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    Default Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    My second piece of fan fiction work.

    Things you should know before reading (if you care):
    1- I am not professional. I will make mistakes, so forgive me
    2- I don't watch anime, so sorry if my battle scenes are made of cheese
    3- I think Pokemon should be able to perform more than 4 set moves. I will incorporate that idea.
    4- Gore, Foul language, and romance gone too far NEVER belonged in Pokemon

    Sorry about that stuff, now moving on:


    There exists in many regions of the Pokémon world, a trio of legendaries. From Kanto, three elemental birds soar the skies. In Johto, three legendary felines roam the land. In Hoenn, three earth sentinels rest in their hiding places. Finally, in Sinnoh, three psychic Pokémon skim the surface of the island’s lakes. All of these carefully bring balance to their land, and hold a secret that could change the course of the world. The power of three is the power of all, but only one individual can bring them all together. And once the darkness begins to eclipse the light, a prophecy begins the search for the hero, the chosen child of the moon.


    Storms raged all about a deserted island, churning huge waves that

    threatened to swallow it whole. Lightning danced as the wind struggled with

    the few trees that struggled to survive. Surely, no living thing would be

    found there and then, but the lightning revealed a lone shadow walking

    nonchalantly by the thrashing beach. Its only concern had nothing to do

    with the weather. It had a purpose, one that was good enough to brave the


    Finally, the figure paused and looked towards the raging ocean. Suddenly, a

    massive object ejected from the waters and made its way towards the shore.

    It was a submarine shaped like Kyogre. Once it hit land, it changed shape,

    becoming an armored tank resembling a Rhyhorn. Its red eyes scanned the

    beach, searching for the lone figure. It turned and opened its maw, out of

    which a man stepped into the open.

    “You sure know how to make a theatrical appearance,” the shadow on

    the beach smirked.

    “Indeed, master,” the man bowed. “And you sure know how to pick rendezvous.”

    “Have you found it?”

    “The Griseous Orb? Of course,” the man pulled out a golden object

    from a pouch. “Giratina isn’t to happy about it being stolen, however.”

    “We need not worry about him. The poor fool has enough to deal with

    as it is. It is a pity, however, that he chose the path he did. He will

    fall, just like all of the others. What about the other materials?”

    “All of the Iron Thorns, Reaper Clothes, The Life Orb, the Spell

    Tag, the shards of the Black Charm, a Dark Incense, and. . .,” his voice


    “The Red Chain?”

    “Y-yes. All is in order.”

    “Excellent, then call up our troops. We will strike immediately. Tonight is

    our night, and the Eclipse will begin. Our destiny is at hand, Ebenor.”

    Lightning flashed nearby, finally lighting up the features of the shadowy

    figure. A single, blue eye peered out from a flowing lock of white hair

    that resembled smoke.

    “As you wish, Master Darkrai,” Ebenor bowed.

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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    Chapter One

    “Aislyn! Aislyn! For Pete’s sake! Wake up!” someone shook her violently.

    Aislyn’s eyes flew open and she jerked out of bed, nearly knocking her

    mother out.

    “Calm down,” her mother reassessed, speaking more gently. “It was

    just a dream.”

    “But! It was so real!” Aislyn slowed down, wiping the sweat off of

    her brow. “There was this P-pokémon, and it spoke to me!”

    “Like I said, it was just a dream. Everything’s fine now,” the

    older woman smiled and patted her on the back.

    “Y-yeah, it was just a dream,” she sighed, slumping her shoulders.

    Outside of her little bedroom, Aislyn heard a Doduo crow and knew that

    despite the strange dream she had, life was as normal as always back on

    the farm. No matter how she felt, there was work to do.

    Her mother shook her head and stood up. “I knew I shouldn’t have

    let you eat at that burrito joint. The place was screaming DANGER! Hurry

    and get dressed. Pokémon need fed and Milktank need milking. Then we’ll

    see about breakfast.”

    “Yes, Mom,” Aislyn yawned.

    “That’s a good girl,” Her mother gave her a quick kiss before finally leaving her daughter’s room.

    Stretching, Aislyn reluctantly crawled out of bed and peered through the curtains. The sun was slowly

    beginning to rise over Lunnori, a small region located between Kanto and Foire. Though it was a pleasant

    place, located close to the ocean and beaches, it was focused on agriculture. There was no cities here, no

    resort areas, and certainly no Pokémon Gyms or League for that matter. It seemed like there was simply

    nothing to do here but watch things grow.

    Aislyn felt trapped. She had so many dreams and hopes for her future, like becoming a Trainer or

    even a Ranger, but nothing she found here helped. Many times she contemplated running away, but something

    always kept her back. It seemed like it was her fate to grow and die here, like the crops around her.

    Looking to the north, she spotted Crescent Peak the tallest mountain in the region, which wasn’t

    saying much. Somewhere on its side was the sleepy town of Adelite, where there was an expansive farmers

    market. Her father would be there today with some of his Tauros and Doduo. He was a famous breeder of those

    Pokémon, though those he sold hardly ever passed into a trainer’s hands. They were often used as

    transportation or for uses on a farm. Poké Balls and battles unheard of around here, Aislyn sighed.

