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    Default Mysterious Girl (Brockshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)

    Mysterious Girl (Brockshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special) Rated: U

    A/N: Inspired by the song ‘Mysterious Girl’ by Peter Andre

    Brock, a pokemon breeder learning to be the best there is, was in his swimming suit lying on a beach sunbathing, along with four of his great friends Ash, May, Max and Pikachu.

    They were taking a short break from their pokemno journey by lying on the beach. Brock sat up and stretched out his arms while yawning after taking a long rest; as he did that he saw a pretty tanned lady with a long, black ponytail hair in her red and white bikini with a green silk cloth wrapped around her waist that reached down to one knee; a deep red blush appeared on his face.

    I stop and stare at you
    Walking on the shore
    I try to concentrate
    My mind wants to explore

    “She’s mine,” Brock said loudly with ecstasy, getting his friends’ attention. “I need to ask her out!”

    “Brock,” Ash said sounding realistic as he got up. “You asked about over a million girls already and when was the last time one of them said ‘yes’?”

    He was waiting for Brock’s response but he was already gone, gone to the girl that he ‘fell in love’ with. He quickly got in front of her and got down on one knee.

    The tropical scent of you
    Takes me up above
    And girl when I look at you
    Oh I fall in love

    “Oh, my sweet love,” Brock said with ecstacy in his voice. “The tropical and scent of you took me up above the heavens. We see others as strangers but if you see me as your mysterious man, you’ll find me a stranger nevermore and I’ll love you forever more.”

    His friends let out a small sigh. Knowing what he was like with pretty girls like her, Max was about to grab Brock by the ear and drag him away, in order to snap him back into reality.

    No doubt you look so fine
    Girl I wanna make you mine
    I want to be with a woman just like you
    No doubt I'm the only man
    Who can love you like I can
    So just let me be with the woman that I love

    “Yes,” the girl said with a small blush and smile on her, surprising Brock’s friends while he danced around with joy.

    “Er… should we warn her about Brock?” Max asked, feeling slightly sorry for the girl.

    “Nah, don’t bother, Max,” Ash said simply. “Let him dream.”

    That night, Brock and pals were back at the pokemon centre where Brock was getting for his first ever date. He dressed himself in a blue Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals for he and the girl he just asked were not going to posh, fancy and expensive restaurant but to a Hawaiian themed restaurant.

    Some of his friends had doubts that this girl may be the one for him, yet they had a feeling that he might pull this one off.

    Watching the sun go down
    The tide is drifting in
    We can get closer now
    And feel the warmth within

    That evening, after a marvellous dinner at the restaurant they strolled down the beach until they decided to stop to take a little rest. As they sat on the beach they looked at the setting sun, feeling the cold at the same time.

    “It’s getting pretty cold here,” the mysterious girl said, she was wearing a green silky skirt that reached down to her ankles, and a small white bikini top. She had her knees up to her chest as though she was curled up into a ball, trying to keep herself warm.

    “Here, let me keep you warm,” Brock said as he took off his shirt and placed it on her shoulder, covering her back to keep her warm. As he did, the girl placed her hand on top of his, much to his surprise. Mentally, it felt like a jolt of electricity running under his skin.

    Cos I'm looking in your eyes
    Feeling so alive
    And girl when you touch me
    It's time to take it through the night

    They both looked at each other in the eyes and bashful looks came onto their faces. “Brock,” she said. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

    “I always have,” Brock whispered.

    “I do too. When I first met you, eye to eye… I felt love…”

    Girl, I wanna be with you
    I wanna spend the night with you
    I need to be with the woman that I love
    Girl, I wanna do to you
    All the things you want me to
    I need to be with the woman that I love

    Baby girl... let your loving release

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Mysterious girl
    I wanna get close to you
    (so close to you my baby)
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Mysterious girl
    Move your body close to mine

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…

    They were gazing into each other’s eyes for several minutes they decided to move their faces closer. They planned to kiss all through the night as their lips were just inches away until…

    Suddenly, a finger snap was heard, snapping him back into reality. Brock blinked several times before seeing a familiar hand that snapped in front of him and realising that he was kneeling down on one knee, holding May’s hand when he thought that he was holding that mysterious girl’s hand.

    “Brock,” May said in a dull voice, knowing how goofy her friend can get with pretty girls. “You’re holding my hand.”

    In shock, Brock let out a scream as he quickly released her hand and dusted off the ‘germs’ she might have from his. He then felt an awkward shiver running through his body.

    After he quickly dusted them off, he looked at the girl’s direction and saw the moment that he would forever describe as ‘heartbreaking’. He saw the mysterious girl kissing another man on the lips, much to his dismay.

    He fell to his knees and then on his hands, sobbing like there was no tomorrow. “Don’t worry, Brock,” Ash said, comforting his friend, as was Pikachu. “There’s plenty of fish in the sea and you’ll catch one… as long as they’re not caught.”

    “You’re right, Ash!” Brock said loudly and proudly as he suddenly stopped crying and stood up on his two feet while placing his fist on his heart. “And I will not rest until I find my perfect lady!”

    He then saw another pretty lady, dressed in a bikini and quickly walked over to her. Max wanted to pull his ear to snap him back into reality but Ash stopped him. “Max, let him dream,” he said with a small smile on his face.

    As they looked on, Brock and the girl kept on talking as they walked towards the airborne sun.

    END! Happy Valentine's, people!
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    Aw, poor Brock. I was hoping he'd finally get a (real) date for once. Still, a cute story overall.


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