went to sleep, peacefully for once.

    Flashback no Jutsu: KAI!


    When he awaken, he told Jiji about the rendezvous with Kira. Sarutobi chuckled when he found out she doesn't like her title as her name. Naruto left out the small discussion concerning the Yondaime, but asked about the Yondaime and his past. Sarutobi told him he didn't know, but Naruto could guess that he knew. Kira smelled something fishy as well. He answered a little too quickly. Naruto let it go until he entered the Academy. He went through the school library trying to find out a thing about his supposed relative. What he found was that a silver-haired and deep azure eyed individual, named Dante Sparda, who always appeared when the Yondaime disappeared... at the same time. This man will almost carry a broad sword that... had....

    Naruto slapped his head in realization. The Yondaime sealed Rebellion into the scroll! Rebellion always wielded by Dante!

    (Kira-chan! Kira-chan!)

    [Where's the fire, Naru-kun?] She said in a dozy tone. [I was sleeping.]

    (Sorry, Kira-chan. Do you know a man by the name of Dante Sparda?)

    [Why are you asking me this?] She quickly asked, fully awake.

    (Look through my eyes.) Naruto's irises went purple for a minute.

    [Where did you find Rebellion and Ebony and Ivory?] She asked, her tone hard.

    (In... blood...seals...) “HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I'M RELATED TO DANTE, THE YONDAIME HOKAGE!!!” He screamed, sending nearby birds flying from his scream.

    “You alright, Naruto?” He spun around to see his Academy sensei, Iruka, a chuunin shinobi, looking like Naruto just grew a second head. “Fine, Iruka-sensei!” He quickly said, picking up Rebellion and closed the Forbidden Scroll. He felt something was out of place. All of a sudden, a fuuma shuriken nearly split Naruto in half was it not for Iruka pushing him out of the way, though got clipped by it.

    “Okay, Naruto, hand me the scroll.” said Mizuki in a very sinister tone. “Fat chance in hell, bastard!” Naruto charged at Mizuki and swung Rebellion, only to be caught and flung to a tree, dazing him. Iruka saw Mizuki grab Rebellion. Eyes widening in horror, he dashed, but stopped dead when Mizuki stabbed Naruto in the chest. “Naruto!” He yelled in vain. Mizuki was laughing evilly, finally rid of the “demon”. Kira, meanwhile, was trying to heal her container. [Don't die on me, Naruto! Please! I haven't even told him that I loved him...] Mizuki stopped laughing. He stopped because Naruto started to shine a white aura.


    In the seal, Kira hold onto her bars for support, due to the sudden shaking. In her chamber, a statue of an armored skeleton arose, wielding a normal broad sword in it's bony hands. [Lord Rebellion?] She thought. Then she remember something – she felt something when she got here, which was a foreign essence. She remembered that Dante had a similar essence. [So, Sparda, you have a grandson...] she smirked. The boy has activated his Devil Trigger.


    Naruto rosed as he pulled Rebellion from his chest. “Mizuki... why did you do that?” he asked, tone low. Iruka backed away slowly. Something told him to do that, and from the looks of things, it was looking to be a good choice.

    “Because you're the Kyuubi! You killed all those people years agon” Mizuki yelled, only to get a hollow laugh from Naruto. “I'm not the Kyuubi. If I was, I would be a girl and I would have also taken no shit for all those years I'm...” he paused to talked to Kira.

    (Kira-chan, what am I?) he asked, understandably confused at the moment.

    [A devil, Naru-kun. Something far stronger than a demon.] she explained.

    (Thank you.) “... I am a devil. Much worse than a demon.” Naruto yelled, then was engulfed in a spiral of deep purple chakra. When it subsided, Naruto was transformed into a demonic-like being. His skin was reptilian-like, odd fox ear-like protrusions sticking out from his scalp, his loose skin was looking like a long two-tailed coat, two horns protruding from the sides of his skull and curved downward, and odd protrusions were coming out of his back. He was also canary yellow, black, and bony grey. Kira noticed he resembled Dante when he goes Devil. However, the key difference was that he wasn't blood red.

