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    Hello everyone, I've written quite a few Pokemon fanfics. Thought you guys would like to read them, they're hosted on another site, I hope it's okay to link from here to there? If not, I'll remove them immediately!

    So... I write about Pokeshipping (AshxMisty) in different scenarios, hope they are to your liking! Let me know what ya think.

    First one is called Love In A Potion... What happens when Misty drinks a potion that allows her to read the minds of those close to her? This explains what... AAML.

    Next is my first chaptered one that is complete called Valentine Reunion... It's nearly Valentine's and Misty is all alone... but she doesn't know Ash is on his way for an unexpected visit...

    Next is another one of my one-shot's called Ash! It's My Birthday! where Ash gets invited to Misty's birthday what gift does he give her?

    Next is my first ever episode edit and I edited the Johto episode 'The Heartbreak of Brock' in this edit Ash takes Brock's place and Temacu falls in love with Ash, will Ash marry Temacu? And how will Misty feel about this? It's called The Jealousy Of Misty.

    Finally is my longest Pokemon piece so far called Did She Hear Me?... Misty stays over night at Ash's and gets up in the middle of the night and hears Ash talking about her... what happens? And when May arrives what MAYhem pursues? (Hehe like the little pun? :P)

    Let me know what you think, enjoy!

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    Default Re: My Fanfics...

    No no no no no, it is absolutely NOT ok to do this. Did you read the rules at all?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Rules View Post
    -All stories must be posted ON BULBAGARDEN. Of course you can post them elsewhere as well, but you have to post the full text of your story on Bulbagarden. You CANNOT post a link to your fic and expect that to serve as a thread, and you CANNOT post a "teaser" followed by a link either. You CAN, however, post your fic and then a link to where you would prefer reviews. That way, those who can review at the desired place can do so, and those who can only review at Bulbagarden can do so as well.
    Follow those rules when you repost. One fic per thread.


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