Thought I'd have another go at this. Here's hoping this one is better than the last. Italicized text is testimony. Written like the games with added description to make up for the lack of pictures.

Turnabout Museum

May 25th, District Court House, Defense Lobby No. 4, 9:50 AM

Man, I don't normally get nervous like this about anything. I'm not visibly nervous, I never look nervous or bothered, but I always have so many situations flying around in my head. Right now I'm standing in this lobby, waiting for my client with my mentor and mother, Sandra De Phend. I pick up a newspaper lying on the table, the front page article was about the upcoming exhibition at the museum. I think I'll put it in my back pocket and save it for later.

'You're worried, aren't you Mehuu?' my mother and mentor said in a concerned voice. She knows me too well. 'You gotta stay calm, clients can always tell when you're worried'.

'Really now? I responded in a sarcastic voice. She didn't seem to care and kept talking.

'... And if you're worried or nervous, than they're worried and nervous'.

'Right... ' I know this, it's kids stuff. The leader person always has to be cool and calm, appearances are everything for leaders. And defense attorneys. Right then, a woman entered the defense lobby. My client, Meaghan Alsee, she's sort of frail looking, obviously timid judging by the way she flinched when the guard looked at her funny, and coke bottle glasses that had earned her the nick name 'All See'.

'Good morning Ms. Alsee' my mother said as Meaghan slinked towards where we were in the courtroom.

'Hello...' she said in a barely audible voice.

'Hi Ms. Alsee,' I said in a friendly tone, 'how are-'. She screamed and visibly shrunk, almost like she didn't notice me when she walked in.

'Michael, please, don't scare your client!' my mother scolded. 'I apologize for my son's lack of tact'.

'It's... It's a-alright...' she whispered as she seemed to regain her composure, 'w-will you be d-defending me today?'

'No, my son will. Don't worry, he's been completely informed'. Meaghan then turned to me and gave a small smile, the kind that would melt a glacier or end a raging storm.

'Thank you' she said in almost normal volume voice.

'It's my pleasure, I just hope you can put up with a rookie defense attorney like me' my mother jabbed me in the side, the look on her face screamed 'Show confidence'. 'I mean, we'll definitely win! Guarunteed' I laugh a bit and attempt to look tough.

'I think I liked you better when you showed a bit more contempt' her voice trailed off as she got to nothing as she finished the sentence.

'Excuse me, but you are requested in court now Mr. De Phend' the bailiff chimed in.

Let's rock.

May 25th, District Court House, Courtroom No. 2, 10:00 AM

The crowd hummed as I entered the courtroom with my mother and defendant. As we arrived at the defense's bench, the judge banged his gavel to get everyone's attention. I placed the Court Record to the side and stood as nonchalantly as possible in a courtroom.

'We are here today for the trial of Meaghan Alsee, accused of murder of her employer and friend Phillipe d'Ancien. Is the prosecution ready, Mr. Cue?'

'Yes, Your Honour'. On the prosecutor's bench I saw my opponent. A stocky man, head so bald that the glare hurt my eyes and I had to squint. His name is John Cue, he's kind of a nobody prosecutor. They probably slapped him on this case because it looked open and shut.

'And the defense, Mrs. De Phend?'

'Actually... My son will be defending my client. He's ready, Your Honour' my mother responded ot the judge, putting as much emphasis on the 'he' as possible. Guess it won't be such a joint effort this time.

'Yes, ready to go, Your Honour' I proclaimed, feeling a bit more confident than I did in the defense lobby. This might go okay.

'I see, good luck to you then Mr. De Phend. Would the prosecution please call it's first witness?'

The prosecution laughed, 'You're going down, De Phend! I'll drag you through the mud!' Cue scoffed. God damn confident bastard. 'The prosecution would like to call the homicide detective in charge of the case, Michal Bookem!' The bailiff opened the door and in walked the detective. A smug look adorned his face, his eyes always looking forward. His matte black leather jacket and jeans made him look more like a 60s bad boy than a detective. You wouldn't believe it, but he's my best friend. Amazing how we ended up on opposite sides. 'Please state your name and occupation for the record.

