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    Default Mothermon 3 (weee! Prologue!)

    Mothermon 3

    WARNING: You don’t have to know what Mother 3 is, you don’t haft to have played it, you just got to know this, there will be ‘major’ mother 3 ‘spoilers’. So if you haven’t played it and want to, or don’t want the game spoiled for you now, go click that back button.

    Summary: Welcome to the world of Mother 3! Except it isn’t exactly Mother 3 anymore… Enter the world of Mother 3 with pokémon, as young Pichu grows up and embarks on a tragic yet magical journey.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokémon, or MOTHER, or some of the stories ‘plot’. But I do own this story, and the other half of this plot that no one but me knows yet. What? I’m NOT SPOILING! This is merely a tale from my imagination.

    Starring: Pikachu, Pichu, etc. (I’m trying to not use Generation 5 pokémon)

    Rated TEEN for *spoilers* death, and because this isn’t the pixilated game, there will be blood. You have been warned.

    Genre: Adventure/ Humor (with many others, but I’ll warn you now, there’s also Tragedy if you didn’t get the rating.

    ALSO NOTE: This won’t be following everything the game does, think of it like a novelized version I guess...

    ~ Please leave your thoughts, they are welcomed here ~

    Just the Prologue which is below the index...


    Young Pichu was sleeping in his bed; he was normally a heavy sleeper, staying in bed to eleven o’clock. That is until…

    “Pichu, come on GET UP! The Rampardos are here and they brought their Cranidos over! THEY’RE SO CUTE!”

    … His older, by a few minutes, brother woke him up. Pichu sighed and got out of bed, dressed in small pajamas made for a Pichu. They were white and blue, striped vertically. He walked up to the mirror, “Lookin’ handsome,” he smiled childishly. He himself was a small mouse like creature that had no talent what so ever in his mind. He never learned anything about fighting, even though wild pokémon did it all the time. ‘Tamed’ pokémon didn’t have the guts to fight, well more like they thought it made them un-civilized.

    Anyways, back to his appearance, he had a cute little black nose that looked pushed in, two very small paws with tiny fingers and claws. He had black on the tip of each yellow ear, red sockets of unused electricity for his small cheeks, a small tail shaped like a thunderbolt that was also a bit black, and stubby feet. If he wasn’t black or red, he was most likely yellow. His brother used to look no different, except he was a small Pikachu now, this made him look exactly like their mother who didn’t want to evolve.

    He walked downstairs and saw said mother sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. “Oh Pichu, good morning, your brother’s outside playing with the Rampardos if you’re interested, which I’m assuming you are.” Pichu nodded and walked to the door, but his mother was not done, “Oh wait, you haft to chang into your clothes don’t you?”

    Pichu sighed, “Do I haft to?”

    She narrowed her eyes, her small red dress moved as she walked over to him and pulled him away from the door way, “If you’re not changing, you’ll be staying inside in your pajamas for the rest of your life.”

    Pichu frowned, “Okay Mama, I’ll go get changed.”

    She scratched his head; she was much taller than him, oh and her name was Hinawa, though he called her mama. She had pointy ears unlike his round ones, longer arms, and her tail was somewhat ‘dented’ to indicate she WAS a female. She walked back over to sit on her chair, continuing the letter she was writing. Must’ve been to Dad, she can never stop writing to him if they’re apart, that must’ve been what typical couples did. He shrugged it off and ran upstairs to get changed.

    Not long after did she see him run back down in his signature red and yellow horizontally striped t-shirt and blue jeans. He decided to put on orange shoes too, even though pokémon didn’t need them; he just hated the idea of putting something his mother had made for him to waste.

    He walked outside; the sun shimmered brightly above the mountain tops which he could see with his black space-like eyes. His grandfather, Pachi, stood by one of the fluffy mareep. Pachi was a Pachirisu; he had pointy blue ears, a general body similar to Pichu’s but white and blue instead with yellow sockets, and a long curled tail that looked like a squirrel’s.

    Pichu smiled upon the afternoon breeze, normally in summer it was hot, but up in the mountains there was always a nice cool breeze. This also gave any pokémon a reason to be covered up at night no matter what. He walked over to the small Rampardos Plateau, it wasn’t the actual place that Rampardos inhabited, and they just came here occasionally normally when they were ‘giving birth’. They must’ve come to pick up their children from the Pelippers.

    He walked in to see his brother running straight into a Rampardos. He gasped, but then realized they were play fighting as the big blue and gray t-rex like creature fell over on its side, without either actually being affected by the ‘quick attack’. His brother realized he was here and turned to him grinning a cheeky Pikachu grin. When Mom and Dad named them, they gave his brother an extra ‘chu’ to his name, thinking the older one should have the longer name. So in reality everyone called him Pikachuchu now. But Pichu never followed that rule since he evolved, Pichu was still Pichu after all so they technically had different names now. Pikachu also didn’t mind and thought it was just an extra useless syllable, so he preferred just being called Pikachu anyways.

    “Pichu, you’re FINALLY awake, come on and play with me! Try ramming into these guys, its fun!” Pikachu smiled, waving his younger, by a few minutes, brother over to him.

    Pichu smiled, “Um no thank you, I don’t want to hurt them.”

    Pachi came in, “Non sense, Pichu don’t be such a wimp, they’re fine with it, honest.” He pat a paw on his shoulder, “Oh wait, you don’t even know how to do it do you? Well it’s just running into them, to run… Try and imagine a thing called a ‘b button’ in your head, press that imaginary button and hold it for a few seconds, then let go to dash however you want to. Okay? Pikachu give him an example.”

