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    When your power is being abused by those who don’t appreciate you, what do you do?

    “Here we stand where just moments ago fire fighters struggled to put out this home. The flames have been conquered finally, but the tragedy is not over.”

    A shot of a weeping mother being consoled by firefighters flashed across the screen.

    “One child was caught in the blaze and didn’t make it out. His charred body is being moved to the morgue. What’s even odder, though, is that firefighters also found the burnt body of a Wortortle just beside the child. It’s not often that you find a water pokemon overcome by fire, which makes this truly a devastating event.”

    Professor Saiko shut the projector off with the remote in his hand. “What we theorized has begun to come true.” A round table panel of distinguished scientists from each region of the world had gathered to discuss emerging pokemon evolution patterns.

    Four years ago, Professor Saiko and three of his peers had come across a wild pokemon in the bush just outside of his office that had both characteristics of its pre-evolved form and its evolved form. The years after this pokemon’s capture and discovery were devoted to intensive research of its genome for irregularities that could be isolated and identified as the causing agents for the mutation.

    At the same time as that peculiar pokemon was discovered, the Pokemon Genome Project (PGP) was completed in Orre. The evolution gene had been discovered in all pokemon DNA: A single chain of genes that remained the same from sample to sample species no matter how different. Removing the gene from a few test pokemon rendered them unable to evolve even when trained extensively. Thus, it was dubbed the “e-gene”. These e-gene-less pokemon healed slower, lived shorter lives, and were overall less resilient creatures than pokemon of normal health. In the following years, the e-gene was manipulated countless times and in countless ways to produce genetically enhanced pokemon. None of the new combinations resulted in anything but either failure of the gene all together or the test pokemon’s death.

    Now, three years after the e-gene’s discovery, stories of half-evolved pokemon started to emerge more and more frequently. It was obvious from these natural occurrences that the e-gene could be manipulated successfully and the first to resume experimentation with the gene was Professor Saiko.


    four years earlier

    “This is your last chance, Chewy. Make me proud, and use Thundershock!” An eager trainer stood over his Pikachu as the yellow rat stared down an opponent on the other side of the made-for-battling sandbox. A small crowd had gathered to watch these two eager young trainers battle it out for pride, honor, and respect amongst other Pokemon trainers. The consequences of this battle may have been small in some more experienced trainers’ eyes, but to these two starting trainers, there was not much more important in the world right now. Each had wagered a considerable amount of money and neither could afford to lose. The red-headed trainer with the Pikachu wore a dark blue shirt with a red-and-white sphere in the center of it; it wasn’t quite a Pokeball, more an imitation of a brand-name shirt.

    “Alright Marill, use Defense Curl!” The small blue ball of water-infused Pokemon flesh curled up and began to glow a green color as its defensive abilities rose. Pikachu just stood there, slightly embarrassed. Billy shouted at his Pikachu once again.

    “Chewy, I said use Thundershock!” Resolving that complete inaction was the worst possible choice, Billy’s Pokemon charged the Marill with a full-force tackle attack.

    “Marill, dodge it!” Marill’s female trainer exhorted. Lucy was a beginning trainer just like Billy. She sported a full and flowing head of velvet-hued hair and a skin tone slightly tanned. Exactly one month before, they had both been given Pokemon to begin their journey, and both of them had grown considerably in strength.

    Chewy landed face first in the sand as Marill had dodged his valiant effort at a tackle. Billy looked at his Pokemon exasperatedly. “What are you doing?! I said Thundershock!” The Pikachu got up and looked back at its trainer with the most pitiful expression.

    “Marill, use Water Gun!” Lucy’s Marill shot forth a stream of water that scored a direct hit on Billy’s Pikachu. Chewy fainted. The crowd clapped for a moment and then was hushed.

    “What is your problem?! You have to be the worst electric type…EVER! Why can’t you use Thundershock?! You’re a Pikachu for cryin’ out loud! Dammit!” Billy looked down at his unconscious Pokemon.

    “Billy, don’t be so hard on Chewy. He needs a good rest. Put him back in his Pokeball.” Lucy was awfully sympathetic to their condition now. Billy handed her his money and told her to leave. Having no purpose for being there anymore, she began to walk away and the crowd also began to disperse throughout the rest of the battle park. “I hope I see you and Chewy again sometime, Billy.” She disappeared into the distance as she said this.

    “You’ll see one of us for sure.” Billy walked away and left his unconscious Pikachu lying in the sand, abandoned.

    -*-*-*-*-*-current time

    11:04 PM, Weather Institute, Independent Laboratory

    Currently, Professor Saiko was on the verge of perfecting his code-named Omnistone: A means of pokemon evolution that worked by causing a pokemon’s e-gene to be excited with a large burst of energy.

    “It’s just what we need to stop this inexplicable plague of mis-evolution.” Saving the schematics for the stone on his work station computer’s hard drive, Professor Saiko handled the stone itself in the palm of his hands. It had been so simply created, but it took his innovative mind to deduce the right combination of radioactive poke-elements and their concentrations. One thing was left to do, though: Give it the activation energy.

    * * *

    Chris was still awake in Foretree, and now the lightning wouldn’t allow him to go to sleep.

    Looks like I’ll be waiting another year before I’ll be able to get a Pokemon to train with. Too irresponsible, they say. I say, it takes some responsibility to keep up all ‘D’s throughout the entire year! Who am I kidding; I don’t deserve to do anything like train Pokemon and compete in tournaments. I’ll just…I’ll just…I’ll just work at, ah I don’t know. All I can think about is Pokemon…

    The worrisome thoughts that pervaded his mind tired him, and allowed him to rest even in the midst of the thunderous storm outside.


    “Hey. Hey, buddy,” were the words that he faintly was aware that he was hearing. “Chris!” his brother Charlie finally shouted.

    “Huh?” Chris opened his eyes slowly, annoyed. It was summer vacation and, during summer vacation, it was absolutely against all codes of decency and consideration to wake a student at seven o’ clock in the morning.

    “Charlie? What are you doing?”

    “Chris, you have to get up. Dad never came home from work last night, so I came over to make sure you were okay. You’re gonna have to come over until he gets back.”

    He didn’t know it yet, but that day marked the beginning of his journey; a journey more important than most others combined. The days slowly and sluggishly moved past, and no word was heard from Chris’ father. Two days had passed and an investigation called.

    “I need to go help.” Over a bowl of cereal with his brother, Chris’ determination had spiked. He now looked resolutely across the table at Charlie, who had seemingly not heard his comment at all.

    “What’s this about?” Charlie questioned as his focus stayed fixed on the bowl of Froot Loops in front of him.

    “I want to help them find my father,” he restated.

    “Kid, you can’t really do anything right now. We just need to wait for the proper authorities to handle the situation.” With this, Charlie got up from the kitchen table and grabbed his keys from the counter.

    “But Charlie! I can’t just sit here and enjoy my summer while dad’s missing!”

    Charlie turned his head back to face his little brother. Chris was now standing up, milk mustache covering his top lip, caught in the peach fuzz that was his mustache like leaves caught in the bars of a street drain. “Listen, if you wanna help someone, why don’t you do the dishes for me? I mean, you’re not gonna be payin’ any rent, I wouldn’t guess, so it’s really the least you could do.”

    As soon as his brother left, though, Chris headed out to the Pokemon Allotment Center.

    * * *

    “Kid, the season for starting journeys is passed. I can’t give you a pokemon now.”

    “Season?! That sounds like b.s. Just give me a pokemon. My father is Professor Saiko!”

    The patrons of the Pokemon Allotment Center now changed from sly, haphazard eavesdropping to all-out, conspicuous curiosity. Saiko’s kid not being allowed a pokemon? What would be the outcome of this?

    “Saiko’s kid, huh? Well, there’s still no special treatment, kid. Sorry about your dad having been kidnapped, though.”

    “Don’t you understand?! It’s almost impossible to travel out here without one of those critters. Impossible times a million if you’re on a mission, too! You have to help me.”

    “Not really.”

    “Ugh!” Chris marched towards the door, indignant but resolute. “No matter, I will find him otherwise.”

    “Good luck.”

