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    Title: In My Hands
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Sacredshipping (Morty and Eusine)
    Notes: Dark.

    I can't take this any longer.

    I don't remember where I got the gun, but there it was in my hand. I stared at it, feeling it's cold weight in my heavy. I pressed it to my temple, noting with some distaste that my hand was shaking.

    Click. That chamber was empty. I signed, setting the gun in my lap. Death was taunting me, running before me just out of my reach. The funny thing is...Death looked like an elegant blue dog.


    I could hear Morty talking to me, but I wouldn't look at him. I lifted the gun again, and pulled the trigger. Click. Damnit.

    His arms were around my shoulders then, more to pin my arms than to give affection. "Eusine," he whispered, face close to my neck. "What are you doing?"

    "I give up, Morty. I have been chasing Suicune my entire life...for what? Just to say I have him?" I shook my head slowly. "I wasted my life. I have...nothing left."

    I tried to lift the gun again, but his arms tightened around me. "What about me?"

    I paused, tilting my head. "You...?"

    He let his head rest against my shoulder, saying nothing. Morty never could say words like "love".

    I worked out of his arms, turning to face him. I put my hand on the side of his neck, looking into his dark eyes. I saw the affection there, and it made my heart feel warm. "I love you, Morty." My hand slid around to his throat, and grasped tightly. He choked, grabbing at my wrist, but I kept squeezing. Tighter and tighter, until I felt his pulsing fading.

    "I love you, Morty," I continued. "I wouldn't want to go on to hell...without you."

    Click. Click. Click. Bang.
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    *shudder* Brr...

    I'm sitting here with the reply box open. It's been open for about five minutes. And I can't think of a damn thing to say. The fic just...eludes description. It's so great...

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    Thats one amazing story. I really like the drama! Keep writing!

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    Ditto Blackjack. I find it amazing how you can write so much and something so powerful is so little words. Although I'm not a Sacredshipper or anything close, I *really* like that.

    It was Columbus instead.

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    Bthhhhhhhh *____*

    This makes me a happy fangirl. A VERY happy fangirl. >3

    I wonder...
    I pray...
    I sleep alone, I cry alone,
    Without you this house is not a home,
    So please come home soon...
    I walk alone, I try alone,
    And I'll wait for you, don't wanna die alone...
    So please come home soon...


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    Darkly-written Sacredshipping drabbles are awesome! Keep up the great work!

    I'm a Chikorita trainer and proud of it!

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    "Dark" is an understatement. It's powerful and beautiful.


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