'My name is Michal Bookem, I'm the homicide detective in charge of this case' he said, looking around the room. He stopped, looking at me, 'Good to see you, how's it going?' he asked, his sincere smile looked like it didn't belong on his face.

'Just defending' I replied.

'Good to hear' that's how our conversations usually went in public.

Cue cleared his throat, obviously trying to get Michal's attention to the situation at hand. 'Could you please tell us about the situation that took place the night of May 23rd around 8:45 PM'.

'Right' the sincere smile faded away to his normally stoic face, 'Phillipe d'Ancien's death was caused by loss of blood due to being hit in the back with an axe. It's all explained here in this autopsy report'. The bailiff walked to the witness box to receive the report.

'The court accepts this into evidence'.

'I've also brought with me a photograph of the crime scene, in order to help us get more acquainted with the crime scene' Michal then looked over at me and give me his sincere smile again. It's one I've gotten to know over the years, ever since we met in middle school.

'The court also accepts that into evidence'.

'Now that that has been squared away, could you please testify to the court about the crime scene and of course provide more details about the crime scene' Cue said, glaring at me. Testimony, the lifeblood of my job. It's my job to pick it apart and find the contradictions and lies. He may be my friend, but right now he's an adversary.

'The murder happened sometime between 8:40 and 8:50 PM on May 23rd'.

'The victim had been walking around the sparsely lit exhibition room tagging and checking upon the recently delivered medieval exhibition items'.

'Ms. Alsee was also in the room at the time, doing the exact same thing as the curator, or so he thought'.

'The defendant leapt from behind a block with a large, double-sided battle axe, striking the victim in the back'.

'The defendant then attempted to remove the axe, which was stuck, from the victim's back, and was found there'.

'Interesting, where is the axe now?' the Judge inquired.

'Currently on it's way to the court room' replied Michal. His cellphone buzzed at that moment. 'Nevermind, it's here'

'The court accepts it into evidence'.

Hmmm, there's a few things in there that I'd like to find out more about.

'There's a few things in there I wouldn't mind finding out a bit more about' my mother said. Took the words right out of my mouth.

'Mr. Bookem, how sparsely lit was the room on the night of the murder?' I asked

'The room was lit by one industrial spotlight. The curator and Ms. Alsee had flashlights in order to see the tags on the exhibition pieces'.

'How dark was the rest of the museum?'

'All the lights were out, the security uses infrared cameras to monitor the museum at night.'

'Were there any in the exhibition room?'

'There were, but the video was washed out because of the strength of the industrial spotlight. Trust me, if there was a working camera, we wouldn't be here right now'. I guess that was a bit much to hope for...

'I was also curious as to why my client attempted to remove the axe from the back of the victim. If she was in fact guilty, wouldn't she have just left it in and walked away'.

'According to her, she did not attack the victim and was only attempting to remove the axe in an attempt to help save Mr. D'Ancien.'

'But of course she would say that!' Cue butted in, asshole. 'She was only attempting to cover her tracks!'

'You know the court system, guilty until proven innocent, Mr. De Phend! I hope you're not such a rookie that you forgot that!'

'It's been that way for several years, Mehuu, in an attempt to stop criminals from slipping through the cracks' my mother scolded.

And of course to make my job harder... Thinking about it, the only thing that jumped out terribly was the lighting. Should try and get more information on that. 'Excuse me. Mr. Bookem, do you happen to have a picture of the crime scene with the lighting on the night of the murder. The first photo you gave us didn't exactly give us a clear view of the circumstances'.

'Of course, I'm always prepared'. And that's damn true too.

'The court accepts the new photo into evidence'.

'Hmmm, this new photo is rather... enlightening' the Judge laughed chuckled to himself quietly at his remark. A grimace crawled across my face. Cue laughed rather loudly. Bastard trying to score brownie points. 'I'm glad you liked that joke, Mr. Cue!' God damn bastard.

'Mr. Bookem' Cue finally calmed himself down, 'Perhaps you could testify to us about this lighting?'

