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    Default My name is Thomas

    My name is Thomas
    Pokemon doesn't belong to me. I'm writing the story just for fun.
    Chapter 1: My Journey begins

    Sunday, 2 June 2013 (aka Trainer’s Day)…
    My name is Thomas Peterson, and I am 10 years old and I live (or maybe lived) in Saffron City. Today, being the first Sunday of this summer, is Trainer’s Day. It’s a day devoted to new Pokemon Trainers. On this day, whoever is over 10 years old can receive a Pokemon Trainer’s license, accompanied with a Pokedex and a Starter Pokemon. I am going to receive my first Pokemon as well, of course! And I will finally become a Pokemon Master!
    In fact, it was quite a trouble to persuade Dad to let me journey around the Kanto region. But after a bit of negotiation by me and Mom, he finally allowed me to follow my dream.
    It’s still 7 o’ clock in the morning, but I am already awake, even though the Pokemon distribution at the Saffron City Pokemon Center is at eight. I wouldn’t like to be late at any cost, that’s why. Anyway, I should dress up and go downstairs, to the kitchen, to have breakfast.
    It’s finally time to put on my travelling outfit. A black T-shirt with red, blue,and yellow stripes as well as my short black jeans. And of course, my backpack!
    While going downstairs to the kitchen, I saw Mom cooking, but Dad wasn’t there. That’s why I asked: “Where’s Dad?”
    Mom replied: "Oh, honey… He said that he really wanted to see you off, but he was unable because he had to go at work just in time. But he told me to wish you good luck".
    I was really annoyed by that, even though that was pretty much expected. Dad works at Silph. Co and has to go to work too early. Shrugging it off, I replied : “Let’s stop talking about Dad right now. It’s my last day home, you know…”
    Realizing that I wasn’t in the mood to discuss about Dad, she just replied: "Oh, honey…Still, I am glad that you will eventually follow your dreams. I mean, as your mom, I want to see you happy… "
    I replied: "Oh, Mom… I will miss you."
    She didn’t speak to me after that. Silence was a better option, eventually. We just sat down and had breakfast. As soon as I was about to leave, I told Mom: "I have to leave, Mom. Take care. I will be back soon."
    Mom replied: "I really expect it. Take care you too, honey!"
    With that as our last words, I left home en route to the Pokemon Center. Right that moment, my thoughts were so scattered that it looked like the walks from my home to the Center lasted an eternity, even though it was only a few metres away.
    When I finally reached, I just entered from the automatic door. Inside, there was a huge queue, comprised of people like me who wanted to get their first Pokemon as well. Having no other option, I made it to the queue.
    Since I was quite bored by the long wait, I tried to start conversation with the boy standing in front of me. He was a bit taller than me, he wore a brown leather jacket and also had an afro hairstyle. I introduced myself : “Hello! I am Thomas.”
    He replied: “I don’t care.”
    However, I also got an answer from the girl behind me: “My name is Gloria, idiot!”
    She was blonde and tall, with long hair. I wouldn’t be able to figure out that she was that rude. Since I felt like no one would like to talk to me, I shut my mouth up, waiting for my turn.
    Finally, after some time, Nurse Joy called the boy in front of me to get his Pokemon. I was quite stressed at that point, since I was the next one to get a Pokemon. My thoughts were once more interrupted though when he stormed out, shouting:
    At least I found out that his name was Casey. What mattered though was the fact that it now was my turn. Nurse Joy greeted me: “Hello, Trainer. Follow me in this room.”
    We entered the room. It was quite empty, as there was only one table in the middle, with no other piece of furniture around. What was important, though, was that upon the table were three Pokeballs, presumably containing the Starter Pokemon. Even the thought that one of these Pokemon will soon become mine made me feel more stressed than ever. Nurse Joy asked me: “Please tell me your name.”
    I answered the obvious: “My name is Thomas Peterson.”
    She thought that up, and finally replied: “Allright… Let me show you your three available choices for your first Pokemon!”
    She then grabbed the Pokeballs and threw them up all at once. They popped up, emitting a white light which manifested into the Pokemon.
    Nurse Joy introduced to me to them: “The Pokemon at the left is Bulbasaur, and it’s a Grass-type. The one at the middle is Charmander, and it’s a Fire-type. And the one at your right is Squirtle, which is a Water-type. Choose whichever you like.”
    I had already decided which one I should take, though. I just said: “I choose Squirtle!”
    Squirtle was really happy to hear that, and I was delighted as well, since it looked like my first partner was fond of me, after all.
    Nurse Joy continued: “We are not done yet, though! This is your Pokedex. It’s a full-fledged Pokemon encyclopedia, and will also serve as your Trainer ID. The way it works is simple. For the scan feature, just point it towards the Pokemon. Try it on Squirtle.”
    I did exactly the way Nurse Joy described it. Suddenly, much to my surprise, it started saying:
    “Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon, When it retracts its long neck into its shell, it squirts out water with vigorous force.”
    I screamed in excitement: “It worked!”
    Nurse Joy, much calmer, continued: “Since this is your Pokemon, you can use the check feature by pressing the button “Check!”. This way you can learn about its ability and moveset.”
    I did again what Nurse Joy said, and the Pokedex this time said:
    “This Squirtle is male, has the ability Torrent, and the moves Tackle, Withdraw and Water Gun.”
