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    ten billion disclaimers:
    Wow. It's been a loooong time since I've touched anything remotely resembling fanfiction. But this stupid idea just wouldn't leave me alone, and now that it's written (at least a first draft) I wouldnt mind feedback.

    I'd better slap a disclaimer on it. mmkay. This is singularily uncreative. I swiped the basic story of BOM and a heap o' CDs (legal and otherwise). For the most part, I used the shorter, sometimes alternate "Musical" lyrics and cuts of the songs. I tried to keep editing minimal, but in some places I rewrote lines to make them more appropriate (Voulez Vous and Super Trouper display this most evidently, I guess)

    Uhm...that's it, I guess. I hope I can make you laugh! You might want to fire up LimeWire or Kazaa, or get out the old cassettes before starting this...

    Mamma Miyu! --BOM...Abba Style!

    Props, sets and costumes
    Ai: The cloned daughter of Dr. Fuji
    Child Mewtwo: The young clone of Mew, and Ai's protege
    Dan'in: Male and female Rocket Agents, dressed in black, white and red.
    Dr. Fuji: An aging scientist and professor, financed by the Rocket Gang
    Madame Boss: The founder of the Rocket Gang, a repected and powerful woman.
    Mew: The elusive phantom who sets the events of the show in motion
    Mewtwo: The powerful titular character created for the Rocekt Gang
    Miyamoto: An elite Rocket Gang member and mother of one who vanishes seeking Mew
    Sakaki: Madame Boss" grown son, who runs the Rocket Gang and funds Mewtwo's creation

    Office chair
    Unlabelled bottle
    shot glass
    File folder
    stacks of paper
    prop photograph: "Musashi"
    Rocket flag
    test tube
    Portraits -- Madame Boss, Mew articfact, Ai
    Faux snowdrifts

    Stage Curtains (2) White and Red
    Set Curtains (2) Black
    Set 1 -- Rocket Office
    Interior backdrop, desk, deskchair, flag and portrait
    Set 2 --Andes
    mountain backdrop, snowdrifts
    Set 3--Laboratory
    Lab backdrop, desk chair, glass tubes (always present, but now revealed by fully retracted curtains)


    Ai: Child or petite female.
    Simple white sundress, long dark hair.

    Child Mewtwo: Child or petite female
    White plush tanktop and shorts, legwarmers and gloves. Hair covered by headgear.. Heavy face makeup.

    Dan'in: Young men and women
    Black uniforms emblazoned with a red R, gloves, boots and beanies.

    Dr. Fuji: Older man, tall and thin.
    A suitshirt, green sweatervest and red tie. White labcoat, brown shoes and pants, small eye glasses.

    Madame Boss: Middle aged, dark haired woman
    A red eighties-style business suit and skirt, black high-heels.

    Mew: Child or petite female
    Pink leotard and light gauze sideskirt. Gloves and legwarmers, hair covered by headgear. Mew's costume should look like a more effeminate version of Child Mewtwo's.

    Mewtwo: slight and tall male or female. Vocals may need to be pre-recorded.
    Similar to Child Mewtwo's costume. Off-shoulder top and heavy belt. Leg warmers, gloves, headgear. heavy fecial makeup.

    Miyamoto: Young athletic female
    Black skirt and shirt with red R. White boots and gloves. Dark hair pigtailed.

    Sakaki: Young to middle-aged male
    Orange suit and red tire, hair slicked back.

    Coloured stage lights and slides --Fushigidane, Hitokage, Zenigame, Nyasuu, Pikachuu
    Coloured Strobe lights --green, pink, blue
    Really awesome sound system

    Mamma Miyu!

    *Curtain rises. A minimal stage set suggests the interior of an office. There is a large R-emblazoned banner hanging on the wall. A desk sits to stage left. A woman in red with long dark hair paces the office, shuffling papers.*

    Madame Boss: Bills, fees, debts...! Agents to pay and projects to fund, the Rocket gang is like a hungry child. Heaven knows I get enough of that at home.

    *sound of a buzzer*

    Madame Boss: Give me one piece of good news today...!

    *A woman in a black uniform with dark hair tied back enters stage right carrying a heavy bag. She looks eager*

    Madame Boss: Ah, Miyamoto-chan, my most prized agent. What did you uncover in the Andes?

    Miyamoto: Reporting, Boss!

    *Miyamoto puts her bag down and salutes*

    Miyamoto: Our trip may be considered a success. We've produced a recording of local folk music--

    Madame Boss: Is folk music selling well these days?

    Miyamoto: Uh....No, Boss. What we have recorded is the sound of an unknown pokemon.

    *Miyamoto kneels and draws a heavy looking recorder from her bag*

    Madame Boss: Let's see these, let's see your expense report. How much did all of that equipment cost you?

    Miyamoto: It was reasonable, Boss.

    Madame Boss: It's alwasy reasonable, Miyamoto-chan, but profit does not come from "reasonable". It comes from "excellent deal", or, as a the Rocket gang encourages --

    Madame Boss and Miyamoto: "Excellent steal"!

    Madame Boss: You understand, Miyamoto. You're a mother providing for a child, too.

    Miyamoto: Everything is so costly, boss, especially children.

    Madame Boss: Having a little brat like my Sakaki means every yen counts, but my efforts at conservation and profit are so fruitless. You see, Miya-chan...

    *beginning of first song number: Money, Money, Money. Madame Boss rises and resumes pacing. Miyamoto stays in one place but moves in response to her Boss's movement*

    Madame Boss: I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay!

    Miyamoto: Ain't it sad.

    Madame Boss: And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me!

    Miyamoto: that's too bad.

    Madame Boss: In my dreams, I have a plan. If I got me a wealthy man, I'd never have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball...

    *Madame boss stops pacing, she and Miyamoto face one another*

    Together: Money, money, money! Must be funny, in a rich man's world.

    *Madame Boss and Miyamoto turn away from each other, in something similar to the classic Rocket Motto pose*

    Togther: Money, money, money! Always sunny, in a rich man's world!

    *Madame boss steps froward, throwing her arms out, eclipsing Miyamoto*

    Madame Boss :Ah-ha-aaah-aaah, all the things I could do!

    Together: If I had a little money! It's a rich man's world.

    *Madame Boss and Miyamoto both pace, now, in opposite directions*

    Miyamoto: A man like that is hard to find, but I can't get him off my mind--

    Madame Boss: Ain't it sad.

    Miyamoto: And if he happened to be free, I'll bet he wouldn't fancy me.

    Madame Boss: that's too bad.