    As the young farm girl burst out of her house, bucket swaying about, she nearly stepped on a

    sleeping Growlithe. The dog-like Pokémon yelped and barked in complaint, but Aislyn ignored him and took

    off towards the chicken pen. The birds cocked their head in curiosity as she hurriedly sprinkled the feed

    “Morning, Boys!” she cried out to the two-headed birds. A trio of them eagerly ran to the side of

    the fence, cawing excitedly. As she held the bucket out for them to eat, the heads began to fight amongst

    each other.

    “Cut it out, guys!” Aislyn laughed. “It all goes to the same place.”

    One of the heads looked up and ruffled her hair with his beak. She returned the gesture by reaching

    up and scratching its cheek. These Doduo made fine steeds, being both loyal and fast. This particular Doduo

    was one that she owned and raised, and she nicknamed him, Dewy. All the heads lifted at once, and the girl

    surprised to see that the bucket was already empty.

    “Man, you make us look like we don’t feed you enough,” she chuckled, stepping back from the fence.

    “One more thing on my agenda: the Milktank.”

    This was how most days past on this little farm in Lunnori, with no excitement at all. The calmness

    and peacefulness was enjoyable, but boredom was most intolerable. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, this

    particular day would change the course of Aislyn’s future.

    “Aislyn,” her mother had spoken to her after breakfast. “Your father and brother have yet to come back

    from town, so I need you to look after the Mareep today. Take them up to the meadow by the river up north,

    got it?”

    “What?” she almost spat out her milk. “The Mareep? Isn‘t there something else I could do?”

    “Nothing that is as important. Come on, just for a day. Those Mareep need to graze so they can get

    bigger so that we can get their wool. Since your brother isn’t here to watch them . . .”

    “Okay, then,” Aislyn sighed, setting down her mug. Suddenly, she wished that she gone to Adelite

    instead of Freddie. Watching the Mareep had to be the most boring job on the farm.

    “That’s my girl,” her mother smiled graciously, taking the dishes to the sink. “Make sure you take

    plenty of water, and you can bring Dewy along with you. Oh, and don‘t forget to bring rubber.”

    “Yes, mom,” Aislyn sighed, grabbing a pair of canteens. Minutes later she was geared up and leading

    the sheep-like Pokémon up the hill. Their Growlithe, Buster, followed behind, helping with keeping the herd

    intact. She sat astride her Doduo, holding a rubber shepherd hook and prodding the Mareep when necessary.

    Once the afternoon sun reached its highest point in the sky, they finally made it to the meadow. Buster

    laid on the grass, and curled up for a nap. Aislyn let Dewy wander around and found a rock to rest on. Here

    came the boring part, the waiting and the watching.

    She did have enough sense to bring something to do, however. Pulling out her sketch pad, she thumbed

    through its pages. She was a fairly good artist, managing to draw proper proportions and details, and she

    her favorite subject had always been Pokémon. Gazing at the meadow, she began to start a rough sketch of

    the Mareep. After merely ten minutes, however, she gave up and turned to a fresh sheet. She couldn’t help

    but think of her dream last night, and picking up her pencil, she began to draw the Cresselia from memory.

    Becoming entirely enthralled in her newest subject, she didn’t notice Buster sit up and wag his

    tail, or Dewy cawing joyfully. Only when she looked up to get a drink from her canteen did she notice

    something was amiss. All of the Pokémon in the meadow was looking her way.

    “Excuse me, miss,” a voice spoke from behind her, and she suddenly knew why.

    Whirling around, she turned to face the stranger. About her size, he (or she) wore a worn brown

    cloak that concealed the face, and the arms were folded into the sleeves. She literally couldn’t see any of

    this person’s features, which immediately raised her suspicion.

    “Pardon for interrupting,” the figure continued. “But I have traveled very far, and I am so

    parched. Perhaps, would you offer me some water?”

    Aislyn wasn’t sure what to say, looking back at her Pokémon for assurance. They didn’t at all

    seemed alarmed at this person’s appearance. Buster, normally a bold guard dog towards strangers, was

    actually wagging his tail! If they trusted this traveler, then perhaps she could too.

    “Of course,” she tried a friendly smile, then passed her second canteen to the stranger.

    “I am ever grateful, miss,” it bowed, then unfolded his arms. Aislyn gasped and recoiled as two

    thin, green arms reached out of the sleeves.

    “Don’t be frightened,” reassured the stranger, reaching up to pull back the cloak’s hood. It fell

    away from his face, revealing his true identity.

    “You’re a Pokémon? A talking Pokémon?” Aislyn’s eyes grew wide with wonder.

    “Yes. I am a Gallade,” he spoke without moving his lips. “I am speaking to you through telepathy.”


    “It is a way to project one’s thoughts to another. I must apologize, I didn’t mean to alarm you.”