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    I'm not really a huge fan of journey fics, but yours piqued my interest because the journey started not as a pokemon journey but as a crime investigation. Cool. Having just finished a story about a debilitating problem with pokemon, I say I like where this is going. And your imagery was good too, especially the lip-milk stuff. Keep up the story...
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    Thank you so much for reading and replying. I really am very excited about where this story is headed, and I hope you'll stick around and get excited about this story, too! Here's the next chapter. While not the most eventful or lengthy, necessary. It's not even three pages, so please read. The coming chapters will be much more exciting, but i promise this will always be an easy-read. None of my chapters thus far have exceeded 5 pages.


    I am 15 years old, and there is no reason that I shouldn’t already be on my journey, making a name for myself in tournaments. Chris was trudging his way through thick forest greenery as he made his slow-but-steady escape from Foretree. He had passed the sign that said “WARNING: NOT FOR HIKERS WITHOUT POKEMON” without a second thought, and had not been attacked yet. Even though he did not have his own Pokemon, he did have some protection; firecrackers. If a wild Pokemon got too close, he’d just throw one down to the ground and let the crackling noise frighten the Pokemon.

    * * *

    “What do you want from us?” a voice questioned from the shadows. Chewy stood up, nervous but determined, and answered.

    “I want you to make me quick like yourselves. I want you to train me in the ways of your stealth.” He was in a cleared patch of the forest with trees surrounding the area, creating a type of leafy dome. From the dome, leapt a single Sneasel. A glowing orange oval encrusted in the center of its head contrasted with the rest of its completely shadowy appearance. Two white, sharp claws protruded from the ends of its arms, and a red feather-like protrusion jutted off to the side of its almond-shaped head.

    Flipping backwards and then quickly lunging forward, the Sneasel tackled Chewy with a devastatingly strong Quick Attack. Chewy fell to the ground and rolled backwards until he stopped, a tree interrupting his motion as his head slammed against it. Dazed and confused, Chewy stood up, squinting with one eye. A bruise adorned his left cheek and dirt was now smeared all over his body.

    “What was that?” Opening his eyes completely, Chewy no longer could discern the figure of the Sneasel that had just attacked him, but now stood alone in empty space.

    Dropping from a branch directly above him, came an unwelcome and unexpected reappearance of said Sneasel. Left claw glowing with purple fumes, it slammed its claw into the ground, missing Chewy who had, at the last minute, rolled out of the way.

    “As important as pure speed, is defensive speed, or evasion.” With these words, Sneasel commenced with pulling his Crush Claw out of the dirt base of the forest. He seemed to struggle.

    Now’s my chance

    Chewy braced himself, preparing the muscles in his leg, and then dove forward with the strongest Quick Attack that he could muster. Sensing his approach, Sneasel quickly pulled its claw out of the ground and simultaneously somersaulted backwards, propelling itself off of a tree behind it and into the air above Chewy.

    “Be mindful that the opportunities that you perceive may not always be there,” the Sneasel said right before releasing a Shadow Ball that rained down on Chewy like a curse from the heavens. Chewy fainted.

    * * *

    Springing out of the grass with speed made more incredible by the shock it produced in Chris, came a screeching Whismur. Chris instinctively and nervously reached in his pocket to pull out a fire cracker and ended up grabbing a handful. He threw them to the ground and covered his ears as they popped loudly upon impact on the ground. The Whismur did not budge, but instead, started to make loud noises of its own. Teetering back and forth on its two small, pink feet, Whismur was beginning to create an uproar. The sound of the attack pierced through Chris’ hands and buffeted his ears mercilessly. The intensity of the bedlam caused Chris to topple over as his hands struggled to cover his ears, and his face, twisted and contorted, showed the agony produced by such a noise. More and more Whismur began to make the horrid noise as well, until there were four of them and Chris writhed in pain on the grassy floor of the wooded area. His ears were much more sensitive than most and had been this way since birth, and now they began to bleed.

    Like a soothing Tylenol as answer to a headache, a cool, rushing water swept past Chris who now felt as if he was at a beach, just beyond the tide line. The wave overpowered the Whismur, and their uproar ceased.

    “Need some help?” Opening his eyes and removing his hands from his ears, Chris stared up into the face of his rescuer. She was, from his perspective on the ground, about his height with black, slightly unruly hair that flowed down to just above her shoulders like a waterfall that stopped in mid-air before hitting the river below. She offered her hand to him, but he got up on his own.


    “Lucy. And it’s really not me who saved you.” To Lucy’s side sat a small, water Pokemon. Its entire body was plated in scales which were mostly brown, but covered in blue spots. Its fins were weak-looking and of the same blue hue.

    “Bas. Feeb,” it said, only now realizing that it in fact did deserve the accolades that were coming to its trainer. The feebas stared up at Chris with its wide eyes, now expecting.

    “Well, thanks to both of you then.”

    “I wonder what a small band of Whismur was doing in these parts. They definitely don’t belong here.” Lucy felt her chin in a deductively-thinking kind of way. “Maybe I should catch them; they might be special.” Chris watched as she took her back pack off and sat it on the soggy ground.

    “Well, I better get goin’ then,” Chris said, scratching the back of his head. Lucy looked up.

    “Okay, blood ears, but don’t expect to be so lucky next time a Pokemon attacks you. If there are Whismur here, there might be Loudred and even Exploud about. And you thought these little pink fellas gave you a headache…hah!”

    “Blood ears?” Chris felt his right ear with his hand, and then brought his hand down in front of his face. “Aw man!”

    “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Lucy almost fell over laughing. “This guy’s got blood all on his ears and all he can say is ‘aw man’?!” She tossed him a package of wet cloths to clean his ear with. “You sounded like a kid who just found out there was no more ice cream,…”

    “Chris, the name’s Chris,” he said, fiddling with the plastic wrap that contained the wet cloths.

    Lucy stood up, having found the pokeballs she was looking for. Effortlessly and naturally, she threw four of them to the ground where the unconscious Whismur lay, capturing all of them successfully.

    “And more importantly, why are you out here with no Pokemon, Chris?”

    “I…well, I wasn’t responsible enough to get one, so I decided to just go on my journey and figure that part out later.” Chris’ foot dug into the soggy grass of the wooded area’s base now as uttering his plan had made him realize how silly it sounded.

    “Yeah, well I think I see the irresponsible part. Where’s your back pack? You planning on wearing those clothes for your entire journey?” His dark green t-shirt had been soiled with mud from the forest’s ground and the Feebas surf attack as had been his khaki pants. “Expect to travel alone. What about money, got any of that?” Chris stared at her a little blankly. “You know, it’s what you would use to ‘buy’,” she made quotation marks with the index and middle finger of her right and left hands, “things.” After a short pause in which no words were spoken, Lucy sighed, resolving to help this lost kid get back home.

    “Alright Chris, let’s get you home. Mom and Dad…” she was interrupted.

    “Nope, just brother. Mom’s dead and Dad’s been kidnapped. I was gonna leave a message for him when I got to the weather institute, but it’s taken me a much longer time to traverse across this wooded area. Please, help me get to the weather institute and then Mauville. I need to know what happened to my father and how I can help.”

    “Okay,” she said, caving to his request, “but I’m more of a mercenary than a chaperone. I’m on my way to Mauville anyway, so I’ll take you there for free, but you’re gonna owe me for taking you to the weather institute. Whenever you make some money, that is.” The two headed off now, on their way to the weather institute.

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    that was hilarious. i also like chewy being trained by sneasel. it's not often you see pokemon trained by other pokemon. and i positively loved chris' strategy to use firecrackers on noisy pokemon. dude shoulda studied more... ha ha...
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    “If I can’t use electricity, I will become the best at every other type of move!”

    “And why is that?” the Sneasel questioned.

    “To become worth something. To be worth capturing and using in tournaments. As I am now, no one looking to win would place me on a team.”

    “I see. You can train with us for as long as you see necessary, then. It will take a lot of effort, but I’m sure you’ll find our speed easier to emulate once you’ve traveled with us for a while.”

    * * *

    “So I’ve been training it for beauty, you see. I’ve been feeding it purple pokebloks.” Chris and Lucy walked along the forested pathway to the weather institute.

    “I presume you’re talking about your Feebas?” Chris looked over at his temporary chaperone/mercenary. Something about her made him uneasy. She seemed very detached, but this was understandable as they had known each other for only all of one hour.