    *Miyamoto takes center stager, clutching her fists and gazing upwards*

    Miyamoto: So I must leave! I'll have to go to Las vegas or to Johto and win a fortune in a game, my life will never be the same...!

    *As they sing, Rocket Dan'in file into the background, Madame Boss joins Miyamoto at center, and they resume the Motto pose, with wide gestures*

    Madame Boss and Miyamoto: Money, money, money!

    Dan'inbackup singers: Must be funny

    Madame Boss: In a rich man's world!

    Madame Boss and Miyamoto: Money, money, money!

    Dan'in backup singers: Always sunny

    Miyamoto: In a rich man's world!

    *Madame Boss breaks away and stalks towards her desk. She is lifted onto the top of it, with her arms held out, by two Danin.*

    Madame Boss: Ah-ha ahh-ahh-aahh!

    All:All the things I could do!

    *Two more Danin grab Madame Boss's desk chair, and come up behind Miyamoto. She falls back into it and is spun in a slow circle by the Danin, with her legs held stiffly in a ballet pose and her arms in the air.*

    Miyamoto: If I had a little money! It's a rich man's world!

    *Miyamoto is helped up by the dan'in, who "dip" her backwards to one side, then the other. On top of her desk, two dan'in similarily life Madame Boss into the air. Two more rush her chair back, and she is set in it, tosses her feet up onto her desk and nods. All of the danin exit stage left and right, leaving Madame Boss and Miyamoto in the office alone once more. Music ends in time with a curt nod from Madame Boss*

    Madame Boss: Ah, you're the model of a perfect Rocket Agent, Miyamoto.

    Miyamoto: So, as I said, Boss, we've got this recording of the Phantom Mew. I think we can find it, if we can only fund a new expedition.

    Madame Boss: Costs are tight. Maybe we can sell the recording to help pay for this. I'll send you, Miyamoto-chan, and small team. If things go over well, maybe we'll finally see some money.

    Miyamoto: Money would mean more time with my daughter, Musashi.

    Madame boss: Money would mean day care, and less time with my son.

    *They shake hands firmly as an instrumntal reprise of "Money Money Money" plays. Curtain drops*

    *The curtain rises. The office is replaced with a backdrop of mountain peaks and minimal sets imply snowy drifts. Miyamoto and her team come on stage from the right, wearing packs and walking in a manner that suggests deep snow, with their arms wrapped around them*

    Dan'in 1: So...cold

    Miyamoto: Hush. There's no use complaining. We can't give up our search --we've already been paid!

    Dan'in 2: We've been in the mountains for weeks and seen nothing, Miyamoto-san! Maybe this Mew really is just a phantom

    Miyamoto: I can't hear discouraging thoughts like this. Don't you think I'm sad, too? My little girl has been put into foster care. I have to earn my paychecks. I have to find this Mew and prove that I am a responsible parent!

    Dan'in 3: Responsible parents spend months in foreign mountain ranges?

    Dan'in 4: Parenting is such a high-pressure job.

    Miyamoto: None of you can understand this like a mother can. It's win-or-lose.

    *Music begins: The Winner Takes it All. Miyamoto rises, the dan'in stand in a group just to her right and behind*

    Miyamoto: I don't want to talk about things we've gone through. Though it's hurting me, now it's history. I've played all my cards, and that's what you've done, too. Nothing more to say, no more ace to play.

    *Miyamoto gestures with her arms, turning to the dan'in, and then to the audience*

    Miyamoto: The winner takes it all. The loser's standing small. Beside the victory, that's her destiny....

    *Miyamoto drops her arms, and looks down*

    Miyamoto: You were in my arms, thinking I belonged there. I figured it made sense. Building me a fence. Building me a home, thinking I'd be strong there. But I was a fool. Playing by the rules...

    * MEW enters stage left, A petite woman or child dressed in pink leotard, leg-warmers and heavy makeup and head-dress. Mew moves among the dan'in. Neither they nor Miyamoto acknowledge it.*

    Miyamoto: The gods may throw a dice. Their hearts as cold as ice. And someone way down here loses someone dear! the winner takes it all--

    *The dan'in move to right and left edges of the stage slowly, with backards, exaggerated steps*

    Danin: Takes it all

    Miyamoto: The loser has to fall!

    Danin: Has to fall

    Miyamoto: It's simple and it's plain

    Danin: Yes, it's plain

    Miyamoto: Why should I complain?

    *Mew comes abreast of Miyamoto, who sits down on a prop snowdrift and draws a large photograph out of her bag. The back says in bold letters "Musashi" Mew leans invasively over her shoulder to look.*

    Miyamoto: But tell me, does she kiss like I used to kiss you? Does it feel that same when she calls your name? Somewhere deep inside, you must know I miss you. But what can I say? Rules must be obeyed.

    *She presses the photo to her chest*

    Miyamoto: The judges will decide. The likes of me, abide. Spectators of the show always staying low!

    *Miyamoto turns and sees Mew. both jump backwards and stand up. Miyamoto drops the picture*

    Miymoto: The game is on again!

    *The Dan'in step forward here*

    Dan'in: On again! A daughter or a friend?

    Miyamoto: A big thing or a small! The winner takes it all!

    *Miyamoto gestures. Mew flees the stage and the dan'in chase after. Miyamoto moves to do the same, then pauses and picks the picture up.*

    Miyamoto: I don't want to talk, 'cause it makes me feel sad...

    *She looks to left stage where the Dan'in and Mew have gone*

    Miyamoto: And I understand. You've come to shake my hand.

    *She looks down at the picture*

    Miyamoto:I apologize if it makes you feel bad. Seeing me so self confidence. But you see...

    *She tosses the picture away *

    Miyamoto: The winner takes it all! The winner takes it all! The game is on again! A daughter or a friend? A big thing or a small, the winner takes it all! The winner takes it all!

    *rumbling sound effects, a white curtain descends and stage smoke rolls in as Miyamoto sings the last, soaring line*

    Miyamoto: The winner takes it all!

    *Normal curtain falls over the white curtain. When both curtains rise again, we see the office and red R banner again. this time there is also a portrait of Madame Boss. A man in an orange suit sits at her desk with a large unmarked bottle and a stack of papers.*

    Sakaki: Mother...the Rocket gang has grown beyond your wildest dreams these last eighteen years. We've had hardly a setback since the disappearance of Miyamoto and her crew all those years ago. The Rocket gang...your legacy, and my empire.

    *Sakiki swigs from the bottle and stands up. Dan'in file into his office as swingy music begins to play: Voulez Vous. The dan'in march in a much more orderly fashion than in any previous scenes*

    Dan'in: People everywhere. A sense of expectation hanging in the air! Giving off sparks, across the room your eyes are glowing in the dark.