    “But Grandpa!” Pichu whined. Pachi hushed him and pointed to Pikachu, who had backed away, got into position, and then he ran at the Rampardos. It faked falling over again and Pikachu let out some giggles. Pichu sighed and imitated his brother. But he felt bad watching a fellow pokémon fall over, whether it was wild pokémon or this was play fighting; he felt guilty.

    His Grandpa and brother cheered for him, which made him smile a little bit at being congratulated. Then they heard a strange squeaky voice call them. “Hey is that play fighting I hear? Oh I love play fighting!” A yellow duck, psyduck, walked up to them smiling. “Come on let’s do it, let’s play fight!”

    Pikachu looked over to Pichu with a smirk on his face, “Well let’s go then!” Suddenly, before the little electric pokémon could say no, the psyduck tackled him. He frowned, but he didn’t have a single battle bone in his body… He watched as his brother smiled and started hitting the creature with his bare hands continuously like a combo. Music notes floated around them in circles, which made Pichu, tilt his head in confusion.

    “Pikachu how are you doing that?”

    Pikachu smiled, “Just imagine this instrument in your mind, and listen to the beat of the battle, then,” He wacked the psyduck a final time before continuing. “Imagine that instrument playing to the beat, and hit them along with it.”

    Pichu nodded and decided for the sake of learning something new, he would try it. He was after all supposed to be the smarter and more logical twin of the two, which was partially why battles never stood out to him. He gave it a shot and managed to get in two hits before it was the psyduck’s turn, who decided to tackle Pikachu this time.

    Pikachu grit his teeth in fake mock pain, “Oh my goodness, I’ve been hit by a small duck, SOMEONE HELP ME!”

    Pichu chuckled and watched his brother finish him off. The psyduck frowned and huffed and puffed, “I SURRENDER, DON’T KILL ME! It seems you two are tougher than I thought… Oh well, I’ll get stronger, yeah that’s it! You’ll see, I’ll become stronger and then we’ll face off again at the great psyduck cave stadium! Then I’ll be the one winning!” He smiled, “For now, I shall go and train, goodbye my brothers from another mother!”

    Pichu and Pikachu looked at each other with odd faces, “Riiiight…”

    Then their mother showed up, “Boys, I’m finished making lunch! Today we’ll be eating your favorite, Oran Berries!”

    Pikachu smiled and started jumping up and down excitedly, “Oh boy, Oran Berries! What are we waiting for, Pichu let’s go!”

    Pichu nodded and ran after his brother, “Oran Berries! Oran Berries!”

    Their mother smiled, “I made some for you too Dad, that is if the boys don’t eat them all first…” Her face became scarred, and she ran after her sons instantly.

    Pachi nodded and turned to face the readers, magically knowing where they were and completely breaking the fourth wall, “Hello there folks, listen to this important piece of information, here is how to save. Whenever you see a Politoad, talk to them, and they will save your memories for you…! Oh dear I better get back to the game now, goodbye.”

    He turned to the direction in which his daughter and her children ran off to, “Hey wait for me! You saved me some Oran Berries too I hope?”

    With that said, everyone had run off to eat. Not long after however, did Hinawa exit the cabin to let one the messenger pokémon send the letter she was now finished to her dearest husband. A Taillow flew off with the neatly wrapped paper held securely in its claws. A few moments after watching it fly off, she saw a strange shadow on the ground, and looked up to see an even stranger flying object soaring towards a certain area.


    Well there it is the prologue. I just like capitalizing it for some reason. Anyways, seems pretty harmless right? Uh… Well next chapter is going to be A LOT darker, just a warning…

    So anyways what did you think? I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and originally it was going to be Mother 1 (with Mewtwo as the final boss for unbelievably obvious reasons). But then I established I wanted it to have more story to it or something, and a little bit for everyone. There’s kid parts, adult parts (but nothing over T), and it’s got some humor and references for many Nintendo fans! Plus I find Mother 3 to be underrated (though maybe not as much now).

    So anyways, thanks for reading all this if you have, appreciated! If you have anything to say or suggest please go ahead and do so! I always want something to make myself work better. I’ll try my best to keep this updated for everyone and I hope you enjoyed it! See you next time on…

    Mothermon 3
    Chapter One: Construction and Destruction
    *** Icy- out ***

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    Default Re: Mothermon 3 (weee! Prologue!)

    MOTHER to Pokemon - Translation Pokedex:

    In this post I will be updating every time I post and finish a new chapter! It will basically show each character and their actual Mother 3 names and information. Oh, don't read this if you haven't read the most recent chapters yet.

    Pichu: Pichu is actually Lucas from Mother 3. A blonde boy with a swirl of hair, red and yellow striped t-shirt, blue jean shorts, orange shoes, balck (?) eyes and is the main character in the story for the Prologue and chapters 4-8. He's basically one of the main characters really.

    Pikachuchu (Pikachu): Pikachuchu, or Pikachu as Pichu calls him, is Lucas' twin brother Claus in the story. Claus has auburn hair unlike his brother, but they're generally identical twins. Claus wears a teal and yellow striped t-shirt, beige jean shorts, blue shoes and... Well it's sort of hard to state his part in the story.

    Hinawa: Hinawa is still Hinawa, she's the twins loving mother who's really kind and funny at times. She knows how to cook their favorite food quite well. She has brown hair, blue eyes, wears a red dress and shoes.

    Pachi: Pachi is Alec, Hinawa's father and the twins' grandfather. He's wacky and sometimes a little co-co in the mind, not to mention he has a rather odd taste in friends. But he means well! He has gray hair, black eyes (?) wears a blue shirt, brown jeans and black shoes (in my mind).

    * will be up-dated as story goes on *


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