Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)
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Thread: Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)

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    Default Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)

    My first Shipping fic. This fic contains a lof of shippings on it, but it also contains a lot of action. You see it's Ash's last chance to become the champion, and now everything is starting to go wrong, for starters weird cloaked Trainers are appearing around the world and as soon as they appear famous Trainers dissapeared. Not just that, but Ash will have to reveal his feelings for the girl he loves, but can he do it before everything falls on him.

    Some of the ships here are shippins like: Advanceshipping, Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Twinleafshipping, Pearlshipping, Penguin Shipping.

    Love In The Area Of Battle

    Chapter 1: A Friendship Reunion

    He was getting ready for his big day, the day everything would end and the day his dream would come true. He has been travelling for year, but everything was preparing him for this the day he would finally show his strength to the world.

    Ash Ketchum, a Pokémon Trainer that has been travelling since he was ten years old. After all this time travelling around the world, Ash has finally managed to get to the final member of the Sinnoh Region Elite 4.

    Ash got up from the bed. His room was made out of cement and he was sleeping in a king size bed. Ash walked over to his dresser, he looked over at the mirror and brushed his spiky black hair, and he grabbed a tissue and cleaned his face, although the Z shape spots wouldn’t come out. He turned back to the dresser and got his cloth out of it, he yawned for a few seconds letting his bad morning breath come out. He grabbed a white shirt and put it on.

    Ash walked over to a basket nearby, his Pikachu was sound sleep in it; since it had a big day coming Ash just decided to let it sleep and started walking out of the room. It was weird, after all this time of travelling Ash would finally get his chance to battle against the champion Cynthia.

    As Ash got out from his room he started looking around the living room. A big sofa was in the middle of the room, it was overlooking a flat screen TV that was stuck in the cement wall. The kitchen was just behind the sofa, various cooking utensils were lying around, and the wooden desk was still dirty from last night’s dinner.

    Ash walked out of the house. It was a two floor white house, there was a terrace on the second floor, the floor of the terrace covered the entrance from the sun. There were various berries planted around the grass, most of them had been eaten already.

    The house was on top of a hill that looked over the sea. Ash normally sat on one of the benches he and his Pokémon made and he would just stare at the sea for hours, remembering the adventures he had in the past.

    “The wind’s pretty strong today” he said while covering his eyes from the sand that was blown from the beach cause of the wind.

    Ash was living alone in a house a few miles away from Pastoria city. After winning the Sinnoh League Ash decided to challenge the Elite 4, so he stayed in Sinnoh. His friend Dawn decided to go participate in the contests that were taking place in Hoenn; Ash didn’t wanted to stop her so he just let her go. His friend Brock did wanted to stay with him, but Ash told him that once he defeated the Elite 4 his journey would be over and that Brock would had to start a new life by himself.

    Since then Ash has lost contact with his friends and family, he’s been fighting against the Elite 4 for a four years now. You see every time Ash battles an Elite 4 member he takes a year off to train, during that year Ash has a lot of pro battles cause of him being the Sinnoh league champion, and due to all those battles his career as a Trainer is starting to take off, that’s how he got that house.

    “Well, time to get ready” Ash stretched and then he walked back inside the house. He tried to walk quiet so that the Pokémon that were sleeping around the front yard wouldn’t wake up. Ash kept six of his Pokémon in his house and the rest he used during Elite 4 battles. It took him a long time to decide his six Pokémon.

    The first one being Pikachu of course. His second Pokémon was Grotle, and then his Monferno, his fourth Pokémon was his loyal Bulbasour and his last two ere Buizel and Donphan. Ash wanted to choose Sceptile as one of his six Pokémon, but someone had to take Bulbasour’s place in protecting the Pokémon from the lab.

    Ash got up to his room and got the rest of his cloth out. He took his black pajama pants off and instantly put his blue jeans on. His black jacket with a long yellow line going on the top was left on the bed. Instead Ash got his new black long sleeve jacket out, it had a silver pokéball on the back.

    Ash walked over to a shelf nearby, he opened the top cabinet, it had all of the three hats he wore during his years of travelling; but Ash was going for the hat that was all the way back. His new hat had a combination of crimson, black and silver; it was crimson on the sides, a jet black on the front and glowing silver on the middle. “I have to be prepared for today” he said as he put the hat on.

    It wasn’t just the day he would battle Cynthia, but also the day he would see his friends again. You see Ash arranged a reunion with his mom so that she would come see him, after talking to him Ash finally agreed on letting professor Oak and the rest of his friends come to see the battle. Ash got so stressed and worried about making this perfect he even made his Pokémon dress up.

    “Everything ready?” Ash asked his Pokémon after they all got up and had breakfast. His answer didn’t come quickly; most of his Pokémon were still scratching their eyes in drowsiness.

    “Pika pi” Pikachu said and saluted Ash. The other Pokémon took a few minutes before reassuring Ash that everything was ready. Ash shook his head before letting out a small laugh.

    [COLOR=#333300][FONT=Verdana]“Come on, they’ll be here any minute, we should get ready we don’t want my mom to think this place is a pigsty” Ash paused and th
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    Default Re: Love Againts War (Multishipping, Rated PG-PG-14)

    i love multishipping fics. good start :)

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    Default Re: Love Againts War (Multishipping, Rated PG-PG-14)

    That was good, but the font is green now... I'm looking forward to some more of it.

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    Default Re: Love Againts War (Multishipping, Rated PG-PG-14)

    Seems good enough to read I hope there's good shippings in this

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    Default Re: Love Againts War (Multishipping, Rated PG-PG-14)

    Thanks you guys :)

    Profanity: Some profanity
    Sex: just a few comments about it
    Gore: None

    Over all: This chapter is rated PG-15

    Chapter 2: A Day at the Beach

    “Why do we have to go?” Ash whined. He was putting some stuff in the back of a van. A girl was helping him out, she had a short orange hair that was spiky on the front, and she was wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of yellow shorts.

    “Cause, you need to keep your mind off of the battle, and this will do it” she said and finished putting the cooler in the van. “Plus your Pokemon will get some rest too” she said while she petted Pikachu.

    “Misty’s right, you do need a break” May walked out of the house together with Drew. She was wearing a white bikini and a white bikini top, Drew was wearing a red swimsuit and some sun cream on his nose.

    “Yeah, plus we can’t just stay here for four whole days while we wait for your battle’ Drew said in an uninterested tone as he helped May into the van.

    “Why can’t we just stay here, or why can’t I just stay here I need to train after all” Ash frowned and crossed his arms as he stared at Misty.

    “Trust me, it’ll do you good to take a breather” Misty patted his shoulder and walked inside the van. “Plus, everyone else left already, so you better hurry your ass up” she frowned and got on.

    Ash sighed then he got on the driver’s seat. “Okay, okay, so we’re going to Sunyshore?” he asked, Misty nodded and then Ash drove off.

