This story shows my love for the happy and pleasant, yet destructive and dark. This story also utilizes a very popular evolution line in the Pokemon franchise: The Ralts line. I will be taking comments, questions, and suggestions, but no insults. Enjoy!

-Day 1-

It was the end of a great day for Virrhe Skylinger. He gave his Torchic a small high-five in appreciation for all the hard work given. They were training hard that day, and had defeated a lot of trainers. But still didn't bother to catch any new Pokemon. Torchic was all Virrhe needed to be happy. But as Virrhe left for home, a small creature popped its head out from the grass. The sunset made it hard to recognize. It walked toward Virrhe, with small paces. As it got closer, it became easier to recognize, and by the time it was right in front of Torchic, it was revealed to be a Ralts. Virrhe knew that it had been a hard day, but one more battle couldn't hurt.

"Torchic?" he said, nodding to the Ralts. Torchic nodded back, and immediately lit Ralts' head on fire. Ralts panicked, and ran into Virrhe's leg, causing it to fall down, putting the fire out. Torchic did a little facepalm of disappointment. Ralts reached up with its hands cutely. "Hey, Torchic," Virrhe started. "Do you want a new friend?" Torchic turned away and chirped in disapproval. "Lighten up, will you? Part of success is cooperation." Ralts walked to the aggravated Torchic.

"I hope we can become great friends someday." Ralts held out her hand. Virrhe started to frantically look around.

"W-was that you, Ralts?" he asked with a quiver in tone. The Ralts nodded. "Aw, COOL! This Ralts can speak telepathically!" Virrhe opened an empty PokeBall. "Do you want to come with me, Ralts?" he stated excitedly. Ralts paused for a moment, and nodded. That started their journey together...


-Day 2-

Virrhe walked along the dirt path to Professor Pine's laboratory in Anntetrafea City. It was pleasant. Not too many wild Pokemon or trainers. But just as Virrhe got to the outskirts of the city, he stopped in front of the brick gate to the city. Bad choice. As he stare in awe at the magnificent orange bricks surrounding the city, he was soon flattened by a bicycle. The girl on the bike flew off as the bike itself tumbled into a tree in the surrounding forest.

"Ugh..." she moaned to herself. "What... happened?" Virrhe got up and rubbed his back. He noticed the girl, and also a familiar Torchic walking up behind her angrily, and then the girl's long ponytail on fire.

"Torchic! You're not supposed to set people's hair on fire!" Virrhe rushed to grab the Torchic. The girl quickly jolted to her senses.

"Fire? Where?" She grasped her charred lower ponytail, and stuffed the part with fire into her mouth. Her Pawniard then cut the burned part off, shortening her hair from knee length to chest length. She turned to Virrhe. "Well, now that this is settled, I apologize for crashing into you. I sometimes randomly fall asleep. Hehe. Anyway, I'm Luriss."

Virrhe bowed. "I apologize for my Torchic's unmannerly behavior," Virrhe calmly replied. "He was probably just angry that you crashed into me. I'm Virrhe." Luriss nodded, and got back on her bike to continue her path.

When Virrhe got to the laboratory, he couldn't find Professor Pine. Wherever he was, he had left something running, and it was overheating. Virrhe began to explore the many rooms of the lab, and his first explored room showed a man sleeping at a desk, head on the keyboard with the monitor filled with "jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj..." Virrhe rushed to wake the man up. When he did wake up, his face had the keyboard imprinted on it. He sniffed the air, and immediately dashed to the first room.

"I fell asleep with the coffee-maker on!" he yelled, and turned it off. The coffee was done, and had long since gotten cold. Virrhe stared up at the massive work of machinery the man had just shut down.

"THAT'S a coffee-maker? It's a monstrosity!" Virrhe exclaimed.

"It's special," the man stated. "Let's just leave it at that. Anyway, I'm Professor Pine. What business do you have with me?" Virrhe set his Ralts on the counter as Pine examined her.

"These don't appear around here, do they?" asked Virrhe. "I was wondering if you could tell me why this one showed up in the wild." Pine handed the Ralts back to her trainer.

"Don't question it; just be grateful," Pine said with a wink. Virrhe took his Ralts and left for the Gym of Anntetrafea. But first, some well-deserved training. The Gym leader is supposed to be immensely strong for beginners. By the end of the day, Ralts was about level 18, and Torchic was about level 12. The three drifted off to sleep, for the next day was going to be amazing.