    *They march in place, all facing Sakaki at his desk*

    Dan'in: And here we go again, we know the start, we know the end!

    *They salute and spin on their heels to face the audience, still marching in place*

    Dan'in: Masters of the scene! we've done it all before and now we're back to get some more! You know what I mean!

    *They drop their salute smartly and spin to face their partners. The words "I choose you" should substitute "Voulez-Vous"*

    Dan'in: I choose you!

    *The partners grab each other by the right elbow and spin into the Motto pose, cross armed*

    Dan'in: Ah-ha!

    Sakaki: Take it now, or leave it. Now is all we get. Nothing promised, no regrets!

    *The dan'in maintain their pose, but nod sharply in unison*

    Dan'in: I choose you ! Ah-ha! Ain't no big decision, we know what to do.

    Sakaki: Now, just don't say I Choose You.

    *Dan'in trade partners and face the other way*

    Dan'in: I Choose You!

    All: I Choose You!

    *The dan'in break with their partners and form lines again, marching in place, facing the audience*

    Dan'in: And here we go again, we know the start we know the end.

    *the Dan'in stop marching and pose wth the right leg extended to the side*

    Dan'in: Masters of the scene!

    *They resume marching. Sakaki gestures with his lines*

    Danin: we've done it all before and now we're back to get some more!

    Sakaki: You know what I mean!

    Dan'in: I Choose You! Ah-ha! Take it now or leave it! Now is all we get! Nothing promised, no regrets! I Choose You! Ah-ha! Aint no big decision!

    Sakaki: You know what to do!

    Dan'in: Now just don't say I Choose You! I Choose You! Ah-ha take it now or leave it, now is all we get, nothing promised, no regrets! I Choose You!

    *on each "ah-ha", the Dan'in teams should take some dramatic motto pose*



    Dan'in: Ah-ha!

    *new pose

    Dan'in: Ah-ha!

    *new pose, then leaping up. Female Dan'in are lifted by their wastes and set on the other side of their partners*

    Dan'in: I choose You! Oooh! I Choose You!

    *On the last line, the danin all salute smartly and click their heels in an uncomfortably Nazi-like fashion*

    Sakaki: Excellent, excellent, my trusted agents. I've recovered an old report concerning the Phantom Mew. This appears to be the same creature whose fossilized remains were discovered in the Amazon by one of the research teams we fund. This creature's power is the stuff of legends. With it under our control, the Rocket Gang would most certainly come to rule the world.

    *One dan'in steps forward and salutes*

    Danin: Sakaki, sir! To all of our knowledge, the phantom pokemon is extinct.

    Sakaki: Yes, indeed. So I have been told. But I have also been told that we have provided funding to some very reputable scientific foundations in the past. Their areas of study are...varied...I have a plan in my mind, one that may deliver us a creature greater even than that which my mother aspired to find...

    *The dan'in scatter as an instrumental reprise of Voulez Vous plays. An older man in a white lab coat enters stage right, with a manilla folder under one arm, looking flustered*

    Sakaki: Ah, Dr. Fuji.

    Dr. Fuji: Good afternoon to you, Mister Sakaki. My foundation wishes to sends its sincerest thanks for your interest in our most recent project--

    Sakaki: Yes, your foundation's forays into the field of genetics are first-class. Your papers in particular, Doctor, have intruiged me. You claim to have a viable process by which to clone a living creature from a small genetic sample.

    *Dr. Fuji becomes more flustered, drops his folder and must kneels to picks up the scattered papers*

    Dr. Fuji: Yes, Sakaki. Our experiments have been limited, you must understand, by cost and resources. Few public comittees would consider funding such a project--

    Sakaki: Then its good that the Rocket Gang is neither public, nor a committee.

    Dr. Fuji: The Rocket Gang would fund further experimentation into human cloning?

    Sakaki: Human? There are plenty of humans. They're like ants. It's pokemon that interest me.

    Dr. Fuji: Ah. Oh. Well, a pokemon is simpler. Their genetic structures are all very similar, unlike a human's. Fushigidane, Zanigame, Hitokage, Pikachuu, Nyasuu--

    Sakaki: None of those are of any importance. It's rare pokemon the Rocket gang wants. How small a genetic sample can be used as a base?

    Dr. Fuji: Almost anything at all. We can fill in the missing links with the DNA of a similar creature, need be.

    Sakaki: Very well, Fuji. You will have the run of the Rocket Gang's facilities, and its bank account. Provide yourself with whatever your institute needs.

    *Dr. Fuji drops his papers once more*

    Dr. Fuji: Whaterever--?

    Sakaki: Indeed, Doctor.

    Dr. Fuji: Thank you, sir! Thank you --we accept! I will do everything in my power to aide you.

    Sakaki: *chuckles* Excellent. I believe this will be a fruitful partnership for the both of us, Fuji.

    *curtain falls*

    *curtain rises on open stage. Minimal sets include tall, glass tubes framing stage laft and stage right, a backdrop suggesting a laboratory, and a two framed pictures --one a carving of mew, the other a little girl. Fuji stands at stage left, holding a notebook and a testtube.*

    Dr. Fuji: This is it! Facilities and funding, a team at my disposal and a project that nearly mirrors my own.

    *Fuji turns to the portrait of the girl*

    Dr. Fuji: Ai, my daughter, I tried so many times on my own to bring you back, but it seemed impossible. Now, you're so close I can nearly touch you!

    *Fuji raises his hands, at the same time, lights in the bases of the two tubes come on, giving the impression of an amber light eminating from them*

    Fuji: Yes it's start again!

    *music begins. Fuji move across the stage with a manic energy, much like madame Boss's pacing during the Money Money Money number. Musical number: Mamma Mia*

    Fuji: I was cheated of you, and I think you know when. So I made up mind, it must not come to an end. Look at me now, will I ever learn? I don't know how, but I suddenly lose control. There's a fire within my soul!

    *Fuji steps forward and throws his arms out in time with the beat. Also timed are multi-coloured light shilouettes projected onstage of Hotokage, Zenigame, Fushigidane, Pikachuu and Nyasuu.*

    Fuji: Just one look and I can hear a bell ring!

    *black circular curtians descend around the two glass tubes*

    Fuji: One more look and I forget everything!

    *the round curtains begin to rise again, revealing, standing in the lit tube on the left, the girl pictured in the portrait*

    Fuji: Woah-oh-oh

    Together: Mamma mia! Here we go again!

    Ai: My, my, how can I resist you?

    Together: Mamma Mia! Does it show again?

    Fuji: My, my, Just how much I've missed you!