    He lifted an arm and hit Mizuki in the face, sending him flying. Opening his apparent wings, he flew and struck Mizuki hard in the stomach with a foot. “What's the matter, Mizuki-teme? Afraid of an Academy student?” Devil Naruto asked, mouth twisted into a smirk, his deep voice unnerving Iruka. Mizuki threw a shuriken at Naruto, embedding itself into his fore head. Startling the two men, Naruto pulled the shuriken out and broke it. “That... hurt.” he said in a amused tone. Lifting Rebellion, he stabbed Mizuki, only for him to go “Poof!” “Kage Bunshin!” Devil Naruto cursed as he lifted Rebellion into a defensive pose. He was hit from behind, sending him through a tree, toppling it over. Iruka readied a fuuma shuriken at where Devil Naruto was hit. A half tiger man walked into the clearing, mania showing in his eyes. It was Mizuki, as his shredded clothing gave it away.

    “Devil or demon, you're dying today.” Tora Mizuki snarled. The tree moved, then was tossed towards Mizuki. He caught it with some difficulty. Devil Naruto appeared behind him., shocking him. "What?!" he roared. “Too slow! Million Stab!” Devil Naruto, stabbing Mizuki in the back 20 times in blinding speed. Mizuki reverted back to his human form and fell forward, dead. Naruto reverted back to his normal self.

    “Well, that was entertaining, to say the least.” Naruto said, panting hard. “Naruto... may be we should get you a re-test started.” Iruka said, holding his side. “After you get that cut looked at.” Naruto said nonchalantly. Iruka gave a sheepish laugh and limped to the hospital while Naruto carried the Scroll.

    Mission: End

    A/N: So, how was it?

    Obviously, Hinata and Fem. Kyuubi is gonna be in the harem. I'll reveal the others in time.

    I'll get onto the Sasuke and Kiba bashing in the next mission or so.

    Read and review, people~! Also, updates will be here and there.

    DH, logging off!

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    Default Re: Naruto: Akuma Nin Hitoshirenu Oite Za Konoha

    A/N: I'm depressed... not one reply.....

    Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Devil May Cry. They belong to Kishi-baka sensei and Capcom. (sigh) Wish I did, though.

    Naruto: Akuma Nin Hitoshirenu Oite Za Konoha
    (Devil Ninja Hidden in the Leaf)

    Mission Two: Inheritance

    Naruto was waiting patiently of Iruka outside the hospital in the morning at 6 A.M. He stared at his Devil Arm Rebellion, strapped to his back. (Just how am I related to you, Dante?) Naruto thought sagely. It had been on his mind for a good 7 hours now. His mind was playing multiple scenarios, even in his sleep.

    “Naruto!” Iruka called, getting the deviling's attention. Iruka was using a crutch for his left side, the side where he got clipped. “We should get to Hokage-sama and inform him.”

    “Alright. I need to talk to jiji anyway.” Naruto said, popping his knuckles. Iruka shook his head. (Almost feel sorry for him....) He knew about Naruto's attitude towards perverts. Iruka just hoped it wasn't too degrading.

    Iruka looked up and did an obvious double take. (How did I miss that?) he asked to himself. He just noticed that Naruto now has silver hair that is now freely hanging. And he was noticeably taller, with his clothes now formed for his new body height of 5'11”. Thankfully, he still had his azure eyes.

    “Iruka-sensei? Iruka-sensei? Snake!” Naruto yelled, getting a yell of fear as Iruka got out of his stupor.

    “You know I hate snakes!” Iruka yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Naruto.

    “You looked like a fish.” Naruto said, eyebrow raised. (He's going to be a lady killer...) Iruka thought before he shook his head. “Naruto, have you looked into a mirror?”

    “No, why?” Naruto asked, tone inquisitive. Iruka took off his headband and showed Naruto his reflection. Said deviling stared with wide eyes (and making Kira have a small nosebleed).