    “Of course I’m talking about mah feebas, buddy!” she replied. “I also bred this feebas to be able to use the move Mirror Coat.

    “That’s pretty impressive.” They came up to a large pathway bordered by a lake that ran all the way up to the weather institute. It would’ve been much more convenient to have had a surfing Pokemon take them on its back to their destination, but such a luxury was not theirs.

    “It sure is. Hey, I’ll show ya.” Straying off the cleared path, Lucy wandered into some high grass that lay parallel to their pathway.

    “Go Feebas!” The spotted fish emerged from its red and white containment, ready to battle. “You can see, Chris, that the blue spots on its scales are very smooth. This is an indication that its beauty rating is pretty much maxed out. At first they looked like sores that would bleed if you poked them, but now look at ‘em! What a beauty!”

    Chris simply stared on, absorbing the info. Lucy had apparently spotted a target in the tall grass for Feebas to practice its attacks on. As Chris approached her side, the figure of a milky-white, ferret-like creature with brown streaks running down either of its sides and blue eyes was made visible, resting in the grass.

    “Alright Feebas, use surf as a rude awakening!” Water gathered in front of Feebas and moved forward, finally crashing down on the now-awake Linoone. The now-irritated Pokemon jumped to its feat eagerly and began to snarl at Feebas. Second guessing itself, Feebas looked back at its trainer with wide eyes.

    “Don’t worry, Feebas. We can do this!” Often times Chris would watch experienced trainers on television fight using such skilled and high-leveled Pokemon as Tyranitar, Charizard, Blaziken, and other upper-tier battlers. Watching this battle between a Feebas and a Linoone, although live, was somewhat anticlimactic compared to what he expected live, middle-of-the-journey battles to be.

    “Attack again with Ice Beam!” The Feebas’ blue spots lit up and its mouth opened to reveal the formation of icy crystals. From its mouth finally emerged the ice beam attack.

    Wow, Chris thought sarcastically as he watched a few flecks of snow pour out of Feebas’ mouth. What a powerful attack…

    Unscathed, the Linoone ran forward quickly and knocked the Feebas over, almost causing it to faint.

    “Feebas, return!” Lucy fiddled around in her back pack. “Go, Heracross!” Within seconds the blue beetle-like humanoid Pokemon, Heracross, appeared from its pokeball. One large horn emanated from the top of its head and two yellow eyes filled with determination lighted its face in the glory of his bravery. “Use Brick Break!” A hard right jab followed by a left one was executed and the Linoone cried in pain as it fell over, exhausted.

    “That Heracross is an impressive Pokemon,” Chris remarked.

    “Heracross, return! I know. Well, we don’t have much time to be sitting around talking. Let’s get moving…AH!” From Lucy’s book bag burst forth a brilliant and blinding white light. It flowed out of every possible space between the threads and through the zipper teeth. She quickly took her book bag off of her back and placed it on the ground in front of them, unzipping it as quickly as she could. All the light of evolution was revealed in its most utter glory as Lucy removed the glowing pokeball from her pack. It whistled loudly, sounding like a teapot full of boiling water, and then the pokeball exploded to reveal a glossily plated sea-serpent, Milotic, where a Feebas had once resided.

    * * *

    In a different realm altogether, above the Weather Institute, was held a conference of sorts: one attendee being the divinity who’d been present at the completion of Professor Saiko’s Omnistone project, and one being invisible.

    In betraying me, you are only betraying yourself. How can you do such a thing?

    “I don’t believe that. We are not one and the same anymore, Theta. I am my own being now. I have separate consciousness.”

    Why do you prize this new found consciousness over your previous state of being?

    “I can’t answer that. I just feel like I’m helping the right side this way.”

    Hmm. It’s a shame how quickly such an able medium fails when drunken with a new sense of autonomy.

    “Drunken with? More so awakened by, Theta.”

    …Your opposition is great.

    “Yes, but so is my reward upon completion.” The divinity that had met with Professor Saiko one night ago now turned to leave its place overlooking the Weather Institute.

    Hahahahaha, I suppose so, but you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

    * * *

    “There were many more scientists other than myself who already were on the verge of the same discovery. You can’t stop these stones from being created by taking me!”

    The fog covered the floor of Saiko’s confinement. All else was dark.

    “Well, that’s fine. We will just destroy their ability to make the Omnistone,” the fog proclaimed and it vanished, seemingly being absorbed into the floor and also leaving through the vents. Professor Saiko sat down in a swivel chair near the far end of his confinement and covered his face in his hands, distressed.

    * * *

    One year with the band of Sneasal had proven the most productive of his life, and Chewy had learned sufficiently their speed and their strength. He had become a better pokemon because of this time spent with pokemon more skilled than he once was. It still was not enough, though. He still felt this burning desire to add to his skill so that he might further cover his inability to do what Pikachu do; use electric attacks.

    From that very band of Sneasal, Chewy had learned of a wise group of psychic pokemon who had utilized their advanced mental capacity to teach themselves to speak the language of the humans. Traversing across expansive stretches of land, Chewy slowly made his way to Mauville.

    * * *

    Lucy and Chris had finally made it to the weather center. They had used Milotic as a boat to get there more quickly and more comfortably than by foot. The beautiful sea-serpent waited on the edge of the water as the two travelers walked into the wooded area that surrounded the Weather Institute. The trees about the entrance to the Weather Institue formed a clear path to the front door, in neat and straight rows, looking like the empty armor suits one would see lining the walls of a castle’s hallway. Now emerging completely from the forested entrance, the two stared in awe at how massive the Weather Institute was.

    “Chris, what is your jaw dropped for? Doesn’t your dad work here?”

    “Yeah, but I never come here. I didn’t know it was such a big building.” Large steel pillars jutted up directly from the ground and surrounded and supported the building as well as the blue dome that capped it all off. In the front of the building’s blue dome was a large air intake hole, possibly for weather analysis through atmospheric data interpretation.

    “I just need to use the phone so my brother doesn’t get worried about me. I don’t think he’s seen me for like two days,” Chris remarked, with a kind of nervous expression on his face. He seemed to be further characterizing himself as the irresponsible kid who leaves home without a book bag, extra clothes, and now without telling anyone. He scratched his head nervously as he and Lucy stood in front of the glass door entrance.

    “Hey, kid, you don’t have to worry about what I think of you. I’ll be gone after we get to Mauville. And besides, you’re unlikely to make the same mistakes twice. Maybe being on your own will teach you to be more responsible,” Lucy shrugged. This wasn’t the response he had expected, but Chris loosened up and walked through the automatic entrance door.

    “I’ll be out here with my new Milotic; see ya when you get back.” Chris made his way into the foyer of the weather institute. It had obviously not been designed with guests and tourists in mind as it seemed as if he was walking directly into the work space of the meteorologists and other scientists. The ceiling was quite low for a building of its height, but Chris immediately deduced that it was because there were so many floors. The first floor was well lit, with soft luminescence emanating from the tube-shaped lighting that was attached to the ceiling. Charts and diagrams were aligned on the sides of the walls, the order of which eluded Chris, even covering most of the windows so that the only natural light coming into the room was from the right side of it. Oddly, no people, scientists or otherwise, were present. Chris slowly made his way past the multitude of desks and research stations that were neatly aligned in this first floor room and to the phone that hung on the wall opposite the front door. The alternating black and white patterns tiled onto the floor scuffed under his black sneakers. He didn’t notice the marks they left, though; his gaze was so heavily fixed on the phone, which was partially illuminated by the brightness of the sun outside.

    I’ll just make a quick phone call to mah brother, tell him I’m going to save dad, and be on my way…Chris thought. His face crumpled up a little bit as he realized that it wouldn’t turn out this way at all. That was the third plan in one day that, when given utterance to, sounded ridiculous. Maybe he was as irresponsible as the guy at the Pokemon allotment center had assessed. Standing still in front of the phone, Chris pondered whether to make the call or just go home.

    “You’re not gonna save anyone anytime soon if it takes you that long to make a phone call, kid,” Lucy remarked, having stepped just inside the door of the Weather Institute. He looked into her face, with an annoyed expression on his own, and then turned back to the phone.