    After they got to Sunyshore Ash and Misty dropped May and Drew on the beach while they went around the beach and got some parking places. “Man, there’s a lot of people” Ash looked out of the car and stared at all the cars, Misty looked out of the other side and saw a corner near a cliff.

    “Hey, how about we park there” Misty pointed over at the cliff. “There’s no one there, and it doesn’t look so dangerous” Ash turned to look at the cliff, he hesitated for a moment but in the end he drove over there.

    “One problem Misty” Ash said once he got out of the car. He noticed the beach was at least half a mile from the cliff, Pikachu looked down at the water under the cliff and took a few steps back. “How are we getting there, it’ll be a long walk you know” Ash turned back to Misty. Misty grinned and took off her shirt o reveal her yellow bikini. This made Ash blush a little over it.

    “Easy, we jump and then swim over there” Misty raised her finger at him and winked, and then she walked over to the edge of the cliff

    “Okay” Ash nodded and took off his shirt, he was already wearing his blue swimsuit so he just walked over to the edge next to Misty.

    “One, two, three” After Misty said three both of them dove down from the cliff. Ash could feel the pressure of the air pushing him back, normally when he fell from cliffs one of his bird Pokémon would rescue him immediately, but this time he had to let himself fall. They touched the water and splashed it down.

    Ash came out of the water and spitted some of the water he had in his mouth, then he brushed his wet hair off. “Wow, that was refreshing” Ash laughed as Misty appeared next to him.

    “Told you it’ll be” Misty gave him a smile and then motioned him to follow. “Come on” she said.

    “Okay, but the beach is that way” Ash said while he followed her.

    “I know it’s just something I want to show you” she said in a playful tone as she went into a small cave that was on the side of the cliff. Ash looked at the entrance and finally decided to follow her in.

    “Wow” he said as he looked around the glowing cave, there were flashes of light that reflected the blue colored water. This place is cool, how did you know it was here?” Ash asked as he swam over to Misty.

    “The day you were suppose to have your battle I came here, I saw this cave and couldn’t resist to see it, so I came here with Azurill and we found this room” Misty smiled as she swam closer to Ash “Also I wanted you to see it, I knew you’ll like it” she said with a playful smile.

    “Really” Ash blushed a little and laughed. “Well, it’s really cool that you wanted me to see this, I guess it’s another one of your plans to get me to calm down before the battle” he looked back at Misty and noticed she was just a few inches away from him.

    “I also wanted to be with you” she said as she looked at Ash with puppy dog eyes. “With everyone else around, I can’t talk to you quietly” she looked over at the roof of the cave then at Ash. “So, how have you been this four years?”

    “I’m good, been battling a lot, I don’t really have anything else to do” Ash said as he looked away from Misty and blushed. “Guess excluding myself from everything didn’t really help much for an exciting life” he said as he looked down at the water with a sad face.

    “I know, but you are known for doing stupid decisions” Misty laughed and stuck her tongue out in a cute manner. “I’ve been good, the gym’s been busy lately, I’ve been getting a lot of challengers” she said and leaned on the rock.

    “Has there been anyone?” Ash asked with a little nervousness as he waited for what Misty would say.

    “No” Misty said in a sincere tone. “A lot of guys like me, but none of them are the one I want” she said as she swam in front of Ash.

    “Who’s the one you want?” Ash asked; again he was nervous for asking. Misty just gave him a small smile that melted Ash away as he stared into her eyes.

    “You tell me” Misty said in a soft voice. Ash stared into her eyes again as they swam closer to each other. Ash moved his head sideways and he started moving towards Misty. Their lips touched letting out a huge wave of happiness inside Ash’s body, he really didn’t thought he would ever kiss Misty or even be with her alone for such a long time. He wrapped his arms around him as the kiss went on, he didn’t wanted to stop but he started to lose oxygen so they just separated after a few more seconds.

    “Misty” Ash said softly but Misty shushed him off.

    “I know” she said as she smiled at him. The water kept glowing under them. “I know, it took long, but it’s okay that you finally showed your true feelings’ she giggled and kissed him again. “Now, let’s go” she started swimming out of the cave and Ash followed her.

    “Where the fuck are they!” Dawn yelled up at the sky. She was wearing a pink bikini and a pink top. “How much can someone take to find parking!” she yelled.

    “Come on Dawn, you can’t blame them, there’s a lot of cars there, we were lucky we parked before the whole commotion even started” Brock said while he was calming Dawn down in case she got more angry.

    “Brock’s right, plus they probably had to leave the beach and go find parking somewhere else” Tracey said after he got out of the water. “Just calm down Dawn, remember we came to have some fun” he said as he smiled at her.

    “Okay, but Drew and May disappeared too, both of them said they were going to the bathroom and” she stopped when she saw Brock and Tracey while they were laughing nervously. “Oh….what the hell, why can’t they just get a room” she said and started getting angry again.

    “You know, it’ll be more disturbing if they do get a room, at least we know where they are” Brock reassured and then shrugged the matter off.

    “Hey guys!” Ash yelled, he and Misty were waving from inside the water. “Sorry we took so long, we couldn’t find a parking space” Ash said while Brock, Tracey and Dawn swam over to them.

    “It doesn’t take an hour to find parking, plus you could’ve parked in that cliff” Dawn pointed out after she looked over at the cliff were the van was. “Which I can see you did”

    “I know, but you know…so many cars you can’t see anything” Misty said and started laughing nervously while they were trying to convinced them. “Right Ash” she asked while she turned around to look at Ash.

    “Yeah, lots of cars” Ash said in a slow tone so that he could reassured Misty’s point. The other three just looked at each other and said “aha” at the same time, but their faces were stern so it was obvious they weren’t convinced.

    “I’m just going back to the shore” Ash started swimming back to the shore of the beach.

    “Wait, so all the stuff you guys packed is still in the van right?” Brock asked as he looked over at the cliff once more. Misty got a scare look on her face and then laughed nervously and nodded.

    Once Ash got to shore he walked over to the bathroom. “Guess being in the water so much makes you go to the bathroom” he said as he walked in the front of the bathroom door.

    He saw a white bikini top hanging in the door knob. “What the hell” Ash had a weird look on his face; he knew there was something bad about this. “Hey this is” Ash stopped and looked back at the bikini.

    “What happened Ash?” Misty asked and walked over to Ash. “Is something wrong?’ she asked and looked at the bikini. “Why do you have a bikini in your hands?” she asked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

    “This isn’t mine, it’s May’s” Ash said and then he looked back at the door.

    “Wait, what are you saying that” Misty looked over at the door too. “Oh god, are you serious” she had a disgusted look on her face.

    “I know right, I mean I know they’re dating, but there’s rules” Ash threw the bikini away as he and Misty started walking away from the bathrooms.

    “What is it guys, did you ate something bad?” Dawn asked, she was looking at Misty’s and Ash’s disgusted faces after they walked back to them.