    *Light patterns spin, Fuji, moves to the side of the glass tube, and puts one hand on it*

    Fuji: Yes, I've been broken hearted! Blue since the day we parted! Why, why, did I ever let you go?

    *Ai places her hands on the interior*

    Together: Mamma mia! Now I really know!

    *Fuji spins to the right, closer to center stage*

    Fuji:My, my, I could never let you go!

    *light spin, Fuji paces across the stage, Ai pirouettes inside the glass chamber*

    Ai: I've been happy and sad about things that you do.

    Fuji: I can't count all the times I have cried over you.

    Together: Now when you go, and you slam the door, I think you know that you won't be away too long! YOu know that I'm not that strong!

    Ai: Just one look and I can hear a bell ring!

    Fuji: One more look and I forget everything!

    Together: Woah-oh-oh! Mamma mia! Here we go again!

    Ai: My, my, how can I resist you?

    Together: Mamma mia! Does it show again?

    Fuji: My, my, just how much I've missed you!

    Together: Yes, I've been broken hearted! Blue since the day we parted. Why, why, did I ever let you go?

    *Fuji stops just to the right and front of Ai's tube. Both perform the same Para-para-esque dance moves*

    Together: Mamma mia!

    Ai: Now I really know--

    Fuji: why, why, I should not have let you go!

    Together: Just one look and I can hear a bell ring! One more look and I forget everything! Woah-oh-oh! Mamma Mia! Here we go again! My, my, how can I resist you? Mamma Mia, does it show again? My, my, just how much I've missed you! Yes, I've been broken hearted, blue since the day we parted! Why ,why, did I ever let you go? Mamma mia! now I really know why, why, I could never let you go!

    *Both freeze in plateau. Round black curtains descend. Fuji holds his plateau for a moment after the mini-curtains have fallen, then steps back and his shoulders drop --he looks exhausted. He flips through his notebook. Sakaki enters stage left. Instrumental reprise of Money Money Money begins. Sakaki pauses and looks at the black curtain, but then strides over to Fuji*

    Sakaki: Well, Fuji! It looks like this place is ready for its great purpose!

    Fuji: Knowledge.

    Sakaki: Power! The world's most powerful pokemon, reborn here!

    Fuji: Powerful, rare and mysterious. Like life itself.

    Sakaki: Life isnt about mystery, Fuji. It's about strength and power and what they can bring --

    *Music surges*

    Sakaki: Money, money, money! Always sunny! In a rich man's world! Money, money, money! Must be funny --it's a rich man's world. Ah-ha-ahh-ah-ahh..All the things we can do! And with just a little money, it's a rich man's world.

    *Sakaki relishes this number, with wide arm gestures. Fuji looks forlorn and repeats dejectedly*

    Sakaki and Fuji: It's a rich man's world.

    *Sakaki departs the stage, left. Fuji watches him go, sighs, and sits down in a desk chair, the one from the office scenes*

    Fuji: Power, knowledge, money, life...all so messily tangled together. To hold my daughter again, I must create a life whose sole purpose is to make its master money. Just as I re-create my Ai-two, so I'll maka a Mew-two. Both caught up in a web of power, knowledge, money and life.

    *Miyamoto enters stage right, walking in the exaggerated snow-stepping manner of the second scene, shivering and bowing her head as if against wind*

    Miyamoto: I need money to pay for school --pre-school, day-school, cram-school, high-school, university! Knowledge costs money you know! My little Musashi will have a life like I didnt, if I can just be strong enough...To give her all that...

    *Neither Fuji nor Miyamoto acknowledge each other, both keep to their own side of the stage*

    Fuji: I have knoweldge. With Sakaki's help, I have money and power. But can I give her life? My little Ai-two must have a life like Ai didn't, if she can just be strong enough...

    *Both sit --Fuji on desk chair, Miyamoto on prop snowdrift, pushed from stage right. Music begins and both run their hands through their hair*

    Miyamoto: School bag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning, waving goodbye with an absent-minded smile...

    Fuji:Watching her go, there's a surge of that well-known silence, and I have to sit down for a while... feeling that I'm losing her forever, and without really entering her world...

    Miyamoto: I'm glad whenever I can share her laughter, that funny little girl...

    *They both stand, turn to the wings of the stage, then back to the audience. Miyamoto and Fuji's moti0ons should mirror each other throughout this sequence*

    Miyamoto and Dr. Fuji: Slipping through my fingers all the time, I try to capture every minute. The feeling in it, slipping through my fingers all the time. Do I really see what's in her mind? Each time I think I'm close to knowing, she keeps on growing. Slipping through my fingers all the time.

    Miyamoto: Sleep in her eyes,her and me at the breakfast table. Barely awake, I let precious time go by...

    Fuji:Then, when she's gone, there's that old melancholy feeling, and a sense of guilt I can't deny.

    *Fuji sits, Miyamoto stands, and sings, looking up as if to ask God*

    Miyamoto: What happened to the wonderful adventures? The places I had planned for us to go?

    Fuji: Slipping through my fingers all the time...

    *Miyamoto sits again, Fuji rises, leaning against the chair back*

    Fuji: Though some of that we did, most we didnt. And why, I just don't know.

    *Both rise and pace around their seat pensively, with hands clasped behind or in front*

    Miyamoto and Dr. Fuji: Slipping through my fingers all the time, I try to capture every minute. The feeling in it, slipping through my fingers all the time. Do I really see what's in her mind? Each time I think I'm close to knowing, she keeps on growing. Slipping through my fingers all the time.

    Fuji: Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture! And save it from the funny tricks time plays.

    Miyamoto: Slipping through my fingers--!

    *Fuji and Miyamoto drop their hands defeatedly, both look at the floor*

    Miyamoto: School bag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning...

    Fuji: Waving goodbye, with an absent-minded smile...

    *Both smile faintly, but then droop dejectedly and trudge off respective stage sides. Cut lights. Raise round curtains. Faint light comes from the two tubes. Ai in the left, Mewtwo in the right. Ai is awake, Mewtwo is sleeping. A pale moon shines from above.*

    Ai: It's lonely here, sometimes. But I don't mind anymore, because I'm going to have a friend soon. that's Mew-two, and I'm going to be his mummy. No...I'm going to be his big sister! Or both, maybe. it's so confusing to be a "two". Maybe I'm not a mummy or a sister at all...

    *Ai raps on the glass of her tube*

    Ai: Can you hear me? I'll tell you what it's like outside...I'll tell you bedtime stories, and I'll teach you how to count. Knowledge is important. But feelings are more important than that, even.