'You got it'.

'The area where the victim was murdered was lit by a single industrial spotlight'.

'The rest of the room was almost pitch black'

'Since the defendant was “checking tags”, she could have easily grabbed the axe and maneuvered herself into a perfect attacking position'.

'Why she didn't move into the shadows after attacking we couldn't pry from her, she kept saying “she was trying to save him”'.

That's because she was Michal, I hope you know that.

'Very clear testimony'.

'Indeed, almost as if there was no room for doubt' Cue glared at me again. God I'm starting to hate this jackass.

'Don't let him get to you Mehuu, just press forward!' my mother commanded.

'Seeing as there doesn't seem to be any room for doubt, I do believe that if the defense doesn't poke any holes in this testimony quickly, I will have to end the trial' the Judge warned.

Shit, not good. A look of desperation crawled across my face.

'Now is not the time to get desperate Michael, look at your client' my mom warned. I looked past her to see Ms. Alsee's eyes wide with terror. I immediately took a more confident look, but it didn't help much. Gotta find the hole, gotta find the hole...

Then my brain erupted, the gears finally turned. The axe is heavy. Really heavy from the looks of it, and it is an authentic weapon. Ms. Alsee is relatively weak, she couldn't have 'leapt at the victim' like Michal said in his first testimony...

As the gears in my head turned, my mother looked at me with a grin. 'I can see the gears turning in your head Michael, you're close' she said happily. Sadly, the Judge and Cue did not see the gears turning.

'Well, if the defense doesn't have any objections, I would like t-'

'OBJECTION!' I yelled.

'Well that was close' my mom said to me, looking worried. 'I didn't think you were going to make it'.

'What is it, Mr. De Phend?' the Judge asked, looking a bit annoyed that I cut him off.

'I would like to draw the court's attention to the murder weapon in question' I said. 'As you can see, the weapon itself is very heavy. A normal person would have trouble using it, let alone a person of my client's size and build!' The crowd burst into a dull murmur, discussing this revelation. The Judge banged his gavel on his stand.

'Order! Order in the court!' he yelled, trying to get everyone to calm down.'Mr. Bookem! Is this true? How heavy is this axe?'

'Heavy enough so that one of my officers had trouble carrying it, Your Honor' Michal replied.

'That said' I continued from my previous revelation, 'Since my client would have had trouble carrying, let alone using the axe, she would've had to drag it across the ground. With that, I would like to bring the Court's attention to the first crime scene photograph. If you would please look at the ground around the pedsastal.;

'What's wrong with it?'

'If you look closely, you'll see a distinct lack of something that ties my client to the crime'

'There's...! There's no drag marks!' the Judge's eyes widened, 'well that is definitely some decisive evidence there Mr. De Phend. Mr. Bookem, did you notice any scratch marks anywhere at the scene?'

'No I didn't' he replied, his face did not change, almost as if there was something deeper.

'The reason being because Ms. Alsee is in fact quite strong!' Cue finally jumped in.

'WHAT!?' my mother, the Judge and I both yelled in surprise. Though my mother was the first to recover from it. The court burst into conversation that the Judge quickly quelled.

'Order! Order in this court! Well, I'm sorry to say Mr. De Phend, but that throws your entire case out the window' the Judge sounded solemn, another attempt at a quick resolution gone out the window. Damn Cue, that bastard.

'Anyways...' Michal chimed in, 'When Ms. Alsee arrived at the detetion center, I made sure to run all tests possible that could be related to this case. Of course, one of those was a strength test. Hidden in that tiny frame is a remarkably strong woman'

'How strong... Is she exactly?' I wondered aloud, hoping to get an answer.

'Well, she can pretty much lift her own body weight bench pressing, which is why Mr. D'Ancien hired her. Intelligence and strength go a long way'.

Jesus Christ, strong woman. 'Did you know about this, mom?'

'Yes, I did. But I didn't think that the prosecution and Michal had done their homework'. Of course they did, that's their job...