    “No, its okay,” Aislyn snapped out of her stupor, remembering her canteen. Quickly, she offered the

    canteen again, apologizing. “I just wasn’t expecting this. I’ve never really heard telepathy before, and we

    usually don‘t get travelers though here. Especially traveling Pokémon.”

    “Thank you miss,” The Gallade gladly accepted the canteen and guzzled down the water. Aislyn smiled

    and blushed. This Pokémon was overwhelmingly chivalrous. She had never heard of a Gallade before, but then

    again, she hadn’t heard about a lot of things.

    “Hmm, that did it,” The Gallade sighed contently, wiping his mouth. “I am very grateful.”

    “You’re welcome,” Aislyn took back the canteen, noticing that it was quite empty now. “What brings

    you to Lunnori?”

    “Ah, just my travels. It is a goal of mine to see all of the regions of the world. Right now I’m

    headed to Fiore, and I thought it would be nicer to travel on foot. It gives me more opportunity to see new

    and different places. And I’m glad, or else I would have missed out on this pleasant little region.”

    “Yeah,” Aislyn sighed, not sharing the same opinion of her home region. “What other places have you


    “Oh, I just came from Kanto, but I’ve been to the Seven Isles, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Almia.”

    “Wow, what were they like?”

    The Gallade chuckled. “There’s so much I could tell you about them! I don’t know where to start!”

    Aislyn weakly smiled, feeling a small twinge of jealousy.

    “I take it you’ve never been out of Lunnori, have you?” Gallade sensed her sudden mood change.

    “No, I was born here and I’ll probably die here. But . . . I’ve always wanted to do what you’re

    doing. Travel around the world and see new sights. It seems that I’m stuck here though.”

    “Hmm,” The Gallade hummed thoughtfully, looking towards the sky. “Perhaps one day, you might break

    free. From what I’ve learned, a free spirit can never be detained for long. Forgive me, I need to ask of

    another favor from you.”

    “Perhaps you could direct me to a place where I can find food and lodging? And maybe some work. My

    funds of late have been rather depleted.”

    “There’s a town up ahead named Adelite,” Aislyn pointed to Crescent Peak, “but it would be another

    day of walking from here. The closest place would be my house, and I’m sure my mom and dad would let you

    stay. We might could help you find a job on the farm, too. Once my brother returns, I could take you there.”

    “You are most generous,” the Pokémon bowed again. “I accept your offer. I am called by many, Troy,

    and if you ever need assistance, I’d be glad to help.”

    “Oh, thank you,” Aislyn blushed, looking towards the flock of Mareep. “My name Aislyn Bright.”

    Buster barked and came running up to Troy with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Dewy followed

    him from behind, heads bobbing excitedly.

    “Nice to meet you too, Buster,” Troy laughed, reaching down to pet the Growlithe. “And Dewy as

    well. They are both very fond of you, Aislyn.”

    “Buster’s our family friend, and I grew Dewy all by myself. You could say they’re my closest

    friends.” Aislyn sat back down on her rock, returning to her sketch pad.

    “As it should be,” Troy agreed. “It always makes me feel good to see humans and Pokémon getting

    along with each other. Even your Mareep are very happy living on the farm.”

    “They get the best treatment we can provide. Um, my brother should be coming back soon, so . . .”

    “I’ll wait,” Troy sat down on the rock next to her. “What are you drawing?”

    “Oh, this?” Aislyn suddenly grew shy, hiding her work. “It’s nothing. I’m not really that good.”

    “No, your work is wonderful. May I see it?” The Gallade held out his thin, green arm once again.

    Not wanting to offend, the girl reluctantly handed her sketch book over. Troy looked through it, examining

    every sketch thoroughly, until he flipped to her latest sketch.

    “What is this?” he asked.

    “That? I . . . I think it’s called a Cresselia.”

    “You think?”

    “I’m not sure. You see, I saw it in a dream of mine.”

    “You saw it in a dream?” The Gallade looked shocked.

    “Um, yeah. Just last night,” she added hesitantly, not sure if she should say more. Troy fell

    silent, examining the drawing in deep thought, before passing the book wordlessly back to her. After a long

    moment, he merely complimented her on her skill, but Aislyn wondered if there was something she had done

    wrong. She wanted to ask, but was afraid of making the Gallade upset. There was something unusual about

    this Pokémon, but she didn’t know what.

    After a while, she couldn’t bare the uncanny silence. “Can you tell me about one of those places

    you’ve been to?” she dared to ask.

    Troy smiled. “Yes, I tell you about Sinnoh, my home region . . .”
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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    Did you proofread? You must be Turbo's sister.

    EDIT: K
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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    I added some more since you read Ultradude. Sorry, i haven't proof-read

    I don't know who the heck Turbo is and i am a girl.

    Here's some facts about Lunnori, the region i made up:
    - Located between Fiore and Kanto
    - All of the towns are named after Minerals
    - Adelite is one of those minerals, meaning unnoticeable or nothing of significance.

