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    Default The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru (Chapter Four)

    So, I've decided to try out a new idea of mine here. No, it isn't the greatest, but I still hope it pleases you readers! I put a good deal of effort into this first chapter. I hope I am supported enough to encourage my continuing The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru until it reaches its end. Please don't be shy to comment on this writing, especially a negative one! Honestly, I love a negative comment just as much as I do a perfect one. After all, it will only make me try harder, right? Anyway, you've probably grown tired of my blabbering, so I now present The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru! -Lifestream

    Chapter One - Sota and Akamaru

    The sun had barely risen above the green of the trees, its bright yellow tongues flicking to send rays of light down to the land. A pond stretched out across the field, filled to the brim water whose smooth surface rippled whenever a water creature touched it. Along the edge of the bank was a simple dirt road. Walking on it was a lone boy with messy brown hair and pale brown eyes, hands buried into the pockets of his jacket. His eyes held a faraway look, staring into the surface of the smooth surface of the water.

    Being lost in a daydream, he was oblivious to the world around him as well as the life thriving around him. So distracted, in fact, that he didn’t notice the high pitched yip that suddenly rang through the air. The yip came again, louder this time. The boy’s eyes suddenly gained their light again and he looked down in front of him to see a small Lillipup at his feet. The tiny, yipping creature surprised him a little, for it wasn’t very common for a wild Pokemon to approached with such confidence and playfulness. A cheerful sparkle entered the Lillipup’s eyes and his mouth opened to release a happy bark.

    Still puzzled and surprised, the boy crouched down and stared as the Lillipup leaned forward and sniffed at his shoes. Slowly he stretched a hand toward the dog-like Pokemon. The Lillipup nosed at him fingers for a moment, then a pink tongue exited his mouth and he happily licked the boy’s hand.

    “I named him Akamaru.”

    The boy pulled his hand away and stood, brushing his pants off. He spotted a tall, lean woman with sleek blond hair approaching him on the dirt trail.

    “Mom!” the boy exclaimed.

    The woman bent over and scratched the Lillipup –Akamaru—behind his light brown ears. “You’re almost eleven years old now, Sota, and it’s time you start befriending a Pokemon of your own.”

    Sota’s eyes went wide. The idea seemed so sudden, no warnings. He gently wrapped his arms around Akamaru and lifted him from the ground. The Pokemon grinned, his lip stretching to reveal little white teeth. He yipped cheerfully, a rather cute sound that made Sota smile a bit.

    “H-hello, Akamaru.” he stammered. Akamaru wagged his thick tail in response, as if returning the greeting.

    “I expect you’ll take good care of him.” the blond woman said sternly. Sota smiled.

    “R-right, I will.”

    Sota and Akamaru became quick friends. Sota showed Akamaru his hometown, Nacrene City. Every morning, right before the sun came up, he would take Akamaru outside the city to explore the outskirts with his newest friend. Akamaru trailed his master like a shadow, padding along right behind him where ever he went. He trailed him in shops and markets, sat with him during school, and rested in his lap during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    “Sota,” his mother addressed him on the third week as he sat down to eat lunch. “You’ve been playing around the Akamaru for a few weeks now, and from what I see you make a nice pair.” Sota nodded and Akamaru yipped in agreement, his tail beginning to wag. “Have you ever thought about…getting stronger?”

    Akamaru tilted his head with curiosity. Sota shrugged. “I dunno. Never really thought about it.”

    “Well, I think Akamaru could grow into quite the strong little Pokemon if you gave him proper training. You could go further away from Nacrene if you wanted to.”

    “I don’t know much about training a Pokemon. Where would I start?”

    “You’ve completed the first step already.”


    “You’ve created a nice bond between you and Akamaru. You’ll work together and fight for each other.”

    Sota stared at his plate, uncertain. “I dunno…where would I train?”

    His mother sighed with impatience. “Sota, there’s the Pinwheel Forest just outside the city. I think that would be the best place to start.”

    Sota said nothing in response. Akamaru watched him, curiosity bright in his eyes.