    “Let’s just say, you’re too young to know” Misty said and laid on the towel they put on the sandy floor.

    “Let me guess, Drew and May are at it right?” Dawn gave them a playful smiled and got up.

    “Wow, you didn’t even took a second to figure it out” Ash said while he got up too. “You shouldn’t even know about that” he said.

    “Oh come on, I’m not a little girl, and I sure don’t need you talking like if you were my brother or something” Dawn frowned and walked away from the two. Ash just frowned and turned back to Misty.

    “You’re really acting up to her you know” Misty got up and put her hand on Ash’s shoulder. “I know you see her as a sister, I mean you two act like brother and sister and Dawn’s three years younger which means she looks up to you like a younger sibling does to the other” she stopped for a moment. “But she’s not a kid Ash, and right now you should worry about your problems more than Dawn’s.”

    “Guess you’re right Misty, I shouldn’t have treated her like that, guess I’m just so surprised at seeing how reckless she is” Ash shrugged and started walking off.

    “Remember, you were once that reckless” Misty gave him a giggled and then gave him a wide smile. Ash smiled back and walked off.

    “Wow, what was that forty five minutes” May said as she walked out of the bathroom with Drew.

    “I think it was, but we shouldn’t do this in a beach” Drew said as he started looking around for anyone that was listening to their conversation.

    “Sorry, but I was bored” May laughed and started walking back to the spot they stayed in.

    “Wow, you guys are finally back” Misty looked over at them with a serious smile on her face as May giggled.

    “Sorry, big line to get a snack” May laughed nervously.

    “Yeah, guess you have to take your top off to get in the line ah” Misty narrowed her eyes at the two of them and then turned back to the magazine she was reading.

    “Anyways, where’s everyone else?” Drew asked looking for the rest of the group.

    “Brock and Tracey are buying some food for us, Dawn went to check out the surfers and Ash is with Pikachu checking on Dawn to see she doesn’t do anything stupid” Misty said without even looking away from her magazine, then she turned the page.

    “Why?” May asked with a weird look on her face.

    “Cause Ash is acting like the brother Dawn never had” Misty chuckled and went back into her magazine. “And I’m going to find him, got some things to talk about” she winked when she said ‘things’ and then got up and walked off.

    “We can never just have a normal day ah” May said while she passed her hand down her hair.

    “Hey surfer” Dawn waved at one of the surfers that were in the water; the surfer turned to look at her but Pikachu came out of a bush (of course Dawn didn’t saw it) and started letting sparks out, the surfer got scared and surfed off. “Why is it that they all go away?”

    Dawn turned around and saw Pikachu. “Oh I see” she grabbed the yellow rat before Pikachu could jump back into the bush. “Where is he?” she asked when she raised Pikachu up and looked into its eyes angrily.

    “I’m here” Ash got out of the bushes holding his hands up like if he was turning himself in. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay” he said.

    “Yeah, by driving every guy away, can’t I have a life” she stormed off as she lifted sand from the floor.

    “Sorry, I’m just worried” Ash said, but Dawn was already far away and couldn’t hear him. “She can be a handful sometimes” Ash and Pikachu both sighed in unision.

    “You should just calm down Ash” Misty said as she walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Dawn has her own life, you can’t interfere and in the end if you do, you’ll just get humiliated” Misty laughed and grabbed his arm. “Now, Brock and Tracey are back with the food, so let’s go eat” she started pulling Ash back to their spot.

    “Hey Ash, how about we have a Tag Battle?” Dawn asked after they were finished eating.

    “Why, I mean, isn’t this sudden?” Ash asked as he turned his gaze over to Dawn.

    “I know, but since you like getting in my business, we can make a bet, if I win you leave me alone but if I lose, I won’t fight with you every time I catch you ruining my life” Dawn nodded her head and waited for Ash’s answer.

    “Okay” Ash walked over a few meters away from them and Pikachu jumped out of his head. “Go Monferno” Ash threw his pokeball and his Monferno came out and stretched its arms.

    “Go Ambipom, Prinplup” Dawn threw both of her pokéballs and her Ambipom and Prinplup came out and looked at Ash’s Monferno and Pikachu. “Go Ambipom, use your Swift attack” Ambipom jumped up and started firing a barrage of glowing stars. “Prinplup get on the Swift and use Bubblebeam” Prinplup jumped on one of the stars and started jumping around while firing a barrage of bubbles.

    “Pikachu, use your Thunderbolt to destroy the bubbles, Monferno jump on the stars just Prinplup!” Ash yelled and his Pokémon started doing what he told them too. Pikachu let out a barrage of thunder that destroyed all of the bubbles; this opened the way for Monferno to jump on the stars till it was so close to Prinplup its fist glowed in a deep white and hit Prinplup on its left jaw, the Mach Punch sent Prinplup crashing with Ambipom.

    “Ambipom, help Prinplup with Double Hit” Ambipom ran over at Monferno, its two arms started glowing in a violet color as it hit Monferno on its stomach and sent it crashing on the floor; Ambipom leapt over to Monferno and hit it on the chin with its right arm, this sent Monferno flying in the air.

    “Now Prinplup, use your Aqua Jet” Dawn ordered as Prinplup surrounded itself with water and started flying up as it crashed with Monferno and sent it crashing back down on the floor. Monferno bounced off the floor.

    “Monferno are you okay?” Ash asked while he ran over to Monferno. The monkey Pokémon struggled to get up but in the end it stayed down. “Wow, guess you’ve been training Ambipom well ah Dawn” Ash smiled over at Dawn after he returned Monferno.

    “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to battle you for a long time” Dawn grinned and prepared for her next command. “Ambipom, Prinplup use Swift and Aqua Jet combo” Ambipom fired another barrage of stars while Prinplup surrounded itself with water again. The Swift started covering the Aqua Jet while the jet started spinning.

    “Pikachu!” Ahs yelled once her Pikachu got hit by the combo attack. “Use Thunder now” Pikachu took his chance to electrocuted Prinplup with a strong Thunder attack and Prinplup immediately stopped doing the attack. “Now, Iron Tail” Pikachu’s tail glowed white and it hit Prinplup right on the face and sent it crashing down on the floor.

    “Return Prinplup” Dawn grabbed her pokeball and let her Prinplup back in. “Go Ambipom, use Focus Punch” Ambipom’s fists glowed white and it ran over to Pikachu, it extended its leg fist and threw it down at Pikachu. Pikachu countered this with its Iron Tail as both attack crashed with each other.

    “Pikachu, finish it with Volt Tackle!” Ash yelled. Pikachu jumped out of the way and started running at Ambipom, its body go surrounded by a current of electricity, Pikachu jumped and crashed on Ambipom’s stomach. Ambipom bounced off the floor and got up a few seconds after.

    “Okay guys, stop it, we have to go back” Brock said and he pointed over at the setting sky. “We have to go back now” he said and then he and the other started packing everything up.