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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    The format is really wonky. It makes it really hard to read. Also it seems more you're laying out a plot than telling a story at the start. Also there are next to no details. Fix it up, kay? With some work you can do better.
    And Turbo is someone you shouldn't be compared to unless you never improve and ignore advice.

    Hi, I'd like to transform you into a yeti.
    Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    Hours passed before Aislyn’s brother, Freddie, appeared on the scene.

    “Hi Ho!” he called from the other side of the meadow. “Look at that

    cute little Shepherdess tending her flock!” He laughed and jogged to her

    “And look who decided to play hooky,” Aislyn teased back. “Had

    enough fun for today?”

    “Of course not!” Freddie beamed. “I never get enough!”

    “How was the market today?”

    “Fantastic! Traded all of them to good trustworthy people. They’ll

    all be in good hands.”

    “That good to hear. So you ready to take over?”

    “Yes, ma’am,” Freddie suddenly frowned, noticing a shadow leaning

    against the rock. “Whose your friend?”

    Suddenly the shadow jumped up, startling the young man.

    “You must be Freddie. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Troy,” the

    Gallade bowed.

    “Huh?” was all Freddie could reply with, totally confused.

    “Freddie?” Aislyn frowned, waving her hand in front of his face. No

    reaction. The boy continued to stare. “Oh, brother,” she rolled her eyes.

    “Did I scare him?” Troy looked worried.

    “Yes, but he’ll get over it. Don’t worry, my brother’s just really

    slow. Let’s get going. Dewy!”

    The Doduo happily trotted over, giving Freddie a hair tussle.

    Aislyn walked over, placing the rubber hook in her brother’s hands, then

    mounting her Pokémon. Troy hopped on behind her, politely keeping his

    distance as much as he could.

    “Freddie!” Aislyn called in a loud and slow voice as she gathered

    up the reigns. “I’m going back to the house. Got it?"

    “Oh, um. Yeah,” he answered snapping out of his own stupor.

    “T-thanks for watching the Mareep. I’ll see you back at home.”

    “Don’t get in too much trouble!” she called over her shoulder as

    Dewy took off.

    “Of course I will!” Freddie laughed.

    That night found the Bright family at dinner with a most unique

    guest. They were amazed by his good manners and amusing tales, and by the

    end they were enchanted by the gallant Gallade. Aislyn’s parents happily

    accepted him into their household, allowing him to stay as long as he

    needed. They did have an extra guest room that they had kept for visiting

    family members, and offered it to him. Her father also offered Troy a job

    to do on the farm, to help earn money.

    Aislyn could hardly sleep that night, excited over their guest.

    Nothing like this had ever happened here before! She had so many more

    questions to ask him. She wanted to hear more about his adventures and

    discoveries. She could only imagine what the Gallade had been through.

    Finally, after tossing and turning, she gave up and turned on a small lamp

    next to her. Pulling out her sketch book, she started on a new drawing.

    Before she could finish it, however, sleep finally overwhelmed her.

    The next morning, the sun hid behind a thin blanket of clouds that

    held a promise of rain. Aislyn woke up and started her usual morning

    routine, forgetting about last nights excitement until breakfast. Troy was

    joining them for another meal, but when Aislyn got in the kitchen, the mood

    was dark. The Gallade, her father, brother, and mother all sat around the

    table with solemn expressions.

    “What’s wrong?” Aislyn asked innocently, setting aside her jacket.

    “We a grim peace of news this morning,” her father said, pulling up

    a chair for his daughter. “Read the paper.”

    Aislyn hesitantly obeyed, eyeing the front page of the Lunnori

    Weekly. The bold letters of the title declared: Children Caught In A

    Nightmare, Unable To Wake Up. She read on, learning of a group of parents

    who found their children wouldn’t wake up, and seemed to be suffering from

    a terrible nightmare. Her heart broke as she found out that a cure hadn’t

    been found and that the children continue to sleep.

    “This is horrible!” Aislyn said as she set aside the article,

    unable to read any more of it.

    “Aye,” her father agreed. “I’ve never heard of such a thing before.

    I don’t suppose it bodes well for any of us.”

    “It just tears at my heart,” her mother pouted, holding back tears. The woman's face softened and

    she seemed somehow faraway. Her eye's were becoming glassy but, Aislyn's mother always needed her dignity.

    Although it was clear to everyone she was about to cry it was also clear to everyone that she would hold it

    in. (Zephy Changes, Thanks!)

    “What do you think, Troy?” Freddie turned to the intelligent


    The Gallade didn’t answer right away, deep in thought. “I have seen

    this before,” he finally admitted.

    “What?” the family said altogether.

    “A long time ago,” he went on. “I don’t know if its some sort of

    curse, but if the inflicted person continues to sleep . . .” He shuddered.

    “Can they wake up?” Freddie dared to ask.

    “They rarely can wake up on their own, but there was a way to cure

    them. Unfortunately, no one knows what it is anymore.”