    She’s right. This is to save my dad. My journey hasn’t even begun, and already I’m thinking of quitting?! Well, not gonna happen. Prepare to pick up the phone, Charlie!

    “Here, these numbers on the front of the phone depress like so,” Lucy said. She had walked up on him in the middle of his triumphant and determined breakthrough thought and had outstretched her nimble fingers to demonstrate how a telephone works.

    “Right.” Chris picked up the receiver and pressed it to his ear. Then he began to dial.

    “Okay, all set, champ? Good.” Lucy began to walk about the work area and survey some of the diagrams and charts that covered the wall, and also to study the works that lay scattered about on individual desktops.

    The phone continued to ring and Chris stared at Lucy. Something about her carefree personality had piqued his interest.


    “Come on, Charlie, pick up the phone,” he whispered to the receiver.

    I guess now’s as good a chance as I’m going to get, Lucy thought.

    “Hey, what’s this?” Lucy had found a small, diamond-sized shard of a brilliantly glowing stone. “It’s a souvenir now, I suppose.” Chris looked over her way.

    “What is that?” Lucy walked up to Chris and then held the small shard up to his face, which was illuminated by the sun’s now-waning rays outside. Being hit by the natural radiance of the sun, the small crystal burst into a million glittering and multi-chromatic rays of light. Like holding a star in the palm of your hand, such was the accurate parallel to handling this strange crystal. Lucy quickly closed her fist around it.

    “Should we keep it?” Chris asked her.

    “What’s that?” Lucy began to feel around in front of her. “Chris, are you still there? All I can see is a bright blue area where you were standing just a second ago.” Lucy began to feign confusion and disorientation by putting her hand right on Chris’ face. “Is that you, buddy?”

    “Come on.”

    “Here, you can have it. Um,…happy birthday?” Chris took the stone and pretended to be more impressed than he was. Holding it away from the light with one hand and holding the phone to his ear in the other, he looked at it intently and then shoved it into his pocket.

    * * *

    On the other side of the telephone line…

    “I’d like to report a missing person.” It had been a weary day for Chris’s brother, Charlie. Searching for his brother had been the sole activity of his Tuesday and Wednesday, and now he turned to the officials who could help. It had been about 48 hours since his brother was missing, and to file a report would certainly aid in the process of locating him.

    “How long has the person been missing?”

    “Since 6:00pm Tuesday.”




    “Are you still there?”

    “…Okay, it’s officially been forty-eight hours. What’s the name?”

    “Chris. He’s fif…”

    “Have you looked around the house?” the operator interrupted. “Some children just get stuck in places and can’t get out.”

    “Um,…no, but it’s not that big a house. I just know that he never came home.”

    “Cabinets? Did you check the cabinets? Some kids hide in them.”

    “He’s 15.”







    “Did you check under his bed?” A long silence ensued. “Sir, I’m just trying to make sure that we don’t waste our resources. As you know, criminal activity has hit an all-time high lately. We can’t afford to take officers away from investigating Haze’s activities for no good reason. We also are in the process of searching for another missing person.”

    “I understand, but I promise you, my brother really is missing,” Charlie said in a slightly annoyed but understanding tone.

    “Okay, your report will be filed as soon as you give me an accurate description of him.”

    “Well, he’s about five and a half feet tall, give or take two inches. Um,…he’s kinda skinny. I last saw him wearing a blue and gray T-Mac t-shirt and some brown shorts. I think his eyes are black…or a really dark brown or something like that.”


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    I am really beginning to like Lucy. And I know just what Charlie is going through when you call for assistance.
    Protect the World from Devastation -- a fanfic
    Has anyone else noticed a weird progression in fanaticism as the generations progressed? Giovanni must define himself in the presence of the religious fanatics and the cruel sociopath....

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    It had taken most of the day for them to complete their journey through the tall greenery that made up route 111, but finally, they had. Now it was night and the sky was peacefully painted a shade of black by the absence of the sun, only partially illuminated by the full silver moon. Quite a small number of stars were sprinkled across the velvet-hued canvas above as they neared the city’s sky, but those stars shone as bright as any other stars would have, as if they were blissfully unaware of their loneliness. Lucy and Chris moved slowly, quietly floating on her Milotic. A small stream that divided the land of route 113 acted was their water-laden path, and they drifted along towards the edge of Mauville, Lucy’s hometown.

    “We used to play along this stream a lot when we were little,” Lucy remarked, with a random but not unwelcome comment, breaking the silence.

    “What, you and your friends?”

    “Yeah,” she sighed as if the memory evoked more pain than joy.

    “That’s nice, I suppose.” Chris really didn’t know what to say, but he spoke anyway. Often times, when this was the case, what he had to say came out sounding sarcastic and insensitive. This time was no exception and Lucy looked back at his face over her shoulder.

    “You know what, nevermind,” she said as she quickly snapped her head back into its former position, facing directly ahead.

    “Huh? Oh, I mean…yeah, I wasn’t saying like ‘that’s nice…not’, I was saying, you know, genuine-like, ‘that’s nice, tell me more’ is what I was trying to get at,” Chris stammered.

    Lucy smirked a little bit, unbeknownst to Chris, who could only see the back of her head.

    “So, how are your friends now?” he asked to prove his interest was not at all of the feigned variety.

    “They’ve all left, Chris.”

    “Ah, you mean like left the town?”

    “Yes, some left the town, others left in other ways…Hey, look up ahead!” Half of Lucy was relieved that a natural miracle had interrupted her tale; the other wished that she could’ve gone on. But now, as they neared Mauville, a dense cloud of fog permeated the area, making the stream and the near ground nigh invisible.

    Accompanying Music

    “Milotic, slow down.” Lucy’s water Pokemon came to a halt in the water, and the three of them floated about thirty feet off the shore of Mauville. Chris waved his hands in the air occupied by a little bit of the fog, and it contorted as if on purpose.

    “There’s something not right about this fog,” Chris remarked scooping a little pool of it in his cupped hand and showing it to Lucy, who now turned around to face him completely. Milotic’s serpent-like body was coiled so that it formed a circular platform for both of them to sit on.


    “It’s way too thick to float like it does, and it moves seemingly on its own.” Then, Chris slanted his hand downward and let the thick fog flow from it back into the stream. “Let’s not go any closer to land.”

    “In fact, Milotic, take us back a little bit.” The glossy sea serpent backed itself out of the fog. “If not responsible, you sure are observant.”

    In the distance, hovering over Mauville was a large and thick cloud of fog. It seemed to saturate the entire city in its opaqueness.

    “I wonder what’s…” before Lucy could finish her sentence, large flashes of light emanated from the cloud. It was like watching a thunderstorm afar off.

    * * *

    Not being able to catch her breath, Sheila sat up quickly in her bed, wheezing and coughing, trying to inhale. Like a fish out of water, she rolled off the side of her bed and fell to the floor. Slowly, her lungs gained access to the oxygen that they required as she took several, forced deep breaths. She stared upwards; a thick fog had completely filled her room. Gray and opaque, even the bed next to her was almost invisible.

    What is going on?

    Sheila grabbed her pokebelt from under her bed and took one of the pokeballs in her hand.

    “Go, Ninjask!” She tossed the pokeball upwards, and it exploded into a brilliant light, which she couldn’t even see through the fog. Dropping beneath the layer of fog that had claimed the upper five sixths of her room was not a Ninjask but a similarly colored egg.

    * * *

    In the back of the town’s gym, a similar scene unfolded.

    “Go, Magneton!” Wattson’s room had been enveloped in the soupy fog as well, and he was now on the floor gasping for whatever natural air was left in the space. As he tossed the pokeball to the ground, a flash of light followed by a brilliant disappointment emerged as Magneton had been reduced to a pokemon egg.

    The fact was; all of the pokemon in the town had been devolved in like manner. Almost everyone had woken up gasping for air because their houses were filled with this fog that so forcefully declared itself air’s replacement. Now that not one pokemon was left to oppose the mighty fog, it began to retract, drawing itself into the center of the town and concentrating its particles. As the fog left their houses, people got up and peered out of their windows, now noticing a figure taking shape in the center-most street of the town. The figure became more and more recognizable, standing on four feet and being the height of a grown man. Its body took on the basic shape of a large dog with shaggy fur and a flowing, cloud-like mane that graced its back.