    “Guess we’ll have to save it for later” Ash started walking over to Misty and then turned to look at Dawn. “Sorry I was messing with you a lot” he said as he looked down on the sand.

    “Don’t worry Ash, I know you were just watching for me, I mean with May and Drew not having privacy” apparently the couple was still nearby and they both reacted to her comment, but they just stayed back. “So yeah, I forgive you” she said and smiled.

    “Thanks” Ash ran over to Misty. “Guess you were right” Ash said once he grabbed Misty’s hand. “I should just stop worrying about her right” he said and smiled.

    “Yeah” Misty smiled back and kissed him fast. “Now, you have other stuff to worry about” she giggled and they started walking back to the cliff so they could get the car down.

    “Almost there” a kid was looking down at Sunyshore city from a mountain nearby. “It must be close by, I’ll just stay here for the night and I’ll go tomorrow” he put everything down.

    He was wearing a green shirt and had a pair of red pants, he was wearing black glove and had a black straight hair, he also had brown ayes and a pair of glasses. “Prepare, cause Max is on the way” he grinned and then started packing everything out of his bag.
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    Default Re: Love Againts War (Multishipping, Rated PG-PG-14)

    That was pretty good. I liked how you handled the battle. I was actually wondering where Max was. He was one of my favorite characters, for no apparent reason.

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    Default Re: Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)

    Chapter 3: Max’s New Girlfriend

    “See, it’s their entire fault” Ash was changing the channels of the TV around. He was resting on the couch.

    “Yeah, well that’s their fault for eating all the food” Misty was looking inside the fridge to see if there was anything left. “They didn’t even left bugs there” she sighed and started walking back to the couch.

    “Well, at least we can be alone now” Ash sat up and scoop over so that Misty could sit down. “I mean, I only have two days before the battle, so this will be our last chance to be alone before that” Ash leaned his head on the back of the couch like if he was a king or something; this got a laugh from Misty.

    “Yeah” Misty grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. “So let’s make the time valuable” she said and then the two started making out.

    “There it is!” Max said while he pointed over at Ash’s house, he was just a few meters away, Max started walking over; a Munchlax was eating some donuts behind him. “I know, I can’t wait till my sister sees you Munchlax” Max laughed and then topped. The house was right in front of him.

    “Ash sure watered a lot of berries” Max said as he grabbed one of the berries that were in the garden. “Haven’t seen him in more than four years, I wonder if he’ll say something about my new height” Max started scratching his chin while laughing.

    Max walked over to the front door and rung the bell.

    “Damn it!” Ash yelled as he got up from the couch. “We don’t want anything” he slammed the door down on Max.

    “Um, Ash” Max said as he rang the bell again. Ash walked back to the door and opened it to see Max’s startled face.

    “Oh hi Max, guess you were coming” Ash opened the door completely so that Max could get in. “Why coming so suddenly?” he asked, his tone was getting a little annoyed but Max fell for it.

    “Oh hey Misty” Max waved over at Misty. She got up from the floor and straightened her shirt. “Is your shirt too big or something?” he asked looking over at her.

    “Yeah, sure” Misty laughed nervously. “May’s not here, she’s in Pastoria with Drew and Brock, if you want you can go” Misty started pushing Max over to the door.

    “Why Misty, Pastoria’s too far and Munchlax wanted to stay here” Max said as his Munchlax came in.

    “Wow, you have a Munchlax, I bet May would like to see it” Ash kneeled down and started petting the Munchlax. “Hey it’s that my berry?” he asked as he took the berry off of Munchlax’s hand.

    “Sorry, he was hungry I thought you wouldn’t mind” Max laughed nervously and returned Munchlax. “So, long time no see, how’ve you been?” Max asked and gave them an honest smile. Ash and Misty just looked at each other and then back to Max.

    *So much for being alone together* Misty thought while she was frowning.

    *I hate Max right now* Ash thought while he was faking a smile.

    “So, when are they coming back?” Max asked a few minutes later, he threw himself on the couch and changed the channel the TV was on. “I mean, they got two hours since they left right” he said.

    “Yeah, Max don’t you think you should go unpack or something” Ash laughed nervously and started pushing Max up the stairs. “You don’t want to leave your sweaty cloth sweaty” he laughed again and sighed when he turned back to Misty. “I never knew he could be so annoying” he said and sat on the couch.

    “I know, guess it’s the age, thirteen and Max has been travelling alone for three years, I bet he hasn’t even had his first girlfriend” Misty said while resting her head in her hand and looking at the TV.

    “Misty, you’re my first girlfriend” Ash reminded her with a look of discouragement.

    “I know, but you known me for years, and you travelled with me for a long time, Max hasn’t travelled with any girl for three years” Misty got up and slapped Ash in the front of his head. “That’s why; we’re getting him a girlfriend.”

    “I don’t like being a matchmaker” Ash sighed and slumped down.

    “You know, if we get him a girlfriend we’ll have more alone time, not just that but I’ll give you something special” she said in a flirty tone, this made Ash jump a few steps back as a huge grin went down his face.

    “Max, we’re going to Sunyshore, get ready cause you’re going girl hunting” Ash stormed up and a few minutes later he got down pushing a startled Max. “Come on Max, this would be good for you” he said.

    “I know, but I’m too tired, I can’t keep walking!” Max whined while he was trying to let himself go.

    “You can sleep for three days after we get back” Ash said in a rather angry tone; he really wanted to get it over with before anything stupid would happen. “I’ll even knock you out myself” he laughed.

    “Okay, I guess” Max sighed and the two of them walked out.

    “This won’t be good’ Misty took a sip off a soda can they found on the desk and change the TV channel.

    Ash and Max were walking around the streets of Sunyshore, Ash was checking out places where he could go with Max so that he might meet a girl; thing is he told Max he was gonna take him to a good place where they could battle, so Max was just following him around more than ever.

    “So, where’s this super cool battling place?” Max asked; he was really getting annoying of just walking around for two hours straight. “And how come every place you stop on is where girls hang out?” Max narrowed his eyes at Ash once he walked right next to him.

    “Um…well, you see I have to buy something on the way” Ash started laughing nervously and then kept walking with more hardness in his steps; he was getting worried that Max was already figuring his plan out. “So, what Pokémon do you have?” Ash asked while trying to create a conversation.

    “Wanna see them” Max grabbed the rest of his pokéballs as he threw them on the floor. The pokéballs let out a huge beam of white light as six more Pokémon came out. A Grovyle that was looking around the city as soon as it got up. A Poliwrath and a Rosarade, Poliwrath was hiding behind Rosarade while people passed; Rosarade was just sighing at how scared its partner was. Then there were his Gallade and Gardevoir who were holding hands as soon as they came out; the look at the others and walked over to them.

    “Wow, you got a well balanced team, and they all got their own personalities’ Ash smiled as he and Pikachu walked closer to Max’s Pokémon, Max always wanted different kinds of Pokémon while they were travelling and now most of his team is composed of Pokémon he likes.

