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    Hello and welcome to my first effort at an ongoing FanFic, and tbh one of my first ever attempts at writing fiction. A few things you should know before we start out

    1) There will be adult themes going on here (death, sex etc).
    2) This is set in Hoenn, about 30 years after Emerald
    3) My grammar is poor, and my overall English is much better. I am working on this, but any pointers gratefully received.

    I would also like to apologise for the info dump that is the Prologue. I could have spread it out over a number of Chapters, but I wanted you to understand something about Samuel Olive (the main character) right from the start.

    Anyway enough about that - on with the show!


    PrologueOffers, Rejections and Decisions
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    Prologue – Offers, Rejections and Decisions

    Sam was lazing back on his sun lounger, enjoying taking in a few rays. His eyes were shut contentedly beneath his designer sunglasses. In the distance he could hear his Poliwhirl doing lengths in his parent's pool, as he had done for hours on end each day since Sam had moved back in with his folks.

    A coolness spread across his bare torso. Fluttering his eyes open Sam looked up, expecting to see a small cloud blocking out the sun. His eyes opened wider as he realised that which was blocking the rays was far more substantial.

    “Samuel Olive, enough is enough,” said the silhouette in a stern voice “you have been lazing around for weeks now. It's time you make a decision”.

    With that his Mother, Jane, slammed the envelopes down on Sam's belly, causing a ripple on the slight layer of fat he had built up there. Sam sat bolt upright, in shock more than pain.

    “You're 34, no one your age should be moping around at their parent's place. It's not like you don't have offers”, her tone was softer now, more understanding.

    Sam nodded, she was right. His redundancy had hit him hard. It had brought about a complete change in his lifestyle. Before that the University had been his life. It provided him with not only an income but accommodation, meals, cleaning services and a chance to bury himself in work he had found fascinating.

    But a lack of funding had ripped that all away from him. Sam was now a Professor without a department. Not that he blamed the University of Slateport of course – his department had failed to hit targets for 18 months now. Something odd was happening to the strata of Hoenn and it had all but invalidated all his previous work.

    “I know Mother”, Sam answered, head bowed in both respect and shame. He might have understood Slateport's decision but it still caused him significant guilt and shame. “I just don't feel right working for the corporations”.

    “Why? It's not like you haven't done a lot of freelancing work for them in the past”.

    “I know, but as a freelancer with unique skills and insight I could dictate the scope of projects. With everything turned on it's head I am now simply a knowledgeable geological scientist with a good understanding of underground Pokemon”.

    “Is that not enough” his mother asked, confused

    “Not for me. I need to know things, understand things. If I were to follow Dad into working for PetroOil I would simply be working one aspect, or if I were to choose a mining company I would focus on another. I need the broad spectrum, I need to work my brain.”

    “So what are you going to do. Whilst I love having you here this is doing you no good, you need to get out, do things”.

    “I know. I have been giving it some thought,” Sam glanced down at Glove, his Poliwhirl who was swiftly pumping out length after length in the pool.

    “Did you know”, Sam said, slowly and thoughtfully “that every time I went down the mines or caves to study the geology, or Pokemon, I always had minders with me”

    Jane nodded. She knew this, but it was obvious that Sam was leading her somewhere and she didn't want to interrupt.

    “The minders would have all sorts of Pokemon with them ready to protect us. Swamperts, Brelooms – you name it, if it had Super-effective moves against Rock, Ground or Steel Pokemon then they brought them.”

    Sam stopped, his eyes trained on Glove but his mind elsewhere, remembering underground explorations past.

    “All I had was Glove. He's awesome, don't get me wrong...” and again he trailed off into thoughtfulness. He thought of all the times he had watched the University's minders, or the companies he was freelancing for, fight off everything from Geodudes to Aggrons. All the time he simply kept Glove in his Pokeball, not willing to risk him.

    In reality Sam knew that it wasn't Glove that worried him in a battle, it was himself. Sam was a thoughtful, knowledgeable Professor...but he was far from a man of action. Even as a kid he found Pokebattles difficult and bothersome. His mind, so quick in understanding theories or working out answers to problems, just didn't interpret battles quickly enough.

    He was hesitant, and he knew that in battles that could get his Pokemon hurt, or worse. He had long ago decided that he was not meant to be a trainer and instead focussed upon his academic studies.

    But now Sam was wondering if that was the right call. Glove had been with him two decades now, and had excelled at battling when he allowed him to take part in the University Tournaments, always under anothers orders of course. Was it fair that he held the Pokemon back for so long?

    Sam had tried to trade him away – to give him to someone who would battle, would give Glove the lifestyle that he obviously wanted. But Glove was too loyal, too determined. He would never allow himself to be with anyone but Sam.

    Sam took his sunglasses off and turned to his Mother. Lifting them off his stomach he handed back the letters, Jane taking them in an uncertain hand

    “I've decided,” Sam said, his voice slightly cracking, betraying his hesitancy, “I'm going to explore the World”

    “A journey?”, his Mother asked, referring to the traditional exploration usually done by those much younger than Sam, which included battling for gym badges and the like.

    “Of sorts. Not taking on gym leaders exactly. But training Glove up like he should be, exploring areas, examining Pokemon and their habitats. Who knows, I may even get a new speciality out of all this, and Slateport U would welcome me back!” He said, a half grin on his face.
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