Ok, this is my very first fanfic I've ever put online... It's supposed to be creepy (I hope). Just so you know, Silver is in every fic/comic I have done. Maybe I'll put his story sometime...
Ok, well hope you guys like the first two chapters... Tell me how I could improve it, if it needs to be.

Ch. 1

The icy November wind was blowing through an empty street. No holiday shoppers in this town. The fear of their one time sister town only a few miles away still filled each and every one of the townsfolk with dread. The elder folk would pass on the story of Evening Town to the children. It was a story full of holes, as no one really knew what had happened there.

Oblivious to this, four travelers trudged slowly up the path to the pokemon center.
“Ohh... It’s freezing out here!” said a girl with brown hair and a red jacket.
“We’re almost there!” said guy with tan skin and hair.
They reached the top of the hill. “Alright!” said a guy with black hair, a blue jacket and a pikachu on his shoulder.
The automatic door opened, and the guy with a pikachu ran in, only to crash right into someone trying to get out. They both fell over onto the ground.
“Ouch!” said the guy with the pikachu. “Sorry!”
“That’s ok.” said the person he had knocked over. He stood up.
“Hi, I’m Ash!” said the guy with the pikachu.
“I’m Brock!” said the tallest of them.
“I’m May.” said the girl.
“And I’m Max, her younger brother.” said a short kid with black hair and glasses.
“My name’s Silver.” said the guy Ash had knocked over. He stared at them. “You look familiar.”
“So do you...” said May.
“I know!” said Brock. “You were fighting Kyogre and Groudon with Lance and Steven!”
“Oh yeah!” said Ash.
“Now I remember.” said Silver. “My friend’s Gyrados saved three of you.”
Ash, May and Brock went up to the counter to have their pokemon healed and to register that they would be staying the night. Silver and Max went and sat down at a table.
“So... Max.” said Silver. “Uh, do you have any pokemon?”
“Not yet...” said Max.
Ash, Brock and May sat down.
“So, what brings you to this town?” said Ash.
“Well... I really need the badge from Saffron city, and its not too far from here.” he said loudly, but he lowered his voice to a whisper. “I really came here to find out what happened to Evening Town.”
“What’s that?” said May.
“Well, apparently Morning Town used to have a twin city not too far from here.” said Silver, still whispering, so they had to lean in close to listen. “One day, about fifty years ago, all the inhabitants vanished, without a trace.”
“What!?” said Ash.
“Sounds like it would make a good episode of May’s Mysteries.” said May, and she put her thumbs and index fingers together to make a square shape and looked outside. “Morning Town’s missing sister city. All of it’s people vanished one day fifty years ago. What is the mystery of Evening Town?”
Silver looked confused. Max sighed. “She always does that. May is all into that supernatural stuff.”
“So...” said Brock. “Are you planning on going there- to Evening Town, I mean.”
“Of course.” said Silver.
“Can I go too?” said May, excitedly.
“Me too!” said Ash.
“Sure! The more, the uh.... less scary.” said Silver.
Brock and Max looked uncertain.
“You two don’t have to go.” said Silver
Brock and Max looked at each other. They nodded.
“We’ll go.” said Brock.
“Great!” said Silver, standing up. “Lets go now!”
They all got up and went outside. The wind was still blowing and the sky was cloudy. It was a depressing sort of day. They walked along the road until they came upon a path that left into the woods. There was a sign, but it had broken. Brock rummaged around in the bushes and held up a plank that read “Evening town- 5 mi.” The wind blew fallen leaves around, which sounded like whispers in the dense forest. They started to walk down the path. Suddenly, an old man, who was so dirty there was no doubt why they hadn’t seen him before, came out of the bushes.
“Wait...” he croaked in a horse voice. “You must not go there...”
“Why?” said Silver.
“That is a God forsaken town up ahead... Only ghosts and demons live there now...”
“We’re going anyways!” said Ash.
“Please! Don’t!” he fell upon his knees, and grabbed May’s hand. “Young Lady! Don’t go foolishly into the abyss! All of you are unprotected!”
“W-we have pokemon!” said May.
“The only ones that don’t fear the darkness are ones who have lived there themselves.”
“Ok, look.” said silver, unhooking four pokeballs from his belt and tossing them. Out of one came a dog-like pokemon with a red face, an arrow tail, sharp claws and sharp horns. Out of another came a huge dinosaur-like pokemon with tanish-green armor and sharp teeth and claws. The next one held a small two-legged pokemon with a black body and sharp claws. The last on held a fox-like pokemon with piercing red eyes and golden bands that seemed to glow in the shade of the trees.
“These are all of the dark-type pokemon I own.”
“Not enough... Not enough...” the old man seemed close to tears. “But if you must go... I need you to have these...” he pulled out a few white rectangles of paper with Japanese writing on them. He gave one to all of them. “These spell tags... They say a powerful prayer... They will help ward off evil spirits.
“Uh....Thank you.” said Silver. He pulled out his wallet. The other four were looking at their own spell tags. Silver pulled out fifty dollars.
“Here you go.” he said to the old man. “You looked starved half to death. Go get something nice to eat.”
The old man accepted the money with a shaking claw-like hand. Then he really burst into tears. He got up and walked away, saying “Such kind children... Oooh... Why must they go?” and he was gone.