    *Ai puts her hands on the glass. Musical number: I Believe in Angels*

    Ai: I have a dream...a song to sing... to help me cope with anything. If you see the wonder of a fairy tale you can take the future, even if you fail. I believe in angels, something good in everything I see. I believe in angels. When I know the time is right for me, I'll cross the stream...I have a dream.

    *Mewtwo opens his eyes but doesnt move. Ai watches him intently*

    Together (Ai leading):I have a dream, a fantasy to help me through reality. And my destination makes it worth the while. Pushing through the darkness, still another mile. I believe in angels. Something good in everything I see. I believe in angels. When I know the time is right for me, I'll cross the stream..

    Ai: I have a dream. I'll cross the stream...I have a dream. I'll cross the stream. ...I'll have a dream.

    Mewtwo: who are you?

    AI: I'm Ai. Ai-two. A copy, like you.

    Mewtwo: Copy?

    Ai: Sure.

    *The glass tibes rise from their settings. Spotlight falls on Ai. Ai steps down first, and crosses the stage to help Mewtwo down. The spotlight follows them.*

    Mewtwo:We're the same, then?

    Ai: Sort of. I'm a human copy, and you...I think you're a pocket monster, but I've never seen one like you before.

    Mewtwo: Is it important to be one or the other?

    Ai: Not really. I don't think so, at least. It doesnt matter to me.

    Mewtwo: Then it doesnt matter to me, either. Where are we?

    Ai: I don't know. But it's nowhere scary. Can you see the moon shining on us?

    *Moon stage light comes on. Mewtwo has to cover his eyes*

    Mewtwo: Moon?

    Ai: Yep, like a great big nightlight to keep you safe. And in the daytime, the sun, too.

    Mewtwo: In the daytime, when there are so many voices?

    Ai: Yes! I hear them, too. At night there's hardly anyone here, though...Ah, can you see out?

    Mewtwo: Yes...

    Fuji (voice only, distorted): It's wonderful...we've never had a viable copy for so long...

    Ai: There's my papa, having cake and milk --he's like a big baby!

    Mewtwo: A baby?

    Ai: Mm-hmm, babies like milk, and kids like sweets, and grownups like to take care of the kids and the babies.

    Mewtwo: your papa takes care of us?

    Ai: Right. But there should be a mama, too. Only, I havent seen her in a long time. Maybe there isnt any mama. Maybe God put us here.

    Mewtwo: God put us here.

    Ai: Just like the moon and the sun--and cake and milk!

    *both laugh, curtain falls slowly as the two part and walk towards the glass tubes, instrumental reprise of I have a dream*

    *Curtain rises on the lab backdrop, Fuj pacing. Both tubes are visible, with Ai and Mewtwo inside. Mewtwo is alert, amber lighting used on right tube. Ai sits in the bottom of hers with her knees drawn up. Red lighting is used.*

    Fuji: There's so much brain activity between these two. I'd almost say they're telepathic. Just look at these charts...

    *Computer klaxon*

    Fuji: What's this? Ai's vitals are dropping?

    Mewtwo (distorted): Ai, what's that mean, "vitals"?

    Ai(distorted): Oh...just

    Mewtwo (distorted): Oh...

    Fuji: No, that can't be right. She's strong. She's the strongest one yet.

    *Computer klaxon. Fuji bustles about the stage, checking imaginary moniters and screens*

    Fuji: Mew-two is just fine. Both of their fluid levels are the same, the temperature is normal...

    *Computer klaxon*

    Mewtwo (distorted): Ai, all that noise isnt normal. Why is your papa upset?

    Ai (distorted): It's nothing. Nothing important, Ok?

    Mewtwo (distorted): Ai...You don't look good.

    *Musical cue: Chiquitita. Fuji continues to bustle back and forth in the background, lighting fades.*

    Mewtwo: Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong. I have never seen such sorrow. In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow...How I hate to see you like this. There is no way you can deny it. I can see that you're oh so sad, so quiet...

    *Tubes rise, Mewtwo and Ai step out and slowly make their way to center stage. Fuji offstage, right or left. Spotlight on centrestage. Ai looks tired. Mewtwo rubs his eyes here and Ai smiles wanely*

    Mewtwo: Chiquitita, tell me the truth--

    Ai: I'm a shoulder you can cry on.

    Ai and Mewtwo: Your best friend, I'm the one you must rely on.

    Mewtwo: You were always sure of yourself --now I see you've broken a feather.

    *Mewtwo should look concerned. Ai puts a hand on his shoulder*

    Ai: How it hurts to see you cry, and how it hurts to see you sad.

    Mewtwo: I hope we can patch it up together--

    *Join hands, Ai dips Mewtwo and vice versa*

    Ai and Mewtwo: Chiquitita, you and I know how the heartaches come and they go and the scars, they're leaving. You'll be dancing once again, and the pain will end, you will have no time for grieving.

    *Ai pirouettes, and then spins Mewtwo*

    Ai and Mewtwo: Chiquitita you and I cry, but the sun is still in the sky and shining above you, Let me hear you sing once more, like you did before. Sing a new song, Chiquitita.

    *The lights in Ai's tube grow steadily redder, while the lab stage lights fade slowly. Fuji is now offstage. Stage black, save spotlight, amber and red lights. Mewtwo and Ai dance in a simple, childish style*

    Fuji (voice only, distorted): She's dying...

    Ai: Try once more like you did before, sing a new song Chiquitita...

    *song seagues directly into Knowing Me Knowing You. lablights continue theme, though once the red light climaxes, have it begin to fade until it goes dark.

    Fuji: No more carefree laughter...Silence ever after...

    *Fuji, with his own spotlight its at the stage edge on the desk chair, running his hands through his hair. Stage lights should show some of the lab backdrop around him, without overilluminating the rest of the stage*

    Fuji: Walking through an empty house...

    Mewtwo: Tears in my eyes.

    Ai: This is where the story ends.

    All: This is goodbye. Knowing me, knowing you...

    *Noen of the cast acknowledge each other in this number. They are in their own worlds.*

    Fuji: There is nothing we can do

    All: Knowing me, knowing you..uh-huh...

    Ai: We just have to face it, this time we're through...Breaking up is never easy, I know--

    *Ai pulls away from Mewtwo and moves closer to stage left. Mewtwo backs away, closer to stage right, where Fuji sits.*

    Ai: But I have to go. Knowing me, knowing you, it's the best I can do.

    *She pirouettes*

    Mewtwo: Memories...good days, bad days...They'll be with me, always.

    Fuji:In these old familiar rooms, children will play. But now there's only emptiness. Nothing to say.

