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Thread: My Lopunny Diary (Contains Human x Pokemon!)

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    Default My Lopunny Diary (Contains Human x Pokemon!)

    This is basically testing the waters to see what I get. This is about a trainer's misplaced laptop diary, peeking into the life of him and his Lopunny.

    --- Entry 1: These Strange Feelings ---

    Hello, anyone reading this! Hopefully only me re-reading it, though!

    I would normally blog this, but I figure that if I did, I'd likely be kicked out of Unova for life and have to move to somewhere that I'd absolutely hate. Orre would likely be my only option. But anyway.

    My name isn't important, but I'm a Pokemon Trainer. I live by myself, as per usual for trainers these days. I only have one Pokemon, and it (or, I should say "she,") is a Lopunny. We don't participate in battles much unless I really need some extra money, but when we do, she never fails to win me enough money for dinner.

    This sounds fine, right? A male trainer, living in Unova with his Pokemon. Sure, Lopunny only live in East Unova, but it wasn't that far of a trip to catch her, and she's been my best friend for years now. But that's neither here nor there, and has nothing to do with the diary I'm writing/typing.

    My real problem? I think I'm attracted to my Lopunny. Like, romantically attracted. I'm not sure how this started, and I'm not sure that I want it to end.

    'Attract' is one of my Lopunny's moves, and her 'Limber' ability makes her a very flexible Pokemon. Yes, I know that isn't what Limber's power actually is, but it's a good excuse so whatever, fuck you. Watching her move around in battle, bending her body into certain positions (usually for dodging attacks) just does something to me. Part of me thinks that maybe her using Attract in battle accidentally swayed in my direction and gave me secondhand thoughts about her.

    She can't exactly tell me what she thinks of me (although it's easy to understand her through body language,) but I'm very cautious about telling her. I don't think I'm in love with her, but there's definitely some kind of feeling there. With no other option, I decided to discuss it with a loyal friend who keeps things between us very discreet.

    "You just want to fuck her, man."

    That was his answer. This answer, coming from a guy who spends most of his time with a Nidoqueen, who, now that I think about it, has rather large breasts (or breastplates? I'm not sure.) His Pokemon always being very close to him (as in not letting any human girls near him) makes a lot of sense now.

    Being that Lopunny never wore clothes, I had seen her female parts many a time, either when she dropped something and bent down to pick it up, or just how she walked around the house. Come to think of it, she actually has a pretty nice ass.

    I spent last night playing my friend's "advice" in my head, over and over again. I wasn't sure what to make of it. Was he just joking around, or was he serious? Earlier today, I had decided to visit him at home to ask him. When I approached his front door, I heard the voice of his Nidoqueen. She sounded very happy. I walked over to the window and peeked inside, and the sight was very surprising:

    Nidoqueen was laying on the floor, and my friend was behind her, holding her tail aside as he thrust his dick into her. My friend was having sex with his Nidoqueen, and she looked to be really enjoying it. I didn't want to interrupt, so I ran home as fast as I could. When I got home, I slammed the door behind me and fell to my couch, staring at the ceiling and replaying the scene in my head.

    I heard Lopunny enter the room, and I heard a curious-sounding "Lopun?" come from her, but I didn't answer her. I couldn't. All I could think about was my friend and his Nidoqueen, having very rough sex. For just a moment, I put myself and Lopunny in their places, imagining Lopunny grabbing the rug on my floor for dear life, her body being thrust forward while moaning her own name, all the while I thrusted into her like an animal in heat. It wasn't something I had ever thought about before, and although part of me was disgusted at thinking of my best friend this was, something in me wasn't too against the idea.

    I remember asking Lopunny if I could have a talk with her, and she agreed with a short "Lopun." I couldn't figure out what to ask her: I know that Pokemon can understand human speech, but would she really understand my asking "Would you want to have sex with me?" or "Do you find me attractive?" At the most, I figure she would kick me out of being disgusted with me. That would probably be it.

    I assume I went to sleep after she lost interest while waiting for me to continue talking. The remainder of the night was kind of a haze, but considering I woke up on the couch entirely dressed with no wet spots on my pants (or the couch cushions,) nothing naughty happened.