    “What’s causing it? Do you know?” Aislyn’s mother ventured a


    “I . . . do not know. I’m sorry.”

    Aislyn studied the Pokémon, thinking that he knew more than what he

    led on. However, she didn’t pester him further. There was work to do,

    regardless of what was going on elsewhere. Her assignment that day was to

    weed the garden, while her father and Troy went to round up the Tauros

    herd. Freddie, of course, had to tend to the Mareep, and when they parted

    ways for the day, everyone was still in a gloomy mood. It didn’t help when

    a storm blew in, dumping buckets of rain on them.

    Aislyn soon gave up and fled to the safety of her home, warming up

    some hot chocolate. She sat in their tiny living room, listening to the

    rain until she was lulled to sleep by their steady pattering.

    “Aislyn,” a voice called to her. “Aislyn.”
    She had heard that voice before. Was she dreaming again?
    “Aislyn, come to me,” the voice bid her.
    “Cresselia,” Aislyn remembered, and followed the sound through the swirling mist.
    “Yes, Aislyn,” the Cresselia appeared.
    “You were in my dream before. You were speaking about . . . My destiny.”
    The Cresselia suddenly winced. “Yes. You and I . . . We are connected. You are the only person who can free me.” The Pokémon’s body suddenly faded, but reappeared again.
    “What is happening to you?” Aislyn asked, worried.
    “I have been captured by dark forces, and they keep me in a spell in which I can not use the full extent of my powers. Even now, my life-force is being sucked away by their magic. And because of this, the nightmares are beginning.”
    Aislyn remembered her saying that before in her first dream, but didn’t understand. “How can I help? I’m just a farm girl. I can’t do anything special.”
    “You are more special than you think,” the Cresselia laughed weakly. “Hold out your hand. If I‘m not mistaken, you have a birthmark there.”
    Aislyn’s eyes grew wide, but she obeyed. There on the palm of her hand was a mark in the shape of a crescent moon. But as it got closer to Cresselia, it began to glow. The lunar Pokémon bowed her head, touching the outstretched hand. After a brilliant flash of light, a trio of necklaces appeared where Cresselia had touched her.
    “These are . . . Lunar Wings . . . They will . . . Protect your family . . . As long as they . . . Keep it with them,” The Cresselia winced, her body beginning to fade. “I must go . . . For now . . .”
    “Wait!” Aislyn objected, but the dream began to fade as well.

    Next thing she knew, she was wide awake in her house with her mother

    leaning over her.

    “Goodness! Gracious!” her mother exclaimed. “You gave me quite a

    scare! I thought you were caught in a nightmare. I was half worried that

    you might not wake up again!”

    Aislyn slowly sat up, blinking as she looked around the room.

    Finally, she looked to her hand, and there were the Lunar Wings. “I’m

    alright, Mother. It wasn’t a nightmare,” she answered, then passed her one

    of the feathers. “I made this for you.”

    “Oh! Its just lovely!” she happily accepted one of the necklaces

    and put it on straight away. “Thank you, Aislyn. What a beautiful feather!”

    Just then, her father and Troy came into the house, both were

    soaking wet.

    “Good heck, Mary,” her father called, removing his sodden jacket.

    “It’s raining cats and dogs out there!”

    “Didn’t make the wrangling any easier,” Troy commented, removing

    his travel cloak. “But we got the job done.”

    “Mostly thanks to you,” her father chuckled, slapping the Gallade

    on the back. “I didn’t know you were part Physic!”

    “Physic and Fighting, sir, though I rarely use my powers. They’re a

    bit rusty, still.”

    “Well, I’d better get you boys some hot chocolate to warm you up,”

    Aislyn’s mother strode into the kitchen. Troy stopped short, seeing the

    necklace she wore.

    “That necklace . . . Where did you get it?” the Gallade asked.

    “Oh, this?” the woman ran her finger over the feather. “Aislyn made

    it for me.”

    “Aislyn made it?” Troy kept his look of surprise.

    “Yep. Pretty little thing, isn’t it?” She held it up for him to see.

    “It a Lunar Wing!” Troy gasped.

    “What is that?” Aislyn’s father asked.

    “They’re a special charm that, according to legend, keeps away

    nightmares, much like dream-catchers,” Troy answered thoughtfully.

    “And I have one for you and Freddie, Dad,” Aislyn walked into the

    kitchen, charms in hand. She set her brother’s down on the cupboard and

    handed the other one to her surprised father.

    “Aislyn? Where did you get these?” Troy asked, lifting Freddie’s

    up. “I’ve heard that they’re extremely rare.”

    Aislyn shrugged, claiming a chair at the table. “I just found

    them,” was all she said.

    “Looks kinda girlish, don’t you think?” her father hesitated to put

    it on.