Ch. 2

“Are these all of your pokemon?” asked Ash.
“No, just some of them.” answered Silver. “I normally don’t take these with me, except for Tyranitar.”he motioned at the huge pokemon. “Do any of you have any dark-type pokemon?”
They looked at each other. “No.” said Ash.
“Ok.You can borrow mine.” he recalled tyranitar. “Here, Ash. You take Sneasel. Brock, you get Houndoom, and May, you get Umbreon.” he handed them the pokeballs.
“Thank you!” said Ash. The Sneasel and Ash’s pikachu shook hands.
“Cool!” said Brock, looking at Houndoom. The pokemon looked happy at being called cool, and licked Brock’s hand.
Umbreon leaped up into May’s arms. “Oh, it’s so cute!” she said.
“Let’s go!” said Silver.

Houndoom led the way along the path that led deeper and deeper into the forest. A pokemon flew from a branch, making them all jump, but it was only a Noctowl. The air felt thick, and damp and cold. The path was covered with so many fallen leaves from seasons long past, that they made no noise walking on the path. Occasionally they would happen upon a Paras, or a Shroomish feasting on the dead leaves. But this became less and less frequent as they went ever deeper into the woods.

Around 3:15, they all stopped for a break.
“It shouldn’t be too much farther.” said Silver, who was sitting on a log.
May sat down next to him. “May’s expedition comes to a halt as they take a break on their way to an empty town.” she said.
“That reminds me...” Silver rummaged around in his backpack and pulled out some equipment. “I borrowed this stuff from Professor Elm.” he handed May a hand-held video camera. “Now you can really make a show.”
“Thank you!” she said excitedly.
“You know Professor Elm?” said Ash.
“Yeah. I was his neighbor in my hometown. He gave me my first pokemon.” he handed Ash a digital audio recorder. “Sometimes spirits say things, but we cant hear them,” he explained. “Sometimes an audio recorder is the only way to hear what they have to say.”
“Thanks!” said Ash.
“No problem.” he handed Max what looked like a pair of binoculars. “This is a Silph Scope. It can sometimes reveal the unseen.”
“Cool!” said Max.
“Here Brock.” said Silver, handing him what looked like a small flatscreen computer monitor. “That is a heat vision camera. Spirits can affect the atmosphere, or sometimes can only be seen with this.”
“Awesome!” said Brock.
“Why did you have all this stuff?” asked Max.
“Well, Professor Elm is doing research on Ghost pokemon. So, I decided to help him out.” he stood up. “Come on.”

They all got up and continued walking down the path. May was delighted with the video camera, and continued “May’s Mysteries”. The trees were thinning by now. The air was damp with a fine layer of mist in the tree tops. They could see the mouth of the trail. Houndoom, who was leading the group, abruptly stopped. His hackles were raised and he was growling, foam coming out from his mouth.
“What is it!?” said Silver, in surprise.
“And Houndoom stops and is angry at something!” said May. She zoomed in on the mouth of the trail. “Oh.... m-m-my god...” she said.
“What is it!?” said Ash.
“There’s s-someone at the end of the trail!” she said in a small voice. They all looked. They could see nothing. Then off to the side of the trail, something moved out onto the path. It looked like a girl.
Houndoom gave a bone-chilling howl, and sped off toward the girl, growling and spitting fire. The girl turned and walked out of the forest, where they could no longer see her because of the mist.
“Houndoom! Come Back!” shouted Silver and he ran after it.
“Silver!” shouted Ash and he ran too.
“Wait!” cried May, and she ran too with Brock and Max close behind.