    “Yeah, I captured a Ralts when I started, then while I was travelling around Hoenn it evolved into Kirlia and immediately got caught by another Kirlia, they liked each other so I captured it” Max shrugged as he walked over to his Pokémon. “I wanted to let Kirlia go, but she didn’t wanted to, then the other Kirlia finally decided to go with us” Max smiled and returned the couple. “And now they can’t keep themselves off of each other” he laughed.

    “Well, if he loved her that much, then I guess it was okay, you always do the craziest things for the one you love Max” Ash stated as he looked over at the sky; he kind of knew how Max’s Pokémon felt now, if only Max was smart enough to leave them alone.

    “You know Ash, forget about your secret place” Max said and then he grabbed Munchlax. “It may be heavy, but it is strong, so how about a battle?” Max asked before he fell down cause of Munchlax’s weight. “Three on three?” he asked.

    “Yeah” Ash nodded; good thing he always carried Pikachu with him, and two pokéballs just in case something might happen. “The one that wins two out of three wins, are you okay with that?” Ash asked, Pikachu ran over next to him and started letting sparks out of its red cheeks.

    “Munchlax, stand guard!” Max yelled and Munchlax formed in front of him; it yawned and sat down. “If you win I promise I’ll give you some food” Max said in a sweet voice and Munchlax got up immediately, it started throwing punches in the air like a boxer.

    “Well guess you know how to get it inspired” Ash took his battle stand together with Pikachu. “Go Pikachu, hit that Munchlax with a Thunderbolt” Pikachu charged a lot of energy inside its cheeks and then fired a barrage of lightning at Munchlax; Munchlax just took the attack without even flinching by the slightest. “What the hell just happened?” Ash stared at the Munchlax in amazement; he couldn’t understand how a Munchlax that was obviously weaker than his Pikachu, considering the battling experience too.

    “I’ve been training Munchlax a lot, as you know I’m a huge fan of defense and since a Munchlax comes packed up with a lot of attack power, it’s obvious that with a good defense training this little critter can become a lean mean fighting machine” Max leaned down and started petting Munchlax. “Plus it likes the food too” Max laughed and walked back to his spot. “Go Munchlax, Focus Punch” Max threw his fists around in a punching like motion as Munchlax started doing the same. Its fist started glowing in a bluish white color as it jumped and punched Pikachu on its chest.

    “Pikachu, use Iron Tail now!” Ash yelled as Pikachu’s tail started glowing in a deep white color; before Pikachu’s Iron Tail was really normal, but now it was glowing brightly and leaving a power so strong it repelled energy. Pikachu started running; Munchlax’s fist started glowing in a deep pearl white color as it started attacking with its Dynamic Punch. Both attacks crashed and let out a huge current of power, Ash started clenching his fist the more the crash lasted. “NOW” he yelled and Pikachu flipped over and hit Munchlax with the back of its tail sending it crashing with the floor.

    “Munchlax are you okay?” Max ran over to Munchlax as he turned it around. Munchlax smiled at Max and then put its hand in Max’s pocket and got a bag of chips out. “Hey that’s not for you!” Max yelled in an angry tone as he swapped the bag of chips for a celery stick. “You can have this, you need to start a diet.”

    “You did it Pikachu” Pikachu ran over to Ash and climbed on top of his head. “That was a great battle Max, I never thought you’ll be that good in such a short time” Ash had an impressed face and walked over to Max.

    “Well I’ve trained a lot in the last four years, I’ve travelled around Hoenn and Kanto, defeated Trainers and Gymleaders and battled a lot of Pokémon” Max stopped scratching his chin as he turned around to look at a store nearby. He saw a girl coming out. She had a long pink hair that was tied as two ponytails; one was longer than the other though.

    She wore a white shirt with short sleeves and she was wearing kind of a purplish pink skirt, she was wearing a pair of purple slippers. “Who’s that?” Max asked losing all focused he had on Ash as he turned to look at the thirteen year old girl that had just came out.

    Ash turned around to look at the girl, happy that he had finally found what he wanted. “Oh damn!!!” he yelled as he saw who she was. “Max run before she sees you” Ash grabbed Max’s hand but as he tried to pull him, he noticed Max was practically glued to the floor.

    Ash took a few seconds before smiling and nodding his head at Max. Even though he only wanted him to find someone so that he could leave him and Misty alone; he understood how he felt as of right now, and he should help him out instead of just getting rid of him.

    “Ash, can you help me out” Max asked turning around to look at Ash. “Please???” he begged as he got down on his knees.

    Ash just stared at him with a confused look before answering. “I was gonna help you anyways, but now that you did that, some of that has disappeared” he said helping Max get up.

    “Still who is she?” Max asked after getting desperate with hearing Ash’s answer. Ash scratched his ear and got ready to answer his question.

    “I don’t remember well, last time I saw her was four years ago, but what I can remember is that her name’s Mira” Ash nodded his head staring down at Max, who reminded Ash how tall he’s gotten in this last four years.

    “Why do you talk like she’s a pain in the ass?” Max asked raising and eyebrow. “Did something happened?

    “Technically, she’s not a bad person but she can trick people really well let me tell you that” Ash said remembering the last time he met her, she teleported them to a flooded city instead of Hearthrome where she has promised she would teleport him, Brock and Dawn. She finally did do what she promised just after Ash and his friends recovered a Sandshrew that was trapped in the city.

    Max started following Mira around; Ash right behind his tail checking on him often to make sure he was okay; he didn’t want May making a fuss about him losing her little brother in a big city.

    Max was looking at Mira from over a store; he was hiding on the side of the store looking at her while she was staring at the sea. He started walking ahead to Mira, feeling the Goosebumps in his arms and legs with each step he took.

    “Um….hello….I’ve been watching you from over there” he started stuttering till he noticed that what he just said wasn’t exactly, something you wanted to say to a girl. *Oh get a grip Max, and rephrase that* he thought with an alarmed look.

    Mira turned around as she looked at him. “Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you” she chuckled. “I was focusing on the view” she said letting the wind blow her long ponytail around.

    “Oh, well my name’s Max, and I saw you while walking over here and” Max blushed a deep red color and looked away from her. “I wanted to know what your name was, I mean you look kinda cute.”

    “Really thanks” Mira walked over to Max. “Is that all, I have to do something right now” she said looking at her watch. Max felt his spirit shattered, he just tried his best to bust a move and now, well, now his move got turned into crap.

    “Oh man” Ash said feeling sorry for Max, he really tried to do his best, but in the end Max wasn’t able to even get Mira to notice him. “Let’s go Pikachu” Ash and Pikachu ran over to Max and Ash put him on his back and started walking back. “Let’s go back to the condo” he said as he let his Staraptor out and got up. Staraptor took off and flew deep into the sky.