    After several moments of silence, Sota glanced at Akamaru. “Well, Akamaru? What do you think?” Akamaru let out a yip and his tail started flapping again. Sota laughed. “Alright. We’ll give it a try.”
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    Default Re: The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru

    This chapter was especially difficult for me to accomplish despite how much time I had to edit it. It can be quite hard to concentrate on the plot of a story when a small dog and small cat are wrestling over your legs and body and barking and meowing. I swear they never get tired of pestering each other on top of me! Well, I guess it can't be helped. But the chapter turned out a little better than I expected it would so I decided it was good enough to post as the final piece. Enjoy! -Lifestream

    Chapter Two - The Start of Training

    Akamaru’s eyes fluttered open. He was curled up in the crook of Sota’s knee, bushy tail wrapped around his body. He sighed and hopped off the bed, landing on the carpet with a soft thump. He padded around the twin bed to the window and, bunching his muscles, leaped onto the desk in front of it. He leaned forward so his nose touched the pane of glass, the barrier between him and the outside world. It was cool against his nose.

    Akamaru closed his eyes and pricked his pale brown ears, listening to the sounds from the streets below. There wasn’t much to hear due to it still being too early for city to have awoken. The sky was pitch dark and littered with stars that twinkled peacefully. The only sounds were the wind whistling through the trees and the barely audible sounds of night creatures at the city’s edge.

    Akamaru turned away from the early morning darkness on the other side of the glass barrier dividing them to look at Sota. He watched the steady rise and fall of his chest and soft murmur of his breathing. He slowed his own breathing so it matched his sleeping master’s. A sudden desire to keep the boy safe wherever he’d wander blazed through Akamaru’s body like an out of control fire, followed by a soft, warm affection for him. I’ll become strong for you, Master.


    “Come on, Akamaru!” Sota shouted behind him as he jogged down the paved street. Akamaru stretched his short legs in front of him, opening his mouth in a wide yawn. He shook himself to wake up and hurried after Sota.

    “Tired, boy?” Sota laughed as Akamaru yawned widely again. Akamaru yipped and shook his head quickly in response and to hopefully shake the sleepiness out of his system. “Well then, off to Pinwheel Forest!”

    Akamaru flew down the street alongside Sota, tongue dangling from the corner of his mouth. But despite the effort, he felt quite excited about the new journey into the forest. It would be the first time he’d actually entered the trees. Alongside his enthusiasm, however, was a smudge of nervousness. The trees of the forest loomed high overhead, blocking out the sun. After a rain the woods would be obscured by a thick sheet of pale white mist that hid everything: the excitements as well as the dangers.

    Akamaru gulped as the dark outline of the forest’ treetops came into view over the horizon. The pavement faded away into gravel, then dirt. Akamaru slowed his running, his limbs beginning aching with fatigue. He collapsed onto his haunches and sat panting, saliva dripping from his tongue and soaking the dirt.

    “What’s wrong, Akamaru?” Sota questioned upon discovering the Lillipup was no longer following him. Akamaru whined in response. “Oh, man! Sorry Akamaru! I didn’t mean to run you so hard!”

    Sota carried Akamaru in his arms the rest of the distance. When the sun was high above and beating down upon them, Sota leaned over Akamaru to guard him from the intense heat the afternoon brought.

    Akamaru wanted to savor the coolness Sota had given him but couldn’t help scolding himself for being responsible for his master’s sacrifice. “Sorry, Master.” he mumbled through his lips, though he knew Sota wouldn’t understand exactly what he meant.

    The minutes dragged by into an hour, then two, then two and a half. Akamaru suppressed a tremble of excitement as the trees of Pinwheel Forest drew nearer until they towered over him, obscuring the sun and the heat. He leaped out of Sota’s arms, refreshed from the long rest.

    He noticed Sota’s heavy breathing and wished he were bigger so he could carry him on his back to make up for the long time he’d sat lazily in Sota’s arms. “Sorry, Master.” he mumbled through his lips again.

    “Wow, Akamaru! I’ve never been in the forest before!” Sota said, trembling with excitement. “Let’s go, come on!” Akamaru yipped in agreement and they plunged into the shadows lurking under the trees.


    “Huh?” Sota slid to a sudden stop and hurriedly slipped behind the trunk of an especially large tree. Using his hand, he motioned Akamaru to lie low as well. Akamaru nodded and slowly crouched down into the undergrowth, hoping the dark blue fur on his back wouldn’t betray he was there.

    Curious at why he had to hide, he lifted his muzzle and took a whiff of the air. The sweet aroma of the forest’ plants were heavy in the air, as well as old bark, sap, and other creatures that lived in the woodland. He was about to bark the question to Sota when suddenly another scent began to taint the natural aroma. He scented…human?

