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    Chapter One: And so it begins

    The world was a dull lump of sounds and some sights; the latter a barely present thing, something which the person needed to hold onto with their thin, numb hands in order to keep it in their mind. The person felt themselves to be alive, but alive was, at the same time, a concept they were not familiar with. They only knew- the person was a she. They just remembered that.

    She was a girl, opposite of a boy, the only two physical barriers between biological beings: biological beings were otherwise very, very different. She smiled at the thought, trying to compare herself to other human beings that she knew. But suddenly, she realized that she did not know much about herself other than her gender. She did not know if she had a name; her history evaded her; she knew nothing. This thought spiked a panic which shocked her into full-on consciousness.

    She sat up, but her abdomen was objecting it. A sharp pang of pain flushed through her body, and she fell right back down onto the soft surface she was on, letting out an audible cry. She took a few moments to recuperate from the unexpected sensation, before taking in her surroundings. She identified the soft surface she was on as a bed: something people sleep on. She guessed that she had been asleep. But she was in a structure in which she could not identify: the entire room was a blinding shade of white, except for the incandescent yellow glow from the artificial lighting.

    Voices floated through the air, but they were not understandable: whether or not she could not understand them, or if she did not want to, she did not know, but the one that mattered came through just as she started opening herself up to foreign things like sound. She heard the door in front of her open, then shut - and pretty shortly after that, the face of an unfamiliar man stood above her, a wide smile on his lips. He reached up, stroking his gray facial hair thoughtfully.

    "So I see you're awake," he said.

    The girl nodded slowly, careful not to aggravate whatever it was that had hurt her earlier. "Where am I?..."

    "Vermillion General Hospital," he said. "Does that sound familiar?"

    She let her mind wander for a moment, and after coming up without a legitimate response, she spoke. "No, it doesn't."

    "I see. Well, Vermillion is just a shot," he lifted his thumb and forefinger up, pulling them close together, "south of Saffron. I'm guessing that's where you're from?"

    "...I-I don't know," she responded.

    "You don't know where you're from?" the man asked, raising an eyebrow, accentuating the wrinkles on his aged face.

    "No. It's... just..."

    "Ma'am, what's your name?"

    She ransacked her brain for an answer, but once again, she did not find one. Panic struck her when she did not have an answer for the man, and her breathing became quick and shallow, her mind searching frantically for the answer to the one thing that circles for the answer to the one question she knew that she should have been able to answer.

    "Calm down!" the man said. "Breathe! You're having a panic attack. Just breathe... don't worry. We'll find out what's wrong with you, alright?"

    She shut her eyes and allowed herself to calm down. The flustered feeling she had went away quickly, and her breathing calmed down. She looked up at the man, and sighed. "...I don't... I don't even know my own name."

    After a few tests and a short session with some lady who kept asking her how she felt, the girl learned her condition. It was called retrograde amnesia: where one forgets everything about their previous life. The basic stuff they had learned could be kept: but in more extreme cases like her own, even one's own name was lost. The causes could either be physical, or the person could have gone through some event in which the mind viewed as so traumatic that it tried to shut off everything in order to block out that one incident.

    "...And, for now, we'll be keeping you here for further analysis. But, pretty much, you're free to do as you like here. Just be careful. That nasty little wound on your tummy's gonna be pretty painful for a while," the doctor, apparently named James Segall,
    said, a simple smile on his face. "And don't hesitate to call for a nurse if your head starts to hurt. Well, especially your head, but if anything on you starts to hurt..."

    "Call a nurse," the girl said.


    The girl lay her head down onto the pillow at the top of her bed, and shut her eyes. She had the feeling that she was not going to be able to sleep: so she used the time to think... or so she planned to, anyway. Her feeling was dead-on wrong, and within moments, she drifted off into the land of a dreamless sleep.

    "...She's a cute little kid," a voice said.

    "Yeah. It's a shame. Probably got a good few dead relatives, considering where she was found..." another said.

    "Mmm. Seems like her memory going haywire's best, then."

    "I wonder what she'll wanna be called... she's gotta have a name, after all," the other voice mused.

    "I dunno. I'll ask when she wakes up."

    "Right. Thanks, Lloyd. You've always been better with kids than I've ever been, anyway."

    Lloyd Hendricks nodded. "Sure, Doc. No problem."

    Author's Note: Small chapter. I know. But I figure it's best to cut off here - next chapter will be at least twice the length of this one. That I can promise. 'til then...

    Word Count Goal: 25,000

    Word Count: 918

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    Default Re: Memory [SuBuWriMo]

    I love these kinds of stories; fill the holes as you go instead of build upon what you know.

    I really liked how you portrayed a person's reaction to losing their memory; certainly better than what I did. But aside from that, the last scene confused me, was it a dream, or just two doctors talking? Because you said dreamless sleep... *is stupid*

    For some reason, this also reminded me of Kill Bill. Weird...

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    Okay, forget what I said about longer chapters. Decided I'm going to use this fic to experiment with my own preferences in shorter chapters: to see how they work for me. So... yeah.


    Chapter Two: Scout

    "Good morning, miss," a voice said, adding a short chuckle afterward.

    The girl sat up - slowly this time - and began to examine her surroundings, allowing what her short memory of life previously to come back to her. The only unfamiliar sight was a man sitting beside her.

    He was of a darker skin color, almost brown, she noticed. Not unlike Dr. Segall, he had a patch of white fuzz on his chin, but unlike him, this man had a shiny, hairless head. He smiled warmly in her direction, and she could not help herself: she returned a smile, albeit weary and a bit confused.

    "Hi... who are you?"