    *Fuji and Mewtwo both stand, not acknowledging one another, but performing the same movements. Ai continues her dance routine to the far side of the stage, wherethe light in the tube has nearly gone out*

    All: Knowing me knowing you ...uh huh...There is nothing we can do, knowing me, knowing you, uh-huh...We just have to face it, this time we're through. Breaking up is never easy I know,

    Ai: But I have to go!

    all: Knowing me, knowing you, it's the best I can do.

    *Ai climbs back into her nearly completely darkened tube.*

    All: Knowing me, knowing you --

    *Round black curtain descends on the left tube*

    All: It's the best I can do....

    *Curtain falls.*

    *Curtain rises on blue-black backdrop. The left tube in curtained, the right is lit with amber. Mewtwo stands center stage, looking around*

    Mewtwo: Hello?

    *He moves to stage left*

    Mewtwo: Ai, where are you? You know I hate hide-and-seek. Ai?

    *Mewtwo peeks behind the curtained tube*

    Mewtwo: Ai?
    *He returns to center stage*

    Mewtwo: Where is she? She can't really be gone. Ai! Please, come out!

    *Musical cue: SOS*

    Mewtwo: Where are those happy days? They seem so hard to find. I try to reach for you, but you have closed your mind...Whatever happened to you, Love? I wish I used to be so nice, it used to be so good.

    *Mewtwo turns in a circle. Sound effects should be used to increase the echoic quality of the singers voice from here in.*

    Mewtwo: So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me? SOS! The love you gave me, nothing else can save me, SOS! When you're gone,how can I even try to go on? When you're gone, though I try, how can I carry on?

    *Raised hand, as if scanning the horizon. Looks out into the audience, and to Stage Right*

    Mewtwo: You seem so far away, though you are standing near, You made me feel alive, but something died, I fear. I really tried to make it up, I wish I understood. What happened to you, Love, it used to be so good. So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me? SOS! The love you gave me, nothing else can save me, SOS! When you're gone, how can I even try to go on? When you're gone, though I try, how can I carry on?

    *Mewtwo goes and peeks under the curtain, paces uncertainly, but ultimately returns to center stage*

    Mewtwo: So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me? SOS! The love you gave me, nothing else can save me, SOS! When you're gone, how can I even try to go on? When you're gone, though I try, how can I carry on?

    *Mewtwo returns to his tube, wiping his eyes as if crying. Backdrop is lifted to reveal laboratory backdrop. Fuji enters stage right, paces to stage left, and then to center*

    Fuji: Ai...oh, Ai...Darling, can't you hear me? No...not anymore, you can't. It was a life contained in glass that you lived. Hardly a life at all. I have no reason to stay on in Sakaki's employ, now...except for that...Mewtwo is alive, still, when my daughter is not. Mewtwo is--

    *computer klaxon*

    Fuji: What's this? Mewtwo's emotional activity is on the are psychic this rate of increase, the whole facilty could be lost! I'll have to sedate it, but that's so risky...

    *computer klaxon*

    Fuji: What to do, what to do...administer the serum. There's no other choice. Hopefully, it will forget all about this. If only I could do the same.

    *The amber light in the right glass canister should fade to blue. Mewtwo goes to sleep*

    Fuji: Life is such a fool's game. But we all play.

    *Round curtain drops over right tube. Fuji plateaus for a moment. Sakaki enter stage left, Fuji breaks plateau.*

    Sakaki: This project is taking much longer than we first projected. Fuji.

    Fuji: Ah, yes. There have been setbacks. Since having to begin a sedation regemin, Mewtwo's neural activity has been very low.

    Sakaki: Where is it?

    *Right round curtain rises. The child actor has been replaced by an adult, who "sleeps" inside the glass chamber. Sakaki walks closer*

    Sakaki: This is the same creature as the little thing from before?

    Fuji: yes, well, children grow up. We knew so little about the Phantom Mew, and the genetic samplewas only partial, so we've done our best in recreating it.

    Sakaki: but you say it is powerful?

    Fuji: Even asleep like this, it has demonstrated psychic abilities.

    Sakaki: When can I see it in action?

    Fuji: Er...Well, it hasn't woken yet. Thus far, we havent been able to maintain a living clone outside of its "womb", if you will...

    Sakaki: I don't like the sound of this.

    Fuji: But, then, we've never ben able to maintain one to adulthood, either. Perhaps this is the one that is could have been my Ai, instead...

    Sakaki: Pardon?

    Fuji: I'm sure this pokemon will please you with it's abilities, just as soon as it awakens.

    Sakai: I certianly hope so, Doctor. After all, the Rocket Gang foots all of your bills.

    *Sakaki exits stage left*

    Fuji: Oh, dear...What if it never awakens?

    *Fuji appears to fall asleep in his chair. . At this point the blue light in the right tube should begin to intensify. SFX of breaking glass, though the tube rises as per normal. Fuji leaps up. Mewtwo stands beside the "broken" tube*

    Dr. Fuji: What is this--

    Mewtwo: Indeed --What am I? I remember...voices, faces, somewhere white...

    Fuji: Mewtwo has awoken!

    Mewtwo: Mew two?

    Fuji: Yes, you, the copy of Mew, created for Sakaki of the Rocket Gang.

    Mewtwo: Created for someone?

    Fuji: To bring him power. Your strength will cut down all obstacles.

    Mewtwo: "Created", how is this? Through a mother and father? Mew. This is my mother?

    *Mewtwo gestures at the portrait of mew, on the left.*

    Fuji: No, not Mew, rather--

    *Mewtwo gestures to the portrait of Ai, on the right*

    Fuji: No. No mother or father, though Mew is as close as you will come.

    Mewtwo:...Has God put me here?

    Fuji: Science has. And knowledge, and money and power.

    Mewtwo: Money and power.

    Fuji: Yes, born of a yearning for power, that is what you are.

    Mewtwo: All I am is a tool to gain strength?

    Fuji: That is up to your master --I must contact him, he will want to know! And I must begin to test you, of course--

    *computer klaxon, which should segue into the background music of the next musical number*

    Fuji: What? Dangerous emotional vibrations? Oh no, the computer's defense system!

    *Mewtwo looks both disgusted and furious. Musical Number: Under Attack*

    Mewtwo: Dunno how to take this, don't know where to resistance running low. And every day the hall is getting tighter, and it troubles me so! I'm n body's fool, but it's clear to me I don't have a strategy. It's just like taking candy from a baby, and I think I must be --

    * electric green strobe light --the computer's attack system. Now Mewtwo moves from the base of the tube to move about stage freely. The back-and-forth banter between the charcters should make the song feel like a hot potato being tossed*

    Mewtwo: Under attack! I'm being taken.