Silver came out of the mist and into a clearing. He tripped on a stone and fell over. He got up and looked around. Houndoom came over to him, panting, but acting as though nothing happened. Ash ran into the clearing, and May, Brock and Max followed.
“There you are!” said May. “I cant wait to show... mom...and...” she trailed off .
They followed her gaze. They were in a graveyard, and Silver had tripped over a tomb stone. They appeared to be on a hill, because they could see Evening Town below them, over a gate that separated the graveyard from the path that led to the city. Evening Town was much larger than Morning Town. They could see the forest beyond it and mountains beyond that. There was only on thing wrong. One thing out of place. They had all noticed it as soon as they looked at the town below them.
“The lights...” said Max.
“All the lights in the city are on...” said Silver.
“I thought you said this town was deserted!” said Ash, with a nervous laugh.
Silver gulped. “I did.”
“Then why-”
At that moment, mechanical hands shot out and grabbed Sneasel, Houndoom, Umbreon, and Pikachu. They looked up to see a hot-air balloon in the shape of a Meowth’s head. Three different laughs sounded at once.
“Ahh! My pokemon!” shouted Silver.
“Pikachu!” shouted Ash.
A voice came from a speaker on the balloon. “To protect the world from deforestation!”
Another voice said “Even in deserted towns across the nation!”
“To steal pokemon from high above!” said the first voice.
“To escape into the sky above!” said the second.
“Jesse!” said the first voice.
“James!” said the second.
“Team rocket blasts of at the speed of light!” said Jesse, who appeared in the basket below the balloon.
“Surrender now, or prepare to fight fight fight!” said James, who appeared by Jesse.
“Meowth! That’s right!” said a Meowth, jumping onto the top of the basket.
“Team Rocket!” shouted Ash.
“That’s Team Rocket?” said Silver. “They’ve really gone down hill. What’s with the poem?”
“Never insult the Team Rocket Motto!” said Jesse.
“Yeah, we work very hard on it!” said James.
“Pikachu! Thunderbolt ‘em!” shouted Ash.
“Pika-CHUUUUU!” The mouse pokemon’s cheeks lit up and electricity came out, but seemed to be absorbed by the robotic hand.
“We got electricity protection!” said the Meowth, smiling evilly.
“What I want to know is how can you talk?” said Silver. “Go Tyranitar!”
The Tyranitar appeared and roared. “We will just take that one too!” said Meowth.
“Uhh... Meowth, are you sure?” said James.
“That looks kind of ... Heavy.” said Jesse.
“Of coise I’m sure!” said Meowth. “I got the super model!”
He pressed a button and a hand grabbed Tyranitar. It lifted the pokemon off the ground.
“Meowth! You did it!” said James.
“I wouldn’t be so sure!” called Silver. The armor pokemon’s weight was pulling the balloon down.
“I’ve got a sinking feeling...” said Jesse.
“That our flight’s about to be grounded!” said James.
The balloon hit the ground and exploded! Ash, Brock, Silver, May, and Max also got caught up in the blast. James, Silver, and May flew off in one direction. Ash, Jesse, and pickachu flew in another, and Brock, Max, and Meowth flew in yet another.
.................................................................................................... ........................................................
Flying through the air, Silver saw Tyranitar, May, Umbreon, and James near him.
“Umbreon!” he shouted. “Use Psychic to lower us down!”
Umbreon’s eyes lit up blue, and it gently lowered them to the ground. Silver knew it would have no effect on Tyranitar, so he took out a pokeball and said “Tyranitar! Return!”
They landed smoothly on the ground. Umbreon landed gracefully by them.
Silver looked around them at the dark street. “Oh no...”
“We’re all alone...” said May. “We’re lost...”
“Oh, Jesse! Meowth! Where are you!?”cried James.