    “That looks like…” The large beast had no color, still looking like concentrated fog, but was just as intimidating as the real thing: Entei. It let out a loud roar and its body burst into flames. With a blinding flash of destructive fire, the beast tore through the homes that lined the center streets, charring each of them completely. Its power was amazing, even surpassing the power of the actual legendary dog of fire. Having caused adequate destruction, the beast began to walk towards the stream that ran into Mauville from route 113.

    * * *

    Accompanying Music

    “Lucy, turn around.” Lucy had been facing Chris, waiting for the fog to clear before they approached the town. Now the legendary mockery approached their point in the stream, seemingly walking on the water towards them.

    “Oh my god, Chris, what is that thing?!” Lucy shivered, having turned around.

    It breathed heavily and then emitted a sound that echoed like thousands of voices at once. “It is time for you to give me your power. Devolution Beam!” The colorless indentations in its face where its eyes should have been began to glow black, and two beams shot forward towards Lucy’s Milotic. The Milotic braced itself, preparing to be severely injured if not destroyed. Chris’ eyes widened as he, too, faced annihilation.

    As doom stood on their proverbial doorsteps, as the night sky watched obliviously, and as an evil creature of unknown origin prepared to destroy them, a blinding light shone forth from Chris’ right pocket. Chris quickly reached for its source and took it out of his pocket, holding it up with his hand. The shimmering stone that they had found at the Weather Institute had reacted to the assault by giving off a myriad of colored rays that now engulfed the entire area. It whistled a high-pitched tone as it neutralized the black beam coming from the fog beast.

    “Ahhhh!” The beast unwillingly dispersed into the thick fog that it had been before and then quickly ascended to the sky. The stone then ceased to shimmer and the night resumed its almost complete blackness.

    Unexpectedly to Lucy, Chris passed out and fell flat, his ears bleeding again. Before he slipped off of Milotic and into the stream, Lucy caught him by the arm.

    “That was an awfully loud noise, wasn’t it?” she questioned him even though he was obviously unconscious. “Well, let’s get you to the town.” She ordered Milotic to surf forward, and Mauville, now mostly destroyed, came into view.

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    Whoa ...

    that was amazingly cool. Entei's intro was great. I wonder, though, why fics (even mine) tend to use Entei whenever needing a false pokemon. I just find it strange, is all.

    The Devolution Beam was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I love the concept.
    Protect the World from Devastation -- a fanfic
    Has anyone else noticed a weird progression in fanaticism as the generations progressed? Giovanni must define himself in the presence of the religious fanatics and the cruel sociopath....

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    Hey! Glad you liked this chapter. The fic continues to be action-packed from here on out. And, I don't know why Entei is such a popular choice to use as a fake/evil pokemon. The Haze can take the form of more than just Entei, though. The next time they meet up with it, it won't be in the form of a pokemon at all. Instead they'll have to combat it in all of its amorphous glory! Stay tuned!

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    Default Chapter 5


    You didn’t know I could do that, did you?

    “The Haze? I knew about that, and we are prepared.”

    Hmm, for your sake, I hope so.

    “Not for my sake, Theta, but for the sake of everyone.”

    The glowing figure disappeared to another region. Theta left her.

    * * *

    “He…he…llllo,” he finally uttered after much struggling.

    “Good, now try and repeat that introduction that we taught you,” they encouraged.

    “My…My name…is…Pikachu.” Triumphantly the Gardevoir patted Chewy on the back. Resembling a tall woman with green hair and white dress, this Gardevoir was not only human in appearance but also in speech. She had been blessed with an exceptionally brilliant mind with regards to language, and had happily offered to pass her skill on to others as much as she could. Only few pokemon were interested in taking the time and effort required to learn speech, and most simply did not have the motivation or brain capacity to utilize this skill effectively. Encouraged and motivated by an insatiable desire to prove his worth as a pokemon, though, Chewy had taken lessons from her for a year now. All that was left on his journey was to consult Wattson, the gym leader, to seek help with his electrical deficiency.

    * * *

    Lucy splashed water on his face, smacked his cheeks, and even tried to just stand him up, hoping that he would regain his consciousness. Finally, she had to drag Chris from the stream’s shore to one of the few buildings left intact; the Mauville Pokemon Center.

    “Wow, you’re much heavier than you look, kid,” Lucy remarked as she pulled him from under each of his arms, dragging his feet through the ash-laden center street. The least that she could do for him was drag him to the Pokemon Center, though, especially after he had saved her life and her Milotic’s. Surveying the charred remains of the town’s main street, Lucy’s usually high spirits were dampened. The remnants of a small house caught the corner of her eye, and she recognized it immediately. Surging with emotion, Lucy dropped Chris onto the ground and ran to the side of the street where her burned house stood.

    “Oh no. Please no.” She knocked down the door to the house and walked inside. The ashes of what had been carpet and other assorted household adornments crunched under her feet as she walked lightly around the house. It was hard for her to breathe as the house reeked of smoke. “Mom!”

    With cotton balls stuck in his ears, Chris lay on the grass outside of the charred house, dreaming.

    The entire area was dark: Not enveloped or shrouded in it, but darkness itself. Chris alone stood in what he perceived to be the center of this darkness, afraid of what events could take place in such an environment. He saw the fog coming, slowly rising from the base of the area. It rose, growing even deeper, until it threatened to drown him. Then a spotlight shone down from above and safeguarded him from the fog’s mal-affects. The warmth of the light comforted his once-shivering figure, and now it began to flash; , alternatively blue, gold, green, silver, then red. The frequency of the light’s color change increased until all of the different colors blended into one blindingly white radiance that caused the fog to disperse and disappear completely. Bathed in the protective and blinding light, Chris could feel himself changing…

    Slowly, he realized that the only warm light hitting him was the light of the morning sun. Obliviousness slowly faded into consciousness, and Chris’ eyes blinked open. Lucy had put him up in a room at the pokemon center. He stared up, lying on his back, at the white ceiling and was instantly reminded of the white light of the dream.

    “What’s this?” Turning his head to a table that lay just beside his bed, Chris noticed a pair of firing-range ear-guards with a note attached to them via small string. Picking up the note, he could discern these words;

    Hope you’re doin’ okay, buddy. I picked up these at a firing range (don’t ask),
    and thought you’d probably be able to put them to better use than I could. I also made a small necklace out of that stone shard and put it around your neck. Hope you like it!



    * * *

    Accompanying Music

    Surveying the town that had once flourished with the activity of her childhood, Lucy couldn’t help shed a tear as she studied the charred remains of many buildings. She held her hands to her heart and stood just outside of the pokemon center.

    “They’re a good fit.” Lucy turned around to the site of Chris walking out of the pokemon center door with his firing range ear muffs on, and she couldn’t help but crack a smile.

    “Yeah, they sure are, Chris.”

    “I’m sorry about what happened to your hometown.”

    “Don’t be; it wasn’t your fault. Why would you be sorry?”

    “Well, I’m sorry that it happened. I…”

    “Hmm…” It had become such an integral part of Lucy’s nature to remain detached from other people and the pain associated with their problems that she had not understood this empathizing sentiment coming from someone else.


    “You’re welcome.” Walking up and standing right next to Lucy, Chris asked her, “Did you find your parents?”

    “They’re vacationing along the beach of Slateport. They’re fine.” Both of them stood quietly for a moment, simply staring at the damage done by the hazy Entei. The entire main street of Mauville had been scorched beyond recognition.

    “I’m going to go there and make sure that they are safe. Chris, since you have the stone that protected us, will you come with me?”

    “I will. Where are the rest of the people?”

    “Most of them have left the town. Mauville will never be the same, and who knows where that beast will strike next? It probably would have been safer for them all to stay here. I mean, you know, ‘cause lightning never strikes in the same place twice, right?”

    * * *

    What has happened here? Pikachu thought as he peeked from behind the pokemon center in Mauville onto the scene of a damaged and broken down city. He scurried from behind the building and into the main street, looking quickly from left to right. Where is Wattson’s gym?