    “WHAT THE HELL?!” He screamed, waking up the people of Konoha.
    Business section of Konoha, 7 A.M.

    (You could have told me I have changed.) Naruto said to Kira, not happy as he walked to the Hokage's Tower with Iruka.

    [You looked so much like Dante-kun.] She said, not really defending herself.

    (How did you came to know Dante?) Naruto asked.

    [Job. I hired him to get rid of my mother, the previous Kyuubi, Kitahime.] She said like it was no big deal.

    (You ordered a hit on your own kaa-san?) Naruto asked, quite shocked.

    [She was dealing with Mundus under the table. Us animal demons were against the actions of the demons aligned with Mundus.]

    (Who is Mundus?) Naruto asked, feeling like he wanted to crush him.

    [Mundus was a devil bent on conquering the human dimension. Was it not for one of his one, Cortez Sparda, founder of the Sparda Clan and Dante's father, we would have lost and the human dimension too.]

    (So, is he still alive?) Naruto asked worried that Mundus might make a comeback..

    [No. Dante killed Mundus in their second encounter, finishing what Cortez started.]

    At this, Naruto sighed with relief. (Was worried for a minute there.)

    [Naru-kun, eyes on the road!] Kira suddenly yelled, making Naruto snap back to the present. He jumped over a cart that was heading his way. He grabbed on of the handles, making it stop effortlessly.

    “Sorry!” Came a female voice Naruto was familiar with. He turned to see a class mate of his, one Ino Yamanaka, running to him. “Sorry. Lost control of it when Kiba pushed it on purpose.” Ino said in apologetic tone before looking at who caught the cart. “Naruto?!”

    “Yeah?” He asked, raising an eyebrow, making Ino blush slightly.(He looks... sexy...) Ino thought as her blush continue to deepen. “Ino-chan? Broken pot!” Naruto yelled, making Ino jump and check the cart for any broken merchandise. Naruto noticed that a variety of flowers were in the cart, with the sign “Yamanaka Florists” on top.

    “Naruto-baka, don't scare me like that!” She yelled, thankfully softer than her “friend.” “That's what Iruka-sensei said!” Naruto said. “Played the 'snake' card?” she asked, well aware of her sensei's phobia of snakes. It's a good thing he never met Orochimaru, otherwise the scarred chuuin will never come out of his home. He nodded with his patented foxy grin, making Ino sigh.

    “What am I going to do with you?” “Besides fulfilling your sexual fantasies?” He asked, making Ino blush like only Hinata can.

    “Ero-baka!” She said, flustered at Naruto's suggestion, making him laugh heartily.

    “Well, I'm gonna talk with Hokage-jiji. See ya!” Naruto said, catching up with Iruka. Ino looked at him longly.

    (I'm sorry, Naruto-kun, for the abuse Sakura put you through. And what else are you hiding, Naruto Uzumaki?) Ino thought before pushing the wheeled cart back to its old spot.

    (Remind me Kira to hurt Kiba.) He thought, as he cracked his knuckles.

    [Got it, Naru-kun.]

    (In the seal)

    {Alrightly, then.} she thought, rubbing her hands together, making a planning board appear, along with rows of paper. {This is gonna be sweet!} She thought as she started to format a plan.


    Naruto looked up, seeing his destination, the Hokage's Tower, up close. His “pervert senses” went tingling. He turned around to see a silver haired Anbu with a dog mask with the hair style seemly making it defy gravity, reading a little orange book. (How does he do it?) Naruto asked himself. “Oy, ero-Anbu!” The Anbu in question jumped and saw Naruto. He quickly put away the book. “Uh-huh. That's what I thought.” Naruto said, making the “I'm-watching-you” motion, making said Anbu to sweat under his mask and Iruka to shake his head.

    (Kakashi, Kakashi, Kakashi... You never learn.) Iruka thought as he and Naruto trudged on.