'Well, it appears we've gone as far as we can go. I believe it's time to declare the verdict, unless the defense has any objections they would like to raise' the Judge asked, knowing I couldn't reply. 'No? Then I declare the defenda-'

'OBJECTION!' this time it was my mom who raised the objection.

'Ms. De Phend!?' the Judge asked.

'Present the Battle Axe, there was something they missed' she whispered. 'Actually, my son would like to present something'.

I'm going to be honest with myself, I'm a bit confused, but I'll go with it. 'Uh, yes... I would like to present the Battle Axe again' my voice wavered.

'You're not going to bring up your “weight theory” again, are you Mr. De Phend? We thoroughly debunked that!' Cue laughed. Bastard.

'No, Cue Ball, I would like to bring up the fingerprints left on the axe by my defendant!'

'W-w-w-what about them!?' Cue freaked out, obviously the bald comment struck him hard.

'If you look at them, they're only in one spot on the axe, why aren't there any grease marks sliding along the entirety of the handle?' a confident sneer crept across my face.

'P-p-p-p-perhaps she... dragged the axe along the ground and swung it horizantally?'

'Not possible. We already debunked my “weight theory” remember, and since she's so strong, there'd be no reason to drag it!' Cue finally freaked out, his head looking like it exploded.

'Mr. Cue...?'

'The prosecution... Would like to call... It's next witness...' it sounded more like Cue heaved those words out of him, as opposed to saying them.

'I'm not sure Mr. Cue, it seems like this case is closed' the Judge warned.

'NO! My next witness is a decisive witness!'

'Hmmm, it appears this is going on longer than I expected. I would like to call a 10 minute recess. Prepare your witness in this time, Mr. Cue. Court is dismissed for recess'. The Judge banged his gavel, bringing the court to a recess.

May 25th, District Courthourse, Defense Lobby No. 4, 11:35 AM

God damn it. That was some tough stuff in there, but I think I got to that Cue Ball. Enough so that he'll be rattled during the next round.

'Good work, Mehuu' my mother smiled, then grimaced, 'but there's still a long road ahead'.

'Yeah, I know' I replied automatically.

Ms. Alsee moved from behind my mother, a smile across her face. That smile really suits her. 'Thank you for hard work'.

'Well we're not through yet, but we're almost done!' I smiled a desperate smile. Great, hope that doesn't make her think any less of me. 'So this next witness, do you know who he is?'

'Yes, the curator's twin brother Maximillion' she replied in a deadpan voice, obviously she has some history with him.

'How exactly did he witness the crime?' Getting as much information is crucial here.

'He found me when I attempted to remove the axe out of the curator's back. Supposedly he was coming back from the bathroom at the time.'

'Hmmm, that's not exactly a witness to the murder'. That's good, I was dreading the possibility of actually defending a killer. And he was the only other person there that we know of. I think this case just blew wide open.

'I just need to prove it' I said to myself outloud. I can't believe I said that...

'Good Mehuu, you're starting to get it' my mother said, smiling. I hate her in mentor mode, she's so quizzical, never explaining anything and only dropping small hints. Rather annoying. 'You'll never get very far if you don't figure things out for yourself'. Dammit, she's a mind reader too?

'I know you can do it' Ms. Alsee said happily, her eyes wide with hope. Kind of creepy, but also endearing.

'Excuse me' the bailiff butt into our conversation, 'but your presence is requested in the courtroom'. It's showtime. Let's rock!

May 25th, District Courthouse, Courtroom No. 2, 11:45 AM

'Thank you for returning so promptly' the Judge said, nodding, 'is the prosecution and the next witness ready, Mr. Cue?'

'Of course, Your Honour' Cue nodded in reply.

'And the defense, Mr. De Phend?'

'Loading the guns as we speak, Your Honour' I hope I didn't sound too overconfident.

'Well the defense seems rather confident' the Judge replied, surprised.

'Perhaps a bit overconfident!' Cue laughed. This jerk's going down hard. 'The prosecution would like to call the only witness to the crime, Maximillion d'Ancien!'

Through the doors walked a man that looked exactly like the late museum curator. He seemed a bit stiff, hair gelled back, black suit, dark gloves and an evil look. You could smell the expensive cologne as he walked towards the.witness stand.