    “Just think it as a lucky charm, Dad. You could just hide it under

    your shirt,” the girl suggested. While her parents admired the Lunar Wings,

    Troy stared at Aislyn as if trying to figure something out. Aislyn felt the

    uncomfortable weight of this stare, and felt guilty for not admitting the

    truth. But she held her tongue for two reasons: One, because she didn’t

    want her parents to think that she was crazy; and two, she wasn’t sure if

    she wanted to share her secrets with a stranger she just met.
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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    Guys, I'm not a professional writer. I'm really sorry, but I'm trying real hard.I'll work on your advice, thank you.

    I have no idea what's happening with the format. . . I'll work on that too.

    Right now i'm working on transferring this from Word, so I'll fix it up once i get it all on here.

    Dinner came around one more, and everyone begged for another story from their intrepid guest. Troy

    just laughed.

    “Come now,” he said. “I feel like I spent too much time talking about myself. May I hear a story

    from you today?”

    “Nothing much exciting ever happens around her,” Aislyn muttered.

    “Hmm, well,” her father ignored his daughter’s comment. “I could tell you about the time I tamed a

    wild Dodrio with my bare hands. That was quite the adventure.”

    “I could tell you about the day I found a river monster,” Freddie added.

    Aislyn’s mother thumbed her necklace charm, deep in thought. “I don’t know why, but I fell

    impressed to tell you about something,” she said.

    “What is it?” Troy leaned forward in his chair.

    “It’s a story about Aislyn’s birth,” she explained. The entire room fell silent, but Aislyn’s heart

    thudded in her ears. Why on earth was her mother going to tell this story? She felt her cheeks grow hot and

    knew she was blushing.

    “It was thirteen years ago,” her mother began. “Around harvest time. There was a blue moon the day

    she was born, and we each that this meant good luck to our daughter. But as the days passed, she began to

    have health problems. The doctors didn’t know what was ailing her. We were becoming scared that she

    wouldn’t make it, but she held on for a few more years. The next time there was a blue moon on her

    birthday, however, she disappeared. By then, she was a small little toddler, and we figured she must have

    wandered off. We sent all sorts of search parties around the area, but they all came back empty handed.”

    “I went out searching for her myself, growing more desperate and worried. As I ran towards Fish

    Hook lake up towards the north, I finally found her. She . . . She was just laying off shore, and she. . .

    Wasn’t breathing,” her mother’s eyes began to well up with tears. “I picked her up in my arms and tried to

    wake her up, but nothing worked. I. . . I had thought that I had lost her. Then, suddenly . . . There was a

    bright light. I looked at the lake, where the moon was reflecting in the calm water. The reflection itself

    began to glow as if it was becoming another moon, and it lit up the forest. I shielded my eyes from the

    light, but then I heard a voice. Looking back towards the lake, I saw a figure emerge from the reflection

    of the moon.”

    Aislyn was suddenly drawn into the story. She had never heard this part of it. She had no idea that

    this had happened.

    “It was a Pokémon, shaped like the crescent moon. It spoke to me, saying, ‘Have no fear, Mary

    Bright. I won’t let your daughter slip away. Bring her to me.’ At first, I was a little scared, but the

    warmth of the Pokémon’s glow was inviting. I held Aislyn close, and walked as far into the lake as I could

    go. Suddenly, she began to glow. I looked up at the Pokémon, and it had its eyes closed as if

    concentrating. A thread of light grew from it and floated across the water towards Aislyn. It melded with

    her being, and suddenly she began to breathe again. ‘Aislyn Luna Bright,’ the Pokémon spoke again. ‘Your

    life is yours again. Learn and grow, and be a beacon that shines through the darkness. When the time comes,

    however, I will need your help.’”

    “After that, the Pokémon disappeared, and so did the bright light. The lake looked as if nothing

    had ever happened. Then, Aislyn woke up. I took her home, and since then she’s been free of her health

    problems. There she stands now, the picture of health.”

    The room was silent for a long time before Troy voiced his thoughts.

    “A child of the moon,” he said cryptically. “The hero of the light. . . Thank you for sharing that

    story, Madam Bright.”

    The reverence dissipated when Aislyn’s father began telling his story, but Aislyn was still in

    wonder. Her mother never shared that part of the story before, and the Pokémon she talked about . . . It

    had to be . . . Cresselia? It had appeared to her before, and had saved her? And now it was appearing to

    her in her dreams again. What did this all mean? What did this make her?

    After dinner, the storm clouds had finally parted. Aislyn snuck out of the kitchen to stare at the

    stars. Tonight was a new moon, allowing the stars to shine their brightest. Out here in Lunnori, there was

    hardly any light pollution. One could see each star in the sky wherever they were at. Aislyn admired the

    starlight. It was as if they were trying to make up for the moon missing.

    “It’s much nicer out now, isn’t it?” a voice interrupted her thoughts. She jumped, but saw that it

    was just Troy.

    “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” she scolded.

    “My apologies,” Troy bowed, looking ashamed. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

    Aislyn smiled. “Just like when we met.”

    “Indeed,” Troy smiled back, then joined in the stargazing. “What a beautiful sky. I haven’t seen

    them this bright for a long time.”