    He carefully rose to his paws to see over the tall grass that blocked out his view of the forest, ducking behind a fallen long for cover. He saw two humans dressed in white and grey with the emblem of a blue ‘P’ imprinted on the breast. A large hood covered their heads.

    Akamaru’s ears started to flatten against his head and his lip curled to show his sharp, gleaming teeth. He bent down into the undergrowth again, his face still drawn into a snarl.

    Suddenly a twig gave a loud crack as his tail broke it from the log in which he hid behind. The crack seemed almost like a deafening thunder to Akamaru. The oddly dressed pair halted and stared directly in his direction. Akamaru silently prayed they weren’t going to harm him or Sota.

    Through gritted teeth he growled, “I’m sorry, Master.”
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    Default Re: The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru (Chapter Two)

    Ah, chapter three. I highly enjoyed writing this chapter due to it being the start of the main storyline. Well, basically, anyway. I always loved putting the uphill action together. It's always been my favorite, reading and writing! It took me a good two hours to make, but I found it highly enjoyable. Unlike before, I'm free of distractions and was able to write it to my fullest potential! I finally get to start showing the fullest of my abilities! -Lifestream

    Chapter Three - New Comers in the Forest

    The oddly dressed pair said something to each other that Akamaru couldn’t make out, staring and pointing. Sota stepped out from behind the tree. “Akamaru!” he called. “Come on out, boy, I’m sure we’re fine.” Akamaru glanced at him and then the strange couple. He noticed their eyes had narrowed and hands clenched. He reluctantly stepped out of his cover and joined Sota’s side, the fur along his spine standing on end. “Erm, sorry for the trouble.” Sota said, raising a hand apologetically.

    “You there!” the person on the left shouted. Due to the deep voice, Akamaru guessed it was a man.

    “Um, me? What is it?” Sota replied to the sudden exclamation, pointing to himself questioningly.

    “That Pokemon…is he yours?” the one to the right asked, a woman by the sound of it.

    “Yeah, his name’s Akamar--”

    “Set him free!” the man ordered.

    Akamaru bared his fangs furiously. “Don’t interrupt Master!” he snarled.

    “What? Why? Me and Akamaru are best friends!” Sota exclaimed, his eyes widening.

    The man’s eyes narrowed into angry slits. “Maybe he is your friend, but are you his? What is this Pokemon thinking right now? Are you traveling with him as a companion? Or are you actually his captor?”

    “No way!” Akamaru protested. “I wish to be with Master forever and longer! Who are you to speak of me like that?”

    Sota shook his head. “I don’t know what Akamaru thinks of me.” he said quietly. He crouched down to look Akamaru directly in the eye. “Akamaru, am I your captor as they believe?” Akamaru shook his head, continuing to snarl and growl at the two oddly dressed humans.

    “You are my Master, my friend, my loyal companion! Nothing else except my desired partner!” he said.

    “You see? Akamaru and I are good friends, and I think you’ve misunderstood us. But can you tell me –us—who you are?” Sota wondered curiously.

    “We are Team Plasma, a group of people working day and night to liberate Pokemon from foolish people! Pokemon are considered our friends and partners, but maybe that’s not entirely true!” the woman replied gruffly. The man continued, “One day, humans and Pokemon will be separated so Pokemon will not have to suffer any longer! But of course, we cannot do this with our own strengths. We must call upon the power of legendary Pokemon. We will awaken the legendary black dragon of Unova, Zekrom to lend its assistance! Then all humans will have to obey the order from our Lord: Release all your Pokemon!”

    “I think I followed that.” Sota replied. “And I can see where you’re coming from. I understand that not all Pokemon are happy in their trainer’s hands. But summoning the legendary dragon Zekrom? Don’t you think that’s over doing it a little? Which one of you thought of such a preposterous idea?”

    The blood rushed to the people’s faces. “How dare you insult our Lord?! Especially since we are so close!” the man roared furiously.

    Sota raised his hands. “Calm down, that’s not what I meant.” he soothed. “But what do you mean by close?”

    “We may have found the remains of Zekrom. We shall resurrect it!”

    “Remains of an ancient dragon? Like bones or something? But the only place you would find something like that that is the Nacrene Museum of Unova History, and…” Sota’s voice trailed away and his face paled. Akamaru tensed. “N-no way! You couldn’t have stolen something from there! The Gym Leader Lenora would have stopped you, right?”