'Please state your name and occupation for the record'.

'Je m'appelle Maximillion d'Ancien, and je suis a entrepreneur' he said, his accent atrocious. His mixing of French and English didn't help matters much.

'The Court asks that the defendant please be sure to testify in English' the Judge asked politely with a semi-stern look on his face.

'I will essaie, but mon anglais n'est pas good'.

'The Court thanks you for your effort'.

'Now' Cue butt in, something his chrome dome has a bad habit of doing, 'could you please testify to the court about what you witnessed the night of the murder'.

'Avec plaisir' he responded, grinning evily.

'My brother invited me to examine the new exhibition pieces last night'

'I arrived just before 8:20 PM and was shown items from the collection until about 8:40 PM'

'I then proceeded to visit the bathroom'

'I was there several minutes until I heard a scream, then returned to the hall to find that woman with the axe'

'Fascinating... I love your accent, Mr. D'Ancien' the Judge seemed smitten with the man. Great...

'Indeed' replied Cue, obviously trying to get brownie points with the judge.

'Merci monsieurs' d'Ancien replied.

'Ahem...' the judge regained his composure, 'The defense may begin the cross-examination'.

'Mr. D'Ancien, what exactly do you mean you had to go to the bathroom?' I asked.

'What do you think he meant Mr. De Phend!?' the Judge said, shocked.

'Are you that much of a fool you don't know what people do in the bathroom? He's from a different country, not a different planet!' Cue laughed.

'Well no...' I looked defeated, 'I was just wondering what exactly he was doing in the bathroom'

'So now you're perverted!' Cue laughed again, louder this time.

'OBJECTION!' I yelled. 'This is relevant! Just let him answer the question!'

'J'ai uriner' d'Ancien finally responded.

'Pardon me?' I replied, my French is a bit lacking I'll admit.

'Pee, I was peeing' he said, a bit of a flush crawling to his cheeks. Such a strange look for such a stoic man.

'Thank you' I replied, glaring at Cue who was stifling a laugh.

'That brings me to my next question, why were you there for several minutes if you were taking a number one?' I tried putting it as delicately as possible, as to not illicit an outburst from that bald bastard. I could see him stifling a laugh, immature shit.

'Well, chaque time que j'utilise the toilette, je change mes gants' he replied, switching to French.

'Come again?' I hate having to do this.

'Gloves, changer mes gloves' .

'I see, so you were changing your gloves after you went to the bathroom'.


'Alright, I think we're good to go with this now' I drew a deep breath and yelled. 'HOLD IT!'

'You already had the court's attention Mr. De Phend' the Judge glared intently. Why does he only do that to me!?

'I would like to bring the court's attention to the Battle Axe again'.

'What is it now Mr. De Phend?' the Judge glared again.

'Well you see I just noticed something rather peculiar about the axe. Since the axe is always on display and never in a glass case, it collects a lot of dust. I noticed that in this dust there were markings left behind in a sliding pattern down the axe, similar to somone swinging it to attack!' Cue jumped back, obviously just realizing another of his many blunders.

'What are you trying to say Mr. De Phend?' the Judge was confused. Then again so was everyone else in the room.

'Well you see, Your Honour. Whoever swung the axe was obviously wearing gloves! And there was only one person who was wearing gloves at the time of the murder!'

'You're not saying...' Cue gasped.

'That's right, the curator's own brother! Maximillion d'Ancien!'

'Mr. De Phend! You do realize you're accusing Mr. D'Ancien of murder?' the Judge eyes were wide with shock.

'I do, Your Honour' a confident smile crawled across my face. I think we got him!

'But those could have been left by anyone!' Cue was trying to fight back, perhaps some teamsters joking around as they were moving the exhibition pieces'

'If you look at marks, you'll see that they weren't just left by normal garbage gloves, they were obviously left by leather gloves' my replies are starting to sound a lot more cool. I must be getting the hang of this.

'Impossible' d'Ancien replied, his response like ice water being poured down my back.