    *Electric blue strobe light --Mewtwo's counterattack. Fuji takes cover behind his chair*

    Mewtwo: About to crack --

    Fuji: Defenses breaking! Won't somebody please have a heart --come and rescue me now,

    Mewtwo: 'Cause I'm falling apart! Under attack!

    Fuji: I'm taking cover! It's on my track,

    Mewtwo: No dad, no mother. Thinking nothing could stop me now, should I want to I'm not sure I would know how.

    *Strobe light*

    Mewtwo: This is getting crazy, I should tell them so. Really let my anguish show!

    *Electric blue strobe light. Mew enters stage left and dances across the stage, oblivious of Fuji and Mewtwo. Mew pirouettes in a circle around Mewtwo before exciting stage right*

    Mewtwo: I feel as if I'm trapped withing a nightmare, don't know which way to go!

    Fuji: Yes, it's what I wanted, but I'm scared as hell, staring down the deepest well. I hardly dare to think of what would happen, where I'd be if I fell.

    *Strobe light, Mewtwo and Fuji move across the stage to the right*

    Mewtwo: Under attack! I'm being taken, about to crack, defenses breaking.

    Fuji: Won't some body please have a heart! Come and rescue me now, 'cause it's falling apart!

    Dr. Fuji and Mewtwo: Under attack! I'm taking cover. They're on my track, no dad, no mother. Thinking nothing can stop/save me now, should Iwant to, I'm not sure I would know how!

    Mewtwo: I'm nobody's fool!

    Dr. Fuji and M'ewtwo: Under attack! I'm being taken! About to crack, defenses breaking, won't somebody please have a heart? Come and rescue me now, 'cause I'm falling apart! Under attack, I'm taking cover. It's on my track, no dad, no mother, Thinking nothing can stop/save me now, should I want to I'm not sure I would know how!

    *Curtain falls on a final electric blue strobe, accompanied by stage fog and SFX*

    *Curtain rises to reveal the lab, now destroyed --stage smoke, black curtains over both tubes, red and yellow lighting, minimal debris props. Mewtwo perches on the rim of the right tube (glasss is drawn up, only the curtain is down). Sakaki enters stage left.*

    Sakaki: Very impressive, Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo: You know who I am?

    Sakaki: Of course. You're the world's strongest pokemon. Or reputed to be.

    Mewtwo: I am.

    Sakaki: Well, you'll only be able to defend that title by proving it time and again. After all, strength defines the world. "Might makes Right"

    Mewtwo: Does it?

    Sakaki: Strength is the only real thing.

    Mewtwo: becoming strong, I become real...Like that creature in my dreams.

    Sakaki: Mew? Defeating Mew would certainly mean you were the strongest.

    Mewtwo: Yes! Mew --that's the one I must prove myself against.

    Sakaki: You can only do that by gaining noteriety. I can help you with that.

    Mewtwo: Who are you?

    Sakaki: My name is Sakaki. I'm a strong human. A leader.

    Mewtwo: A leader. What would that make me?

    Sakaki: Perhaps not a follower. More of...a trouper. A strong ally.

    *Sakaki sweps his arms wide*

    Mewtwo: An ally.

    Sakaki: Under my guidance, you would be superior to Mew.

    *The theater lights return to normal, dan'in stage-hands sweep the debris props offstage right and left. Ai's portrait is covered by a curtain, and the accesories of Sakaki's training facility are wheeled on. Musical cue: Super Trouper*

    Mewtwo: Super trouper, beams are gonna blind me. But I won't feel blue, like I always do. 'cause somewhere in the crowd there's Mew. I was sick and tired of everything,

    *Sakaki faces a dan'in and gestures at Mewtwo. Several dan'in surround Mewtwo, placing lightweight "armour" on his body*

    Sakaki: When I called in last night from Johto, all it did was eat and sleep and sing--

    Mewtwo: Wishing every show was the last show.

    *Mewtwo rises and shakes Sakaki's hand. the dan'in exit. Sakaki places the prop helmet, handed to him by the Danin, on Mewtwo's head.*

    Mewtwo: So imagine I was glad to hear you're coming. Suddenly it seems alright. And it's gonna be so different when I'm on the stage tonight!

    *Mewtwo steps to center stage. Blue strobe lights flash*

    Mewtwo: Tonight the super trouper lights are gonna find me shining like the sun! Smiling, having fun, feeling like 151. Tonight the super trouper beams are gonna blind me, but I wont feel blue like I always do. 'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's Mew.

    *Sakaki looks the other way, perhaps to converse with a dan'in, stage left. Mewtwo removes the helmet and regards the audience*

    Mewtwo: facing twenty thousand of your "friends", how can anyone be so lonely? Part of a success that never ends...Still I'm thinking about Mew only. There are moments when I think I'm going crazy, but it's gonna be all right. Everything be so different when I'm on the stage tonight!

    *Replaces helmet. Sakaki smiles and gestures with two fingers. Strobe lights flash. Wheeling light shilouettes of pokemon are "repelled" from Mewtwo*

    Mewtwo: Tonight the super trouper lights are gonna find me, shinging like the sun! Smiling, having fun. Feeling like 151. Tonight the super trouper beams are gonna blind me, but I won't feel blue, like I always do. 'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's Mew.

    *Mewtwo draws his hands together, giving the impression on an energy ball is forming*

    Mewtwo: So I'll be there when you arrive. The sight of Mew will prove to me I'm still alive and when you've got me up in arms, and flashing lights, I know it's gonna mean so much that night...Like a super trouper, lights are gonna find me shinging like the sun

    *Strobe flash*

    Mewtwo: Smiling, having fun. Feeling like 151. Tonight the super trouper beams are gonna blind me, but I won't feel blue, like I always do. 'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's Mew.

    *Stage lights go out. Blackness hold for a few minutes. Lights return. Mewtwo is armoured and perhced on the platform of a manacing looking machine. Sakaki sits at the stage left, opposite the machine, in the desk chair, sipping a drink*

    Sakaki: You've done well, Mewtwo. No pokemon or trainer has gotten past you. You're a perfect soldier.

    Mewtwo: A soldier is like an ant. I want to be more than an ant.

    Sakaki: Natuarally. That's why anyone persues power.

    Mewtwo: I only want to defeat Mew.

    Sakaki: I'd like to see that, too. A Mew for the Rocket gang is as good as Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo: I want to be better than that. Is this all there is? Pursuit of power and strength? I feel...empty.

    Sakaki: It's the condition of all living things.

    *musical cue: Me and I*

    Mewtwo: Sometimes when I'm mad there's a apart of me that seems to be a little sad. Sometimes when I scream, there's a voice in me that says you shouldn't be so mean...

