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    Default The Midnight Food Fuss

    Ash and Pikachu


    "The Midnight Food Fuss"

    "Doctors report that you shouldn't..."

    "...have to leave, John...I love you just as much as....

    "Studies find that it's hard to..."

    "...slice, dice, chop, shred and blend all with one device!"

    "It's no use, Pikachu..." a black haired boy laments as he continues flipping through the TV channels. "It's midnight, I can't sleep, and there's obviously nothing on TV."

    "Pika..." a yellow mouse creature agrees from its perch on the kitchen counter, its thunderbolt shaped tail intertwined around the power cord leading to a small white TV.

    Just then, the last bit of a show's theme song on another channel gets his attention: Cooking is easy as 1, 2, 3, with a Gran'ma Lettie recipe!

    An image of an older lady with curly gray hair in a kitchen blips on the tiny screen. "Are ya hungry?" she asks in a charming drawl, snapping the boy to attention. "How would you like to have some of my delicious golden brown waffles?"

    "You bet!" the boy replies, as if the woman on TV can hear him.

    "Dripping in melted butter and swimmin' in maple syrup?" Gran'ma Lettie continues, making Pikachu and his master drool in hunger.

    "Pika..." Pikachu sighs dreamily.

    "Are ya ready? Here's the recipe..." Gran'ma Lettie begins.

    The boy quickly ties on a deep blue apron with his name--Ash--embroidered in white towards the top, then rushes about grabbing ingredients. Once sure that he has all the ingredients for waffles and trading his League cap for a chef's hat, he reports to the TV "Ready!" This'll be a nice surprise for Misty and Brock in the morning--Brock will be surprised that I made breakfast for a change!

    "Mix together one quart of milk and one pound of flour." Gran'ma Lettie instructs, prompting Ash to follow along. "Then to these ingredients add two fresh eggs."

    It dawns on Ash that he forgot to grab eggs in his rush to get cooking. "Just a minute!" he assures the TV before dashing to the refrigerator and grabbing two eggs. "Okay..." he sighs as he adds the eggs to his batter.

    "...a dash of baking powder..." Gran'ma Lettie instructs. Ash yawns as he gropes to find the baking powder in his dim work area, and inadvertently adds some banana flavored powdered stretching candy instead of baking powder. To be fair, it looked exactly the same as baking powder, but it was too dim in the kitchen for Ash to tell them apart. "and stir thoroughly. Be sure your iron's hot, and enjoy some soft music while your waffles are cooking." With that, the image of Gran'ma Lettie fades into some shots of various nature scenes and food as a quiet guitar melody plays in the background.

    Ash just stirs his batter in time with the song for a moment, unaware of his mistake. Pikachu, meanwhile, sits by the waffle iron, anticipating when the waffles will be ready. But he finally notices a problem whem he sees that no matter how many times Ash attempts to deposit the batter into the iron, it snaps back into the bowl. He sees the open packet of candy on the table and sighs. Great, Ash used the wrong ingredient, but he doesn't know it!

    "Come on..." Ash growls as he tries again and again to get the batter to the iron, but it continues snapping back. Confused, he tries stirring the batter some more, building up a swirl of batter on his spoon in the process. The final straw comes when he lets go of the spoon, making it spin and causing his batter to take off into the air!

    "Oh no..." Ash gasps as the batter plane swoops in his direction.

    "Pikapi! Pika pika chu pi pika pi!" Pikachu explains, showing Ash the packet of candy.

    "I know I used the wrong thing, just help me catch the batter!" Ash calls back as the batter plane bumps and clatters through the kitchen, crashing into appliances, furniture, and silverware on the way.

    Pikachu nods and grabs onto the bowl as it flies by, and despite his attempts to bring it down, it takes him with it! "Pika pi!" he frantically calls as the batter plane heads for Ash and the refrigerator.

    "Jump!" Ash calls as he readies a bag. Pikachu makes a leap back onto the counter as the batter plane is finally caught and restrained.

    "What's going on in here?" a female voice demands. Ash swallows hard as an orange haired girl storms into the room and turns the TV off. "What are you doing cooking at 3 AM?"

    "I...wanted to-uh, make breakfast for you and Brock?" Ash stammers as he opens the bag and retrieves his batter, which has now returned to normal.

    "I didn't know breakfast involved nearly destroying the kitchen..." Misty sighs as she surveys the various dents and dings in the appliances. "You're lucky nothing was badly damaged!"

    "Calm down, Misty..." an older male voice interrupts as an older boy turns on the kitchen lights and begins repairing the damage. "Ash merely wanted to do something nice for us, and accidentally used some of Pikachu's stretchy powder candy instead of another ingredient."

    "Who knew that stuff was strong enough to damage everything?" Misty muses, still annoyed at Ash's near disaster.

    "So what were you supposed to use that got mixed up with the candy?" the older boy asks as he throws both candy and batter in the trash.

    "I mixed up the candy with baking powder, Brock." Ash explains.

    "Next time, make sure your work area is well lit before you begin." Brock warns. "Your gesture of kindness isn't a lost cause, though..." he smiles as he shows Ash some waffle mix. "Just use some of this and Gran'ma Lettie won't know the difference!"

    "Thanks!" Ash hugs his friend and sets to work preparing the mix as directed.

    Pikachu turns the TV back on just in time to see Gran'ma Lettie again. "Is your waffle a nice golden brown?" she asks.

    "Not yet!" Ash replies as he spoons some of his new batter into the iron with Brock and Misty looking on.

    "Maybe you should cook it a while longer." Gran'ma Lettie assures Ash before the music and nature scenes cut back on.

    "Well, since we're all up, we may as well have breakfast." Misty reluctantly sighs. "Albiet breakfast at three in the morning..."

    "When you're hungry, you're hungry." Brock replies as he brings some butter and syrup to the table, just in time for the waffles to be done.

    "You're right...and Ash did want to do a good deed." Misty muses, now in a better mood. "Although next time, be a little more careful what you put into the recipe." she cautions as she digs into her share of the waffles.

    "Did you enjoy your waffles?" Gran'ma Lettie asks from the TV.

    "Yeah--and it was worth the trouble!" Ash replies, making everyone laugh.

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    Default Re: The Midnight Food Fuss

    Quite a nice short story. I think it worked well for its length, but it probably could have had some more description over dialogue. But I liked the portrayal of the characters and it was good to see similar themes of your other stories

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    Default Re: The Midnight Food Fuss

    Thanks for reviewing--it is loosely based on this Disney short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoqXzmEYcyU, only a bit more modernized
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