    Kakashi Hakate is easily the most perverted Anbu in Konoha's forces. He reads his Icha Icha books even in public, making the women angry at him. Most noticeably, Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yuuhi, a special jounin and a newly instated jounin, respectively. He is easily recognized for having silver hair that seems to defy gravity, something that puzzles even him. He gave up why his hair stood up long ago.

    “Hi, Mara-san. Jiji seeing anyone?” Naruto asked, having no qualms with Sarutobi's secretary whatsoever.

    “Hi, Naruto-kun. No. He's doing his paperwork.” She said with a small smile and a slight blush.

    “And soon be looking for new doors.” Naruto stated, with a slight growl.

    “Eh?” Both Iruka and Mara asked, confused at Naruto's statement. Naruto literally kicked the doors off its hinges, nearly giving the old man and ANBU in the room a heart attack.

    “*Whew* Why did you kick my doors down?” Sarutobi asked, a little mad, which is understandable.

    “Why did you not tell me I was related to Dante Sparda, the Yondaime Hokage?” Now Iruka was a teacher, so he knew about the names of the previous Hokages.

    “Naruto, don't you mean Minato Namikaze?” He asked.

    “It's an alias, isn't it?” Naruto asked, eyes not leaving Sarutobi's. Iruka looked at Sarutobi, who was starting to look scared.

    “How did you know about Dante's position here?” Sarutobi asked, looking very scared. Naruto threw down the Forbidden Scroll.

    “That and... this.” Naruto said, transforming into his Devil Trigger and pulling Rebellion from his sheath. Sarutobi was in shock, but quickly regained it. “Why wasn't I told?” Devil Naruto asked, unconsciously leaking an massive amount of KI, making it hard for Sarutobi to breathe.

    “Because Dante had a lot of enemies as Minato and himself. If word got out that he had a son - ” “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm Dante Sparda's son?” Devil Naruto asked, his facial features voice showing shock.

    (Shit.) Sarutobi thought. Naruto read his face. He had the “Oh,-shit,-I-just-said-something-I-wasn't-supposed-to” look currently on his mug. He punched though the desk, stopping millimeters from Sarutobi's crotch, making him mentally sigh in relief. (I've seen how strong Dante-kun is in his Devil Trigger. Don't need a crotch shot from a Sparda.) He said as Naruto pulled his hand back and pulled with him an Icha Icha Paradise book. How he knew he was hiding one was anyone's guess.

    I'll burn this if you don't give me my inheritance... now.” Sarutobi meeped and gave Naruto several envelopes. Devil Naruto just flung it out the window, making the Hokage make a wild grab for it. As Sarutobi put the book in a drawer, Devil Naruto opened an envelope. It was addressed to him.... by Dante. He deactivated his Devil Trigger and unfolded the parchment.

    Hey, kiddo. You probably got this if you either are sixteen, activated your bloodline, or are a chuunin. Any way, my name is Dante Sparda, known secretly to few as the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze. I 'm 50 years old, though our bloodline as devils slows down aging once we hit 16. Think reverse dog years. I look around my twenties. All true Sparda clan members have deep azure eyes and natural silver hair, along with a sense of sarcasm and humor.

    At this, Naruto chuckled.

    I'm getting off topic. The Kyuubi no Kitsune is coming our way, and as Hokage, I must stop her. Yes, her. The Kyuubi is female. In case you didn't met her yet, hit yourself with a hard object over the head. Her name is Kira Hikitsune. I met her when I was hired by her to kill her mother. Weird way to met, huh? Anyways, her mom, Kitahime, was dealing with Mundus and was sentenced to death by the rest of the Bijuu Court. However, she escaped, and I was the one who, not only had to stop her, but to kill her. Anyways, I haven't had that good of a match since Vergil when he was possessed by Mundus. Oh, Vergil's your uncle. He's always coming and going in my shop. Anyways, I managed to kill her and turn her soul into an Devil Arm. You're probably wondering, “What's a Devil Arm?” right now.