    “That sorry excuse for a trainer watched her precious artifacts be taken away from her.” the woman sneered. “Unfortunately, we’re being pursued by an annoying brat and some weird looking guy, but that shouldn’t be a problem with all the grunts scattered around.” She reached for a pokeball on her belt. “And you won’t get away either.”

    Sota whirled around. “Akamaru, run!” he cried. Akamaru gave a final bark at the two grunts and twisted around and bolted after Sota. Plants and vines slapped at his face, leaving stinging scratches, but he didn’t dare stop for fear that he would lose sight of Sota. He heard the undergrowth being trampled behind him as the Plasma grunts and their Pokemon hurled after them but didn’t take the chance to turn around.

    “Master, wait!” he howled after Sota, who appeared to get further away each moment. He pushed himself faster, digging his small claws into the ground to send himself on. “Don’t leave me!” He ran even harder, as fast as his short legs would carry him, but it wasn’t much use. Before much longer, Sota had disappeared into the forest, unseen, and Akamaru’s followers seemed to be gaining ground.

    Suddenly Akamaru felt something grab him by the scruff and jerk him off his pass. His jaws parted to release a yelp of fear but a hand clamp hit mouth shut. He rolled his eyes up to look at his capturer and nearly fainted with relief when he saw it was only Sota leaned up against a large moss covered stone, holding a finger to his lips. Akamaru nodded in response and Sota released his mouth, mouthing a quick sorry.

    Akamaru’s ears pricked as he listened intently for the Plasma grunts’ location. He heard them draw nearer and held his breath, silently praying they wouldn’t be found. The pounding of the peoples’ footsteps became louder and louder until at last they faded away into the distance. Akamaru slowly let out the shaky breath he’d been holding. He and Sota sat there for several moments until they were sure the Plasma grunts had gone.

    “They’ll come back once they figure out they aren’t following us anymore, so we’d best move. Use your nose to find out if we’re about to run into anymore.” Sota said shakily, rising to his feet and brushing himself off. Akamaru nodded curtly and took a large whiff of the air as he began to pad through the forest. “Good boy, Akamaru. Keep it up.” Sota praised as he followed him through the woods.

    Akamaru carefully avoided any Plasma peoples he scented, circling them at a wide distance. The Pinwheel Forest was crawling with them, and evading them was becoming more and more difficult. I can’t fight them, Akamaru thought bitterly. I’m too weak. I have to work to get stronger so I can protect Master!

    Akamaru swerved around trees and under roots and over stones. The forest was gradually becoming denser and less populated with humans. The Plasma scent began to fade away and it became easier for Akamaru to travel through the forest. The woods were getting gloomier and creepier. Akamaru’s pelt burned under the piercing gazes of wild creatures. He spotted a Leavanny whose eyes were clouded with suspicion, leaf blades gleaming as she revealed them threateningly. Akamaru gulped and slunk past her without a word, though her sharp gaze followed him until he was out of her sight. A Liepard hunched in the shadows of a large mossy stone let out a low hiss, his hooked claws and long fangs flashing.

    We’re getting deeper into the forest, Akamaru thought dreadfully. And the Pokemon are getting stronger and more hostile. I hate trespassing on their territories, but where else is there to go? Once again misery flooded him as the thought of being weak entered his mind.

    “I don’t think you understand my doing!” a deep voice suddenly rang out, loud and clear. Akamaru jumped, startled, as a new human scent hit his nose.

    “What’s wrong Akamaru?” Sota questioned warily, obvious not listening to the world around hm. How did I miss it?! Akamaru exclaimed silently. I must’ve been too intently focused on my surroundings to notice it! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    “Silence!” a new, loud voice thundered. “Leave at once, and take your pathetic comrades with you!”

    “I ask for you to listen, that is all!”

    “I have heard enough from you! Your schemes are harmful to my forest and its inhabitants. I’ve seen war between the humans once before! I will not allow that to happen again, especially not in this forest! This is your final warning. Be gone with you, and never return!”

    Sota jumped as the booming voice echoed through the trees. “Who is that?” he whispered. Akamaru shook his head, crawling silently through the undergrowth. He looked out into a clearing where a lone man stood. He was dressed in a thick purple and gold cloak with a golden collar.

    “Please just hear me out. It will make your precious Pokemon happier!” the strange man protested.