    Nurse Joy further explained: “You can also press the “Details” button to learn more about the Abilities and moves mentioned.
    After that action, the Pokedex said:
    “Pokemon with the Torrent Ability get a power boost at their Water-type moves when they are in danger. The move Tackle is a Normal-type move that hits the opponent by body contact. Withdraw is a move that increases the user’s defense. Water Gun is a Water-type move that hits the opponent with a beam of water shot from the user’s mouth.”
    Nurse Joy took up 5 Pokeballs from a closet and gave them to me, saying: “These Pokeballs are empty. Use them to catch Pokemon that you will encounter.”
    I thanked Nurse Joy for all the things she gave me, before trying to leave. She stopped me, though: “Wait! You have to get Squirtle’s Pokeball!”
    I turned back, realizing what had I just forgot. I took the Pokeball from the desk and pointed it at Squirtle: “Squirtle, return!”
    Thanking Nurse Joy once more, I left the Pokemon Center. I have pre-decided that I would make it to route 7 to catch some Pokemon, before taking the Celadon Gym challenge, since I was unable to challenge the Saffron Gym right away because I only had one Pokemon. With that in mind, I made it towards Route 7.
    Since I felt lonely travelling, I took Squirtle’s Pokeball and tossed it upwards: “Squirtle, come out!”
    Squirtle popped out, happily waving me: “Squirtle!”
    I introduced myself to it: “Hello, Squirtle! My name is Thomas, and my dream is to become a Pokemon Master. Will you help me?”
    Squirtle answered happily: “Squirt! Squirt!”
    Me: “I guess it’s a deal! Would you like to stay out?”
    Squirtle replied positively.
    Me: “Great! Let’s hit the road!”
    As soon as I shouted, though, Gloria, the girl from earlier, together with a Bulbasaur, shouted back: “Thomas, wait!”
    I decided to stay and ask her what’s the matter. I did so as soon as she reached me.
    Gloria: “What’s the matter, you said? A Pokemon Battle, that’s it!” she replied.
    I asked her to clear things out: “You want me and Squirtle to battle you and Bulbasaur, you ask?”
    She replied positively. I was psyched to have my first Pokemon Battle, thus I shouted: “Let’s do it!”
    She immediately called out: “Bulbasaur, the stage is yours!”. Her Bulbasaur left the place it was standing and made it to the front, staring at us with a vigorous glare. I scanned Bulbasaur in my Pokedex:
    “Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon. There is a plant seed on its back right from the day this Pokémon is born. The seed slowly grows larger.”
    I replied: “I see…” Hoewever,I was puzzled because of what she said before. “Why did you stay “The stage is yours!” when sending Bulbasaur to battle?”
    She answered, seeming annoyed by my remark: “It’s a battlecry, you idiot!”
    Squirtle, in a similar mood as me, replied: “Squirt!”
    Gloria scanned my Squirtle: “Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon. After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth.”
    Gloria replied: “We have the advantage! There is no way you beat us!”
    I replied: “SINCE YOU CALLED ME AN IDIOT, I GO FIRST! SQUIRTLE, USE WATER GUN!”. As soon as I finished though, I remembered that Water Gun wasn’t effective on the grass-type Bulbasaur. Realizing that my temper has gotten me, I decided to calm down.
    Gloria ordered: “Just let it hit! Have a nice bath, Bulbasaur!”
    As expected, Water Gun made Bulbasaur delighted more than damaged. As soon as I was about to call another move, Gloria interrupted: “Wait, idiot! We move! Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!”
    I got my temper back and started shouting: “HOW DARE YOU STILL CALLING ME AN IDIOT!” What I didn’t realize back then was that Squirtle was hit quite hard by the Vine Whip. Barely standing, it sprayed a Water Gun in my face. That woke me up, though.
    Me: “Sorry, Squirtle, no more temper I promise! Use Withdraw!”
    Gloria: “Tackle it!”
    This time Bulbasaur’s Tackle barely did any damage to my Squirtle, since Withdraw increased its defense.
    Me: “Way to go! Now, we Tackle!”
    Gloria: “Oh, no, you don’t! Use Leech Seed!”
    Leech Seed? What was that? Sooner than expected, Squirtle was engulfed in a net of seeds that seemed to damage it. I quickly pulled off the Pokedex and pressed Details.
    “Leech Seed periodically damages the target, healing the user.”
    I was panicked by the Pokedex’s description. The more I panicked, the more I lost control. The more I lost control, the more Bulbasaur was healed.
    Gloria stood up and said: “Since you idiot do not call a move, I will call one! Bulbasaur, use Tackle!”
    Squirtle meanwhile had used Tackle all by itself, in an attempt to protect itself. The two attacks clashed, but Squirtle was worn out by Leech Seed and was pushed back. I quickly ran towards it. “Squirtle, are you okay?”
    Squirtle though, gave me a Water Gun to the face, before leaving into the woods.
    I desperately shouted: “Squirtle! Where are you going? Come back! I’m sorry!” Seeing no response, I ran as fast as I could, but I quickly lost sight of it.
    Gloria had followed me all along. Feeling sorry, she told me: “I’m sorry for Squirtle! I didn’t think of the consequences of calling you idiot…”
    I shouted at her: “LEAVE ME ALONE!”, before leaving in pursuit of Squirtle…
    I can’t believe what I had done… One thing is sure, though. Squirtle, I will find you, no matter what!
    The War Room
    Random Messages

    These two images are more than enough to describe all the fun I had in this forum all over the past year...
    BMGF, 2013-2014... I will never forget you.
    Just wait a little, I'll come back...

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    Try spacing things out a little, that might make it a bit easier to read, especially on a mobile device. I should be able to give a full review then :)

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