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    One February night at her house where she lived with Ash in Haruna, Gunma Prefecture, May was a bit bored and didn't know what to do. It was around 7:20 PM. She had already done her police shift however Ash would not be home until around 8:00 PM. She was wearing a white Adidas T-shirt with blue pants. She was wondering what to cook for dinner. She said “I hope there’s some stuff in the pantry I could use.”

    She went to the pantry and found a box of ziti pasta and a jar of top quality tomato sauce which had a four cheese blend. She said “This is boring with just pasta and sauce but if I find stuff in the fridge, maybe it can be better.” She walked over to the fridge and found some part skim mozzarella cheese. She said “I can make a pasta bake with this stuff.”

    She then headed to the kitchen to start cooking. She started by putting a pot of water on the stove to boil. Then she started to shred the mozzarella cheese and when she was done with that, she put the cheese in the fridge so it would be kept safe before she adds it later. The next thing she did was put the tomato sauce in a saucepan and put it on the stove over low heat so she wouldn't burn the sauce.

    Meanwhile, at the gas station, Max was attending to a customer by filling up his car with regular unleaded gasoline. Once he was done, Max went to get the customer’s bill. The customer paid with cash then took and thanked Max. Max said “See you soon.”

    Yuichi then came out and said “Hey Max, are you done?”

    Max said “I just finished with a customer. What’s up, boss?”

    Yuichi said “You've done a lot today. Even though we’re shorthanded, you’ve done awesome. It’s nice to have someone to count on when the going gets tough.”

    Max said “Thanks, boss. It’s around 7:30 PM right now. I’ve been here since 10:30 this morning. I guess I can go home, right?”

    Yuichi said “Max, you've done more than enough today. You can go on home now if you want.”

    Max said “Thanks. Before I go, can I use the phone inside to call May? I want to know what she is doing.

    Yuichi told Max he could use the phone. Max called May and Ash’s house.

    Meanwhile, May continued to cook dinner. The water just came to a boil and she poured the entire pound of ziti in the water. Then the phone rang. Since there was a phone not too far from the stove, she could keep an eye on things. She picked up the phone and answered it. May said “Hello, this is May speaking.”

    Max said “Hello, sis. How are you doing?”

    May said “I am doing fine, bro. What’s up with you?”

    Max said “I just got done with work. I was wondering what you were up to.”

    May said “I am making dinner right now.”

    Max then said “Cool. What are you making?”

    May told Max “I am making a pasta bake. It should be ready in 10 minutes.”

    Max said “That sounds delicious. I will have to go home and park my car there. I should get mom and dad to come with me also.”

    May then said “Sounds good to me. Since your house is down the street a bit from where me and Ash live, you can walk from our parents’ house to my house.”

    Max then hung up and left for home. Before he left, Yuichi said “What’s going on?”

    Max said “May is making dinner and I’m going home to bring my parents to the place where she lives with Ash.” He then took off in his red Honda NSX.

    Meanwhile, May drained the ziti in a colander and rinsed with cold water. She then got out a metal 8X8 baking dish. She sprayed it with cooking spray so the pasta wouldn't stick. She then spread the pasta in the baking dish then poured the sauce over it. Then she went to the fridge and took the cheese she shredded earlier and sprinkled the cheese on top of the pasta. She then put the pasta bake in the oven which had the broiler set to low. She put it in for 2 minutes just to melt the cheese.

    When the cheese melted, she took it out of the over with her pot holders. She then set the pasta bake on a small plastic cutting board.

    Meanwhile, Max returned home to change into regular clothing from his gas station clothes. He said “Mom, dad. Do you want to go with me to May & Ash’s house? She’s making a pasta bake.”

    Caroline said “Absolutely. Me and Norman would love to see May. We don’t get to see her often so this is a nice thing to do.”

    Norman said “I am interested to see what she made. She does cook well.”

    Max, Caroline, & Norman then walked to the house where May & Ash live. Since it was a bit cold outside they wore heavy sweaters. They arrived about 10 minutes later. When they arrived, Max knocked on the front door.

    May then walked to the front door and opened the door.

    Max said “Hello, sis.”

    May said “Hi, bro. I see you brought mom and over. Dinner is ready now so let’s eat.”

    Norman, Caroline, May, & Max then headed to sit down at the dining room table. May then served the pasta bake to everyone. Everybody was amazed at how well the pasta bake looked. Everyone took a bite and were also amazed at how perfectly cooked it was.

    Caroline said “Honey, this is absolutely delicious. The pasta isn’t dry, the cheese is nice and melted and the sauce taste good. What was your secret?”

    May said “My secret was to put the thing under the broiler for 2 minutes just to melt the cheese.”

    Caroline then said “Great idea. Your idea with the broiler was to just melt the cheese and it worked to perfection.”

    Max said “Well done, sis. Like mom said, you cooked it perfectly.”

    Everyone enjoyed their portion of the pasta bake. When they were done, Max, Caroline, & Norman helped May with the dishes then left and thanked May for dinner. It was about 8:00 PM.

    At around 8:10, Ash arrived home from work. Ash said “Hello, May. How was your day?”

    May said “It went well. We were a bit busy at the police station but they were minor things. How was your day?”

    Ash said “I see. I worked on an R32 that needed new brakes and shocks. It was a nice silver one. What’s for dinner?”

    May told Ash “I made a pasta bake. There’s some left for you. You just missed Max & my parents. They left about 10 minutes ago.”

    Ash said “Darn! I wanted to see how they were doing. That’s okay. I’m sure your pasta bake came out good.” Ash then got his plate of pasta bake. When he ate it, he was amazed at how well cooked it was. He then said “This pasta bake is awesome, May! It’s perfectly cooked all around. The cheese is also melted very nicely. How did you do it?"

    May said “I broiled the pasta bake for 2 minutes to melt the cheese. The idea was to just melt the cheese and not cook the pasta.”

    Ash said “That was a great idea and the results show. Great job, May.”

    May then went up to bed because she was tired. When Ash was done, he cleaned up his plate and put it in the dishwasher. May had already taken care of the pots & pans before her parents and Max showed up. When Ash finished cleaning up, he joined May in bed because he too was tired from a long day at work.


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    Default Re: May's Awesome Pasta Bake

    I hope she likes to make "Lotsa Spaghetti"!


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