    Aislyn just nodded, her thoughts returning elsewhere. “Troy?”


    “What did you mean back there? You know, when you said those things?”

    Troy didn’t answer right away, seeming to be deep in thought. “There is a certain legend that I

    have heard. It says that there will come a time when darkness will begin to reclaim the world. It is

    called, simply, the Eclipse. The planet is said to become paralyzed as the warriors of the light are

    conquered by agents of the night. But in this legend, it says that a hero will rise to finally defeat the

    onslaught of darkness. The hero is supposedly a child chosen by the moon, but no one is sure what that

    could mean.”
    Aislyn shivered from more than just the cool evening. A child chosen by the moon. That could mean

    her, could it? “But its just a legend, right? It‘s not really going to happen, is it?”

    “It could, or it couldn’t,” Troy shrugged. “But many legends have some truth in them.”

    “But it can’t,” Aislyn interrupted. “There’s just no way!”

    “Aislyn? What’s the matter?” Troy looked worried.

    “It’s just that. . . I . . . I don’t know,” she looked away, fighting within herself. Should she

    tell Troy? Could she trust him? She couldn’t take it anymore! She had to tell someone or else she’d go

    crazy! Troy seemed to know more than what he revealed. Maybe he could help her?

    “Troy,” she began, “I’ve had the strangest dreams lately. In them, I met a Pokémon named Cresselia.

    She spoke to me, saying. . . Saying that‘s she‘s been captured. And she told me. . . She told me that the

    only person that could save her . . . Is me.”

    Troy thought long and hard, saying nothing to her for a while.

    “Let me see your hand,” he asked. Aislyn hesitated, but complied, revealing the birthmark she had

    since her disappearance.

    “You are the one,” Troy’s eyes grew wide, and he stared at her. “You are the one I’ve been looking


    “You were looking for me?” she recoiled.

    “Yes, I’ve been traveling around the world looking for the hero told in the tale,” Troy checked his

    surroundings, making sure there was no eavesdroppers. “Do you trust me?”

    Aislyn stopped, truly wondering the answer of his question. “Y-yes, I do.”

    “Then follow me,” he stepped off the porch. “I have a lot to explain, and we need to find someplace

    secret.” Aislyn followed him to the barn where the Milktank were sleeping. He climbed up into the rafters

    and waited for her to join her. Afterwards, he spread out his arms and a force field appeared around them.

    “What is that?” she asked.

    “This is a Light Screen. This way, no one will overhear what I’m about to tell you. Aislyn, I know

    you have placed a lot of trust in me by telling me about your dreams. I will, in turn, tell you my real

    identity. Long ago, before the invention of the Poké Ball, when humans and Pokémon lived side by side in a

    different way than today. These were the medieval times, when there was much confusion and wars. However,

    there was a kingdom far away that fought to end those dark times. From there arose a group of elite

    soldiers of both men and Pokémon who possessed special abilities. They were called the Knights of the Aura,

    because they could control their exceptionally strong auras.”

    “What is an aura?” Aislyn asked.

    “It is the force that surrounds all living things, the energy emanating from within us. These

    Knights could not only see and control auras, but some could see it around others. They had sharper, keener

    senses, and stronger powers, but they all used their talent for one purpose: Peace. The Knights still exist

    today, secretly fighting for the common good. Aislyn, I am one of these Knights.”

    “You are a Knight?” Aislyn couldn’t believe her ears. A knight was standing before her, as if out

    of a fairy tale.

    “I can control aura, and I can discern it as well, after years of training and practice. After

    becoming knighted, one of our elders, an Alakasam, had a dream in which he saw the legend of which I have

    spoken of before. He sent me on my first quest to search out and find the hero of the prophecy. I have

    traveled far to find you, and I believe I’m just in time. Tell me, what do you know of Cresselia?”

    “All I know is that what she told me,” Aislyn quietly answered, still a little disturbed by this

    whole thing. “She’s the Lunar Pokémon.”

    Cresselia slowly came to, barely able to glance around the prison she was kept in. Someone nearby
    was laughing, his voice full of cruelty and maliciousness.
    “Good morning, Cresselia,” it said. “Or perhaps, maybe not so good for you.”

    “Indeed. Cresselia is the lead in the fight against darkness. She has the ability to banish

    darkness at just a touch. For years she has been fighting against a sinister force known as the Night

    Chasers, who is led by a notorious Pokémon known as Darkrai. Darkrai is her sworn enemy, being darkness

    itself. He plans to bring about the Eclipse and rule in a world created in his vision. Now, Cresselia has

    been captured by him, and nothing can stop him. No one. . . Except you.”

    “D-darkrai,” Cresselia gritted her teeth.
    “Who else?” he emerged from the shadows, holding an purple glowing sphere in his hands. “What do you think of my contraption? Makes a wonderful prison cell, doesn’t it?”
    “You won’t get away with this! You’ll regret the day you were born!”
    “Such fierce words, mistress,” Darkrai smirked. “But I’m already getting away with this. It especially helps when there’s a new moon, I might add.”
    “Coward!” Cresselia spat.