    *Mewtwo paces anxiously*

    Mewtwo: Oh, no...Oh, no...

    *Mewtwp tableaus center stage*

    Mewtwo: Part of me is acting while the other stands beside. Yes, I am to myself what Jekyll must have been to Hyde!

    *Mew enters stage left, behind Sakaki, and moves over to the platform. Mew leans against one of the supports in a conversational manner*

    Mew and Mewtwo: We're like sun and rainy weather, sometimes we're a hit together. Me and I. Gloomy moods and inspiration, we're a funny combination, me and I.

    Mewtwo: I don't think I'm different or in any way unique--

    Mew: Think about yourself a minute and you'll find the answer in it --Everyone's a freak.

    Mewtwo: Sometimes I have toyed with ideas that I got from good old doctor Freud. Nothing new of course. It may seem to you I try to break through open doors. Oh, no...Oh, no... I just wanna say a lot of that applies to me. 'Cause it's an explanation to my split identity!

    *Mew and Mewtwo play "patty cake"*

    Mew and Mewtwo: We're like sun and rainy weather, sometimes we're a hit together. Me and I. Gloomy moods and inspiration, we're a funny combination, me and I.

    Mewtwo: I don't think I'm different or in any way unique--

    Mew: Think about yourself a minute and you'll find the answer in it --everyone's a freak.

    Mew and Mewtwo: Me and I, we're like sun and rainy weather. sometimes we're a hit together. Me and I. Gloomy moods and inspiration, we're a funny combination, me and I. I don't think I'm different or in any way unique. think about yourself a minute and you'll find the answer in it, everyone's a freak! Me and I, we're like sun and rainy weather. sometimes we're a hit together. Me and I. Gloomy moods and inspiration, we're a funny combination, me and I.

    *While singing the last chorus, Mew inches offstage slowy, finally exiting left.*

    Sakaki: You shouldn't be doubting yourself. You're strong, and a powerful pokemon. You've never lost a battle, and countless dan'in owe their pocket monsters to the capture techniques developed around your abilities.

    Mewtwo: But why do I fight those pokemon?

    Sakaki: For your master, obviously.

    Mewtwo: Master? You?

    Sakaki: Indeed.

    Mewtwo: You said we were equals.

    Sakaki: You are equal to any pokemon. But there are people and then there are pocket monsters.

    Mewtwo: I see no difference.

    Sakaki: Perhaps that's your weakness, then.

    Mewtwo: I have no weakness --Just no tolerence for short sighted, weak creatures passing themselves as strong!

    *Mewtwo pulls his arms loose of the bindings*

    Sakaki: Stop that!

    Mewtwo: Damn it! Take this off of me!

    Sakaki: Mewtwo!

    Mewtwo: I'm tired of this pointless game, You're no better than any of the others! I can take care of myself, and I can become a "master" in my own right!

    *Strobe lights. Sakaki screams. Mewtwo pulls loose. All strobe lights move wildly. stage goes black. Stage smoke. Curtain drops*

    *Curtain rises on an empty stage, save Mewtwo and the helmet, discarded at center stage. Mewtwo stares up at the "sky"*

    Mewtwo: Strong and weak. Is that really what divides the world? I'm certainly strong, so that would make me a natural leader. But it seems to me...someone told me once...that such things were unimportant. No. It's irrelevant. I must prove my strength to any doubter --Mew, and the human race. Trainers. Masters. Those in power. Don't go wasting you emotions. Where are you Mew? Do you know about the nature of power?

    *Miyamoto stumbles in on the right, to the back of the stage, unnoticed by Mewtwo*

    Miyamoto: Mew...Do you know about the nature of power? Do you know why I need you? My daughter is grown now. Is she married? Was it a white wedding? Does she remember my face...? I could have been there for all of that, Mew.... you're powerful...power is money....Money is time, and love....

    Mewtwo: Mew, I'm real. Let me prove it. Let me show you that my strength makes me more real than you.

    *Musical reprise: The Winner Takes it All*

    Mewtwo: The winner takes it all!

    Miyamoto: The winner takes it all!

    *Mewtwo and Miyamoto both stand straight, with their arms held out, hands balled into fists, they throw their heads back*

    Mewtwo and Miyamoto: The winner takes it all! The winner takes it all! the winner takes --

    *Mew pirouettes across the stage, from left to right. Neither Miyamoto nor Mewtwo see. They flourish their arms dramatically*

    Mewtwo and Miyamoto: --It a-a-allllllll

    *Curtains descend on final note. Miyamoto and Mewtwo plateau*

    *Curtain rises. Stage is cleared and the Andes backdrop is in place. Mewtwo and Mew bow and head to opposite sides of the stage.*
    *curtain falls*
    *Curtain rises, Miyamoto and Madame Boss curtsey and join Mew and Mewtwo on opposing stage sides*
    *curtain falls*
    *Dr. Fuji and Sakaki bow, retreat to stage left and right*
    *curtain falls*
    *Curtain rises, Ai and child Mewtwo curtsey. They go to stage left and right. Mewtwo sets Ai on his shoulder. Miyamoto does the same with Child Mewtwo.*
    *curtain falls*
    *curtain rises --cast bow. upbeat music begins and the cast claps their hands exaggeratedly in time, encouraging the audience to join in.*

    I was at a party and this fella said to me
    "Something bad is happening, I'm sure you do agree
    People care for nothing, no respect for human rights
    Evil times are coming, we are in for darker nights"
    I said, "Who are you to talk about impending doom?"
    He got kinda wary as he looked around the room
    He said, "I'm a minister, a big shot in the state"
    I said, "I just can't believe it, boy I think it's great
    Brother can you tell me what is right and what is wrong?"
    He said, "Keep on rocking baby, 'til the night is gone"

    On and on and on
    Keep on rocking baby
    'Til the night is gone
    On and on and on
    'Til the night is gone
    On and on and on
    Keep on rocking baby
    'Til the night is gone
    On and on and on
    'Til the night is gone

    On and on and on
    Keep on rocking baby
    'Til the night is gone
    On and on and on
    'Til the night is gone
    On and on and on
    Keep on rocking baby
    'Til the night is gone
    On and on and on
    'Til the night is gone

    *Sakaki busts a move*

    *all bow in unison*

    *final curtain*

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    That strangely works. Of course, I haven't actually seen the original source, but...

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    Thanks, you two! ^_^

    Blackjack, original script is here:

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    No no, I haven't seen Mama Mia, that's what I meant.

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    ah, Je comprede.

    *sweatdrop* I was thinking to myself, Blackjack, Our Lady of Obscure Pokemon Stuffs, hasnt seen this? o_O


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