    I'm not sure if I can face Lopunny today after my thoughts last night. It's about 7 AM here, and she's still asleep (she sleeps next to me in my bed, instead of in her Cherish Ball. That thing was a bitch to get for her, but that's a different story.) I'm about to prepare breakfast for the two of us, as I usually do. I'll probably write something again this evening.

    I just hope I don't do something stupid today. Maybe I'll ask my friend for advice on Pokephilia (or, well, whatever it's actually called,) and hopefully that'll give me some insight as to how to go about my feelings.

    See you later, diary.

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    Default Re: My Lopunny Diary (Contains Human x Pokemon!)


    --- Entry 2: Advice ---

    Oh Arceus. Today did NOT turn out well for me.

    It's about 8 PM, and I still don't feel right.

    After burning breakfast (which Lopunny ate just to make me feel good about myself,) I left her at home to go visit my friend. She questioned why she couldn't come along, and I told her that it was something special that two humans needed to talk about. She didn't like my answer and walked away, probably heading into our room. I took this as a 'go-ahead' and left, shouting a promise to her of some MooMoo Milk after I got home before closing the door.

    On the way to my friend's house (who I should probably name here, but fuck it, I'm the only one reading this) I passed another one of my friends. She was walking in the opposite direction while her Serperior slithered behind her. She tried to start a conversation, but the only thing I could think of was her Serperior holding her, his tail wrapped around her body as he lowered her onto his throbbing erection. I'm pretty sure my friend asked why my face was so red, but I excused myself and walked away from her as fast as I could.

    When I reached my friend's place, I peeked through the window to double-check on things: He was zipping his pants up, and Nidoqueen was standing from the floor. She had cum on her face, so I assumed he'd just got a blowjob or titfuck from her. I'm not sure how the latter worked, but then again I thought she just had breastplates. I'm probably wrong. I took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

    "O-Oh hey man, 'sup?" He had a bit of a stammer in his voice, probably not having fully regained his composure from the feeling of orgasm. "We goin' out today?"

    "No, I kinda wanted to talk to you." I said. "Do you have a few minutes?"

    He let me in, and I sat on his couch, looking around his living room. It was pretty bare, but he made a living through nothing but battle money. Nidoqueen had left the room, which was a good thing. He sat down on the recliner across from me. I tried to keep eye-contact, but I could see cum stains on the cushion. Please, dart your eyes away, he doesn't need to see me staring ...

    "About your Nidoqueen." I said. I was shaking, but I hoped he didn't notice. "There's something I wanna ask."

    "Oh, let me guess." He chuckled. "Hang on a sec. Hey, Nidoqueen!" he yelled for his Pokemon. This made me jump a bit; I didn't want things to move this fast. Nidoqueen slowly walked into the room, looking at him. "Show him that you actually have tits."

    "What the hell--no, Nidoqueen! You don't have to do that!" I said. "No need, I swear!"

    "Nido." Nidoqueen smirked at me. She moved her hands to her chest, and reached for her breastplates, which ... wow, were actually hiding pretty big breasts. They must have been double d's at the least, and seeing them in full view was actually, well, pretty hot. It was kind of like her just wanting to grab them made them come out.

    "She gives the best titfucks, man." My friend said. "You want one?"

    "N-No, I'm fine. Make her put those away, please." I said.

    "Suit yourself." He replied. Nidoqueen let go of her breasts, and her body soon went back to normal. I still can't explain how they just appeared like that, and I don't want to try to.

    "So, people can actually have sex with Pokemon?" I asked. He nodding, giving me the biggest smirk I'd ever seen from him.

    "Oh, totally. Nidoqueen's the best fuck I've ever had." He replied. Nidoqueen was behind his chair, and reached her arms around to give him a loving hug. He patted her arm, smiling. "But she isn't around just as a lay. Nidoqueen's been my friend for years. You know that, right?"

    "Well, yeah, of course." I said. "I just had no idea ..."

    "Look, man." My friend said. "As long as they're your friend first, and sex friend second, neither of us see any problems." Nidoqueen nodded in agreement with him. "Besides, she's the one who came onto me."

    I wanted to hear about this, but couldn't bring myself to ask.

    "Come on, let her suck your dick. It'll take your mind off Lopunny."


    I would continue with what happened, but I hear Lopunny approaching so I'll need to be saving this and be on my way. I'll finish you tomorrow, diary.

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    Default Re: My Lopunny Diary (Contains Human x Pokemon!)

    Is there a third part to this


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