    The man extended his large hand toward her, and she stared at it dumbly. He withdrew it and nodded slowly, understanding her own lack of it. "Ah, okay then. Little Miss, you can call me Lloyd. One of the old geezers in this ward of the hospital."

    "Oh. Hi, Lloyd... I'm... oh..."

    "It's okay, Little Miss," Lloyd said. "That's what I'm here for. Ol' James likes kids, he just isn't good with them. So he asked me to keep you company, and help you figure out something to call ya."

    "Alright, I guess..."

    "Hesitant? Bit understandable. Whenever you're ready, Little Miss. Whenever you're ready."

    So, the girl talked with Lloyd. She talked a lot, and came to realize that this old brown man was quite a fun person.

    "Do you have kids, Lloyd?" she asked.

    "Ahaha! Lord, yes. Me and the missus have four of them. Three boys, and one little girl. Pretty as a picture. Just like you, Little Miss," Lloyd said, his eyes shining.

    "What're their names?"

    "Amy is the girl's. Henry, Jack and Joseph are the boys."

    She pondered those four names: she assumed Henry, Jack and Joseph were not options, but then again, neither was Amy. It seemed too prissy. She didn't like that thought.

    "Oh. Those're nice names..." she said.

    "Yep. Wanna hear a story, Little Miss? Pretty funny."

    She smiled softly, nodding. "Sure."

    "Well, once..."

    The next night was when the epiphany came. Dr. Segall slid the glass door open and walked into the room, handing a small rectangular-shaped object to Lloyd.

    "There ya go, Lloyd," he said. Then he moved his attention over to the girl, and she snapped out of her thoughtful trance to pay attention to him. "So, Miss, how are we? Feeling any better?"

    "My stomach hurts," she admitted. "But that's all Lloyd's fault!" She stuck her tongue out, teasing the old man. He was quite the story teller, and was pretty funny with it, too. She had laughed so hard that the wound on her stomach had actually flared up in pain, and that was when the story telling had stopped.

    She had to admit, it was a disappointment.

    Lloyd explained briefly, and Dr. Segall examined the wound briefly.

    "Looks pretty much the same... if you need any medication for it, if it hurts too much..."

    "Call a nurse," the girl deadpanned.

    "I guess you pretty much have that down, huh?" Dr. Segall asked.

    The girl nodded. "You can stop telling me."

    The doctor nodded, smiling softly. "Right. And Lloyd, careful with her. Don't make her laugh too much. See ya, Miss."

    And with that, the doctor left. She turned her attention to Lloyd, and the curious object in his hands, which she could now identify as a book.

    "What's that?" she asked.

    Lloyd lifted the book up. "This?"

    She nodded.

    "Oh, it's a book. A classic, in my opinion. I've read it upwards of six or seven times... 'To Kill a Mockingbird', it's called," he responded.

    "You've read that big thing seven times? Wow. You really are old..."

    "Not old enough so that I can't whip you," he teased.

    "So," she asked, "what's it about?"

    "Ol' southern people," Lloyd said simply. "Well, this girl called Scout. Her daddy's a lawyer, and he's defending a young negro boy accused of rapin' a girl. And... well, I guess- it's too complicated for me to explain to a little girl like yourself, okay? Don't worry 'bout it."

    "Scout?" she asked. "That's a weird name..."

    He raised an eyebrow. "Is it, now? I..."

    She beat him to the punch. "I like it."

    "That so? Well, you wanna be called that?"

    The newly christened girl nodded.

    "Well, that's it, then. From this point on, 'till we know just who ya really are, you'll be called Scout!"

    So, for roughly the next week or two, Scout got to know the majority of the staff in the hospital. She sort of became a celebrity, the interesting case of the day. But Scout was not a dumb girl. Even at her age - which was not known exactly, but from the lack of certain biological functions and physical features, Dr. Segall guessed about nine or ten - she was observant, and she saw quite a few people get rushed through into the intensive care unit. It seemed too many people for comfort.

    So, one day, she asked Lloyd about it.

    A dark atmosphere seemed to enter the room, and Lloyd furrowed his brow, staring at Scout in silence for a few moments.

    "I s'pose you'll have to learn some time, huh? I expected it would be a while 'fore we had to explain... you're smart, you know that, Scout? Smart, and pretty as a picture."

    "What is it, Lloyd?" she asked.

    "The Indigo Continent, though more heavy here in Kanto, is in war-time."

    "War? What's that?"

    He smiled softly. "War is fighting. War's a fight that stupid people have because they can't agree with each other. And the dumb thing is, this is a Civil War - we're fightin' ourselves."


    His smile stayed firm, and the old man placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about it, alright? Listen. It's pretty late. Why don't we get some shut-eye?"

    Scout awoke with a start, a sharp pang of pain rushing through her body. She forced herself to stay up, eyes fluttering around the room to examine the source of the loud noise that had forced her awake.

    The hospital was oddly quiet for the loud bang that had just happened. This concerned her: she also saw no sign of Lloyd. Perhaps he had gotten up to use the restroom. He usually stayed here in her room at night, because on occasion she did have nightmares - she could just never remember what they were about.

    She slid out of her bed, moving over to her window. Outside was only slightly atypical: it was oddly bright out for this time of night. She guessed it might be closer to morning than she thought. A small sigh escaped her lips. Maybe it was some clumsy person knocking over a television or something.

    She went toward her bed, but was stopped when Lloyd's image came into her sight, sliding the glass door open.

    "We need to go, Miss Scout. Now!"

    A boom rushed into her ears again, and this time she felt the minor quake beneath. Then, she realized with horror: somebody was attacking the hospital.

    Word Count Goal: 25,000

    Word Count: 2,106

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