'How!?' I nearly fell down, I was on such a roll!

'You see, je place mais gloves dans the poubelle apres que j'utilise'. Again with the god damn French! It's kind of getting annoying.

'And the garbage was collected the morning of the 24th throughout the entire museum' Cue sneered.

Dammit! Stupid bastard!

'Get a hold of yourself, Michael!' my mother shook me wildly.

'Is the defense alright?' the Judge seemed legitimately concerned.

'Yes, he's just a bit frazzled, his first case and all' my mother smiled a desperate smile. Probably trying to get some form of sympathy. She then leaned in close and whispered, 'present the crime scene photo, it will contradict what he just said'.

I nodded, took a deep breath and yelled. 'OBJECTION! Mr. D'Ancien, you did not throw out your gloves the night of the murder, in fact, they've been right under our noses all this time'.

'What!?' he seemed a bit taken aback by my calling his bluff.

'Yes, if you look at the first crime scene photo, the well lit one, you'll see the contradiction!'

It took the Judge a few seconds, but he noticed it. 'I see it! There are some gloves on top of a crate in that photo!' the Judge said proudly. Good for you, Your Honour. A strand of d'Ancien's hair jumped out of place, but he quickly gelled it back down. We're getting close to the truth!

'Bailiff, hurry down to the crime scene at once and retrieve those gloves!' the Judge yelled. He then calmly turned back to our direction. 'Until this new evidence arrives, I have no choice but to call a recess'.

The recess passed quickly, with me reading the city and business section and my mother and Ms. Alsee sharing the arts and life section. They seem to be getting along pretty well, I hope she doesn't try and set us up or anything. That's the last thing I need right now. What mainly interested me was the article about the new exhibition. It was as much about the d'Ancien family as the exhibition itself. Turns out that Phillipe inherited most of the family fortune when his father died 25 years ago and put it towards the museum in this city, which is thriving to this day. Maximillion put his share, a rather meager amount, into some unsuccessful business ventures and was almost flat broke by businessman standards. Just as I finished the article, the evidence arrived and we returned to the courtroom.

There was a new feeling in the air when we returned, a feeling of victory. Cue was reduced to a pool of sweat and self-pity, bastard finally gets what he deserves. d'Ancien was strangely calm.

'Court is now back in session for the trial of Meaghan Alsee... Or is it Maximillion d'Ancien?' the Judge had a quizical look on his face.

'Well find out soon enough, Your Honour' I said, confidence blooming on my face.

'Good work, Mehuu' my mother smiled. Ms. Alsee was smiling too, such a cute smile.

'Now let's have a look at these, well these sure do seem fancy, not the kind I'd just throw away or leave lying around...' the Judge said.

'And look at the back, they even have the accused's initials!' I said.

'Indeed, and do the glove marks match up?'

'Exactly, Your Honour' I nodded. We're done here.

'Well I believe we have enough here to convict our witness, does the defense have anything to add?'

'Nothing, Your Honour'

'Does the prosecution have any objections?' With the verdict so close, I'd completely forgotten about Cue. I looked over to him and a confident look could be seen on his face.

'Actually, I do Your Honour. Motive. All these are just happy coincidences if the defense can't come up with a motive' Cue smiled his evil smile.

'OBJECTION' I yelled, 'but look at the evidence! The glove marks match up with the ones found on the gloves! The witness' initials are on the gloves! You'll probably even find fingerprints inside the glove! It was him!' I freaked. We were so god damn close! That bald bastard!

'But I'm afraid that it could all have been coincidence Mr. De Phend. None of this has been truly decisive evidence'. My God, how could one little thing like a motive bring such an open and shut case to an abrupt? This isn't fair! 'Seeing as the defense had nothing to add, I believe I can declare my verdict'.

'OBJECTION!' I nearly fell over at the aural force of that objection. It was obviously my mother, who had something up her sleeve. 'The defense does have evidence to prove a motive' she said. Cue was visibly taken aback by this.

'Y-you do!?' he yelled in surprise.