    “Okay, this has gone too far!” Aislyn sat up, turning to leave. “I can’t see how I should be a part

    of any of this! This is just crazy!”

    “Aislyn, wait!” Troy moved to stop her. “You heard your story tonight! A part of Cresselia lives in

    you! It is because of her that you live and breathe!”

    Aislyn stopped, trying to take this all in.

    “You owe her for that, and now it is your turn to return the favor. You need to release her from

    her prison!”

    “And how am I suppose to do that?” she whirled around. “Look at me! I’m just a plain, ordinary,

    fourteen-year-old girl. I can hardly grow a garden! How the heck do you expect me to go off to fight some


    “You are no ordinary girl, Aislyn bright,” Troy said quietly. “Your life has been touched by

    Cresselia. As I told you, I can discern auras, and I can see it clearly around you. Most individuals have

    green or blue auras. Some have red or purple. But you . . . Your aura is pure white, and shines like the

    moon. It is what attracted me to this place. At first, I didn’t think that you were the one I was looking

    for. As time went on, and I found out more about you, I began to have some suspicion. It was not until

    tonight that I knew for certain who you were.”

    Darkrai laughed to himself, circling around the captured Lunar Pokemon. “Let’s see, we got Reaper Clothes and Spell Tags nailed in place by Iron Thorns, creating a strong force field of negative energy. Check. We got the Griseous Orb, keeping your light from shining brightly. Check. Heck, we even have a piece of a Red Chain thrown in the mix, keeping you immobile. Check. Now what are we missing?”
    He began tossing the sphere in his hand up then catching it, pretending to be deep in thought. Cresselia gasped when she finally realized what it was.
    “Oh, I remember now! The Life Orb to slowly and painfully suck away your life! That’s what we need.” Darkrai stroked the marble-smooth surface with an evil glint in his eye. “I’ll just put it into place now.” He spread his hands apart and the Life Orb began to float between them. Thrusting his hands forward, the orb began to travel over to Cresselia, easily passing through the force field.

    Aislyn’s eyes were beginning to tear up. She was becoming so frustrated and confused. She just

    couldn’t believe it.

    “I-,” she started to say, but suddenly she was attacked by a sudden fit of pain.

    “Aislyn!” Troy shouted, but she didn’t even hear him as she collapsed onto the floor.

    “Check,” Darkrai smirked as he watched Cresselia writhe in pain. “It seems that all is in order. Now only one thing remains . . .” He turned his back to face a pack of fierce Houndooms fidgeted.
    “Find the girl,” he told them, “and bring her to me. Just the girl.”
    The leader of the pack snarled, and led his ranks away from their master, anticipating a new hunt.

    Aislyn slowly came to, her head pounding with a horrible headache. As her vision cleared, she could

    see Troy leaning over her. His eyes were closed, and he held a glowing hand over face. As far as she could

    tell, she was till in the rafters of the barn.

    “Troy?” she inquired. “What are you doing?”

    The Gallade exhaled a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. “Good, you’re alive. I was quite worried.”

    “What happened?” she tried to sit up.

    “Slow down, don’t do it so fast,” Troy warned. “I’m not sure what just happened. Are you feeling better now?”
    “I think I’m okay?” rubbed her eyes. “But I got an awful headache.”

    “You did fall rather hard,” Troy scratched his head. “But you have me puzzled. Maybe you can tell

    me what happened.”

    “I just remember suddenly feeling this pain and then I blacked out,” Aislyn frowned, then tried to

    stand up. Troy jumped to his feet and tried to assist her. “I’m okay. The headache’s going away. I feel

    better now.”

    “You sure?” Troy hesitated.

    “Yes, I’m sure. Let’s get back to the house.”
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    Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)

    No need to say sorry. I don't really anyone here is a "professional" writer. Here's a couple of examples of what I mean. You seem really sweet so I have confidence you'll work on it. Maybe you should post chapters less frequently so more people can review them?

    Here's an example. Instead of...

    “It just tears at my heart,” her mother pouted, hiding back tears.

    Try something like...

    “It just tears at my heart,” her mother pouted, holding back tears. The woman's face softened and she seemed somehow faraway. Her eye's were becoming glassy but, Aislyn's mother always needed her dignity. Although it was clear to everyone she was about to cry it was also clear to everyone that she would hold it in.

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    Thank you, Zephy. I was becoming kind of discouraged. Thanks for that example, too. I'm done putting in chapters for today, too.

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    Do you write in Notepad? It's no problem if you do (I do too), but the formatting gets really weird. Fiddle with Word Wrap a few times until it lays out like how you actually wrote it.

    But the biggest problem comes not from the writing but from the massive chapter dump. Please read the forum rules about such things.
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    -If you have multiple chapters ready to post, that's great! Shows some foresight. But no one wants to read multiple chapters posted at one time. Please wait at least three hours between posting seperate chapters. Otherwise it cuts down on your potential readership.


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