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    Default Mama Mia Mario! (A ambitious fic!)

    This is my new Fic (Which I am trying to make one of the best Mario Fics ever!). I attached the first chapter as a "doc" and posting it messed up the spacing and stuff.

    Anyway a few notes.

    *Pauline is not related to Donkey Kong Pauline, she is character from our world. I named her Pauline as a reference of sorts. And the Mario Pauline probably won't appear unless she comes back in a future Mario game.
    *The setting is our world, except Mario and Video Games don't exist. Too messy to go into that stuff.
    *Mario and his friends are from a alternate dimension, sort of like Sonic X, except it may not be what it seems.
    *I plan to include lots of Mario characters, and the storylines are usually not based on the game, however expect some simmilar scenerarios.

    Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think. I hope to make this one of the best Mario fics out their.
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    Could you please post the fic as an actual post and not as an attachment? Spacing and other things can be fixed by the edit button.

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    Okay, here it is
    Chapter 1: It’s a me! Mario!

    The sun shone down on a beautiful urban city as a small scooter was zooming down an empty back alley. On the silver scooter, branded with a logo that read “Hotspark”, was a young plump girl of 14. She wore blue jean shorts that reached down to her knees, and had a yellow sweater on that hid an orange tee shirt under it. Her hair was dark red, and was braided in the back and reached to her back. As she turned the corner into a driveway, she came to a halt as she got off her scooter and peered in the air. She noticed a bright light that seemed to be coming closer, but then looked down again and walked into a two story red house. As she walked inside, she noticed something amiss, a humming noise coming from the kitchen, as if something was on.

    “That’s strange, no one should be home.” She said as she walked into the kitchen and gasped at what she saw.

    “Hello!” said a short tubby Italian man in bright red overalls over a blue shirt. He had a big nose supporting a rather funny looking mustache which was curly. He was sporting a rather funny looking cap with an “M” over it which concealed his dark brown hair. He was apparently sitting next to the Microwave, inside a bowl of soup being cooked.

    “Uh….who are you?” she asked astonishingly as she took a seat in a wooden chair next to him. He chuckled as he took of his cap and held it above his head.

    “The name’s Mario Mario, but please miss, call me Mario! I….am lost you see, I come from a place called the Mushroom Kingdom, and am the local hero of sorts. Recently I was protecting a young princess from an evil monster, and well next minute I’m in your kitchen making noodles!” he said with a knowing grin.

    “Yeah…are you on ‘Magical Mushrooms’?” the girl asked with a frown.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Mario said as he hesitated thinking for a moment.

    “It’s Pauline, Mario.” The girl said firmly.

    “Ah, yes Pauline, I swear my story is the truth!” he said with a innocent smile. Pauline shook her head.

    “I can’t believe it, but I think you’re serious,” she said as she stood up, “okay, I guess I should call the cops and get you to a hospital”.

    “Good idea, Pauline! Bowser may be here also, and we better get some help!” Mario said as he put on his cap and had a more serious expression.

    “Bowser? That’s like a dog name?” Pauline noted.

    “He is the ultimate enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom, leader of the ferocious Koopas, he is dangerous, and definitely not a dog.” Mario said very angrily, making Pauline back off a bit.

    “Okay, well, now I might need the swat team!” she said laughing as she still thought this portly man was crazy. Suddenly a knock on the door caught Pauline’s attention as she went to see who it was. “Stay here” she said with authority. As she opened the door she saw a midget in a red tunic with a mask on, with holes around the eyes and mouth.

    “Hello!” the creature said with an evil chuckle.

    Mario heard a scream as he rushed to the door, noticing Pauline tied up to a fence post being carried away by the masked creature, although slowly as the small thing tried to hold up the heavy girl.

    “Mama-Mia! A Shy Guy!” Mario yelled as the creature, as Shy Guy, tried to run faster. Mario easily ran in front of it and kicked it out from under the girl. The Shy Guy flew into the next yard letting out a shriek as it landed next to a rather mean looking dog, and you readers can imagine what happened next. “Are you okay?” Mario asked as he untied the stunned girl.

    “Uh-huh! What was that thing?” she said as she breathed for air.

    “A darn Shy Guy, minions working for Bowser!” he said as his eyes grew wide with anger.

    “So, that stuff, you were serious?” she asked. Mario looked shocked.

    “You didn’t believe me?” he asked with a smile.

    “Well, now I do!” she cried as she stood up and gave him a hug.

    “Easy Pauline, I’d say your kingdom may be in trouble.” He said seriously

    “Mario, you can stop him right?” Pauline asked.

    “Leave it to me! Hopefully some of my friends will find us!” he said laughing.

    “Mario, would you like to stay with me?” she asked.

    “That would be magnificent!” he said as he ran inside. “Oh no! I left the noodles cooking!” he yelled as he went to the kitchen.

    Inside the house, Mario and Pauline were sitting at a table eating a bowl of noodles as they were talking.

    “Mario, I’m glad you’ll be staying, I kinda don’t have a lot of friends and my parents…well, they’re never home.” She said with a frown.

    “Pauline, that’s so sad, I mean I don’t know what I would do without my friends.” Mario said with a small tear.

    “I guess you must need your friends while fighting Bowser all the time” she said smiling.

    “Ahaha! You got that right!” he laughed. He then sighed. “Pauline, I must tell you, if I stay with you, Bowser might come here!” he said with a worried look.

    “Mario, this Bowser guy doesn’t scare me. That minion of his was kinda cute anyway. I am a bit worried though, what if Bowser tries to take over this town?” she asked as she took a sip of soup.

    “Leave it to me! It looks like this may be my new home for a while, so I’ll protect it like the Mushroom Kingdom!” he said triumphantly.

    “Thanks! By the way, this is Red Town, located in the USA. So this is kind of like ‘Red Kingdom’!” She said with a grin.

    “Okay, from this day on, Mario shall protect the Red Kingdom!” he said as he flexed his muscles, causing Pauline to laugh heartily.

    “Lord Bowser!” said a wimpy voice as the Shy Guy from earlier walked into a dark cave; his tunic ripped up and dirty. “I found him!”

    “Mwahaha! Excellent! I already have planned my conquest of this new kingdom, and I can’t wait to beat Mario!” said a big green and yellow dragon like creature. He had a long red mane between his horns with went down his back; witch was armed by a giant green shell with spikes. He was sitting in a big throne sipping from a Dr. Pepper can. “I must say this kingdom has some great things in it, all the more reason to conquer it!” he said as a young blonde in a pink dress with a crown was tied up next to the throne.

    “Bowser! Wait till Mario comes!” she yelled angrily at Bowser, who simply chuckled.

    “You shall be my queen, my peachy weachy, so chill out!” he yelled.

    END Chapter 1


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