    “Max, dinner’s ready” May knocked on the door to the third guest room where Max, Drew and Brock were staying, although right now the only one in there was Max. May sighed. “Oh Max” she shook her head and started coming down.

    “How is he?” Dawn asked after she saw May coming down from the second floor. May just sighed and started helping Brock serving dinner.

    “He’s still locked up, Ash seriously you just left him do what he wanted, with no advise?” May asked with a fuming face as she looked down at the eighteen year old. Ash was on the sofa next to his mom and Gary as he looked down in embarrassment.

    “Sorry, but you know I’m not good with girls myself, what advice could’ve I give him?” he asked her looking straight into her eyes.

    “You could’ve at least introduced him instead of letting him go talk to Mira alone” Dawn yelled as she got up. “See what it caused, now Max’s feelings are hurt and he’s locked up, thanks to you Ash” she pointed her index finger at Ash her face getting as red with fury as May’s.

    “Now guys calm down” Drew said looking over at the TV, even though he looked like he didn’t cared he at least turned around to look at them. “Max is thirteen years old right?” he asked them.

    Everyone nodded so Drew kept going. “This kinds of things happen, it isn’t good to get yourself locked up, but if it doest he job then it doesn’t matter” he looked up at the roof. “Now, he’ll move on eventually, and not just with Mira with every girl that doesn’t accepts him, he’s still young enough” he got up and walked over to the desk. “Now let’s forget about this crap and start eating.” He helped May sit down and the rest of them sat down eventually; except for Ash who had to eat on the kitchen counter.

    Ash was sleeping on the sofa, another part of his punishment for not helping Max out. “Man, why do I gotta get blamed for everything” he whined while turning sideways on the sofa. Ash heard footsteps from above and got up from the sofa to see who it was.

    “You’re still awake Ash?” Max asked as he came down. Ash got up upright and turned on a light as he saw Max in his pajamas with a sleepy look on his face.

    “Max what the hell, why did you locked yourself up?” Ash asked; not even Max a chance to explain his own reasons. Max stopped him.

    “I’m sorry, guess I got a little carried away, I haven’t had any luck with girls lately you see” Max sat down on the sofa sighing. “I met this girl while I was travelling in Kanto, I really liked her, but…” he stopped making the eighteen year old teenager eager to hear the rest.

    “BUT what? Hell man tell me!” Ash demanded shaking Max around.

    “We were going on different paths, she was a Coordinator, I was a Trainer, and the city we were on had both a Contest and a Gym” Max stopped for a moment stretching his arms. “Once the Contest and my Gym Battle was over, we parted. I really thought we could be together you know, my first girlfriend and all, but no luck I guess” Max shrugged.

    “I get it” Ash nodded. “I really can’t relate much, I have liked some girls in this past four years, and you know, when you’re a famous Trainer, girls kinda focus on you a bit more” Ash chuckled trying not to show off so much; it didn’t work.

    “Wow, you’ve sure change” Max said rolling his eyes at him.

    “That’s part of growing up, after all I’m eighteen now, not thirteen” Ash said considering it was the last time he saw Max; in person at least. “You know what I noticed, when we were in the Battle Frontier, I was thirteen, the same age you are now” Ash laughed making the connections.

    “Thanks for trying to make me feel better” Max got up. “Now let’s go, you have one more day of resting before the great battle with Cynthia, better get your rest” Max smiled and walked back up.

    Ash sighed. It took him a few more minutes before he finally figured it out. “Hey, what the hell! If Max’s okay why do I have to keep sleeping in the couch” he said. While he was rambling around he stepped on Pikachu’s tail making the yellow rat shock him till he was well done, in the end Ash just ended up falling on the floor.

    Two days later, everyone was getting ready. Ash got up from bed the sheet tied around his waist so that it could cover his waist and down. He opened the door to the closet and changed.

    “You ready” Misty asked after she got up the bed and changed. “Today’s the big day, Mr. Champ” she giggled walking over to Ash.

    “Yeah, I can win this” he said opening a shelf nearby, it had a pair of jet black fingerless gloves. He put the gloves up tightening their grip. He grabbed his black and silver jacket and his white shirt. He decided to leave his black and silver cap behind though.

    Mist put her arms around Ash and laid her head on his back. “Just remember, we’re all on your side Ash, no matter what you choose, we’ll be with you and watching you all the time” she said and started walking out of the room. “Now come down, you need to have a good breakfast.”

    “Ready Ash” Gary said as soon as he saw Ash coming down. He handed him his belt with all of his pokéballs on it. “I spent the whole night deciding which Pokémon you should use, I analyzed your Sinnoh team, and the rest of your Pokémon and came up with a combination that would increase your chances.” He said.

    “Thanks Gary” Ash grabbed the belt and put it on. “What Pokémon did you chose?” Ash asked him.

    “Well, you’ll need a varied team, of course Pikachu” Gary pointed at the cheerful yellow rat that was eating some of Dawn’s poffins together with her Buneary. “Charizard for your fire and dragon attacks, Infernape with its fire and fighting. Then Staraptor for an areal battle, then Sceptile for grass attacks, and last but not least Gliscor” Gary nodded his head turning to Ash.

    “Why Gliscor?” Ash asked with a confused look.

    “Cause it can use ghost and dark attacks, which are super effective against ghost, and Cynthia has a ghost Pokémon according to rumors, that makes Gliscor a good choice” he nodded again and turned around.

    “Hey guys come on!” May and Max yelled in unision, since everyone else was already out waiting for them.

    “What about breakfast?” Ash whined staring at his friends.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll buy something before the battle” Brock said motioning Ash and Gary to go out.

    “Pikachu” Ash said as Pikachu jumped on his shoulder smiling at its Trainer. “Ready old friend, cause today we’ll become champions” he clenched his fist staring into the sky with determination.

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    Default Re: Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)

    Chapter 4: The Goal Is Near

    Ash looked out of the car, he could see at least a million cars all gathered around the Sunyshore City stadium. This sent a shiver down his spine as he felt himself getting heavier with nervousness. It was here, the day he’s been waiting for, and even though he felt happy for himself he couldn’t help but feel; a little bad for it.

    After this, what was next, once he defeated Cynthia he would be champion, but what would he do after that; he wouldn’t have any need to travel and let’s face it, he’s not the smartest guy in the world, even if he went back to school, he would stink at it.

    “Guess this is it? Ah Pikachu?” Ash asked turning sideways to look at Pikachu, the rat was just smiling at how much people there were. “Glad you’re happy buddy” Ash smiled.

    “Come on Ash, cheer up” Misty said from the front seat turning to look into her boyfriend’s eyes. “You’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life, if there’s something you’re ready for, that’s this” Misty turn to the right so that she could look at Brock. “Right?” she asked him.

    “Misty’s right, ever since we met you eight years ago, you were always talking about this, well it’s time to make your dream come true” Brock look out of the window losing all focused as he saw all the cute girls that were gathered. “And if you can say that I thought you all you know once you win, I won’t feel bad about it” Brock laughed.

