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    Part one.

    At the start there was only white. Blank space and nothingness. There were also no thoughts racing through my mind. It was one of the only peaceful times as an Abra. I opened my eyes slowly, tentatively to the world. At first I thought that perhaps I had a hearing problem. I sat still for a long time wondering how I came to be here. It could have been hours or minutes. I was not watching the sun and that was the only thing that changed. I stood up and looked around the arid desert. The silence and stillness was uncomfortable. The wind's howl would have been a comfort. I screamed.

    "ABRA!" was the sound that pierced into the sameness. I saw a green dot on the horizon. It was rapidly approaching. I felt simultaneously confused and overjoyed. This was the first living thing I had seen in my conscious existence. As the dot became closer it appeared to be what I somehow recognized as a human. I felt compelled to know more about the human. I focused this feeling of curiousity on the person and then was surprised to find I could read it's thoughts. It wasn't thinking words, it was more thinking waves of joy. Although it felt intrusive I picked through it's mind for a while and found words for things I wanted to describe.

    As it grew closer I studied it's features. It had a chocolate brown near-afro and tanned skin. It's green eyes twinkled and it had a wide smile that showcased it's one chipped tooth. The stranger's t-shirt matched it's eyes although it was slightly brighter. It's dull gray sneakers kicked up sand as it ran. The gangly stranger stumbled over his own feet nearly hitting me. As it sat up it's well worn jeans had. I felt as though I should jump into this strangers arms. So I did.

    Now, I sit alone-an aged Alakazam. I have decided to pick through my own brain not unlike I picked through the then strangers brain. My memory is so extensive that I often am annoyed by it. As a Kadabra I often wished it wasn't so vivid and large so I would have space in my brain for more important matters. Now I realise my memory is here to teach me, and I have decided to look through it. My hypothesis is that maybe if I look through all of it I can find out why I am here alone in silence. And maybe if I do that my life won't end in the same way it started.
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    That seemed interesting. I hope to see more.

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    Oooh. Gimme more!
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