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    Cool Love Shack

    This is a romance fic that I published to FF.net. I hope you like it.




    We see an expensive home located in the outskirts of Violet City. It is located in the nice area of the city. This is the estate of the Montgomery family.

    This was the home of Eusine Wilfred Montgomery III. He was the famous mystery man who traveled the land of Johto searching for the legendary Pokemon Suicune. Eusine lived with his parents, Quentin Albert Montgomery, and his wife, Joann Johnson. He had two younger sisters, Fleur and Margaux. Quentin was a wealthy banker who was quite well-known throughout the region.

    The Montgomerys were an old money family. They had been wealthy for generations. Eusine's ancestor, Eusine Alexander Montgomery, had been the founder of a prestigious banking business in Goldenrod City that had branches in Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. His unusual name had come from a novel written long ago. The name was passed down to many of his descendants. The current head of the family was Eusine's grandfather, Eusine Wilfred Montgomery II, also known as Chip. Chip lived in Goldenrod City with his second wife, Corinthia Peabody, who was also a member of a rich family. Corinthia was a fabulous socialite and a grande dame. She was 23 years younger than her husband - only a few years older than Quentin.

    Eusine was close friends with Morty, the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City. The two of them knew each other well. Morty's father Lester worked for the Montgomerys at one point. Morty's maternal grandmother was a maid for the Montgomerys - she had served them for over two decades until she started a quilting business which she still runs today.

    Eusine, being fabulously wealthy, was quite well-liked by the ladies. And of course, Eusine was a well-known womanizer. He was always willing to charm the ladies with his silver tongue and cunning wit. He often chased women around, which meant that Morty had to keep him in check. This was awkward, since Morty was younger than Eusine. But Morty had always been very mature for his age, so maybe it wasn't so awkward. Also, Eusine could be pretty arrogant, so he kind of needed to be reprimanded by someone.

    Morty and Eusine disagreed with a lot of things. Eusine was boisterous, while Morty was usually calm. Eusine seemed to gravitate towards beautiful but shallow women, while Morty preferred women who were smart and independent. One of the big things was that Eusine was very prissy and didn't like to get dirty. But Morty enjoyed spending time outdoors.

    One afternoon, Eusine and Morty were in the gardens of Eusine's manor. We see Eusine dressed in an expensive black suit with a green tie. Morty is dressed in a light blue collared shirt, a purple tie, and khaki pants.

    "Your garden sure is exquisite," said Morty. "I love the Pokemon-shaped hedges."

    "Of course they're something to be proud of," said Eusine. "The finest gardeners in Johto clip my hedges."

    "Sure," said Morty, shrugging.

    "I met these two girls while I was at the Game Corner," said Eusine. "Their names were Jenna and Katie. They were both really nice. I asked them if we could go to the club. They said yes."

    "Two girls at once?" asked Morty. "That's not something I'd do."

    "Are you jealous?" asked Eusine. "You can come, too - if you're up to it."

    "No," said Morty. "But I would like to take you on the little trip I planned with Falkner."

    "Trip?" asked Eusine. "What trip?"

    "Oh, don't you know?" asked Morty. "Me and Falkner are going on a camping trip in three days. We're going to be to the camping resort west of Olivine City. Jasmine's thinking of coming too. I wanted to invite Brock since he's visiting Johto, but he said that he's busy. I was thinking of inviting you."

    Eusine was shocked by this.

    "Morty!" said Eusine. "I'm not a nature guy at all. Mother Nature is a cold-hearted bitch."

    "Oh, come on," said Morty. "You'll love it!"

    "Do you have a nice, comfortable home that I can sleep in?" asked Eusine. "I'm not sleeping in a tent."

    "Falkner's family owns a cabin," said Morty. "We're going there."

    "Those cabins are filled with bugs," said Eusine.

    "No they're not," said Morty.

    "Say whatever you want," said Eusine. "I'm not going."

    "Fine," said Morty. "Suit yourself."

    That night, Eusine was partying at the club. He and the girls that he invited were dancing. They were dancing to the groove of the music.

    Everything seemed to be going fine, until Eusine decided that he'd buy a drink. He walked up to the bartender and ordered a Jagerbomb. When he got it, he started drinking. But soon he noticed that there was a girl next to him. She had pink hair in girlish pigtails. She was wearing a black corset, a pink miniskirt, red fishnets, and high heels.

    "Hello," said Eusine.

    "Hey," said the girl.

    "What's your name?" asked Eusine.

    "It's me, Whitney," said the girl. "I'm the Gym Leader of Goldenrod City. You didn't know who I was?"

    "I don't visit your Gym," said Eusine.

    "Well you should," said Whitney. She let out an annoying girl giggle.

    "I like your giggle," said Eusine.

    "Thanks," said Whitney. She let out ANOTHER annoying girl giggle.

    "Yeah," said Eusine.

    "What's your name?" asked Whitney.

    "My name is Eusine Wilfred Montgomery III," said Eusine. "I am a member of a wealthy banking family. I am also the guy who was in search of Suicune two years ago. Suicune is an amazing Pokemon. So majestic, with its aquatic abilities, elegant running, and long purple hair."

    "I have a Miltank that can kill any opponent," said Whitney. "And I love jewelry, clothes, and make-up. My favorite singers are Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, and Miley Cyrus."

    Eusine wasn't interested in her music, but he did think Whitney was the type of girl that he liked.

    "I'm a real charmer," said Eusine. "I love to talk to the ladies. We should talk more often." By now, he and Whitney were holding hands in a loving way.

    "We should," said Whitney. Of course, she let out one more annoying girl giggle.

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    man, this'd freak morty


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