    “Chris, here. This is your chance to catch a pokemon.” The little yellow rodent in the middle of the main street looked confused, and had not noticed either Chris or Lucy standing in front of the pokemon center’s door. Lucy handed Chris, who now wore the firing range ear phones around his neck, a pokeball.

    “It looks confused, just throw it now!” Lucy instructed. Chris lobbed the pokeball into the middle of the street directly at the Pikachu.

    Oh goodness, Pikachu thought, annoyed. Turning around quickly, it used its tail to repel the pokeball and send it flying back at its owner.

    “You don’t want me, kid. Not yet.” Wrapped around its tail, was a white piece of paper.

    “Did that Pikachu just talk?”

    “You heard it too?” Chris stared over at Lucy.

    “Wattson. Where is Wattson?” the Pikachu questioned, struggling to enunciate a few words that it had mastered.

    Lucy hung her head low. Chris put a hand on her shoulder as comfort. “We’re not sure if he survived.” Chris turned his head to face the remains of what was Wattson’s gym.
    “Pika!” the pikachu started as he dashed towards the remains of Wattson’s gym. Instinctively, Lucy and Chris followed.

    Wattson. The Pikachu stood with his face in his hands. His only chance of understanding and possibly curing his deficiency was literally up in smoke. He rubbed his face and sighed heavily. His tail sagged, simply lying on the ground behind him as he stared at the ruins of the gym.

    “What did you need to see Wattson for, anyway, Pikachu?” Chris and Lucy had walked up on this peculiar Pikachu. He looked back at them.

    “Chu…” The heat of the day cast an exhausting atmosphere about the town. Few people moved about, most having been devastated by the attack to the point of deserting the town all together, others dead. Some stayed, but they were few. That same hopelessness that pervaded the hot atmosphere of Mauville emanated from Pikachu’s mouth now as the helpless rodent slumped its shoulders and stood disappointed.

    “Whatever it is that you wanted, maybe there’s hope yet. Most people have left this town headed for Slateport. It’s where we’re going, and we’d be happy to show you the way.” Lucy’s proposition gave Pikachu just the mustard seed of hope that he needed to go on.

    “Yes,” he stated acquiescently. Not because he was a fan of brevity or short answers, but because that was the only word he knew to relate his approval.

    Chris readied his pokeball.

    “Not like that,” Pikachu said, now turning fully around to face the two he’d just agreed to travel with. “I’m Billy’s pokemon.”

    “Billy?” Lucy gasped quietly.

    “Billy, don’t be so hard on Chewy. He needs a good rest. Put him back in his pokeball.”

    “I hope I see you and Chewy again sometime, Billy.” She disappeared into the distance as she said this.

    “You’ll see one of us for sure.” Billy walked away and left his unconscious Pikachu lying in the sand, abandoned.

    “Chewy? Is that you? Where’s Billy?”

    “Gone. I let him down. Still no electricity.” After having studied his mind, memories, and motives through psychic ability, the gardevoir teacher had given him a quote that she felt embodied his quest to better himself and his insatiable desire to grow in knowledge and in strength. It was written on a paper that was neatly wrapped around his tail.

    “You’ve got some kind of note there. Can we read it?” pikachu apprehensively agreed and unraveled the not that adorned his golden tail. Lucy took the paper from his tiny hands and read it.

    "Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be."

    “I’ve adopted it as my…as my…” he struggled, trying to find the words that gardevoir had used. “I’ve adopted it as my theme. It is who I am, and what my life has become about.” Instead of hating Billy for having abandoned him, and therefore hating humans, pikachu had taken this rejection as impetus for improvement. He would return to Billy to be trained when he felt he had made himself worthy.

    “We will surely help you reach to your highest potential, then, Chewy,” Lucy assured.

    “Let’s go, then. Why are we still here? There’s at least 5 hours of daylight left and Slateport isn’t uber far away!”

    “Will you come with us?”



    Accompanying Music

    The three travelers set off, south of Mauville, on the road to Slateport. With separate motives but equal determination and drive, pikachu, Chris, and Lucy prepared to embark on a journey the weight of which none of them could discern.

    To save the last of his two parents from an evil greater than he had previously imagined, Chris would use the power of the mysterious stone and his own inner will to right the wrongs done to him, and now, the people of Mauville. Clinging to these words of wisdom, his path was clear.

    "He who does not punish evil commands It to be done."

    Lucy’s quest had been sprung upon her unexpectedly, but that made no difference now. The town of her childhood had been destroyed, and it was her nigh-irrevocable duty to help see that this evil would not befall any other unwitting or innocent people. Now especially so since she was on the side of one who had the power to stop the Haze. One thing, one infallible truth reverberated in her mind, motivating her:

    "Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph."

    Pikachu walked along side them, ears hanging to his back as the daylight heat had caused him to break a sweat. Worse conditions than these had he had to suffer through already, though. As a life dedicated to bettering himself physically, it had not been one conducive of comfort. No specific goals did he have to reach, though, so the end of his journey wasn’t anywhere in sight. One final outcome was to cap off and add meaning to his struggle, though: being accepted as a pokemon worthy to be trained.

    The air in front of them took on a wavy consistency in the heat, altering their vision. Their mission and their destination were clear, though.

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    Every now and then, I wander in here and find a really good story to read. You have good characterization and an eye for detail. I'll be looking for updates.

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    Sorry for the wait, but I am struggling to catch up. It's interesting that Pikachu can only say pre-determined sayings. Keeps him from being Meowth. Although, refusing to be in a pokeball (not that I have a problem with that) reeks of Ash's Pika. If it were to be explained why that species tends to hate it, it would be better than just seeming to ape a famous pokemon.

    And I love the phrase ... "Chris could feel himself changing" -- into what? I MUST KNOW!
    Protect the World from Devastation -- a fanfic
    Has anyone else noticed a weird progression in fanaticism as the generations progressed? Giovanni must define himself in the presence of the religious fanatics and the cruel sociopath....

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    Hey! Thanks so much for your continued support, ImJessieTR. And thank you for the review, Barb. Hopefully both of you will stick around for the rest of the adventure. I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised to see where exactly this story is going. Anyway, some nasty computer virus has all but destroyed my system here. I still have most if not all of my word documents, though, and I recently recovered the installation file to firefox, so, I'm internet-enabled now. Here's la latest chapter!


    “What is all of this for? Why are you doing this?”

    The haze that had recently flooded the room now condensed into the form of a man. It opened its mouth to speak.

    “It is not for you to know, Saiko. Don’t ask questions.”

    “If all you want to do is destroy our capability to create Omni stones, why don’t you just kill us?”

    “We haven’t been given the permission to kill you yet.”


    * * *

    “Lucy, I’m pretty sure that this evil haze entity is responsible for my father’s kidnapping.”

    “How can you be so sure?”

    “I just have a gut feeling, ya know? Besides, even if they’re not, I still have no choice but to do what I can to stop them.”

    “Hmm, I suppose you’re right.” Lucy and Chris trudged along, now wading through a sea of tall grass on their way to Slateport.

    * * *

    “I need you to take these bits of research data to the Sea Floor Cabin Laboratory, Captain Stern.” A scientist in a lab coat handed a disc to the young and brilliant Captain of the submarine, the Explorer. Stern grasped the disc firmly in his hand and studied it. He looked back up at the lab coat-clad scientist and smiled with bright eyes and bulging cheeks.

    “It looks like this is it. All that research and we’ve finally found a way to solve the evolution problem.”

    “Indeed we have.” Several months ago, scientists had discovered anomalies in the pattern of pokemon evolution; some pokemon would only evolve partially, becoming creatures with traits of both of their forms; some creatures would evolve fully, but not be able to use the attacks that they should have been able to; still other creatures simply died during the process of evolution. Having studied the most intricate details of each species’ evolution chain, scientists had deduced that there was a strain on the power supply: The power supply which was the source of all pokemon evolution. To reduce the strain, scientists had been working on a stone that could cause evolution independent of the power supply, called the Omni-stone. Chris’ dad had been the first to perfect it, and now, in Slateport, scientists there had stumbled on the correct method as well.

    * * *


    Chris looked back over his shoulder to catch the sight of a young boy, about ten or eleven, wearing a safari hat, short khaki pants, and having pokeballs lining the strap of a bag he carried diagonally around his shoulder.