    At this, Naruto mentally nodded his head.

    Well, kiddo, a Devil Arm is a weapon made from the defeated soul or the collected power of a demon or a devil. Cool, huh? Well, locked in the “Namikaze Compound” are the rest of my Devil Arms, including Kitahime. The keys are in one of the envelopes. Oh, I forgot to mention what she looks like. She's a pair of crimson gauntlets that have hidden claws. She also lets you use Katon jutsus more easily, and increases your probably already impressive strength. You can probably lift a Hokage head from “Mount Hokage-more” with Kitahime on. However, if she gets soaked, she can't use her powers. Also, she's conductive.

    Anyways, on to the bloodlines. We can take fatal hits and heal almost instantly, though, the more we are injured, the slower it takes to heal. This needs a full day of recharging if it stops. We have extremely good timing and hand-eye coordination. We are very good gunslingers, kenjutsu specialists, and taijutsu masters. We also are naturally stronger than most humans (and objects). We have a passion for rock and roll, and anything with wheat.

    (This will probably explain why I love ramen so much.) Naruto mused, as he often wondered why he love the stuff.

    We have the ability to use the Devil Trigger, an ability in which we use our devilian powers and make us into our true devilian or demonic form. It also heals any injuries prior to the activation. Mine and your uncle Vergil's Devil Trigger depended on what Devil Arm we were currently using. The Devil Trigger takes on different shapes depending on the Devil Arm. I noticed that Kitahime made me take on an vulpine-like appearance. Probably, you will have that as well. Your other uncle, my younger brother Nero, has a different Devil Trigger. He projects a warrior that is wielding Yamato, Vergil's main Devil Arm. Out of all the Devil Arms that I have seen, his looks the most normal. It's an o-katana.

    I met with Nero when I was on the hunt for Yamato, which went missing. He had it but I let him keep it until the Order of the Sword fiasco was over.

    Now, here another devilian bloodline we have – the Devil Bringer. It has crimson armoring, and electric blue “vein” and fingers. It can help you parry attacks that can slice though or otherwise cripple an normal arm. It also increases the strength of the arm to frightening heights! Nero's Devil Bringer is different, because, due to a birth defect, his Devil Bringer is on constantly, while me and Virgil rarely use ours.

    The Devil bloodlines have techniques the likes of which are never seen before. Well, gotta go. Got a fox to stop.

    P.S. I loved you kiddo. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are the only one I know who can handle Kira for me in my abstinence. Also, if you find a white haired man with red marking on his face near the hot springs on the women's side, kick him over once for me. He peeped on your mother once.

    Signed, the Yondaime Hokage and the Devil Hunter,

    Dante Sparda A.K.A. Minato Namikaze

    Naruto was slightly crying. He now knew that his father loved him, and made a mental note to harm the man who peeped on his mother. Now, what about his mother? He opened the second envelope that was again addressed to him, but by Lucia Sparda. He unfolded the parchment and begin to read it.

    Hello, my son. You are probably reading this after your read your father's letter. My name is Lucia Sparda, known to the public outside of Akumagakure no Sato as Kushina Uzumaki of Uzu no Kuni. I'm truly sorry if I'm not with you. The doctors have warn me I would die from birth complications. Now, do NOT think you killed me! Sometimes, a woman will die at childbirth due to complications and blood loss.

    Your father was absolutely ecstatic when he found out about you. So much, he yelled “I'm gonna be a dad!” off the Hokage Monument. Truthfully, that's the man I feel in love with. The Third Great Shinobi War took away one of his students named Obito Uchiha, so he grew a little like Vergil. Only after the news of my pregnancy did he revert back to his old sarcastic and fun loving self. His other students are Kakashi Hakate and Rin Inuzuka. Rin's been MIA for a year or so. The Inuzuka clan are still looking for her. Even I helped before you, and I had no such luck.