    Ash narrowed his eyes at Brock. “You just say that cause you want girls all over you, you pig” Ash glared at Brock which made in sink back into his seat.

    Ash looked out of the window, gasping as he saw the huge stadium in front of his face. A round silver looking stadium, it had the symbol of a pokeball on it. “Wow, it’s huge” Ash yelled with a huge smile on his face.

    “Wait, you’ve never fought here?” Misty asked shocked, considering that Ash lived close to Sunyshore for four years. “But what about all those Elite 4 battles?”

    “They were all in different parts of Sinnoh, and the rest of the pro battles too, this would be my first battle in the Sunyshore Stadium” he got off the car. “Now, let’s go find the others”

    “Ash, you’re in the middle of the street” Brock pointed at all the cars that were honking at Ash. Ash laughed nervously and got back on the car as the trio started driving over to the contestant’s parking lot.

    “About time” Max said with an inpatient tone after he saw Ash, Brock and Misty get off the car. “We’ve been waiting for twenty minutes, twenty minutes of incessant waiting!” he yelled pulling his hairs. May walked up to him and murmured something on his ear.

    “Sorry Max, but, there was a lot of traffic, and Mr. Champion here almost caused a major car crash” Misty glared at Ash who just laughed nervously.

    “Anyways” May interrupted the conversation. “Professor Oak is looking for you, mostly to, you know, wish you good luck” May shrugged and then saw Ash’s nod.

    “Thanks May, anyways, you guys go ahead, I’ll see you before the battle” Ash waved at his friends and ran into the stadium.

    Ash was walking down the stadium, occasionally dodging the crowds of reporters that wanted to talk to him; which was a lot, after all he was battling against the champion, either winning or losing would be a great story for the paper, although how the story is gonna affect Ash, that depends on him.

    “Hey professor” Ash waved over at the sixty year old scientist that was talking to some of the reporters. Oak started walking over to Ash, he as being followed by none other than Professor Rowan. Rowan looked around Oak’s age. He was wearing an aqua blue vest; with a white long sleeve undershirt. Rowan had a short white hair, with a white mustache and a serious smile that wouldn’t leave his face.

    “Hello Ash” Rowan said nodding his head at Ash. “I have to say, you’re a really bright young mane if you’ve made it all the way here, especially since it’s only being eight years since you started” Rowan scratched his mustache as he looked down at Ash.

    “Rowan’s right, a lot of people thought you’ll lose against Lucian, but you proved them wrong” Oak started laughing and patted Ash’s back. “Now, I called you over here, cause I wanted to ask if you’ve been using your Pokedex lately?”

    “Oh, the Pokedex” Ash took out the rectangle looking device, it was in a shade of red, it had a pokeball on the middle and it seemed to have two screen once you opened it. “What about it professor?” Ash asked him.

    “Well, you see, there’s an upgrade of the Pokedex is called and Journey Recorder” Oak said as he grabbed the device from Ash’s hands. “I assumed you heard of a Battle Recorder” Ash nodded waiting for the professor to keep going.

    “Well, this is kinda like that, once I upgrade this, you’ll be able to see all of your adventures around this last eight years, it’ll be saved into the Pokedex once it senses your touch” Oak put the Pokedex on his pocket.

    Ash started to turn around when Oak stopped him. “Also, I assume you’ve already destroyed the team Gary gave you?” Oak narrowed his eyes at the surprised Ash.

    “I appreciate what Gary did, you know we’ve both come a long way since we started, I mean before we couldn’t even get along, and now he even bothered to help me with this’ Ash looked down on the floor and smiled. “But, I like to live on the edge, and I know Gary would like me to use the team he prepared, but this is my battle” Ash turned around clenching his fist with determination. “I’ll fight it my way.” He smiled with confidence at the old professor.

    “I wouldn’t expect anything else from you Ash” Oak smiled warmly and nodded. “I still remember when you came to my lab eight years ago, you weren’t even dressed right, and I don’t think you even showered that day, I thought you were crazy back then, but you proved me wrong. You come a long way and you showed a lot of people that said you couldn’t get far that they’re wrong” Oak extended his hand to reveal a pokeball. “It’s a little gift from me Ash, use it if you like” Oak said as Ash grabbed the pokeball.

    “Thanks professor” Ash nodded and started walking off. “I won’t disappoint you” he said and started running.

    “Okay Pikachu, let’s go talk to the others and get ready” Ash said keeping his head in front. He saw someone walking out of the hall nearby. “Oh no!” he yelled as he crashed taking the person down to the ground.

    “Hey, what was that for!” Ash gasped after remembering who he was. He was wearing a white shirt sleeve shirt with orange stripes, he had pearl color eyes, he had a long blonde hair that was raised up and wore a pair of green pants with brown shoes, and he also had a green scarf around his neck.

    “Hey you’re, Barry!” Ash yelled getting up totally forgetting to help Barry up after he was the one that crashed with him. Barry patted his head and glared at Ash.

    “Oh I thought I’ll see you, this being your battle and all” Barry looked away. “Don’t get any ideas, I just came here cause I wanted to see Cynthia pound you to a pulp” he looked at his poketch which he wore on his left hand. “I’m fining you 10,000, you have ten seconds to pay me” Ash frowned as Barry started counting. “10,9,8,7…I think I need to go pee” Barry stopped and started running out.

    “Wow…” Ash said while keeping his mouth opened.

    “Hey, that’s more than ten seconds” Barry remembered after looking at his poketch again. He turned around. “You’re lucky I forgot about it, or you’ll be kneeling while throwing money at me right now” he said with a glared.

    “Okay, did you just came to act stupid” Ash glared at him back; he finally noticed that after four years, he and Barry were finally of the same height, before Barry was much taller than Ash; but now they were eye to eye with each other.

    “No” Barry’s tone of voice started to calm down a little. “I came to give you advice man, Cynthia is not someone to be taken lightly” he said nodding his head. “Her strategy is balanced, she can fight with a fire type and then switch to a water type in less than a second, and as you may have heard she still has one secret Pokemon up her sleeve” Barry patted Ash’s shoulder.

    “I only know one person that has managed to defeat Cynthia”

    “Who?” Ash asked with a confused look.

    “My friend from Twinleaf, he defeated Cynthia a few years ago, but trust me, he didn’t do it easily, and he’s also the only one to have seen Cynthia’s strong team” Barry said raising his finger. “You see, Cynthia has a lot of battle teams, but there’s one that’s her star team, that’s the one my friend battled with, and hope that she doesn’t has that one planned for you”

    “What’s your friend’s name?” Ash asked him after Barry finished explaining about Cynthia’s teams.

    “Lucas, Lucas Diamond” Barry said astounding Ash after he heard the name.

    “Lucas Diamond, I heard about him like three years ago, he defeated Cynthia around the time I defeated the Pokemon League” Ash’s face fell open after he remembered the new broadcast on the rookie trainer from Twinleaf, a trainer that took the Sinnoh Elite 4 all in just one week; a trainer to be feared by anyone, especially Ash.