    “Ha! We locked eyes! This means a battle must ensue!” the kid shouted in a raspy, annoying voice.

    “Um, I only looked over because you shouted at me, I…”

    “No, don’t chicken out now, we have to battle!”

    “Listen, kid, there are much more important things that I need to attend to than humoring you with a battle. Besides, I don’t even have a pokemon.”

    The young trainer crossed his arms and tapped his left foot. “Yeah? Well what’s that, then?” he said, pointing to the Pikachu that trailed very closely behind Chris and Lucy. Pikachu perked up, standing upright now instead of slouching, and he lifted his tail from dragging on the ground.

    “Go, Sandslash!”

    “Kid, I said I didn’t want to…”

    “Use Sandstorm!” The wind picked up a little bit, and brought with it a cloud of sand particles.

    “Here’s our chance. Let’s run.” Without saying a word, and shrouded by the poor visibility caused by the sandstorm, Chris, Lucy, and pikachu escaped, furthering their advancement towards Slateport. Not until five turns later did the kid realize what had happened, and that he had actually been attacking a patch of grass in their absence.

    A few minutes later, under the glow of the rose-hued setting sun, Chris and Lucy could make out the sight of Slateport’s Light House. Now that the city was near, all three of them broke into a sprint across the rest of the route which led into the city.

    “You’re faster than I thought you’d be, Chris,” Lucy remarked as her black, stringy hair waved in the wind. Pikachu ran directly behind them, but now increased his gait to one of incredible speed and shot past both Lucy and Chris, leaving tall grass quivering in the wake of such a sudden burst of speed.

    “That pikachu is pretty quick.” When Chris and Lucy arrived at the entrance to Slateport, they met up with pikachu who stood there with his hands on his hips and his foot tapping. One of his ears stood straight up, denoting his excitement on having arrived in Slateport, the other ear lay flat on the top of his head, denoting his exhaustion. All three of them were quite weary, and they decided to check into Slateport Pokemon Center to stay for the night.

    * * *

    Accompanying Music

    The sun had completely set on Slateport and the peacefulness of the night sky showed its ignorance of the impending doom that would befall this port town. Over the sea, slowly advancing towards the eastern entrance to the town crept an opaque fog whose thickness and weight should not have allowed it to stay afloat in the air, much less the water.

    “Everything’s ready?”

    “Yes, Captain Stern, we’re ready to return to Slateport.” With this, the Captain and his crew boarded the Explorer.

    * * *

    “What’s this? I can’t see a damn thing!” Other sailors coming into Slateport had been blinded by the great, now wall of fog that approached the town. So thick was it that the light of Slateport’s lighthouse could not even pierce it. “This is the S.S. Anne. Slateport, do you read? Visibility is very very low due to some kind of fog off shore. Can you guide us by radar?” No response came through the radio, and now, as the ship got closer into the fog, it was crushed by the weight of the Haze.

    * * *

    “I don’t know what it is, that’s why I called. The radar’s picking up some kind of large barrier or something approaching us on the east coast. It’s not a line of ships; it’s a continuous line of…of…of something.” The few people still on duty at the Slateport docking station and the Slateport lighthouse had noticed the haze on their radar, and were now relaying messages back and forth to each other, trying to figure out what it was. All it would have taken now, though, was a peak out of the window as the fog had gotten that much closer to closing in completely on the town. Only fifty yards off shore now, the wall advanced at a steady pace.

    * * *

    Reacting to the haze’s presence, a light went off under Chris’ pillow. A loud whistling sound accompanied it, and now it burst into an all-out screech.

    “I’m awake!” Literally jumping out of bed, Chris opened his eyes as he slowly regained consciousness. The noise was the first thing that he was keenly aware of, but it didn’t seem to bother him much now. The entire room now was lit with the special stone’s light, and pikachu crawled from under Chris’ bed, also startled awake by the noise and light.

    “Come on, Chris.” Lucy got up from her bed and tossed him a pair of jeans. “Something’s up.” Feigning nonchalance, Lucy made her way to the door, holding her pokeball tightly, focusing her nervousness into it. Chris stepped into his jeans and grabbed the still-blindingly shimmering stone shard from underneath his pillow. Throwing it around his neck, Chris tucked the shard behind his t-shirt, which did little to conceal its fulgent glow. Emerging from the front of the pokemon center’s door, all three of them could clearly see the haze approaching.

    * * *

    “Captain Stern, something is preventing us from resurfacing.”

    “What is it?!”

    “I don’t know, but the pressure readings on the hull are off the charts!” The crew member of the Explorer showed Stern to a screen, which detailed the ship’s parameters and statuses.

    “Take us back under, then.”

    “Aye. Prepare to re-submerge!” The Explorer’s crew scrambled to their stations and flipped all kinds of switches, adjusted apparatus, and prepared to lower the submarine back under water. Instead of lowering into the water, though, loud whining sounds could be heard as if the metal of the ship’s hull was bending.

    “We’re not going anywhere, sir!” The fog had completely surrounded the submarine and was preparing to crush it like one crushes a can with their fist. A red light in the front of the ship went off and a melodic female voice recited a pre-recorded warning.

    Pressure too great, please lessen depth

    Pressure exceeding hull’s maximum capacity, please lessen depth

    Pressure critical, prepare to be crushed.

    Just then the walls of the submarine began to collapse inwards. Bolts shot forth from their sockets.

    “It’s all over!” Captain Stern stood in the midst of the chaos, firmly grasping a disc detailing the procedure for creating an omni-stone. Water began to trickle onto the top of his head now, and he was prepared for the worse.

    (Cut Music)

    Just then, like a fire hose clearing away a consuming inferno, the light from the Slateport lighthouse shone upon Stern’s ship, clearing the fog from all around it. Where ordinary light had failed, light filtered by the glowing omni-stone entrusted to Chris had succeeded in driving back the fog.

    * * *

    Accompanying Music

    Standing at the top of the lighthouse, Chris dangled the necklace with the stone on it in front of the large light while Lucy and pikachu aimed it at the fog.

    Smiling triumphantly as they watched the fog abate, and the Explorer resurface, they failed to notice the clanking footsteps emanating from the stairway. The figure of a tall man became apparent to them, colorless not due to absence of light, but due to the fact that he was seemingly completely comprised of a grey haze. The figure punched through the lighthouse’s main light and destroyed it. Chris went to grab the stone from in front of the light, but before he could, he found himself lifted in the air by the neck. The hazy figure looked at him; its face, even though featureless, conveying all the hate and evil that resided in it. Lucy and pikachu gasped, speechless. The hazy figure, with one swift swing of the arm, threw Chris through the glass, which usually served as a portal for the light from the main beam.

    It shattered on contact with his body, and the shards of glass sprinkled the inside of the lighthouse floor. Lucy covered her face as they rained down on her and pikachu.

    “Nooooooo!” Lucy grabbed the crystal from next to the main light beam and pointed it towards the assailant. It shined dimly, but caused the figure pain anyway. The dark figure dispersed and left the lighthouse from the same window through which he had thrown Chris, ascending effortlessly into the night sky.


    Next chapter: Fleeting Serenity

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    sweet ... kinda reminds me of Silent Hill

    boy, that trainer kid needs to stop playing the games so much... lol ... waits 5 turns?
    Protect the World from Devastation -- a fanfic
    Has anyone else noticed a weird progression in fanaticism as the generations progressed? Giovanni must define himself in the presence of the religious fanatics and the cruel sociopath....

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    Thanks for reading, IMJESSIETR.

    boy, that trainer kid needs to stop playing the games so much... lol ... waits 5 turns?
    Yeah, just a little comic relief, there, lol.


    Like a pure maiden suddenly disgraced by the most abrupt and unwelcome of sinful tarnish, the water’s placid surface erupted upon Chris’ contact with it, and ripples were sent out on all sides.

    “Pika!” Pikachu grabbed the miracle stone necklace in his mouth and dove out of the lighthouse window after Chris, using his tail to increase wind resistance and thus slow his descent. The haze slowly moved over the face of the water where Chris’ body had submerged, and as Pikachu landed on it, it acted as an impermeable surface, preventing him from diving under the water to rescue Chris.