    Anyways, I'm a demon created by a man named Arius, but I was a “defect”. Meaning I wouldn't cooperated with him. So, I left and met your father and helped him bring down Arius. I also have a Devil Trigger. However, mine leans towards an avian-like appearance. Avian means “bird”. Your father's Devil Trigger must have combined with mine, so you might have wings in your Devil Trigger form, regardless of which Devil Arm you use.

    Naruto noticed that he does have wings when he activates his bloodline.

    Your real name is Alexander Sparda, but you probably got attached to Naruto Uzumaki. I understand if you keep your false name. It's your choice. Also, since you are the last of the Sparda Clan with Vergil married to Lady and Nero to Kyrie, you will have the C.R.A., or Clan Restoration Act pushed onto you by the bastard civilian and elder council. It states that a dying clan with a sole or a handful of survivors can marry more than one girl. Dante made sure it stayed at nine. If you get it forced down your throat, defend yourself! A Sparda takes shit from no one but themselves! Tell them it's your choice. If they still don't see it, activate your Devil Trigger. That'll get them quiet.... or will force the Anbu to attack. Anyway, I'm sorry to say, but.... your father's old teammates Hiashi Hyuuga and Shippo Inuzuka (Kami rest his soul) made marriage contracts to any daughters they may have. Treat them fairly, though I wouldn't expect anything less from my son. I love you, Alex. I wish I could hold you in my arms... It's time, Alex... Be strong, my child. And shine forth as the next Legendary Dark Knight!

    Signed, Anbu Black Ops captain Okami and wife to the Devil Hunter,

    Lucia Sparda A.K.A. Kushina Uzumaki

    P.S. If you find a white haired man with red markings that looks like bloody tears near the women's side of the hot spring, kick him over. His name is Jiraiya, Dante's ninja sensei and a pervert without an equal. He also writes the Icha Icha books and a student of Sarutobi.

    Now, Naruto was crying more... and more determined to punish the pervert known as Jiraiya. He put the letters back in their envelopes and pocketed the keys to the Sparda Clan Compound. “Jiji, I found out my real name.” He said, confusing Iruka, Mara, and Sarutobi.

    “What is it, then?” He asked, intrigued at this piece of evidence.

    “My real name is Alexander Sparda, Son of Dante and Lucia Sparda, and Grandson of Cortez Sparda. And call for an meeting revolving around me. Time to show this village what the Sparda Clan is capable of.” Naruto, now Alex, smirked. (This party's gonna get crazy. I better get ready to rock.) He noticed another blood seal was on Dante's letter. Poking his finger with Rebellion, he wiped the blood on it. A minute later, it shone bright red, then the seal went up in smoke. Alex saw what this one contained – a new set of clothes. A note was on them.

    I created this along with a friend of mine, Dustin Higarashi. Wear them proudly, my son – Dante

    Alex saw that they had bands of canary yellow, the color of his Devil Trigger. He knew his colors. He went to the bathroom to change. He knew a storm was coming to Konoha..... and the name's Alexander Sparda, formerly Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze!

    Mission End.

    A/N: So, how's that? Well, I got to the Kiba bashing, slight as it is. Well, this was a Dante X Lucia pairing. The bashing will truly start next mission.

    I think the letters were a little long.

    The marriage contract with the Hyuugas DOES include Hanabi.


    The next mission: Naruto, now Alexander or Alex Sparda, now plans to revive the Sparda Clan, but first, he must become a gennin. Enter Sarutobi's Four Man Jounin Test! Alex must face Gai in taijutsu, Kurenai Yuuhi in genjutsu, Hayate Gekko in kenjutsu and a mysterious 17 year-old jounin from Hakumeigakure no Sato named Travis Chorcino in ninjutsu. Kira is saying demonic power is coursing through his veins. What secrets does this man that hails from Twilight Nation hold? Also, Alex will fully understand the marriage contracts! Hee hee.....

    Next Mission: Graduation.

    This party's getting crazy! Let's rock!

    DH, logging off!
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