    “I see, so you know Lucas Diamond, and he’s one of the few that has managed to defeat Cynthia” Ash clenched his fist. “Well, I’ll be on that list today” he smiled and started running. “See you later” he said as he ran off.

    “Looks like he won’t be coming to see us” Dawn said looking down at her watch, it was only ten minutes till Ash’s battle started, and thirty minutes after he promised he would see them.

    “Well, he has to get ready, and he’ll see us after the battle, don’t worry” Tracey said motioning Dawn to walk to the stands with the others.

    “Tracey’s right” Gary nodded he was leaning on a wall. “He needs to be both physically and psychologically focused if he wants to win. “It won’t be an easy task, but he’ll manage” Gary shrugged.

    “Maybe I’ll feel better with a poem” Dawn said smiling over at Gary.

    “How many times do I have to tell you?” Gary yelled. “I suck at poetry!”

    “I know, just teasing “she giggled and started walking to the stands. She saw Delia and the others talking after they were seating down on their seats. “Are you happy Mrs. Ketchum?” Dawn asked her after walked up to the seat next to her.

    “Yeah, my son’s going to be battling the champion of the Sinnoh region, of course I’m proud of him, but a lot” she said wiping tears of happiness away from her face. “But I have to hold on, but no matter if he loses I’ll still feel proud for my little boy”

    “Yeah, we’re all proud of Ash right now” May said smiling after she saw all the people in the stadium, cheering for either Ash or Cynthia. “I bet he’s feeling pumped up right now, having so many people he knows and don’t know cheer him on” she turned to Misty. “What about you?”

    “I’ll be fine, I’ve been with Ash ever since the day he started, and even if he loses, I still believe he can get up and fight again” Misty clenched his fist smiling over at the battle field. “He’ll win for sure” she said.

    “This is it ah?” Ash asked Pikachu as the two started walking through the closed hall that took straight to the battle field. The strong sunlight covering his eyes, he could barely see what was happening, but he could hear the thundering from the crowd; his stomach churned as he thought of the fact that he would be fighting in front of at least ten thousand people.

    *It all comes down to here, the battle of my life* Ash thought with a serious look on his face as he walked out of the hall. He saw all of the people cheering for him, the field right in front of him, a metallic fence separating the crowd and the field

    As he walked into the field. He saw the big green looking field; it had a pokeball in the middle of it. A big screen TV overlooking the crowd, he could see his own picture on it. “Looks like we’ll be watch very well”

    Ash walked up the stairs and saw the referee in the middle of the field waiting for the contestants. “Where’s Cynthia.” As soon as he said that someone came out from the other side. She was a woman around her twenties or so, she was wearing a black long sleeve robe with black jeans, she had a black ribbon around her long blonde hair and she wore a black cape.

    “Hey Ash, I was expecting to see you here soon” Cynthia nodded after she saw Ash. Ash started walking to the middle of the field.

    “Me too, I’m honored to have the chance to battle you Cynthia, I’m gonna give it my all” he said as the two shook hands.

    “Just remember, no matter what happens, remember to have fun, and treat your Pokemon right okay” Cynthia let go of Ash’s hand and Ash started walking back to his side of the field. He felt a little nervous and a little confident to be battling against Cynthia. While he was travelling through Sinnoh she helped him so much, and now it was time for him to show what he learned from her after all this time.

    “Now, this will be a six on six battle, each trainer will use one Pokemon, if a Pokemon is unable to fight he will be out of the battle, after one trainer loses all of his Pokemon, he will lose” the referee stopped for a moment. “The winner of this battle will either become” he pointed at Ash. “Or keep the title of champion” he pointed at Cynthia. “Now” he raised a red flag and a green flag. “START” he yelled waving the flags down.

    Ash grabbed one of the pokeballs he had on his belt as he pressed the small metallic button in the middle, this made the ball enlarge. “I choose you, Grotle” Ash threw the pokeball into the field letting Grotle out. Grotle looked over at Cynthia a serious look crossed its face.

    “So you’re starting with Grotle eh?” Cynthia raised an eyebrow. “Then, I’ll use this, go Rosarade” she threw her own pokeball and her Rosarade came out extending its arms. It looked like a big flower, with a white petal on its head, a mask around its face that combined with its green body, it had a red flower on its right arm and a blue one of its left. “I hope you’re ready to battle against me Ash?”

    “Two words” Ash said assuming his battle stand. “Hell yeah!” he yelled throwing his hand up front. “Grotle now, use Tackle” Grotle started running towards Rosarade raising its head.

    “Rosarade, use your Magical Leaf” Rosarade raised its arms and some of the petals came off. The petals started glowing green and they flew towards Grotle making small cuts around its body as the tortoise Pokemon stopped itself from moving off its spot. “I don’t need to have a type advantage to beat you Ash, although it’ll be really easy” Cynthia grinned.

    “I know, I don’t need type advantage to beat you either, cause I got an ace on my sleeve” Ash raised his hand. “Prepare to feel the ground shake, go Earthquake!” Ash yelled at the top of his voices as Grotle started sending waves of energy through the ground; making the whole stadium grabbed their seats to make sure not to fall off.

    Rosarade got hit by the Earthquake, but before it crashed it flipped in the air and landed safely on the floor.

    “This may be harder than we thought” May said after seeing the battle.

    “Yeah, well he’s do it, he just will” Max said with a look of determination, he’s been seeing Ash as his hero since he was young, and he still saw him as someone that could reach the top of the world.

    “That’s the spirit” Brock said smiling at Max. “Ash just has to focus, even if this attack didn’t work the next one will”

    “Okay then Grotle, time to show the world, what we have, what we’ve been waiting for, do it!!!” he yelled as Grotle got surrounded by a deep white light as it body started growing and changing from.

    “It’s evolving, you were planning for this weren’t you” Cynthia grinned after seeing Grotle evolved.

    “Yep, just for this battle” Ash adjusted his glove looking at the Torterra that was in Grotle’s place. It looked like a giant turtle with a tree and a mountain on its back, it had four brown legs and a big green head with a brown mouth and a black nose, it also had a green looking field of grass that looked like a plain of grass. “Torterra, trying to use the attack you couldn’t use as a Grotle” Ash said looking over at Cynthia.

    “Don’t tell me” Cynthia gasped.

    “That’s right, he knew it, he just couldn’t use it” Ash clenched his fist. “Go Torterra, use Frenzy Plant!!” Ash yelled. Torterra summoned a group of grey spiked plants and the plants started flying towards Rosarade, ready to pierce through the flower looking Pokemon. *I’m sure this’ll work* he thought.

    To Be Continued…

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    Default Re: Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)

    I like how you did the battles, and it is very well written. I like the Max's girlfriend chapter the best haha.

    Coming Soon...


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