    “Chu” he remarked in frustrated confusion. The necklace still in his mouth, Pikachu now began to punch the layer of fog with his small, yellow fists.

    “Chu!” One Mega Punch was not enough.

    “Chu!” he tried again. His fists glowing with the heat of the attack, Pikachu pounded relentlessly on the barrier of haze that separated him from Chris. Soon it would be too late, and Chris would drown.

    What are you doing?

    All of a sudden, Pikachu was no longer standing on a thick and suffocating layer of fog, but in a well-lit area where nothing was visible but light itself.

    No human has been there for you, why should you return a favor never given?

    “Pika?” Pikachu often found it hard to focus on human speech in times of great stress or emotion such as this, and he often slipped back into simply alternating between the different syllables of his name to convey a message.

    Let him die. You have the right.


    He’ll eventually abandon you just like Billy did. They all are the same; you have no brighter future with Chris than with your former trainer. Let him die.

    Thoughts of revenge raced through Pikachu’s head; revenge on one who represented the hatred shown him by the human race. Why not let him drown? Would he not make the same choice regarding a Pikachu who couldn’t even use electric attacks? Pikachu’s fists dimmed and he ceased his Mega Punch attack.

    Now standing upright in a pillow-white valley of decision, he took a breath, and spoke.

    Accompanying Music

    “No. What is right is right, no matter the circumstance. Chris is not Billy. I cannot ascribe Billy’s transgression to one innocent.” As he said this, the Miracle stone erupted in the most brilliant and encompassing aura of light; the fog immediately dispersed.

    “Gah!” it wailed. The fog now hovered a few yards back from Pikachu, who was wholly embraced in a blinding orb of fulgent power. The orb of light dispersed, and there Pikachu hovered, just above the water’s surface.

    “Haaaaaa” the fog hissed as it now closed back in on him like a gang of thugs preparing to prey on a helpless victim.

    I’ve never felt such a surge of energy in my entire life until now. As naturally as the blood flowed through my veins, so did this new power. Invigorating, vitalizing, yet indescribably destructive, this force was that now welled up inside of me and threatened to leave my body through my hands. I aimed them at the fog…

    “Thunder Shot!” A surging orb of electrical charge surrounded Pikachu’s small hands and he released from them erratically oscillating rays of electric current in all directions. The fog dispersed, completely this time. Exhausted, Pikachu fell to the surface of the water, unconscious, and the water embraced him just as it had Chris.

    (Cut Music)


    “Yes, I know that, but will you please reconsider”?


    “Come on!”


    “What if I did this?” Chris proceeded to knock over racks of brochures and pokemon information booklets. The guy behind the counter at the pokemon allotment center pulled a shot gun from behind the desk and aimed it.

    “Alright then, you little dufus, travel with this.” Chris turned around just as the shot was fired. It boomed loudly, but no pain came: Only blackness and the steady chirp of a machine monitoring his condition.

    Slipping slowly from an unconscious state of mind and back into reality, Chris’ senses were welcomed to consciousness by the smell of white beddings and fresh linens, which adorned the hospital room that he occupied.

    “Can you hear me?” Lucy sat next to Chris’ hospital bedside, anxiously awaiting his awakening.


    “Yes, I saved you. Milotic and I rescued you and Pikachu from drowning. You suffered some fractures, but you’ll be fine.” Lucy fiddled around in her pocket. Finally coming upon the object of her search, she produced in her hand the miracle stone necklace.

    “Here. You let this slip. I know how much it meant to you…well, actually, I just know how long it took me to make it. Here.” Lucy picked Chris’ head off of the hospital bed pillow and wrapped the necklace back around him.

    “Thank you,” was all he had the strength to mutter.

    “Well, I’ll let you be. You probably should rest.”

    * * *

    “Oh my,” the nurse behind the counter gasped. A horde of frantic trainers had filled the pokecenter emergency room. Some holding the limp bodies of their pokemon, sobbing over them, others perplexedly were gazing at a deformed version of their battler.

    “I need help! My vulpix just fell unconscious when I tried to make it evolve. I don’t think it’s still living! Please, someone help me!” All at once, a group of ten or so other trainers with a similar situation surrounded the front desk.

    “My zigzagoon started to evolve, but it turned into this!” one trainer shouted, pointing to a completely brown-furred and slightly elongated zigzagoon, who was seemingly trapped in between his evolved form and his former one.

    “My evee! Oh, my evee! I tried to turn it into a Flareon with a fire stone, but all of a sudden, it collapsed and began to sweat heavily and its breathing became irregular. It’s unconscious now. Help!”

    Amongst those gathered just behind those at the front desk was a trainer with an Arcanine who no longer knew how to use Flamethrower. Its evolution had been a successful one, and the tiger-striped, orange dog’s form was completely regular. His height was that of his trainer’s, and despite his lack of power, he had the most confident look on his face. His trainer stood right beside him, patting his back reassuringly and calmly.

    “Looks like we got the better end of the deal, eh Arc?” His trainer was a boy of fifteen, who wore dark blue shorts to match his dark blue shirt, which bore on it a red and white circlular symbol. The symbol in the middle of his shirt wasn’t quite a pokeball like the name-brand ones, though. His hair had become an even deeper and more profound reddish color since he had begun his journey, some would say because of all the victories that training his best fire pokemon, growlithe, had afforded him. Billy had grown, indeed. The same kid who abandoned his pikachu in a park had come to appreciate the abilities of all his pokemon. Now faced with a situation analogous to the one before, he showed his true colors, and his character shone through in a manner just as distinctive as his hair.

    From the back of the hospital wobbled a large pink, egg-shaped pokemon who wore a white nurse’s dress and white nurse’s hat; neither fit well at all and were obviously made for a bigger pokemon. The pokemon center’s Chansey was exhausted after a day of completely healing injured pokemon, and it showed all over her worn visage.

    “Hang in there, Chansey. We need your help.” The Chansey looked determinedly into the head nurse’s jade-colored eyes and nodded her head. Just then, Chansey felt a surge of energy pass through her, unparalleled by any other she’d felt before. The nurse at the desk and some of the waiting room occupants gasped at this unexpected happening. Chansey glowed with the white light of evolution and her stature increased. Her form widened and her hair curled. Her eyes became brighter, and she let out a new cry.

    “Blissey!” The head nurse handed Blissey an injured vulpix and looked at her expectantly.

    “Bliss,” it nodded, bowing its head and trying to focus its healing energy into the tiny fox…

    * * *

    Lucy quietly and slowly pushed the hospital door open. Expecting to see an injured Pikachu serenely resting, she walked in on one doing alternate one-armed push-ups on the floor.

    “What are you doing?” she asked, half concerned, half amused at the sight.

    “Pika…I mean, I’m exercising.” Pikachu stood up on all fours and then used his tail to launch himself up onto the hospital bed in his room. It was near afternoon, a full day after the event that had landed Pikachu and Chris in the hospital.

    * * *

    “Listen, people, you can’t do this!” Billy stood with his Arcanine in front of a door that led to the patient rooms behind the waiting area of the pokecenter.

    “That Blissy doesn’t have any healing powers! We need to get back there to some that do! Don’t stand in our way,” A mob of trainers holding injured and unconscious pokemon demanded. Ruthlessly, they charged him. Arcanine was eventually forced to acquiesce and let the mob by, so that he would not hurt them. They ran down the halls of the hospital, looking for Blissy.

    * * *

    “Do you hear that, Pikachu.”

    “Chu,” he nodded. The commotion now could be heard throughout the hospital, as large as it was. The building covered more than 4 street blocks, and was the largest hospital in the region. Even so, its rooms were all but overflowing with patients, its staff was overworked, and its resources were running low due to the recent insurgence of deathly sickness amongst so many pokemon in the area. Having said this, though, the noise of an angry mob spread throughout the hospital’s range of hallway like the loud roar of a train moving towards the end of a tunnel.

    Lucy and Pikachu peeked out of their room. Motivated by the love of their pokemon, these mobsters executed the most ruthless destruction of property that Lucy had ever witnessed; kicking down doors, shouting for Blissy.

    “This is chaos. Pikachu, let’s get outta here.”

    * * *

    Like the bells and whistles at a train track crossing, the mysterious stone wrapped around Chris’ neck reacted to denote the advent of danger…
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