'Yes' she looked over at me. I looked through the court record hurriedly, not sure what I was looking for. I reread every page, sometimes three times, but nothing came up as evidence for a motive.

'We're waiting, Mr. De Phend' the Judge sounded terribly impatient. As I reached my last piece of evidence, a small candle of hope flickered in my mind. Little did I know that this candle would soon become a raging inferno.

'The defense would like to present this newspaper article!' I yelled, holding the article in my outstreched hand.

'Why, that's from today's paper. I was just reading that in my office.' Good for you, Your Honour.

'This article is about the exhibition that will be going on at the museum starting next week. But that's not all, it also talks briefly of Phillipe and Maximillion d'Ancien's finacial situations. Turns out that our witness wasn't exactly as well off as his brother and failed a few times in the harsh business world'. A few gelled-back hairs on Maximillion's head jumped out of place at this remark.

'Are you saying... he killed for the money?' the Judge asked, wide-eyed.

'Yes. Phillipe and Maximillion were twin brothers. If the news of the murder hadn't yet reached the public eye, he could have easily paraded into a bank as his brother and withdrew all his money! He would then move back to France and live a life of luxury until the end!' A few more hairs jumped out of place, almost as if his this is the only way he can react to this.

'No. No. Non. No. Non. No. NON. NON. NON. NON. NON. NON' he kept repeating, louder and louder.

'Mr. D'Ancien?' the Judge asked stern, unaware that this is essentially his confession.

'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!' d'Anciens hair flew up, the gel unable to contain his guilt any longer. The Judge sat wide-eyed. Cue's head was slammed against the desk. My mother and I stood there confidently. We won!

'No, you won Michael' she said, smiling.

'It's... Ces vrai. I did kill him for the money. But vous ne-c'est pas what it's like having to vie dans son ombre! Il toujours fait les choses plus bon que toi! Il a des succes, et moi? Seulment les pannes!' he cried.

'I've read a bit about you Mr. D'Ancien and from the sounds of it you never actually worked at your businesses, or at all in your life. You just expected them, and yourself to succeed without any effort whatsoever. Your brother put a lot of work into his life, and he became a good man for it. Life takes effort Mr. D'Ancien, and until you learn that you're just going to be a shell of a man' my mother stepped in, looking sternly at the accused. Two bailiffs walked up to the witness stand, grabbing d'Ancien, handcuffing him and leading him out of the room. I stood there bewildered. I didn't know my mom knew French...

'Now that the real murderer has been found and detained, I can declare my verdict. Ms. Alsee, I find you in the law's unwavering gaze not guilty!' the Judge banged his gavel, finalizing the verdict.

May 25th, District Courthourse, Defense Lobby No. 4, 2:16 PM

'Thank you... So much Mr. De Phend, Mrs. De Phend'. God dammit she looks cute when she smiles.

'It was our pleasure Ms. Alsee' I said happily. Nothing like a job well done.

'We couldn't have done it without you believing in us so fiercely Ms. Alsee' my mother replied, smiling. 'And, y'know, the fact that you didn't actually do it'. We all had a good chuckle at that.

'You're pretty amazing Mr. De Phend, even if this was your first case you performed excellently'.

'I had a good teacher' I felt a hand on my shoulder after saying that.

'I'll be looking out for you Mr. De Phend. Because of you I've decided I'm going to take a new stance on life. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some contacts and do some clothes shopping'. I hadn't really noticed, but her clothes were kind of drab.

'That's good to hear'.

'Speaking of that...' my mother said slyly. 'You two would probably make a pretty good couple. Y'know, the whole brains and brawn thing going on.' Ms. Alsee looked away, blushing brightly. I simple grinned.

'Maybe some other time, I've got some major work on myself that I have to do first. Again, thank you! From the bottom of my heart! Good bye!' she then walked away, turning back as she walked out the door to wave.

'So, how about a victory dinner?' my mother asked.

'If you insist' I said, grinning.

'Where to then?'

'I'm thinking chicken wings tonight'.

She laughed. 'Sounds good'. We walked out of the courtroom, mentor and protege, mother and son, a notch finally in my belt.