    The forest shook as a vicious growl filled the air. Akamaru clenched the earth with his claws to keep from falling over. “You have broken my patience, little man. I will break you!”

    Several trees exploded into chunks of bark and wood as a giant Pokemon erupted from within the forest. It’s fangs glittered as it swiped at the man with a long, elegant leg. Akamaru gaped at the huge creature. He didn’t know how to define it except for beautiful. It moved with incredible speed and grace and it struck out at its opponent with vicious beauty. The man barely avoided the creature’s large silver claw as it attacked him.

    “We mean you no harm! I beg of you to listen!” the man shouted over the boom of the Pokemon’s movements as it whirled around for a second blow. The Pokemon only spat and opened its mouth to let out a beam of golden light. It dazzled Akamaru’s eyes, blinding him. The beam hit the ground and bounced away in each direction, destroying the surrounding trees.

    “Akamaru look out!” Sota’s voice was drowned out by a deafening explosion as a golden ray hit the earth only inches away from where Akamaru sat, sending him flying through the air with a howl.
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    Default Re: The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru (Chapter Three)

    Finally we reach chapter four! I’ve wanted to introduce the character in this chapter for a very long time now, quite a while before even writing the story actually! It was actually this character that inspired the making of The Miraculous Adventures of Akamaru. I wanted to add him in several stories of mine, but he never really fit in any of them. But I think I’ve finally found the right story! Here we go! -Lifestream

    Chapter Four - The Red-Masked Wolf

    Akamaru was blinded by the dazzling light of the giant Pokemon’s attack. He cried out at the blast hurled him through the air with incredible force. The deafening roar of the blast muted out everything else. Akamaru was sent an incredible distance from his original position. He was highly aware that he was being taken further and further away from Sota, causing him to claw at the air in futile attempt to halt his flight through the air.

    “Master!” Akamaru howled. A gust of wind filled his mouth and lungs, choking him. Akamaru gasped as he collided with a large grey stone jutting out of the earth, knocking what breath he had left out of him. As his body connected to the cool surface of the stone, a wave of pain racked his bones and everything went black.


    Akamaru’s head throbbed with a horrible pain. His limbs ached and every breath sent another jolt of agony through him. He opened his eyes and saw a blur of trees, stones, and undergrowth. He tried rising to his paws but was overcome by another wave of blackness.


    The next time Akamaru awoke evening sunlight poured through branches of surrounding trees, slowly burning over a low hanging sheet of mist. Bird Pokemon sang pretty tunes to each other as they readied themselves for nightfall. Akamaru thought the forest looked quite pretty.

    The pain in his body had faded into a dull ache. Akamaru gritted his teeth and struggled to his paws. He swayed for a moment, shifted his paws around as he worked to regain his balance. A paw slid out from beneath him and he hit the ground. Akamaru was suddenly aware of a thick bed of moss beneath him.

    “Finally awake, are we?” a deep voice said. Akamaru jumped, scrambling to his paws again and glanced around, his fur rising. “Settle down, I’ve already eaten.” A black and grey wolf-like Pokemon stepped out from behind the thick trunk of an oak tree. His eyes were dark blue and slanted as if they were drooping. A piece of cloth the color of blood was wrapped around his muzzle so his mouth and nose were unseen, like a mask.

    “A-already eaten?” Akamaru gulped, taking a step back.

    A spark of amusement entered the black and grey creature’s eyes. “That’s right, so I’m no threat to you.” He sat back on his haunches and swished his thick tail across the leaf-covered ground. “You’ve been out for a few days, you know, so I haven’t got your name yet.” The wolf’s dark eyes rested on Akamaru as if studying him.

    “I’m A-Akamaru.” he stammered. The Pokemon said nothing in response, just continued to watch him. Akamaru stared at his paws, uncomfortable under his gaze.

    “Hm. By first look,” the wolf finally said as Akamaru began to fidget, his mouth shifting under the red mask, “you appear to be quite pitiful.”

    Akamaru’s fur spiked with irritation. “Thanks a bunch, but I’m really no pushover.” he growled.

    The wolf’s half closed eyes narrowed so they were hardly visible. “Oh?” he said. “I must have overlooked something. Silly me.”

    Akamaru’s lip curled to reveal small, sharp teeth. “I’m serious!” he barked, eyes flaring. “I’m really strong! I’ve been training for a long time!” Akamaru’s head was suddenly thrust into the ground, filling his mouth with moss and dirt. He rolled his eyes up to see the face of the wolf, droopy eyes twinkling with amusement.

    “Sorry, but with all your talk I thought I should put a little effort into it. Did I just surprise you?” Akamaru’s fur began to prickle. He’s so fast! he thought with disbelief. I didn’t even see him move! The Pokemon lifted his foot from Akamaru’s head and jumped back. His dark blue eyes still held a sparkle that very much irritated Akamaru.

    “Alright, play time’s over!” Akamaru snarled.

    “Fine.” The wolf didn’t sound intimidated or afraid in any way, which angered Akamaru even more. Though in a rage, Akamaru felt a cold lump of despair forming inside of him. Oh man! He believes that I’ve been training! He’s expecting a fight! Gah, what have I done? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Akamaru despaired inside, but couldn’t bring himself to admit his weakness. With a snarl, he leaped at the black and grey wolf, claws outstretched. He was beginning to feel a little triumphant as he drew nearer. His claws were only a hair’s length away from his opponents flesh when suddenly the wolf vanished from in front of him and Akamaru skidded on the leaves.

    “Wher--” He was cut off as a huge black paw flashed out in the corner of his eye and before he could react jabbed him in the ribs. Akamaru yelped as he was thrown away by the wolf Pokemon. Before he could struggle to his paws, the wolf leaped forward at an incredible speed and shoved him into the ground.

    “Give up?” he growled into his ear, gradually pressing him down harder.

    “No! Never!” Akamaru sputtered, spitting out bits of leaves and clawing feebly at the ground in front of him in hopeless attempt to break free. He struggle to breath as the wolf pushed him harder and harder into the ground, flattening his chest. He felt the wolf’s breath warm his ears through the mask covering his mouth.

    “Do you give up?” he said, slowly, softly.

    “Y-yes.” Akamaru managed to say through his squashed lungs, though reluctant. The wolf raised his paw backed away. Akamaru gasped for breath as he scrambled to his paws, his chest still aching.

    “Hm.” The wolf’s drooping eyes rested on him again, taking in every hair on his pelt. “How curious.” Akamaru glared at him, his breathing heavy. “When I first looked at you, I saw nothing but weakness. A coward. But now you’re,” he paused, as if searching for the right word. “Different. Much different than before. Your skills are rather blunt, but you have the heart to fight…How did I miss it before?” His gaze rested on Akamaru for many moments that soon stretched on into minutes. “Your name,” the wolf finally growled. “What was it again?”

    “Akamaru.” Akamaru snapped. “But you never told me yours.”

    “Hm.” The wolf turned away so his back faced Akamaru. “My name…is Moryomaru.”

    “Okay, Moryomaru, who are you? Why am I here? Where’s is Ma--” Akamaru froze midsentence. “Master!” he yelped. “I completely forgot! Moryomaru, tell me, there was a boy with me when I came to the forest. Where is he?!” he shouted frantically.

    “Quiet!” Moryomaru barked. “I don’t know where your boy is, but he’s not here. I found you alone near the Rumination Field. So silence yourself!” Akamaru froze at the sudden change in his attitude. There was a long, stony silence between them.

    Growing impatient, Akamaru sighed, turning away and shouldering through the undergrowth. “Where are you off to?” Moryomaru growled.

    “I’m going home.” Akamaru grumbled without stopping.

    “And how do you plan on getting there? You’re quite deep into the forest. You won’t make it a mile on your own.”

    Akamaru halted. He whirled around, lips drawn back into a snarl and fur spiked along his spine. “Then what do you suspect I do?!” he screamed, eyes blazing with rage. “I can’t stay here! I have to go back to Master!” He felt his eyes grow heavy with tears, and hid his face, cursing himself.

    “Hm.” Moryomaru sighed, his drooping eyes closing completely. “Fine then. We wait until tomorrow at dawn. I’ll escort you to the entrance of the forest.” Akamaru’s heart fluttered. I’m coming back soon, Master! “Don’t think I feel bad for you or anything.” Moryomaru growled as he lowered himself to the ground. “You’re annoying. The sooner you’re gone, the sooner I get my peace.”

    Despite the insult, a wide grin stretched across Akamaru’s face. “Thank you, Moryomaru!” he said, dipping his head low in respect. “Thank you.”
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